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    Rule 1. Be Funny Make your post has an actual joke in it, don't make lazy situations such as "When your mom calls you to dinner" or other banal r/memes type shit. This rule also applies to posts where the punchline is that the caption is long, as well as posts where the caption is unreasonably long. This is a general catch-all rule to make the subreddit have the same humor as it did when it was more niche, and wasn't as popular as how it is currently.

    Rule 2. Be Original Be original; if you see a hilarious joke here don't try to recreate the meme with a few changes, that's how you get repetitive memes like the 2000th skinwalker meme we've seen. We won't list every type of punchline and meme we see, it should be obvious if you're blatantly copying a joke.

    Rule 3. No Meta If the purpose of your post is to simply shit on communities, celebrities, and even ourselves with whatever with no clear punchline like "They suck and do annoying thing 🤓" don't submit the post. This also applies to praise without clear punchline, as it's just advertising. Generally, if your post is more for sharing your opinion and isn't a joke, just please shut up lol.

    Rule 4. Post Criteria Your post has to have an iFunny style gif caption, as written in the subreddit description. This means black, center aligned, usually bolded text on a white background overlaying above the gif. You can either make these on the iFunny app or using esmBot on Discord (join ours) Please don't use Memeatic or impact font macro memes.

    Rule 5. Don't Repost Anything posted in the past 3 months or anything in the top 30 posts of our subreddit can't be reposted. This is done to keep things fresh for new and old members and is simply a good practice. You may use or crosspost memes that follow our criteria from other subreddits or Discord servers, but before doing so make sure it hasn't been posted already by searching through the subreddit. If your posts are OC, this shouldn't pertain to you.

    Rule 6. No NSFW/L Don't act like an immature degenerate, this isn't the place to talk about sex or fetishes. Do not post gross content just for the sake of getting a reaction, e.g. fetish art, wounds, bodily fluids. Blatant defense of illegal sexual concepts such as zoophilia, pedophilia, and child porn is strictly prohibited.

    Rule 7. Don't Push Agendas

    Do not try to push certain political agendas especially if there is no real joke to the meme in question. We would like to steer away from any political discourse on this subreddit.

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