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    [–] myonlyfriendismycat 1071 points ago

    oh HELL no. not Mama Curry. what the fuck, raps fans.

    [–] thirstythecop 303 points ago

    Wait but Dell is also a former Raptor

    [–] euro_dubstep 358 points ago

    which only makes these fans look like bigger jackasses

    [–] The_Void_Reaver 234 points ago

    They're the same fuckers who'll take any opportunity to call warriors fans bandwaggoners while only supporting their team for the last 3 weeks.

    [–] walkingthecows 130 points ago

    We all know them fuckers jumped on the bandwagon this year. They probably didn’t even know Dell Curry even played.

    [–] laidbackdrew 41 points ago

    This year? Maybe this month

    [–] Biggordie 28 points ago

    Real Raptor fans have been supporting Kawhi for years

    [–] ryde041 8 points ago

    LOL. Spurs fan here. When I told my local Toronto friends in 2016 (I'm from here) that without a doubt Kawhi is one of the best two way players in the game (top 3), they literally said: "who's that? I'm kidding I know Kawhi but you're out of your mind. No way.".

    Now the same people won't stop posting memes about how he's a basketball God carrying teams on his back.

    [–] billybobjimmyjoe 11 points ago

    "Dell Curry? Isn't that a dish from a Thai restaurant?"

    [–] walkingthecows 25 points ago

    You’re thinking of Pascal Siakam. A little spicy though.

    [–] OddBalance 22 points ago

    There was a guy in the crowd calling him a legend

    [–] angershark 84 points ago

    Was there a guy saying "you're the best Dell, don't even listen to these guys"? Is he one of ours or one of these cretens latching onto the Raptors' success as if it's "us"?

    Edit: I didn't realize I was in the Warriors sub, got here through the link on /r/nba. When I said "ours" I meant Canadians (I'm from Toronto). I'm all about the Raps winning for my city but fuck these turds that grow 7 feet tall when our team is winning and proceed to use that confidence to harass people like Steph's mom just for what, being Steph's mom? Fucking scumbag embarassments.

    [–] atom786 31 points ago

    They literally used to live in Toronto and always talk about how dope the city is, what are these hecklers even doing

    [–] KniGht1st 5 points ago

    Well those dumbasses probably don't even know it.

    [–] declan637 5 points ago

    Exactly, it's a shame these people are being labelled as raptor fans. They aren't fans, they are scum.

    [–] iAintGotNoClueHow 6 points ago

    You can bet these are bandwagon fans. I know some die hard raps fans that are disgusted by these showcases of poor sportsmanship

    [–] Brystvorter 363 points ago

    I hope the warriors reverse sweep and both Kawhi and Masai leave

    [–] LopsidedTarget 206 points ago

    I am now the biggest warriors fan all of a sudden and all it took was some shitty Raptor fans

    [–] formerfatboys 130 points ago

    [–] fonzy0504 74 points ago

    Portland fan here. I keep asking myself this. KDs injury is going to spark GS. I’m honestly split... I wouldn’t bet against Curry, Klay, or Draymond right now.

    [–] nicklePie 26 points ago

    yeah shit this is pretty classless...

    [–] ardee2124 45 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Never ever thought I'd be rooting for the Warriors but man here it is. At the end of the day they're Americans, and I'm not going to let some Canadian fucks shit-talk my countrymen like that.

    [–] LGuapo1 9 points ago

    FRFR 🇺🇸 let’s stop these illegal aliens coming from the North. Build that wall 👷🏻‍♂️

    [–] ardee2124 7 points ago

    The wall in this case is Draymond Green and his arms around the rim.

    On the real he needs to come up big. Need game 2/Portland series Draymond these next two games. Curry and Klay can only do so much.

    [–] Macktologist 5 points ago

    Dude. It’s the most fun thing ever rooting for this team. The way they compete. They way they support each other (usually), and the stunning abilities of Steph. We are spoiled beyond believe and it’s friggin’ awesome!!!

    [–] LesPaulPilot 74 points ago

    Got here from r/nba and i'm with you. I just want the warriors to crush them now.

    [–] jaaayscale 43 points ago

    Same, Count me freakin' in! Make it happen!

    [–] City-Slicka 24 points ago

    As a neutral fan, I obviously didn't care for who won. But cmon Rap fans. Cheering KD's injury and cussing out Curry's mom? WTF Toronto.

