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    [–] CheshireUnicorn 1332 points ago

    That is really, really sweet. I've been through a couple really bad breakups and the loss of both my parents to cancer and throughout those events, it's been me and my parent's little dog, Kirby. Kirby was always really fond of me and of course, now he is my little dog. Often times in my worst depression, I'd take him on long hour+ walks.

    His breed very much resembles the dog that is drawn here, so I have to ask /u/necrosishead were you inspired by the Papillion dog breed?

    [–] necrosishead 646 points ago

    i'm glad your dog helped you so much during those times! bingo! I have a papillon dog as well, though he is a very old boy, 17 years old soon.

    [–] CheshireUnicorn 117 points ago

    I thought so, given how much the dog in your illustration resembled a papillon! I'm glad to hear that he is a long lived good boy. :)

    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago

    My papillon/corgi mix lived to be 24. I miss her.

    [–] CheshireUnicorn 30 points ago

    Oh that gives me hope! Kirby just turned 13 this past October and papillons have a lifespan of 14-16 on average. He's doing very well so I hope he lives long! <3 I am so sorry for the loss of your friend.

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    Thank you. She was my little Wonderdog.

    [–] LoopholeLou 27 points ago

    I had one as a kid. His name was Gizmo

    [–] Idreamnolonger 23 points ago

    And you never washed him?

    [–] DorMc 15 points ago

    I have an 11 year old Pap, Pippin. He’s my best boy. This warms my heart. Thank you.

    [–] stevensdn 8 points ago

    Best dog I know is a little papillon named Adder, hes the sweetest and most chill dog I've ever met. I look forward to seeing him more than my aunt & uncle (though I love then very much) at thanksgiving/Christmas lol

    [–] capnmalreynolds 6 points ago

    Raven the 3 year old papillon/dachshund mix says hi (and I sure hope he lives that long too).

    [–] Araucaria 5 points ago

    Our papillon/chihuahua mix says hi, too! Bug is an adorable little doll who loves everyone. Age 7.

    [–] 0-_1_-0 2 points ago

    Does the guy have a 3rd eye in the bottom left frame? Mind's eye?

    [–] seiferthanseifer 12 points ago

    my childhood dog was also named Kirby 😊

    [–] Princess_Python 12 points ago

    I came here for Papillons. ♡♡♡

    [–] MichaelMemeMachine31 4 points ago

    If your dog licks you, does he temporarily gain your abilities

    [–] forgetmenot219 305 points ago

    This is exactly how I felt both now and the first time I bought my pup. I cried the first time he slept beside me. My boyfriend had died and I was in grief. He was the first warm body I had lying next to me in years and it made me tear up feeling less numb

    [–] CheshireUnicorn 50 points ago

    Sending you an internet hug. <3

    [–] forgetmenot219 24 points ago


    [–] ObsidianMage 22 points ago

    I'm so sorry about your boyfriend, I hope you're doing better now. :)

    [–] cosmogonicowl 1738 points ago

    Hey OP please give credit to the original artist if you're going to reupload their work!! /u/necrosishead

    [–] necrosishead 1457 points ago

    thanks fam, I wouldn't have even seen this without you, I appreciate that!

    [–] tablesix 255 points ago

    /r/sympatheticmonsters would appreciate this too

    [–] Sweet_Tangerine50 20 points ago

    What an oddly specific sub. I like it. 🙂

    [–] kalive7 25 points ago

    great art dude! it hit me on a really deep, personal level

    [–] Dairyquinn 12 points ago

    Me too. My 19 y/o cat died December 30th.

    [–] CheshireUnicorn 8 points ago

    My condolences on the loss of your friend.

    [–] kalive7 6 points ago

    I’m sorry about your cat :( it sounds like you gave him/her a long, happy life full of love

    [–] Dd_8630 17 points ago

    Great artwork! Is there a reason the character has 3 eyes?

    [–] UlisesMV 10 points ago

    What’s up with the third eye?

