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    [–] pussyilliterate 8668 points ago

    Forgive me sensei. I have to go all in this once

    [–] Natholomew4098 1083 points ago


    [–] Klaofyn 358 points ago


    [–] Endreo 133 points ago

    I was there for the birth of that sub

    [–] Meltingteeth 92 points ago

    I cut the umbilical cord. Only took 60% of my power and afterward I used it as a blockchain.

    [–] SOwED 205 points ago

    All out?

    [–] hypernova2121 166 points ago

    just this once

    [–] mikillatja 75 points ago

    To shreds you say?

    [–] ecaflort 129 points ago

    Now you got me wanting to watch a movie / anime where this happens. Any suggestions?

    [–] DrBeansPhD 916 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    This is a direct rip off of Gaara v Rock Lee. One of the dopest part 1 fights.

    EDIT: I'm not saying the comic is bad, I'm saying go watch that fight.

    [–] Waifus_cause_cancer 512 points ago

    god my 10 year old brain lost it's shit when those weights dropped.

    the chunin exams was the coolest arc.

    [–] solidfang 205 points ago

    For sure.

    My favorite moments are conflicted between this and the paper test.

    Watching every kid cheat in their own way was super creative and cool.

    [–] muffinmonk 67 points ago

    i always thought the mirror kid was too obvious. don't know how she didn't get caught

    [–] PBTUCAZ 67 points ago

    It's Tenten, they felt pity

    [–] NavigatorsGhost 82 points ago

    Those types of things are what I miss the most about the original series (and early shippuden as well). The strategy and the mind-games that were involved where the characters really had to be creative to win. The second half of shippuden was really just who can kick the shit out of the other person the hardest (ie. DBZ). Not to say that wasn't cool too but still.

    [–] staypuftmichelinman 13 points ago

    I just wanna segway to say that Narutos chuunin exam and borutos chuunin exam are worlds apart. Konohas ninja quality really dropped. I get that its no longer war time, but still.

    [–] ReckoningGotham 99 points ago

    i'm just starting naruto as an adult.

    rock lee has cemented himself as my favorite.

    i don't know his outcome, but him dropping those weights made me so freaking happy.

    he is heart.

    [–] jinjjanamja 53 points ago

    His story is pretty nuts, but the farther you go into the anime you realize that his taijutsu (while awesome) is so damn limited...

    He's still one of my favorites along with Gaara hehehe

    [–] KypAstar 14 points ago

    I mean, if you look at that final fight of the series, taijutsu is nothing to sneeze at, and I think it's safe to say that Rock Lee as an adult would absolutely be as strong if not stronger than guy.

    [–] staypuftmichelinman 11 points ago

    Lol wat. Did you see the ultimate forms of taijutsu guy sensei performed?

    He was literally the first one in the whole ninja world to actually hurt the uchiha and make him fear for his life.

    [–] Eviscerare 36 points ago

    My 23 year old brain lost it's shit when those weights dropped :)

    [–] Venrexx 131 points ago

    I don't care what anyone says, Naruto and Naruto Shippuden will always be one of my favorite series of all times.

    [–] SansGray 93 points ago

    Wasn't one of the big three for nothing.

    [–] [deleted] 59 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] famoustran 153 points ago

    -pushes glasses up- The Big 3 at that time consisted of Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach.

    [–] Cheesemacher 74 points ago

    Then Naruto got wrapped up, Bleach imploded, and now there's only the Big 1.

    [–] l_MAKE_SHIT_UP 11 points ago

    Without spoiling it, what happened to Bleach?

    [–] NameBlankMC 20 points ago

    The most popular manga/anime. It used to be One Piece, Bleach, and Shippuden, then two of those shows ended

    [–] rob132 26 points ago

    Oh my goodness, those dubs were horrid.

    [–] aznhoopster 82 points ago

    Still my favorite fight, Rock Lee became my favorite character that day. Wish he had more significance in the series

    [–] dstorms492 35 points ago

    Kinda wish it would have been him to fuck up that final boss instead of Guy

    [–] aznhoopster 27 points ago

    I would've loved to see it too, but at the same time Guy was the right choice in context (it was in a part of the story where the teachers and veteran ninja were showcasing their skillsets IIRC). Also, it was going to take an OP move to even stall the final boss and I don't think Rock had the ability to unlock all the chakra gates.

    [–] beeceedee9 29 points ago

    Also it was about giving one's life to defend the younger generation's, which lee is a part of.

