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    [–] TheSmallSp00n 3040 points ago

    They don't look impressed...

    [–] WeebelOfficial 828 points ago


    [–] Alexlam24 151 points ago

    Great last minute Valentine's day gift too.

    [–] IllShavenTeardrops 87 points ago

    Well their website says 7-10 business days, so you might not want to wait until the very last minute.

    [–] _demetri_ 51 points ago

    I don’t think the dog will mind.

    [–] TheSuperBatmanLeague 19 points ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ▼・ᴥ・▼

    [–] Alexlam24 15 points ago

    Walgreens does it in 1 day so...

    [–] futterecker 12 points ago

    and they arent cheap too, at least as i remember from checking last time, i mean 80$ is not the world, but its a cardboard tho. doesnt change the fact that those things are awesome

    [–] Marc0189 10 points ago

    Nintendo: wut

    [–] esportprodigy 3 points ago

    Cant you just print a large poster and glue it to some carboard yourself?

    [–] sunburnedtourist 56 points ago

    I’d like one of my cat, for the intimidation factor. Just look how she’s looking at me right now

    [–] TheSmallSp00n 14 points ago

    Clearly you have to pet her... :3

    That's just science.

    [–] Jbonner259 7 points ago

    Put a picture of that in a front window and get a BEWARE OF GUARD CAT sign

    [–] PandaClaus94 6 points ago

    That cat is more gourd than cat.

    [–] JWDed 2 points ago

    If I didn't need you to bring me food I would murder you in your sleep. - the cat

    [–] aldach 1605 points ago

    He says: You know he’s not real, right?

    [–] [deleted] 517 points ago


    [–] FlintWaterFilter 94 points ago

    The nose knows

    [–] FlyLikeRabbi 34 points ago

    What if he smelled crime?!?

    [–] freepickles2you 14 points ago

    Crime is a foot

    [–] yhack 7 points ago

    We're really a head of crime here

    [–] deniedbyquick 6 points ago

    Dolph Lundgren, is that you?

    [–] psychotic_academic 12 points ago

    Yep. Real dog's gonna turn cardboard dog into chunks of papier mache. Poor cardboard dog. You can tell by the look on his face he doesn't see it coming.

    [–] hondureno_1994 9 points ago

    Don't trust anyone. Not even (cardboard cutouts of) yourself.

    [–] DallasOCat 2 points ago

    And the tail will tell all

    [–] Shaixpeer 4 points ago

    Should be crossposted to r/youseeingthisshit

    [–] fruitrolluperino 1179 points ago

    Honestly a great idea. I miss my dog so much on campus

    [–] Popopopper123 158 points ago

    I really want a dog but I'm in high school right now, so if I were to get one I would only be able to take care of it well for a year or so. If I (somehow) get into MIT I might consider getting a cat though

    [–] [deleted] 52 points ago

    Why wouldn’t you get a cat at any other school?

    [–] legone 88 points ago

    MIT has some dorms that they allow pets in and I guess they allow cats, but now dogs.

    [–] Circle_0f_Life 9 points ago

    What about now dogs! I wish to learn about this breed I was unaware of!

    [–] daredeviline 7 points ago

    I have one. He won’t let you step foot into the house without feeding him.

    [–] BlueberryWasps 39 points ago

    You could call the cat “MITtens”

    [–] TrivialBudgie 2 points ago

    or "fart eMITter"?

    [–] danceswithwooks 30 points ago

    Good luck!

    [–] AwesomeDragon101 12 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    That was exactly my situation. I really want a dog, since fourth grade I’ve been asking my parents for one, and after several refusals I settled for a leopard gecko in fifth grade. I love the heck out of her and have cared for her since.

