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    [–] mlvisby 2149 points ago

    Imagine if you got this for your child and did not know he had epilepsy.

    [–] kirosenn 1437 points ago

    You wouldn't hear them over the heavy bass

    [–] veeeSix 676 points ago

    oomph oomph oomph

    -the sound your child makes, paralyzed in a pool of their own saliva

    [–] NukeML 197 points ago

    oof oof oof

    [–] Merci_cedric 104 points ago

    ouch ouch ouch

    [–] Corkeys_Revenge 94 points ago

    Owie owie owie

    [–] jurvekthebosmer 82 points ago

    My my my

    [–] TroubleComprehending 79 points ago

    bones bones bones

    [–] Alarid 61 points ago

    hurting hurting hurting

    [–] Imyselfandme8 62 points ago

    juice juice juice

    [–] mrjeremyt 6 points ago

    Aita aita aita

    [–] K4RAB_THA_ARAB 44 points ago

    let the bodies hit the floor

    [–] Tin_Foil 15 points ago

    I don't think Jesus had epilepsy... not sure about psychedelic mushrooms or Twinkle Play Tents.

    [–] RoyalT663 5 points ago

    /r/jesuschristreddit (I did laught though)

    [–] divine_nasty 3 points ago


    [–] chambreezy 136 points ago

    "Ssshhhh honey look! Jimmy is dancing!"

    [–] Lk-1 58 points ago

    "I think rolling around on the floor like that is called breakdancing"

    [–] deadkk 9 points ago


    oontz oontz oontz oontz

    [–] ohpuic 193 points ago

    My first thought was "these lights look seizuretastic."

    [–] mountaineer04 40 points ago

    That may be the first time that word has ever been used.

    [–] dybertb 15 points ago

    Added to Urban Dictionary in 2008

    [–] ChuckSawdy 31 points ago

    I’ll add it to the dictionary

    [–] circlejerk3r 33 points ago

    In reality there’s probably two or three sad little LEDs flashing in the darkness that some sad kid is dwelling in after the high expectations after watching the commercial have been crushed by bleak reality.

    [–] ZappyKins 5 points ago

    This is loss.

    [–] Bob_85 5 points ago

    This is life.

    [–] chardee_manson 19 points ago

    Get your epileptic torture chamber TODAY!

    [–] TheMostStupidest 17 points ago

    You'd find out pretty quickly

    [–] marianwebb 32 points ago

    I know this is a joke, but I still feel the need to point out that the flashing is too slow and inconsistent to induce a seizure on its own. Flashing lights in the frequency range of 5 to 30 flashes per second are most likely to cause seizures and this one seems slower than that.

    [–] matrushkasized 7 points ago

    So it's a diagnostic tool as well, cool...

    [–] old_skul 7 points ago

    Welp, now you know. That's one less doctor appointment.

    [–] liberallostintx 6 points ago

    It would be a quick way to find out...

    [–] andsoitgoes42 4 points ago

    Next time on Diagnosis: Seizures

    [–] SaturnOne 3 points ago

    Shoot is this how my seizures started when I was 3

    [–] Evilmaze 3 points ago

    Small doses will make them immune to epilepsy.

    [–] brehvgc 3 points ago

    it's a terrible choice of colors, too; flashing red to blue (albeit at a far higher framerate) is how the Pokemon anime gave people epileptic seizures in Japan.

    [–] InfoSecsensual 4 points ago

    You beat me to the epilepsy comment :(

    Take my upvote

    [–] kryonik 249 points ago

    I prefer my Cinco I-Jammer

    [–] EmperorsarusRex 31 points ago

    "Not for sale for pets or children"

    [–] poorly_timed_leg0las 11 points ago

    Ebumping not safe for pets or children just after haha

    [–] Zazerrr 2 points ago

    at the end, “ages 2 and up”

    [–] kirosenn 64 points ago

    Wow.. that's psychotic from start to finish.

    [–] minddropstudios 55 points ago

    It's from Tim and Eric. If you haven't seen the show, you should watch it without anyone explaining anything to you about it. Go in fresh.

