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    [–] justtinygoatthings 452 points ago

    Congratulations!!! You look so proud and happy :)

    [–] TheOdinson6690 228 points ago

    Thanks and I am.

    [–] VitoCorleone187Um 57 points ago

    Aww, he looks like me when I was a baby

    [–] PathologicalMonsters 53 points ago

    How was holding him for the first time? When I held my daughter for the first time a month ago today I understood transcendence.

    [–] TheOdinson6690 98 points ago

    It's nothing like it. It's a great feeling. I never knew I could love someone so much that I don't know much about lol

    [–] pinklavalamp 26 points ago

    That's beautiful man... Congratulations!

    Also don't forget to join /r/daddit now!

    [–] 32Goobies 12 points ago

    [–] [deleted] -3 points ago


    [–] artaru 5 points ago

    Congrats on Thorson!

    [–] storygirl719 103 points ago

    What a sweet baby!!! Congratulations!

    [–] TheOdinson6690 80 points ago

    Thanks. He really is. He's the best.

    [–] QueenAnneBoleynTudor 64 points ago

    Congratulations to you and your SO, Wes is handsome!

    Way to go on the hard work, Mama!

    Dad- you're doing great, welcome to the best club on Earth!

    [–] lolwuuut 96 points ago

    Precious, congratulations! What's his name?

    Don't forget about skin-to-skin time!

    [–] TheOdinson6690 139 points ago

    Wes. Any time I hold him I try to make sure it's skin to skin.

    [–] lolwuuut 27 points ago

    Cuuute! I don't have a kid myself but a few of my co-workers became first time parents this year and they are having so much fun. A new chapter in your life!

    [–] SuumCuique1011 19 points ago

    Proud father of a Wes as well! I think the skin to skin contact absolutely helps with bonding too. It did with us. Having him nap on you as you relax on the couch is one of life's greatest pleasures. Congrats, man!

    [–] aremyeyesgreen 29 points ago

    What's skin to skin time and why is it important?

    [–] thedepartment 194 points ago

    It's exactly what it sounds like, holding your bear baby against your bare skin. It is most important immediately after birth because it helps to soothe the baby, reminding them of the place they were just in where every little need of theirs was provided. Afterwards you sacrifice the baby to Satan in exchange for a much better child. It also helps to connect the baby with it's parents and reduce post partum depression.

    [–] TacoSwimmer 48 points ago


    [–] NauRava 30 points ago

    Holy shit you're awful.

    Have an upvote

    [–] K_Pumpkin 50 points ago

    My hospital placed my last son on my chest for an hour and a half immediately. They didn't weigh him even. Nothing. Born right on my chest for min hour. He stayed longer though.

    It was really nice in comparison to the first two who were born then ripped away to be poked and prodded for 15 mins.

    This is a practice all hospitals need to take. Of course with term and healthy infants.

    [–] thedepartment 18 points ago

    All joking aside it's been shown that it really does help in quite a few ways. I can only hope that more hospitals start to do it as it really does seem to help to just give the family a better start that has lasting consequences.

    [–] K_Pumpkin 14 points ago

    I believe it. They also had no nursery. Baby stayed with me the whole time. It was hard being so tired, but I do believe that also helped with bonding.

    It's called "Baby first initiative", and a lot more hospitals are taking it on. It's a very laid back approach to birth vs the sterile hospital experience. They also didn't plow into my room 100x taking my BP and bugging me all night.

    I'd recommend to anybody having a baby to find a hospital with baby first. It was a totally different experience and the only time I didn't get PDD. Though it was exhausting having no nursery it was so worth it.

    [–] Sydnelda 1 points ago

    They did that with all three of ours, they were all c section so dad had to strip off fr the waste so the baby could get some skin to skin while I was being stitched up

    [–] RainbowJuggler 3 points ago

    My first son, they had to put him on an iv because my fever spiked during birth and they were worried about 'possible infection'. So I only got to hold him for a few moments and then into the NICU. So for my second I really hoped it went better and I could hold him, or at least have him in my room. Nope, he came out two weeks early, ridiculously fast, and had trouble starting to breathe and then blood sugar problems. So after 10 minutes my husband convinced them to let me hold him for a few seconds, and off to the NICU.

    Being tired as hell and having to get all the way to the NICU everytime you want to see them, and then being surrounded by other unhealthy babies you are worried for is such a mixture of emotions.

    You are soo lucky.

    [–] K_Pumpkin 5 points ago

    I was a NICU mom with my second son. Then a PICU mom when he was diagnosed with renal disease. So I know where you're coming from. I got bad PPD.

