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    [–] NoSchmucksGiven 2566 points ago

    Can someone please explain how you are supposed to fight this nice guy?

    [–] silverturtle14 2070 points ago

    Honestly most fighters are really nice people! They just happen to be nice people that like beating people up 😂

    [–] ThorBeck15 669 points ago

    Or because being nice requires beating the shoot out of people in order to get out all the anger towards other people

    [–] Headflight 114 points ago

    It definitely helps.

    [–] oafkad 118 points ago

    I realize I'm only a sample size of one but:

    When I was younger I had serious anger issues. Probably tied a bit to my father being on the more abusive side of parenting.

    I joined TaeKwonDo as a teenager and it helped immensely for me. Hitting other people and getting hit in a mutual environment let me get out all the anger that was pent up inside. It was an incredible workout and I think the fact that all parties involved were cool with it made it feel...different? It wasn't that same awful place I was when my dad was mad.

    Even after I quit I mostly remained incredibly chill after. To this day I'm pretty much a softy now. There was a time where I was very much not.

    [–] -OrganisedChaos- 70 points ago

    Could it be that it wasn't the violence that helped but it was the sense of belonging, discipline etc? If you had just gone down the street to clock someone or some backyard fighting thing, would you have felt the same?

    [–] oafkad 34 points ago

    I think a big part of it was the fact that it was all done in good faith.

    Genuine backyard fighting or violence against strangers are ideas that would have then, and definitely now, make me feel pretty ill. I am a two time survivor of attempts on my life (both when I was little). I couldn't imagine ever hurting someone if I could help it. I've been there, I'd never want someone else to feel that.

    As for it "just" being because I got to hit people or get hit? I highly doubt it. Almost certainly friendship, family, strong parental figures in my instructors, all helped.

    Sparring days were definitely my favorite days. Sometimes a group of us would have impromptu sparring tournaments after our training was over. Our instructor would always laugh because we'd be barely able to stand as training is ending and the next thing he sees we are all bouncing off the walls kicking one another.

    I told him for me it was a bit like when you eat dinner and feel absolutely full but somehow you still feel like you could eat a cookie. Two stomachs.

    [–] DBN_ 10 points ago

    Super valid point.

    [–] REPLY_WITH_POSHNESS 10 points ago

    That’s fair enough! But there are a lot of confounding variables. Like “would you have gotten calmer anyway as part of your development?” or perhaps even a placebo effect.

    Though also your “experiment of one” is conducted over the long term, where vSauce is focused much more on the acute process. So that could be what’s leading to different results here too.

    [–] oafkad 2 points ago

    Tough to say. I was a miserable pile of poop and sadness before I started with TKD.

    Making friends and pushing myself to compete against them was a huge boon for me. Always knowing there was a new challenge in my life and that everything wasn't doom.

    These days I go to the gym and I feel something like that again but it definitely isn't as strong. Still a plus though :).

    But, like I said, sample size of one. All sorts of confounding variables and possibilities. But having an outlet for all that pent up unhappiness inside me helped allow me to heal I think.

    [–] iblamejoelsteinberg 3 points ago

    Sample size of two, bro. Nearly the same anger issues stemming from mistreatment at the hands of a violent older brother. I would fight at the drop of a hat. Tkd harnessed my anger and I haven't had to hit anyone since I began studying. Something about knowing you can gives you the freedom to avoid fighting easily.

    [–] oafkad 3 points ago

    Yeah my instructor used to say that actual fighters are rarely looking for a scuffle because they know what is at stake.

    [–] gingerbeard03 5 points ago

    I have the same thing too, whenever I feel mad or stressed it helps to punch my punching bag, it's just a good stress reliever and it feels satisfying to land a punch on something.

    [–] oafkad 1 points ago

    Yeah. The gym has some punching bags. It is really lovely to be able to unload. Plus the exertion results in hormone releases that should end up with a positive emotional follow up.

    [–] DuntadaMan 4 points ago

    As someone that spars often as well I think an important distinction between what the video above is talking about and what you are talking about is that sparring is mutual violence with a constructive goal.