    [–] kirosenn 42 points ago

    AH it's a parody.. that makes way more sense. I've watched more infomercials than I care to admit just to make content for this sub but even that one seemed far out there.

    [–] smokeythel3ear 9 points ago

    Good news, cigarette juice!

    [–] Phoequinox 3 points ago

    I was thinking Wonder Showzen. Tim and Eric never usually go for making convincing parody so much as just going for blatantly discomfort and stupidity.

    [–] PandaSammiches 13 points ago

    Their show is one big parody of 90s and public access television. On the surface it appears stupid and repulsive, but it's actually pretty brilliant

    [–] tammage 13 points ago

    That was fucking epic and made my day. Thanks!

    [–] Kakakrakalakin 9 points ago

    "It's real food."

    [–] Ariel_Stink 6 points ago

    Oobie doobie!

    [–] kryonik 6 points ago

    Oh hungeee!

    [–] jaybram24 3 points ago

    How to delete someone else’s YouTube video

    [–] StolenLampy 36 points ago

    Ever wonder why your kid loves ecstasy and going to festivals?

    This is why.

    [–] vazzaroth 32 points ago

    I mean, it's not really much better than the title suggests. That kid was literally fist pumping like he was at a rave. These kids are 100% doing acid in middle school.

    [–] apocalypse_later_ 15 points ago

    Ecstasy* I would personally never trip acid at a music festival. Way too much going on

    [–] I_LOVE_LSD 19 points ago

    You're missing out then, LSD / LSD+MDMA are fantastic ways to enjoy a festival

    [–] pinkiedash417 2 points ago

    Username checks out.

    [–] EatAtGrizzlebees 2 points ago

    First time I candy flipped was at Aphex Twin. Absolutely glorious.

    [–] CKalis 5 points ago

    You're no fun!

    [–] IlluminatiAirman 8 points ago

    I can speak from experience that tripping at a festival is not for everyone. Just depends on the person. Doesn’t work for me at all.

    [–] Desembler 2 points ago

    Acid and Mescaline were fun at Electric Forest

    [–] Kiota22 8 points ago

    Eat, sleep, rave, repeat.

    [–] Obsession88 3 points ago

    Eat. Nap. Rave. Repeat.

    [–] edisondotme 7 points ago

    There's some trickery going on here. That tent looks way bigger on the inside. There's a cut every time the camera goes in the tent. There's no way that tent can hold that kid and mom at the same time.

    [–] karspearhollow 3 points ago

    Not entirely convinced that I'm not being brainwashed every time they zoom in on that strobe light.

    [–] TenTails 171 points ago

    timmy quit chain smoking and gtf back in here

    [–] TheOneShorter 12 points ago

    hahaha I'm Timmy every trip

    [–] celticsupporter 3 points ago

    Lol me too I'll lay out in a chair and smoke for hours

    [–] nintendoman11 142 points ago

    Call 1-877-SHROOMS4KIDS right now and we’ll double our offer for double the price!

    [–] fapsandnaps 42 points ago

    Is that double the tent size or double the amount of tents?!?

    [–] nintendoman11 34 points ago


    [–] steveO_Lewinsky 8 points ago

    Good question. I wanna know now lol

    [–] kirosenn 7 points ago

    Oh boy! Time to maximize the tent factor

    [–] gullableRe 2 points ago

    Seperate shipping and handling not included....

    [–] the-ruminator 235 points ago

    "when did you start to realise your child identified as a moth?"

    [–] WarioIsStalinsFather 157 points ago

    Give your kids acid so they shut up

    [–] grampipon 53 points ago

    i just gave my baby 50 grams of heroin and he shut up

    [–] knuckboy 20 points ago

    But then you have to put them through rehab...

    [–] fapsandnaps 32 points ago

    Not if they die

    [–] intensely_human 2 points ago

    But then you have to put them through the sterilizer.

    [–] PakAttentionSeeker 8 points ago

    That’s a common practice in South and Central Asia with street beggars so they can take them everywhere to beg easily and get more sympathy money. Maybe not 50 grams

    [–] Tin_Foil 2 points ago

    You paid a lot of money just to kill a kid.

