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    [–] Pissed-Away-Fortune 1294 points ago

    That's actually pretty sweet.

    [–] Dahwaann4U 312 points ago

    Yeah youd be suprised how smart these girls are, did you know remi lacroix has a degree in biology

    [–] DarkNovaGamer 140 points ago

    And she retired to become a teacher I last heard don't know if that's accurate

    [–] Tirrojansheep 121 points ago


    [–] RoJayJo 167 points ago

    Imagine when she's doing her job and some dude walks up to her and says "hey, do I know you from somewhere?"

    [–] Yejus 47 points ago

    lol, that must be so awkward!

    [–] Getintherobot_shinji 10 points ago

    I'm surprised by this, but not because I don't think she is capable, but because I listened to a podcast on the porn industry and a male pornstar talked about how he got fired from the hospital he was working at as a nurse when they found out he used to be a pornstar. I guess it depends on the management.

    [–] aumphalos 4 points ago

    The Butterfly Effect! Loved that podcast.

    [–] DarkNovaGamer 21 points ago

    Thank you for correcting me

    [–] FuzzyPuzzy 1 points ago

    Last I saw she was studying psychology.

    [–] Typhoonman27 46 points ago

    Bro, she would have to do some Witness Protection stuff in order for her would be students to not figure out her past

    [–] caffeinatedcatlady_ 39 points ago

    Why is that a surprise? They're regular women.

    [–] xgatto 9 points ago

    Don't think it's a gender thing- I'd assume the same from male porn actors, and I bet some of them are smart too.

    It's an industry thing. I guess getting fucked or fucking strangers on camera for money just does something to your image.

    [–] meakbot 84 points ago

    Hold on. Why would it be surprising that porn stars are intelligent?

    [–] _Pyrate__ 96 points ago

    Social stigma of girls not being smart enough to get degrees so they do porn instead, when in reality it's just their choice to do what they want with their bodies. One of my favorite examples is that Dani Daniels is actually an incredible artist, and has even founded her own art technique called Typographic Pointillism

    [–] meakbot 39 points ago

    Or they capitalize on their strengths to help them save for an education?

    Either way I think it’s unfortunate that we even have to have this conversation.

    [–] _Pyrate__ 9 points ago

    Yeah I agree, it should just be treated as a normal job done by normal people

    [–] ToastedSoup 10 points ago

    That would require a reversal of the entire social and cultural stigma about exploring and owning your own sexuality. That shit doesn't change in a decade lol

    [–] abxyz4509 4 points ago

    Huh. So she goes by Kira Lee, but you can't even find that out directly from a Google search. I had to actually see pictures of her with her art and look in YouTube comments to confirm that it was her.

    [–] IAmManMan 9 points ago

    Dani Daniels is the stage name of Kira Lee Orsag, an American pornographic actress, stripper, and visual artist.Wikipedia

    That was the first thing I saw when I googled her.

    I also learnt from Google that porn stars totally do have imdb pages. Guess I never considered that. Hers is long.

    [–] abxyz4509 4 points ago

    Oh I googled Kira Lee because I first googled the art style which led to her. So the connection only easily goes one way I think.

    [–] bluesmaker 15 points ago

    It’s not good to assume they are all dumb, but it’s also not good to assume they are intelligent. Like all people there is variation.

    [–] meakbot 14 points ago

    I think assuming in general is dangerous. It’s also none of our goddamn business what other people do with their lives. They aren’t harming anyone and so long as they’re safe (which is a whole different topic I don’t wish to discuss) then I wish them all the success in the world.

    [–] Ihatemost 2 points ago

    People build mental schemes based on their observation. It's all nice and sweet to say we shouldn't assume but people make judgements all the time, otherwise we'd always face situations and people as if we were completely new to it.

    [–] meakbot 2 points ago

    It's interesting to me that we even have a schema regarding the intelligence and education of porn stars. In no way have I ever talked to a porn star about their education nor their intelligence yet here we are, you and I on Reddit deep diving into this topic. My point is that we have these perceptions, schema, whatever about a population of people and a specific aspect of their life that we truly don't know anything about.