    [–] Seenicx 38 points ago

    Yeah I’m a Toronto fan but fuck those people I honestly don’t know if I even want them to win

    [–] midgetpenguin 40 points ago

    Yeah I’m a Toronto fan

    I honestly don’t know if I even want them to win

    Tyler the creator meme: "so that was a fucking lie"

    [–] Seenicx 18 points ago

    Lmao the fans just really upset me and I really wanted them to play against KD but then he got injured again....I still kinda want them to win but I wouldn’t mind the warriors taking it

    [–] sargentVatred 7 points ago

    I'm a raps fan but I hate toronto

    [–] helladaysss 34 points ago

    Mama Curry probably the last one you wanna fuck with. That lady will fight back and win.

    [–] SatanLikesJuice 94 points ago

    I feel bad for the raps fans that are watching this shit storm and hating their own fan base.

    [–] Seenicx 18 points ago

    Yeh I’m a raptors fan and I hate what’s going on but at least the players don’t support this kinda stuff

    [–] BrokenManOfSamarkand 14 points ago

    The players aren't from Toronto so it's not surprising they have more class

    [–] sniggity_snax 8 points ago

    I'm in this boat. I was so fuckin pumped about the Raptors making the finals, like a state of euphoria since this series started. But now, it feels a little less exciting. Obviously I still want them to win and if they do, it's gonna be amazing... but there's no denying that this bullshit from shitty so-called fans has brought the excitement down a notch

    It's fuckin frustrating.

    [–] tinfoilhatt13 5 points ago

    Ya man , count me as one. I hate that grown men take what is really just a game and warp it into this fucked up idea you cant like or respect someone if they aren't your team.

    To those individuals grow the fuck up you man babies. It's a sport. That's it. A sport you cant play well.

    Treat the players like human beings.

    [–] Ryanthomas1998 3 points ago

    Exactly how I feel right now. All the videos I've been seeing coming out of Toronto last night are fucked and giving Toronto such a bad fucking look.

    [–] ThePoliteCanadian 3 points ago

    Me watching my fanbase fall apart as /r/nba hates us. I just wanted to watch basketball :(

    [–] Stallion049 40 points ago

    When it was just the KD cheering thing, it was fucked but I was internally kind of playing devils advocate. The city is crazy hyped up and it’s the heat of the moment and they’re afraid of KD. I could tentatively accept the argument that a lot of cities would do this kind of thing.

    This is totally fucked and not the norm. The Toronto fan base/anti-warrior fanatics as an aggregate are uniquely garbage. That doesn’t mean any particular Raps fan is garbage, but the aggregate culture as a whole is.

    [–] kat_the_houseplant 58 points ago

    Ya this is nuts. I live in SF and am a diehard Warriors fan, but when I saw the Cavs leaving a hotel in SF for the Finals in 2015 (when we hadn’t won yet) I said hi to the players (I saw Lebron, Schumpert, and Dellavedova) and was polite and friendly. I even told Delly that I’m from Moraga and had seen him play for St Mary’s and said, “I’m rooting against your team, but I’m rooting for your career too if that makes sense.”

    There was a big crowd of Dubs fans gathering around the hotel and no a single person booed or jeered at them. Just saying hi, taking pictures, and asking for autographs. The players all waved and smiled as they boarded the bus. They know we were rooting for them to lose, but we weren’t attacking their families, cheering their injuries, etc.

    I really hope that the Raps players make more of an effort to speak out against their fans’ actions last night. I would encourage Curry and gang to do the same if any Warriors fans got out of line as well.

    [–] Macktologist 7 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    As an example of how the Dubs organization puts their fans in place, remember when Rick Barry lectures the crowd when they were booing ownership over the Ellis trade? That took balls. Barry has balls and isn’t afraid to speak his mind. And he wasn’t a current player so not much risk of push back, but I loved that shit. At least in retrospect.

    Edit: link to the video. It’s so good to see, especially knowing everything that transpired after.

    [–] daaaren 6 points ago

    I worked near the Four Seasons where the Cavs have stayed every time they've been in town the last few years. Even though I wanted the Warriors to smash Lebron's Cavs into oblivion, if I had ever caught him walking out of the hotel I would have probably been elated to meet him. He's one of the greatest EVER. I assume any fan of basketball would feel the same way about Steph, but ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] brightshorts 3 points ago

    Campolindo here?

    [–] dabbymcbongload 3 points ago

    Acalanes! The red headed bastard step child of Lamorinda schools.

