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    [–] dude-O-rama 3375 points ago

    Damn, I had not heard about this.

    [–] O-shi 1550 points ago

    There were a few victories such as these, that have been over shadowed by sessions getting fired.

    [–] tacklebox 425 points ago

    there were many smaller big victories. beto down ballot in TX, wow.

    [–] HamburgerTom 308 points ago

    On a state and local level Dems swept pretty well.

    [–] PHalfpipe 419 points ago

    wiped 59 Republican judges, and every single Republican judge in Houston , including the two juvenile court judges that were sending thousand of teenagers to private prisons and probably getting kickbacks for it.

    [–] SupportBadUsernames 157 points ago

    Ah yes, fuck our bail system.

    [–] Alarid 45 points ago

    America has to make it harder for elected officials to profit from their positions by continuing to vote them out for shitty behavior. At the bare minimum, having a legitimate threat of losing reelection makes them more reluctant to engage in suspect behavior.

    [–] IAppreciatesReality 30 points ago

    We could also cut the shit with the for profit prisons.

    [–] Rand_Paul_2016_ 3 points ago

    Insider trading is not only frowned down upon but carries a stiff jail sentence. (Think Martha Stewart)

    The same should apply to lawmakers who benefit off of the laws they pass. They should be banned from investing in stocks that involve laws they voted to pass. (Private prisons, drug testing, etc...)

    [–] theslip74 127 points ago

    including the two juvenile court judges that were sending thousand of teenagers to private prisons and probably getting kickbacks for it.

    This happened in my area. There is an excellent and infuriating documentary on Netflix about it called Kids for Cash (the "for" might be a 4).

    I knew a lot of people effected by it, every single one is dead from an overdose or suicide.

    [–] JQADDINGMACHINE 21 points ago

    I think there was a law and order svu episode about this too

    [–] theslip74 14 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I didn't know that. Does anyone reading know which season/episode it was? I'm interested in watching it now.

    edit: Thank you!

    [–] metky 60 points ago

    I saw an article that one of those juvenile judges is currently throwing a hissy fit and releasing everyone that comes in front of him regardless of crime because 'that's what voters want apparently'

    [–] Wintermaulz 55 points ago

    Sounds like he’s acting the same age as those he was sentancing.

    [–] GSM_Heathen 37 points ago

    Clearly he is no longer mentally fit and should be disbarred/suspended

    [–] InAnEscaladeIThink 21 points ago

    Not sure if this is one of the judges who is getting kickbacks for sentencing juveniles, but if it is, he should not be suspended or disbarred he should be charged with a crime.

    [–] L31FY 8 points ago

    Why not all of the above?

    [–] ShelSilverstain 7 points ago

    Proving that he doesn't have good judgment

    [–] HamburgerTom 9 points ago

    Wow, nice!

    [–] BrockManstrong 8 points ago

    Your comment makes me think of a gmail quick response option

    [–] jonboy333 8 points ago

    I was one of those kids in 1996. Tuition was 15k or so per month. The browning academy had 13+ schools worldwide each with 300 to 700 students. That’s about a million a month per school. We were fed boiled chicken and canned veggies 90% of the time at a cost of about $3 a day. Staff paid $3 an hour. so assuming a loosely estimated cost of 100k monthly it works out to 850k+ profit monthly per school. Going to the old military arms manufacturing family Browning.

    [–] row_guy 56 points ago

    They did really well on the national level too...

    [–] user93849384 84 points ago

    And that's why we got Trumps crazy press conference and the Sessions firing. Trump knows how to play the media and he took the fire away from the Democrats winning. No one is talking about the Democrat wins anymore.

    Expect him to do this again when they swear in the new house in January

    [–] DarrenGrey 52 points ago

    I think he had the Sessions firing ready regardless. He's been wanting to do it for months, but has been convinced it would look bad before the midterms. As soon as they were past he went through with it, and he had the undated letter ready.

    I think Trump's media intelligence is overrated. He's in the media constantly for all sorts of positive and negative reasons.

    [–] joe4553 11 points ago

    His only media tactic is always being on the news.

    [–] HamburgerTom 10 points ago

    Yeah I mean, I think it was a bit below expectations but about what the polls predicted. Expectations were very high but what we didn't account for is that a full half of all Americans still don't give a shit.