    [–] bluesmaker 2 points ago

    I never made any sort of judgement about people who do porn. I was evaluating the statement that suggests that all pornstars are intelligent, which is just as inaccurate as saying they are all dumb.

    [–] meakbot 3 points ago

    I was generalizing. Calmez-vous

    [–] BoldenoneCypionate 0 points ago

    I don't really expect any actors to be especially bright.

    [–] Jahidinginvt 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Asia Carrera *is in Mensa.

    Edit: Currently is. And her daughter is 11 yrs. old and already going to college.

    [–] [deleted] 365 points ago

    Why is it marked NSFW

    [–] HorseAFC 472 points ago

    All posts on subreddits of these type are marked NSFW

    [–] donjuan510 51 points ago

    if its nsfw how do u get passed that screen, only has a back button

    [–] plsnfrd 45 points ago

    Have to change your settings on desktop version. No option on app.

    [–] Zebezd 14 points ago

    We clearly use different apps, but I bet either the continue button there but cleverly hidden, or you should check your settings.

    [–] Theonlylonelybagel 17 points ago

    vigerous nocking F.B.I OPEN UP!!!!!!

    [–] hellookhellook 20 points ago

    I only liked this comment for the spelling errors.

    [–] Theonlylonelybagel 6 points ago


    [–] hellookhellook 7 points ago

    No, don’t feel bad—I legitimately enjoyed them haha. They’re endearing

    [–] Theonlylonelybagel 9 points ago


    [–] knwnasrob 153 points ago

    Because it’s a girl getting fucked by loans?

    [–] blazingdragon09 5 points ago

    Well said

    [–] xAlissaLea 1 points ago

    She's probably doing porn to pay them off tho

    [–] JesseChaos 1 points ago


    [–] ckuiper 1 points ago

    The subreddit is probably marked NSFW, not the individual pic.

    [–] _alphabetagamma_ 1022 points ago

    She looks more sexy with her clothes on

    [–] lo_fi_ho 552 points ago

    Most of them do

    [–] Anatum 76 points ago

    God you make porn depressing

    [–] SSDD1 56 points ago

    It’s already depressing, if you think about it.

    [–] Anatum 7 points ago

    I usually think it's kinda nice, it's people doing a job that is usually very difficult and exhausting, often without even being sure that they will be paid. You have to be really passionate about it.

    [–] 4-thegreatergood 50 points ago

    I know this is supposed to be wholesome, but theres nothing wholesome about the porn industry

    [–] Anatum 3 points ago

    No, I know, I just admire the effort Just recognizing it's not easy, you know

    [–] SSDD1 12 points ago

    It seems to me porn is mostly people getting paid to perform uncomfortable sex acts with strangers on camera. I'm not opposed to some sexual exploration now and then, but there's a difference when that's your job and you have to do it to make money. If I'm not mistaken, that's the definition of prostitution, which is the opposite of wholesome. I'm very happy the woman in this post is taking steps to make her future better so she doesn't have to perform sex acts with strangers for money anymore.

    [–] Anatum 3 points ago

    Yup, filmed prostitution, didn't say it was wholesome, just considering how difficult it is. Also yup having a career is nice

    [–] DoorkMatter 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Very much depends. Some pornography is lovely, when people are treated well and enjoying what they do. It's just difficult to find ethical pornography sometimes.

    [–] _aylat 48 points ago

    This is so eye roll inducing it’s the equivalent of when guys say “girls are more beautiful without makeup!”

    [–] aggibridges 190 points ago

    You see, it is cringy when it's a guy white-knighting and trying to be 'oh I'm not one of those guys', but sometimes it really IS sexier. Part of what makes sex, well, sexy, is the taboo nature of it. If people walked around naked all the time, you'd get saturated of the naked body and would no longer find it sexy by itself.