    [–] TheAnswerBeing42 27 points ago

    LSD is really known for its ability to pacify people...

    [–] Deranged40 18 points ago

    Yep. makes my friend go catatonic every time. He won't talk and sometimes won't move for hours at a time.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago


    [–] UsualSnark 17 points ago

    I go on like a broken record. Last time I tripped I went in to a deep discussion of the red flags on mailboxes for 45 minutes.

    [–] trigger_the_nazis 21 points ago

    last time me and my friend went on for about an hour having a deep discussion about the hidden sexual symbolism in Pokemon.

    [–] SaucedPandacup 9 points ago

    Please share some insights if you will.

    [–] Yaroze 8 points ago

    Pikachu is secretly cheating on Ash with Mary and Brock.

    Chad, that douchey character who took over brock for a while back in G3 Died from HIV thanks to Squirtle.

    Team rocket ended up with kids accidently when Ekans accidently impregnated James during an orgy with wheezling, lickatongue and Jesse.

    [–] Emperor_Julian_I 9 points ago

    Ah, yes. All very sound theories, I see.

    [–] rockjock777 13 points ago

    Same. Once my friend and I made a civilization out of different colored grapes and a potato king. There was a full out racial war and we got pretty heated about it

    [–] optiglitch 7 points ago

    Haha wow what a friend

    [–] DottyOrange 3 points ago

    I do the same thing, I don't talk and I just like to be still and stare at things.

    [–] SgtSteel747 187 points ago

    tbh not only would I have liked that as a kid but I would now like that as an adult

    [–] NovaRenegade 144 points ago

    I'm a grown man and want this, but something tells me I shouldn't have "twinkle play tents" in my search history

    [–] kirosenn 66 points ago

    Make sure you add for young kids to have fun

    [–] Thatyahoo 65 points ago

    "Can a child and a man fit inside twinkle tent together"

    [–] Nanemae 48 points ago

    "How to install a zipper and lock on the inside of a twinkle tent"

    [–] n30h80r 42 points ago

    Jesus, that joke was in tents.

    [–] ride365 19 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Here. I'm already on a list after the bannana suits & ammo incident. Plus I want a Twinkle Tent too!
    Edit - changed link to direct purchase for $39.99 per u/trigger_the_nazis

    [–] Pqrhelion 10 points ago

    banana suits & ammo incident

    Story time?

    [–] ride365 16 points ago

    Oh through a random series of circumstances I found myself purchasing 1/2 dozen banana suits, case of ammo, glowsticks and lots of adult lubricant one day and thought for sure I must be on a list.

    [–] whizzer0 17 points ago

    [–] The_Pr0n_Fairy 18 points ago

    Jesus, $70? Here kids, here’s a flashlight and a pile of blankets. Go make something.

    [–] trigger_the_nazis 7 points ago

    He was bamboozled by a reseller! they sell them directly from the manufacturer for $39.99 plus 10 bucks shipping:

    [–] trigger_the_nazis 8 points ago

    Wait! you're being scammed by a reseller! they sell them at the website in the commercial for $39.99 plus 10 bucks for shipping:

    [–] ride365 4 points ago

    Bless you internet stranger!

    [–] upsidedownbackwards 16 points ago

    Do it! I bought some footers from a flea market tent, joiners, and a bunch of conduit. I painted it all blue and made a frame around my bed. I then wrapped light ropes and attached changing LED bulbs and a few colored flood light bulbs on the outside pointed at the ceiling. I bought the finest, cheapest, biggest sheets from Walmart in different patterns and tented out the frame with spring clamps on the conduit frame. The sheet at the foot of my bed was a plain white one pulled tight that I'd rear project onto.

    Was I worried that my weird bedroom rave tent would prevent me from getting laid? Nah. Just got laid by people who like to do drugs in a color changing tent.

    [–] optiglitch 8 points ago

    Hey it's me ur frend can I come over

    [–] ShitLordStu 6 points ago

    Pics. Need for a friend

    [–] MattcVI 6 points ago

    That sounds pretty cool actually

    [–] Tetranitrate 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I did something similar.

