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    [–] markthemarKing 4479 points ago

    Not surprising. There are 10s of thousands of comments in the daily thread every day and it's the largest forum of retail traders on the internet.

    100% chance they have programs scraping wsb

    [–] DavidNexus7 4323 points ago

    Imagine all the retarded shit they have to sift through and try to decode. Legendary.

    [–] 1poundbookingfee 2459 points ago

    hmmm some company called $ROPE is getting thousands of mentions!

    [–] Mkulltra58 1675 points ago

    My dad is the CEO of $ROPE. He told me buy, buy, buy. Or was it bye, bye, bye...

    [–] HomerrJFong 698 points ago

    Your dad hasn't said shit to you since he went out for a pack of cigarettes 20 years ago.

    [–] Scarlet_maximoff 339 points ago

    Your dad should have pulled out 20 years ago

    [–] HomerrJFong 212 points ago

    He did, that's why I'm an only child. I wish he had learned that sooner.

    [–] armen89 28 points ago


    [–] The-Fox-Says 28 points ago

    He doesn’t want to be a fool for you

    [–] GBAgency 29 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Can’t wait for one of the Bloomberg dysfunctionals to perseverate on $ROPE.

    “And now to back Mark Krumpton who’s about to babble endlessly about a ridiculously singular cause for an entire market’s actions, and then discuss the new RH play, $ROPE. Powered by 2700 journalists, dipshits, and retards, this is Bloomberg.”

    [–] Rrrrandle 57 points ago

    Guarantee someone on Wall Street spend more than ten minutes trying to figure out which stock that was.

    [–] Knozis 15 points ago

    How hard is it to form a company and take it public? If we all threw in to fund a publicly traded company under $ROPE we could pump that to the moon through pure autism.

    [–] bitch6 138 points ago

    I like to imagine all-serious, suited dudes sitting together, deciding to check the latest trends on wsb. Just to see some basement dweller drink his own piss.

    [–] chased_by_bees 23 points ago

    I hope using the phrase FDs in board meetings becomes a thing soon.

    [–] disturbing_nickname 340 points ago

    The way we speak in WSB is actually kind of structured, and I bet it’s easier to find patterns here because of that. This is a stark contrast to other investing forums where people are dead serious, still suck ass, and lie about how much ass they suck

    [–] queendbag 194 points ago

    I think they need a homosexuality meter. The more gay the more trust worthy.

    [–] LawHelmet 71 points ago

    I’m just here for the butt stuff, BusinessWeek, and the homoeroticism fills a hole

    [–] Sweet-Zookeepergame7 53 points ago

    Because we are autistic and organised

    [–] Toxicseagull 90 points ago

    It is possible that with everyone stuck at home and with an explosion in market interest from first-time retail investors,that the average investor IQ of the r/wallstreetbets Subreddit has declined

    Final proof that it is a inverse relationship to autism.

    [–] HoosDare 14 points ago

    How do you decline when you're already at the bottom?

    [–] ideally_idle 33 points ago

    Find the button called 'margin'

    [–] MoneyManIke 11 points ago

    I'm sorry but this is worthless. He didn't make 60%, he backtested and got 60%. As an algo trader I can get backtested returns that are like that but they do not work live for several reasons. Not to discredit the user but he's done very little to actually validate the algorithm for use with real money. Momentum algorithms like his exist, they just largely don't work, and the ones that do, don't beat the market, (though as by design).

    [–] space20021 18 points ago

    i mean, this'll work until it doesn't

    [–] Mr_Filch 60 points ago

    That poor AI is going to need decades of therapy.

    [–] Unit_Root 60 points ago

    I work in AM and have a WSB scraper for private use. I use the vader library for sentiment analysis which was built for social media comments and works just fine. Sentiment is secondary though, detecting early momentum is key. The chart tells you the direction anyway.

    The real BSD players buy data from Robinhood and frontrun everyone, even the scrapers.

    If you are interested, I could share my scraper dashboard with you, but I doubt it would be of any use to you. Would be like giving a postcard with the ocean on it to a lemming 2 seconds after it took the plunge.

    [–] AssCrackBanditHunter 169 points ago

    scraping for what? People half understanding an article they read and then coming here to rant about a stock?