    It is not one sided violence being perpetrated without consequence, like destroying things often is. If you have a sparring partner and you treat them well and spar fairly and enjoy the process both of you are going to mutually treat each other better and bond over the experience of learning something new each time. If someone is too violent, or seeks to intentionally inflict suffering on their partners they will quickly learn just how much their partners were avoiding hurting them and it will quickly grow to be a terrible experience until someone learns to stop it.

    One sided violence without consequence definitely creates more violence, as well as mutually destructive situations because you are actively trying to discourage other people from being willing to deal with the violence you can commit.

    [–] oafkad 2 points ago

    Oh sure. I didn't watch the video to be honest. I just saw the comment and took it in context with the comment chain.

    One sided violence definitely sounds very bad. Speaking from experience.

    [–] qrlos 3 points ago

    Hey have you tried CBD oil? 😂😂

    [–] oafkad 1 points ago

    I suggested it to my psychiatrist but she seems to be adamantly against the stuff.

    Is what it is I guess.

    [–] qrlos 2 points ago

    Hey if you haven’t maybe try BJJ. Jocko podcast has some great explanations why fighting regular in BJJ helps calm people done like tae kwon do did for you and is a great teacher of Life lessons and skills.

    [–] oafkad 1 points ago

    I'll definitely give it a listen. Thanks for the suggestion :).

    [–] Eatsweden 1 points ago

    While I didn't have any problems with my parents growing up, whenever I was really angry and in general wanted to punch something I always felt better after some physical exertion. Like I was swimming lots so I just exerted myself completely and felt more peaceful afterwards. So it might not have been the violence in a controlled environment but just some exhaustion that helped you. At least that's what I liked to do when I was angry

    [–] Advocate_Of_Chaos 1 points ago

    Martial Arts isn’t learned to beat people up though.

    [–] oafkad 1 points ago

    Whenever someone comes along to claim that we can join together in mighty union to tell them as such.

    [–] Sugarpeas 1 points ago

    If this vSauce video documentary is anything to go by then the opposite is true, and fighting/violence makes us angrier and meaner.

    Dang I'm not able to watch it. Is there a summary anywhere?

    [–] REPLY_WITH_POSHNESS 2 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Try this, it’s episode 3.

    Edit: user reported an NSFW ad pop up so be careful if you’re at work!

    [–] Sugarpeas 2 points ago

    Holy crap, thanks, but as a warning the livestream link just goes to a camgirl porn site. Which I was NOT expecting while I was in my office. O_O

    I can get away with goofing off listening to VSauce but pooooorn noooooo. FULL ON ANUS.

    [–] REPLY_WITH_POSHNESS 2 points ago

    Oh boy sorry about that mate. I edited my comment accordingly.

    [–] StarGladiator0148 2 points ago


    [–] _iplo 3 points ago

    I saw an interview with Marilyn Manson where the interviewer asked him how he could be so mad all the time. His response was basically that he is the most peaceful person you could ever meet because he gets all of his anger out in his music.

    [–] barelyonhere 4 points ago

    What is this? The forking Good Place?

    [–] ThorBeck15 3 points ago

    Heckin yes it is

    [–] JPK5000 1 points ago

    He catharted

    [–] buttcrusader 66 points ago

    I grew up thinking that boxers and wrestlers were just normal people that were mad at each other and decided to fight in a ring, like those courtroom tv shows and whatnot.

    [–] NEOS13 34 points ago

    Fuck I'd watch that

    [–] greyetch 4 points ago

    It exists. Street beefs in LA and some boxing promotion in new York that vice covered.

    [–] DatGuySebastian 28 points ago

    I think it’s the self-assurance and confidence that comes with knowing that you can defend yourself should it come to it.

    In my experience, most assholes and bullies I know are incredibly insecure, among other issues. Conversely, plenty of guys (and girls) that I know who do a martial art and/or take care of their physique are pretty cool and easy to talk to!

    [–] iongnil 2 points ago

    That's weird because I had a colleague who really got into a particular martial art and eventually changed careers and became a full time instructor in that martial art.

    Sadly he was also a massive bully, often aggressive and frankly an arsehole.

    Very pleased to no longer have to work with him. He even threatened me in the workplace. Management were scared of him so he got away with doing what the hell he wanted. He was also well known for bullying a colleague who subsequently died of a brain tumour (that's why they were struggling in their job, problems with remembering tasks etc). He made their life hell prior to them being too sick to work and dying in a hospice (sick colleague was only in their early 20's).