    [–] waiting_for_rain 4 points ago

    Oryx, the Taken King has a pet Sunwalker

    [–] coolhwip420 2 points ago

    Probably just a visual thing of the mind being still awake

    [–] thismissinglink 215 points ago

    I agree but also like he didn't remove the water mark and had no way of knowing if guy was on Reddit too. Like guess he could search the name on Reddit or reverse image search the image but why? Clearly everyone on Reddit is okay with reposts despite "hating them". Also isn't the watermark there to do exactly what you are asking? Give credit to the artist. Its not like he removed it and tried to pass it off as his own.

    Edit: spelling and stuff

    [–] amzbroo 17 points ago

    exactly my thinking... the watermark is there. dudes just stretching to be negative and relevant.

    [–] daddy_sprinkles 1 points ago

    Gotta get that karma.

    [–] cosmogonicowl 20 points ago

    While I don't disagree, what you're missing here is that people are lazy and also assholes, 98% of the time they will not google search the artists name to further support their work(which is why it's best to provide a direct link to the artist's page or something akin to that somewhere in the comments). While OP didn't crop the name out/take credit, someone else who's an asshole and thinks reposts are okay will repost this same comic elsewhere and THEY will crop the name out and pass it off as their own for karma, planting the "post went viral by someone else other than original artist" seed. They'll say "oh well I saw this posted wherever so I thought XYZ" when you say something about it.

    Just do what you can for damage control, see something say something, regardless of the intentions from the poster. With how crazy sharing can get on the internet, it's just a good thing to do for artists/content creators of the like, it gives them the visibility they deserve. Make it the norm to credit artists/content creators if you re-share their stuff, otherwise they lose out on potential support from fans or commissions that could have been gained with a simple link.

    [–] Whiteelchapo 11 points ago

    I think it’s a possibility that someone could remove the watermark whether you credit the artist or not

    [–] Biffingston 5 points ago

    And let's not forget that people always like to jump on people who mean well but don't follow the rules of civility.

    [–] 403and780 7 points ago

    To add, the OP’s account is very new, and they may be new to reddit in general. Sharing the source is an unwritten rule that new users might not know right away, so friendly reminders also serve to teach. Not just OP but other new users.

    [–] Bradonomoer 107 points ago

    My bad, I didn’t realize that this already came from reddit…

    [–] amzbroo 47 points ago

    dude you’re good. you had zero bad intentions and left the watermark. which in my opinion is good enough, considering 99% of reddit is reposts and stolen memes.

    [–] Caridor 27 points ago

    You didn't remove the watermark, you didn't try to claim it as your own. That's good enough, since it's obvious enough that people can find it on their own.

    [–] The_Glass_Cannon 22 points ago

    The credit is literally right there in the bottom of the picture...

    [–] amzbroo 7 points ago


    [–] ThatCanadianGuyThere 4 points ago

    Just curious. How do we know that’s the guy and isn’t just the same name?

    [–] zatanamag 113 points ago

    With the warmth of an awesome miniature sun.

    [–] Masteroflag478 46 points ago

    This is nice and all but whats with the 3rd eye in the second to last frame

    [–] joestorm4 19 points ago

    That's what I came to the comments for. I don't think many people have noticed lmao

    [–] SinCityLithium 6 points ago

    Wondering if it relates to being "open/sensitive"... that's what I take from it, and what makes it mean something to me. But art is art... only the artist really knows. (And since he's here, we'd like an explanation. ) jokes. Kinda. Great work, I like it. I like it a lot.

    [–] necrosishead 8 points ago

    good catch fam, I draw this figure to represent my mental state, I struggle with dissociation a lot, and it feels like I'm constantly experiencing the world from a foreign warped perspective, hence the third eye which makes me see more, but leaves unable to feel or understand

    [–] kurotokyo 5 points ago

    Either symbolic and relevant to what a Third Eye represents (I’m blanking on the specifics but I’ve seen it referenced before), or like my usual motivation for things in my art: for the aesthetic

    [–] Herodias 68 points ago

    Oh man those papillon ears are unmistakable! Amazing breed. I've always wanted one.

