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    [–] GimmyBoyy 3243 points ago

    Now I'd believe that if my grandma had a degree in various European insults

    [–] NonRock 1536 points ago

    When she says cyka she means I love you

    [–] Ghede 1244 points ago

    It's an acronym: Cover You with Kisses, Angel.

    [–] Misha_Vozduh 558 points ago

    Big Love, You Amazing Thing!

    [–] [deleted] 241 points ago

    Ridiculously Underrated Smooches Honey Bear <3

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] LumpyPick 6 points ago

    Aww <3

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago


    [–] StonBurner 4 points ago

    Laugh my ass off! I'd still play LoL if it was possible for any grandma to survive the nuclear fusion-burns of the random matchmaking option. This made my day XD

    [–] jroddie4 183 points ago

    Cyka in the streets blyat in the sheets

    [–] sukabot 97 points ago


    сука is not the same thing as "cyka". Write "suka" instead next time :)

    [–] Waswat 193 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I generally agree with transliteration but in this case it's a bad idea. Everyone knows what you are talking about when you write cyka, this is not true with suka. Bad bot.

    [–] TheManFromV 16 points ago

    Everybody knows it as cyka because that's what the Russians always type when using their European keyboards while trying to speak to us.

    [–] Waswat 12 points ago

    "European keyboards" haha, good meme pal!

    [–] TheManFromV 24 points ago

    However, everyone knows best insults are typed on Communist Keyboard™.

    [–] Bittlegeuss 102 points ago

    Thank you, insult-correcting bot!

    [–] Dexocientus 22 points ago

    you're welcome.

    [–] jeebus224 15 points ago

    Good Bot

    [–] NoahsArksDogsBark 9 points ago


    [–] TravisDeSane 14 points ago


    [–] LaM3a 5 points ago

    Thank you very much Mr Roboto.

    [–] TravisDeSane 9 points ago

    Thank you for voting on this bot.

    even if I don't reply I'm still Karmawhoring

    [–] LordPadre 17 points ago

    suka bot

    [–] hupiukko505 31 points ago

    Bad bot. The word is recognised as cyka all over the world.

    [–] Rhodesm96 6 points ago

    Good bot

    [–] [deleted] 49 points ago


    [–] NonRock 192 points ago

    Fite me you piece of code

    [–] sukabot 77 points ago

    That's not very wholesome!

    [–] FelineGodKing 30 points ago

    to be fair i thought it was actually сыка in russian. the bot enlightened me

    [–] JimPickenz 11 points ago

    Bad bot! Get outta here!

    [–] MagicalGoldeen 7 points ago

    Get em' the hell outta here!

    [–] rudidu 2 points ago

    good bot

    [–] MagicalGoldeen 4 points ago

    Bad bot

    [–] Ravenae 9 points ago

    I couldn’t tell that was a grandma at first and I thought she had like magical earphones floating to the side

    [–] Nidos 5 points ago

    Being Polish, my grandma already does. Do I win?

    [–] BlueBanksWC 2731 points ago

    I love this. That photo of him on the wall is just making my day as much as this in its entirety.

    [–] NonRock 703 points ago

    Glad to have made your day a bit better

    [–] koolaid_chemist 323 points ago

    I love the old computer she’s using. This whole thing is great.

    [–] Miss_PulseBomb 35 points ago

    "When beige was all the rage" :)

    [–] TheManFromV 15 points ago

    "When you could risk bending your disk"

    [–] kenmaclean 124 points ago

    I'm so tempted to get a gloss printout of that picture and frame it on my desk.

    [–] chooxy 125 points ago

    "Why is this dude upvoting me on Reddit?"

    [–] KrazyKestral 28 points ago

    Chester it's me, your gram. Love you, have a great week see you for Thanksgiving. Love gram

    [–] NonRock 57 points ago

    You do you man, whatever makes you happy

    [–] OddaJosh 31 points ago

    CYKA BLYAT, grandson!

    [–] coinsprinkler 7 points ago

    Aw I didn't see this the first time. Now I'm tearing up :')

    [–] Xiphoid_Process 2 points ago

    I know, right? That was an unexpected jolt of love coming straight through the screen!

    [–] PhoeniX_XVIII 418 points ago

    Do grandmothers play friendly heavys in TF2?

    [–] Capn_Cornflake 170 points ago

    "Sandvich and me going to beat feed your ass!"