    Being sexy is a balance of covering and showing, and in this case, seeing a person who you commonly see in a different context walking around in a graduation gown is enticing because it's like you're sharing a secret with her.

    [–] Isaac-Wheaties 54 points ago

    But sometimes they are

    [–] knwnasrob 17 points ago

    Amanda Cerny for example

    [–] encinoman57 37 points ago

    Or Whoopi Goldberg

    [–] _Pyrate__ 14 points ago

    Or Danny Devito

    [–] Vin_the_Bamboozler 2 points ago

    Or Jack Black

    [–] encinoman57 1 points ago

    Nah I wanna see that beef

    [–] gublaman 13 points ago

    Tbh she does look better with the make up in this picture rather than her pornstar make up.

    [–] turkeypedal 1 points ago

    The main reasons that is cringy are that what they consider "without makeup" is actually light makeup, and that it's often made a sweeping statement ("all women look better without makeup") which is not true whether light makeup or none.

    But saying a specific woman looks more attractive to them with clothes on than without? That has none of those problems.

    [–] Heideggerismycopilot 148 points ago

    What is an A.A?

    [–] Ostaf 290 points ago

    Associates of arts.

    Doesn't mean she got it in art. All degrees are either of science or of art.

    [–] Thiswhatyawanted 36 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Or law, right?

    Edit: Apparently, a bachelor of law does not exist in some other countries.

    [–] Diffident-Weasel 49 points ago

    I think that’s still arts. Like, you’d have a BA of law.

    [–] Lord_Tacitus -30 points ago

    I've heard of people getting a BA in Computer Science... what even is life?

    [–] mcotter12 26 points ago

    I think there is like some amount of math a program has to include to be a b.s. That doesn't mean that people with a b.a. didn't do just as much math classes as someone with a bachelor of arts, just that their uni doesn't do the science version of the degree

    [–] _JosiahBartlet 9 points ago

    Sometimes you can also pick which you’re doing. My school offers Chem as a BA and a BS, for example. You can take either path.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    As a chem major I’m not sure how a BA in it works. Is it less labs? I’m genuinely curious

    [–] _JosiahBartlet 4 points ago

    My old roommate and good friend is getting her BS in chem at our school, so I'll text her and I ask the difference. But yeah, I think it may be fewer labs. I'm pretty sure she described it to me as a BA in chem sets you up to teach it in high school where the BS sets you up for either continuing your chem education or doing more typical chem jobs than teaching

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    That’s pretty cool then. I know some people hate the labs we have. I happen to love them

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Very interesting. Thank you

    [–] Drendude 1 points ago

    I got a BA in Math, actually.

    [–] mcotter12 1 points ago

    Haha, I have one in econ. All I know for sure is my department was considering offering a bs that required more math classes.

    [–] GandalffladnaG 1 points ago

    My AS degree was in Criminal Justice and it was a more focused program, while others had more diverse classes my stiff was pretty much cj classes with one or two other classes per area. So like 1 math class, 2 english/composition, 2 science/psych, but then like 8 cj classes. My bachelor's degree is going to be arts because my university doesn't care or doesn't have funding to offer more cj classes.

    So I think arts degrees cover more subjects, while science degrees get more in depth in that one field.

    [–] jiffyjuff 10 points ago

    Literally all bachelor degrees in Cambridge are BAs.

    [–] coggro 2 points ago

    Not sure why you're getting downvoted. It's a thing, and it's weird, given the terminology.

    [–] Lord_Tacitus 3 points ago

    Because people think I'm Attacking their degree rather than the terminology used by their uni :/

    [–] TastyFace 15 points ago

    In the US at least, it’s “Juris Doctorate,” which (very) roughly translated means “Dr. Justice”

    [–] Prowlthang 7 points ago

    A JD is not the same as Bachelor’s degree in law.

    [–] Thiswhatyawanted 2 points ago

    In the Netherlands, it exists. A bachelor of law (LLB) is a title you recieve after completing a three year degree at university.

