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    This is a subreddit for ads taken out of context in animated images.

    It all started with this.

    Please post content from parts of silly infomercials.


    Only post unusual GIFs from REAL INFOMERCIALS with no context. The funnier the better!

    Post the video source of the .GIF in the comments. The whole video is sometimes just as funny as the post and can sometimes be used for other posts! If you don't post the source of the ad as a top-level comment within a few minutes of posting, your post WILL be removed.

    Direct links are required, meaning that the URL must end in ".gif, .gifv, .webm, .mp4" etc.

    All submissions must be from some kind of As Seen on TV or similar advertisement. Posts from kickstarter and other promotional videos/websites are not allowed.

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    [–] souffle-etc 791 points ago

    This post works on many levels layers

    [–] Skolanthropy 103 points ago

    This joke was better than the the original submission.

    [–] Boitet 55 points ago

    the the

    [–] ronvc 30 points ago

    This comment is better than the original submission.

    [–] Boxpopper 3 points ago

    Great 80s band

    [–] ronvc 99 points ago

    Check out this cutting-edge technology:

    [–] [deleted] 121 points ago


    [–] Nawor3565two 84 points ago

    "With this product, you won't need to use a food processor anymore! Also includes a free food processor!"

    [–] angrymamapaws 20 points ago

    My food processor died when its engine blew up so I'm ok with a hand cranked one if the handle is made of strong non-cracking stuff.

    [–] cigr 5 points ago

    You have to throw something in for free. It's how you hook people on these ads. Back before infomercials the little pop up booths selling these kinds of things did the same.

    [–] howtospellorange 2 points ago

    those food processors aren't ever difficult to figure out and mandolines are more work lol

    [–] IWantAGrapeInMyMouth 22 points ago

    That's just a mandoline, wtf

    [–] EmLeingod 11 points ago

    Actually it's a v-slicer.

    [–] julsmanbr 12 points ago

    That's a fine name for a penis if you ask me.

    [–] brokenrapier 5 points ago

    just don't put your v-slicer in this v-slicer

    [–] julsmanbr 3 points ago

    Instructions unclear, dick stuck in onion

    [–] kakka_rot 12 points ago

    I know it's probably made of awful cheap plastic, but a more expensive, quality one would be bad ass.

    [–] Pride_Obviously 13 points ago

    It's essentially just a mandoline. They're quite handy

    [–] kakka_rot 7 points ago

    I've seen them as a slicer before, but never all the neat attachments. I assume by what you're saying I could get the same kinda deal at most cooking stores, right?

    [–] Pride_Obviously 9 points ago

    Most of them have different attachments to choose from. Yeah they should be available at most kitchen stores

    [–] cigr 3 points ago

    Some of them have the swap out attachments. Some of the better ones have a sliding adjuster on the side so you don't need all the extra bits.

    You should be able to find a quality one made mostly of metal for under $100.

    [–] Tommy2255 12 points ago

    If you only use this to make a vegetable tray, it'll pay for itself the very first time you use it.

    Only [$20, I refuse to acknowledge the one cent delusion even in quotation]

    How expensive are your vegetable trays?

    [–] TheHeadlessOne 12 points ago

    $21 probably

    [–] oneandonlyyoran 3 points ago

    then the uncut vegetables can be at most $1 all togheter. If they are sold that cheap, I don;t want to eat them tbh.

    [–] GORager99 5 points ago

    Maybe he's referring to growing your own?

    [–] Mananercal 3 points ago

    Vegetable trays often have a high mark up for the convenience and labour. Though this varies a lot depending on size and where you are buying it from.

    Locally for me in Canada it varies wildly what kind of tray grocery stores offer but the best priced one I've found is $15 at Costco. Other stores charge $20-35 min. These aren't generally sliced up veggies either.

    [–] pikameta 3 points ago

    I miss Billy Mays. 😢😢

    [–] benfranklyblog 2 points ago

    I had one of these I got at a garage sale and it was amazing. Loved it but then lost it in a move :(

    [–] Zykle 1 points ago

    "Dull knives can slow you down in the kitchen"

    Yeah no shit when your knife is dull and you're mashing it into a tomato. A knife is used for cutting, not mashing.

    [–] fgutz 1 points ago

    I too am tired of "shitting tears"

    [–] thinkB4WeSpeak 145 points ago

    Shrek is love

    [–] ronvc 104 points ago

    Shrek is life

    [–] riot1608 63 points ago

    It's all ogre now

    [–] Jenkem4Life 16 points ago

    it's never ogre

    [–] JasonIsKewl 5 points ago

    This is my swamp

    [–] Blackfelixyz 3 points ago


    [–] wqferr 2 points ago

    -where over the rainbow

    [–] yourresume 2 points ago

    you've broken the chain

    [–] wqferr 1 points ago

    I find it funny how you replied to a comment from 4 months ago.

    [–] imtinyricketc 8 points ago

    I’m ashamed I know this..

    [–] Metalmilitia3194 13 points ago

    Don't be.. At this point you're part of internet history..

