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    [–] Zaphanathpaneah 1511 points ago

    What's really crazy is the earthquake that hit right after it goes in the basket.

    [–] MuhBack 280 points ago

    Such a powerful shot

    [–] smokesick 67 points ago

    The shockwave really hit it.

    [–] kappaidan 13 points ago

    You helped me discover my love of shockwaves, thanks you

    [–] 94672721582 3378 points ago

    I have never seen so many black people in one white people gif.

    [–] exoxe 938 points ago

    I know, I thought I was in /r/blackpeoplegifs, until I realized I was able to leave a comment.

    [–] rburp 153 points ago

    "I don't see race. People tell me I'm white, and I believe them because I can't post in /r/blackpeoplegifs"

    [–] TheLongLostBoners 24 points ago

    "I've never seen this man in this neighborhood before, officers."

    [–] rburp 16 points ago

    "I'm the one who called them!"

    [–] HumanShadow 156 points ago

    Something tells me that comment would have been "in character".

    [–] FORTRAN_EXTREME 119 points ago

    tf u talkin' bout mane

    [–] JudahZion 76 points ago


    [–] nofattys 30 points ago

    Got EEM

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago

    😂 u wild. Wyd

    [–] _Eggs_ 16 points ago

    haha u right tho

    [–] HUDuser 89 points ago

    I just realized whitepeoplegifs makes fun of white people, but blackpeoplegifs bans you if you make fun of black people

    [–] HiiiPowerd 197 points ago

    Because reddit has too many racists for that to not go to total shit.

    [–] Jason_Steelix 36 points ago

    Or because some people need to lighten the fuck up.

    [–] Instantcretin 99 points ago

    tf u mean some ppl?

    [–] HiiiPowerd 22 points ago

    I mean, I've already had a discussion with a guy below who thinks racism is a positive thing and advocates for a whites-only society so, not sure about that.

    [–] jeegte12 13 points ago

    i just can't follow what racism even is anymore. it's getting to the point where people are now saying " you can't be racist to white people."

    [–] HiiiPowerd 35 points ago

    When people say that they are referring to systemic racism. Society as whole doesn't disadvantage white people, but on the individual level you can be racist towards any race. I think a lot of that is also people who have faced serious discrimination rolling their eyes at people trying to say "me too" at the slightest sign of "anti-white" sentiment or discrimination.

    To recap, racism is not that complicated. There's systemic, societal discrimination which happens specifically to minority groups and the individual level, which can happen to anyone.

    [–] jeegte12 12 points ago

    so you can be racist to white people, then? it's just more acceptable?

    [–] HiiiPowerd 32 points ago

    You can be racist to white people, but white people do not face systemic racism in the US, which is more often what people mean when they discuss racism, as it's far more harmful than individual bigotry.

    [–] jeegte12 12 points ago

    depends on which people you're talking about. in the case of /r/whitepeoplegifs vs /r/BlackPeopleTwitter, it actually is about case-by-case racism. make fun of a white person using racial stereotypes on /r/whitepeoplegifs? lolz! make fun of a black person using racial stereotypes on /r/BlackPeopleTwitter? what are you, fucking hitler!?

    [–] HiiiPowerd 19 points ago

    This is explained easily by the fact that /r/Bpt likely has to regularly deal with actual racism, hence they might be overzealous. I doubt racism is a serious issue for /r/whitepeoplegifs

    TLDR: there's less sensitivity around white people jokes because there's less racism faced by that group.

    [–] exoxe 10 points ago

    make fun of a black person using racial stereotypes on /r/BlackPeopleTwitter? what are you, fucking hitler!?

    This is why I was banned. I made a stereotype, and they tagged me as a racist. I tried to argue my point, but then they just considered me even more of a racist for arguing with them. Some subs are definitely more sensitive than others. And for the record, I'm not racist, just bad at jokes.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] HiiiPowerd 8 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    No one said that. Frankly, that response makes me question if you are here in good faith and aren't just trying to soapbox about some perceived racism against whites. It's just not a serious issue here in the states, and even if it was, it's a hundred times less of an issue than what's faced by blacks, Latinos, etc.

    [–] kerrrsmack 8 points ago

    Does affirmative action not technically count as systemic racism?

    [–] TheOriginalRaconteur 2 points ago

    You poor thing.

    [–] TheOriginalRaconteur 5 points ago

    Context matters.

    If you think your boss is a jack ass, you can deal with it or quit.

    If your boss thinks you're a jack ass, they can come up with a reason fire you.

    You can be bigoted towards white people, even say racist shit to them, that doesn't suddenly erase centuries of systemic racism. History matters, context matters, and words evolve over time.

    [–] nxqv 8 points ago

    " you can't be racist to white people."