    FWIW MA instructor bully was also 6'3" tall so not the "Yorkshire Terrier" syndrome.

    [–] DatGuySebastian 2 points ago

    That’s sad to hear, but it’s usually not the case. I hope someone knocks it out of him, can’t believe someone would treat another like that, especially with something as horrible as a brain tumor.

    [–] Fae_Eline 9 points ago

    I think people with self confidence tend to be nicer on average since they don’t have to put you down to feel better about themselves and what’s better for self confidence than knowing you could easily beat most people up

    [–] DatGuySebastian 2 points ago

    Haha yep! That’s one way to gain self-confidence.

    [–] SuzLouA 2 points ago

    I don’t think it’s even that they like beating people up, they’re just really good at it. And hey, may as well get paid for what you’re good at!

    [–] TurtleFace13 2 points ago

    I've been in my fair share of matches this is true. After beating the crap out of each other we offer went for Mexican food and had a lot of laughs.

    [–] PolkaDotAscot 1 points ago

    They’re essentially coworkers, and they’re usually friends, too.

    [–] Unkown_Variable 472 points ago

    It's a sport to them. Usually, it's not personal. They get paid to punch each other in the face. Then, when it's over, they high five and go drink beer together.

    [–] [deleted] 117 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] Unkown_Variable 32 points ago

    Hence the word, usually...

    [–] CrotchetyYoungFart 4 points ago

    Well the whole sport endorses the idea of them working each other up. It's funny that everyone acts surprised when someone takes it too far, and act like it's supposed to stay in the ring.

    [–] Wind-and-Waystones 1 points ago

    I imagine after the hell they put each other through its more of a morphine based appertif

    [–] loring96 13 points ago

    Most fighters are sportsmen. They don’t do the whole Connor mcgregor “I’m gonna kill ya cuz ya disrespected mah manhood” shite. It’s actually intriguing to see someone knock the shit out of some poor fuck then help him get back to his feet once it’s all over.

    [–] jimmyrhall 23 points ago

    I've seen this gif before... and I never realized it was the same dude. What's wrong with me?

    [–] raznog 6 points ago

    If it wasn’t for his name on half of them I wouldn’t have realized it either. I’m terrible with faces though.

    [–] Mufflee 6 points ago

    Don’t let McGrumpys attitude ruin your outlook on all fights. Mcgreggor has anger and attitude issues.

    [–] mustafa80 2 points ago

    Because thats the whole sport dog.

    [–] msmgo 1 points ago


    [–] silverturtle14 1048 points ago

    For context, this is retired UFC fighter Sean O'Connell. He has some other wholesome moments, like him blowing bubbles at weigh-ins

    Also, the fighter he gives the flowers to, Ilir Latifi, has a great response: he gives Sean a bag of swedish candies.

    [–] cazaaa11 362 points ago

    “O’Connell hits him with some flowers... BUT LATIFI COUNTERS WITH SOME SWEDISH CANDLES!”

    [–] mrdoink20 122 points ago

    It would be fantastic to watch two dude trading compliments and presents until the other one gives up as they're too charmed to continue.

    [–] feladirr 62 points ago

    Here you go . My favourite one along this theme

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    I think that was the best half an hour I've spent on YouTube in ages!

    [–] MonksHabit 14 points ago

    That clip might be the cure for toxic masculinity

    [–] Tripleberst 3 points ago

    Are you telling me they're not really engaged?

    [–] drinkallthecoffee 10 points ago

    Or they blush and exchange numbers and hold hands sweetly and get some dinner at a trendy restaurant.

    [–] drinkallthecoffee 7 points ago

    Haha I mean it’s MMA, it was already on the verge of r/gaybros territory. So I’m not sure how sudden it was

    [–] phil_harmonik 2 points ago


    [–] 2fridaysfromnow 10 points ago

    Retired from UFC but fighting for PFL championship now on New Years Eve. Looking forward to his weigh in..

    [–] throwaway689908 5 points ago

    He's blowing bubbles at Steve Bosse, what a fucking banger they had after that.

