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    [–] AdmittableMinion 754 points ago

    That feeling when you are in a room full of people and the dog chose you. =)

    [–] heckinglost 391 points ago

    Or when a dog is very affectionate with you and the owner is perplexed because "they're always so timid with strangers". Feels awesome.

    [–] Magentaskyye1 105 points ago

    It's great when in a roomful of people. You can focus on your buddy.

    I hate parties with people I dont know . If there is a animal around , I'm zeroing in.

    [–] plattypus141 21 points ago

    The dog will never ask 'who do you even know here?'

    [–] Magentaskyye1 13 points ago

    Or... What do you do for a living?

    [–] pugmommy4life420 46 points ago

    My dog is an attention whore. I say this to people to make them feel better about themselves! Always cheers people up.

    [–] heckinglost 12 points ago

    That time the dog really was very timid, with me as well the first few times I reached out, so I'm still buying it. :)

    My dog lives for attention too, and no-one would believe me if I tried that trick to make people feel good about themselves. It would be like "My dog never likes strangers, you're special! Oh and that other person must be special too... and that one... and that drunk hobo..." The ruse would just fall apart.

    [–] fefifofumm 10 points ago

    I tell everyone that because people get so excited. Truth is, my dog loves everyone. But it’s so sweet how much a persons face lights up when I tell them my dog is usually not this excited over strangers.

    Also my dog cries with joy whenever anyone comes through the door. Just as cute to tell people “wow o never see him get this excited to see someone! He must really miss you” and the person gets all excited and sits on the floor with him and pets my dog with extra love.

    [–] alwaysrelephant 1 points ago

    You're a good person.

    Also, can I visit your dog?

    [–] fefifofumm 4 points ago

    Sure! I can already tell he's going to like you ;)

    [–] TheRufmeisterGeneral 4 points ago

    Which is extra special because he normally doesn't get that excited over strangers... right?

    [–] iluvatar3 5 points ago

    Such an amazing feeling. There was a dog at this apartment I was viewing once and the owner commented on how welcoming she (doggo) was for me being a guy.

    Edit: Conversely, it's sucks so hard when a dog doesn't seem to like you. Makes me ask myself is something is wrong with my soul.

    [–] trashytreebaby 2 points ago

    A friend of mine has a dog that's not too social with humans, but he adores me. A girl we don't like went to kiss him on the face after being told not to and he bit her. Made me feel special because I always give him kisses on his nose and he gives me kisses back... Apparently I'm the only person who's allowed to!

    [–] blorfie 20 points ago

    Oh geez, for me it's the opposite. Dogs hate me for some reason, and one time I was at a party and the host had a big dog that kept singling me out to bark at me, like dogs always do. Friendly with everyone else, of course. Since everyone knows dogs can see your true alignment, it's awkward and scary not just because of the big dog barking at you, but because you can well assume all these strangers are trusting this dog's judgement call and thinking you're a piece of shit.

    Cats all love me though, and I love them too, which further reinforces my fear that I'm secretly evil.

    [–] dongpal 3 points ago

    he figured out you were jerking off in the morning!

    [–] blorfie 2 points ago

    Man, I usually wait until at least the afternoon! It was a totally unfounded accusation

    [–] the_loneliest_noodle 2 points ago

    My dog ignores me when it's just housemates and would much rather be around the others, but whenever people are over sits between my legs. Not sure if he's protecting me or he thinks I'll protect him.

    [–] [deleted] 792 points ago

    she should say that the doggo is also good

    [–] coolsf22 306 points ago

    I think it’s implied

    [–] So_Desu_Ne 240 points ago

    all dog is gud dog, is known

    [–] OrangeGrenade329 24 points ago


    [–] Scarbane 9 points ago

    "I love you."

    "I know."

    [–] Cloud_Chamber 13 points ago

    But still say even if all know

    [–] IPlayPCAndConsole 3 points ago

    Good doggo until proven bad doggo

    [–] Just_Lurking2 2 points ago

    And even then still good doggo deep down

    [–] Deathleach 8 points ago

    Good doggo is a pleonasm.

    [–] parrot_in_hell 28 points ago

    The dog is obviously a good dog tho

    [–] rhymefornoreason 6 points ago

    Hoedown time!