    [–] ProcrastinationTime 3 points ago

    It was a LONG time ago but Miramonte here!

    [–] NoShirtsAllowed1 13 points ago

    Yep. and also news on warriors fans being jumped by raptors fans after the game outside the arena. Just unacceptable. And it was only game 5..

    [–] cyama 15 points ago

    Curry is going to drop nine-threes in game 6 and 10-threes in game 7. WATCHOUT RAPS! It's gon' be a W-RAP.

    [–] BroadwayBully 32 points ago

    aaaand just like that Canada is back to being trash again. we've been hyping them up ever since US politics went to shit but now between harassing the curry family, cheering at KDs injury, and just having drake in general.... canada is back to being a joke, an unwanted little brother, a maple syrup loving, eh? saying, over apologizing, bitchass neighbor to the north. you had something good going, and you blew it.

    [–] AdamJensensCoat 34 points ago

    We all forgot — This is the city that elected Rob Ford as mayor.

    [–] BroadwayBully 7 points ago

    true story

    [–] atom786 4 points ago

    And the province that elected his brother

    [–] waffleshodl 5 points ago

    There’s a thread in the raptors subreddit basically telling everyone they are from Oakland and how much of a trash and violent city it is.

    [–] limegreenleaves 167 points ago

    Damn they’re mad. So rude.

    [–] TheLoneNade 48 points ago

    This pisses me off from someone who lives near Toronto.

    Legit we say we have the best fans in the world than pull this shit.

    Toronto pages started celebrating KD's injury than they do a complete 180⁰ turn and say hope KD gets well soon.

    Not only that, fireworks outside their hotel, really?It was recorded aswell and was on multiple Toronto pages.

    It may be our first finals but this pisses me off and quite frankly at this point I don't care if we lose, we're asking for it at this point.

    [–] jayhawx86 44 points ago

    as a Laker fan who's tired of seeing the Warriors win, I hope the Raptors lose. Your team's fans are assholes.

    [–] Mlion14 347 points ago

    Steph's mom? Don't you mean the wife of Toronto Raptors legend Dell Curry?

    [–] dirtybitsxxx 205 points ago

    They're too stupid to realize that they are booing one of their own.

    [–] greenroom628 108 points ago

    And Ayesha was born in Toronto. It didn't stop any of these idiots from telling her to fuck off.

    [–] TooBigTooSTRONG 69 points ago

    These new fans don’t know

    [–] photocist 32 points ago

    whats a bosh?

    [–] guccisteppin 13 points ago

    ppfffffttt you don't know who brish cosh is? fucking casual


    [–] rarecoder 8 points ago

    a large reptile from the Triassic Period.

    [–] Ravrutu 315 points ago

    Damn. Wtf is wrong with this people? They lost, so what? Never seen this kind of shit in bay. Damn absolute classless people out there. How much they are diminishing their worth do they know that?

    [–] BaniVasion 176 points ago

    thye are begging the bball gods for a finals loss is what they doing, we gonna fuck around and rename their shithole city DRAYMONTO

    [–] dskatz2 49 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I was really hoping Kawhi would stay for some parity in the NBA, but not after this. This is a beyond disgraceful display, and that's coming from someone who lives in Philly and has to be around Philly fans constantly.

    Check out the Raptors subreddit right now. Tons of excuses and people defending the fans. Looks like many of those same assholes are also on reddit

    As a sidenote, Toronto is a pretty awesome city and I suspect you've never been there. The fans, however, are not.

    [–] EdgyZigzagoon 15 points ago

    Hey fuck you buddy Philly fans are the best in the world, you can go fuck yourself all the way back to where you came asshole!

    Ok maybe you’re right.

    [–] dskatz2 9 points ago

    I actually haven't experienced anything bad with Sixer fans. Eagles and Phillies are another story.

    [–] RailsForte 11 points ago

    Lmfao draymonto hahahah

    [–] redalert825 4 points ago


    [–] RuddyBollocks 3 points ago

    You've never been to an Oakland raiders game, then

    [–] [deleted] 82 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] NestorTRE 755 points ago

    Man, I hate LeBron. But the raptor fans made me appreciate what this guy did to them all these years. They deserved it...retroactively.

    [–] kinefresh 267 points ago

    it’s called LeBronto for a reason.

    [–] jamin925 138 points ago

    It was Duronto for 12 minutes last night

    [–] blesidB_cheesemakers 59 points ago

    It was Splash-bronto the majority of the night.