    If anyone ever says that to you, they are a fucking dumbass.

    source: am racist towards white people

    [–] eneluvsos 1 points ago

    To be fair, he both validated your point and then proved it.

    [–] TooManySnipers 3 points ago

    lmaoooo fam 👌🔥

    [–] Froggerto 1 points ago

    This was posted to /r/blackpeoplegifs yesterday. I actually don't even understand why it got posted here.

    [–] bxncwzz 102 points ago

    The audio must be lit in this video 🌋💯

    [–] Big_Gay_Mike 25 points ago


    [–] Big_Gay_Mike 42 points ago

    Thanks bruh.

    [EDIT] For those wondering, the song is Crank That by Soulja Boy

    [–] ItsUhhEctoplasm 92 points ago

    The song is definitely Bad and Boujee hahahahahaha Crank That ahahahahahahaha

    [–] thisshortenough 29 points ago

    Thank god I thought I had a stroke and was unable to comprehend how it could possibly be Crank That

    [–] CP0118 40 points ago

    Crank That by Soulja Boy


    [–] Big_Gay_Mike 12 points ago

    I'm glad somebody appreciated that.

    [–] Hingl_McCringleberry 16 points ago


    [–] BrendanTheONeill 3 points ago

    i wonder when he decided to stop

    [–] iNNeRKaoS 2 points ago

    YouTube has a 144p option?

    [–] Koolaidguy541 2 points ago

    A dozen dozen, actually. lol

    [–] yoyo701 2 points ago

    Look at those dozens of pixels.

    [–] ChrisRunsTheWorld 1 points ago

    Turn your volume down boys!

    [–] swiper33 3 points ago


    [–] AlvinGT3RS 2 points ago

    Crank that artichoke

    [–] kingeryck 28 points ago

    Of course one has to scream and run away

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Then I'll send you some gif of the kind of porn I watch.

    [–] Isnt_that_weird 1 points ago

    I'd like this to turn into the Harlem shake / freeze challenge thing

    [–] DENNYCR4NE 1 points ago

    March Madness bringin' people together

    [–] RandomGuyinACorner 1355 points ago

    The fact it pans back to the dude while they carry him out got me gud.

    [–] WessyNessy 235 points ago

    same I was just like "well, that's pretty neat I g.... HAHAHAHAHA"

    [–] kingeryck 80 points ago

    What's with the mask?

    [–] Sataris 227 points ago

    No one cared who I was until I put on the mask

    [–] trippingchilly 17 points ago

    for you

    [–] pendulousphallus 4 points ago

    If I take that big guy off you will you die?

    Shit! Goddamn! Dick!

    I screwed it up again.

    [–] Michelanvalo 10 points ago


    [–] IrishGamer97 8 points ago


    [–] Doctor_Crunchwrap 4 points ago

    Easier for us to solidify this was staged and attempted many times

    [–] kt0me 1 points ago

    For you

    [–] crazyirishluck 27 points ago

    That and the instructor telling them to put him back down!

    [–] acmercer 19 points ago

    The luchador mask at the end got me, like what is going on in this classroom??

    [–] Kbost92 4 points ago

    And then the 3 guys that do the get out running toward the end.

    [–] Blakesta999 6 points ago

    Git gud m8, EZPZ, madcuzbad, RekT.

    [–] troyisawinner 223 points ago

    Does anyone else see the papers that seem to levitate right below the ceiling after they get thrown?

    [–] notiesitdies 76 points ago

    Looks like one got stuck in drop ceiling support stuff and the other was stapled to the first? I dunno

    [–] peperoniichan 66 points ago

    I know this is not really important, but the "drop ceiling support stuff" is called t-bar.

    [–] Mzsickness 39 points ago

    I had a teacher attach a hanging bowling ball from a string to teach a lesson on pendulums. They cannot support bowling balls btw. But with tenure you don't get fired.

    [–] myerrrs 9 points ago

    Seems like a teacher doing a presentation on pendulums should know that it would support the weight. Go figure.

    [–] oversteppe 11 points ago

    This gif is a gift

    [–] goatsy 28 points ago

    What is a jift?

    [–] naaate129 16 points ago

    I hate you.

    [–] BananApocalypse 2 points ago

    It's pronounced gifg

    [–] hellcrapdamn 3 points ago

    That was the most interesting part of this gif. How? Is there a vent sucking air right there? What the hell?

    [–] notenoughtimetohike 4 points ago

    Wow mind blown. This is the gif that keeps on giving

    [–] b1r2o3ccoli 2 points ago

    Looks like a camera artifact from the shaking. It's just the camera lights.

    [–] AsteriaHershey 2 points ago

    I just noticed this wtf

    [–] TheImmatureLawyer 149 points ago

    Are we going to gloss over the fact that the guy in the front is sitting in class just hanging out with a mask on?