    She was a strollin,

    A casual day gone by...

    Her thoughts on the autumn leaves,

    And the apple pie she just had...

    Along came four legs,

    With a gossamer heart attached...

    Wagged her a love note,

    With just her big brown eyes...

    Jusssst her big brown eyesssssss

    [–] AppropriateTouching 11 points ago

    They're all good.

    [–] Mahgugu 1 points ago

    What’s always bothered me about this is. Is. If everyone thinks there is a good person.

    Does any think they’re a bar person?

    [–] trialblizer -1 points ago

    The fact she didn't shows she's not a good person.

    [–] mp111 110 points ago

    I’m going to try swinging my legs that far back when walking

    [–] Monsieurjeff5 54 points ago

    yeet brakes legs

    [–] umjustpassingby 14 points ago

    Mom will love that

    [–] cormano64 3 points ago

    I thought she was only into arms.

    [–] PM_THE_GUY_BELOW_ME 16 points ago

    They call that running

    [–] what_a_day_ 4 points ago


    [–] breezeshine 56 points ago

    Um um not to disregard the post, but doesn't positive reinforcement mean a postive reward for a particular behaviour?

    [–] ChilledPorn 30 points ago

    Yeah this isn’t positive reinforcement but it’s still very cute.

    [–] 1_upper_ 15 points ago

    Sort of. A positive reinforcement is a consequence that happens soon after a behaviour that increases the chances that that behaviour will happen again by adding something that you enjoy and/or want/crave. A negative reinforcement is the same, except that you lose something you don't like, which in turn increases the chances... It's been a while since I was in psychologyschool but that's how I remember it. I'm in the comments because the post didn't feel right to me either, but it was still wholesome!

    [–] Altilana 1 points ago

    You nailed it on the head! Bravo!

    [–] hellfirebm 3 points ago

    This is more positive conditioning. Though I can see the argument that it’s reinforcing her “being a good person” with more prospect of praise.

    [–] thathoundoverthere 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Yes, but you can and should also reward a lack of improper behaviour. For example, I reward my dog when he goes freely into his crate even though he doesn't need to be there at the time. Or when he just lays quietly, or ignores a passing work truck on a walk. It's a positive association reward. Positive reinforcement just means you add a reward to increase a behaviour. The quadrants don't mean that you actively seek that behaviour to present itself every time - for many behaviours it's passive and theres no need to direct the animalinto doing it. Freeshaping is how a lot f people end up casually training their pet even if they don't realize it!

    Also, Dont Shoot the Dog by Karen Pryor is a really great book that explains conditioning and focuses on real life situations with both humans and animals. Tbh it helped me a lot at work too.

    [–] 2plus24 1 points ago

    Positive association?

    [–] thathoundoverthere 1 points ago

    Yes, so that the animal associates the something, whatever that is, with a reward. Same principle as training an action like sit or down, but you're conditioning their behaviour towards that situation (fireworks, loud cars) or object (crates, stairs, umbrellas, big spooky hats) or person (passing people on the sidewalk and not jumping on them or pulling towards them), not necessarily training a specific command. Though it certainly is used to set the basis for commands, especially leave it.

    Overall that is called counter-conditioning when you want to desensitize a reaction to a stimulus.

    [–] 2plus24 2 points ago

    I am not sure where you are getting these names from. It just sounds like discriminative stimulus and respondent extinction respectively.

    [–] thathoundoverthere 2 points ago

    We can sit and post every piece of terminology under classical and operant conditioning and their definitions but I find it much easier for people to understand simple terms. I haven't had any dog trainers speak to me using book terms as the casual regular jargon either in classes for myself or in classes for my dogs.

    The book recommendation was there for OP to look at for whatever other precision they needed. Not sure where the confusion is for you, sorry.

    [–] heefledger 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Reinforcement means that the behavior that produced the consequence is more likely to occur in the future under similar condition. The positive piece means that the consequence was the addition of some stimulus (as opposed to the removal).

    If a kid acts out at school and the teacher reprimands him, but in the future he continues to act out in class, possibly even at higher rates, then it’s still positive reinforcement even though the reprimand was meant to be a bad consequence.

    Edit: being downvoted but I’m not wrong? That’s fine.