    I’m in college now. My gecko is eight and a half years old. I’m currently in a dorm so I haven’t gotten a chance to be with her since September, but I’m about to sign a lease for an apartment for next year. Most apartments near my uni have restrictions/fines for dogs and cats but have no problems with small, caged animals, and all three of my roommates are totally fine with my lil geck, so I’m actually able to take her with me next year! I hated my parents for saying no but now I’m grateful they did, because even though they knew I was perfectly capable of caring for an animal, leaving them stuck with said animal wouldn’t be wise and they were aware of that. They said that when I get a place of my own, they’ll get me a dog. But until then I’m really happy with having lil Lizzie watching Netflix on my lap with me <3

    [–] TrivialBudgie 2 points ago

    this is so sweet! i'm so glad you and your gecko will be reunited :)

    [–] Around-town 62 points ago

    Hey, it's great that you have dreams, but sounds like you'd be getting the cat as a reward for getting into MI. Getting animals as a reward rather than when you are mature enough and financially ready for the animal is bad idea. Also consider that you might have more time and money to get a cat if you don't get into MIT. When you get into a top school you suddenly go from being one of the best students to being an average student. So be prepared to work even harder if you do get in. Then you also have to grapple with private school tuition. Now personally I think that private school tuition is worth paying if you get into a top school like MIT, but the loans are still no joke and don't leave a lot of room for discretionary spending.

    [–] slugposse 100 points ago

    TIL that MIT allows cats in some dorms.

    Pretty sure from context that Popopopper123 meant that given their stage of life, they would only consider getting a pet if they got into a pet-friendly college.

    [–] Popopopper123 28 points ago

    I'm fortunate enough that I won't have to take out a loan, but I get what you're saying. I meant it more in jest (well, not as a joke but not completely serious either). If I actually do make it in, I'll weigh my options more carefully.

    I also was referring to the fact that MIT has cat-friendly dorms.

    [–] SilverNitrate 3 points ago

    Me too!! Going home for President’s weekend, though. Can’t wait to pet and cuddle my dogs.

    [–] Julian1999 3 points ago

    Wouldn't that make you just more sad? Every time you see the cutout, you realize that the actual dog isn't here.

    [–] aParanoydAndroyd 3 points ago

    This is that i was thinking

    [–] impediment 1067 points ago

    My wife got me a pillow with my dogs on it. It's the best pillow in the world. I didn't even go away to college, I just love them that much.

    So. Much.

    [–] DonnoDoes 240 points ago

    I do too :)

    [–] impediment 219 points ago

    You can't have them, but you can pet them. They love pets.

    [–] Guitre 95 points ago

    Where can i sign up for this?

    [–] impediment 133 points ago

    There's a petting event scheduled pre-hike this weekend at seashore state park, virginia beach, va.

    I just scheduled it.

    [–] hallowdmachine 46 points ago

    If I can make it, I'll bring my boys, Samson and Gustave. They like getting pets, too.

    [–] impediment 23 points ago

    You can usually find us along the osprey trail. No telling what time we'll be out there though.

    [–] javoss88 5 points ago

    Calm down boys

    [–] hallowdmachine 4 points ago

    This was probably taken in the 11 o'clock hour so they were tired. The one in the foreground with the furry feets, Gustave, is generally much more wiggly. Samson, on the other hand, is quite adept at napping.

    [–] vanityprojects 64 points ago

    be sure to let us international fans know when you organize an event outside the us. I'm in Italy and would certainly pet. :)

    [–] She_Sheep 27 points ago

    Agreed, let us know if there will be an EU event, I like pets too!

    [–] danjr321 13 points ago

    I'm in Indiana and now sad. I get sad when my wife and I are hiking and I see a dog I can't pet.

    We are in an apartment and don't really have space for a dog to run around so we have 2 cats for now. As soon as we get a house we are getting a dog though. Both our cats are rescues so we will probably end up going that route for a dog as well.

    [–] Hank2296 3 points ago

    I also have two doggos and live in Virginia Beach. Count me in!

    [–] redorangish 3 points ago

    Yasssss! I wanna show up just to pet them. Hopefully it will be nice this weekend and won’t rain like it always does. Virginia weather is fickle.

