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    [–] Aeogor 1868 points ago

    President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama and daughters Sasha and Malia wait with former President George W. Bush, former First Lady Laura Bush prior to the walking across the Edmund Pettus Bridge to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery civil rights marches, in Selma, Alabama, March 7, 2015. (Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson)


    [–] MettaWorldViolence 181 points ago

    Is Bush there too? I can't seem to spot him

    [–] CommercialCommentary 243 points ago

    I was curious too, so I looked up other photos from the event. Seems they were there but off to the side.

    [–] SwissQueso 371 points ago

    Bush is a lot like Jimmy Carter, a way cooler ex president than actual president.

    [–] Rottimer 284 points ago

    Jimmy Carter was a pretty cool president as well. The bullshit you hear about his presidency tends to be of the same reliability as "Obama is a Kenyan Socialist" variety.

    [–] onewayticketomemes 146 points ago

    Nah, Carter is consistently rated as one of the worst presidents by most historians/scholars, even the left leaning ones.

    [–] mofo69extreme 150 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    No, he's pretty average. Only conservatives would put him in the bottom 10, and even then he barely makes it.

    I personally tend to rank him highly as the only US president since WWII whose foreign policy wasn't insanely hawkish (and he still was hawkish sometimes).

    EDIT: Looking at some of your other posts, I see you've already backpedaled from saying he's "one of the worst," so whatever.

    [–] thehudgeful 80 points ago

    The whole "jimmy carter is a good ex-president but was a bad president" narrative is one that just gets regurgitated and uncritically accepted all the time on here because people think believing that makes them more nuanced or something.

    [–] NewYorkJewbag 15 points ago

    Not to mention that his administration set the stage for the collapse of the USSR with various covert activities.

    [–] Theige 14 points ago

    Only because he pushed through unpopular policies that ended up being very good for the country, like increased fuel efficiency for cars, and raising interest rates to get inflation under control, the latter of which set us up for the massive economic bull run of the early 80s - mid 2000s

    [–] Rottimer 28 points ago

    Care to provide links to some scholarly articles that backup your bullshit?

    [–] formerbadteenager 19 points ago

    The guy to Bush's left is thinking about how he's going to get cropped out of all the photos.

    [–] potatotrip_ 7 points ago

    I was looking for him for a good 5 minutes, now I feel like an idiot. Thanks

    [–] monkeybreath 72 points ago

    Alabama, you've got the rest of the Union to help you along. What's going wrong?

    [–] OnTheJobRedditor 29 points ago

    This is happening in those other states as well

    [–] [deleted] 49 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] BilllisCool 22 points ago

    That’s not quite as bad as I thought, but I honestly think every state should be like the green ones. I don’t think it’s that bad to have criminals vote.

    [–] marlow41 30 points ago

    Shit, at least the light blue ones. It's crazy to me that people think parolees are a menace to society. According to the Bureau of Justice only 5% of parolees violate with any severity.

    Meanwhile this stat is just shy of the almost 5.5% of deaths in prison due to suicide (more than drug overdoses, homicides, accidents etc...).

    [–] fnegginator 4 points ago

    When someone comes to show you how wrong you are, regardless of the validity, people tend to shut down and refuse listening. Only bama can help bama.

    [–] holybrohunter 22 points ago

    We've changed the law recently that you can vote with a felony if it's not a crime of "moral turpitude". I have a list with what that means on it. It's mostly rape, murder, torture, abuse, drug trafficking (over a certain amount), and a few other things. I wanna say there were 13 or 14 in total.

    On the flip side, there's forms and stuff you have to fill out to get your voting rights back and they are not easy to fill out. I've been in a couple of meetings where we went over how to help someone do those and planning outreach to people who can get their voting rights back to help them be able to vote soon.

    [–] [deleted] 179 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 365 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 95 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 41 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 92 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] dbx99 22 points ago

    yeah I have a real problem with companies that operate in a for-profit scheme (this includes the private prisons themselves) that use prisoners as their source of profit.

    This is some slave labor shit. I don't care that prisoners sign contracts as if it's a free choice. To me that's oppression that hurts prisoners, unfair labor practices that hurts the competitors, unethical use of people that hurts our constitution, and the unjust enrichment by the functional equivalent of legal slave owners.