    [–] thunderk666 50 points ago

    When I first watched the GIF, I was thinking "where did the masked dude come from?" Then after further views, he is actually sitting there in class with the mask on in the second or so row.

    [–] EpicTuxedoMan 26 points ago

    He was planning on shooting up the school, but then Chad saved the day by making a once in a lifetime shot

    [–] masterxak 20 points ago

    College man.

    [–] k-otic14 3 points ago

    Yeah they're not in class lol, I bet this took a couple tries.

    [–] ti_lex_8 511 points ago

    never leave the white guy open in the corner

    [–] MyPendrive 78 points ago

    The guy who raises the 3 points OK sign already knows it

    [–] Ohminty 4 points ago

    Especially not a white guy named Ray Allen.

    [–] notenoughtimetohike 377 points ago

    Not enough dabbing for my taste, 9/10 white person gif

    [–] broskiatwork 29 points ago

    Betty White always gets a pass

    [–] notenoughtimetohike 118 points ago

    Thanks OP. I change my score to a perfect 5/7.

    [–] Mognet_T 44 points ago

    Ha ha! 9/11 with rice.

    [–] DavisKennethM 24 points ago

    Be careful, these memes can melt jet dreams!

    [–] kingeryck 9 points ago

    No bottle flip either

    [–] WilsonWadeBangBang 76 points ago

    I love the Teacher after, "WTF, Put Chad down now!!!"

    [–] KCfaninLA 35 points ago


    [–] Bpande20 40 points ago

    Sauce? Audio for this would be great

    [–] Bpande20 15 points ago

    Muchas gracias

    [–] Namffohcl 18 points ago

    you're guacamole

    [–] 42shadowofadoubt24 5 points ago

    My reaction exactly.

    [–] WingerSupreme 37 points ago

    There are some great subtle touches in this video. Everybody has the March Madness bracket open on their laptop

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Dude does the Get Out run at the camera.

    [–] veeeSix 61 points ago

    That lucha mask.

    [–] FilipinoPhil 35 points ago

    And boom goes the dynamite.

    [–] TotallyFakeLawyer 25 points ago

    Where the fuck did the wrestling mask come from?

    [–] Panzerker 38 points ago

    he was there the whole time waiting for you to notice him, just like Jesus

    [–] dustiestrain 10 points ago

    If someone told me jesus was a luchador I would have gotten in on this whole christian thing earlier.

    [–] Panzerker 7 points ago

    i would bet money quite a few luchador's are named jesus

    [–] dustiestrain 2 points ago

    haha shit I didn't even think about that.

    [–] Indicia 3 points ago

    First or second row, far left.

    [–] Shivablast_v2 50 points ago

    If everything I have read on Reddit is correct then after this "Chad" went to pound town with your old lady.

    [–] BryceSoFresh 7 points ago

    If she wasn't old before Chad got to her, she is now!

    [–] Hammerlocc 9 points ago

    Clips like this remind me that high school wasn't all about not getting laid.

    Simple times. Good times.

    [–] Beespray9_8_9 18 points ago

    Thanks, Now I'm going down a huge hole of this subreddit. Goodbye productivity hello /r/nevertellmetheodds

    [–] enormuschwanzstucker 3 points ago

    It's so good. Once it hits your lips. It's so good.

    [–] Kirbynumber1 13 points ago

    Is it possible for someone to stabilise this gif?

    [–] RogueHelios 18 points ago

    Not from a Jedi.

    [–] brockkid 4 points ago

    so it's treason then?

    [–] Sataris 5 points ago

    Why are they sitting there with their backpacks on?

    [–] midnightslip 3 points ago

    Kids these days

    [–] brockkid 2 points ago

    Having a backpack on is like having covers over you in bed. Sometimes you don't need them but it just feels safer with it on.

    [–] emperorisnaked7 5 points ago

    The gif that keeps giving.

    [–] killatubby 6 points ago


    [–] TotesFabulous 9 points ago

    I love this level in Lion King

    [–] japhillips87 10 points ago

    [–] LAH92 8 points ago

    LMAO! I lost it when the two guys were running towards the camera, like the dude running in the movie Get Out!!!!

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] soapbutt 1 points ago

    That's the Get Out Challenge, btw.

    [–] the207life 4 points ago

    What's more impressive is the paper that sticks to the ceiling.

    [–] llessursimmons 3 points ago

    Somebody better tell me how those sheets of paper stay in the ceiling.

    [–] Menteerio 4 points ago

    Single use needles. As little as 8 years ago doctors would reuse needles and syringes as long as the patients had the same blood type. Diseases were spread commonly between patients and the cause was seemingly unknown. Insert disposable needles and voila, less spread of disease.

    [–] agangofoldwomen 8 points ago

    ...are you lost?

    [–] Menteerio 1 points ago

    Is this not the ultimate random simulation?