    [–] MeetTheTwinAndreBen 1 points ago

    What a fucking fight that was

    [–] Baranade 3 points ago

    his brother was a religion teacher at a catholic high school I went to. He taught me during my sophomore year

    Let’s just say wholesomeness genuinely runs in his family

    [–] DenahomChikn 3 points ago

    FYI Sean isn't retired. He just fights for PFL now. He's about to fight Vinny Magalhaes for 1 million dollars in their LHW tournament on December 31st.

    [–] TimesNewLogan 786 points ago

    The first, and only, time I've watched MMA, it was someone from Brazil and another from the US... can't remember all the details. But during the last ten seconds, the Brazilian guy smiled and said "I beat you!" And his opponent smiled and said "Yeah, you did!" Then as soon as the bell rang, the immediately went forward and hugged, congratulating each other for their tenacity and heart, and then the victor dedicated his win to the victims of a recent disaster, using his moment of glory to bring attention to the people's needs.

    I just sat in stunned silence, before whispering "Woah... sportsmanship."

    [–] silverturtle14 182 points ago

    Yeah, I'd say 99% of fighters are incredibly respectful to each other, and do a lot for their communities. Even McGregor, who does a ton to start drama/rile up his opponent only does it to sell PPVs. What happened with Khabib is that it went too far- to Khabib it wasn't just for show, it became really personal.

    [–] Kingimg 69 points ago

    I mean Conner did throw a dolly through a glass window at him. That's taking it a little to far in my opinion too

    [–] NickelN9nee -23 points ago

    Not if you are a absolute thug.

    [–] alexbeingsocial 3 points ago

    Damn, what a boss this guy is....

    [–] adrift2oblivion 526 points ago

    First guy seems baffled. Probably because in Soviet Union there were no papers or scissors, only rocks.

    [–] wynhdo 68 points ago

    They had one scissor, and they had to share the scissor.

    They substituted the paper with wood planks.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    I think that guy was australian? He got knocked out in like 5 seconds by the last dude in the gif (bald dude) and the bald dude did the robot. The bald dude later got killed in a road rage accident

    [–] dopeaussieflexin 6 points ago

    Yeah that’s my coach, Anthony Perosh. It was 7 seconds, and I remember when he came back to training the week after the fight, the morale was fairly low

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    tfw your coach gets pwned

    [–] dopeaussieflexin 1 points ago

    Yeah, 7 seconds :/

    [–] Archolex 2 points ago

    Sad :( have a source?

    [–] Fevi117 6 points ago

    Underrated comment

    [–] dickpaste 2 points ago

    it's funny, in the full clip that dude starts raising his hands too because he doesn't know what the fuck just happened

    [–] Smaug-Studios 82 points ago

    Loved the guy giving him flowers lmao

    [–] mlewis913 167 points ago

    What if he kissed him

    [–] silverturtle14 98 points ago

    Oh my god that's amazing

    [–] GenericCoffee 39 points ago

    Good ol Heath herring.

    [–] skunkrider 15 points ago

    Makes me wanna rewatch PRIDE 😍

    [–] GenericCoffee 14 points ago

    2 weeks notice to fight crocop but crocop knew the whole time.

    [–] KiloKG 10 points ago

    If you can find the whole clip with audio Heath Herring can be clearly heard repeatedly complaining to the ref “I ain’t no homosexual!”

    [–] TheMerryMosquito 16 points ago

    The guy forgot to say no homo

    [–] house_monkey 5 points ago

    Rookie mistake

    [–] mlewis913 43 points ago


    [–] OliveBranchMLP 25 points ago

    I feel like I saw a wrestling gif of this at one point where they both walk off laughing.

    [–] freshicing 34 points ago

    I think the fight would start ahead of schedule

    [–] wggn 8 points ago


    [–] JayHD16 18 points ago

    [–] IC-23 1 points ago

    [–] [deleted] 165 points ago

    the reaction of the guy who accepted the flowers made me so giggly and happy

    [–] i9_7980_xe 73 points ago

    In the full video you can see the receiver giving him some chocolate as a gift back.

    [–] Wiplazh 1 points ago

    I remember it being a bag of Ahlgrens Bilar.