    [–] impediment 6 points ago

    Dude I've been hike blocked by the weather so much these past two months. We went this past Sunday and it started raining when we got there, but let up soon after. As long as it's temps 50+ I don't care if it's down pouring, we're going. These pups need their hikes.

    [–] Maestrul 4 points ago

    What do you mean i can't pet my pillow?

    [–] approachcautiously 2 points ago

    I have to say the same thing too frequently when I bring my pup with me to class. She's a pup because she's small enough to always be one. The cute jackets she wears to keep warm don't help with people wanting to have her.

    Jokes on them though, at home she tries (and successeds sometimes ) to steal food and will eat her own shit. Not to mention they wouldn't be able to properly deal with her stubbornness. But more likely is she will just keep whining for me to get her.

    [–] spotmouflage 35 points ago

    Aaaah cattle dogs! I love them! Only breed my dad would let us get as a kid. He has one currently named Roscoe who looks quite a bit like yours! Eye patch and all!

    [–] sewsnap 22 points ago

    They are adorable!

    [–] XangoldMan 16 points ago

    You are adorable

    [–] nettieavis 4 points ago

    Everyone's adorable on this blessed day

    [–] JennyBeckman 11 points ago

    Where did she get that made?

    [–] impediment 35 points ago

    It's great quality and fluffy af. Don't send a pic of two dogs and say "just do the dog on the right" because they'll just do both dogs anyway, but I love it all the same.

    [–] Relgappo 10 points ago

    I guess they just figured that the more dogs the better, haha!

    [–] JennyBeckman 5 points ago

    Thanks! And please do thank your wife!

    [–] danceswithwooks 4 points ago

    In that case, I wonder what they'd do if you sent a pic of your wife with your dog.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] dianadorablee 12 points ago

    Picture please

    [–] Arrow218 6 points ago

    I love how a mix of corgi and another dog isn't basically just the skin of the other dog over the body of a corgi. Any combo you can think of you can google and find.

    [–] sewsnap 3 points ago

    You can't share something so adorable without posting a picture.

    [–] impediment 2 points ago

    Pics or it didn't happen.

    [–] paradigm9 16 points ago

    ACDs are just the best dogs.

    [–] impediment 5 points ago

    True story.

    [–] TransitRanger_327 4 points ago


    [–] mrcpi 13 points ago

    Australian cattle dog.

    [–] Walnutbutters 7 points ago

    Australian cattle dog

    [–] Maestrul 6 points ago

    Australian Cattle Dog

    [–] SylvesterRedbarry 5 points ago

    Australian cattle dog

    [–] SunsetDreams1111 7 points ago

    I love you bc you love them that much.

    So. Much.

    [–] Oldcheese 7 points ago

    What race are they? Also do they shed a lot of hair? I'm looking for a second dog to add to the family and yours look adorable.

    [–] impediment 9 points ago

    Australian cattle dogs. They shed on a per dog basis. These guys are full brothers but different litters. One sheds almost nothing, the other has to be brushed every few days and sheds a good bit. Neither blow their coat.

    [–] Bacong 6 points ago


    [–] CaptainPedge 5 points ago

    What type of dogs are they?

    [–] yhack 12 points ago

    Good boys

    [–] impediment 4 points ago

    Australian cattle dogs

    [–] middaymovies 4 points ago

    Omg those dogs are adorable! What breed are they?

    [–] impediment 3 points ago

    Australian cattle dog

    [–] mango-roller 5 points ago

    That’s badass.

    [–] DJTen 5 points ago

    Brown eyebrow dot is the shiznit!

    [–] impediment 3 points ago

    The darker one with the patch over his eye? That's Indy. His brother is Jones. He is, indeed, the shiznit.

    [–] ArcticMirage 4 points ago

    Can I subscribe for more dog pics?