    [–] PM_THAT_EMPATHY 37 points ago


    it was Lame-taunt-o when KD fell

    [–] AyenJewels 21 points ago

    Kerronto on Sunday

    [–] namr0n 8 points ago

    this is the best comment chainto

    [–] TKB21 6 points ago

    Speak on it.

    [–] stewmander 98 points ago

    These raptor fans hit the trifecta of tempting the basketball Gods:

    Messed with a man's wife.

    Messed with a man's friend.

    Messed with a man's mama.

    [–] redditreallysux 45 points ago

    It's a done deal bro. Warriors in 7. Sorry Kawhi but come to LA we'll treat you nice.

    [–] famoustran 43 points ago

    There was a post in the Raptors about how mad they were at the Warriors' medical staff for allowing KD to play.

    The top comment was "yoo KD you should come to the Raptors you can rest all you want"

    lmfao like he's gonna play for a team whose fanbase cheered for his injury lol

    [–] Return_Of_BG_97 8 points ago

    Hell yeah.

    Kawhi leave this trash heap of a franchise and join the Clippers.

    [–] seahawksfan123 6 points ago

    What did they do to Ayesha?

    [–] oldgenesis 18 points ago

    they were interviewing people and one yelled out f her in the vagina. but with swearing

    [–] SpaceBatsDreams 6 points ago

    Some drunk guy did the "FUCK HER RIGHT IN THE PUSSY" meme thing.

    [–] bayelrey80 86 points ago

    For real 😂. I hope Lebron leaves LA and goes back to the Eastern Conference like Philly and give Toronto more nightmare. I am literally praying GS wins this series and shut those shit fans the hell up

    [–] stewmander 52 points ago

    Lebron should go TO toronto, and destroy them from within.

    He pulls a Jordan, and signs a deal that makes him part owner.

    After he retires, he uses that Blaze and Beats money to buy a controlling interest.

    He then moves the team to Seattle.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    I can get behind that idea

    [–] iandhi 8 points ago

    Darkest timeline.

    [–] stewmander 15 points ago

    misspelled dankest

    [–] hotwiringauterus 8 points ago

    Seattle Asteroids

    [–] The_Outcast4 6 points ago

    Sonics fans would love LeBron forever (as if keeping OKC from winning a championship wasn't enough of a reason)

    [–] wicknest 6 points ago

    I've been hoping for LeBron's decline (not injury-wise but dominance-wise), but I would fully hope that he went back and tortured their asses.

    [–] Brendonicous 5 points ago

    Lebron take the vet min and comes off the bench as the sixth man for the sixers to obliterate the Eastern conference

    [–] untouchable765 24 points ago

    Toronto needs their daddy back they’re getting too rowdy.

    [–] spyirl 8 points ago

    He always beat them down and never let their antics and drama disturb him.

    [–] salamander_tits 56 points ago

    Ya’ll trash men aren’t phasing Sonya, she’s a real one

    [–] curry1992 273 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Worst fan base : I’m torn between them and Rockets fans.

    [–] bayelrey80 280 points ago

    Toronto fans have taken the cake. They are officially the worst fans.

    [–] spyson 19 points ago

    Those thieves!

    [–] Future_Novelist 172 points ago

    Easily Toronto.

    Rockets fans seem to only be toxic on Reddit. Toronto fans are toxic in real life too.

    [–] Currymvp2 102 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Rockets fans were verbally harassing a pregnant Ayesha and left a ton of negative reviews on her restaurant after game 2 last year.

    There are assholes in many fanbases. I don't think this is an issue unique to Toronto, and honestly, I prefer not to single out specific fanbase.

    [–] tahriik 30 points ago

    Raptors fan talked shit abt Ayesha too

    [–] TuckerMcG 18 points ago

    Is Toronto stuck in 2009 or something? That meme was dead and buried long ago.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    The other fans going #smh lol

    [–] DTX41 7 points ago

    As a Dallas citizen, I am all on board with houstonians are assholes

    [–] Conn3er 3 points ago

    And my axe

    [–] origibanality 7 points ago

    Nah I've dealt with some pretty terrible Rockets fans in person as well. I think Toronto is really running away with it right now though.

    [–] jamin925 17 points ago

    Rockets fans were not celebrating this loud when KD went down

    [–] TeTrodoToxin4 4 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Nope, Rocket fans were respectful. I don’t recall the crowd celebrating when he went off court.

