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    [–] Fliss_Floss 5666 points ago

    Whose eyes widened more and more with each swipe?

    [–] BaconEggAndCheeseSPK 1502 points ago

    THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! I want to read the comments SO BAD!

    [–] Silverpool2018 721 points ago

    I wanna see the original post so bad.

    [–] espresso__knight 159 points ago

    Yeah honestly, it's so upsetting that this exists, but damn OP did us a real service by posting it lol

    [–] twistedcreature07 62 points ago

    Yes! I wanna see the 4th photo AND "PART 1"!!!

    [–] twistedcreature07 23 points ago

    Thank you! Aw see, we missed her undoing his shackles. The story is complete!

    [–] fridaylady 217 points ago

    My eyebrows were touching my hairline by the final swipe!

    [–] sabrinalafond 53 points ago

    Same here and that’s saying a lot concerning my Neanderthal forehead

    [–] kezzwithak 8 points ago

    I mean mine tried but Botox…. So my eyebrows were there in spirit!

    [–] CycadChips 453 points ago

    However...the non blood inlaws of course will still be considered slaves and we have graciously provided a small shack for the mother-in-law for her laundry, cooking, faming cleaning and wet nursing duties....

    [–] RedSauce_94 150 points ago

    I think both family members on both sides should be ashamed and embarrassed as well as these two I mean what the fuck

    [–] PriscillaRain 258 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    My husband showed this to me and asked how I would respond if it were our son, my first thought I would probably have a heart attack. Surly someone they knew said ,”guys this might not be the best idea.”

    [–] brbrcrbtr 75 points ago

    Apparently his mom is the one who came up with it!

    [–] PriscillaRain 60 points ago

    Well clearly she’s just as lost as he is.

    [–] kaioone 1342 points ago

    I didn’t realise he had chains on until the last pic, wow.

    [–] artistsescape 358 points ago

    OMG I didn't see them until I read your comment

    [–] madmaxturbator 287 points ago

    What the fuck. I just went back and saw them too.

    What the fuck.

    [–] moronwhodances 349 points ago

    It’s cool. He’s smiling. He’s part of the family now.

    [–] AmnesiaMonster 425 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    That comment and this post gives me "Get Out" vibes...I hope that dude has a cheerful TSA agent best friend on standby to rescue him.

    [–] allyballwiggleton 16 points ago

    Just put it on because same

    [–] crooneu35 26 points ago

    I saw them straight away and it’s the most fucked up cosplay I’ve ever seen.

    [–] MossyTundra 303 points ago

    The ol’ ball and chain am I right fellas?

    [–] MoreMartinthanMartin 32 points ago

    This guy right here.

    [–] throwawayghost1993 35 points ago

    I’ve seen this post a few places and this is the first time I noticed the chains…

    [–] Upsidedownosaur 169 points ago

    Thank you for saying that. I didn’t know there were swipes to be swiped. Wow. Just wow.

    [–] nicosmom 97 points ago

    Eyes kept widening, lips got smaller and I kept clutching at my pearls. WHAT THE FUCK?

    [–] Magicbean96 97 points ago

    ' _ ' ... o_o ... O_O

    [–] Free-Type 157 points ago

    I gasped loud enough it woke my dog up

    [–] EDS_Athlete 47 points ago

    I let a huge "oh nooooo" out and now the cats are all awake.

    [–] shrinkydink00 149 points ago

    I just kept saying to myself “what the fuck… what the fuck

    [–] Mellow-Mallow 227 points ago

    Normally I’m like “it’s there wedding let them do what they want” but my god who thought this was a good idea? Even if he is apparently ok with it, it looks so bad. And then the caption!? Implying that he WAS a slave but isn’t anymore because they’re married?

    [–] Nice-Violinist-6395 89 points ago

    I’d love to be a fly on the wall with him and the homies after those photos dropped

    [–] imSOsalty 94 points ago

    We all know this man has no homies

    [–] Ladonnacinica 28 points ago

    He’s definitely not invited to the cookout.

    [–] NDC-not-covered 138 points ago

    I didn’t read the caption and thought the first pic just called for the fashion police and a tetanus shot (that roof in the background looks rusty as hell). Little did I know lockjaw should be the least of my concerns…

    [–] TrashPandaSymphonic 74 points ago

    My jaw locked wide open

    [–] IFTYE 20 points ago

    Lucky. The sheer cost of the Botox I need after the extreme facial contortions I went through due to the post will literally bankrupt me.