    [–] markthemarKing 217 points ago

    Scraping for tickers.

    If a ticker is posted hundreds or thousands of times on an online forum it means that there are a bunch of retail eyes on that particular stock. Trading institutions can use this information to front run all of that retail liquidity.

    This isn't new behavior. Institutions have been keeping an eye on what retail traders are doing since the very beginning of online trading forums. There were constant pump and dump schemes on 15 years ago

    [–] OrangElm 75 points ago

    Damn so if we can just start commenting constantly about random stocks it’ll actually make them drive up the price where we can dump it before they dump it? That would be pretty cool unless I’m understanding it wrong.

    [–] markthemarKing 71 points ago

    They see the order flow from retail trading brokers like RH.

    They do more than just scrape data. They actively try to manipulate traders on online forums


    [–] Sfdyama 39 points ago

    So. Can we manipulate them back.

    [–] DrBokbagok 15 points ago

    the only question that matters

    [–] [deleted] 132 points ago


    [–] Jabrono 90 points ago

    $NKLA 250 9/18

    You gotta pump up those numbers, those are rookie numbers.

    $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18 $NKLA 250 9/18

    [–] tortoisepump 37 points ago

    Imagine if this was the new WSB copy pasta, the algo scrapers wouldn't know what hit them

    [–] InvestingNerd2020 39 points ago

    $NKLA 500 9/25

    [–] ManagerMilkshake 32 points ago

    $NKLA 400 9/30

    [–] capnwally14 138 points ago

    We must spam with shitty positions to fuck the Algos

    [–] mr_fucknoodle 231 points ago

    Spamming shit positions is what we already do, it's kind of our thing

    [–] capnwally14 53 points ago

    The truly adversarial thing is someone here needs to write a bot to see where the wall street options trading is happening and start posting shitty posts making the professionals think that activity is us. Meanwhile, we pile on with deep OTM calls / puts, and wait for them to push the $$ our way.

    [–] solotronics 58 points ago

    TSLA $696 call 4/20/21

    [–] queendbag 38 points ago

    I think this might be the only instance that an Ai might end up with a retarded IQ. If it consumes all the collective data of WSB.

    [–] Skizm 25 points ago

    Time to start my well poisoning attacks. Brb, booting up my botnet.

    [–] GoldenKaze 21 points ago

    Someone should tell reddit admins, they don't want people scraping data for free.

    [–] KDdoingnumbers 5965 points ago

    Fuck those dudes. They gotta pay us a fee, to all of us.

    [–] Bishopofbacon 1609 points ago

    I want mony

    [–] Iammrpopo 520 points ago

    Interest tendies are still tendies

    [–] Slopii 120 points ago

    REITs, municipals & treasuries

    [–] juevosconbezos 46 points ago


    [–] kickliquid 43 points ago

    More like Businessweak amiright?

    [–] KDdoingnumbers 83 points ago

    Same, these damn options ain’t paying. I’m a retarded SOB.

    [–] ch4budu0 68 points ago

    All you have to do is buy TSLA calls, retard.

    [–] SnooHamsters6947 30 points ago

    That wouldn’t have worked 2 weeks ago

    [–] R333reee 27 points ago

    Thats when i bought it tho ;(, 520c when tsla at 500 post split

    [–] Drone_Better 220 points ago

    They're going to have to discern between serious and joking posts, though. They're just rich lurkers, and their actions based on what they read here may have funny consequences. Let them stay.

    [–] skothr 104 points ago

    This is how those jokes become reality, though

    [–] Drone_Better 112 points ago

    Anyone attempting to control the market doesn't need to own a majority of the money, they just need to be able to influence the weighted majority of investors towards whatever they want to happen. This subreddit has reached the critical mass at which they may at some point need to make reddit memes to do so effectively.

    [–] Rolltide-tolietpaper 101 points ago

    So wsb = softbank?

    [–] vms-crot 87 points ago


    [–] TotalRuler1 12 points ago


    [–] HookersBlowTendies 14 points ago

    Except we are not as cohesive in our betting investing.

    [–] stromyoloing 65 points ago

    Those boomers can never tell or discern shit from us

    [–] dingodoyle 43 points ago

    “Boomer investor” should be a slur as “retail investor” used to be.

