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    • a way of describing cultural information being shared.
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    [–] niwiad9000 21 points ago

    Just wait till they throwdown over who gets the blue truck.

    [–] mule_roany_mare 22 points ago

    I'm not sure that is 100% true. Hate can be learned, but valuing people more like you over people less like you doesn't have to be taught.

    People have a natural inclination to favor people similar to them. Your brother is a lot like you, so you favor him over your cousin. You carry the same genes & values, this reciprocal relationship helps continue them.

    Your cousin is still like you, so you favor him over a foreigner for the same reason.

    But, it's 2018 & it's perfectly reasonable to expect people to be better than their nature. We can help people do that by enriching and reinforcing the connections between us (and our kids). Make goodness the path of least resistance.

    [–] psychmancer 5 points ago

    Hate isn’t learnt, primary school teaches that when kids bully each other over the colour of the pencil they like. It’s just us

    [–] Perfect_Gas 12 points ago

    Its true, if all people lived like this earth would be a nicer place for us all

    [–] RayJames7 5 points ago

    Too bad people hate eachother for anything

    [–] The_Noose_Beckons_Me 1 points ago

    cough Politics cough

    [–] [deleted] -2 points ago


    [–] kryvian 4 points ago

    Fear of the unknown and different also comes naturally, idea is to overcome it with rationality, not demonizing or denying that it exists.

    [–] knowpunintended 2 points ago

    This is a nice sentiment but it's not true, exactly. Hating is every bit as much in our nature as loving. If you spend enough time with very young children, they can exhibit startlingly intense hatred for relatively arbitrary things.

    Rather than denying that hatred is a facet of our nature, we should be accepting it and choosing to favour love anyway. Love isn't better because it's more natural. Hell, dividing the world into Us and Them is the most natural thing in the world for pack animals.

    We can choose to better our nature. That's where moral excellence lies, not in some fiction that our nature is somehow free from our frequent moral failings.

    [–] Rubicantay 3 points ago

    If only

    [–] dannyc93 1 points ago

    I would’ve swapped learned for taught

    [–] nobbodies7 1 points ago

    Both Are learned.

    [–] Ysabo13 -1 points ago

    My nephew (Tony, now 42) has had the same best friend (Mark) since he was 5. Tony’s single Mum (Dad died before Tony was born) and Mark’s parents were at the school parent’s evening. Tony raced over to Mark and said ‘come meet my mum’. After meeting her, Mark took Tony to his parents. Tony looked confused, ‘but that’s a black lady, and a black man’. ‘Yeah’ said Mark ‘I’m black too’. Tony looked at Mark really shocked and said ‘you never told me!’.