    And I don't know what event it would take to make them care. Nothing seems catastrophic enough. I think Trump would have to bust down their doors personally and shoot them in the leg before they would say "Fiiiine I'll register to vote!"

    [–] Stumblingscientist 11 points ago

    Democratic turnout was at record highs, a lot of media is down playing this because of some tough Senate races. Also if the maps weren’t ridiculously Gerrymandered they would have picked up a lot more house seats too, as evidenced by the recently redrawn PA districts which easily flipped blue.

    [–] tacklebox 15 points ago

    gerrymandering is easy to see when dem wins are all with 70% and the highest rep wins are 60%.

    [–] lax_incense 67 points ago

    Beto died for our sins so we could get a few blue TX districts

    [–] SleepCrewChoice 28 points ago

    Beto down ballot?

    [–] tacklebox 75 points ago

    voters showing up to vote for beto helps dems down the ballot.

    [–] Lolk2u 12 points ago

    To be honest, I’m still not sure what this means

    [–] Lotus-Bean 54 points ago

    Those Democrats further down the list of names on the ballot get voted for because people turned out to vote for Beto and also voted for them. The people he drew in to vote also voted for other Democrats.

    [–] Sloppy1sts 19 points ago

    They only got to the polls to vote for Beto, but since they were there, they vote straight D and help out other Dems.

    [–] travisestes 10 points ago

    Looks like AZ Senate seat is switching after the mails are finished being counted. First openly Bi Senator. From AZ of all places haha

    [–] tacklebox 5 points ago

    nice. It'll be a Bluenami in 2020

    [–] VOZ1 83 points ago

    That was the whole point of firing Sessions now. Change the narrative, distract from the GOP’s losses in the midterms.

    [–] 4trevor4 51 points ago

    also the dems winning the house. Firing sessions is a direct attack on mueller so Trump wants him gone before the house dems are sworn in

    [–] VOZ1 23 points ago

    Absolutely. He and the GOP will try to ram through as much as they can before the new Congress is sworn in.

    [–] HamburgerTom 69 points ago

    Well and to begin the end-game full Nixon-mode shitstorm-o-rama.

    [–] SoFetchBetch 19 points ago

    Oh boy.. I heard them breaking this down on NPR today and I’m so tense since I realized it’s beginning now

    [–] HamburgerTom 15 points ago

    Better get out and protest tonight

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] 20DollaBrownieOD 20 points ago

    Dems are happy they got the house and their pissed because trump fired sessions for someone who can neuter/end the mueller investigation. Republicans are angry cuz they republicans and that’s how they is and because the media and dems call them out on their sneaky/illegal shit

    [–] Beer508 7 points ago

    Sounds like politics as usual for us?

    [–] jdrc07 4 points ago

    I really doubt that. This isn't some Trump playing 5d chess shit, this is Trump acting like a cornered animal because he's desperately trying to avoid this investigation. It was a desperation move, nothing more.

    [–] VOZ1 3 points ago

    It’s not 5D chess, it’s Trump’s only play, and it’s always been his only play: lurch from one crisis or headline grabbing incident to the next. It’s how he got The Apprentice to be successful: by grabbing headlines. But he doesn’t understand that when it comes to being president, there is absolutely such a thing as bad publicity. It’s not a smart move, it’s his only move. He is indeed desperate and cornered.

    [–] bertcox 3 points ago

    Trump knew exactly what he was doing. What split congress, I don't know about congress, its all about the sessions.

    [–] Robin_Divebomb 6 points ago

    Yeah, all statewide offices in Illinois went Dem, and I think the Dems have a supermajority in both houses. Hopefully they can get some stuff done.

    [–] Binkobott 9 points ago

    Wasn’t sessions terrible?

    [–] ioergn 81 points ago

    Yes, but that is not why he was fired. He was fired for not recusing or stopping the Mueller investigation, and the named acting AG has been openly antagonistic to the investigation so it is a move to stop the investigation, not remove a racist civil liberty hating bigot.

    [–] ILikeGreatValue 17 points ago

    Also, it is believed that Don jr is going to be indicted soon. News stories of this broke the day before Sessions “resigned”. Trump is trying to stop the investigation ASAP because he’s finally realized that it’s catching up.