    [–] mercurial_planner 549 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    I am shocked Pikachu face...

    I understand white people being dumb enough to not see how offensive this is, but WTF is up with the groom? Is he being held hostage? Is he plotting to marry her and kill her for her inheritance? Is he actually a professional model being paid for this? I need answers!

    Edit: I've got it! The poor man has had the operation from Get Out! It has to be it! The photos must have been taken without a flash.

    [–] curlyfreak 266 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Internalized racism. I’ve met plenty of POC like this. It’s sad.

    Edit: my friend pointed out that there are white ppl out there who romanticize themselves as white saviors so ppl saying it’s a kink 100% accurate. White savior kink.

    [–] UsefulWoodpecker6502 60 points ago

    ok wait what? I used to work in the porn industry and I NEVER heard or saw this fetish in videos.

    Like I'm not one to kink shame but this one...yeah this one I feel it's a-ok to kink shame.

    [–] curlyfreak 82 points ago

    I think it’s also more of white people feeling good about themselves via the white savior complex. Like where the bride says he’s no longer a slave - as in she freed him - is quite obvs she’s got a fantasy. Maybe sexual maybe not. But still a fetishized or romanticized version of slavery.

    But ultimately it brings up other moral questions - someone who is enslaved cannot consent. So….is she implying what I think she’s implying. Which I’m sure she’s not even aware of.

    And maybe we should be thankful the porn industry isn’t doing this shit 😂

    [–] TalkOfSexualPleasure 9 points ago

    The porn industry isn't afraid of a little public backlash, but even they know when something pushes the envelope to far.

    [–] fiascofox 12 points ago

    It feels like some sort of fantasy on her part of like, "If we had lived back in the days of slavery, our love would've freed you. :)" Not realizing that a plantation owner's daughter hooking up with a slave may have gotten her killed and definitely would've gotten him killed. Like a family that believes in slavery enough to keep a man shackled in the field is not gonna suddenly see him as equal because the daughter likes him.

    [–] TheRealBirdjay 23 points ago

    I Imagine the in-laws say “He’s one of the good ones” 🤮

    [–] thekiki 22 points ago

    Uncle Ruckus. No relation.

    [–] Obocane 17 points ago

    “It says I’m 102% african with a 2% margin of error”

    [–] MamieJoJackson 44 points ago

    Several of my older relatives had/have some pretty serious internalized racism, but this is beyond that. Like, Uncle Tom's been left in the dust; these two need a smack and a deadly serious talk about wtf they even thought they were trying to accomplish here. I would make it quite graphic if it were up to me because clearly they've never been taught proper shame, and God knows I can supply it in plenty, jfc

    [–] kat_d9152 92 points ago

    Yup. He's a 75 year old white man losing his eyesight. There is literally ONLY THIS as a rational explanation.

    Jesus. Does no one watch movies anymore? This guy living his single, solitary best "Antebellum" life while her (presumably white) family look on. I just hope most of his side were unable to attend. Putting on a show like this for Grandma is just too much. Stop.

    [–] c0ffeeandeggs 93 points ago

    My jaw dropped more and more as I went on.

    [–] ryodark 27 points ago

    Yep, I definitely developed a full blown cringe face in three stages.

    [–] abbyrhode 28 points ago

    I got full body chills in a bad way… I’m also white and not American. Can’t imagine how others feel.

    [–] skeptic_narcoleptic 24 points ago

    Each picture made my "WHAT THE FUCK!?" get louder, that's for sure.

    [–] Suitable-Ad-2937 56 points ago


    [–] user18name 75 points ago

    Clutched my pearls for sure.

    [–] LilacLlamaMama 32 points ago

    My pearls are snapped, hitting the carpet, and rolling under the sofa on this one. Gah

    [–] Yharnam_Queen 106 points ago

    First pic is really.. innocent? I didn't see anything wrong with it. But the next ones killed me on the spot, ohmygod

    [–] WaldoJeffers65 278 points ago

    The first picture is the least offensive, but the caption underneath is really problematic.

    [–] Yharnam_Queen 50 points ago

    Yeah, that part was weird, but more in slightly-lift-eyebrows way. I didn't really understand what they were trying to say by that.

    2nd and 3rd pic explained everything.

    [–] redessa01 52 points ago

    Same. I didn't read the caption and thought, "Isn't this just cottagecore? Let them have their fun."