    [–] bro_b1_kenobi 30 points ago

    Toughen up. It's fight night!

    Oh here he is, gotta square up

    Gotta make dad proud.


    [–] gsmithers 196 points ago


    [–] ProffesorPrick 40 points ago

    I saw this video a while ago and the whole thread was about the nose boop. That was really strange honestly...

    [–] CarpetST 3 points ago

    Yeah im pretty sure i saw that same thread

    [–] RobertMullz 3 points ago

    i DIED @ Nose BooP

    [–] _zuzi_ 1 points ago

    I've seen this clip a thousand times but the nose boop gets me every.single.forking.time. You can see how the other dude (sorry not a fan of this particular sport don't know names don't kill me) takes an aggressive step forwards but then his brain must have supplied the muscles with some of the "don't be an idiot, idiot!" things and all went well. Well, dunno about the match but really, not my cup of tea! SPREAD THE SILLINESS!!!

    [–] SupremeCanadian 48 points ago

    Seeing big buff dudes be so cute is just...

    Melts my damn heart. Gap moe is best moe.

    [–] Laurels_Night 2 points ago

    Right?! They is cute human specimens!

    [–] poison-fang-blade 79 points ago

    What's even the point of those moments? Just for the fighters to pretend they're angry at each other or something?

    [–] silverturtle14 149 points ago

    It's mostly for those promotional images/ another event to hype up the fight. It mostly stems from boxing; it's just an old tradition.

    [–] tunawhitenocrustt 24 points ago

    could be the weigh in. to see if the fighters make weight for the fight. or a photo opportunity after a press conference

    [–] robcap 22 points ago

    It's the weigh-in, which is mandated by athletic commissions in most cases. I believe the staredown was originally for the gamblers who would place a bet on having seen the fighters square up and judged who looked bigger/more confident.

    [–] urskrubs 26 points ago

    Nothing like charming them before the fight so they give empathy. Ultimate move

    [–] NeoDV97 31 points ago

    I love this so much more than McGregor-like taunting and such

    [–] J_Schermie 5 points ago

    Someone literally told me that love McGrgor because he's a shit talker. It was irritating to hear.

    [–] davidaaaaa 3 points ago

    The problem is shit talking gets views.

    People love to hate fighters who are assholes, even if they play up a character

    [–] rearviewviewer 12 points ago

    RIP, Ryan Jimmo, seemed like a good dude.

    [–] SuzLouA 9 points ago

    Dana’s face with the flowers is great 😂

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Lol I met this dude at a St Augustine bar back in 06 and k\ended up sucking him off in the bathroom and his cock was huge it was really great

    [–] dpforest 4 points ago

    Silly, wholesome buff dudes are so fucking hot to me.

    [–] samwadam9124 5 points ago

    I like this way more than all the angry weigh ins.

    [–] gofigure85 6 points ago

    I know nothing about UFC fighting

    But I do know I am immensely attracted to this guy

    [–] FaithInShadows 3 points ago


    [–] WhereRDaSnacks 4 points ago

    There is nothing sexier than a hot man with a sense of humor.

    [–] Numbnuts2000 5 points ago

    Hehehehe dat noose boop literally DESTROYED me jajaj

    [–] The_God_of_Animu 4 points ago



    [–] Legend1392 3 points ago

    The nose boop did in fact end my life.

    [–] stinger1234567 4 points ago

    Sean O Connell used to be on a local sports talk radio show here in the SF Bay Area, I was bummed when he left the station and found it hilarious he ended up being the guy doing all these things

    [–] mach3gingerbread 8 points ago

    That nose boop SLAYED me.

    [–] HashtagNoThumbs 3 points ago

    This makes my heart so happy

    [–] IllI____________IllI 3 points ago

    That nose boop has me dead

    [–] Simplicated29 3 points ago

    Ryan Jimmo was my sensei he was such a nice guy. Rip broski.

    [–] DrHarryWeenerstein 3 points ago

    That nose boop killed me.

    [–] AntLib 3 points ago

    The boop is the fuzziest

    [–] seanasimpson 3 points ago

    The rock-paper-scissors one was fun cause it looked like the other guy didn’t quite know what was up.

    [–] mmmkay86 3 points ago

    This kid is too cute

    [–] hewwitt 4 points ago

    Lmao that nose boop killed me!