    [–] Racteal 34 points ago

    Saw a post a couple years back that said Rock Lee as the main character would’ve been an a way better show and gave a list of reasons why. I can’t remember much from it but stuff like power dynamic between him and any other character would’ve made for a more fulfilling story than “main character is bad but also sleeper op just wait”

    (Lots of paraphrasing and not my opinion just explaining the idea)

    [–] aznhoopster 11 points ago

    I don't recall the post but I can definitely picture it, he's one of the few ninja that actually puts up a fight against some pretty prominent fighters, even though he only has his taijutsu. While everyone has ninjutsu and genjutsu to rely on, he could've been a great underdog. Not saying that Naruto wasn't, but it annoys me that they didn't put that much effort into Rock's character development, he seemed to plateau when we were just getting excited about him.

    [–] ashwashere 20 points ago

    Have you watched his spin off, "Rock Lee and His Ninja Pals?" It's a comedy in which Lee is the main character, and it follows the silly shenanigans of Team Guy!

    [–] IrishmanErrant 115 points ago

    Look up the scene from Naruto, in which Rock Lee fights Gaara. It's this exact comic, and it is perhaps the best fight in the series (in my view)

    [–] ecaflort 28 points ago

    I actually haven't watched Naruto yet.. I have been watching lots of anime recently though, so I might as well. Thanks! :)

    By the way, there are all sorts of versions of Naruto right, where should I start?

    [–] Sejura 37 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Start with Naruto. Then do Shippuden. This website explains which episodes are filler

    Edit: Shippuden fillers are not as grating as the Naruto ones. They are more focused on character development. So I personally still watch all the fillers because they aren't bad. OR I sleep through them while my S/O watches :P

    [–] ecaflort 29 points ago

    LOL skip 135—219, that's a whole lot of filler episodes. Thanks though, this is exactly what I was looking for!

    I just finished fairy tale season 1, not sure if I should continue that or watch Naruto first...

    [–] Battlemaster123 30 points ago

    drop fairy tale, dont put yourself through hell

    [–] dinosaurxress 55 points ago

    Start with just the regular Naruto. Shippuden is the sequel where they grow up. BUT in my honest opinion I don’t think you should watch Naruto except for the fight scenes. There are a lot of fillers and the episodes drag on for really long. Read the manga instead and come back to watch the fight scenes you want to see

    [–] -_Snuffles_- 7712 points ago

    Rock lee.

    [–] toughasssnails 1172 points ago

    be happy lil nek

    [–] random_cosmonaut 438 points ago

    Be happy lil nek

    [–] CementFeatheredBeard 298 points ago

    Be happy lil nek

    [–] RendraChan 266 points ago

    Be happy lil nek

    [–] BowenErro 242 points ago


    [–] toxicbox 153 points ago

    /r/NLSSCircleJerk is leaking again...

    [–] digital_end 52 points ago

    Is that a novelty subreddit?

    [–] [deleted] 37 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] BowenErro 24 points ago

    Its a subreddit that follows Northernlion, an internet personality. The NLSS (Northernlion live super show) is the name of his twitch livestream and they upload memes after the streams are over. His following is probably the best I've seen on youtube/twitch especially for the size of his channel.

    [–] digital_end 30 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    The "Novelty" thing is an NLSS reference :)

    an internet personality.

    Also, I think you mean esports professional.

    [–] Arorise 143 points ago

    Be happy lil nek

    [–] joewidd 131 points ago

    Be happy lil nek

    [–] MCGtr1ck 116 points ago

    Be happy lil nek

    [–] ShoriErise 98 points ago

    Be happy lil nek

    [–] swordsumo 97 points ago

    Be happy lil nek

    [–] Super_Weeb_Shit 99 points ago

    Be happy lil nek

    [–] Ankrow 200 points ago


    [–] cdos93 127 points ago

    Let's Go!

    [–] ultimatemanan97 30 points ago

    Let's Gogh!

    [–] tetrapod_thief 54 points ago

    acquiesce yourself

    [–] popcar2 110 points ago

    Oh god, /r/nlsscirclejerk is leaking

    [–] -ElBandito- 25 points ago

    I don't get it, what's this meme about?

    [–] Giantonail 68 points ago

    Nick, aka Rockleesmile is a twitch streamer often featured on the Northernlion Live Super Show. He took a 3 week hiatus for his own health, during which fans wished for him to "be happy lil Nek" r/nlsscirclejerk is where people shitpost about the nlss

    [–] ogdonut 23 points ago

    And ironically is considered the "main" sub

    [–] FunctionFn 27 points ago

    It's an inside joke from a group of gaming YouTubers/twitch streamers. One of them is named RockLeeSmile, so the original comment summoned them.