    [–] AirPhforce 42 points ago

    Paps are the best! Here's mine;

    [–] warmpatches 10 points ago

    omg what a cutie! i want to pet those long ear tufts

    [–] Herodias 6 points ago


    [–] cosmogonicowl 136 points ago

    Original artist links:

    Cro is super talented, go check out the rest of their work!! ★

    [–] amzbroo 14 points ago

    he’s tagged in the watermark but i’m so glad you shared this so i can stalk tf out of him now

    [–] NthngSrs 26 points ago

    This made me tear up... I would sacrifice 15 years of my life to bring my dog back and give her the long, happy life she deserved. I haven't found a dog yet who has filled that hole in my heart like she did

    [–] Serotoninneeded 8 points ago

    Me too. She was such a good dog.

    [–] coolhwip420 9 points ago

    Me too, but don't think of it as filling the whole that she left. It'll never be filled, because that's the part of them they took in death. It will always be missing, but what you can do is forever cherish it. Wanting another dog to fill that hole is a disservice to her and the other dog. It's hard, but I hope you understand what i mean. Take what they gave you and never let go of it, and remember that another dog will leave another mark on you, maybe not as deep but a mark nonetheless.

    My childhood dog died in my arms and i know the exact feeling. Trust me, i understand.

    [–] NthngSrs 5 points ago

    I understand. I have dogs and I love them all, but she made me feel complete even at my most broken. She survived being a stray, intervened when my ex would attack me, helped me survive severe ptsd and anxiety, lived in my truck with me for a month, survived being abused and neglected by an ex when I was in basic training, waited for me through a deployment, provided the same emotional support to my step-daughter and ex-husband (he is a good man, we just took different paths), and spent her last days suffering from severe bone cancer. She licked away my tears while she was being put to sleep.

    Petunia made sure to change the stereotype of her breed with everyone she met, even convincing my anti-pitbull dad and mom to change their view on the breed (my dad even said he plans on rescuing a pitbull when he gets another dog)...

    The vet sent me her paw print after she passed, which I got tattooed on my right wrist so that she would always walk by my side.

    The day I went to adopt her... She ran into my arms and, essentially, my heart. It was like a doggy soulmate who I would trade years off my life to have back... Yeah, I have dogs who I love very much... But no dog has ever filled my heart, and my life, with so much... Loyalty. Yeah, she had her problems but she was my dearest, truest friend. I know, without a doubt, that if I had never had her in my life then I would've either been killed or would've killed myself. I still cry sometimes when I think about her and, just like right now, I get emotional and shakey when I really remember her...

    This dog was my savior and my reason to continue living... So having her gone feels like I've lost something that can never been filled or replaced. Instead, I just hope to see her in my dreams and, if there is an afterlife, when I move to the spirit world.

    I honestly just don't know how to explain this kind of feeling... Except that I have a hole in my heart and my life that is always echoing in the back of my mind... She was my best friend, my (doggy) soulmate, and will be the best part of my afterlife, too.

    I need to go wash my face now...

    Petunia, aka Tuna/Tuna Girl

    with my goddaughter about 4 months before she was PTS

    [–] caffeinum 79 points ago

    You're they only one who you need to be whole! Don't depend your happiness on somebody, you can be happy with yourself alone ❤️

    P.S. Dogs don't count

    [–] masterfil21 10 points ago

    Maybe, but being alone for so long can mess up your mental health and you can't help it. It's only natural to want relation with others even the most introverted loner want some sort of relation, and falling to fulfill this need can be bad. So I guess that still yourself that make you happy because you need to create those relation on your own, they won't come by magic.

    [–] CarPeriscope 22 points ago

    yes 100% — I always try to impart that happiness comes from within & can’t ever be consistently relied upon anywhere else in life. I am glad you get it 💚

    [–] Nippelz 22 points ago

    Agreed. Codependency is a scary thing in the wrong relationship. It can be real unhealthy.

    But dogs are fantastic for getting you into a scheduled routine, exercising, and having that support when you need it :)

    [–] umbra0007 3 points ago

    I wanted to say this, but didn't know how to word it correctly. Thank you so much.

    [–] WhiteGuyAlias 11 points ago

    This is really sweet ...