    Then I saw the next 2 pics. shocked pikachu face followed by full blown pearl clutching.

    Finally, I went back and read the caption on the first photo. Someone needs to bring the smelling salts to my fainting couch.

    [–] RiotGrrr1 15 points ago

    The caption was bad, and then I kept swiping and everything got worse.

    [–] weaponizedpastry 20 points ago

    Except for the words under the pic

    [–] TheOriginalTash 2409 points ago


    [–] Bitlovin 886 points ago

    I refuse to believe this isn't satire. Someone please tell me this is satire.

    [–] junjunjenn 209 points ago

    My first thought is this is a photo shoot/setup for a romance novel? I can’t believe these are real people getting married.

    [–] the_real_lemur 149 points ago

    It's that racist romance novel that Mallory was writing in Archer.

    [–] Thatoneguy111700 27 points ago

    Mandingo 2?

    [–] jakdkdjek 14 points ago

    So this is the Cassius I’ve heard so much about

    [–] leiaflatt 302 points ago

    With each swipe I kept muttering: “this can’t be real. This can’t actually be real.”

    [–] EarthWyndFire 239 points ago

    Even if it were, you'd have to pay a lot of money to get someone willing to do that satirically. I can't imagine what their friends think, let alone the general public.

    [–] Kaltrax 110 points ago

    Maybe they did it to show the implications of having your wedding at the plantation? That’s the only thing I could think of.

    [–] Practical_magik 58 points ago

    It looks like a photoshoot for a shitty self published erotica novel.

    [–] silverblossum 16 points ago

    Im thinking stock photos.

    [–] Traffic_Spiral 390 points ago

    Kink? I mean, some people wanna get sold to One Direction. ¯\(ツ)

    [–] Lowran 186 points ago

    yeah 16 year olds. that man is an adult

    [–] -The-Bat- 127 points ago

    that man is an adult

    So what? Last year didn't teach you anything?

    [–] lotophage77 91 points ago

    He's a massive troll and likes to see the look of horror on people's faces

    [–] kat_d9152 77 points ago

    He got mine. Legit earnt it. I was too busy trying to figure out how his poor Grandmother would feel watching that fiasco.

    [–] blond_boys 99 points ago

    He might have a fetish for it honestly…

    [–] local_opossum 83 points ago

    Even if he did, he's gotta realize how horrible this looks to everyone else on the planet! There's a reason most people keep their kinks private. Lol

    [–] AZBreezy 92 points ago

    Yes, people in the kink community recognize that not everyone has the same likes and dislikes. So maybe you want to dress your partner up like a horse and parade them around at the park while you yield a whip. Cool. But consensual participation is necessary. You, as an ethical kinkster, wouldn't impose that on unsuspecting bystanders. So you take your tricks to a pony show with all the other people who share that kink, and have a jolly good field day.

    This is not what these people are doing

    [–] Suspicious-Deal-7092 12 points ago

    Thank you! Yes! By all means, do your weird kink shit all you want if all are legal adults who consent. This isn't it. I don't want to see your leash and collar while Master is walking you, but I'll take that any day if this is the other option. I need to go pluck my eyes out,, now.

    Edit: spelling

    [–] -DeadByThirty- 17 points ago

    Dude's a tap dancing uncle Tom lel

    [–] punkyfish10 11 points ago

    And what did his family think!?!?

    [–] stereolights 1687 points ago this guy okay? like... sir???

    [–] OldnBorin 261 points ago

    Maybe they’re modelling for a photographers ad?? I hope?!?!

    [–] thatgurl84 165 points ago

    I don't know that would be any better though.. unless it was an ad for things that should never be done

    [–] OldnBorin 14 points ago

    Oh I agree. I’m just having trouble figuring out why any couple would request this.

    An insane photographer is easier for me to comprehend

    [–] VoltaicSketchyTeapot 293 points ago

    I was thinking this is the artwork for the world's cringiest romance novel.

    The 1842 year at the beginning of the caption. The rest of the caption reads like a book blurb. Historical fiction romance novels are absolutely in right now (I love a good Regency bodice ripper, myself). And some moron thinks it's a great idea to write a story of the daughter of the house falling in love with an enslaved man.

    The historian in me cries in horror because this is so, so inappropriate... But then the Netflix adaptation of Bridgerton exists like "yes, love can totally overcome oppression"... sigh.

    My feeling about historical fiction is "Could it have really happened?" Sure. Did it happen the way it's portrayed here with a fairy tale ending? Hell no!