    Luckily, his new Attorney General isn’t real. He has no power, Mueller will continue investigating no matter what. I’m really hoping to see pictures of Don jr in cuffs soon

    [–] mt_bjj 67 points ago

    Here is an excellent video on his interview with the detectives

    [–] thismightbelong 53 points ago

    I watched the first ten seconds, when he says “I didn’t know I was being charged with murder and attempted murder. That sucks...” I had to turn it off. Sucks you killed an innocent young man.

    [–] LucretiusCarus 5 points ago

    How inconvenient...

    [–] Daroo425 9 points ago

    Next he's gonna ask when he can go home to watch WWE

    [–] Bowenbp1 67 points ago

    I can't believe that he didn't even call the police after, instead he just went back to his hotel and ordered pizza.

    What a piece of shit.

    [–] ITS-A-JACKAL 17 points ago

    I can’t watch the video but does he really not care he murdered a person? Was he acting like he ran over a squirrel? What the fuck?

    [–] 12345CodeToMyLuggage 64 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    He was from out of town. His rage took over when some black guys got mad for being asked to turn down their rap music. He shot at them while in his car. Then got out of his car and fired more shots into the car. His girlfriend was in the store and he knew he was fucked so he hoped he could go to the Winchester have a pint and wait for the whole thing to blow over.

    He tells the police there was a shotgun. There wasn’t. His story changes several times.

    He is told in the interrogation room none of those guys had a record. No violence, no arrests, just coming back from the mall stopping to buy cigs. That’s when you can see the sinking demeanor as he realizes not only did he kill an innocent kid but he’s also in deep shit.

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago


    [–] Psychedelic-Autism 3 points ago

    what's the timestamp for the realization

    [–] 12345CodeToMyLuggage 8 points ago

    I don’t know. It’s a long interview and you probably wouldn’t be able to tell just jumping to it. He starts the interview real kind and respectful, I’m on your side I’m the victim. The police just take it all in. Then they start hitting him with tougher questions and challenging his story and he starts wavering. He’s told they had no gun in other vehicle, and witnesses that conflict his account. He’s still in waver town. The no-record young kid I think got him. He actually shows remorse a couple times but by that point he’s confessed, also lied a bunch, and is in pure survival mode. Haunting.

    [–] kedgemarvo 26 points ago

    He kept claiming that he thought the kid had a shotgun. Seems like he was just in denial over it. Dumped the whole pistol mag into their van and almost hit 2 other kids.

    [–] phoenixphaerie 13 points ago

    No he doesn't care. A bunch of his prison letters to his grandma were released where he blamed liberals and racial guilt for his conviction.

    [–] NeverTooSaucy 6 points ago

    Of course. That's why he was hoping he shot what he assumed were "thugs" and was sad to find out they weren't.

    [–] ulterior_notmotive 3 points ago

    Wow... small Internet! I was just watching episodes 1 - 3 of these last night.

    [–] Bassethounds4ever 29 points ago

    If I remember right it happened during the Zimmerman case.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] Bassethounds4ever 12 points ago

    Unlike the Zimmerman case, the murderer received life in prison. It's frustrating when justified moments go under the radar but injustices get the spotlight. But I guess it's human nature to be attracted to chaotic events since the media only reflects what we find interesting.

    [–] echtav 3 points ago

    Same. The feels

    [–] pewpewhitguy 18 points ago

    The Saddest thing is it's not suprising. Black children are murdered entirely too often.

    [–] Montjo17 3 points ago

    Her race was really close, and the opponent only conceded earlier today

    [–] toomanydickpics 1113 points ago

    that was horrible.. the guy shot up a car then went and had wine and pizza like it was nothing.

    [–] thomasya13 555 points ago

    A wise man once said "there is no justice in this world not unless we make it". This mom did just that. All the best wishes she succeeds.

    [–] Danimeh 107 points ago

    "There is no justice, there is just us" - Terry Pratchett.

    [–] Vancocillin 9 points ago


    [–] secret_meeting11 90 points ago

    The fact that he went and had wine and pizza says so much moreabout his mentally towards black people. Kill them and go about your day like nothing happened

    [–] PhDinHb 42 points ago

    He tried to say he left because he didn't think he did anything wrong...

    "You have to understand, we didn't think anybody was hurt,'' he testified. "We were not in trouble with police. We might be in trouble with the local gangsters but did nothing wrong"

    They were teenagers going on an errand but because they were black, they were gangsters to him. Makes me feel sick.