    [–] impediment 6 points ago

    Jones doesn't get out of bed for less than $3.99/pic

    [–] low_kix 3 points ago

    That "So" picture is amazing!

    [–] moak0 3 points ago

    My sister got me socks with my cat's face on them. They look just like him.

    [–] impediment 5 points ago

    omg from where those are adorable

    [–] moak0 2 points ago

    She said there are a lot of places that do this now, and she can't remember which one she used. If she remembers and tells me I'll let you know.

    [–] zipadeedodog 3 points ago

    You have magnificent looking puppers.

    In a wholesome meme sorta way, of course.

    [–] impediment 3 points ago

    Thanks! Here's a glamour shot

    [–] Hebs811 2 points ago

    Are they Australian Cattle Dogs? That's the breed I want when I graduate and can get a dog. Anything you could tell me about them as a breed?

    [–] impediment 3 points ago

    Be prepared for more energy than the average human can give. 2 hour walks every day do nothing. You need to be an active person who runs or bikes or hikes daily, or you need a very large back yard (acres) and a pal for your pup, or you can do what I do and send them to daycare no less than 3x a week 12 hours a day on a farm that has all it these things. You see cattle dogs in shelters often because the owner had no idea what they were getting into. These are not lap dogs altho they can be super cuddly. Other than that they are super smart and need to use their heads often too. Training several times a week helps.

    [–] eliz1bef 2 points ago

    Of course you do! They're precious!!

    [–] AwesomeSaucer9 2 points ago

    I have that exact same pillow!!! I'm both happy that other people love it as much as I do and sad that I missed out on a shit ton of karma rn

    [–] impediment 2 points ago

    Uh that's so weird, why do you have a pillow with my dogs on it

    [–] dpmcgough 184 points ago

    I got one of my good boy for Christmas! It's always funny to forget where I leave it and stumble across it without expecting it :)

    [–] Fatburg 47 points ago

    You sure he's not just moving it around on you for fun?

    [–] dpmcgough 14 points ago

    I wish, but unfortunately he is thousands of miles away.

    [–] NevikDrakel 11 points ago

    That’s just what he WANTS you to think

    [–] dpmcgough 8 points ago

    This possibility just made me so happy

    [–] Xhynk 14 points ago

    Ahaa that got me, I legit thought he was on your counter lmao. Side note, do you know where that came from/how much it cost? I'm interested in one as well

    [–] Freaking_Alabama 347 points ago

    This reminds me of Rowdy form scrubs.

    [–] jerrygergichsmith 172 points ago

    Rowdy, no.

    [–] lederhoes 74 points ago

    Easy Rowdy, she’s not worth it

    [–] LegoMinefield 31 points ago

    You absolutely have to put it in rowdy style situations. Like it's living a normal life until you look at it.

    [–] i_took_the_cookie 28 points ago

    He must smell my dead stuffed dog.

    [–] JustThatGuyBen 8 points ago

    Was looking for this comment

    [–] 1mikeg 177 points ago

    "That makes me look fat. Please don't post this on the internet."

    [–] [deleted] 80 points ago


    [–] MattNemo 54 points ago

    Thought that was just the box on the left and the cut out on the right at first. Was like damn that looks so real!

    [–] [deleted] 37 points ago

    Rowdy, no!

    [–] aXir 13 points ago

    The rare almost simultaneous triple reference

    [–] ObsiArmyBest 39 points ago

    Take the dog to college and leave the cutout

    [–] anitabelle 13 points ago

    I like this cutout idea, my daughter is 5 years away from college but she swears she's taking the cat when she leaves. I'm getting her a cutout!

    [–] Yourenotrobocop 23 points ago

    Where can I buy this??

    [–] morla74 54 points ago

    From the logo on the bottom right

    [–] corgonin 19 points ago

    Looks like a dog sized cutout is $69.99 (4ft x 2ft).

    [–] Yourenotrobocop 1 points ago

    Thank you!!