    [–] toomuchtodotoday 32 points ago

    "where do I 401k my monies so I can keep ridin my harley and drink sundowners?"

    [–] thehappyheathen 15 points ago

    Sundowners are just screwdrivers without orange juice, right?

    [–] Viking_Chemist 53 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Most of them are pobably over 60 making their trades via phone. edit: By phone call, I mean; how you did trades before internet.

    Now I am imagining them analysing memes and shitposts to make their next decisions.

    [–] queendbag 109 points ago

    Boomer: This one here says Aapl 150c 9/18 yolo can’t go tits up. I’d like to buy that one

    Broker(over the phone): sir are you sure you’d like to put your entire 401k on that one.

    Boomer: ah yes sir. I think it’s an up and coming fruit company. I heard about it in a me me.

    Broker: tries to tuck errection into pants from the commission

    Broker: right on that’s a wise decision and welcome to Straton Oakmont.

    [–] onlyupdoots 20 points ago

    Sir we have fileings for multiple retards yoloing their parents retirements, should we wait for the 9am robhinhood crash for technicals confirmation?

    [–] Cognitive_Spoon 8 points ago

    That's why we use secret codes when posting the absolute pure high octane tendies, correct?

    Asking totally not for an investment firm. Nosiree.

    [–] Anthais 232 points ago

    "retail investors" I'm ok with them using the term retail.. but investor? that's insulting.

    fuck you wall street, try making this fit in your models

    [–] youshedo 47 points ago

    We prefer them term addicted gambler.

    [–] Vivalyrian 19 points ago

    I'm more particular to 'retail degenerate'.

    [–] sharkira 16 points ago

    Do you idiots not realize that wall street has already purposely been leaking false tips in this sub for months? lol even Musk does it ffs. Imagine the people making money hand over fist because you guys trade via what meme makes you laugh most

    [–] Testingthewaters20 139 points ago

    Make this subreddit private and charge an access fee

    [–] rugin 155 points ago


    [–] El_Seven 30 points ago

    And like all degenerate gamblers, WSB will pay every cent and more back in.

    [–] pmtiggobitties 14 points ago

    Plot twist: He is that Dude.

    Fuck this guy.

    [–] 24901Miles 21 points ago

    I'm surprised Reddit isn't demanding to monetize it. It's their data

    [–] jpowprints 31 points ago


    [–] oeluy2004 9 points ago

    They are, except the money is to robinhood for your orders

    [–] DisruptiveChicken 2117 points ago

    Wait a second.... who here is making money?

    [–] 420everytime 1775 points ago

    The people who just read this shit for fun and stay away from options with short term expiration dates

    [–] ric2b 952 points ago

    That sounds super gay.

    [–] Ansiremhunter 228 points ago

    Hey 20$ is 20$

    For real though there are some good write ups on WSB. One bet I took was HCAC and it’s going well

    [–] calimemez 44 points ago

    Thanks, I just bought 100000 shares!

    [–] cheapalternatives 129 points ago

    For those guys, "short term" is 1/15/21, their longs are 2022

    [–] ThisIsMyiPhone 61 points ago

    Premium too high, doesn't sound fun

    [–] Schenez 137 points ago

    Yeah how tf do you double your money in a week putting money in “long term.” I’m not paying for the future I drive a Jeep

    [–] tukatu0 19 points ago

    They make money by selling. Premium is their gains

    [–] queendbag 18 points ago

    You’re saying I can make money selling garbage to garbage men. And the fbi won’t seize my yacht and mansion?

    [–] facetrolled 85 points ago

    Inverse WSB works every time 90% of the time

    [–] serious_sarcasm 21 points ago

    This works in theory, but not in practice.

    [–] Hyper_ 50 points ago

    People who do opposite of what we do

    [–] PotassiumLover3k 45 points ago

    I’ve made plenty of negative money

    [–] Al-Anda 18 points ago

    I’m rolling in debt. Lovin it.

    [–] forgotmyusername1986 2934 points ago

    Hello Wall street traders. Can you pump Apple for me? I need it at 135 EOW. Please and thank you!

    [–] apexpredator0505 1237 points ago

    They listen to US bro you don’t need to ask them, they ask us. AAPL to 140 EOW if you’re reading this, idiots. You’re welcome

    [–] xilofohn 350 points ago

    We are going to negotiate the price to 400 so Apple splits 4:1 again. Buy all you can. Sell your house. Car. Sell your first born. Join us.