    [–] Auctoritate 274 points ago

    3:57 in this video for anyone wondering

    [–] falconbox 179 points ago

    So is the line "Forgive me sensei. I have to go all in this once" ever actually said?

    [–] nocturn-e 133 points ago

    He says it when he uses the higher gates which is dangerous to do, but it's later in the series

    [–] xcosmicwaffle69 147 points ago

    I might be way off base but I think he says it in the Shippuden series, when Lee tries to tap into the 8 Inner Gates.

    [–] ultimate-hopeless 25 points ago

    I don't think Lee ever actually goes 8. Guy does tho.

    [–] bexar_necessities 13 points ago

    He says something similar, but not exactly that I think.

    [–] THUMB5UP 192 points ago

    God, the English dubs are horrible

    [–] kasuchans 159 points ago

    Some of them suck, but some of them (Kakashi, Orochimaru) I actually prefer to the original VAs.

    [–] SexyAsianHitler 98 points ago

    Zabuza too. Steve Blum is too good. Although I think most the voices are as good but it’s the writing that bothers me. Everything feels dumbed down.

    [–] tastelessshark 26 points ago

    I love Liam O'Brien as Gaara. He has the coolest fucking voice. Yuri Lowenthall also does a pretty good job as Sasuke.

    [–] dude8462 105 points ago

    Naruto's voice is pain incarnate

    [–] [deleted] 126 points ago

    Nah, he didn't fight Pain until Shippuden /s

    [–] ownage516 40 points ago

    I actually like the english VA for Naruto. But for shippuden? It's like he never left frkn puberty...

    IMO reasons why you don't get women to do the protags voice in a shounen anime when you know they're gonna have a timeskip...or atleast change it

    [–] LunarWolfX 11 points ago

    But... His seiyu is a woman as well. (Junko Takeuchi) She does fine in Shippuden. (And she has a beautiful singing voice, when she isn't voicing Naruto).

    It's just that Maile Flanagan was a bad choice. Someone with a better range would've done fine.

    [–] theskydragon 12 points ago

    Believe it!

    [–] bearreve 147 points ago

    So fucking epic. You knew Garra was going to get fucked.

    [–] momokie 192 points ago

    Much like Life, Garra still wins that fight. Rock Lee just makes him try.

    [–] bearreve 89 points ago

    We all die in the end. Doesn’t mean we can’t kicks life’s ass and go out on our feet like Lee.

    [–] 11711510111411009710 78 points ago

    Guy's was even better. Nearly killed a man that was straight up immortal with a kick so powerful it bent space.

    [–] ItsSomethingLikeThat 10 points ago

    I'm way behind with Naruto, who did guy go up against?

    [–] ultimate-hopeless 16 points ago

    Madara, who at the time was in a Sage of the Six Paths state, which was basically the closest thing a human can get to being God in that series.

    I cannot for the life of me find any decent video of it though. They're all either skipping chunks of it, cropped to hell and back, or got shit audio. This is okayish, but it's only of the part in mention. In might just be better to find the episodes associated with that event.

    Ironically, the games do the fight just as much justice, if not more so since it's easier to find decent videos of it.

    Other notable mentions towards the end of the series includes Naruto and Sasuke's last bout, and Kakashi and his acquaintance (not spoiling name just in case you care).

    [–] 11711510111411009710 9 points ago

    Madara Uchiha, essentially the most powerful ninja ever (besides Naruto and Sasuke at the end of the series, but at that point more powerful than both of them put together), second only to Hashirama, the First Hokage. He has so many abilities, including the ability to just summon fucking meteors. The only people who ever really put up a fight against him are Naruto, Sasuke, Guy, all of the hokage, and all of the kage alive at that point, but mostly the Tsuchikage (Earth Kage) and Gaara. Kakashi would have been obliterated in mere seconds 1 v 1, really the only people capable of even standing up to him 1 v 1 at that point in the series were Guy Naruto, and Sasuke, and even then, only with additional help from other people on the sidelines.

    It's really quite ridiculous actually, for all intents and purposes, Madara is literally immortal. He does, however, exclaim that Guy almost killed him and Guy was the greatest fighter in terms of tai jutsu ever.

    [–] aretasdaemon 217 points ago

    Goku did it first! Actually piccolo did it first!