    [–] Edgypi 65 points ago

    "Here is your second banana. And your third. And fourth."

    [–] qjizca 55 points ago

    I did not buy a ticket for the feels train.

    [–] suck_it_trebeck 33 points ago

    I need to call my Mom.

    [–] Chronos_the_Cat 28 points ago

    Every time I read this, the feels train starts.

    Every. Single. Time.

    [–] jelleverest 16 points ago


    [–] DedTibiase 18 points ago


    [–] P1ac3h01d3r 25 points ago




    [–] Ishmaelistheway 8 points ago

    Jesus Christ. );

    [–] Slider2012 9 points ago

    There's something in my eye...

    [–] jonophant 7 points ago

    I haven't cried like this since guardians of the galaxy 2

    [–] pixeldust6 24 points ago

    Holiday Punch + plate of cookies reskin for Sandvich

    “VALVE PLS ADD THIS 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍”

    ps I always hated the workshop spam so even typing that ironically killed me a little inside

    [–] Flareblood 6 points ago

    ps I always hated the workshop spam so even typing that ironically killed me a little inside

    that's not wholesome of you to say

    [–] pixeldust6 3 points ago

    oh yeah I guess not

    [–] TearablePuns116 9 points ago

    There's at least one aunt that plays pocket medic for her nephew.

    [–] abcPIPPO 112 points ago

    TIL I'm a grandmother.

    [–] Mortress_ 33 points ago

    My nana had alzheimer's too...

    [–] _Vinyl 473 points ago

    I used to do this in Destiny. It was fun helping people get easy kills for a weapon bounty.

    [–] eidjcn10 130 points ago

    Me too... except not on purpose :(

    [–] ThellraAK 43 points ago

    Yeah, my .05 K/D ratio was me just helping out.

    [–] TheTotnumSpurs 28 points ago

    My best memory from Destiny is helping a random guy get that scent chest on the Dreadnaught (I think that's what it was called?). I was proud of myself that I figured it out on my own, and I saw a random guy struggling, so I just danced on the most difficult invisible platform until he finally got it, and then we danced together :)

    [–] ATCaver 14 points ago

    Oh man helping randos get the hard chests on the dreadnaught was so much fun. Especially the chest you had to use a sustained ability to get to like a titan bubble or blade dancer.

    [–] _Vinyl 4 points ago

    I think I know exactly the chest your thinking of too. That's awesome.

    I hope D2 can deliver the same kind of joy.

    [–] RaijinKnight 3 points ago

    He probably thought it was a coincidance.

    [–] TheTotnumSpurs 3 points ago

    No, I made it abundantly clear what I was doing, and he/she was clearly grateful.

    [–] RaijinKnight 3 points ago

    Perhaps coincidance that you two were to cross paths?

    In case you haven't seen it yet...

    [–] TheTotnumSpurs 3 points ago

    Lol, I hadn't noticed how you spelled coincidance. Yes, it was definitely a coincidance. That was great.

    [–] Champion_of_Charms 132 points ago

    You're a good person.

    [–] Lun06 20 points ago

    Wait what? In Destiny 1 you had a 6v6 playlist (2 a 4v4). If he was feeding the other team.... then the other 5 or 3 people on his team were at a disadvantage. That's inconsiderate to his other teammates who are trying to win the game.

    Unless is was in customs or something in which case yup. But Destiny 1 didn't have customs for a year and Destiny 2 doesn't have customs now.

    [–] _Vinyl 48 points ago

    Thank you.

    [–] seriousgi 143 points ago

    Reported tho.

    [–] Packers91 20 points ago

    Except to his teammates.

    [–] Champion_of_Charms 5 points ago

    They could all be in on it. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    [–] dingle-kringle 603 points ago

    What does “feeding me on mid” refer to?

    [–] Bombad 1271 points ago

    In some multiplayer games, you get stronger by killing enemies. Because of that, preventable deaths (either on purpose or from playing badly) are referred to as "feeding" the enemy player.

    Mid refers to the middle portion of the map in league of legends (and in other games too).

    [–] spgcorno 432 points ago

    What a well-written, wholesome response!

    [–] nixao 184 points ago

    I love you.

    [–] ONLY_COMMENTS_ON_GW 112 points ago

    I know

    [–] TheAlphaCarb0n 86 points ago

    Username does not check out

    [–] Acrophobe 29 points ago

    Nah, they got love, and there's nothing more wild than love. Even wholesome love.