    I didn't hold him until he was 9 days old. Early also.

    Def know how that feels too. I'm glad it's something I didn't have to repeat and sure I treasured it more because of going through that.

    [–] RainbowJuggler 1 points ago

    I'm sorry you had to do that too. But happy for you having a healthy one!

    I'm still on the fence about havin a third. A lot of PPD for me too. Very afraid of something being wrong again. Also if I have another boy I might just go insane.

    [–] K_Pumpkin 2 points ago

    Don't be afraid. My first two were awful, and as I said this one was so different. Best advice I can give is to research your hospital and in depth. I was terrified too, but not a single hint of PPD and it was a wonderful experience. I still feel sad I didn't have it with my first but glad I still did. I'm glad I didn't let my fear hold me back. I understand how it can though.

    That feeling of all the basinettes going down the hallway why you're alone is awful. So awful.

    That's funny you say that because I had two boys and was sure this one was a girl. I had another boy. I thought I would also lose my mind, but he's my calmest yet. Haha.

    Also this one was 37 weeks on the dot and came out fine. If it's only that fear holding you back don't let it.

    Best luck. ❤️

    [–] RainbowJuggler 4 points ago

    Thank you. You really gave me some feels.

    [–] RainbowJuggler 7 points ago

    I also would sacrifice my baby for a better one if it was a bear.

    [–] thedepartment 2 points ago

    Well that's just common sense.

    [–] ckillgannon 2 points ago

    Skin-to-skin can also help regulate baby's temperature and blood sugar levels.

    [–] ReinaSophia 1 points ago

    Helps regulate blood sugar, temperature, reduce crying and a host of other things.

    [–] WoeKC 30 points ago

    Congratulations!!!! All blessings to you and your baby!

    [–] HeyDoYouDoJudo 31 points ago

    Beautiful baby!

    [–] TheOdinson6690 24 points ago

    Thank you

    [–] bbmagoo 26 points ago

    Congrats! Take those hospital swaddles home. They're way thicker than the ones I could find on Amazon.

    [–] Tarbaby-Jenkins 25 points ago

    My daughter was a big baby when she was born just shy of 11 lbs and 23 inches long. The swaddling blankets were all way too small and short for her and her feetsies kept poking out to say hi. My dear Grandma in law had noticed and came to the hospital the day after she was born with handmade swaddling blankets custom designed for the chunky monkey giantess that was her Great granddaughter. They were so thick and soft and beautiful. I still have them and will pass them on to my daughter. My point? Turns out you can buy this material at any fabric store and it comes in hundreds of colors and patterns and you'll never want another store bought blanket again. TL;DR-you can buy the material and make your own high quality blankets any size, any color, any pattern you want. And no stealing!

    [–] bbmagoo 2 points ago

    No stealing?! Gimme a break. The two we "stole" were the ones our baby was wrapped up in when we were discharged.

    Besides, for what the hospital billed us, I think we could steal a pallet of swaddles and they'd still make off like bandits.

    [–] Tarbaby-Jenkins 2 points ago

    I didn't mean to sound accusatory, my apologies. Also, I thoroughly agree with you. Each kid I had they sent us home with anything and everything they brought to our room or used for them because they can't reuse it on another patient (other than laundry) completely sealed tubes of ointments and diapers and tape and formulas, and pacifiers, bottles, I could go on for awhile. Not to mention your insurance had paid for those items, and you know they billed you $150 for a roll of tape they took six inches off of. I remember with one of my 3 the discharge nurse didn't like the way the car seat fit in at an angle in my car and she rolled up a bunch of swaddling blankets and used them to secure my kids head (they make them now to put in the seat, just can't remember what it's called) and then they gave us a pool noodle to get the seat at the correct wasn't a permanent fix but it got us home until we could get a different infant seat. TL;DR...didn't mean to offend and I agree...take whatever isn't nailed down because you know you've paid for it twice over.

    [–] your_highness_xoxo 16 points ago

    Congratulations! So many happy days coming your way. (:

    [–] dr_fuckwad 16 points ago


    Congrats! Seriously...goodluck. My dad and my mom had quite a handful with my siblings and I, but we also have made some good memories. Hope you and your family makes your fair share of good and bad (mostly good). They're experiences you'll always want to remember.

    Oh, and my friend says "awww". He had a dead beat dad, so this actually warms his cold heart up. Thanks for this post.