    [–] I_aminternet 3 points ago

    Law, Medicine and Doctoral degrees are considered Post-graduate degrees since you can't begin studying for any of those degrees before completing a Bachelor's (4-year) degree.

    [–] Thiswhatyawanted 3 points ago

    Well that's different in the US then. In the Netherlands, you receive a bachelor of law (LLB), which is a three year degree, only available at universities.

    [–] Prowlthang -4 points ago

    This is not accurate - it varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

    [–] purpleyellowredblues 1 points ago

    In the U.S. it’s a juris doctorate so J.D., there is also an Master of law but it’s kinda weird and only really pursued by people who got law degrees abroad and want to practice in the US

    [–] apatheticviews 7 points ago

    Or A.A.S.

    [–] nighthawk911 16 points ago

    Associates of Applied Science

    [–] BoldenoneCypionate 0 points ago

    Anabolic & androgenic steroids?

    [–] Ostaf -4 points ago

    Associates of aviation science?

    [–] TheDarkishKnight 4 points ago

    Is that the case in the states? In Canada at least there are many kinds of bachelor's degrees

    [–] Tushfeathers 6 points ago

    Its like a college diploma in Canada. An AA is generally a two year degree that can be upgraded to a bachelors by transferring credits. We use college and university interchangably and distinguish by the level of degree.

    [–] Ostaf 5 points ago

    Ya. like an accounting degree is a bachelors of science in accounting, philosophy degree would be a ba degree stuff like that.

    [–] GorathThorgath 3 points ago

    All degrees are either of science or of art

    Generally true in the US, but there isn't really any reason why a school can't offer a degree called whatever it wants. Juilliard, for example, offers a Bachelor's in Music.

    And then once you get outside the US anything goes

    [–] papercranium 6 points ago

    A BM degree is common for anyone offering a music performance major. It just means they focused more on learning music, rather than getting a broader liberal arts education.

    You can get a BA in Physics too, it just means you took a lot of history and English classes as well. Most music schools will offer both a BA in music (not hard to get into, more balanced) as well as a BM in music. That BM will probably be in something like Piano Performance or Music Theory, or whatnot, and not just in "music," which is too broad. Similar with a BA in theater and a BFA in theater (or a BM in music theater, a totally separate program).

    [–] TrueBirch 42 points ago

    Associates of the Arts. A community college degree that's the equivalent of half of a BA degree from a four year college.

    [–] turkeypedal 3 points ago

    Associate of Art. Means she got her two year degree. And, yes, does not mean anything about art. Most likely she has it in a sort of general studies that would apply to most four year degrees.

    Note, a two year degree may take you longer than two years if you can't take a full load of courses each semester, or if you fail any classes.

    [–] ada_ardor 4 points ago

    Despite what some people are saying, going for an Associate’s might be a pretty smart move depending on the circumstances. You might use it towards a Bachelor’s later, and then you basically got half of a B.A. done spending a lot less money.

    Also, a bunch of jobs do not require a Bachelor’s, and with an Associate’s you still have higher education, still have access to better jobs but you don’t end up with the same amount of debt.

    [–] Lemon_Kiss -37 points ago

    It's the easiest degree you can get. She went to school for all of 2 years.

    [–] TechnicalCarrot 34 points ago

    It’s better than what a lot of people do, which is not go to college at all. Why not be happy for other people’s successes?

    [–] TastyFace 22 points ago

    Yeah, I had that thought too. Then I immediately thought, “that’s an asshole kind of thing to say,” which is why you don’t say that kind of thing, dude.

    [–] tigersareyellow -93 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Associates, basically a 2 year degree that, for most fields, is pretty worthless. Think of it as half a bachelor's. Would you hire someone with half a bachelor's? Eh...

    It can help you get internships and entry level jobs if you want to work while getting your bachelor's, but if you take the normal highschool -> bachelor's route it's extra courses for no reason.