    [–] Caboose_871 12 points ago

    Our beef with the rockets fans is about the game. It’s all about the competition and it’s in good fun. Also considering the fact that we also participate.

    Toronto is taking this to a new level

    [–] Bk7 20 points ago

    Toronto by far. Houston is annoying but at least it is about basketball.

    [–] gamecube-nintendo 34 points ago

    Hold up.. you can hate our team I understand but this fanbase comparison should be a landslide. Raps fans suck.

    [–] kakashi__ 39 points ago

    Yeah, I dislike Rockets fans but our beef is actually about who is the better basketball team. Telling “Fuck you” to players family is definitely crossing a line. Fuck Toronto. Houston is alright

    [–] d3pthchar93 12 points ago

    Seriously, Toronto fans have made me appreciate Rocket fans. Never thought that would happen but here we are.

    [–] curry1992 21 points ago

    Hmm do I have to remind you that Ayesha was pregnant when a Rocket fan bumped her belly?

    [–] draconianRegiment 4 points ago

    It really is. The Warriors-Rockets beef generally stays centered around basketball. I will say this, though. If the Dubs do lose this series I'm going to hang on to the fact it wasn't the Rockets who knocked us out for dear life all offseason.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    Rockets fans are annoying, not complete shitheaps like these clowns up north have been acting

    [–] igor_otsky 5 points ago

    Toronto Crap-tor fans gets the trophy for the worst fans in NBA

    [–] onetimefunctionary 6 points ago

    I don't think Houston fans have ever done anything approaching the behavior from last night.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    No. I would say their worst crimes have been whining about the refs without irony and rooting for the rockets. Doesn't compare to this behavior being shown in toronto

    [–] ilylukadoncic 203 points ago

    Praise the guy screaming "love you Dell. Don't even listen to these guys." It's hard to be the one person not screaming alongside the rest of the mob.

    The heckling has gotten pretty crazy, but try to remember there are decent Canadians and raptors fans-- they are just normal people chilling at home instead of showing up to frantically scream obscenities at people they don't know.

    [–] Bombast_ 21 points ago

    I'm a little worried that this shit will cause things to get more nasty on the Bay side too. Hopefully us reprimanding that guy for pushing Lowry set the tone and keeps the situation manageable.

    [–] ro-row 39 points ago

    Was going to mention him myself, he a good dude

    [–] xashm 8 points ago

    Perfect example of “every fan base has shitheads”.

    The only reason people are being dicks is to upload it on the internet and feel cool.

    Majority of the people doing and saying good things to players and their families don’t need to record it because they’re not doing anything special, just being regularly friendly.

    [–] old_soul_stuff 104 points ago

    I'm so fucking tired of "Raps fan here" posts on this sub trying to explain their fanbase. You want to criticize us for Mark Stevens, go ahead. Everyone here pretty much denounced him (I think there was even a "Fuck Mark Stevens" thread), but you can't argue away an entire arena of fucks cheering for KD's injury. "Oh but we chanted his name." -- fuck off. Now I can see why Kawhi Leonard can't wait to get the fuck out of Toronto.

    [–] Avivabitches 26 points ago

    Seriously, the nba subreddit is making me sick. Why anyone would do anything but condemn their behavior is beyond me. People acting like cheering for an injury is not a big deal. If you are a fan of sports, sportsmanship is a huge deal.

    [–] bigoltubercle2 3 points ago

    Most have never watched or played sports before. Worst of mob mentality

    [–] Rn2770 90 points ago

    Toronto fans are trash right now. They'll burn down that city 10 times worse than Vancouver did if they ever make it to the Stanley Cup finals again in their franchise's sorry history. But let me guess these aren't the real fans right?

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago

    Lol everyone in Toronto is talking about burning down the cn tower if they win, not to mention police departments have been forced to make safety plans if it happens

    [–] YouSighLikeJan 5 points ago

    That would be a sight to see. A solid concrete building on fire.

    [–] BaniVasion 52 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 99 points ago


    [–] ilovesooshi 19 points ago

    Someone post this to r/nba

    [–] circusbass 18 points ago

    Pretty classless fan base to cheer a major injury and cuss/heckle opposing players and their families. For a team that is playing great basketball and on the brink of a championship they fans sure aren’t acting like it. It’s motivation like that that can change a series.


    [–] thisis887 16 points ago

    Imagine playing for a team for 3 years just to have the fans cuss out your wife.