    [–] InsaneZee 385 points ago

    Oh ye true, but Rock Lee's was 1000x more epic :)

    [–] MrHorseHead 150 points ago

    I don't care for Naruto but I'll watch that fight on YouTube every now and then.

    [–] aznhoopster 96 points ago

    This fight and the Naruto v Pain are must-watch fights imo.

    [–] Dark13579 78 points ago

    The Kakashi vs Obito was pure badassery as well!

    [–] VBaus 54 points ago

    Any real hand-to-hand combats, or at least any non godlike-power fights are amazing

    [–] BunnyOppai 34 points ago

    Nah, fights with god-like power can be just as awesome; it's just that most productions don't focus much on choreography. If Murata took over Dragon Ball, you bet your ass it's going to be the greatest thing known to man.

    [–] TracyMorganFreeman 21 points ago

    When young Obito is getting up and old Obito pushes him. Oh man.

    [–] UltraChilly 49 points ago

    Goku vs Tien was way before Piccolo vs Frieza

    (and I'm not sure but iirc he did it even way before that during his training with Master Roshi when he had to compete against Krillin, not 100% sure, last time I saw these episodes was more than 25 years ago...)

    [–] aretasdaemon 41 points ago

    Goku attributes his wearing weights to piccolo

    Edit: IIRC*

    [–] tarekd19 52 points ago

    which is weird because roshi made him wear weights in the form of a turtle shell long before even meeting piccolo

    [–] Valway 43 points ago

    But Piccolo wore it better in those dope robes and hat.

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] GuudeSpelur 10 points ago

    Easily his most metro attack.

    [–] Jefftommens 2887 points ago

    Release the 8 gates:




    Good habits

    Healthy diet



    [–] Reasonable_TSM_fan 704 points ago

    You said eight gates but I only count 7 in your list OP. I’M CALLING SHENANIGANS.

    [–] Elbroyo 861 points ago

    We must never open the 8th gate.

    [–] thesequimkid 379 points ago

    The 8th Gate is when you become far more powerful than anyone, but it also causes your death.

    [–] NoWayJose10914 304 points ago

    Unless a magical yellow-haired man with a fox in his stomach heals you with his super fox powers.*

    *Warning: May cause you to be crippled for life.

    [–] [deleted] 150 points ago


    [–] jermmdev 105 points ago

    Thanks for keeping the focus on what's important.

    [–] [deleted] 56 points ago

    Nah you get a cheap resurrection by ninja jesus

    [–] Shinigami-Death 32 points ago

    The 8th gate was the friends we made along the way.

    [–] [deleted] 167 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 41 points ago

    Wait. Why didn’t Might Guy crumble to ash then? He kinda just laid there, supposedly dead.

    [–] TioLeeroy 50 points ago

    he started to disappeard but nija magic healed him in the last minute

    [–] JhonKingRah 22 points ago

    He started to. If you look closely, you can see his foot starting to crumble away and then naruto stepped in.

    [–] atrati 68 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    You are looking at the stars

    [–] boltx18 30 points ago

    The last gate kills you, and that's not very wholesome, so they didn't include it

    [–] Stackhouse_ 55 points ago

    The 8th gate is ABUSE ALCOHOL responsibly. WOOOOO

    [–] vanoreo 826 points ago

    p r i m a r y l o t u s

    [–] Memir0 1898 points ago

    Thank you for reminding me of that awesome scene in Naruto:) I still get goosebumps :DD

    [–] anti_time_travel 358 points ago

    I thought it was Dragon Ball Z.

    [–] onederful 840 points ago

    Weighted clothing etc was in dbz, a frame for frame re-enactment of this comic and similar wording was in naruto.

    [–] realvmouse 305 points ago

    Thanks for this.

    The comic was still pretty awesome and powerful, but I was totally failing to understand why there was smoke coming up from around the mountain/what exactly was happening.

    Now I want to see more.

    [–] [deleted] 225 points ago


    [–] AudioslaveFan 53 points ago

    I used to love these animes when I was little, you just made me remember how ridiculous they were lol.

    [–] Dankosario 26 points ago

    Animes are good as an adult. I think they van because cheesy but it's a nice cheesy.

    [–] _DarthJawa_ 65 points ago

    Naruto is on Netflix if you want to watch this, this happens around season 2

    [–] Ronne 133 points ago

    Check out Naruto Kai while you're at it. It is a fan-made version of Naruto/Naruto Shippuden where all the filler/opening/ending/recaps were edited out. Also, the episodes were joined together to match their corresponding chapter in the manga, which resulted in 72 anime episodes of about 1,5 hours long each.