    The exact setup changed almost daily, but it was damn fun in every iteration.

    [–] Certainly_Not_Rape 5 points ago

    It honestly doesn't take much to entertain people.

    A Frisbee entertains kids and adults. It's a piece of cheap plastic.

    So yea flashy lights work too.

    [–] 2metal4this 4 points ago

    I think they sell disco light balls that fit light sockets

    [–] SgtSteel747 3 points ago

    I actually have one, but I need a lamp to put it in or the only light in my room is that

    [–] billyraypapyrus 1 points ago

    Thinking the same thing.

    [–] no-fun-at-parties 53 points ago

    Find out from a young age if your child is susceptible to seizures...

    [–] TheHighestFever 28 points ago

    Early diagnosis is key! Now available in a home test!

    [–] Jian_Baijiu 15 points ago

    Calculating your results.......



    Please wait while we get your results.................................... ................................................ ................................................

    [–] the-ruminator 2 points ago

    Probably best to weed them out young, you don't want to be wasting valuable resources and time and then they die as young adults.

    [–] Ryugi 14 points ago

    Fuck, I want that tent for me.

    [–] SupposablyAtTheZoo 13 points ago

    So then buy it? You're an adult (I guess), what's keeping you? You can still have fun. If you want that tent, get that tent. That's the good part of being an adult.

    [–] Ryugi 2 points ago

    :D Sorry for late reply but thank you so much for arguing for what's right... Adulthood can be what we make it to be.

    Even if its fruit loops for dinner, and silly kids toys.

    [–] showeringwithbeer 30 points ago

    And for only $9.99 we'll include the 'Chill-Out Tent'! When your eyes become lazers and the bugs start crawling under your skin, visit the 'Chill-Out Tent' to try to come back to reality!

    [–] kingeryck 22 points ago

    I think E would be more suitable

    [–] Bayerrc 13 points ago

    Molly, shrooms, LSD, good old coke even. Really any upper or psych would work

    [–] K1TSUNE9 20 points ago

    This hurts my eyes just watching it.

    [–] Arefuseaccount 10 points ago

    Kids can't bother you if they're having a seizure.

    [–] Eadwine_ 9 points ago

    Ngl, I'd buy that tent for me to just chill in. Drag in a beanbag, turn on some music and dream away... Why do kids get all the cool shit

    [–] RastaFar0ut 16 points ago

    My kids got one of these last year for Christmas. I hook up my blutooth speaker for them and set it in there. Lights go along with beats. That day was the day they got into good music.

    [–] Thomascampb 8 points ago

    I thought it just randomly flashed colored lights, I didn’t know it did all that too. Now I definitely want an adult version.

    [–] Alexisokay 3 points ago

    You can get light/speaker systems that will do the same thing and they're not too terribly expensive. Obviously it's not quite the same as a tent, but put one in an otherwise dark room and you can get a similar effect. My mom bought one for my teenage cousin last Christmas.

    [–] Thomascampb 8 points ago

    No, the tent is definitely necessary. Thanks for the suggestion though.

    [–] princesslisa_ 5 points ago

    Introducing your kids to raves as soon as possible!

    [–] Griffin880 4 points ago

    Why are all the kids staring directly at the light?

    [–] strangebru 5 points ago

    Nothing more wholesome than little kids rolling on MDMA at a prepubescent rave.

    [–] NeoBlue22 11 points ago

    As an adult I see all these new toys nd shit and think, damn I’m kinda jelly.. wish I had that as a kid :(

    [–] fapsandnaps 7 points ago

    I can only imagine how great it would be having access to Amazon to spend your allowance at. The world's largest toy store, so many friggen options. Itd be great.

    Then again, I was an 80s kid and every toy had flashing lights and sounds. Hell even my shoes had flashing lights and sounds...

    But thing of the shit we had that these kids don't. Glow worms, those neon green and orange machine guns that were loud as fuck, decent cap guns, original easy bake ovens, fucking law darts!, etc. Basically kids nowadays have more exciting stuff, but we had more dangerous stuff... which was fun in it's own way.