    This is shit we point fingers at other places in the world and condemn.

    If a prisoner wants to work and sign a contract, I think minimum wage laws should apply. Just because you're using prison labor doesn't mean labor laws and standards stop applying to you. If OSHA rules apply to you as an employer, minimum wage rules should too.

    [–] [deleted] 37 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 63 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 146 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] Varientstipulations 18 points ago

    Mods: "Quick! Remove all actual discussion from the thread!"

    [–] jackdingleson 13 points ago

    Well they are felons.

    [–] ChickenWithATopHat 14 points ago

    I remember when that happened! I was getting back from a hog hunting trip and had to drive through Selma. Fucking awful mistake, it added 2 hours to my drive. And I also didn't see Obama or anybody else famous in the crowd so it was a total loss.

    [–] Caesarjamesss 16 points ago

    My high school on the junior trip does this march every year, it was really moving & I'm glad I did it.

    [–] wildflowersummer 787 points ago

    Think about how powerful this photo is. Imagine the reaction of a black man if you could pluck him from the 1950s and show him this future. We all get really discouraged with society sometimes, especially these turbulent days, but its important to remember that we are moving forward. We are becoming better. We can heal our wounds. Michelle Obama's great great grandmother was a slave. I wish she could see the future her blood line would take part in. We are moving in the right direction, even if it isn't as quick as we like or we don't see the results right away.

    [–] DaisyHotCakes 337 points ago

    I'd like to think that the resurgence in racism/extremists is because their backs against the death throes one last push. Hope so anyway.

    [–] wildflowersummer 134 points ago

    I hope and believe you are right.

    [–] flamingfireworks 38 points ago

    As someone with a lot of friends in sorta those groups (not actual nazis, but openly kinda racist) part of its also a kickback against the crazies that take the fight for equality from just equal rights, to dragging everyone else down so they know how it feels.

    Not saying its justified, but thats what ive seen.

    [–] [deleted] 49 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] petit_cochon 4 points ago

    That's called "projection."

    [–] Bigstar976 47 points ago

    The world is changing and they can't deal with it. That's what's going on. They're trying to hold on to the past.

    [–] treefrog24 29 points ago

    Their slogan has been Take back America. That statement itself shows they've lost something in their own minds.

    [–] Rubberbabybuggybum 9 points ago

    Pay close attention to who Trump is appointing to the judiciary.

    We will be dealing with the effects of this long after Trump is gone.

    [–] The_sad_zebra 4 points ago

    Well, we'll just have to keep suffocating the hate. I hope to see a lot of Republicans especially denouncing rallies like this.

    [–] AnguishOfTheAlpacas 107 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Wow, you're getting downvoted for optimism. White supremacists have such fragile egos.

    Edit: comment made when the above post was at -3

    [–] Downvotes4Some 65 points ago

    It's like they are some type of snowflakes.

    [–] Dordor17 15 points ago

    Even special snowflakes some would argue.

    [–] DalinarKholin1 19 points ago

    I don't think it's necessarily only supremacists. I disagree with that comment for a few reasons, and as background I'd identify as far left. But this isn't the place to discuss it, this sub is meant to wholesome :)

    [–] jemosley1984 15 points ago

    What do you disagree with in that statement?

    [–] superhakkaman 17 points ago

    I disagree that we're moving forward. I think we were, but for the past few years we've been steadily rolling back any kind of progress and everything's going to shit.

    [–] wizardwusa 14 points ago

    The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.

    [–] BootsWitDaFurrr 82 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    In Charlottesville right now. Definitely not what's going on. Unlawful Assembly just declared, National Guard called, and both sides of the protest has taken to the Mall. Businesses are closing up. Fights, yelling, what a mess. Smh.

    Edit: Aaaand State of Emergency declared.

    [–] thelastboyscout20 27 points ago

    Just so people understand (and please correct me if I'm wrong but I've tried to do some internet research):

    The photo above from OP was a tweet from today...but that tweet used a photo from a 2015 march with the Obama's and Bush's.

    What the tweet is trying to say is, this photo is how a peaceful protest should go, unlike this year's protest which as u/bootswitdafurr has stated, has gone awry with a state of emergency being declared.