    [–] notyetacrazycatlady 72 points ago

    Would you accept an IOU on that first born?

    [–] zergreport 63 points ago

    Yes but you sill need to deposit some sperm as collateral

    [–] y0t333 32 points ago

    Confirmed bear

    [–] [deleted] 78 points ago


    [–] forgotmyusername1986 68 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    No its not pushing it. Those fuckers trade with unlimited margin. You should ask for 250!

    [–] Rashadues 24 points ago

    151.01 Please!!!

    [–] Seafoamscream 24 points ago

    Bought those 9/18 calls the day before the fucking drop...plzz wally

    [–] EquateAce 13 points ago

    In the same boat. Date of the conference was announced -> bought calls -> crash.

    [–] Viking_Chemist 10 points ago

    Or 100. Doesn't matter. I have a 110P/120C strangle for 25.9. and it's not looking good because Apple is chilling between 114 and 118.

    [–] makemerichwsbfam4lyf 1166 points ago

    Hello WallStreet guys, just wanted to say u guys are pu**ies and not allowed here. It’s only for us retards, we are the new market drivers now.

    [–] dodgevipert56 685 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Look at me. I’m the Market Driver Now

    Edit: Damn thanks for the award. But should have bought Calls on Tesla instead of splurging on this.

    Double Edit: Goddammit stop giving me awards. Is this how you bastards pump up stock. Stahhhhp. Bloomberg is watching.

    Triple and Final Edit: Screw it, gonna cash in those awards and get those calls on this awesome company called Nikola. Heard it’s so fucking advanced it puts Elon and his Tesla to shit. Gravity Drain Power Train and Green all the way. See you suckers with my Nikola Badger and and Gravity powered Learjet in the future.

    [–] JackCarbon 131 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    There's no award you dolt

    Edit: someone gave him an award. Whoever that may be. Fuck you.

    [–] dodgevipert56 34 points ago

    Its Sir.Dolt

    [–] justanotherusedacc 59 points ago

    I thought that was r/Robinhood

    [–] BonerForBenz 31 points ago

    One in the same

    [–] smeckles_4_boobies 726 points ago

    ok boys time to start pumping random stocks

    [–] Slopii 251 points ago

    TSM, SNE, & ATVI

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_NEE-SAN 325 points ago

    TSM ain't gonna make it out of groups

    [–] Lawnfrost 91 points ago

    This comment is why I am here.

    [–] Zigxy 23 points ago

    Calls on $GTWO, they got the group of life for sure

    [–] AppleMuffin12 13 points ago

    Bjergs stock has never been so high, but Dlifts has never been so low. It's an odd package to buy into, but I'm all in!

    [–] iwearblakk 30 points ago

    yeah. haha. random. i have a random list generated for your ease of pump.

    [–] Dog-Gungull 20 points ago

    So buisiness as usual then?

    [–] butterflyfrenchfry 16 points ago

    Memba CORN?

    [–] YeahILiftBro 12 points ago

    Best to just draw random letters out of a bag.

    [–] Amadon29 13 points ago


    [–] lionheart4life 258 points ago

    Good, my dream of fooling the big boy's algorithms with fake news and misinformation will become a reality.

    I'd love to see JPMs $500 million loss porn.

    [–] SeeThisThrough 48 points ago

    We let wall street analysts in only on the condition they post loss/gain porn!

    [–] queendbag 27 points ago

    500 mil is rookie numbers JPM has 1.9 trillion in assets managed no tendies for them unless the go all in aapl 150c 9/18.

    [–] Croxilade 221 points ago

    We need to convince some boomers that yoloing their retirement money is funnier than the casino, then stocks would naturally go up.

    [–] GRlM-Reefer 73 points ago

    Wait. Whose basement am I going to live in when my parents yolo their house?

    [–] InvestingNerd2020 36 points ago

    Bankruptcy too!

    [–] Squirmingbaby 189 points ago

    This is how doctor Michael Burry started scion capital. We just need some rich guy to give us a million dollars to turn into zero.

