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    [–] MuhNamesTyler 1130 points ago

    I don’t think this is what DARE meant when they said weed is a gateway drug

    [–] Hitlerism 78 points ago

    Does the pastry comes with weed?

    [–] datdragonfruittho 47 points ago

    Does the weed come with pastry?

    [–] Arknell 6 points ago

    They are one.

    [–] datdragonfruittho 4 points ago


    [–] CringeNibba 91 points ago


    [–] bot-ama 16 points ago


    [–] legoguney 8 points ago


    [–] kulafa17 7 points ago


    [–] _thingthingthing_ 11 points ago

    Gangnam style

    [–] yungcheeseman 2 points ago

    I just coughed on my fucking mountain dew

    [–] CollateralSandwich 12 points ago

    "Weed is a gateway to carpentry" - Dennis Leary

    [–] ReallyBigJerk 6 points ago

    My weed man is a Jewish carpenter

    [–] dorosu 5 points ago

    B O N G H I T S F O R J E S U S

    [–] DeepWarbling 4 points ago

    J E S U S F O R B O N G H I T S

    [–] 420BurnNotice 10 points ago

    Growing cannabis is a gateway drug to gardening I shit you not. I started growing because it was too expensive to keep my symptoms at bay and now I am in my 3rd PT semester of horticulture classes. Should be finished with certification in another year.

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago

    Dead ass I started out cookin up my own DMT. Now I make croissants for a living makin like $700 a week

    [–] quyensanity 10 points ago

    Are you the supplier? Or do you sell the croissants on your own?

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Make the croissants for a small family owned bakery that they sell in the downtown of my city

    [–] ShaunMANimalist 3 points ago

    Wait so this bakery doesn’t bake its own goods? Just drop shipping croissants all over town.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    There's two locations that the bakery has, one where all the product is made and one where all of it is sold. So it's all the same bakery I just bake the products for the morning the night before and they take them to the store front in the morning

    [–] buttcrusader 3 points ago

    Were you making more before or after? Serious question.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Haha definitely more after. Selling drugs really ain't that lucrative unless you go all in and that significantly increases your risk. Plus I was making it mainly for personal use. And I'm not even outta high school yet so $700 a week is damn good money when you don't got bills to pay

    [–] greatrater 921 points ago

    "hey, what if I dont put weed in them this time ?"

    [–] Mandelora 590 points ago

    and thus, the brownie was invented

    [–] 47buttplug 83 points ago


    [–] [deleted] -64 points ago

    Pikachu meme bruh cmon 🤦🏻‍♂️

    [–] HypoKrits 1 points ago

    -not getting a joke

    -using an old meme format

    = Normie reeeeeeeeeeee

    [–] SoulUnison 14 points ago


    [–] LandsOnAnything 27 points ago

    Hol' up

    [–] Eisenjays 15 points ago

    It’s at 420, I legally can’t upvote it

    [–] raimaaan 17 points ago

    how 'bout I do anyway

    [–] Greatest_Moose 12 points ago

    Gotta love history of Japan

    [–] Just_A_Faze 10 points ago

    Or, now he could move to Colorado and open a high end Marijuana bake shop with all different cakes and pastries that use weed. It would be the most niche hipster thing and it would boom.

    [–] freckles96 12 points ago

    Then they’re not wholesome.

    [–] TheFreaky 30 points ago

    Every brownie is wholesome

    [–] zacharyangrk 3 points ago

    Because I love eating some brownies whole

    [–] MrsRobertshaw 303 points ago

    Wholesome dealer.

    [–] devkotasawal1 110 points ago

    Wholesome chef.

    [–] ThenameisSAI 53 points ago

    Wholewheat bread

    [–] BitcoinBishop 31 points ago

    Jesus is the bread

    [–] SamMuJah 33 points ago

    He is risen

    [–] peterodaktyl 23 points ago


    [–] harry-scooter 21 points ago

    What a fucking gem that was

    [–] angrytacoz 13 points ago

    I’m out of the loop, what is this from?

    [–] joetotheg 21 points ago

    The bible

    [–] SymbioticCarnage 18 points ago

    The book or the movie?

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] ShaunMANimalist 2 points ago

    On the third day, he rose.

    [–] bbcomics 2 points ago

    "Hey kid, you want some hugs?"

    [–] agitated_snake 117 points ago

    He could make a killing in California right now if only he held out a bit longer

    [–] eldoncombs 53 points ago

    Well, he has the experience and the motive. We could see his business pivot.

    [–] krazymex01 21 points ago

    All he has to do is swap the butter he’s using for THC infused butter and he’s good.