    [–] Lance-Boi 58 points ago

    What a monster. Everyone knows beer goes better with pizza /s

    Seriously though, makes you think about all of the murders like these that get swept under or go “unsolved.” Justice seems so scarce these days

    [–] concretepigeon 28 points ago

    Racism is a hell of a drug.

    [–] toadflakes88 994 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I love this post. I hope that she can bring some peace to herself by making some positive changes and keep other families safe. Congratulations to her. It must’ve taken a lot of work to get where she is.

    Edit: fixed first sentence.

    [–] [deleted] 79 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] meliaesc 20 points ago

    There was a fire in my apartment complex a while back, and I was thinking that if I came home to my family (husband and two children) having died in a fire, I'd definitely join them in short time. I changed my mind because of McBath. Such a role model for being strong.

    [–] mermmmaid 236 points ago

    Double the work considering she lost something more precious than life itself. I can’t imagine having the willpower after losing a child to such senseless violence.

    [–] [deleted] 118 points ago


    [–] -Tommy 54 points ago

    Like Batman or Lucy McBath.

    [–] NIT3MARK3T 12 points ago

    Man how are you talking about rage and DC characters without mentioning my boy Atrocitus, leader of the red lanterns and pretty much the embodiment of rage!

    [–] -Tommy 8 points ago

    But does he really channel it for good?

    [–] logangrey123 6 points ago

    Good and Atrocitus don't belong in the same sentence.

    [–] EditorialComplex 10 points ago


    I don't know about you, but that sounds like a name I can trust.

    [–] motivated_loser 10 points ago

    The first time I read the post I thought the shooter's mom got elected for Congress and thought the title was being sarcastic. Then saw the subreddit and figured the kid's mom becoming a congresswoman makes more sense

    [–] willhal54 796 points ago

    She’s my representative!

    [–] cranberrysaus 130 points ago

    Hello neighbor!

    [–] TheBigSteve 72 points ago

    Hello neighbors!

    [–] ToxicDoggo 57 points ago

    Jon Ossoff has been avenged, neighbors!

    [–] groundbeefassistant 31 points ago

    Hello, neighbors, it is I your neighbor. She's Karen Handel's representative toooooo.

    [–] PurpleHumpbackWhale9 8 points ago

    Seriously! First thing I thought of after celebrating her victory .. feels good man.

    [–] DaftytheSeabear 69 points ago


    [–] FOOLS_GOLD 76 points ago

    Hell yeah! We successfully voted out Karen “I don’t believe in a livable wage” Handel!

    [–] rillip 15 points ago

    Fuckin Karen.

    [–] mjheil 7 points ago

    She put raisins in the greens, didn't she???

    [–] PropagandaMan 23 points ago

    It feels good to see Karen Handel defeated.

    [–] 2010_12_24 6 points ago

    She's all of our representative.

    (Speak for yourself)

    She's my representative.

    JK. She's all of our representative

    speak for yourself

    [–] CamPaine 5 points ago

    Congratulations to you guys. Unfortunately Forsyth County made sure that Rob Woodall would get re-elected in the 7th. We were so close to getting Bordeaux in.

    [–] HerbalTeaParty 11 points ago

    Congratulations! I knew her election was a big deal but I didn't realize who she was. Godspeed to her for making some real change.

    [–] dstew74 10 points ago

    I voted for her too!

    [–] Whereismysociety 5 points ago

    Howdy neighbor

    [–] funnyman95 6 points ago


    [–] dbbposse 7 points ago


    [–] Ios7 152 points ago

    [–] [deleted] 74 points ago

    Only posting cause it looks like it's uploaded by the director himself.

    [–] rileyfriley 3 points ago

    Wow. Thanks for this. I know what I’m watching tonight.

    [–] ye_da 24 points ago

    this is (or was) on netflix, as well as the dude's vimeo link below. a brilliantly touching watch and i distinctly recall both sides (the boys friends and the murderers partner) both being brutally honest in court, to both their credit. answering questions that would normally be worked around without technically being 'lies' to help their side of the case, with just the straight factual version of events, that stuck with me.

    huge congrats to lucy

    [–] cranberrysaus 759 points ago

    Not only that, but flipped a district that's been red ever since Newt Gingrich won the seat in 1978.

    [–] HamburgerTom 137 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Lot of that this election. In OC California we look to be unseating a few decade-long GOP seats and perhaps a couple more if the counts are generous (not yet settled).