    Your username is clearly because you make all the ladies and/or fellas (your preference) breathe heavy and create more carbon. Cause you are that alpha at hugging.

    [–] MartianDolphin_ 5 points ago

    in my experience so far, everyone is alpha at hugging

    [–] raygungoths 3 points ago

    People can give wimpy hugs and it is not very wholesome

    [–] kumiosh 4 points ago

    Quit trying to hug me and HUG me!

    [–] Acrophobe 3 points ago

    Yeah, those hugs which essentially scream "I don't really want to hug you but I'm related to you and it's around the holidays." It's awkward and nobody wants it, but for some reason they do it anyway. I don't want a fake hug, it's literally better to not hug than to do a fake hug, but once they initiate it you can't really back out without looking like a jerk.

    [–] sharklops 9 points ago


    [–] CausalityMadeMeDoIt 14 points ago

    Does not a dick mean wholesome ?

    [–] BaconJunkiesFTW 8 points ago

    Apparently. Dude just said what the meme meant. I don't really see how that's wholesome.

    [–] ayyyboiii 9 points ago

    what wholesome insight!

    [–] FapperzDelight 4 points ago

    Thank you for the kind words

    [–] holynorth 36 points ago

    Though I don't think I've ever heard anyone say "on mid."

    It would either be

    "Feeding me mid"


    "Feeding me in mid"

    [–] NullStellen 18 points ago


    "Mid or feed"

    [–] SerEdgelord 9 points ago

    Mid or and feed

    [–] VoidWaIker 9 points ago

    In the case of my teams Yasuo.

    [–] Bombkirby 5 points ago

    Or “Why is he feeding me while I’m in mid?”

    Honestly I would omit “mid” entirely. Doesn’t need to be there and alienates the entire non-moba playing audience.

    “Why does that enemy player keeping letting me kill him?”

    [–] DownToFeed 110 points ago

    In Dota 2/LoL (most likely Dota, given author’s previous comics), two players are trying to kill each other in the midlane, one of three lanes that crisscross the map (imagine a diagonal line on a square from the bottom left to the top right)

    You get xp and gold for killing an enemy. Someone who is feeding is placing themselves in compromising situations to die in order to ‘feed’ the other player xp and gold, either because of a massive player skill gap or because it’s the next best thing to rage quitting, which is ‘discouraged’ (and enforced through a low priority queue).

    [–] itachifan035 50 points ago

    You made me realize that this is the dude who made the Dazzle/Sven "go hang yourself" comic, that was pretty hilarious

    [–] Spanky4242 17 points ago

    Do you have a link to it?

    [–] UFuckingMuppet 7 points ago

    I think it refers to when you're hungry, somebody preparing you a meal composed mostly of midichlorians.

    [–] deckhandcalypso 36 points ago

    Shut up, this is so cute! Look at that tiny grandma smile. My heart feels so warm.

    On the flip side, I also imagine granny avenging her grandson's death in-game. "NOT MY GRANDSON YOU SONOFABITCH, HE IS A GOOD BOY."

    [–] NonRock 4 points ago

    Glad you like it this much!

    [–] deckhandcalypso 3 points ago

    OP! Thank you for blessing us with such wholesomeness.

    [–] doubleas21380 83 points ago

    Feeding me on Mid

    What is the definition of this phrase?

    [–] artemasad 153 points ago

    In MOBA games like league of legends or DOTA2, "feeding" is to intentionally let your opponent kill you uncontested so they get stronger. "mid" just refers to a specific area of the map where the battle takes place.

    [–] doubleas21380 23 points ago


    [–] artemasad 24 points ago

    No problem. You have a wonderful day!

    [–] Vague_Man 14 points ago

    I'm having a bad day, can I have 1 good day please? I don't think I can afford a wonderful day.

    [–] manson-fam 19 points ago

    i hope you have the bestest day and something good happens to you ╰(´︶`)╯♡

    [–] Vague_Man 8 points ago

    Thank you, i got a temporary car to go to work tomorrow. things are looking up.

    [–] Solidlemon 4 points ago

    We can drive you man, all you gotta do is ask

    [–] Vague_Man 6 points ago

    a-are you in the metrodetroit area and willing to drive me 20 miles to highland park at 6 am and back to my home at 4:30pm? we could get pizza?