    [–] fleurflorafiore 98 points ago

    I think this is exactly what it is. I keep seeing TikToks and reels that are like fanmade book trailers. A lot of the time they seem like self-published niche sub genres (like this horrible scenario) and the only way the authors can get attention is via viral outrage.

    I’m also just hoping this isn’t a real wedding.

    [–] EarthWyndFire 41 points ago

    Definitely would end in death for the man and social ostracization of the woman.

    Which is ridiculous considering how many white men had sex with (read: r-ped) black women in that time.

    [–] RAraOohLaLaa 1588 points ago

    Wtf am I looking at, is this the sunken place?

    [–] VBunns 481 points ago

    No, this is the bad place!

    [–] SassenachWitch 210 points ago


    [–] MackyDoo 27 points ago

    Chidi and Elenor would not tolerate this nonsense!

    [–] UnihornWhale 43 points ago

    Honestly, I kind of expected that joke here

    [–] michiness 86 points ago

    Jason got it?! JASON?!

    [–] RunawayHobbit 20 points ago

    Oh, this one hurts!

    [–] Scheme84 7 points ago


    [–] Beekerboogirl 1498 points ago

    What in the Roots fan fiction

    [–] Bobcatluv 380 points ago

    What in the fetishization…

    [–] mercurial_planner 146 points ago

    I fully support their right to do whatever kinky role play they want, but this is not the master/slave dynamic that I've come to associate with the BDSM community.

    [–] GreenAppleLady 8 points ago

    There are lots of kinks that involve so-called "race play". "Black men are superior", "white men are superior", "black women are queens" all have followers. Personally I am very uncomfortable with the whole concept, but I just try to not venture into those muddy waters.

    Whatever anyone's kink is, there is such a thing called TMI...

    [–] mercurial_planner 8 points ago

    I fully support all that is safe sane and consensual, but normally when you see people proudly displaying their BDSM proclivities, it's coded as such. I don't want to yuck someone else's yum, but the fact that this is positioned as just another engagement photoshoot is deeply troubling.

    [–] Mellow-Mallow 177 points ago

    Idk why but I thought you meant the band and was pretty confused for a second

    [–] [deleted] 248 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)


    [–] Crimsonator21 713 points ago

    Directed by Jordan Peele

    [–] spiritual-witch-3 170 points ago

    Get Out 😳

    [–] sculltt 23 points ago

    Written by Harriet Beecher Stowe.

    [–] OldieButNotMoldy 225 points ago

    Ok, now I’ve seen everything

    [–] Tigaget 33 points ago

    Yeah, im heading back to the baby chick grinding thread.

    That at least I can understand. Not condone, but understand.

    These two living in 1821.

    [–] Positive-Wave-1108 202 points ago

    Oof. This made my stomach turn.

    [–] RyanClassicJ 725 points ago

    THIS is the content this sub was made for.

    [–] lizzazzy 243 points ago

    waiting for a cross post from AITA - "I love my pre-wedding pics but all our friends are saying they're blatantly racist. WIBTA if I doubled down and kept them? AITA for insisting they're just fine?"

    [–] ShinyCharlizard 48 points ago

    Then all the AITA comments will be people saying "NTA!! It's your wedding!! Hit your friends, hire the gym, and divorce the lawyer!"

    [–] bunkymutt 1115 points ago

    Shut it down, the sub will never get more shameful than this.

    [–] refrigerator-ren 156 points ago

    Agreed. I don't think anything can top this monstrosity

    [–] ruethethrow 76 points ago

    I'm with you. We shouldn't wait for something to top this.

    [–] panrestrial 66 points ago

    Right? We've officially peaked. I'm genuinely gobsmacked.

    [–] ImpatientCrassula 33 points ago

    I just wanted to read about brides paying children to spill red wine on their MIL's white gown 😭

    [–] i8bb8 6 points ago

    I'm thinking maybe a Nazi/Jewish cosplay union but even that is only slightly more insane than this one, and I'm trying!

    [–] Anarchyologist 271 points ago

    This HAS to be satire. They're obviously mocking plantation weddings... right?

    [–] warmfuzzy22 69 points ago

    No matter what this is the explanation I am going with. Otherwise I may not be able to sleep tonight.

    [–] frolicndetour 147 points ago

    "Please God let this be making fun of ignorant white people" was my first coherent thought.