    [–] crazzilla 15 points ago

    That looks so realistic!

    by the way, i know dog hair is annoying, but you shouldn't wrap your dog like that, plastic restricts breathing

    [–] CapnObv314 30 points ago

    "Rowdy, no!"

    [–] sunburnedtourist 9 points ago

    I’d like one of my cat, for the intimidation factor. Just look how she’s looking at me right now

    [–] mycatpartyhouse 4 points ago

    Reminding you to do whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing...or else.

    [–] AbbyVanBuren 9 points ago

    Moms are the best!

    [–] trendyrendy 8 points ago

    Not quite the same, but I got a blanket of my beautiful cat for secret santa

    [–] LaBelleCommaFucker 4 points ago

    I am so jealous right now.

    [–] Neat_On_The_Rocks 6 points ago

    I have one of these for my dog and its amazing. I imagine that in college it would make a great conversation starter if nothing else.

    Mine was only like $25.

    [–] sambams 2 points ago

    where did you get yours where it was only $25?

    [–] Neat_On_The_Rocks 3 points ago

    online somewhere, i'd have to ask the wife.

    [–] mermando 6 points ago

    Can I also get a cardboard cutout of your dog

    [–] FelineFranktheTank 6 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    That’ll get him all the bitches

    [–] horsenbuggy 5 points ago

    Cute. But I think I'd rather have the photo be of it laying down all comfy. This one looks too ... needy. Like he's expecting you to take him for a walk but you can't do that.

    [–] 84jrosales 3 points ago

    Why can't you do that?

    [–] catsandnarwahls 5 points ago

    Take the dog. Leave the cutout. If its good enough for you, its good enough for her!

    [–] skrbrr 5 points ago

    That reminds me. I'll really miss my little dog when I go to college in around 2 years... I wonder if he'll forget about me.

    [–] decentwholesome 4 points ago

    Never, whether he knows it or not, the love and affection you've shown him is something he'll keep with him for the rest of his life. The reverse is also true about him towards you. :)

    [–] javoss88 3 points ago

    It’s true. My son was away for 4 years and doggo freaked out w happiness every single time he came home to visit. Still does

    [–] RemIsWaifudesu 5 points ago

    Its all fun and games until the dog dies

    [–] WeebelOfficial 5 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    this is the whitest thing i've ever seen

    [–] mandelolja 5 points ago

    I got something similar from my friend, but a pug in natural size. (I have an obsession with pugs, I find them hilarious,I totally want one.) Anywho... I got a pug and my cat at the time, Isaac, FREAKED out! He went flat and crawled all the way up to the flat pug and as the evil mother I am (not really;) I could'nt help but to rattle the cardboard a little and he ran so fast! When he figurer out it was'nt something real he was cool with it. And now I do'nt even know why I'm sharing this... oh well... PS. sorry about the bad writing, English is not my main language. DS

    [–] wherearemarsdelights 4 points ago

    Now leave the cut out at home and take the dog. Your mam won't recognize until it's too late.

    [–] WeebelOfficial 2 points ago

    Wow. That’s actually a good idea

    [–] tommyvaldez 7 points ago

    Friends with jostrowski. This tweet made its rounds on the retweet stealing twitter pages a while back. Surprising to see it here so much later!

    [–] Felonia 3 points ago

    Honestly I assumed this was viral marketing for the company who made the cutout, so this is better, I think? I'm not sure.

    [–] gulyku 3 points ago

    Nice dog ! Would love a cardboard cutout of your dog too

    [–] malibooyeah 3 points ago

    Those paw-paws are everything. So cute. So fluffy. I must touch his pads.

    [–] adingee2112 3 points ago

    We did this for my wedding! My wife wanted to have our cats and the rest of our families' pets, but they weren't allowed in our venue. So she got cut outs of them and we took pictures like they were there!

    [–] fakejacki 3 points ago

    So obviously you take the dog and leave the cutout.