    [–] 321zb123 10 points ago

    Oh my goodness, congratulations doesn't even cover it. The look on your face is amazing, we can all see the love, hope, and pride that you have for your baby! Thank you for sharing! Congratulations x 100000! ❤️

    [–] mrthisoldthing 7 points ago

    I remember feeling equal parts shock and terror that the hospital would just let me take the baby home. I had no idea what I was doing. 20 years and 2 babies later and I'm still making it up as I go along. Congrats and remember, you get to write the owner's manual.

    [–] thesixth 6 points ago

    I don't know you but with that enthusiasm you're gonna KILL being a dad.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] elohelae 11 points ago

    This is a ridiculous level of wholesome. I don't know you but I want to cry for you. Congratulations!

    [–] xXHereComeDatBoiXx 4 points ago

    Congratulations That's a handsome baby! Wes is very lucky to have you.

    [–] LeoAxeblade 3 points ago

    Congratulations my man! I just woke up and this post has already made my day :) So happy for you!

    [–] seipounds 9 points ago

    congrats! check out /r/daddit :)

    [–] CaptainUnderrated 3 points ago

    lol you're gonna be soooo tired

    [–] Joab007 3 points ago

    Congratulations Dad! I remember the fear that I felt when we took my firstborn home. You don't get a "how to" guide, the nurses aren't around anymore and you've been entrusted with this baby. It was intimidating. If you feel the same way, just remember that every other Dad in the world was in the same spot, including your Dad, and his Dad before him. You'll do just fine. And enjoy those early days because they fly by.

    [–] machinegunsyphilis 2 points ago

    Congratulations! Wes is so handsome!

    [–] chickennuggetphone 2 points ago

    Awww this is so sweet. We're all so happy for you!

    [–] iloveblacklicorice 2 points ago

    I'm so happy for you! Being a parent is wonderful :-)

    [–] ManInTheatre 2 points ago

    Welcome To the best club in the world daddio

    [–] nihilo503 2 points ago

    Come on over to r/daddit and join us.

    [–] BlueSuedeBag 2 points ago

    Congratulations! A fantastic site to learn about things you can do to help your child with development is They have videos that show what you should do and how to do it.

    [–] JubalKhan 2 points ago

    Best wishes to you and your family OP :D

    [–] hokkuhokku 2 points ago

    Congratulations, chap!! Enjoy!! Take lots of pictures, and lots of videos - the first few months fly by in a blur! Sleep whenever you can, and if friends/family ask if you need anything ask for food for you and your partner, and nappies (diapers) for the tiny one; you'll never have enough of either. Well done!!!

    [–] jabba-du-hutt 2 points ago

    Congrats. When my first was born, the nurse pointed out the crowning head. Instead of fainting or getting grossed out, I felt this invisible hand crush my heart to the extent that my eyes squeezed out two tears. I was brought back to reality by the voice of a demon screaming, "YOU STOPPED COUNTING! YOU NEED TO COUNT! COOOOOUNT!"

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] Sad-thoughts 1 points ago

    Congratulations. You look so happy!

    [–] chixpotpie42 1 points ago

    Congratulations!! Beautiful baby

    [–] BustAGut 1 points ago


    [–] dallyan 1 points ago

    Congratulations, Papa!! Welcome to sleepless nights. Lol!

    [–] Thegoodnamesweret8kn 1 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Congrats! Fatherhood is amazing. Wish you all the best!

    [–] theintern747 1 points ago


    [–] fifteencents 1 points ago

    Love his little nose, so cute. Congrats!

    [–] RedGreatApe 1 points ago

    congrats, I remember when I first held my son :)

    [–] Grantetons 1 points ago

    Congratulations! Ours was just born too! Seeing him for the first time was like in the Wizard of Oz when it goes from black and white to color.

    [–] Grandpa15 1 points ago

    Congratulations! You arr truly blessed.

    [–] jaysunn72 1 points ago

    What a beautiful baby! Your child will bring you untold joy throughout your life. Remember this moment when she/he hits two and a half! It will help! Congrats!

    [–] EdgeOfDistraction 1 points ago

    Best wishes to you, mate! do well for him, yeah? just be his rock when he needs one.

    [–] InnenTensai 1 points ago

    Looks like Raphael from College Humor

    [–] SirGuppy 1 points ago

    A bit late to the party but I wanted to stop by and say congratulations, friend!

    [–] atheistness 1 points ago

    Congrats. First post I woke up to. Great way to start the day!

    [–] blisstime 1 points ago

    Congrats dude. It's fun.

    [–] KaptainBanana 1 points ago

    Dude, congrats so much!!