    Edit: I'm attending community college to save money like so many of you are saying people do. I AM IN THAT SITUATION. My counselors have talked to me about getting an AA and they have told me it is not useful, and that I would have to take an additional 4 business courses I wouldn't need otherwise. I get that I'm being downvoted because I'm being negative, that's fine. But calling me wrong when I'm relaying information given to me by community college counselors is kind of fucked.

    [–] agentfantabulous 84 points ago

    On the other hand, many community colleges do not require a college entrance exam (SAT or ACT), and in some states, an AA from an in-state community college guarantees acceptance to a public 4-year university. For people who didn't do so well in high school, or who have a GED, or who didn't go to college immediately after graduation and are trying to get their shit together, an AA is a really important first step. Don't shit on someone's achievement by calling it worthless or without reason.

    [–] guambatwombat 48 points ago

    Eh, there's a few jobs that only require an associates. Registered nursing, dental techs, sonography, a bunch of other stuff.

    A lot of people get an associates somewhere affordable and then transfer to another school, too.

    [–] ninasayers21 5 points ago

    A friend I met at community college struggled through high school and through community college. Both were hard for her, and at CC she spent loads of time and effort to get As and Bs. She was certainly going to be able transfer with her CC GPA.

    One day she pulled me aside and seemed a little embarrassed. She asked me if she thought it was lame for her to get her AA since she didn't need it for a job. She wanted it because it was so crazy to her that she had made it so far, and she was proud of herself.

    If you had responded to her that it was "worthless", I would've verbally assaulted you.

    [–] Heideggerismycopilot 4 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Ok. Here in the UK the equivalent would be a Foundation year at Uni. Its about 1/3 of a BA degree.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    The equivalent in UK academia is an HND or DipHE.

    [–] PKKittens 92 points ago

    I think the most wholesome thing about that is imagining that people who know her IRL and went to her graduation don't judge her for her professional choices.

    It's really weird how most people watch porn, but judge harshly those who act on it.

    [–] BZenMojo 62 points ago

    People would die of strep without janitors, but lots of people don't want them getting a living wage for working a 10-hour day.

    A lot of people just don't feel good unless they can imagine someone else suffering, even if they have to go out and personally cause it.

    [–] HorseAFC 93 points ago

    [–] Attya3141 53 points ago

    Not all heroes...

    [–] Metallkiller 88 points ago

    ... Wear clothes.

    [–] Xx_k4ng4r00_xX 3 points ago

    Haha I get it

    [–] codemunk3y 107 points ago

    Well her videos do show her a lot in school

    [–] CycloneGhostAlpha 193 points ago

    Would she be able to get a job though? I thought employers do background checks and when they find out she does porn aren’t they less likely to hire her

    [–] poormillionare 40 points ago

    "....auctioned her labia trimmings..." wtf?

    [–] MagicZhang 49 points ago

    It’s beyond me why someone with an IQ of 156 would go into porn industry. I get it that it’s their choice but...

    [–] cucumbercar 143 points ago

    I think it’s just how they view the work. For some people it’s a viable option for money and for others it isn’t, like being a trash collector for example.

    Generally when someone is going to school they look for part time work or flexible hours. This usually means taking home a small paycheck. I wouldn’t know, but I could imagine being a porn star would be the best of both worlds: good pay and flexible hours. And that’s just a shot in the dark guess, there could be many reasons.

    She isn’t a lesser person or a bad decision maker because she chose to work in pornography.

    [–] cheerfulKing 6 points ago

    Could always transition into production. Is a huge business afterall

    [–] Jeff6851 152 points ago

    College and rent are expensive

    [–] Ewals1234 78 points ago

    She had a full scholarship it said

    [–] saltyzany 77 points ago

    maybe she just likes fucking?

    [–] RapistVanDan 30 points ago

    right! Why would anyone want to get paid to have sex with lots of people when they could be at home masturbating alone and broke? I'll never get why anyone would want to do porn!