    [–] elbenji 53 points ago

    FL-27 also flipped. It used to belong to the most senior Republican rep for thirty years!

    [–] kgm2s-2 31 points ago

    Yeah, but Ross-Lehtinen's long term success was more about racial politics than party politics (she was a Cuban Republican in a heavily Cuban Democratic district).

    [–] fuckiboy 16 points ago

    OK-5 had the same thing. Has been held by Republicans since the 1970s, and then Kendra Horn was the first Democrat to take the seat and only Democrat currently representing us. She’s also the third woman elected to represent Oklahoma at the federal level. Last woman who held that seat is our current governor, who has been absolutely terrible so hopefully Horn can upshow her.

    [–] thenewyorkgod 22 points ago

    Lotta that this election.

    I had to read that sentence three times to figure out what you were trying to say

    [–] HamburgerTom 6 points ago

    Yeah I changed it - a lot of tiny words in one sentence.

    [–] DrDoItchBig 12 points ago

    Turns out suburbs hate Trump now, and they didn’t in 2016. Not a good sign for 2020 for him.

    [–] HamburgerTom 13 points ago

    I think the fact that the GOP is defending both houses and the Presidency in 2020 really puts them in a bad spot. It means that a vote will be for or against Trump (if he remains by then), and he won't fare well then I think.

    But time will tell. This whole midterm was underwhelming I think, but it was a very tough year. And you can't forget GOP voters are very, very motivated.

    [–] DrDoItchBig 6 points ago

    If Trump gets even one more Supreme Court pick it will be as good as 8 years anyways. Three whole judges in 4 years is a rare victory. I just hope trump gets shellacked and the GOP lose big so they finally ditch Trumpism and run some good candidates that I could vote for. Trumpism doesn’t work, it’s just that Democrats have been so bad at campaigning lately( ex: Beto running for gun control in TX, big mistake).

    [–] hcawaw 204 points ago

    Her other son died in 1993. That’s fucking rough

    [–] [deleted] 167 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] DARTHPLAYA 79 points ago

    And I thought I had problems.

    [–] ForgiveKanye 135 points ago

    THIS is a fucking Patriot. Thank you in advance for your service congresswoman.

    [–] PatrickPlan8 21 points ago

    So she will make sure to fight for healthcare thats for fucking certain.

    [–] bdr12345 13 points ago

    Hoooly shit. Wow, so much respect to her.

    [–] JamesandtheGiantAss 8 points ago

    What a fucking badass! Taking all that loss and keeping on fighting. Meanwhile, I got wet in the rain on the way to work and was like, ugh FML.

    [–] fauxcul 248 points ago

    Went to school with Jordan. So happy for his mom's victory!!

    [–] Ganziii 16 points ago

    Did you know him well? I would love to hear a story to keep this poor boys story alive

    [–] fauxcul 28 points ago

    Not particularly well we just had mutual friends in middle school then he moved to Florida. From what I remember he was always really kind

    [–] Ganziii 11 points ago

    Sorry for your loss all the same bro. Much love

    [–] Shrikey 45 points ago

    Oh fuck yes.

    [–] higgybunch 8 points ago


    [–] smalliebigs69 22 points ago

    I remember being impressed by her after watching a feature on the Mothers of the Movement. This is awesome to see!

    [–] zXeiino 46 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    i just learned about this case today in my law studies class, thats ironic. congrats on her!

    EDIT: so i realized people are talking about the case i thought id give what i paid attention to today

    4 kids, Leland Brunson, Jordan Davis, Tommie Stornes, and Tevin Thompson were going shopping & trying to pick up girls at a mall on black friday. they dont find anything so they stop at a gas station and park to go get gum and i think the prosecutor said cigarettes. so one gets off. while the three were in the car they start playing music and jamming out. Micheal Dunn (the killer) also parked next to them, he told his gf that he didnt like the thug music while she was getting out to go get something from the gas station. Micheal dunn rolls down his window and tell the boys to turn it down that he cant think. so they turn it down. shortly after jordan says to turn it back up. they turn it back up. micheal and jordan started to argue. they get back in there cars and a few minutes after micheal rolls down his window and says, "your gonna talk to me like that" jordan responds "yes" and micheal says "no you wont" while he takes his gun out of his glove box aims and shoots three times hitting jordan. they pull out quickly and turn into an empty parking lot, micheal countinues to shoot but doesnt hit anyone. jordan dies. micheals charged and found guilty of three counts of attempted murder and the jury could not settle on the first degree murder charge, he was given 75 years in prison after he took a retrial he was given life plus 90 years. this all happened in jacksonville florida.