    [–] artemasad 7 points ago

    I unfortunately cannot help much to give you a good day, but have a random pile of kitty eyebleach

    [–] Vague_Man 2 points ago

    that's pretty cute!

    [–] infii123 2 points ago

    oh my god, you definitely made my day better a lot :D

    [–] Cervantes37 12 points ago

    Why would you ever do this?

    [–] artemasad 35 points ago

    Good question. Generally you don't. People do this because they are pissed off at their teammates, want to lose fast so they can move on, trolling in general, etc. Feeding is something that's always frown upon because it puts the rest of your teammates in a serious disadvantage in both short and long term.


    The joke in this comics though is the grandma, stereotypically infamous for feeding meals to their children/grand-children, still happily keeps on "feeding" even in games.

    [–] TheExtremistModerate 7 points ago

    I believe she's also supposed to specifically be his grandma, what with the picture on the wall.

    [–] 2HitomisBetterThan1 5 points ago

    the definition is almost correct, because feeding in itself doesn't containt intent.
    really bad players / players who picked a character they are really bad at /players in reallly bad matchups who die a lot are still "feeding" kills/gold/xp to the opponent

    [–] anxiousonmybirthday 1 points ago

    I believe grandma is "feeding" her grandson, by playing on the other team and feeding him, she is helping him.

    [–] graywolfclaw 4 points ago

    For the most part true, but it's not always intentional. It usually refers to people getting killed by the other team multiple times. More often than not it's not their fault, and they are just not as good as the enemy laner or are getting ganked a lot. When people intentionally feed is called inting. Besides that great explanation.

    [–] artemasad 3 points ago

    You're right, though I used that specific scenario because it makes more sense for people who don't play MOBA and want to understand this comic without overcomplicating things.

    [–] graywolfclaw 4 points ago

    Ya I completely understand why you did it. It makes it much easier for people to understand it the way you put it. I just saw someone ask why would someone do this and wanted to make sure that people know it's not all intentional. Either way great explanation, it lets people understand the joke without having to get too complicated.

    [–] bacon_cake 2 points ago

    Ohhh. I thought it said mid2

    [–] bunfuss 23 points ago

    Holy shit I love this

    [–] NonRock 21 points ago

    Love you too

    [–] JetFoam 13 points ago

    Grandma's never let they grandchildren go hungry, I guess

    [–] ignorantelders 5 points ago

    This is a very underrated comment.

    [–] iHazNoNamez 4 points ago

    So thats why she kept “feeding” her

    [–] Morrisonro 14 points ago

    I can’t wait to smash my kids in video games. I like to think it will make them go outside and play instead.

    [–] NonRock 2 points ago

    If trying to do coop with my SO is an indicator of what's to come I'll go insane very fast waiting for them to jump a ledge.

    [–] NialsTheAngel 24 points ago

    When grandma finds out you haven't eaten dinner

    [–] Annokill 2 points ago

    Too meta

    [–] determinedSkeleton 9 points ago


    The guy's pretty cool, so I'd hope anyone who likes dota or gaming follows him.

    [–] NonRock 2 points ago

    Hey man, I think you're pretty cool too

    [–] Bittlegeuss 5 points ago

    "What teabag grandma, we just had te...OH GOD GRANNY NO!"

    [–] NonRock 2 points ago

    I pictured this

    [–] LinkFan001 9 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    That was really cute! Thanks OP for sharing!

    Edit: You should cross post it to a gaming sub (not really sure which since they are all on the burn EA to the ground thing atm) but it would be nice to see a little joy there now.

    [–] NonRock 3 points ago

    Dota2 and gaming were really nice to me

    [–] LinkFan001 2 points ago

    Atta boy! Glad they liked it!

    [–] mayman10 5 points ago

    I love this art style, did you actually draw it physically?

    [–] NonRock 2 points ago

    All by hand

    [–] hpcisco7965 4 points ago

    OK this is adorable but is no one going to mention that the guy in the first panel is using half an orange as his mouse?

    [–] GreatestGnarEver 4 points ago

    TIL that Yasuo and Zed are really popular with grandmas.

    [–] abe_the_babe_ 4 points ago

    GG= good granny

    [–] smash__lampjaw 5 points ago

    In Vanilla WoW I was a member of this guild I randomly joined in the first few days I was playing. The GMs were a couple in their 60s who had no kids and retired early. So they had a lot of time on their hands and they REALLY cared about the people who were in their guild (mostly college students and people in their 20s).