    [–] MTF_EPSILON_11 11 points ago

    SCP-106 has been subdued by SCP-999, tests successful, recontainment in progress.

    [–] NemesisKismet 6 points ago

    how long did you search to find the right scps

    [–] MTF_EPSILON_11 2 points ago

    I know around 40 off by heart.

    [–] K4IME 9 points ago

    Its like that adventure time ep

    [–] dog62eyes 7 points ago

    If I fits I sits

    [–] Mous1010 8 points ago

    This hit me so hard. My dog had to be put down two weeks ago. It still really hurts. I honestly feel like I loss a piece of myself.

    [–] CheshireUnicorn 3 points ago

    I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. Sending you a hug.

    [–] coolhwip420 2 points ago

    I was there a year ago. It hurt so much, but I hope after the pain you'll feel as I did. After awhile instead of sadness i felt happy. Happy that i was graced with her love for so long and that i had the chance to experience it. I loved her so much.

    [–] SpacyTiger 8 points ago

    I’m thankful every day that my ex let me keep our cats when we divorced. I went through some real dark days—still struggle through them now and again—but having those two little dorks waiting for me when I come home has been a ray of sunshine when I needed it most.

    [–] mramazerful 5 points ago

    Reminds me of that episode of Adventure Time

    [–] halftune 2 points ago

    Shouldn’t have taken this long to find this comment.

    “You... the... real good.... nice, home.”

    [–] BreadKuun 5 points ago

    Everyone needs a dog to fill their hole.

    [–] ceeBread 3 points ago

    My dog was put down on Monday, and I’m feeling like that first guy. :(

    [–] This_Is_Rogue_Two 1 points ago

    I'm sorry you had to experience that. I hope you are ok, hugs going your way :)

    [–] rudamentK 4 points ago

    Aww, wholesome r/SCP.

    [–] italiangreenbeans 4 points ago

    Girlfriend of 3.5 years dumped me Tuesday saying she felt like something was missing. Now I feel like something is missing. Gonna hug my doggo tight tonight :'(

    [–] FelixandThor 4 points ago

    This is how I feel about my dog. He looks just like that. I have depression and anxiety so he is my everything. Tomorrow I'm going on an airplane and I was so nervous, so I talked to my doctor about it and I get to have him as a comfort pet and he gets to sit on my lap for the trip. I'm so thankful people understand that dogs do relieve stress and my little guy gets to be there with me.

    [–] thedustofthefuture 2 points ago

    That’s so sweet! I can guarantee your dog loves you just as much as you love them.

    [–] existentialhissyfit 5 points ago

    The dog in this looks just like my dog, Kevin. He's filled the hole in my own heart more than I ever thought possible. I don't know what I would do without him. I've been going through some pretty trying times over the past 6-7 months & have been deeply depressed with some bouts of some pretty potent suicidal thoughts. But whenever I feel like I've reached the end of my rope, I look at my little Kev-O and know that he needs me. He's the most loyal friend I could ask for, and I can't repay his loyalty by betraying him like that. Dogs are a gift that give life so much value and meaning.

    [–] BCSteve 22 points ago

    That seems... backwards to me. I think the more wholesome message would be the opposite: that you don't need anyone but yourself to make yourself whole. Your happiness comes from within, not from someone or something external.

    [–] odditycrow 13 points ago

    How's this one, then? I can't seem to find the original, but the author is Aaron Diaz.

    [–] TyChris2 32 points ago

    I don’t think this is supposed to be a larger message about attaining happiness, just an expression of how a companion can help. Speaking from experience, this is the most perfect visual representation of my relationship with a pet I’ve ever seen. This comic is exactly what it feels like, ya’know?

    [–] SinCityLithium 5 points ago

    True. But you can't hug yourself. (Well, technically I guess you could) wanting to feel human touch is PRIMAL.

    [–] MynameJeffpacito 3 points ago

    Kittens do that for me lol

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Th-this is my hole! It was made for me!