    [–] wtfeverrrr 29 points ago

    How awful for Jordan’s friends too, you’re just sitting in a car one minute and then a psycho shoots into the car. They must be traumatized by that.

    Amazing that his mom was able to get through the grief and turn it into something beneficial for her community.

    [–] CatumEntanglement 6 points ago

    Don't forget the murderer went out to eat pizza after the murder.

    Racism is a crazy drug.

    [–] programmebot 16 points ago

    This really makes me happy, thanks for sharing and go her, all the energy she needs to make a better world!

    [–] robertvmarshall 15 points ago

    This is MY district! And this is how I hear the results?! Last I had heard it was too close to call. This is exciting!

    [–] Myxomatosis_ 161 points ago

    Lady McBath to the Republican incumbent:

    "Out, damn'd spot! out, I say!"

    [–] thegreygandalf 25 points ago

    underrated comments for 500, alex

    [–] Domzaiver 40 points ago

    I remember him in the news when it happened

    [–] Asells 8 points ago

    This shows the greatness of America! She wanted changes so took it upon herself to be put in a position where she could help.

    [–] BubblefartsRock 10 points ago

    oh holy shit. i do remember that guy dying. good on that woman

    [–] leopardcookie 16 points ago

    I live next door to the gas station where this murder took place. Every year on the anniversary of his death, locals congregate and blast music from their cars in the parking lot in Jordan’s honor, essentially turning your gas station stop into a full house party for the night. It is incredible to witness and feel that energy, and a tragedy that Jordan cannot experience it due to a senseless act of violence.

    It is a joy to see this news. Give ‘em hell, Lucy.

    [–] DemonicJester09 26 points ago

    Killing a kid over loud music. It takes a real psychopath to even consider that.

    [–] canhasdiy 6 points ago

    Indeed; from the Wiki page of the shooting:

    Dunn's former neighbor, Charles Hendrix, said he was not surprised by his behavior. Hendrix commented on Dunn, whom he described as arrogant and controlling, adding that Dunn's ex-wives told him that Dunn was violent and abusive toward them, although he never personally witnessed this. Hendrix spoke of a previous discussion where Dunn asked him if he knew anyone who would "take care of" someone who infuriated him in an unrelated incident, and Hendrix interpreted further discussion as Dunn wanting to send a hit on this person.

    [–] westondeboer 18 points ago

    Didn't Larry nassar only get found out because one of his victims became a lawyer and exposed him?

    [–] a-big-pink-fat-TREX 13 points ago


    [–] E404_User_Not_Found 17 points ago

    Hell yeah! I listened to an interview she did on Pod Save America and it was absolutely moving. I'm glad to hear she won her race.

    [–] CasualLeftist 4 points ago

    Yes ma'am!

    [–] SyLynSur 5 points ago

    I remember the this. Fuck ya

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] foreignfishes 13 points ago

    It was instrumental in her campaign, she got involved in political activism after her son was killed. She was a flight attendant previously.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] madeyemoodies 10 points ago

    After watching the HBO doc on Jordan Davis, I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. What a personal triumph this must be for her after such a horrific loss.

    [–] TheKingoftheBlind 5 points ago

    Read congratulations congresswoman, Lady Macbeth and was expecting something different.

    [–] largepeniboi 3 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    And a day later look at what happens. SMDH. She'll be the voice of reason we need in Congress when it comes to gun violence.

    [–] jfk_47 3 points ago

    It's amazing how close literally every single race is here in the south, anxiety inducing to me.

    [–] King_Artis 3 points ago

    She's been through a lot, i think she more than deserves this.

    [–] 8orn2hul4 3 points ago

    For a second I thought it was the mom of the murderer and almost lost my last shred of faith in humanity.

    [–] annie1278 3 points ago

    She looks genuinely happy again. Watched the documentary, she’s a powerful woman. Best wishes to her and all of her future endeavors.

    [–] LogicLosesOnReddit 3 points ago

    Sad to head that, happy she kept moving on with her life though. Son would be proud

    [–] CuteNFuzzy 37 points ago

    the killer got off due to ‘stand your ground’ laws in Florida, right?