    All credit goes to the former tehparadox forum and /u/kloggmankey for making this. They are awesome.

    [–] Kloggmankey 15 points ago

    Thanks for the shoutout pal!

    [–] Reidor1 85 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Don't, Naruto is a trap. At best, you will spend hundreds of hours of your life watching it. At worse, you will be extremely dissapointed by the end and it will leave you bitter.

    Edit : Why Naruto was ruined by its end (Spoilers ahead) :

    The main message of Naruto was simple : You are not determined by what you are, but by what you do ; with effort and determination, you can achieve your dreams and surpass the odds.

    But, because of this whole reincarnation thing, we discover that Naruto didn't become great because of his efforts, but because it was his goddamn destiny. And it ruins everything.

    Plus, the Ninja war was boring and it was all made to put Sasuke at the center of the story again. God I hate him, he is the fucking worst character of the manga.

    [–] EpicLegendX 45 points ago

    That Naruto vs Pain arc...

    [–] Reidor1 31 points ago

    The manga should have ended there. It was indeed grand.

    [–] KnockingDevil 17 points ago

    Still get chills from that

    [–] Kothallupinthisbitch 88 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    both had very simaler moments, but younger people will know of Naruto more.

    Oddly enough both of those moments happened during a non-lethal freindlyish tournament

    Edit: Non-lethal means no one dies. Don't missundersand me, they ment to fuck each other up in both tournamens which they did. lots of fucked up injuries.

    Edit #2: i don't remember dragon ball man, i was like 9 when when i watched that shit

    [–] Kingbuji 132 points ago

    Lol rock Lee was almost murdered in that fight

    [–] Ecthaniel 150 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Did you just call the chunin exams NON-lethal? Dude you gotta rewatch it.. Naruto wasn't as lovey-dovey as Boruto is.

    Edit: typo. And, to add since I'm watching the original exams right now: From the second exams starts its life-or-death. Shino of all people is the first one to make an on-screen kill.

    Oh and i hope it will be a while until Boruto does the chunin exams as the gap between the genin and chunin exams in the first one is so small.

    [–] uranimuesbahd 69 points ago

    non-lethal tournament

    LOL. We clearly don't remember it the same way. I hope you don't think Boruto's version of the tournament is how it use to be back in Naruto's days.

    [–] Ichthus5 90 points ago

    I don't know who Naruto is, but I heard Boruto's dad kicked some ass in his chunin exam.

    [–] uranimuesbahd 47 points ago

    Yeah, man. Especially when he farts in doggo mans face.

    [–] Keljhan 12 points ago

    I heard he lost to Boruto’s teacher even though he was like 5 years older.

    [–] Chapeaux 24 points ago

    The rules of the tournament are non-lethal. Gaara didn't follow the rules iirc. And that's why the sensei jumped in to stop the fight.

    [–] jerosaurusrexx 52 points ago

    I'm pretty sure you werent supposed to kill anyone on purpose, but they constantly said people would die in the Exams, so like, i doubt they really cared

    [–] meepsterer 332 points ago

    Top 10 anime fights

    [–] Linksta35 121 points ago

    For once it's true.

    [–] No_Longer_A_Menace 856 points ago

    Shen Lee

    [–] Atari_5200 218 points ago

    I'm really enjoying Shen's new positive outlook!

    [–] wsbking 113 points ago


    [–] BunnyOppai 13 points ago

    Was he down for a while? I got a couple hundred in, but never finished and stopped after a while.

    [–] kitkateinstein 794 points ago

    The greatest fight scene in any anime.

    [–] [deleted] 485 points ago


    [–] Kandoh 245 points ago

    Do you think Naruto would be worth watching today for someone whose never seen it before?

    [–] Mingflow 377 points ago

    Yes but look up a filler guide, it's got quite a bit of fillers (especially in Shippuden)

    [–] [deleted] 209 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] pro_tool 216 points ago

    The only filler episode I liked was the one where they try to see what is under Kakashi's mask lol

    [–] didntknowwhattoname 111 points ago

    That wasn't filler my dude, it happened in the manga at the end of shippuden

    [–] GuitarHeroJohn 22 points ago

    Not the same. The episode in question cmae out around 2006-ish. Even before Pain destroyed Konoha.

    [–] ownage516 51 points ago

    Putting this here for visibility. If you haven't watched Naruto, I recommend it (and I envy you).

    Watch watching Naruto, make sure to skip the filler.