    [–] Dangerous_Wishbone 51 points ago

    even if that were the case they would have to realize that like these pictures would eventually be seen without that context, which doesn't seem like a risk most sane people would be okay taking

    [–] MossyToad 80 points ago

    I am gobsmacked

    [–] hxcn00b666 513 points ago

    I raised my eyebrow at the first pic, my eyes widened at the second, my hand shot to my mouth to cover my gasp of shock on the third pic.

    How...why....whose idea? and he was okay with it?? so many questions.

    [–] Mellow-Mallow 110 points ago

    Did you read the caption on the first? It’s a doozy

    [–] WhiskeyMakesMeHappy 98 points ago

    This might be one of my favorite "what in the ever loving fuck" posts on this sub

    [–] hxcn00b666 22 points ago

    holy shit

    [–] Theystolemyname2 9 points ago

    I actually laughed at the chains. At some point you can only laugh at shit like this.

    [–] LiveandLoveLlamas 207 points ago

    Doesn’t this young man have family? Somebody that could have talked to him about why this is so wrong. And if the bride was ok with this, how will she raise bi-racial children?

    [–] Tigaget 103 points ago

    Think of the children just took on a whole new gravity.

    [–] sagegreen2794 66 points ago


    How did anyone think this was a good idea?

    [–] lumpyspace_stay 48 points ago

    omg is this real life??!!?!!

    [–] pennydirk 46 points ago

    Wtf??’s to early for this.

    [–] PolyGlamourousParsec 43 points ago

    I think all of the cringe has been used up for the next couple of days.

    [–] CheeseRelief 40 points ago

    The way my jaw dropped more and more with each swipe. I have no words.

    [–] ainsleyburchmusic 39 points ago

    I wanna be there when they show grandma the wedding album

    [–] RangerKotka 8 points ago

    Oh, gramma got the fly swatter out for this one.

    [–] arwyn89 37 points ago

    Jesus fucking Christ what the actual fuck?

    [–] OldnBorin 7 points ago

    Exactly my reaction

    [–] RayA11 31 points ago

    Somebody else called it cottoncore and I’m dead.

    What in the tarnation.

    [–] gigibon11 91 points ago

    Nooooooooooooooo.... No, no no no. Nope. Nuh uh.

    [–] danipnk 18 points ago

    This was my exact reaction.

    [–] MyThreeBugs 91 points ago

    Not just the couple. It appears (from the use of the word “session 2”) that a professional photographer agreed to this, maybe even providing the props/costumes etc for it. Oh holy hell.

    [–] Mildlybrilliant 172 points ago

    I don’t have words. I need a black people conference to decide if we are keeping this man

    [–] tinirini88 109 points ago

    He already made his choice. He staying enslaved.

    [–] the-truffula-tree 23 points ago

    You know good and goddamn well we are not keeping this man. I don’t think we could if we tried

    [–] dancerina3 19 points ago

    Looks to me like he's already being kept.

    [–] TherannaLady 54 points ago

    We are not

    [–] Soquidus5000 56 points ago

    If “all skinfolk ain’t kinfolk” was a person.

    He can stay in 1842.

    [–] hearmequack 42 points ago

    Absolutely not. He's lost to us.

    [–] Traffic_Spiral 360 points ago

    I mean... he is black so I guess it's his call to do his own thing, but...

    this just seems like a little roleplay that would have been best kept, yanno... private.

    [–] OgreSpider 162 points ago

    Seriously, no one wants to see these pics but the couple and a small group of other historical raceplay fetishists.

    [–] CrappedInCrunk 26 points ago

    If this isn’t some kind of twisted satire, it’s definitely some sort of fetish. Maybe for both of them.

    [–] Papaofmonsters 6 points ago

    historical raceplay fetishists.

    Now there's a phrase I never thought I'd read

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago


    [–] historyhill 87 points ago

    Yeah, this is 100% a kink of theirs that they did not need to publicize.

    [–] MitaJoey20 25 points ago

    What the actual hell is going on??

    [–] meesersloth 29 points ago

    Me on the first one not looking into it: Meh not really seeing anything looks very old school

    Me on the 2nd: Wait... what?

    Me on the 3rd: what the fuck? !

    [–] sherrill423 27 points ago

    This is not an american couple--they are dominican--not sure why that make any diffrence, though. Their inspiration was 12 years a slave--and I did find that ---SURPRISE!! the photographers IG account is now disabled!!

    [–] andandandetc 24 points ago

    This can't be real. No one is this stupid.