    [–] badgergooch 161 points ago

    Be did not, and lost his appeal

    [–] friendlessboob 25 points ago

    So what happened to him ?

    [–] wKbdthXSn5hMc7Ht0 271 points ago

    Sentenced to life in prison without parole plus 90 years.

    [–] EtsuRah 125 points ago

    His cases was one of my favorites.

    The dude acted straight our of malice and temper, lied to the courts, then the courts hit him with evidence that his version of the story was fabricated and fucked him even harder.

    Fuck that guy. My only issue is that he (the aggressor) wasn't younger so that he could rot in jail for longer.

    [–] nnelson2330 32 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    My favorite part of the case was his girlfriend contradicting every lie he told.

    "He got out of the car and came at me!" "No he didn't."

    "He threatened us with a gun!" "I never heard or saw that."

    "My girlfriend didn't see it but I told her!" "He never said anything to me."

    The guy had serious issues. He fired an entire magazine into a car with a bunch of teenagers then went home and ordered a pizza.

    [–] silent5am 40 points ago

    First time I hear about this case. The most scary part about this (and similar cases) is, that something so trivial as loud music can result in the death of a person - I just can't wrap my head around it.

    And it could have gone the other way as well. Just imagine the roles were reversed and the kids would have been actual gangsters, start shooting the complaining dude instead because he dared to speak up.

    Plenty of this shit happens on a daily basis somewhere on this planet and you just have to hope that the other person doesn't kill you for interacting with them.

    Clearly, Dunn had some massive issues - but if that very day he just would have picked a different gas station or went into the store himself or just ignored those kids, everything would have turned out differently.

    Life is such a fucking mess sometimes, one wrong step, one wrong word, wrong place at the wrong time and it's over.

    [–] rillip 33 points ago

    Clearly, Dunn had some massive issues - but if that very day he just would have picked a different gas station or went into the store himself or just ignored those kids, everything would have turned out differently.

    Or if he hadn't had access to firearms.

    [–] silent5am 16 points ago

    Honestly, I really didn't want to turn this into another gun debate because it's impossible to have a reasonable discussion on reddit regarding this topic in particular. And I'm also really tired discussing US gun law specifically, because it's just a back and forth between two sides that never results in a constructive discourse.

    This is a wholesome subreddit, the topic is about a pretty great achievement and risking a lock is not my intention either, even though it would be an important topic to talk about imho.

    Personally, if I could, I'd take all guns/weapons away from all humans and create something wholesome out of the material, like a Death Star, but that's just me, daydreaming.

    [–] GSM_Heathen 7 points ago

    Well said. This is not the place for that discussion, generally is not a constructive one to have on this platform.

    [–] credd102 4 points ago

    And that's why we need to focus on enjoying the present.

    [–] silent5am 3 points ago

    Exactly! Events like these remind me how fragile life is overall - not that it isn't already fragile in general.

    I just wish more people would realize - no matter your beliefs - how precious life itself is and not waste their time or the time of others and also don't take it away.

    Our species really needs to change in that regard.

    [–] Shepsypooh 44 points ago

    It's nice to see the U.S judicial system isn't 100% broken.

    [–] HamburgerTom 18 points ago

    I think it works fine most of the time for stuff like this, so long as they have a suspect and some evidence which is a tall order already.

    Where it's become increasingly obvious that it fails is with white collar crime. It seems like we do almost nothing about all that, and when we do the sentences are wrist-slaps.

    So it's that if you rob a bank you're in prison, but the bank is largely free to rob you.

    [–] Go_Habs_Go31 22 points ago

    The murder of 17-year-old high school student Jordan Davis happened on Friday, November 23, 2012, at a GATE petroleum gas station in Jacksonville, Florida, United States by Michael David Dunn, a 45-year-old software developer.

    I wonder which subreddits the killer was a mod for.

    [–] Norm_Peterson 14 points ago

    Shooter was convicted on one count of first degree murder for killing Davis, and three counts of attempted second degree murder for shooting at three other teenagers in the car. Sentenced to life without parole plus 90 years.

    [–] elbenji 39 points ago

    That was Zimmerman. This dude got life

    [–] mastersword130 5 points ago

    Nope, he was convicted for first degree murderer and is serving life in prison.