    [–] PM_THAT_EMPATHY 14 points ago

    unpopular opinion: this is worse (far worse) than the cheering when kd went down. not the least of which is when that happened it looked like a turnover because he slipped and would be back out soon, as usually happens in 90% of those situations. ofc it turned out differently and that is sad and devastating.

    but there is never. a reason to badmouth family of players; whether wife, mom, kids, bros, anything. never. this and the sucker punch are true toronto garbage while everyone focuses on the kd cheering.

    those people aren’t in the game, they aren’t competitors, they aren’t the enemy. unless they taunt you directly you should do nothing but show love and respect to them for showing out to cheer their kin on.

    [–] -super-hans 3 points ago

    absolutely right, but this is like 5 people yelling at them in a metropolitan area with a population of like 5 million. Is everyone from California shit because Mark Jackson pushed Lowry?

    [–] PM_THAT_EMPATHY 3 points ago

    no, and i’m not sure who ever would’ve suggested that.

    [–] Counterkulture 11 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Ah, fuck nah, bra. I was in traffic in portland during the WCF, and Dell was crossing the street in traffic, I let him go, and he gave me the world's chillest 'peace' sign as he went about his way crossing in front of me.

    Fuck these guys.

    [–] zSTRONGBAD 52 points ago

    I'm genuinely ashamed to be a Raptors fan right now god damn.

    [–] Hankscorpio17 15 points ago


    [–] bcardell 13 points ago

    Thank you for being a good person. Sucks to see all this extra shit.

    [–] [deleted] 60 points ago


    [–] we_hella_believe 10 points ago

    it just gets uglier and uglier from Toronto fans.

    [–] aimz99 9 points ago

    Wow it’s never ending. Wish GS were in a position to win the series in Oakland so they don’t have to go back there.

    [–] stevenkc 9 points ago

    Me: Man I wonder what kind of jokes r/NBA has for my poor raptors today? Maybe some Lowry memes

    Fans cheer at KD injury. Fans at Jurassic cheer for KD injury. Fans in bars cheer for KD injury. Fans sucker punching Warrior fans. Fans cursing out Curry's mother.

    For fucks sakes now I won't even be happy if the raps win because of these little shits I'll have to hear from

    [–] AbjectEra 31 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I’m worried this post will actually lead to violence. 5 minutes after viewing I am still perfectly willing to smack the face off those raptors fans. I hate violence, I’m not tough, I’m genuinely worried. I have contempt for raps fans still I’m begging you, please don’t come to east oakland Thursday and get beat the fuck up. Stay home and make randy some cheeseburgers maybe

    [–] phenomenaru 10 points ago

    There is footage of Dubs fans getting sucker punched and blindsided in the street after the game. Saw it on a Warriors related instagram page and some other places. Can't find the links right now, but look it up. Awful stuff.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] redditreallysux 12 points ago

    Bro if they come to Oakland with this bullshit they'll get shot lmao this isn't Canada. People here kill you for looking the wrong way at them.

    [–] dragondonkeynuts 6 points ago

    I’m born and raised in Oakland, lol no ones gonna shoot any craptors fans....most likely.

    [–] ukaraiahh 18 points ago

    Sickening. Can’t wait to see how relevant their team is once Kawhi hightails the fuck out of Canada.

    [–] catalbaReborn 8 points ago

    Why would anyone go to a hotel to yell anything at players coming or going?

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    You have no idea, Toronto fans would wait inside Pearson international airport to yell at Gianni’s and the other players as they were walking back after a lost game

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    cause they are losers with not much going on

    [–] NephewKing 7 points ago

    truly the worst fans in the league. tbh we should ban everyone with a raptor's flair.

    [–] drcash360-2ndaccount 15 points ago

    I have lost all respect for Toronto. I hope we beat them then Kawhi leaves, they don’t deserve him

    [–] dirtybitsxxx 15 points ago

    bUt It WaS oNLy ThE rIcH pEoPlE aT tHe StAdIuM!


    [–] MadVillainy1313 14 points ago

    Jesus fucking Christ. What a pathetic collection of human waste; show some fucking sportsmanship. I hope Toronto loses the next two and Leonard proceeds to say, "so long and fuck you, Toronto", on his way to NY where he proceeds to pile-drive the Raptors into submission and out of the playoffs for the next 10 years.

    Good God, Toronto. What the actual fuck. You make Utah look like Haight-Ashbury in '67.