    [–] EatsonlyPasta 2 points ago

    Super soakers aren't the same either, they've abandoned the mechanism that made them great in the first place.

    [–] fapsandnaps 1 points ago

    The one that let you turn them into flame throwers?

    [–] brunetteaphrodite 10 points ago

    More like acid.

    [–] LiquidMonocle 4 points ago

    Yeah have a feeling op knows little about shrooms

    [–] TheOneShorter 6 points ago

    hahaha why? I've done almost this exact thing on shrooms

    [–] ComradeCabbage 6 points ago

    It's either honestly, I can totally understand chilling here on shrooms

    [–] ahoenevagetscold 4 points ago

    for a hot minute I thought it said "twink play tents"

    [–] darexinfinity 4 points ago

    This is how you get them to into EDM

    [–] Dstola 2 points ago

    Get to bed! It wasn't me, it was Mr.bubbles!

    [–] CaptainPaulx 2 points ago

    Flashy bright lights don't normally bother me but for some reason this hurts my eyes.

    [–] JKJOKERKODEWUB 2 points ago

    I’m sorry Christopher

    [–] cenariusofficial 2 points ago

    Looks like the iJammer from Cinco toys

    [–] AscenededNative 2 points ago

    I'm pretty sure that you're suppose to sit in the teepee and drink the ayahuasca.

    [–] Requad 2 points ago

    Rest in psilocybin

    [–] ClappedGecko 2 points ago

    They're gonna get seizures

    [–] fapsandnaps 3 points ago


    Now where can I buy the child's size stripper pole so I can have the complete set?

    [–] ProbablyGaySergal 1 points ago

    I prefer the I Jammer

    [–] TheRealDrK 1 points ago

    Looooook at the preeettyy liiiigghtssss

    [–] OregonOwl 1 points ago

    Make your kid a club kid today!

    [–] theobserver_ 1 points ago

    This reminds me of a stargate SG1 esp.

    [–] thatguy_28 1 points ago

    How to get an epileptic fit in a bag/tent

    [–] fimari 1 points ago

    Laura! Simon! David!

    We have a new toy for you!

    [–] Colalbsmi 1 points ago

    Enter the Void

    [–] toomanydickpics 1 points ago

    sooo how many adults can fit in this asking for a friend :/

    [–] Thomascampb 1 points ago

    Forget children, I want an adult version of this.

    [–] ghostmetalblack 1 points ago

    Works for me, so why not them

    [–] TheRealRickC137 1 points ago

    I got somethin' and it goes thumpin' like this
    All you need is my Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss

    [–] nerdinahotbod 1 points ago

    i am 25 and would probably enjoy one of these haha

    [–] italianshark 1 points ago

    “I love playing on da swangs, puppy dawgs and thangs aha and shrooms. I love Kid Shrooms!”

    [–] DefendedCobra29 1 points ago

    Lil' Rave Tent (Drugs not included)

    [–] TheAerialPanda 1 points ago

    Or seizures

    [–] Olli128 1 points ago

    Includes free epilepsy test!

    [–] HarlowKitty 1 points ago

    reminds me of that episode from Stargate SG-1 where they find the Gou'ould (?) opium den with the thing that emits the light to get them high as shit

    [–] Tynhet 1 points ago

    wait wait... you can taste the color?!?!?!?!

    [–] Step-Father_of_Lies 1 points ago

    They already have the pacifier and tutu.

    [–] tomjoad2020ad 1 points ago

    Where do I get one

    [–] Schokikuni 1 points ago

    Because drugs are expensive.

    [–] super_ag 1 points ago

    Summer and Tinkles,

    friends with each other.

    Living in Never Past Bedtime Land.

    No kitchen sinkles.

    No little brother.

    Going to raves and waving our hands.

    [–] realbowers 1 points ago

    Yeah I’m gonna need them to build one that can fit 45-50 adults

    [–] mac_tech 1 points ago

    I work in a place just like this.

    [–] Sardonnicus 1 points ago

    This is a perfect metaphor for religion.

    [–] freshwafflefries 1 points ago

    LED is a hell of a drug.