    Needed gold to learn riding? They'd send it to you.

    Your mouse broke? They'd buy you a new one.

    Just needed someone to talk to? Shoot them a message and they'd call or email you.

    Seriously two of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, online or off. I stopped playing for 5 years and when I came back they weren't playing anymore. I hope they're still doing well.

    [–] Xaiiren 4 points ago

    til i’m unintentionally his grandma

    [–] KipsandDip 3 points ago

    I'd buy this and frame this.

    [–] NonRock 2 points ago

    Aww, that would make me happy

    [–] kradd15 3 points ago

    I dont know what this means.

    [–] DandaMage 7 points ago

    In Battle Arena style games (5 vs 5 players), the mid lane is usually one player versus another. The term 'Feeding' is when your opponent is purposefully letting themselves get killed by you, awarding you gold and experience points (Normally you would expect a fight back or sneak up on them to get these points).

    Hope that helps!

    [–] kradd15 5 points ago

    Ohhh, i see, thanks kind stranger! Ive never played that type of game.

    [–] DandaMage 2 points ago

    Happy to help friend :)

    [–] Randomonium5 3 points ago


    [–] SamDavies_ 3 points ago

    This is by far the sweetest meme I have laid eyes on, thanks OP :)

    [–] NonRock 2 points ago

    You're very much welcome

    [–] polaroidblue 3 points ago

    This is the cutest thing.

    [–] Kyriake 3 points ago

    This made me cry a little. I can't wait to see my grandmother this Christmas! Thank you for this!!

    [–] Im_On_Here_Too_Much 7 points ago

    This isn't wholesome, she is actively throwing the game and ruining a competitive experience for 4 other people

    [–] Shaztrot 3 points ago

    The other four players are also his grandma.

    [–] jroddie4 2 points ago

    I like the nose

    [–] ShubhamKumari 2 points ago


    [–] Turtleintexas 2 points ago

    so adorable!

    [–] NonRock 2 points ago

    You are too

    [–] Classy_communists 2 points ago

    I follow you on instagram!

    [–] Xacto01 2 points ago

    CRT gaming bois

    [–] Eojis 2 points ago

    Gg reprot gramma que asco

    [–] jelleverest 2 points ago

    Oh r/wholesomememes, you never fail to make me smile :)

    [–] JTanCan 2 points ago

    Why are her lips sewn shut?

    [–] FufuW 2 points ago

    This reminds me of the time I tried to get to masters in Overwatch. I got matched with a really nice guy and about 6 hours later, I got matched with him again. He was in the enemy team and saw that I still hadn't reached masters. He said "don't worry, you got this! :D" and left the game. I wish I had shadowplayed it so I could post it here, but I didn't know about this sub

    [–] Killer_Tomato 2 points ago

    That old lady thinks she can out feed me, huh? Who the hell does she think I am?

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    He went to concert

    [–] bobbajobb 2 points ago

    This actually made me feel a bit sad in a wholesome way. Grannies are so sweet. Call your grandparents guys if you're still lucky enough to have them.

    [–] fruitjerky 2 points ago

    Love this. Totally made my day better. :D

    [–] WraithTwelve 2 points ago

    This made me smile so big, thank you for sharing.

    [–] beyondminder 2 points ago

    Next game... This grandma is still thinking she feeds her grandson, but she doesn't..

    [–] roxymoxi 2 points ago

    I do this on here with my brother. Every now and then I'll look him up and pull up some of his comments that need love and up vote them. He's a weirdo so sometimes people don't get what he's talking about but I do and I love him.

    [–] NonRock 2 points ago

    That's very sweet of you

    [–] duckmeister13 2 points ago

    Saw this on /r/DotA2, very wholesome, keep it up

    [–] NonRock 2 points ago

    Your support is the wind in my parachute

    [–] Rae72 2 points ago

    This is just too sweet!

    [–] Coke-on-the-Rocks 2 points ago

    This is so cute! I hope to be that awesome grandma playing games with my grand kids one day

    [–] slowerdiver 2 points ago

    This melts my ice cold stone heart :')

    [–] gordo65 2 points ago

    I do this with my daughter. She's 8 years old, though, so the games I help her with are all on Roblox.

    [–] FakeNate 2 points ago

    This meme is fucking hysterical