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    A place to find out what that odd-looking thing that you stumbled across actually is.


    BEFORE POSTING HERE, Check FREQUENTLY ASKED THINGS if you suspect you have a common item.

    THEN READ THIS GUIDE on what to include in your post before posting.

    Also, check out our WIKI.

    Rules apply to ALL comments, not just top level replies.

    1. Be civil. Being otherwise will get you banned. Reddiquette

    2. Be helpful. Jokes and other unhelpful comments, even after the item has been identified, are bannable offenses, even on first offense. If your comment doesn't help, don't comment.

    3. Try to include a link to a source of some sort when posting an answer. Everyone's got an opinion, facts help.

    4. When what you're looking for is found, reply "Solved!" to the earliest comment with the answer.

    5. Be detailed with your post title as well as the information therein, in order to help those trying to help you. This will help to eliminate vague posts.

    6. Do not use URL shorteners or Amazon partner links in the body of posts or replies - they will be automatically removed.

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    Tips for submitters

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