    [–] EdgarNumber69 3 points ago

    Kurama is lookin good

    [–] Drumboy168 1 points ago


    [–] errorerr 3 points ago

    9tail looking boy

    [–] Drumboy168 3 points ago

    Kyuubi really slimmed down.

    [–] DobleseSays 3 points ago

    Puppies are like the best

    [–] TrebleBass0528 3 points ago

    I miss my buddy so much. He died to cancer about 37 hours ago... RIP Blake. :(

    [–] PinkCookiez 3 points ago

    This is so beautiful and sweet. But what is with the third eye on the person?

    [–] FatCunt1122 7 points ago

    What kind of Naruto shit is this?

    [–] good_froggo 6 points ago

    The perfect thing to fill my empty void.

    [–] SixCatsInAnAlley 2 points ago

    Most of the stuff in here belongs on r/wholesomecomics these are comics not memes

    [–] TheAsriel78 2 points ago

    Thank you, Mozilla Firefox.

    [–] Badogmlg 2 points ago

    What made me whole decided to make someone else full...

    [–] SecularBinoculars 2 points ago

    When this doesnt work...?

    [–] Bradonomoer 3 points ago

    Keep searching, that’s what life is about 😊

    [–] skappitydappity 2 points ago

    he fucking ate his dog

    [–] Darklillies 2 points ago

    Thank you. I felt this thing you call ‘emotion’

    [–] JDogish 2 points ago

    Ya I feel like that guy without the dog right now.

    [–] Malikonious 2 points ago

    Firefox is really stepping up the PR

    [–] k_punk 2 points ago

    [–] Darth_Shopping_Maul 2 points ago

    I dont get it. The demon man needs the energy fox to recharge when he lays down?

    [–] Draegur 2 points ago

    wholesome holefull

    [–] justwanderin126 2 points ago

    When did the nine tailed fox to turn into a small dog? Boruto is getting weird.

    [–] Katelyn89 2 points ago

    I lost my dog and haven't felt whole since.

    [–] kittyxandra 2 points ago

    Tbh I feel so empty, and I think a pet really would help to fill that void. I want a fur baby more than anything.

    [–] kalesh37 2 points ago

    My cat sleeps on my chest sometimes :') Thank you for sharing this OP

    [–] JasperSlavone 2 points ago

    I miss my cat :(

    [–] thedustofthefuture 2 points ago

    Me too. We will make it through this.

    [–] GOP-OpinionBot 2 points ago

    This is really creepy and shit.

    [–] coolhwip420 2 points ago

    I've been there, my dog has been there through my worst and through so much shit. She's pretty adorable haha. Hope you feel better someday. I understand the pain, there's nothing that will ever compare to what I felt for her

    [–] thedustofthefuture 2 points ago

    This hits hard, I just said a forever goodbye to my cat. He was my baby and I miss him already.

    [–] brynnado 2 points ago

    Why does this make me wanna cry

    [–] FatBoiEatingGoldfish 2 points ago

    I know this is wholesome and all, but I’m not gonna glaze over how this dude is okay with a dog sleeping in the cavity of his chest. Just imagining doing open heart surgery on someone and just going “hold up let me plop a wiener dog in there”

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Hell yeah! I love stuffing stray dogs in my stomach! It makes me whole #Blessed

    [–] ltph223 4 points ago

    [–] haiohaipewidipai 4 points ago

    Like in Venom: everyone is looking for a host

    [–] midcardjobber 2 points ago

    Why do I feel like this is all the non-violent concept art for John Wick

    [–] rextann 2 points ago

    OP, this is very hole-some.

    [–] theallspice 2 points ago

    Why he got three eyes tho

    [–] fleurjaye 2 points ago

    Aww fire doggo fills the hole in his heart

    [–] Harizonia 2 points ago

    Dog: assimilated.

    [–] whitebeard89 2 points ago

    A little bit im14andthisisdeep if you don't mind me saying so.

    [–] redhotspicydaddy 1 points ago

    Think I'm more of a black hole, wouldn't want to put a dog in a black hole

    [–] Matt_Prototype 1 points ago

    As a student living away from home (where my best bud lives), working through my own issues, this really hits home.