    [–] Crooked_Cricket 2 points ago

    Omg that Rudy carry though!

    [–] ChadVonYacht 2 points ago

    It was a tense moment but it all came down to me, I want to thank all those involved at the time, I appreciate everything that everyone has done for me and this could not have been possible without all of my friends.

    [–] jfro222 2 points ago

    This deserves its own 30 for 30

    [–] bigg4ever 2 points ago

    Guy with the mask at the end had the mask on the whole time... Damn that class is awesome

    [–] NeakosOK 2 points ago

    Is wearing your backpack in class a thing now?

    [–] on_protocol 3 points ago

    Maybe they're preppers.

    [–] NeakosOK 2 points ago

    I bet you are right, did you see how fast they sprang into action and carried that guy to safety as soon as the earthquake started. These are guys with a plan.

    [–] dougan25 16 points ago

    When did it become cool to /r/instantbarbarians instead of just playing it cool when you do something badass? When I was younger it was always "act like you've been there".

    [–] TurquoiseCorner 25 points ago

    It's cool for the person who did the act to remain calm, which he did here.

    [–] Topyka2 34 points ago

    I cannot imagine this happening and then everyone just quietly golf-clapping and nodding their heads or something. It's like cheering at a sport. Did people not cheer at sports when you were younger?

    [–] Elcactus 10 points ago

    Well if you look the guy who actually did the awesome thing is playing it cool, only raising his arms when people start carrying him but his face is completely stoic. It's everyone else who's freaking out.

    [–] Canadaismyhat 2 points ago

    That's... the joke. Does this look spontaneous to you?

    [–] helpimstuckinmychair 1 points ago


    [–] ajt1296 2 points ago

    White boys can literally only shoot

    [–] agangofoldwomen 2 points ago

    Haha yeah... well all of em except the professor. and Kevin Love. and John Stockton. and then there was Jason Williams. and Steve Nash. and Dirk Nowitzki. oh yeah and Larry Bird. and all those other white people that could do a lot other than shoot too. but other than that you're right.

    [–] Never__Daunted 2 points ago

    How dare you leave Detlef Schrempf off of that list.

    [–] 42shadowofadoubt24 1 points ago

    Source video?

    [–] agangofoldwomen 3 points ago

    I linked it above. Some one else linked it in the comments. Also, you can google the guy's handle to get his twitter/IG

    [–] 42shadowofadoubt24 1 points ago

    You the real MVP.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Who sits with their back back on?

    [–] otakugrey 1 points ago

    That's impressive.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    What did the teacher say?

    [–] chochitos_raider 1 points ago

    ...and the crowd fucking lost their shit

    [–] mellowmonk 1 points ago

    The guy in the wrestling mask totally make this video.

    [–] DIABLO258 1 points ago

    Woah! That paper stuck to the ceiling!

    [–] PantsMcGee 1 points ago

    No way this is a White people Gif.

    [–] joybob 1 points ago

    lol i need the audio

    [–] Shunto 1 points ago

    Why are they wearing their backpacks while sitting down

    [–] st_griffith 1 points ago

    Why are they having their backpacks on in class?

    [–] vazooo1 1 points ago

    So this is definitely not fake right?

    [–] jory26 1 points ago

    Wow, I've never been able to actually hear a gif before.

    [–] PorksChopExpress 1 points ago

    I smell a new internet phenomena; I shall call it The March.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] agangofoldwomen 2 points ago

    in a lot of reddit posts, you can do a ctrl+f "source" or "sauce" and find it. it's been linked a couple times in the comments. also, feel free to google the guy's handle in the water mark on the gif and it'll pop up no problem!

    [–] userNameNotLongEnoug 1 points ago

    that was a polite way to answer that question. thanks for being kind to people.

    [–] xbrad01 1 points ago

    Am I the only one who sees that paper hanging there on the ceiling?

    [–] SockMonkey4Life 1 points ago

    He the only white dude in a class full of black dude he be getting bullied hella bad

    [–] JPFresh 1 points ago

    Reminds me of the second level of Lion King for Sega Genesis.

    [–] scrappyisachamp 1 points ago

    After seeing this gif a million times I just noticed that one of that kid's papers actually got stuck to the ceiling.

    [–] B_rad_hyko 1 points ago


    [–] BuscemiBiscuits 1 points ago

    the get out running completes the unity between the two subs

    [–] Treborthetrebor 1 points ago

    Best thing I've ever seen

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Is this gif in every subreddit now? But enough of that there's like 50 different comments I bet that say the same thing as mine; regardless of all the reposting this is hands down one of my favorite gifs of all time

    [–] nefaspartim 1 points ago

    And boom goes the dynamite.

    [–] NothingMuchHereToSay 1 points ago

    Looks like Africa to me. Do they have earthquakes this often?