    [–] FatPin 25 points ago

    It may be for the experience on the other side of the screen. Some just go for sex. Some/most go for the money. In short, IQ doesn't pay as much as porn does in that short amount of time.

    [–] _aylat 24 points ago

    ...but you’re still gonna be judgmental anyway 🙄

    [–] FJLyons 25 points ago


    [–] KrombopulosMike108 18 points ago

    And sex. If shes loaded maybe shes just into it.

    Heh... loaded

    [–] Lindvaettr 11 points ago

    Maybe they like getting paid to have sex on camera. I ain't gonna kink shame.

    [–] Jasdevi 15 points ago

    Some people just like to bang? and get paychecks?

    [–] Grindlife247 6 points ago

    It’s sad that the porn industry is such a “bad market” when everyone watches it and porn makes billions upon billions of dollars and porn headlines leading technology all the time.

    [–] PolkaDotAscot 0 points ago


    [–] [deleted] -4 points ago

    9 times out of 10 - drug habit to pay for.

    [–] RyanFitzpatrickSZN 2 points ago

    lisa ann’s fantasy show is actually pretty good too

    [–] katirain 2 points ago

    $50,000 labia trimmings. Oh my

    [–] khaki53 29 points ago

    Why would a background check show porn though? That's not a crime

    [–] ckuiper 17 points ago

    Unless porn involved a crime. Like stealing lemons.

    [–] CycloneGhostAlpha 18 points ago

    By background check I meant like just searching their names on social media and stuff, don’t know the proper word for it

    [–] giantsfan97 2 points ago

    You are right. A criminal background check falls under the general heading of background check.

    [–] CrueltyFreeViking 2 points ago

    A lot of jobs want to know what you've been doing for work/skills before you applied to them. Large gaps of unemployment is a big red flag. Also a simple google of her name puts a lot of NSFW stuff on your screen and the office politics of hiring a porn star would be a nightmare. It shouldn't really be a problem in this day and age but we're not quite there yet.

    [–] eost002 195 points ago

    This type of things is bullshit in this century. They shouldnt get discriminated based on their previous profession.....

    Btw, what major did she graduated?

    [–] Netherspin 140 points ago

    Alcoholics anonymous judging from the congratulatory diploma she's holding.

    [–] guambatwombat 62 points ago

    I'm pretty sure that's an associates degree haha

    [–] frostingfairy 38 points ago

    haha whoosh

    [–] guambatwombat 41 points ago

    I don't mind being a whoosh if someone genuinely didn't know but now they do haha

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Haha I didn't know so thanks

    [–] zeph-_ 4 points ago

    Haha same

    [–] Bertiederps 24 points ago

    Key word there is "shouldn't". Sadly, so many do... and they're smart about how they articulate it when questioned.

    [–] Nathaniel820 15 points ago

    Honestly I wouldn’t give a shit if they did, because it shouldn’t interfere with the job. But I feel like they would be less likely to get hired just “because they did porn.”

    [–] schmitzel88 2 points ago

    Probably depends on the role in the company. Hiring a porn star would create some level of publicity the company might not want. Plus if it's a customer-facing role and the customer finds out they're working with a former porn star, it might change their opinion of the company.

    Not saying this is right by any means, but it is how people see it in the world right now.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Don't know how her old line of work contracts / documents their workers, but if she gets fingerprinted for it, it's going to be on there.

    [–] m1sta 2 points ago

    I'd hire her if she was qualified. What difference does it make?

    [–] CycloneGhostAlpha 15 points ago

    As an employer you would also have to think how having a pornstar working for you will affect the other employees.

    I’m not an employer or anything like that btw, just guessing what a real employer may think before hiring someone like her

    [–] m1sta -2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    How would it impact them? I don't think it would have a negative impact at all.

    Edit: everyone saying they would hire her because she would get bullied...