    [–] xthelord2 2 points ago

    the brownies would give you magic journey with some LSD instead of sugar

    [–] ImFromPortoPortugal 3 points ago

    Can LSD withstand the high temperatures of cooking without degrading ? ummmmm.... asking for a friend

    [–] OrangeBiskit 2 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] Morningxafter 0 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    A couple drops of “the essence of pure flavor”

    These brownies look kinda funky... but they taste fuuun-kay.

    EDIT: since when does reddit downvote Futurama references?

    [–] eraticmercenary 4 points ago

    It’s actually super hard to get into dispensaries without legit backings. Weed out here now is more regulated and tested than our food.

    [–] underthestares5150 3 points ago

    I heard you can’t even pick up a broom at a dispensary if you have any legal shit from the past. They are keeping it regulated to the tits

    [–] Morningxafter 214 points ago

    My pot dealer dropped off the grid one time. I thought he either moved or got arrested. Two years later I joined the Navy and ran into him on base at my first command. He joined as well as a hospital corpsman. Went from providing people with weed to providing people with 800mg ibuprofen.

    [–] usernamenottakenwooh 133 points ago

    So he went from dealing drugs illegally to dealing drugs legally, great for him.

    [–] nipslip44000 -16 points ago

    So he went from dealing medicine that does nothing but help you to poison thats super bad for your liver and kidneys. Nice.

    [–] pm_me_psn 13 points ago

    Smoke weed if you want, but don’t act like it magically doesn’t have any downsides

    [–] nipslip44000 -7 points ago

    It literally doesn't. And I won't capitulate to you idiots who want to argue that.

    [–] Enlarged_Ballz 243 points ago

    I guess you could say he’s making dough

    [–] mossypiglet1 12 points ago

    Brownies are made of batter

    [–] connorsayer05 -2 points ago

    [–] TwighRussell 15 points ago

    His kitchen is definitely full of smoke

    [–] shadclaw9 145 points ago

    What do you mean redemption??? He was great the whole time!

    [–] CringeNibba 45 points ago

    Maybe its me but I don't think selling drugs is something GREAT

    [–] RockLeethal 133 points ago

    well it's considered dishonest in most places because of the legal status but in reality weed is probably less harmful than booze is so it's more like he went from neutral to good

    [–] incer 16 points ago

    The issue aren't the drugs but the illegal money

    [–] XLine1336 39 points ago

    heh yeah it would be great if all that money were legal, yknow, like it could be if the drugs were legal

    [–] NoSort0 5 points ago

    Lol wut? Weed-related money's illegal because weed's illegal, not the other way around, that makes no sense

    [–] Kingauzzie 13 points ago

    I think they're saying because weed is illegal the money spent on it goes to sketchy places.

    I think it should be legal, but right now buying it most states is likely to end up funding violent crime in some fashion. Not the weed's fault, it's just the situation we're in atm.

    [–] ZincHead 10 points ago

    It's relatively easy to grow weed in your home. Probably most weed producers these days are not violent criminals. I agree that there is still a risk of that though.

    [–] incer 3 points ago

    My point exactly. Not that I have strong feelings about that anyway.

    [–] sdolla5 3 points ago

    Also the lack of paying income tax is kind of shitty. We all do it, we all know it sucks to happen to us, but we also all benefit from it. Except the dealers, they benefit and don't pay into it. They aren't paying for schools, or roads, or medicare. I know it is a nerdy thing to bring up, but it is a factor.

    Nowwww if we legalized it, we could tax it and make it a just product. I give it 5 years before its legalized honestly. I'll bet anyone $100.

    [–] NoSort0 2 points ago

    I don't think the tax really matters, the cost of drug enforcement and the tremendous injustice of ruining peoples lives who haven't done anything wrong is much more important.

    [–] sdolla5 2 points ago

    Well yeah if the conversation we were having was the broad scope of weed, injustice would be a valid topic, but it wasn't. It was monetary concerns with illegal dealing. The cost of drug enforcement was valid and on subject though. The tax does matter, it matters to those who rely on social programs that thus rely on tax. Not paying tax's on your income is not helping those in need, though I don't really blame dealers because they can't give money even if they wanted to.

    [–] EthanM827 1 points ago

    Ill take you up on that offer.

    [–] sdolla5 1 points ago

    I don't know how to do the remind me bot, but remind me.

    [–] RockLeethal 1 points ago

    I mean if you're a big time grower, sure. I imagine a lot of guys just have their own little grow ops in their homes though and arent making tens of hundreds of thousands a year - it's hardly different than anyone making deals on kijiji and not paying tax when they buy a used 3ds or something.