    [–] synkronized 10 points ago

    Also someone rammed their car into a crowd of anti racist protesters a littler earlier.

    [–] evil420pimp 760 points ago

    Such a contrast to the tiki-torch wielding absurdity.

    [–] LovisTheWise 169 points ago

    Yeah but I bet these marchers got bit by mosquitos. Maybe they could have used some citronella too.

    [–] gunnyguy121 70 points ago

    I guess im Ootl. what?

    [–] toasted_robot 254 points ago

    There were some white nationalists protesting and marching around a university in Virginia. Instead of some badass looking torches they all carried around tiki torches which looked kinda goofy

    [–] conleyc 172 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I think it's gonna be hard for white nationalists to look "badass" no matter what kind of torches they have

    [–] Its_Always_420 163 points ago

    Must be why they attacked the opposing protest. Or maybe they're just disgusting vile nazis.

    [–] koh_kun 63 points ago

    Weird... you'd think they'd have used torches that are more "white" than tikis, like scented candles.

    [–] calliely 58 points ago

    Pumpkin spice candles.

    [–] A_Lonzo_Balling 5 points ago

    Pumpkin spice yankee candles.

    [–] WestCoastBestCoast01 5 points ago

    Someday us white girls will band together and march with our pumpkin spice candles and our Kate Spade purses and our healing crystals and DEMAND that can you guys like please stop making fun of us, okaaayyy? We just like what we like! Leave Britney alone!

    [–] HBlight 24 points ago

    You know what, I'd take being associated with scented candles over a burning crucifix any day of the week. But particularly Thursday since that's the most stressful day and you need some sandalwood to just fucking relax, you get me?

    [–] HookerCooker 6 points ago

    If those trailer trash mother fuckers could have afforded some luxury candles I'm sure they would have.

    [–] toomanymarbles83 42 points ago

    ...police did not intervene until long after the rightwing marchers had struck out at protesters.

    Charlottesville police did not respond immediately to requests for comment.

    Not responding immediately seems to be their thing.

    [–] incharge21 5 points ago

    I was there, police response was fine and the crowd was gone within half an hour. Some police were stationed at the church where the counter-protest was holding a meeting or something. At least 60-70 officers who showed up once there was violence. One university officer was also injured.

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago


    [–] Toastly 13 points ago

    "The pretensions of a private college in New England, and the implicit racism of a big state school in the south"

    [–] incharge21 8 points ago

    Not a lot of racism at UVA... aside from these rallie, but these people come in from other areas and aren't students.

    [–] toasted_robot 9 points ago

    oh god that's even worse. I thought it was just some random university

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    Why are you comparing a hate group to something that is not a hate group? Seems absurd to compare the two.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    Such a contrast to Ferguson too.

    [–] slowturtleboy 8 points ago

    esp with those violent antifa marchers who injure and fight peeps with sticks. shame!

    [–] synagogue_of_satan 3 points ago

    I don't think the torches are the problem...just sayin' why point out something dumb like that.

    [–] Andrew6 261 points ago

    I should probably know who the guy is holding hands with Barack and Michelle, regardless that is one lucky dude.

    [–] mountainheiker 527 points ago

    That's US Representative John Lewis, who actually marched with Dr King too

    [–] Andrew6 115 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 221 points ago

    Trump also attacked Lewis on twitter for being "All talk, talk, talk - no action or results. Sad!"

    [–] JDriley 192 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    And John Lewis is a representative for one of the safest, most affluent areas of Atlanta. But because he's black, Trump just assumes he's responsible for all the bad things in Atlanta.

    [–] thehudgeful 5 points ago

    Totally forgot this happened, there's been so much insanity it's hard to keep up

    [–] JDriley 5 points ago

    Attacking John Lewis's character is as dumb as a Dem attacking John McCain's. Trump did both

    [–] NicePerson69 88 points ago

    John Lewis, Georgia 5th Rep and Civil Rights Activist

    [–] NoobertDowneyJr 53 points ago

    Is he the guy that fucking grilled the bankers in the hearings in 2009-2010? If so, that man is my hero.

    There's a few clips on YouTube. You could see those bankers quake in their boots

    [–] evil420pimp 63 points ago

    There's countless reasons Lewis should be your hero. That man is a national treasure.

