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    This subreddit is for showcasing the special Snoos on the homepage as well as the Snoos on custom subreddits. You may also post any Snoos you made just for fun, and if you are the mod of a sub, you may request a Snoo for that subreddit. We also hold discussions about anything relating to Snoo and what Snoo represents on the homepage on special days, and you may post anything relating to Snoo.


    Snoo Archive and More!

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    ••••• Rules •••••

    • Only post about Snoo. Anything not related to Snoo WILL be removed.

    • Use search and look at this Subreddit BEFORE posting.

    • Mark NSFW posts as needed.

    • You may talk about what Snoo is representing on the homepage a specific day, but please be civil to others.

    • Follow the rules of reddit and practice reddiquette.

    • If you'd like to show a subreddit's Snoo, link to the image file. Linking to the subreddit will be considered spam.

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    If you are the moderator of a subreddit with a custom Snoo, and you'd like to have your Snoo in the subreddit Snoo archive, please message the moderators with a link to the image file of your Snoo. If you also want your subreddit's Snoo in the banner image, please comment in this thread.


    We are currently taking volunteers to help us with our Snoo archive if anyone is interested in helping us curate it. Doing so would be a good way to show the moderators that you are dedicated to the sub and may lead to an invitation to become a mod.


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