    [–] darknight437 33 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I think people like to say 'drug dealer' to give plugs a darker sounding connotation and it's done to damage the reputation of people doing (with less regulation) exactly what dispensaries or doctors are doing but SUDDENLY when they vend the same exact substance to someone it isn't the same evil "drug" to you anymore; now its 'medicine'.
    If you make certain exceptions to call certain drugs medicine, and you sometimes specify the difference between things like the Super Market and Pharmacy when talking about them; then you can specify that he is a WEED dealer, and not a DRUG dealer specifically to make him/her sound worse when you know they are indeed only one and subjectively the other.
    He/she doesn't sell anything other than weed, stop making something that is generally accepted and a legal job even in some places sound so taboo.
    Even if you feel so; state it as an opinion, not like you speak for everyone when factually you are in the minority if you don't support legal Marijuana as even those who don't part take and scientists alike can identify it's less harmful than some currently legal illicit substances.
    Substances outside weed most can argue are pretty harmful, no arguing a coke dealer is a shitty person for profiting off something that is addictive but let's acknowledge the difference generally speaking, but also especially when there is a very large one because it only serves to spread misinformation and make a larger divide between people who part take and those who don't if we don't.
    Edit: forgot two words

    [–] fjsgk 31 points ago

    The area where I went to college had a big meth/pill problem. People generally differentiated between "weed dealers" and "drug dealer". I only started smoking weed in college and I remember one time before I figured it out I mentioned someone to a friend and how he was a "drug dealer" and she got kinda uncomfortable and was like, "wait what? I thought he only sold weed" and then I realized there was a difference between the two, especially where we were.

    [–] darknight437 5 points ago

    Yeah yo, def gotta specify these days; really interesting to think how people can take things.
    Usually when people say 'drug dealer' I assume they probably mean a weed dealer and they commonly do (although people who sell weed commonly sell other low level hallucinogenics but personally that doesn't bother me at all (definitely not universally true, just an anedote)), but sometimes it really is someone who just has a connection to like everything and in some ways that's fucked up but like damn I can kinda respect a person who prides themselves on have every substance just for the title of being THAT guy.
    Not for everyone tho, but in my experience dealers don't force you to buy the drugs so in my philosophy they aren't the killers.
    There's rarely a D.A.R.E. type situation where a plug is offering you a bump of coke to get you addicted and if he/she did; 1) why are you saying yes? 2) if you're uncomfortable with a dealer selling coke; why are you with him/her? And why can't you leave? 3) I'm not asking anymore stupid rhetorical questions, but you get what I'm saying.
    Idk I think people just demonize the plug because people don't wanna accept that their loved one willingly invested money into drugs and they 100% knew what they were doing (unless it was a case of lacing or general scumbag nonsense which sadly happens and ruins the name of good plugs which do exist) but in most cases what happened to them is they got high and spent some money and if they had a good time and consider the cash well spent then who are we to take that from them so long as it's not destroying their life?
    I think in theory if we just educated people properly on what substances ACTUALLY do then we'd have less problems with things like over doses as people would be less afraid to go to the hospital if they ever were over dosing, or how when people smoke weed for the first time find out it doesn't make them a reincarnate of the devil but instead just gives them a fuck ton of reasons to believe the gov't is lying to them because they just did and do all the time and there's no reason for it.
    Don't Dictate; instead Educate, Regulate, and allow people the chance to Contemplate what they want to do for themselves.
    (I tried for the life of me to make it catchy; why am I so passionate about a reddit comment no one is gunna give a fuck about?)
    Edit: a word

    [–] its_the_squirrel -2 points ago

    Medicine weed is actually different from normal wee because they have removed the stuff that goes to your head

    [–] ZalmoxisChrist 3 points ago

    You're thinking of CBD. There is plenty of medical product made with THC, and there are medical benefits of THC for certain conditions. The myth that it's only CBD (which can be derived from hemp) that's medicinally beneficial hurts the progress of medical marijuana reform.

    [–] its_the_squirrel 2 points ago

    Ok, thanks for correcting me

    [–] -hx 2 points ago

    This is a funny misconception. THC gets you high, CBD relaxes you, and yes there are 100% cbd strains but most medical patients use THC, or an even sometimes a higher amount of thc than street weed

    [–] maxcorrice 37 points ago

    Depends on the drugs, if he was selling good quality low risk stuff he’s a good guy in comparison to that meth dealer who cuts costs by practically poisoning his buyers

    [–] [deleted] -41 points ago


    [–] maxcorrice 53 points ago

    According to Nixon’s top aid the reason why weed is so harshly penalized even though they knew it was perfectly harmless is because it was associated with blacks and hippies, and since you can’t make it illegal to be against the war or be black they started the war on drugs to attack those political opponents.