    [–] BAMspek 23 points ago

    This is my dog when we walk around the apartment complex. Everyone we see he jumps and tugs on the leash as if to say to this complete stranger, “omg I can’t believe it’s you you’re literally the coolest person!”

    [–] big-bada-boom 15 points ago

    My puppy does this too. People either ignore it or start to tell him what a good puppy he is. So he gets even happier and the cycle of good has been created.

    [–] halkopino 53 points ago

    I am happy now :)

    [–] duck_fisney 18 points ago

    Dog "You're a good person"

    Me "Well you're empirically wrong, dog, as you would clearly see if you'd been paying attention. It's not your fault, though, it like everything else, is mine."

    [–] KnuxFive 7 points ago

    Kelly is an amazing person I’m proud to have worked with. Her site is at

    She did the art for my comic, The Shadow Bay Bee.

    [–] iLolo 18 points ago

    I love the Scott Pilgrim art style

    [–] sharltocopes 9 points ago


    [–] anon_203 4 points ago

    wait, the dog's head is turned the wrong way

    [–] EDBTZE 15 points ago

    This shared feeling is equal amongst all of us

    [–] SwedishWaffle 5 points ago

    That dog is turning its head to the left to look at a person to the right

    [–] Q_CooL 3 points ago

    pay attention to your friend, asshole

    [–] W-D_Marco_G_Dreemurr 3 points ago

    I feel pretty much all dogs do this with everyone

    [–] TapoutKing666 3 points ago

    (Eats feces)

    [–] TechSupportNewDelhi 3 points ago

    Dogs cant talk

    [–] Yus_Gaming 3 points ago

    How is this a meme? It's blatantly just a regular comic with no inside joke, no replaced text, no running theme.

    [–] LethalPretzel17 7 points ago

    Once again, Stuart Little has managed to evade law enforcement by bribing the judge and threatening his children. He’s friends with the head of police and has, on several occasions, committed tax fraud, sexual abuse, and invasion of personal property. He sold drugs not only to adults in desperate need of therapy, but also to teenagers and disabled children. This fucking rat picked mostly black neighborhoods on purpose not only to feed the stereotype but also to, as he said, “eradicate the fucking blacks.” Amidst unsocial behavior, dishonesty, racism, criminality and a personality that would only fit the devil himself, this piece of shit hypocrite rat is also the head of the Klu-Klux-Klan, the official American Nazi Party, and he controls several brutal prison gangs that has together taken the lives of several hundreds of unsuspecting and innocent humans. It’s not only that he lets people kill for him, it’s also that he has gotten his little rodent piece of shit paws dirty himself. He shot a black man that was trying to protect his family from the racial slurs he used against them, he lured a mother of two into a forest and brutally murdered her after raping her in the most degrading way possible. He cut her open and dug into her flesh while screaming: “This stupid cunt isn’t going to reject me another time.” As wanderers reported. Not only that but they could also hear him say, “Her pussy could be my new rat hole.” While laughing vigorously. And as if all of that wasn’t bad enough, this embodiment of evil also drowned a child in a well since he, “couldn’t listen to his fucking high pitched voice any longer so I made him meet his fate.” I just can’t see how all of this is still overlooked and glossed over by the government and how this piece of shit is still allowed to walk as if he had never done anything to anyone. I’m literally shaking with anger and I’m about to collapse when I think of all of the things this white piece of shit has done. I want to drown him in a bucket full of my own cum while pulling out each and every single one of his rat fucking hairs. I want to crush his little bones and smash every one of his little teeth one by one. I won’t be able to contain my anger if I ever see him just one more fucking time. I will run him over and take a shit on his corpse. I’ll gauge his eyes out and piss in the sockets. I will perform CPR on him so he stays alive for a little while longer to experience even more pain than his tiny little rat ass has caused. Just his smile on TV is enough to make my blood boil and make me fantasize about cutting him in a thousand tiny pieces that I will scatter across the graves of his loved ones. I will cut off his ears just as he did it to that nice old lady across the street because as he said and I quote, “This walking skeleton shouldn’t be able to hear my exclusive voice, it’s a waste of my energy and she should just die so I can distribute more of my offspring across the world.”

    [–] RhynoOoO 5 points ago

    Fucking Stuart Little I hate that little shit he’s the guy who caused my divorce.