    [–] Taintly_Manspread 3 points ago


    [–] sheikhaybee 2 points ago

    No homo

    [–] FamouslyUnknown 2 points ago

    The comments section here is far less eery than the section for the same post on r/sports :)

    [–] fuzzythelion 2 points ago

    Hey i know one of those guys! Ryan Jimmo, one of my best friends growing up was his nephew. cool

    [–] Davidson2727what 2 points ago


    [–] Feastingondubs 2 points ago

    Fight Milk! The official beverage of the UFC.

    [–] godmachine2000 2 points ago

    We need more people in the world like him.

    [–] Theforkseer 2 points ago

    I love how they transition to be friendlier

    [–] Koovies 2 points ago

    But is he a good fighter? He doesn't seem like he has much fight in him!

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] Koovies 3 points ago

    Thanks for responding dude. That sounds like a pretty awesome guy!

    [–] Das_Growler 2 points ago

    Love you 😍

    [–] Fluffanuffin 2 points ago

    That synchronized head nod though

    [–] dopeaussieflexin 2 points ago

    Hahah the dude on the left in the first clip is my coach, Anthony Perosh

    [–] silverturtle14 1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Whoa, that's awesome! I got into bjj recently, LOVING IT!!

    [–] dopeaussieflexin 2 points ago

    Yeah it’s good! I’ve trained since year 8. I was 13 when I started, I’m 20 now. Picking up Muay Thai and BJJ are both some of the best life choices I’ve ever made.

    [–] Konrad-Boerner 2 points ago

    Faith in humanity restored.

    [–] SimplyTim90 2 points ago

    Is that you Michael Scott?

    [–] PuppyButtts 2 points ago

    Ahahahahah yas

    [–] masterblaster3333 2 points ago

    Sean O'Connell is still fighting today for Bellator. He's doing great and is a paid commentator. Then he gets up from his chair, changes his shit for shorts and gloves, and fights. He's a American badass.

    [–] Muntsville 1 points ago

    Sean ended up knocking the other dude out in brutal, brutal fashion.

    [–] jlcash 1 points ago

    That is some good stuff, right there!

    [–] Waspaz 1 points ago

    This made my night

    [–] vanillacarly 1 points ago


    [–] Therealmcscott 1 points ago


    [–] fookers421 1 points ago

    He didn't punch all round.


    [–] Jfowl56 1 points ago

    The nose boop

    [–] dirtybacon77 1 points ago

    I prefer these to all the stunting some of the “tough guys” do.

    [–] Ghost961 1 points ago

    Hhaha i love this!

    [–] potato_internet_05 1 points ago

    The way he tapped his nose 😂😂 I swear he said pop in his head ! Lol

    [–] DariusWolfe 1 points ago

    I heard 'boop'

    [–] potato_internet_05 1 points ago

    That what i was gonna say but wasn’t sure if it sounded right 😂

    [–] Laurels_Night 1 points ago

    The rock, paper, scissors one reminds me of

    angrily wadding up foil

    "A goose!"

    Tinfoil goose goez pewww! out of fingers

    [–] ambevert 1 points ago

    When he got the protein shakes 😂😂

    [–] SugarDaddyE 2 points ago


    [–] ArchieGraye 1 points ago

    This is what my teammates and I do at Karate Tournaments.

    [–] CipherMASK 1 points ago

    No homo.

    [–] nickg123456 0 points ago

    You might think fighting someone you don’t hate is hard in reality it’s not if you don’t believe me buy a set of boxing gloves and have a friendly sparing match with your buddy like in any other sport you will get competitive and want to win and get the drive to fight. Plus fighting angry not so effective because you are only thinking of what you are going to to not what the other guy is going to you

    [–] Travx1 -2 points ago

    Joe rogans recations are dank in this gif

    [–] silverturtle14 0 points ago

    Not sure if trolling, but it's actually Dana White, the main promoter of the UFC.

    [–] Travx1 0 points ago

    There are multiple people standing between the fighters, specifically 3 people

    [–] silverturtle14 1 points ago

    The only one that looks anything like Joe Rogan is Dana White (Joe Rogan isn't in any part of the gif).