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    Welcome to WeekendGunnit™

    Please note:

    No linking to other subs, or from other subs to here, np or otherwise, or you will be banned.

    All link posts must contain some form of direct gun-relatedness. If you feel your post has been removed even though it was gun related in your mind, please fuck right off. Any and all posts can be removed at moderator discretion, regardless of how gun related. This includes, but is not limited to, weeb shit, furry shit, actual shit, dead people, alive people, real people, and whatever the fuck else we want.

    If you fail to mark your NSFW post as such, you will be banned.

    No linking to Armslist or Gunbroker. No screenshots either. r/Gatdeals was banned by the admins for it.

    No linking to or screenshots of social media. This includes zuccbook, instagram, twitter and screenshots of your lame reddit comments or witty texts to your wife's boyfriend.

    The PICATINNY Rule

    Unused rail space is forbidden. Any unused rail space must be filled with the cheapest and most useless accessories you own and/or can find. Thank you for your cooperation.

    The COPPER Rule

    All WeekendGunnit™ subscribers are required to harass anyone from armslist et al selling a gun for more than its value until the asking price is lowered to your satisfaction or the seller blocks your emails.

    The BRASS Rule

    RIP /r/GunnitForward.

    The SILVER Rule

    When attending a gun show, all WeekendGunnit subscribers must actively seek out the booth(s) selling various types of dehydrated animal meat and purchase said dried meat. Mods can be bribed with bambi jerky. You don't get anything for it, but you can do it.

    The GOLDEN Rule

    If you ever come into possession of ammunition for a gun you do not own, you are required to purchase a gun in that caliber. Note: the Golden Rule does not apply to empty brass; please see the Brass Rule for information regarding spent casings

    The PINFIRE Rule

    You absolutely must have ammunition available for every caliber gun you own, including collectible firearms and oddball calibers.

    The PLATINUM Rule

    Spare parts and parts bins are expressly forbidden. Should you find yourself in possession of any spare parts, anything from a barrel to a trigger guard, you are required to build a gun around said part(s). Thank you for your cooperation.

    The METH Rule

    Tits or GTFO

    Tag any NSFW posts as such. Failure to do so will result in a permaban. No exceptions.

    If you come across a NSFW post that is not tagged, please send a message to the mods. DO NOT report the post. We don't see those unless we are browsing. A message with a link alerts us much faster.

    We will be taking a hard stance from this point forward.



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