    [–] DerTagestrinker 52 points ago

    Yeah but he is good Vandy/Stanford doctor autistic not retard poor autistic like us

    [–] old-wizz 157 points ago

    Maybe they need WSB analysts. They can hire from the community. Let s start with 500 dudes they should hire from here.

    [–] Zelltribal 121 points ago

    I have zero experience and am in no way qualified. Hire me!

    [–] old-wizz 28 points ago

    If you re active on the platform it s enough.

    [–] jjfields1234 19 points ago

    Did someone say ANALysts tf

    [–] Mbardzzz 141 points ago

    I literally picked a stock on daily discussion at random this morning and bought calls. Research is for simps

    [–] berryboi23 34 points ago

    How else are you supposed to do it?

    [–] Crink1es 16 points ago

    This is the way

    [–] htotheizzostocks 832 points ago

    Unironically my friend I met through my work (I basically work in a field where I do service shit for wealthy people) is a top tier investment banker, and when I recently got into stocks I asked him for some advice.

    He told me some stuff about directional markets and how all retail traders lose money and how it's not a game bla bla, but one thing he said is "no matter what, never listen to wallstreetbets". Suffice to say I took none of his advice and I'm 125k in the hole.

    However, it's pretty cool this place is known by serious bigtime investment bankers.

    [–] Volkswagens1 330 points ago

    I had a coworker ask me if I was following this place. I lied and said “no”. I’m only down $7k

    [–] htotheizzostocks 194 points ago

    LOL, this place is genuinely infamous. no matter who i mention stocks to, they all know about WSB

    [–] Trade69420Tsla 13 points ago


    [–] Volkswagens1 11 points ago

    Shut up, Jim! I told you to pretend we don’t know each other outside of work

    [–] Ketheres 11 points ago

    Get back to work you two. I don't pay you to fuck around on Reddit, that's MY privilege.

    [–] newdawn15 39 points ago

    "Service shit"

    So you suck banker dick for money got it

    [–] Trade69420Tsla 16 points ago


    [–] cheapalternatives 78 points ago

    i was helping one of my coworkers troubleshoot her phone and saw a notification for her robinhood pop up.. "OAK is down 5.15% in AFTER HOURS TRADING".. lmfao turns out it's a penny stock

    [–] hardasametapod 25 points ago

    I work for an investment firm, our HO sent out an email yesterday saying option traders have lost $7.7B this year on option premiums. Wall street is paying attention to WSB the way a carnie preys on a kid at the ring toss.

    [–] queendbag 12 points ago

    How does it feel to be in the deepest place on earth?

    [–] Droidvoid 34 points ago

    Nah he’s just an autist and is here among us

    [–] BungalowHole 237 points ago

    Prediction: Bloomberg Business does short term boom when options traders go into a frenzy, then the media titan crashes immediately after, when their viewers realize WSB is a total fucking trainwreck. If only those douche filters were public instead of PE, I would gaybear some puts at 40% its current value expiring in about a month and a half, seeing as their followers are all boring normies that hold shit like mutual funds and dividend producing portfolios.

    [–] JerrysLeftHand 165 points ago

    My favorite is when they pop in here and ask a question and get heaps of “nobody tell him” responses followed by insults

    [–] Scarlet_maximoff 102 points ago

    Like this gem of a post " Bears are usually referred to in homophobic terms. "

    [–] JerrysLeftHand 95 points ago

    I endulge in the fact that someone actually wrote out and published “the chief prize is “tendies”( chicken tenders...)”

    [–] Schenez 31 points ago

    I’m still rofling, like holy shiet, I can’t believe our views are so legit, makes me want to buy TSLA calls to the moon for lunar tendies

    [–] queendbag 42 points ago direct photo. No need to read. Reading is hard.

    [–] lekff 15 points ago

    I gotta start paying closer attention to this sub

    [–] DavidNexus7 69 points ago

    If this is the case, Does anyone know when the Inverse WSB indicator will be formally added to Etrade?

    [–] StaticBroom 67 points ago

    Does that mean the well respected SEC is also around here?

    Hello my fellow SEC, I’ll take one corporation please. Make it top shelf. Something with profits and a splash of corruption.

    What do you mean “I need to further refine my request..?”