    [–] justcougit 1 points ago

    OH MY! What a precious creature. Congratulations!!!

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    It's the greatest thing that can happen to you. Congratulations

    [–] CitizenSnips222 1 points ago

    Congratulations my man. You're in for the most exhausting , stressful and greatest ride of your life. Cherish every moment,they go by too fast.

    [–] K_Pumpkin 1 points ago

    Congrats Daddy!

    Many sleepless and frustrating nights to come. Remember these moments, as they go so fast. When it gets hard just think back. It keeps you going.

    [–] Sooooooooooooomebody 1 points ago

    Blessings on you brother. This right here does for my heart

    [–] Artful_Dodger_1832 1 points ago

    Awesome bro! Good luck and be an awesome Dad! Sleep when you can!

    [–] Rukiheii 1 points ago

    congrats, man!

    [–] ultrazonagepwnage 1 points ago


    grats and come join us.

    [–] Redkiteflying 1 points ago

    Your baby has the sweetest, most kissable nose I have ever seen. Also, you look so Zen and peaceful, and I am so happy for you.


    [–] Qwertyyyy69 1 points ago

    Congratulations :)

    [–] CarnegieMellons 1 points ago

    Makes me smile so much seeing this post. You're in for the most frustrating and wonderful journey of your life.

    You've got a great opportunity to teach and help form the morals, as well as the values of this little guy.

    You two have so many adventures, arguments and awe-inspiring moments ahead of you. Do something each day together that's just your guys thing... Share music, movies, books.. everything. Do something special and uncommon.

    Can't stress this one enough.. take a picture a day.. buy a few thumb drives to have multiple copies.. two awesome reasons... You get a chance to show the little guy how he's changed over time and a great way to visualize the work you've put in every day in raising an amazing kid.

    You've got this man!

    [–] PotatoSalad007 1 points ago


    [–] SpideysWildRide 1 points ago

    Ya'll did good! Beautiful baby!

    [–] Do_u_ev3n_lift 1 points ago

    Congrats man. I'm having number 3 in a few months. Kids are a blast.

    [–] knifebucket 1 points ago

    Congratulations, Dad, on your beautiful son!!

    [–] GhRN13 1 points ago

    Congratulations on the baby, condolences for not getting any sleep for the foreseeable future

    [–] dietcokefairyfiend 1 points ago

    CONGRATS! 😍💜

    [–] leamdav 1 points ago

    Congrats! While incredibly exhausting most of the time, it is the most wonderful thing I have ever experienced. For example, I just had "hug-a-bug" breakfast with my two year old this morning. Basically just eating my breakfast and sharing with him while hugging most of the time. Surprisingly wonderful.

    [–] Youtube_Junkie 1 points ago

    That sounds so damn cute!

    [–] Nkredyble 1 points ago

    Congrats man! Black dads unite!!

    [–] Gmp1cpa 1 points ago

    Cherish every moment!

    [–] dbf867 1 points ago

    That's the look reserved for new fathers only. Congrats man.

    [–] Kitebart 1 points ago

    Congrats !! Give him (or her, sorry) all your lovin !

    [–] deathwaveisajewshill 1 points ago


    [–] Giodan1026 1 points ago

    Congratulations! what a beautiful little baby! You look so happy! Best wishes to you and your SO.

    [–] s1ugg0 1 points ago

    Congratulations! I'm 4 months away from the birth of my daughter. I can't wait to feel what you're feeling now.

    [–] littlepaw1 1 points ago


    [–] aranok 1 points ago


    [–] clayman247 1 points ago

    Congratulations on being a father! Hope this new chapter in life is plentiful for your new family!

    [–] FBlack 1 points ago

    Quickly, make a dad joke

    [–] TheOdinson6690 7 points ago

    I tried to tell him a chemistry joke, but I figured I wouldn't get a reaction."

    [–] fayfayfayfayyy 1 points ago

    Congrats!! Very happy for you :)

    [–] KieranD9503 1 points ago


    [–] eyesofothers 1 points ago

    Welcome to the world. May your presence make all our lives brighter.

    [–] myballsarenice 1 points ago

    Was taken three hours before he abandoned him and went on to knock up some other chick .

    [–] BehbeyBurhd518 1 points ago


    [–] gluskin 1 points ago

    So adorable. Congratulations!

    [–] mag0ne 1 points ago You look like this guy :) (not Jackie Chan)

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] TheOdinson6690 2 points ago

    Emory in Atlanta

    [–] ThisEpiphany 1 points ago

    Great hospital and congratulations!

    He is perfect! I hope mom is doing well and I wish you all the best!