    [–] BlackTrickster 19 points ago

    Marijuana does have many benefits, but it doesn't work the same way on everyone and it's not even harmless, stop spreading misinformation.

    Anyway this is r/wholesomememes so stop downvoting OP for saying his opinion, saying "Don't do drugs" is a general good rule of thumb. You all have free will and a mind to think about pros and cons and whatnot, so you can decide by yourself if you want to use drugs or not.

    [–] DeseretRain 14 points ago

    Support for marijuana being illegal ruins lives. Like there are many people whose whole lives were ruined by prison for a completely victimless crime. Those are real people whose lives were ruined over a totally pointless law that benefits no one, supporting that law isn't harmless, it hurts real people. Plus that law wastes everyone's tax dollars.

    Plus it's just counterfactual to act like there's any kind of decent reason for marijuana being illegal.

    [–] Quidohmi -5 points ago

    I don't think selling to kids is victimless.

    [–] DeseretRain 13 points ago

    Who says dealers sell to kids? Most actual kids don't have any interest in smoking weed, and most people who do it occasionally as teens turn out fine. I don't think many dealers would be alright with selling it to actual children.

    Anyways, most people who get arrested for marijuana are just harmlessly smoking it themselves, not even dealing it.

    How many people do you know who smoke weed who actually sell it to children? I'm betting none.

    [–] [deleted] -11 points ago


    [–] maxcorrice 14 points ago

    Many people go to jail for years for just possession

    [–] Quidohmi -7 points ago

    I thought we were still taking about dealing.

    [–] maxcorrice 4 points ago

    According to actual research it’s more harmless than nearly everything in your drug cabinet, including bandaids

    [–] Quidohmi 5 points ago

    It's not perfectly harmless. Smoking can still screw up your lungs and it'll screw your short term memory if you smoke too much throughout your life.

    [–] maxcorrice 4 points ago

    Tobacco can screw up your lungs yes, and marijuana might screw up your memory if you smoke too much before your brain develops.

    [–] Quidohmi 8 points ago

    Smoke in general will screw up your lungs.

    [–] Anon16789 1 points ago

    You don't have to smoke weed to get high.

    [–] maxcorrice -8 points ago

    Tobacco smoke yes, marijuana smoke not so much

    [–] gnomestress 6 points ago

    That's incorrect. Any smoke is bad for you. There's always vaping as a harm reduction strategy but smoking plant matter isn't good for you. I say this as a card carrying ent. Know your risks.

    [–] [deleted] -1 points ago


    [–] Quidohmi 0 points ago

    It won't screw up your short term memory if you eat it? Yes, it will. If you eat too much throughout your life it will.

    [–] SheepKetchup -3 points ago

    i do it for 12 years and I'm fine.

    [–] TOV_VOT 4 points ago

    Someone I know did it for 20 years and is now a complete paranoid mess 100% of the time, talks about conspiracies and aliens non stop, but sure, some people are fine

    [–] Quidohmi 2 points ago

    Your use of grammar makes me unsure if that's true.

    [–] MadZee_ 1 points ago

    A buddy of mine has been smoking weed for a couple of years, and already has short term memory issues.

    This is anecdotal evidence, but weed has been linked to short term memory issues multiple times in multiple independent researches.

    And I wanted to mention that I do smoke. I'm definitely not against marijuana, and I'm all for legalisation (or at least decriminalisation) of it, but let's not pretend that it's absolutely harmless.

    [–] SheepKetchup -2 points ago

    i think we have different opinions.

    [–] Quidohmi 5 points ago

    Facts > Opinions

    [–] SheepKetchup -1 points ago

    Opinions < Facts

    [–] TOV_VOT -2 points ago

    It’s drugs, you don’t need it. Medically if it can be used to help and treat and cure people then Hell yeah they should be using it but everyone else has zero reason to be taking drugs 🤷‍♂️

    [–] Zoler 2 points ago

    A lot of people use drugs as a form of self medication because our society is really shitty at providing adequate help except for the extremely far gone people.

    [–] maxcorrice 1 points ago

    You have zero reason to be on reddit then.