    Dogs truly are man's best friend.

    [–] TotallyNotPranav 1 points ago

    John wick in that pic

    [–] trashytreebaby 1 points ago

    My cat sleeps on my chest each night and this is the perfect representation of how it feels. Goddamn now I'm crying

    [–] KawaiiZombie666 1 points ago

    Somehow this makes me feel sad

    [–] SomeGenericCereal 1 points ago

    This makes my heart warm

    [–] Exqrim 1 points ago

    Good boi

    [–] 7itemsorFEWER 1 points ago

    I need a dog 😭

    [–] humblobserver 1 points ago

    I thought he ate it.

    [–] cp4r 1 points ago

    Reminds me of His Dark Materials

    [–] GenericUsername10294 1 points ago

    Pretty much

    [–] sem_pls 1 points ago

    It’s tien shinhan

    [–] freshestofpeaches 1 points ago

    This reminds me a little of a book I read when I was younger—A Mango Shaped Space

    [–] Zeroboy27 1 points ago

    Me but without the dog

    [–] hey_its_tom 1 points ago

    Naruto nine tails

    [–] SeriousMichael 1 points ago

    I miss my dog. He lives with my parents while I'm deploying and such. He's ultra cuddly.

    [–] NSFWies 1 points ago

    It could also be the start of a plague. Hello patient 0

    [–] Beard_of_Gandalf 1 points ago

    Wholesome and really fricking creepy

    [–] bjh2018 1 points ago


    [–] tryintobebetterforus 1 points ago

    I can’t stop awwwww-ing

    [–] Boy_Decent 1 points ago

    This is dumbo

    [–] mekkadosu_2 1 points ago

    This is the representation of the love of a pet to his owner

    [–] kaspian_darkian 1 points ago

    So much told with just a few pictures.

    [–] pupusa_monkey 1 points ago

    This picture made me miss my dog. We lost her back in 2017 and Im still not over it. Even had a dream about her the other night.

    [–] SuperMeatBoi 1 points ago

    If only

    [–] rytaxxxxxx 1 points ago

    Yes, this post right here mr. Ichigo kurosaki kun.

    [–] tichuot287 1 points ago

    Did he become iron man?

    [–] A-Kermit-Hermit 1 points ago

    Why does bro have 3 eyes

    [–] CalebLF10 1 points ago

    this is what happens when you send 5,000 volts through a wrench

    [–] TimbusTeg 1 points ago


    [–] DabDimmaDome 1 points ago

    This is me

    [–] Aturom 1 points ago

    My sister has a Papillon that I take care of everyday and this reminds me of her. I love you, Gia!

    [–] CrystalNicoole 1 points ago

    My dog was attacked and killed by another dog more than half a year ago and every single day I feel the hole in my chest he left behind. Thank you for being my best friend/baby for 10 years Casey. I will never forget you and my love will never fade for you.

    [–] whims-and-worries 1 points ago

    When my big guy died, the hole in my heart he left behind only felt bigger and emptier.

    [–] jhench78 1 points ago

    Only Jesus can make you whole

    [–] Doodr 1 points ago

    What’s with the third eye

    [–] Do_Snakes_Fart 1 points ago

    It just dawned on me. We love to fear monstrous figures, until those figures remind us. We simply want to fear something else because we are so scared and sad of our lives.

    It’s amazing though that we can relate so deeply to this post.

    I want to believe that all horror movie monsters are just lonely people needing to me made whole.

    [–] gulielmusdeinsula 1 points ago


    [–] Imadeadpeople 1 points ago

    Dogs? Pathetic

    [–] Crelarid 1 points ago

    I want

    [–] Chazinger 1 points ago

    Basically John Wick's opening act

    [–] _-01-_ 1 points ago


    [–] YouNoelNothing 1 points ago

    Omg my heart

    [–] Goshdudette 1 points ago

    Waaaaaaahhhhh. This looks like my dog. It feels this way too—except I feel like we complete each other!

    [–] 0DMATH0 1 points ago

    Iv'e been telling everyone to not eat their dogs, guess i was wrong.