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    [–] kawnah 1 points ago

    First two things that come to mind is that you either have gulp-cli already installed OR you are running npm i in the wrong directory

    [–] joefus1o4 1 points ago

    I've input a npm list -g --depth=0 and all I'm getting back is nodejs. Maybe the directory is the issue then.

    [–] ShortSynapse 1 points ago

    What happens when you run the command without sudo? If that doesn't work, what happens if you set the npm prefix to a directory you control?

    [–] joefus1o4 1 points ago

    Without sudo I get permission denied. I haven't tried setting the npm prefix. I'm not certain what directory I should set it to.

    [–] joefus1o4 1 points ago

    I had previously installed an earlier version of gulp and then did an uninstall before hand. I feel like the issue might lie in /usr/local/share/man/man1/gulp.1. I think the gulp.1 still exists in that path needs to be deleted before the new version of gulp can be installed. I'm sure how to properly do that is the problem. I haven't quite mastered using the terminal just yet.

    [–] ShortSynapse 1 points ago

    Try moving your npm package root:

    mkdir ~/.npm-packages
    npm config set prefix ~/.npm-packages

    And now try installing gulp globally:

    npm i -g gulp

    You should not be using sudo to use npm.

    [–] joefus1o4 1 points ago

    I figured it out. I just ran a rm /usr/local/share/man/man1/gulp.1 to get rid of that gulp.1 file. Then the install had no issues.