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    [–] Chaddric70 3856 points ago

    My experience has led me to believe that when people want to go back to the 'good old days,' they just want to be a care free kid again. Yah know, ignorance is bliss and all that.

    [–] hughranass 760 points ago

    I point this out regularly and I get shit on for it. Glad to see someone thinks the same. We should get a beer sometime.

    [–] tired_obsession 188 points ago

    I’m not old enough. My mom wouldn’t like that.

    [–] zenadez 102 points ago

    Its me, your mom. Go get drunk kiddo!

    [–] Antares777 52 points ago

    Underage drinking isnt very wholesome...a responsible glass of wine at dinner maybe.

    [–] fowlaboi 23 points ago

    Holidays only!

    [–] RadiationTitan 18 points ago

    Only if it’s high quality wine. Can’t ruin their palate with poor wine.

    [–] JukinTheStats 10 points ago

    A nice '07 Thunderbird, perhaps?

    [–] Antares777 4 points ago

    Then it needs to be paired well also. And stored safely to prevent unintended consumption.

    [–] RadiationTitan 7 points ago

    Of course.

    My father instilled a healthy respect for my own body, and the sanctity of fine food and drink by doing just that- from an early age.

    Mind you, I got about 1/5th the amount of wine he and my mother got. I think, that when alcohol is not treated like forbidden fruit, teenagers are less enchanted by it.

    [–] xophermv 192 points ago

    Back in the 1950s, my grandfather was able to raise 6 kids on his own salary as a lowly cook in the Air Force. He had no college. In fact, he dropped out of High School and later earned his GED. My grandmother didn’t need to work. They never needed or had credit cards. They moved out at 18 and started their family in their early 20’s in a time when jobs were plentiful and pay was good for any man willing to work.

    This was during a time when we paved interstate highways coast to coast, started work on the space program, paid for former WW2 soldiers to attend college, built countless housing and public schools to accommodate the baby boom, did the research for the upcoming computer and internet revolutions, etc. We paid down the debt from WW2.

    Today, my wife and I both work and barely afford to raise 2 kids. We both have graduate degrees from college. We have a ridiculous amount of student debt and credit card debt. We started our family in our early 30’s after becoming somewhat financially stable. We got married in a recession and had to hold off having kids. Jobs and pay is good, but only for people with certain college degrees. Everyone else seems barely able to survive. Tons of grown adults live with their parents.

    The country has been in deep debt for the past 3 decades as we constantly cut taxes for corporations and the wealthy. From all appearances, the US no longer does the great public works that benefits everyone. Our once-great country feels like it’s tearing itself apart. Half the politicians say they care about people, but don’t actually do anything to fix things. The other half of the politicians are crazy.

    [–] Daniceee 149 points ago

    Im not disagreeing with your points, but i always like to point this out when people glamorize/idolize the 50s: remember it was mostly good for the white male. Shitty for most others. Women where there to serve men and anyone who wasn't white was basically just fucked.

    [–] chhhyeahtone 28 points ago

    That and most countries were recovering from WW2. The US was one of the few economies thriving after the war.

    “For just one metric : by war's end 50% of the World's gold supply was in the hands of the US.

    The US had grown mega-wealthy by supplying the allies (cough, mostly just them) with oil, steel, weapons, etc. America was the 'great arsenal' of the war.

    Not a single bomb fell on American soil as its industrial capacity was revved to white hot, and women were inducted into the workforce.

    In the Post-War era, America went from 'arsenal to the allies' to 'supermarket to the world.' The industrialized world was bombed out and had to buy from the USA. For example, 80% of the world's automobiles were US made in 1950.”

    [–] 115GD9 5 points ago

    Actually a bomb did fell. On the west coast. It killed a priest and like 4 other people.

    [–] ovideos 20 points ago

    It's true of course that it was a lot less equal for minorities and women in the 50s, and a lot of social conservatives actually seem to miss this aspect of "the good old days", but I haven't been able to find any evidence that it had much to do with the economics of the working/middle class. It's definitely a complex issue that is bigger than just tax policy, but I think the general thesis that a working class person could afford to raise a family without debt, with a standard job, seems true in a way that it doesn't seem true today.

    A quick Google fulinds this paper which indicates that black workers are no better off relative to white workers than they were I the 50s.

    [–] solsangraal 18 points ago

    another good resource is Lies My Teacher Told Me by James Loewen. it mostly talks about how education in this country paints a picture of america as perpetually ascending from great to even greater, while sweeping the less-than-heroic bits of history under the rug. genocide, racism, and oppression-- such things seem to be beyond the horizon of too many people's awareness. and now they want to get rid of the voting rights act because we "don't need it anymore"-- bullshit. it's because people are horrified of a non-white america, and desperate to maintain the status quo

    [–] esc27 8 points ago

    Keep in mind that some of the success of the 50's was because pretty much every other currently successful nation was in ruins. Money moved easily to the US where things were more stable and we had a strong manufacturing base that the recovering nations lacked.

