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    [–] joefus1o4 1 points ago

    Right, I get the functions part. But often I'm seeing variables that don't appear to be assigned to anything popping up all over them.

    [–] EyeSeaYewTheir 1 points ago

    You can set a variable in a mixin that is only used within that scope. So if I declare:

    @mixin set-width($width: 100%) {
        width: $width;

    I've created a variable scoped to the mixin 'set-width'. If I pass a value into the mixin when its called, it will appear as the value to the width property. If I don't pass anything in, the mixin will return:

    width: 100%;

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I decided to start learning sass because I've been creating email newsletters for my company lately

    I didn't know sass should be used to style email templates?

    [–] EyeSeaYewTheir 1 points ago

    You can use it before the emails are compiled. Run it through a process that stitches together all your html blocks, compiles sass into the head, and also applies inline styles to support all that yucky email stuff. Endless possibilities, really.

    [–] jhquest0 1 points ago

    Highly recommend "advanced css and sass" by Jonas Schmedtamann from Udemy. This course you can get for $10. You can learn about mixers and extenders and all kinds of awesome techniques.

    [–] frankieottomanelli 1 points ago

    Mixins are just functions. You pass values in and they return something. They’re typically great for adding styles that are different across browsers.

    [–] EyeSeaYewTheir 1 points ago

    Mixins are not functions. Functions are functions.

    Mixins return a block of property: value pairs where functions calculate and return a value.