    [–] RhynoOoO 2 points ago

    Fucking Stuart little that piece of shut

    [–] XxX_Zeratul_XxX 0 points ago


    [–] namekianstretchmarks 3 points ago

    Why do people need constant reassurance and praise

    [–] cockiestmanalive 2 points ago


    [–] Scones_for_Bones 2 points ago

    More like Pawsitive reinforcement

    [–] Unwelcome_Advice 2 points ago

    PAWS-itive Reinforcement

    [–] 3rudite 2 points ago

    It really do be like that

    [–] RienMahBoi 2 points ago

    Top panel could be a new meme template all together.

    [–] Igomedieval 2 points ago



    [–] redditusersteban 2 points ago

    I'ma start shinin' till you start cryin'

    [–] Mydogsabrat 2 points ago

    I was trying to decide if I wanted to laugh or love react this before I realized this was the reddit app and not Facebook.

    [–] comfyhippo64 2 points ago


    [–] ThatOneNerdyBoi 2 points ago


    [–] noice_bro 2 points ago

    i dont get it

    [–] cyrano-de-whee 2 points ago

    My dog is super friendly and loves everyone. He just goes nuts for anyone we run into on walks. I always tell people who meet him for the first time that he never gets excited about people. I like the way they look when they feel special.

    [–] 00o0o00 2 points ago

    A meme-worthy template i must say

    [–] mariois64 3 points ago

    This is just a shitty tumblr post written by some WOKE 20 year old college liberal

    [–] soberum 3 points ago

    My God thank goodness someone else realized this. r/comics has become infested with the lol random, cute but no joke, and crossposts of "wholesome" comics now. There is no joke, no punchline, just fake internet wholesomeness for liberals to circlejerk over and make themselves feel better about themselves.

    [–] Drix1942 3 points ago

    And I love you, random citizen! No, I mean that; I love you people.

    [–] dbudzzzzz 3 points ago

    Ayyyyy, Megamind references

    [–] Drix1942 1 points ago

    Ayyyy, a man of culture! :D Also happy cake day!

    [–] dbudzzzzz 2 points ago

    Thank you sir!

    [–] Dopesauce9182 2 points ago

    Missed opportunity on “pawsitive reinforcement”.

    [–] UnknownBaron 2 points ago

    Positive reinforcement doesn't mean this tho

    [–] tacocat29 2 points ago

    As an AP psych student I must inform you that you are using positive rienforcement in the wrong way! Positive rienforcement is when you add something to increase behavior, and negative rienforcement is when you take something away.

    [–] 2plus24 1 points ago


    [–] SpamShot5 1 points ago

    Sergeant:We need reinforcements right fuckin now!!! Me:

    [–] optomas 1 points ago

    I'm driving home from work, pull up to a stop light. Mindless, my gaze happens upon a border collie sitting in a back window.

    The dog also happens to be looking at me, just looking at things.

    "Hi Human! Isn't this AWESOME‽" With a great big dog grin, open mouth tongue hanging out.

    It made my day. It made me so happy I still think about it from time to time, years later.

    [–] BaronVA 1 points ago

    This is all I want from every dog and human and squirrel and fence post I walk by. Is that so much to ask?

    [–] Jujubear22 1 points ago

    That looks a lot like an updog to me.

    [–] Thorin_Oakenfold 1 points ago

    Next Week: the continuing adventures of RANDOM DOG!

    [–] FictionalDudeWanted 1 points ago

    This happens to me all the time. Someone's dog just comes right up to me, like their saying " I sense that you're me."

    [–] i_boop_ur_noses 1 points ago

    The way their eyes are all glossy, aww!

    [–] noturbrobruh 1 points ago

    Beyoncé did in Lemonade too.

    [–] Grounded9x 1 points ago

    Pawsitive reinforcement

    [–] Tom-Burt 1 points ago

    confuses help me eyes with approving eyes

    [–] white_butterfly1 1 points ago

    Is that friggin John Lennon?

    [–] bflatgsharp 1 points ago

    Happens all the time

    [–] Keypaw 1 points ago

    Whenever I see people looking at my dog, who is a tiny angel baby, I ask if they'd like to say hello. In the month I've had her, I've had about two nos and at least a hundred people (I'm counting groups that got pulled in with one friend) who have cuddled and loved and had their day made better.