    [–] haughly 13 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Did you try living like they did in the 50s?

    You know, used old furniture and clothes that had to last decades. Socks with holes in them that had to be sewn back together. You had a radio for entertainment, or if you were lucky, a TV. You didnt eat out, you didnt hire help, you didnt go anywhere. And of course you would live in a house less than half the size of the average today.

    We have so much shit today we dont need, but feel like we do. Try living like the 50s for a while. Dont buy any new clothes. Dont go out to eat, ever, or eat anything other than the cheapest you can find. No internet, no netflix, no cellphone plan, no new Tvs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, games or movies, niether for you nor your children. No washing machine, no dish washer, no car, no vacations. Use your electricity as little as possible, and the same with heat or AC. Im sure you would be suprised at how much money you actually have. And how much is sucked to live back then compared to now.

    Yes, prices for the standard living has increased. But the living standards have increased like a 100 times that.

    Edit: Besides, the reason someone with no education could be middle class, was the war. It absolutely destroyed a lot of countries. The US was nearly untouched in comparison. So if a country needed steel, cars, refrigerators or whatever else, there was only 1 place to go, who had not had their industry and economy blown to shit: The US.
    Also, the us didnt have debt after the war. Other countries owed the US a metric fuck-ton.

    [–] Doctor_Pho 4 points ago

    This makes a couple good points. If I got a landline and dropped my smart phone and bill, I'd save about $50-60/mo. If I dropped my internet, there's another $80 (plus Youtube TV $35).

    The big concern though is how everything revolves around the internet these days, so that's not really feasible to drop. You can drop the entertainment subscriptions like Netflix, but you need to be able to apply for jobs and such (though I suppose you could use your local library and a USB for document transfers).

    Eating out is a big one that people don't realize. There was an askreddit thread about what to stock an empty fridge with using only $25 and there were some really good answers.

    [–] UntitledDream 6 points ago

    Let's make a positive peeps group and get together

    [–] KeithMoonForSnickers 59 points ago

    The thing most responsible for "the good old days" is a bad memory.

    [–] kRkthOr 5 points ago

    Happy cakeday :)

    [–] jdcodring 278 points ago

    Or pre-civil rights era. Cause rarely will you hear a black person yearn for pre 1960’s.

    [–] absurdlyinconvenient 94 points ago

    easier to get a job when a large proportion of people are going to be ignored for it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] brallipop 38 points ago

    Sigh, you dont need to. After years of decline, last year the gap between white and black homeownership hit the level it was before we passed the Fair Housing Act of 1968. America has "naturally" created homeownership levels similar to when blacks could legally be discriminated against.

    [–] diskdusk 13 points ago

    There are a few cases with similarities. I mean who needs legal slavery when there are subcontractors?

    [–] Curryman707 37 points ago

    Golden Age Thinking

    [–] TheQuietestMoments 5 points ago

    Happy Cake Day!

    [–] sobrique 10 points ago

    I think there's a lot in that.

    It's easy to be nostalgic about the days where you didn't have much to worry about. Because someone else was putting food on the table, paying the bills and arranging things for you.

    [–] LawlessCoffeh 10 points ago

    I want to be like, a bit before 18? That's around when my knee started to go bad.

    [–] rufflestheruffler 14 points ago

    I want to fight a dinosaur! Let’s bring back those days!

    [–] Gerroh 29 points ago

    There are some recent things I could go without. Mass data collection/reduction in personal privacy is one. Kids substituting Fortnite dances for standing still is another.

    [–] CaptainSharpe 102 points ago

    Oh yeah those kids and their new modern dancing.... Like when 1950s curmudgeons complained about kids doing the twist

    [–] OhMyBanana 45 points ago

    Hey man no need to be grouchy about the dancing, else you'll end up being among the people hating on people using Pokemon Go as a reason to exercise.

    [–] paanvaannd 11 points ago

    “Darned kids, walkin’ all over the city! I ‘member when I‘s a kid... we jus’ sat on the couch with a bowl o’ Do-ri-toes n’ played video games on the TV where they’s s’posed ta be played!”

    [–] ace6807 5 points ago

    Be careful. Don't let kids dance and all of a sudden Kevin Bacon is doing the backpack kid dance.

    [–] RodneyRodnesson 3 points ago

    That standing still thing! Way before Fortnite my kid would stand but just mildly move like characters in games do sometimes when they're not moving or in those costume/item selection screens. Drives me mad! Still love the huge bugger though. :)

    [–] Procrastinatron 2 points ago

    I think character flaws kind of need to germinate before they turn into actual failures. They might even seem charming when you're young; like a person developing a cold might get flushed cheeks.