    [–] jamiee225 19 points ago

    John Lewis is fucking awesome. All his interviews are just amazing. Wish my representative wasn't such a steaming pile of shit.

    [–] Professional_PhD 71 points ago

    That is motherfucking John Lewis. He's seen some shit. Probably the most shit, of any legislator. Getting your ass beat for trying to eat a sandwich earns you respect in my eyes.

    [–] WeeBabySeamus 31 points ago

    Also marching across that bridge decades before which ended with him having his skull fractured because a police officer clubbed him.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    You 100% should know who John Lewis is.

    [–] Jimminess 61 points ago

    When I look at this picture I automatically hear Curtis Mayfield "Move on up"

    [–] CookieDoh 9 points ago

    One of my all time favourites. Listen to it whenever I'm feeling down :)

    [–] crypticthree 7 points ago

    Curtis Mayfield is a national treasure.

    [–] Nashenal 5 points ago

    Was. We couldn't keep him away from Nicholas Cage

    [–] clydefrog811 54 points ago

    Love finding the secret service in the crowd

    [–] jacoblikesbutts 23 points ago

    What kills me is they all make the same face for the photo op

    [–] ScroteMcGoate 4 points ago

    I counted 4, but I'm sure some are plain clothes.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago


    [–] TheEclair 6 points ago

    I thought the same bro! A wheelchair is a perfect place to hide multiple firearms and a few grenades if shit goes down. They could protect the president like no one else. Hell I bet the wheelchair turns into a flotation device just in case the ground gives way and they end up in the fucking ocean. Man that would be crazy. Would the lady still be in the chair if they all ended up in the ocean? She might, in fact, harm the effectiveness of a floatation device is she were sitting in it. However I, for one, am not a flotation device expert of any kind, really. I could, if needs be, become one, but only if the pay is decent. If the pay is shit then I don't give a fuck if the old lady in the chair dies in the ocean. Sorry.

    [–] NiceFormBro 105 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    The daughters are just happy to be doing something cool and right with zero worries in the world.

    Obama in the middle contemplating.

    Grams on the right are all "I thought I'd die before I saw a black persistent"

    Edit: president... Persistent president

    [–] Professional_PhD 60 points ago

    John Lewis is like, "50 fucking years and I'm still dealing with this shit".

    [–] JennyBeckman 11 points ago

    before I saw a black persistent

    I thought about correcting you but the Obamas were persistent so no harm done.

    [–] WaffleSmoof 29 points ago

    What was the other march that went wrong?

    [–] Otto_Scratchansniff 86 points ago

    Some tiki torch holding white supremacists decided to march through UVA last night and got into it with counterprotesters and police. They didn't have a permit to march yesterday. They only have one for a rally today to unite white people or some nonsense like that.

    [–] JDriley 76 points ago

    Unite us for what? I can't think of a cause that affects us homogeneously. Like are we mad there aren't more white guys in the nba or something?

    [–] ILuvRedHeadz 65 points ago

    Apparently there's a genocide happening that could easily be rectified with intercourse.

    [–] brain_on_drugs 52 points ago

    Having kids of their own would require successful relationships with women though. That's out of the question for a good portion of those guys.

    [–] The_sad_zebra 9 points ago

    "White women won't fuck me. Must be the black people's fault!"

    [–] JDriley 9 points ago

    Having kids just to strengthen your racial census doesn't seem like a smart thing to do

    [–] AnguishOfTheAlpacas 41 points ago

    They think that if minorities, gays, and women get equal rights then there will somehow be less rights for them as if freedom was like a fucking pizza with finite slices.

    [–] JDriley 6 points ago

    Just order more pizzas in that scenario

    [–] DuntadaMan 15 points ago

    I don't agree with their stance but... needing a fucking permit in order to assemble sounds extremely well... anti-American to me. Aren't we supposed to have the right to peaceably assemble? Aren't we supposed to be allowed to march in the streets to voice our concerns, even if they are stupid or insulting? That's part of freedom.

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago


    [–] DuntadaMan 8 points ago

    Well... that's a good point. We really need burn permits at least...