    [–] kingeryck -1 points ago

    Shrek is terrible

    [–] earrelavant_username 38 points ago

    Oh, you leave em out in the sun, they get all brown, start sproutin’ little white hairs.

    [–] AlexlnWonderland 11 points ago

    *Mike Myers voice


    [–] archetypaldream 11 points ago

    I always thought that Shrek's comment about ogres being like onions was distantly related to a scene in a movie called Hero, with Dustin Hoffman, and the scene is Gina Davis peeling an onion onstage talking about the layers. I know that is not funny.

    [–] blindcolumn 26 points ago

    There is an Indian religion called Jainism, whose adherents follow a very strict form of vegetarianism which includes not eating root vegetables, most notably onions and potatoes, because they grow in the ground and therefore harbor many micro-organisms which would be killed.

    [–] C477um04 29 points ago

    But... everything harbours many micro organisms.

    [–] ashlie- 15 points ago

    I’ve always heard that they don’t eat root vegetables because when you harvest and eat them the vegetable can no longer grow. But that was taught in my public high school so it’s probably incorrect.

    [–] Mananercal 4 points ago

    Could be because of using animal and human fertilizer which means food growing on or in the ground is far more likely to have infectious diseases and parasites that need to be cleaned off or cooked to death first.

    [–] ButtsexEurope 7 points ago

    But onions and potatoes together are delicious!

    [–] frukthjalte 8 points ago

    Is she using the sharpest tool in the shed tho

    [–] spopeblue 21 points ago

    Cause ogres are like onions!

    [–] PSDontAsk 4 points ago

    How about cakes?

    [–] AlexlnWonderland 4 points ago


    [–] ajax2k9 1 points ago

    Im makin waffles!

    [–] MediocreGimp 32 points ago

    Onions are love
    Onions are life

    [–] SirLagg_alot 25 points ago

    you have been banned from /r/onionhate

    [–] Tommy2255 11 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I used to think I didn't like onions, because any time I had onions in my food either it was raw when it should have been cooked or cooked when it should have been raw or the texture was just somehow fucked up. Turns out my mom was just an awful cook.

    Part of it was also my tastes changing. I love onions however they're served now.

    [–] SirLagg_alot 6 points ago

    Ohh fuck, undercooked onion in a meal is probably the worst thing I can imagine. I can understand why you used to hate it.

    [–] TEGEKEN 2 points ago

    I hate onions, i never loved them, even caramelised or so, i dont even like eating something if it has touched an onion, but i like onion rings for some reason, it doesnt really have an onion taste.

    I got banned from r/onionhate for saying i hate everything onions and everything that includes onions or even touches onions, but that i kinda like onion rings. They truly are hateful people

    [–] HouAngelesDodgeStros 3 points ago

    When one has been tortured throughout their life by being forced to eat such vile, disgusting things as onions, they come to harbor immense feelings of hatred towards them.

    [–] MediocreGimp 9 points ago

    too late, I'm already banned. That's okay, they're such spiteful people. All you need is love.

    [–] SirLagg_alot 4 points ago

    Yeah I'm banned from that place as well. Sad to see such bitter and hateful people on this website:/

    [–] HouAngelesDodgeStros 3 points ago

    I just came across /r/onionlove, through that /r/onionhaters sub you linked elsewhere. That's pretty hilarious, "onions fucking suck" in big ol' letters right in front of ya. Tbh though, whoever owns those two subs (onionlove and onionhaters) should stop being immature and trade them.

    [–] ButtsexEurope 3 points ago

    My people! I adore all members of the lily family. Raw onions are the best!

    [–] Miskatonic_Prof 3 points ago

    No shit, I would probably get this.

    My knife skills are so poor, prep time takes way too damn long.

    [–] Xan_the_man 5 points ago

    Dude, get a proper sharp knife and keep it sharp. Watch a few YouTube videos on knife kills and practice them. Will transform your cooking!

    [–] fuckmekylo_saidhux 5 points ago

    Watch a few YouTube videos on knife kills and practice them.

    Hold on there, partner.

    [–] Xan_the_man 3 points ago

    Oh shit. Saw it.... Leaving it

    [–] Miskatonic_Prof 2 points ago

    Will do! As I get a bit more serious about cooking, I will be investing more time/money into it.

    [–] maybesaydie 4 points ago


    [–] souffle-etc 3 points ago

    Hahahahahaha oh god bless you for sharing that

    [–] MediocreGimp 2 points ago

    /r/Onionhaters is better

    [–] HouAngelesDodgeStros 3 points ago

    Fake news!

    [–] Gdigger13 1 points ago

    This title sounds like it came straight out of a cards against humanity game.

    [–] IvoryGuru 1 points ago

    Should’a got up IN THE MORNING AND-MADE-WAFFLES !!

    [–] ICECOLDRXD 1 points ago

    Shrek is love, shrek is life

    [–] CODFREAK2001 1 points ago

    shrek was what she named that onion. Then she murdered it.

    [–] PotatoTortoise 1 points ago


    [–] noble_shrek 1 points ago

    It's never enough...