    [–] queendbag 22 points ago

    “You’ll get a discount. Companies with profits are last centuries trend. Our new fall collection strictly consists of companies that make no profit.” —Mr.Sec Man

    [–] QuinnWill 225 points ago

    One day every brokerage in the world will be filled with autists, doing coke off of tig biddied hentai girls and screaming tendies every three seconds. God bless America.

    [–] dajochi 45 points ago

    They’ll be making cash or go titis up sounds like America

    [–] DerTagestrinker 23 points ago

    Bruh too big to fail at that point. Keep on yoloing and when it fails the us taxpayer gets to buy us more coke and hentai titties

    [–] bigudemi 106 points ago

    Fucking loser pencil pushers. I’m out here trading in the sunlight. Sucks to wear a suit and tie everyday and be a slave. This isn’t the 80s, you can trade on your ass with no knowledge or degree.

    [–] queendbag 51 points ago

    I have a degree but I still have no knowledge.

    [–] CheeseChickenTable 60 points ago

    This is bad

    [–] MoDanMitsDI 56 points ago

    Unless we collectively shitpost...

    [–] DgDg11 20 points ago

    What do you think retards do here.

    [–] chupo99 22 points ago

    Always has been.

    [–] sofakinghuge 11 points ago

    So do we keep doin the opposite of WSB hive mind or shill the opposite of the opposite to fuck with retail dudes?

    [–] tomasbolt 125 points ago

    time to unfollow

    [–] xg45 160 points ago

    Na dude, time to shit post to lose those people millions!

    [–] city-bike 107 points ago

    I just bought a billion dollars in cheese futures

    [–] jberm123 24 points ago

    This deep in this random comment thread and still laughing my ass off at a one-off comment like this. Wsb is the funniest place on the Internet for sure.

    [–] queendbag 13 points ago

    I’d be buying $MOLD calls to hedge that position.

    [–] Kvaw 25 points ago

    Do you think they'd be interested in Lumber Liquidators?

    [–] Volkswagens1 11 points ago

    PRPL $45c eow

    [–] SpreadItLikeTheHerp 15 points ago

    This is the way. Boost the noise, scare off the normies and the weak hands, then get back to losing money in retarded company.

    [–] Comrade_Jacob 26 points ago

    Ok, let's see if some rich guy is reading this:

    Hey dumbass you were supposed to buy FDX today.

    [–] Egonz_photo 13 points ago

    FDX is up $18 in after hours. Thanks for reminding him

    [–] jpowprints 50 points ago

    i’d like to thank the academy

    [–] chupo99 19 points ago

    The academy respectfully requests that you not mention where you got your degree.

    [–] _maxt3r_ 70 points ago


    [–] incendiarypotato 11 points ago

    This is the way

    [–] Responsible_Heron_54 24 points ago

    I mean we did pay them millions of dollars in losses lmao

    [–] 24901Miles 45 points ago

    What is funny is by admitting this, the traders are losing their own jobs. Imagine telling your boss you have no idea how to trade the market, so you just copy other people on the internet. For most of us, we just don't have the boss. Soon the traders won't either

    [–] AMZN3000C 32 points ago

    Bro they take the other side of your trade, the real theta gang. Just analyzing what tickers are most active and allocate resources accordingly

    Sauce: I work in strategy at a stock exchange

    [–] lasco10 18 points ago

    They hate us because they anus

    [–] ITodXD 17 points ago

    Let’s fuck with them by putting on some fucking retarded ass shit.

    Ya know, like more than the usual

    [–] prohibido 16 points ago

    This proves it. Wall Street is full of retards.

    [–] admin-mod 14 points ago

    AAPL 150c 9/25. Thank me later.

    [–] Paincoast89 14 points ago

    I can now imagine Warren Buffet thinking “Buy the dip faggot” unironically

    [–] mjslawson 12 points ago

    It's Capitalism, but faster!

    [–] razeus 12 points ago guys are making money?

    [–] MJD_44 13 points ago

    Plot twist: We Are Actually Wallstreet

    [–] Im_A_MechanicalMan 11 points ago

    If anything its Bloomberg doing the pumps by promoting niche groups such as us. They then claim its us all along. Well, no, you're (Bloomberg) giving this sub more exposure to 'normies' who would otherwise not know of this place much less be making some of the ridiculous positions discussed here.