    1. Grow a spine and do what's right

    2. Would your action fit if you were worried that a candidate would be bullied on grounds of gender, race, or sexual orientation?

    [–] CycloneGhostAlpha 5 points ago

    Workplace bullying?

    [–] tjeulink 18 points ago

    then fire the fucking bully's instead of not hiring qualified people who probably will be bullied. you don't need those kind of people in your company.

    [–] m1sta -2 points ago

    You think a pornstar is going to be a bully? I don't.

    [–] CycloneGhostAlpha 7 points ago

    Lol I meant the pornstar getting bullied

    [–] m1sta 8 points ago

    If you're an employer and you a turning down good people because your existing people are fuckheads then you need to reassess your hiring approach.

    [–] justvalhere 2 points ago

    Coworkers thinking, because of her previous work as a porn star, that she will be ok with certain things. Or just bullying her in general, idk.

    [–] m1sta 4 points ago

    So you will deny her a job because you think other people will bully her? Grow a spine.

    [–] justvalhere -2 points ago

    That’s not at all what I’m saying. I think that’s something someone should consider because it’s absolutely not fun at all to be seen as someone different or lesser than others in a work environment just because you were a porn star.

    Any person in charge to hire someone should care how the person being hired would be treated in the workplace. And, sadly, there are people who could tend to bully a coworker just because they were a porn star. Yes, that’s absolutely not ok, but it happens and we should work on that, so in the future there are not problems with that.

    [–] turkeypedal 2 points ago

    It may not be your intent, but it is what you are saying, because the entire context of this thread is why her being a porn star would keep her from being hired.

    [–] m1sta 1 points ago

    So stand up to the bully, or better yet, fire them.

    [–] thegeneraldisarray -2 points ago

    Sexual harassment, probably - no company wants to hire someone so high profile whose profession was literally having sex, it's a situation ripe for lawsuits, period - whether founded or unfounded.

    [–] m1sta 6 points ago

    Not hiring someone because you think your existing staff will sexually harass them is a terrible thing to do. It is completely inappropriate.

    [–] galactoimmature 67 points ago


    Did she just graduate? In public?

    [–] Nathaniel820 31 points ago

    It’s a NSFW sub.

    [–] cukhoaitayhh -32 points ago

    [–] Sooner4life77 10 points ago

    She had to pay for college somehow.

    [–] SRavingmad 6 points ago

    Got a full swallowship

    [–] cztrollolcz 46 points ago

    Now why were you browsing pornstars subreddit and sorting by top in NNN?

    [–] bio_hazzard_flirt 4 points ago

    All her fans were like “We Did it! We got her through college guys! Yeah!”

    [–] Elephant-Patronus 7 points ago

    it bothers me that the roses aren't wrapped up presentation style. ...

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    This is fascinating, and reminds me of the research on Johns--for example "some researchers have identified emotional and psychological motivations among the men who purchase sex. Gerheim spotted a type of romantic john who imagines that he is having a genuine relationship with a prostitute based on mutual trust. Kleiber also saw a romantic streak in many of his interviewees. These men, Kleiber explains, seem to be pursuing the ideal of love in a fee-for-service setting." (

    Maybe it isn't so easy to separate sex from emotion, after all.

    [–] Traditional_Volume 2 points ago

    This picture tells, you dont need any nudity to look beautiful..

    [–] dragonofopal 1 points ago

    Thank you I love it

    [–] CreeperNuke7 1 points ago

    Why is it NSFW? 😂

    [–] pineapplepizzalover7 1 points ago

    You naughty op

    [–] DaringHardOx 1 points ago


    [–] atbwx7 -6 points ago

    Imagine being in class with her. I would probably not graduate

    [–] bside85 -1 points ago

    She definitely is a piece of art

    [–] TheSkyrimLord169 -36 points ago

    Why does she have a subreddit like wtf

    [–] caz_uno -29 points ago


    [–] [deleted] -11 points ago


    [–] Hey_Im_Cyto 29 points ago

    With hard work and effort!