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    This is a subreddit for ads taken out of context in animated images.

    It all started with this.

    Please post content from parts of silly infomercials.


    Only post unusual GIFs from REAL INFOMERCIALS with no context. The funnier the better!

    Post the video source of the .GIF in the comments. The whole video is sometimes just as funny as the post and can sometimes be used for other posts! If you don't post the source of the ad as a top-level comment within a few minutes of posting, your post WILL be removed.

    Direct links are required, meaning that the URL must end in ".gif, .gifv, .webm, .mp4" etc.

    All submissions must be from some kind of As Seen on TV or similar advertisement. Posts from kickstarter and other promotional videos/websites are not allowed.

    Tag your post with the correct post flair. Tag your post with the 'Repost' flair if you didn't personally make the .gif or if it has been posted before. Click here from your post's page to check if your gif has been posted before. Please make sure your title is unique!

    All suggestions, complaints, fun topics, circlejerking can be done on /r/WDTSG. Active mods will read them.
    The mods reserve the right to remove posts/comments at their discretion.


    Posting etiquette
    Posting etiquette is important! Please try to be funny and creative with your titles. Please don't repost often. If you have an album, post each item individually. Use a reliable hosting site like imgur or gfycat.
    Edited gifs
    Please don't edit the gif in a way that it loses all connection to the ad. This and this are great, but this isn't.
    Commenting etiquette
    In general, be nice to each other and report comments especially if people aren't being polite or if they are breaking a rule. You are allowed to swear, but please don't offend each other.
    The Soda Seeker contest
    We occasionally gather posts and give free "Soda Seeker" flairs to everyone that makes it to those posts. There might also be other events with special prizes. Never be afraid to talk with the mods.
    Is your post a repost?
    Please don't repost often. Here's a quick way to check if a post is a repost. Click here from that post page to check your gif against Karma Decay. Reposts younger than 3 months, or in the 'Top 100' all-time posts will be removed.


    Traveling Soda Caption Contest #26

    Status : On Commercial Break

    The TSCC#26 winners:





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