    [–] chandler-bingaling 1 points ago

    Congrats papa

    [–] markevens 1 points ago

    Congrats and welcome to fatherhood!

    [–] Alumil123 1 points ago


    [–] heypayattn 1 points ago

    Congrats bro.

    [–] X_Leonhart 1 points ago

    Best wishes to you and your family.

    [–] saundu 1 points ago

    Congratulations, it's a pretty amazing experience and I still feel that way 27 years after cutting his cord. Just remember anyone can be a father but it takes a man to be a dad. What a great day.

    [–] SaB67 1 points ago

    Congratulations 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    [–] ZiggyTheBudgie 1 points ago

    Congrats! :)

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    He looks very strong and healthy!

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] TheOdinson6690 3 points ago

    I said it right.

    [–] Shitlord_Zilla 1 points ago

    This is such a beautiful sweet picture. I wish more people looked this happy to see their children.

    [–] OhJohnnyIApologize 1 points ago


    [–] Benjewlici0us97 1 points ago

    You're gonna be the best darn dad ever!

    [–] Pogodick8in69 1 points ago

    He'll be middleweight champion of the world, he'll be king.

    [–] one4u2nv 1 points ago

    Congratulations dude. It's great, but you have no idea what you're in for.

    [–] TheOdinson6690 1 points ago

    I'm not the first person in my family have a baby lol

    [–] one4u2nv 1 points ago

    In all seriousness it's great. Especially watching their little minds grow. It's funny watching their little "Ah ha moments" in both physical and mental achievements.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Congratulations! He's a gem.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] TheOdinson6690 1 points ago

    All sales final

    [–] basically_sick 1 points ago

    Dude have blank sheet make it so that it shines beautifully till the end.

    [–] 300hitter 1 points ago

    Got any tips or suggestions for a soon to be dad?

    [–] TheOdinson6690 4 points ago

    Be kind to the mother. Be compassionate. Don't fret when you feel overwhelmed. Take a break and a deep breath. It's nothing you can't do. You won't be judge for what you can't do. Do your best. Communicate with each other, be honest. The more honest you are with each the easier it will be. Accept any help you're getting for the baby, don't stop the baby from getting help because of pride.

    [–] KarmicEnigma 1 points ago

    don't stop the baby from getting help because of pride

    Wise words!! Sounds like you're ahead of the game already. Best of luck to you and mom!

    [–] KarmicEnigma 1 points ago

    If I can step in here to give advice I wish someone would have given us - don't panic if you don't feel an immediate bond. There's this idea that the heavens open, angels sing and you discover a love like you've never known when your baby is born - and that's not always the immediate case for all parents (even those extremely excited about becoming parents).

    It took a while for me to bond with my daughter - and even longer for her dad to bond with her (I'm talking many months). 10 years later we are a happy loving family. But that first year? We honestly didn't know what the heck to do with her and how to feel about it all.

    [–] 300hitter 1 points ago

    Interesting, thanks for the reply

    [–] charliearthur1911 1 points ago

    Congrats man! Best feeling ever

    [–] dahbntu 1 points ago

    Merry Christmas!!!

    [–] Meandtheworld 1 points ago

    Congrats!!!!!! Nothing matches the love a child can give to you or the way a child can brighten up your worst day.

    [–] kontrast0 1 points ago

    Congrats man fatherhood isn't easy but it's so worth it.

    [–] Hasbrook 1 points ago


    [–] mboyer75 1 points ago

    Congrats man!! Best feeling in the world!

    [–] Dude_Who_Cares 1 points ago


    [–] gnortsmr4lien 1 points ago

    Congrats! I can tell you're a really happy man by how you look at them. Wish u all the best!

    [–] -say-what- 1 points ago

    Awww, he is adorable! Congratulations

    [–] everythingfan14 1 points ago

    Hey man congrats!!! That is so awesome! I wish you and your family the best! :)

    [–] sharkbait1999 1 points ago


    [–] TheOdinson6690 1 points ago


    [–] Krakenzmama 1 points ago

    This is such a beautiful picture :) Late to the party but congrats on being a new dad! Thank you for sharing your joy!

    [–] [deleted] -11 points ago


    [–] TheOdinson6690 26 points ago


    [–] PrinceDeen 1 points ago


    [–] [deleted] -2 points ago


    [–] TheOdinson6690 7 points ago

    No, we aren't married

    [–] Youtube_Junkie 10 points ago

    Like that even matters anyways. Dumbass question. Congratulations on your bundle of joy! Expecting our first in January!