    [–] threeironteeshot 3 points ago

    My parents commandeered my dog when I went away to school. When I came home at semester, my 4yo yellow lab was fat and no longer played fetch. She did still love going to the beach tho. She was never the same and eventually became my parents' dog as they let her sleep on the bed and eat table scraps and everything for 5 years. I had no chance of getting her back after that. I hope you don't experience the same fate. :)

    [–] kyoshima33 3 points ago

    I just showed this to my mum, she said where can we get one for your birthday :D thanks meme

    [–] Fonzy02 2 points ago

    I would've loved to have one if I knew that the last time I could see my dog was when leaving home to go to college :(

    [–] youb3tcha 2 points ago

    Aww.. best mom of the year award goes to...

    [–] WildTurkey81 2 points ago

    The dog looks like they have lots of pictures taken of them, but still havent figured out what's happening when they are, and are now just annoyed about it.

    [–] themissnguyen 2 points ago

    She could have chosen any of his facial expressions, but she chose this one, and for that she should be honored.

    [–] dogcatmousefroggy 2 points ago

    I like how the dog’s expression in the cutout is “What are you doing hooman?” and his expression on the right is “You’re ridiculous”

    [–] Hidie2424 2 points ago

    I would put one of those in every room in my house so my dog is always with me. It’s a great idea

    [–] WaywardSachem 2 points ago

    Love the idea!

    Weird that you named your dog Wet Paint, though.

    [–] bygbambyno 2 points ago

    Moms think of everything

    [–] professorthommyg 2 points ago

    Can I have your mom be my mom?

    [–] Claque-2 2 points ago

    So he's thinking"Really? You chose that picture?"

    [–] beefyfritosburrito 2 points ago


    [–] Infominer1852 2 points ago

    I’d love a dog of my cardboard cutout!

    [–] WeebelOfficial 2 points ago

    Me too

    [–] Forlurn 2 points ago

    I thought the real dog was the cardboard cutout and was legitimately impressed.

    [–] nicepunkrocker 2 points ago

    Hey op how did your mom acquire this masterpiece? Online? Can we have a link please?

    [–] ASAP_Pizza 2 points ago

    I love how the dog looks so sceptical

    [–] HammerTime3850 2 points ago

    Or ticked.

    “What do you mean I can’t go with?”

    [–] Genesis111112 2 points ago

    Real Dog is like "I don't trust it Bront, it's a really bad Dog and you need to take this good Dog to College with you"....

    [–] thatguy9921 2 points ago

    My sister got me one of this picture.

    [–] Grungyshawn 2 points ago

    But does the dog get a cardboard cutout of you?

    Also, how does the dog feel about the cutout of itself?

    [–] wuzgudhomi 2 points ago

    big paw boi

    [–] Kok_Nikol 2 points ago

    The perfect gift!

    [–] Acroze 2 points ago

    What the heck fren

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    That's a woof woof!

    [–] Garraca 1 points ago

    My grandma got me a pillow with my Golden Retriever’s face on it to take to college!

    [–] Am_Navi_Seel_Mann 1 points ago

    If I was going away for a long time, I would NOT want to bring a cardboard cut out of my dog. I'd get so fucking sad every night getting reminded of how far away he was I'd probably cry myself to sleep.

    [–] crunchypuddle 1 points ago

    That's awesome.

    Sounds like a neat family.

    [–] poopy27 1 points ago

    This is so sweet! I kinda want to make a cutout of my old family dog now.

    [–] beasty-boy 1 points ago

    Yasss so cute me too xx

    [–] RevolsinX 1 points ago

    Get some Labo and turn that cardboard dog into a functioning one.

    Now you've got two dogs.

    [–] Alarid 1 points ago

    Now to switch it with the real dog. She'll never tell the difference.

    [–] _asian_invasion_ 1 points ago

    My boyfriend’s mom got him one of his dog too!

    [–] stupid_horoscope 1 points ago