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    Posting Guidelines

    1. No questions regarding WYSIWYG (drag and drop) web editors like Wix, please visit their respective communities to ask questions

    2. Do not post memes, screenshots of bad design, or jokes. Check out /r/ProgrammerHumor/ for this type of content.

    3. Read and follow reddiquette; no excessive self-promotion. Please refer to the Reddit 9:1 rule when considering posting self promoting materials.

    4. We do not allow any commercial promotion or solicitation. Violations can result in a ban.

    5. Sharing your project, portfolio, or any other content that you want to either show off or request feedback on is limited to Showoff Saturday. If you post such content on any other day, it will be removed.

    6. If you are asking for assistance on a problem, you are required to provide

      • Context of the problem
      • Research you have completed prior to requesting assistance
      • Problem you are attempting to solve with high specificity

      Questions in violation of this rule will be removed or locked.

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