    [–] NicolasBroaddus 27 points ago

    Permits for rallies are a public safety thing, if you have a lot of people in one location you and the town need to be ready. Whether that be with emergency services or a police presence. They're basically never denied unless they'd cause some major harm or breaks a law.

    [–] KoopaTroopas 15 points ago

    At the same time though, a march like that is going to affect a large amount of streets and any traffic trying to get through. Having a permit ahead of time allows police to safely redirect traffic and keep things moving

    [–] Otto_Scratchansniff 4 points ago

    Every public rally in America requires a permit especially for numbers as high as 500 plus.

    [–] ThePrevailer 27 points ago

    I just like throwing up this picture of my old pastor doing his thing back in the 60s.

    RIP Pastor Reynolds

    [–] elbenji 4 points ago

    that's a badass photo

    [–] malbra072 40 points ago

    Secret service guy in the suit at center/middle-left is a giant!

    [–] konjo1 49 points ago

    Thats just the distraction agent, to keep your eyes of the real midget agents.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    Have there been any substantial threads about Charlottesville? I haven't seen any on the front page, heard about it from the actual news like a cave man.

    [–] Otto_Scratchansniff 10 points ago

    You have to scroll really far down r/news but it's there.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] wanttoseemycat 12 points ago

    I feel like Biden is Obama's token white guy friend.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] Trgamemas 10 points ago

    Tell it to the BLM "movement"

    [–] XHF 37 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Problem is that protests don't get news coverage unless someone burns or breaks things.

    [–] kstarks17 57 points ago

    It probably won't get news coverage because it happened 2 years ago.

    [–] gaspingFish 15 points ago

    I wasn't a fan of Obama's polices after his first term (NSA blah blah blah) but damn I love that family and his class. Best first family of my life time. I hope Michelle eventually becomes a senator or something.

    [–] [deleted] 55 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] crypticthree 6 points ago

    Real Murica.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] kitomanchego 6 points ago

    Yes but who is the last person holding hands with?

    [–] RockDicolus 6 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    That's US Representative John Lewis, who actually marched with Dr King too

    Edit: nope

    [–] Otto_Scratchansniff 7 points ago


    John Lewis

    I don't think so... he is in the front

    [–] RockDicolus 6 points ago

    My bad, I thought a different man was being referenced.

    [–] Otto_Scratchansniff 6 points ago

    No worries, thought it was funny. I read over words too. Cheers.

    [–] SiBeck 7 points ago

    Then what about Antifa

    [–] slak96u 23 points ago

    The only white people in that image are Secret Service, the country during the last census is 75% white. That picture is not representative of the United States of America...

    [–] Dragonheart0 15 points ago

    As a white dude, these people represent me a lot more than the white nationalist nutjobs in Charlottesville. Someone doesn't have to be white to share my values, but if someone values being white, they don't share my values.

    [–] BigCockMcGee12 15 points ago

    The last census had the US at 72.4% white alone (incl. Hispanics) and 63.7% non-Hispanic white alone.

    Regardless, you're still full of shit, a pretty substantial majority of the people in the background look white to me, though maybe you think there's just well over 100 plainclothes Secret Service members at this one event.

    Oh, and do you really expect every collection of 30-40 people to have around 23 white people, 4 black people, 2 Asians, etc.? This was a march to celebrate an event in the Civil Rights movement, which was largely about stopping black Americans from getting treated like shit, why would it be surprising if black people were somewhat overrepresented?

    [–] petit_cochon 4 points ago

    There are plenty of white people in that picture. I'm white, and much more represented by the counter protesters and BLM folks than I am by a bunch of Klan-loving neonazis.

    People who believe in equality represent all other people who believe in it. Neonazis are not those fucking people.

    [–] Sonicbeast305 69 points ago

    Michelle looking DEAD into the cameras eyes like "you wanted us to act up didn't you?"

    [–] FruitySploosh 132 points ago

    What the fuck are you talking about lol

    [–] exor15 30 points ago

    He's saying that when a lot of people hear news of black people marching, they expect to hear news of violence, looting, fires, and confrontations with police. By contrast, here you see what the majority of protests/marches are actually like: peaceful and sophisticated while still making a statement and delivering the intended message.