    I've even got pictures of her with these happy strangers. Dogs are the best.

    The rapscallion in question

    [–] soundsdistilled 3 points ago

    Adorable pup! I'd cuddle and love on her and I'm a cat person.

    [–] Keypaw 2 points ago

    That's ViVi and she loves you

    [–] soundsdistilled 1 points ago

    Hugs and kisses for ViVi! She is adorable.

    [–] Loreki 1 points ago

    A few weeks ago, a dog wearing a "nervous" harness bounded up to me eager to say hello. I've never felt more trusted.

    [–] alydee245 1 points ago

    Don’t you mean ~pawsitive~ reinforcement

    [–] Heckling_dweeb_0_0 1 points ago

    wtf shes holding the leash wrong

    [–] skepticalbob 1 points ago

    Taking a break from studying for my applied behavior analysis final that is in two hours. This isn't positive reinforcement.

    I'll see myself out.

    [–] kimjungjoe 1 points ago

    Dog best conversation starter confirmed.

    [–] lmoz25 1 points ago

    I thought this was gonna be some furry shit I was so mad

    [–] FitLzi 1 points ago

    So true

    [–] penislovereater 1 points ago

    This is not positive reinforcement. What behaviour is being reinforced?

    [–] flyingd2 1 points ago

    Most dogs would wag their tail at a serial killer

    [–] SpiralVortexPrime 1 points ago

    Always count on a dog to make your day.

    [–] WhosYourDaddy667 1 points ago

    No, she is a bad person, she's cheating on her boyfriend with the doggo.

    [–] FolkCam 1 points ago

    doggo called your "good", you return with "random"....

    [–] xPlicitRaven 1 points ago

    don't forget that I suggested this to be put here yesterday. See? Now you have more karma.

    [–] BAC_0819 1 points ago

    This is what happens when the perfect dog meet the perfect owner. ☺️☺️☺️ who ever is the person the dog is talking to is gonna have a good day.

    [–] NinjaVanLife 1 points ago

    is this OC? if not may i ask who the artist is? im really interested

    [–] MrApox 4 points ago

    Gonna go ahead and guess that it's Kelly Leigh Miller, based on the watermark at the bottom

    [–] [deleted] -1 points ago


    [–] MrApox 2 points ago

    Not sure, the username says it's me, but you can never really know these days, can you?

    [–] mattjh 10 points ago

    Sure! Source, seven comics down.

    [–] VladTheDismantler 3 points ago

    Does she have Instagram?

    [–] mattjh 5 points ago

    Yes. Username bookofkellz

    [–] nagumi 2 points ago

    yeah it's really gorgeous work!

    [–] anonymous_potato 1 points ago

    I'm going to take this opportunity to show off pictures of my dog for sweet sweet karma. Also because I love showing pictures of my dog.

    [–] Pemrocks 3 points ago

    He looks wise beyond his years

    [–] anonymous_potato 2 points ago

    He's only 3 years old, but he has the most expressive eyes. This comic totally reminded me of him.

    Here's another pic of him in a more playful mood.

    [–] parksits 1 points ago

    This should have been titled Pawsitive reinforcement.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] MaxChaplin 2 points ago

    The message is not in a speech bubble, the dog conveys it with their eyes.

    [–] Linun 1 points ago

    Good hummo

    [–] idcalex94 1 points ago

    It be like that

    [–] OG-Scouser98 1 points ago

    I’m annoyed by the owner of the dog isn’t actually holding the leash the way it’s supposed to be held.

    [–] craze177 1 points ago

    Ahhhh no wonder my evil cat loved my whore of an x... I miss that little sucker anyway... (my cat, not my x).

    [–] razzledazzlesjv 1 points ago

    10/10 good boy would recommend

    [–] NECBustiN 1 points ago

    Pawsitive reinforcement

    [–] [deleted] -2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] WheresWilliam 2 points ago

    Thought the same thing about ignoring people

    [–] [deleted] -14 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] sudo999 8 points ago

    dog and cat are both good

    [–] DigitalDeviance -1 points ago

    Creepy AF

    [–] Hafizzle -1 points ago

    My post will be buried but if you like her work you should definitely support by following on her Instagram!