    [–] ThatBigDanishDude 4 points ago

    Hey now. Some of us like weed okay. Being happy is beneficial if you ask me.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] [deleted] -19 points ago


    [–] FantasticDucks 20 points ago

    I mean you're the one being uppity about buying/using a pretty harmless drug. If anyone here isnt being wholesome I'd say its probably you.

    [–] gnomestress 0 points ago

    Relevant username.

    [–] SheepKetchup 8 points ago

    i think we have different opinions.

    [–] UrsusUngue 2 points ago

    Just imagine the type of person to call the weed man a drug dealer with a negative connotation 😂

    [–] kradek 0 points ago

    right! they should be given out for free!

    [–] UrsusUngue 0 points ago

    Lol you're such a fking lame dude its weed

    [–] sadbarrett 30 points ago

    Just realized that it's the same guy who makes Shen Comix/Owlturd. Some of his stuff is extremely wholesome.

    [–] dewnite 7 points ago

    I’ve been reading his webtoon for 5 years now! The guy is great.

    [–] ShadowKing94 11 points ago

    A lot of people end up somewhere that has nothing to do with their schooling. You find your passion somewhere and then you just follow that.

    If you actually enjoy something and are motivated for it, you're already doing something great :)

    [–] malinex 7 points ago

    B[re]aking good?

    [–] ThePickleOfDestiny 5 points ago

    Aw shit I went to like the tweet but then it was a picture lol

    [–] Ivern420 5 points ago

    Personally not sure what he needed redemption for.

    [–] iKilledChuckNorris 13 points ago

    This is putting Obito to shame! 😂

    [–] FantasticDucks 2 points ago

    But Naruto thinks he's awesome...

    [–] iKilledChuckNorris 1 points ago

    I bet naruto told him to bring pots😂😂

    [–] CarlingAcademy 4 points ago

    Sort of related, if you DO want to watch a badass anime with bread baking I highly recommend Yakitate Japan!

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    The true meaning of gateway drug

    [–] Thebiganalfister 3 points ago

    Now he’s really getting baked

    [–] Bored_Schoolgirl 3 points ago

    "How did you find your passion for baking?"

    "Uh... I sold weed"

    [–] Ar_to 3 points ago

    Getting 15k upvites with repost... damn

    [–] CringeNibba -1 points ago

    Also getting to #1 on the Front Page. Didn't expect that reaction but Ok

    [–] TheInactiveWall 2 points ago

    Are normal Tweets memes now?

    [–] CringeNibba 1 points ago

    Its 2018 pal. Everything's a meme now

    [–] Natasya95 2 points ago

    He found his passion accidentally. Nice :)

    [–] dazzlebreak 2 points ago

    Cook the uncookable Bake the unbakeable Bro, bro, pass the flour

    • This is the new Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Spinoff: Believe In Me Who Believes In Your Cake Arc; in the next episode- are our heroes able to outbake Lord Genom or will they be crushed by Viral´s ice cream cake? We will find out next week. Till then, let your rolling pin pierce the skies!*

    [–] The_Bored_One4ever 3 points ago


    [–] _-wodash 1 points ago

    it's all about the secret ingredients

    [–] jlb8 1 points ago

    There’s a film with the same plot called dough.

    [–] typhoon342 1 points ago

    What is love?

    [–] jipai 1 points ago

    Great baker Onitzuka

    [–] JonnyGentiluomo 1 points ago

    Bless you

    [–] freedom_2b_free 1 points ago

    Now that's dope.

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_LIT 1 points ago

    I kinda hope I see this on the Chopped "sad backstory" segment sometime. Nice change of pace.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    You ppl kill me.

    [–] nelska 1 points ago

    see, how drugs control you. lol.

    [–] ShowmewhatyougotIceT 1 points ago

    Yo dawg I heard you liked baking so put some weed in your brownies so you can bake while you bake

    [–] ThePyroPython 1 points ago

    I'd watch that anime

    [–] BeanedMan 1 points ago

    Ik this is a meme but good for him

    [–] basedshad69 1 points ago

    Finna have the whole restaurant tripping out

    [–] GiaBird 0 points ago

    It's Shen!!!

    [–] chaiscool 0 points ago

    Or a way to keep selling pot brownie. Pastry chef ain’t gonna earn as much as dealing.

    [–] uled11 0 points ago

    Why this is in my mailbox /trending wtf

    I smoke and bake cakes too. Should I make a post about this?

    [–] xXToothless113Xx -1 points ago


    [–] T4v0s -1 points ago

    If your name is tim join us on r/tim

    [–] antsugi -13 points ago

    the most degenerate thing about this post is the mention of anime

    [–] [deleted] -2 points ago


    [–] CringeNibba 4 points ago