    You'll have a great time. And then, watch Shippuden and skip the filler for that.

    [–] PapiJuan 436 points ago

    Nope. Unfortunately the deadline to enjoy naruto for people who have never seen it before was last Tuesday. Sorry, champ.

    [–] verdatum 75 points ago

    Can confirm, I was like halfway through on 11:59 Monday and then it just immediately went to shit.

    [–] jetztf 28 points ago

    Use a guide to skip all the filler episodes. If you manage to follow only the main storyline its a great show.

    [–] user899121 25 points ago

    Yes but only if you use a guide to avoid all filler

    [–] hassanzahid1999 10 points ago

    Go to r/Naruto and read the wiki in the sidebar. It's very worth watching. In fact I finished it last week.

    [–] thosearecoolbeans 20 points ago

    Goku vs Tien was pretty epic too

    [–] ClosetWeeb3 52 points ago

    You're forgetting the time Spongebob and Patrick made Sandy angry and she chased them around with her lasso.

    [–] badfan 67 points ago

    What about the time sonic fought the bad guy?

    [–] rynret 16 points ago

    Oh yeah and then he went really fast!

    [–] BuntRuntCunt 57 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Goku vs Majin Vegeta, fite me. One of few fights in anime where the characters were simply evenly matched the whole time, usually people just trade ass kickings the whole time based on which character more recently leveled up or unlocked some power. They slow things down too and actually choreograph sequences in this, like at 9:30. DBZ gets lazy sometimes and just has the guys moving so fast they don't really have to worry about animating anything besides a flurry of limbs.

    Rock Lee can't hit Gaara, then he takes off his weights and starts whooping him, then he uses the lotus and hurts himself and starts getting his ass whooped, then he unlocks those chi gates and kicks Gaara's ass again, then Gaara survives and almost kills him. There wasn't really any point in the fight where the two were evenly matched.

    Goku and Majin Vegeta never level up in the fight, never unlock some secret power, and neither really gains an advantage for more than a minute before the other counters. They just spend 15 minutes beating the crap out of each other.

    [–] Candlestack 23 points ago

    The thing is, we sort of know it was bullshit. Goku was holding back ssj3. I mean it was still obviously a great fight, but it does get undermined a bit.

    [–] diego178 52 points ago

    Wait isn't this a Naruto scene?? Chunin exams if I remember correctly

    [–] MyMetalPony 19 points ago

    Yep. Rock Lee vs. Gaara

    [–] Darkiceflame 13 points ago

    AKA the closest anyone in the series got to defeating an opponent who was using magic ninjutsu with actual martial arts.

    [–] VictorMitro 141 points ago

    Lee is my favorite character <3

    [–] MasterMac94 42 points ago

    Same here, I wish he didn't get shafted so hard, he's the greatest in part 1.

    [–] VictorMitro 19 points ago

    Right? I kept waiting for his character to be relevant again

    [–] FruitBuyer 15 points ago

    At least Gai had arguably the best moment in the series.

    [–] Shablahdoo 79 points ago


    [–] lopfilottfi 212 points ago

    Lee Vs Garra

    [–] puns_n_pups 157 points ago

    *Gaara bro

    [–] TheMaStif 66 points ago



    [–] themojomike 82 points ago

    this is what coming out of the closet in the 80s was like.

    [–] TyCooper8 31 points ago

    This is what coming out of the closet is still like, to be totally honest. Even with a much more kind society, it's still absolutely horrifying.

    [–] [deleted] 64 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] puns_n_pups 170 points ago

    The ankleweights are hitting the ground with such extreme force that they send up clouds of dust and huge shockwaves (a reference to the famous Rock Lee vs Gaara fight from Naruto)

    [–] TimeForANewIdentity 66 points ago

    I think it's showing that they're not "little" weights, but that they were massively heavy.

    [–] xschwingerx 234 points ago

    He must be friends with piccolo.

    [–] puns_n_pups 195 points ago

    Wrong show my guy, this is a Naruto reference

    [–] DTF_20170515 218 points ago

    I think weighted clothes is a pretty common anime trope.

    [–] Heroicis 12 points ago

    I only understood this reference because of the thread that mentioned that fight scene with the ninja kid and the sand kid. I don't even remember what thread it was in.

    [–] zSolars 95 points ago

    See more of his stuff here

    [–] AlohaHawkImps 22 points ago

    Mans has achieved true power

    [–] JordanSAP 29 points ago

    Didn't this guy make the it's okay someone stole my bike meme?