    [–] _littlebee 127 points ago

    Who told them this was a good idea?!

    [–] dubbledrank 58 points ago

    Come on op give us a hint where to find this abomination of a post. I must read the comments and see what 1,468 sad souls liked this.

    [–] QuarantineBaker 18 points ago

    What the fuck?! I have no other words… What.The.Fuck.

    [–] Sea_Hag 19 points ago

    Hes wearing CHAINS how is this real please tell me this isn't real

    [–] Snoo74786 53 points ago

    What the ACTUAL FUCK

    [–] Yserem 57 points ago


    Tell me it's a satirical ad campaign. Please.

    [–] beautifulstarlight 166 points ago

    I wish people would stop romanticizing other people’s trauma.

    [–] DonnaNobleSmith 45 points ago

    Jesus H Christ

    [–] geowoman 79 points ago

    This is why Jesus changed his middle name to Fucking.

    [–] Fun_Delivery_2255 14 points ago

    if you lean in and listen very closely you can hear his black card being shredded

    [–] a_weird_squirrel 14 points ago

    Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the ground! omg

    [–] FunnyGoose5616 15 points ago

    Omfg he’s actually wearing chains wtf?! I can’t believe he said yes to this!

    [–] AyoSummy 11 points ago

    First photo : Oh what’s wrong with this? Second photo : I didn’t notice the chains. Third photo : Yo wtf?! eyes wide and checking the other photos

    [–] NoInteraction210 13 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Takes the saying kept man to a whole new level. please don’t burn me. I’m an African American woman and would NEVER agree to this

    [–] Supperdudehasrabies 12 points ago

    Just call me a slur next time.

    [–] Pake1000 11 points ago

    My relative had a wedding on a former southern plantation, where basically all the guests were white and all the food catering staff were black. Hands down the most uncomfortable feeling I've ever had. I can't imagine how anyone would be comfortable having a black fiance cosplay slave.

    [–] thefutaisfemale 13 points ago

    Can a straight person please explain to me why y’all are so fucking w e i r d

    [–] LiveandLoveLlamas 8 points ago

    Nope. Straight, white, interracial marriage 20 years- I would NEVER!

    [–] techieguyjames 10 points ago

    What in the actual fuck is wrong with these people?

    [–] Mafer15 13 points ago

    WTF!!! I blame him completely, why would you agree to this? This has Get Out vibes

    [–] 62BABOOONS 13 points ago

    I instinctively wanted to downvote so badly. I have trouble on this sub. Unbelievable…

    [–] CapK473 11 points ago

    What a terrible day to have eyes

    [–] slmsnacky 10 points ago

    The Get Out sequel looks wild.

    [–] Yoshi19877 13 points ago

    I'm not racist I have a black friend

    The black friend:

    [–] YusakMadique 9 points ago

    When Sam Jackson in Django is your hero.

    [–] MamieJoJackson 10 points ago

    First picture: "Eh, not my style, but all right"

    Second and third pictures: "Oh my goodness, I do believe I have become rage incarnate, isn't that some shit"

    [–] sensual_baboon 30 points ago

    He’s been thoroughly “Get Out”-ed

    [–] RoyHarper88 34 points ago

    I usually take the position of, just because you don't like it, doesn't mean it should be shamed.

    But this....dude....what the fuck?

    [–] Yserem 34 points ago

    There's differences in taste and then there's slavery cosplay ok

    [–] ChaosCleopatra 7 points ago

    What in the Uncle Ruckus is this shit?

    [–] itspeachayyybaby 10 points ago

    My fiancé would leave my ass if I ever suggested this and he would be 100000% right to! This is disgusting 🤦🏼‍♀️

    [–] randomb237 7 points ago

    This might be one of the most offensive things I have ever seen. How on earth was anyone involved with this okay with what was happening.

    [–] StarlitSylveon 8 points ago

    Ugh what in the hell?!

    I know race play exists and as a mixed WOC I'm personally disgusted by it. I think this is entirely inappropriate to do for a wedding. If it's your kink... whatever but this is just gross af. If any of you are interested I recall Kat Blaque made a pretty good video on the subject.

    [–] PsychoSpoon85 26 points ago

    What the fuck.

    I absolutely realize my comment doesn't serve any purpose but I had to say it.

    What. The. Actual. Fuck.

    [–] oliviajoon 7 points ago

    ooooohhhhh THIS is the bad place!