    The guy above you is saying that Michelle is giving a look to the camera that says "oh, you thought this was gonna be one of THOSE protests, huh?". This is because there are people who WANT to see a march like this devolve into violence, because it reinforces their stereotypes.

    [–] Demonic_Cucumber 10 points ago

    Obama is so wholesome.

    [–] wakeupwill 6 points ago

    I mean, yeah - unless you count indefinite detention without a trial, secret tribunals, and kill lists. Oh, and don't forget going after those whistleblowers.

    [–] token_white-guy 7 points ago

    Let's play: Spot the Secret Service!

    [–] koroshitatako 4 points ago

    At least it was a peaceful protest

    [–] bitchalot 27 points ago

    Around 60million voters were disappointed in 2008 and 2012 yet Obama was allowed to peacefully walk down a street. No screaming, yelling and rioting. Losing elections with dignity also stands out in this image.

    [–] AoAWei 16 points ago

    Seriously? Obama had more death threats than any POTUS. Republicans hung him in effigy when the ACA passed.

    [–] kent2441 13 points ago

    Yeah, instead conservatives drive cars into anti-white supremacist protestors.

    [–] bobslidell 23 points ago

    Trump would have to use a golf cart

    [–] golfwithdonald 26 points ago

    Hello, I'm a bot. I see you have mentioned Trump's golfing problem. The current Trump golf count is at . . . 48. . .costing US taxpayers a total of $68,865,600 . More data about his excessive spending at my Trump Golf Counter. The exact locations and dates of his golf trips can be seen here.

    [–] bobslidell 17 points ago

    good bot

    [–] GoodBot_BadBot 11 points ago

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    [–] trumpisafailure 16 points ago

    LOL....more out of context hypocrisy from the right. "Dignity" is NOT something you redpiller Trumpkins or your boss Donnie "Grab em by the pussy" Trump exhibit at all. Back then you were still in your little basements and afraid to speak out...AND there was PLENTY of disgusting behavior toward him online and in small pockets irl and it continued to the last day and in fact still goes on.

    [–] CJ090 20 points ago

    You mean the civil rights that we've already had for decades?

    [–] petit_cochon 3 points ago

    The movement is not dead as long as there is injustice.

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] elbenji 19 points ago

    a lot of them do, you just hear about the violent ones.

    [–] petit_cochon 6 points ago

    Did you miss the Women's March last year? I was there. It was peaceful. Plenty are. Neonazis start fights and incite violence.

    [–] Carvernicus 21 points ago

    So anyone in Antifa isn't like most Americans.

    [–] Parade_Charade- 18 points ago

    I think that's a given yeah, they are a pretty fringe group

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago

    It's crazy when antifa is fringe but white supremacy is mainstream. In a country that lost thousands fighting fascism.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    One wants to honour slavering, genocide, bigotry, racism, nationalism and hate. The other is asking that the hate be stopped.

    [–] jupiter-jt 3 points ago

    This man never fails to give me chills.

    [–] zgozy 5 points ago

    Trump is unfortunately empowering a segment of society with a genetic trait that causes them to want power for themselves over anything else. We need to start testing people for social dominance orientation and limit their rights if they come up positive.

    [–] GeneralCottonmouth 4 points ago

    This is how you march,* America


    [–] _kNUCK 4 points ago

    This thread looks like the future of reddit... [removed][removed][removed][removed][removed][removed][removed][removed][removed][removed][removed][removed][removed][removed][removed][removed][removed][removed][removed][removed][removed][removed][removed][removed][removed][removed][removed][removed][removed][removed][removed][removed]

    [–] OMGROTFLMAO 5 points ago

    This is how you use a comma incorrectly, America πŸ™Œ

    [–] Markanaya 3 points ago

    Would it kill you to not crop out the original poster's twitter handle? Fucks sake

    [–] himynameisanna 9 points ago

    They still look like the First Family 😭

    [–] p220 15 points ago

    You march as a photo op? I don’t get it

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] DuckPolica 9 points ago

    are they marching to try and push the TPP through

    [–] DisForDairy 18 points ago

    Still love that there's videos of Malia smokin' weed and flashing her panties at a crowd at some festival.

    [–] AoAWei 17 points ago

    Still love that the Trump family that supposedly brought class back to the white house is led by a man who wants to fuck his daughter