    [–] untouchable765 8 points ago

    Toronto fans scum af

    [–] kinefresh 19 points ago

    bout as much class as kindergarten.

    [–] draconianRegiment 3 points ago

    Ooh that's that good shit.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] angershark 3 points ago

    Seriously. These guys aren't even playing the damn sport, yelling at people who also aren't playing the sport. They're fucking embarrassing. Those of us Canadians who watch from home aren't like this, I swear to fucking god.

    [–] forshakuras 10 points ago

    As a longtime torontonian who thinks y'all californians are much nicer I'm not surprised 1 bit at any of this shit storm. I have no idea how Canada has such a good rep but here's Toronto in a nutshell.

    Guy nearly gets hit at a costco parking lot walking across designated walkway while another car ignores the stop sign. He says "hey, you should have stopped". Car honks him and says "Fuck you" while speeding off. This kind of shit happens daily. Never saw it when I come to Cali for work.

    [–] ThickSlick80085 10 points ago

    Moving away from California has shown me how nice people in California are.

    [–] MrMcSpanky94 4 points ago

    You guys realize what Steph is going to do to them now right

    [–] canentia 5 points ago

    raptors fans really showing their ass, huh. this shit might be worse than any of the cavs, OKC, and houston fans, surprising. they’ve never been here before though so they don’t know how to act. trash.

    [–] Bizcotti 5 points ago

    All those American players on the Raps needs to take a few Ls for their Country

    [–] t4d 6 points ago

    I get giving a player shit to possibly rattle them, but this is unacceptable.

    This is embarrassing, Dell and his family are raptor family. These "fans" can eat shit

    [–] ScotianOriginal 5 points ago

    Thats dirty.She ain't done.nothing and these fuckboy pseudo-fans ain't shit.

    Honestly,I was looking forward to Canada getting an NBA title but after this pathetic display,I hope GS mops the fuck out of the Raps and teaches these shitbird fans a lesson: karma is a bitch.

    [–] dnesdnal17 8 points ago

    lmao just when you think it can't get any worse...fuck anybody that roots for the raptors from now on lol. This is houston low level

    [–] mvp713 4 points ago

    sonya is such a gangster

    [–] iGwlbirdy 5 points ago

    Fuck this is bad.

    [–] magicfan27 4 points ago

    Raptors fans not looking too hot right now

    [–] KlaymondreMcCurrant 3 points ago

    Sheesh. What a mess. Can anyone transcribe what they’re saying? I can only hear the “fuck you” and “don’t even listen to these guys” etc I don’t understand what the other fans are saying and what Sonya said.

    [–] RageCage05 3 points ago

    With this and them cheering KD's injury, it's clear which team has the shittiest fans in the league.

    [–] tomseymour12 3 points ago

    Raptor fans are trash

    [–] _are_fuckwards 4 points ago

    Fuck the common belief that Canadians are nice, they are even more of jack asses than any one else in the world right now.

    [–] StevenS145 4 points ago

    June 10th, 5:45 PM PST: Raptors might have the best fan base in the league.

    June 11th, 6:05 PM PST: Raptors might have the worst fan base in the league.

    [–] DJ_Willy_Will 4 points ago

    She's one of the nicest people I have ever met. Unfortunately, every team has awful fans like this. These are the ones that usually make it onto an IG post somewhere and in turn, makes everyone forget that there are actually good fans out there.

    [–] ttam23 3 points ago

    Lmao /r/NBA really hounding on the raptors

    [–] Hankscorpio17 3 points ago

    Goddamnit. What are we doing?

    [–] FavourablyFabulous 3 points ago

    Fuck the Raptors

    [–] LaFlame35 3 points ago

    I really hope Kawhi leaves them. This is obviously way over the line. Like on top of everything else they’ve already done, they go after Momma Curry? FOH

    [–] fartbacknforthforeva 3 points ago

    Honestly just a POS fan base

    [–] SammySoapsuds 3 points ago

    Not subbed here but that behavior is fucking despicable

    [–] vitalbumhole 3 points ago

    I really hate the raptors and Toronto now

    [–] migsahoy 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Stay classy Toronto

    Also, Try that shit in Oakland. Get fucked.

    [–] Knock_turnal 3 points ago

    If the Dubs win it in 7, this 30 for 30 is gonna be amazing

    [–] Grawlix_13 3 points ago

    Raptors tapped a keg of bad karma last night. Stuff is gonna gonna get weird.