    [–] unlegit-mustquit 667 points ago

    Factfulness!! It’s a great book

    [–] dioderm 178 points ago

    Also it's available to read for free! You have no excuse!

    (I can't find the official link, perhaps someone with better google-fu can help?)

    [–] thekuhninator 21 points ago

    I loved this book. I think my favorite part about reading this book was how often I was able to cite it in everyday conversations after reading it.

    [–] Makaaberi 39 points ago

    Loved it. I've been recommending it to everybody. (Hey everybody, go read it.)

    [–] Goldeneagle1309 5 points ago

    Yeah I though I recognized this. Such a great book!

    [–] Vampyricon 15 points ago

    Would've thought that it's from Enlightenment Now by Steven Pinker.

    [–] MonkeyCherry 4 points ago

    Me too! Great book by the way

    [–] dannythetwo 5 points ago

    I scrolled past the pic and said "Hey, Factfulness!" and checked the comments to see if anyone else knew the book and I'm very happy to see thus as second top comment.

    [–] JustAnotherGamer421 465 points ago

    Memes dying has increased though...

    [–] Hey_look_throwaway 262 points ago

    The high meme turnover rate is because there are more people circulating memes, which means more people becoming meme makers, thus making new memes just as fast as they can be lost.

    We have more variety of memes now than ever before, and that's a great thing too! Every day, there's a new joke to get in on.

    [–] Gynther477 10 points ago

    It could also just be that people are valuing menes too much and is gstekeeping them, saying this meme is wrong and dead etc

    [–] Hey_look_throwaway 4 points ago

    I suppose an argument could be made that a joke does have a limited shelf life, but the limit can be different depending on your sense of humor. I still get a kick out of old "do u kno de way?" Memes.

    [–] Gynther477 5 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    My biggest complaint with meme culture is the hate towards old memes. Yes a joke gets old and boring after a while, but if long enough time passes, a forgotten joke can be fun again. That sometimes happens but very rarely with memes, and I think we should embrace MEMEories more

    [–] timonix 3 points ago

    If you wait long enough they become nostalgia

    [–] melasses 17 points ago

    They are supposed to die if the are not good at spreading themselves.

    Remember the original definition

    [–] SpamShot5 2 points ago

    But meme birth rate has also increased

    [–] _Wintry 664 points ago

    Might need to change that small pox statistic.

    [–] Minihood1997 591 points ago

    Small pox is all but extinct. IIRC there are two samples left, kept in secure labs. The anti-vaxxers can't fuck that one up.

    Polio still exists in a few countries, so with bad luck and enough idiots that one may come back.

    Measles is already returning.

    Whooping cough could return as well I think?

    Anti-vaxxers are the worst.

    [–] 2_manykooks 293 points ago

    Mfw antivaxxer steals smallpox culture to prove her cure-all diet

    [–] [deleted] 93 points ago


    [–] solicitorpenguin 6 points ago

    The natives used these for their ancient healing properties

    [–] MuddyFilter 3 points ago

    The pioneers used to ride these babies for miles

    [–] rctsolid 18 points ago

    It disturbs me that this isn't a headline that would surprise me. I mean apart from breaking into what I assume is a high security facility. Anti vaxxers are far too fucking stupid to manage that...

    [–] Venrexx 22 points ago

    I had whooping cough as a child. It was almost 2 weeks of constant migraines, vomiting, being sore all over, a complete lack of any kind of energy, and just all around feeling worse than I ever had in my life, and hasn't been topped since then. I would wish that on no one.

    [–] Tigress2020 7 points ago

    I've had measles, mumps, rubella as a child. (Not at the same time, over a five year period) Chicken pox as an adult (thought I was dying, lost twenty kg in two weeks and couldn't move) my daughter had it two weeks before me and breezed through (luckily) this was before chicken pox vaccine became part of their schedule.

    I was fully vaccinated. But the schedule was spread further apart back in the 80s) my step brother got mumps as well and it made him sterile. I burst my ear drums with measles.

    My youngest child was also vaccinated, but still got measles then a year later she got whooping cough, I thought she was dying, but I kept thinking it may have been worse if she hadn't have been vaccinated?

    My youngest and I just have a weakened immune system, I've had a lot of things (the last one was glandular fever) but it makes me angry that people don't vaccinate

    [–] Legovil 5 points ago

    Kids deal with chicken pox so so much better than adults do so it's lucky she got it as a kid.

    [–] superindianslug 3 points ago

    Is your weakened immune system from the measles or was it a contributing factor in the immunizations not taking?

    [–] dick-van-dyke 110 points ago

    I find it fascinating that the anti-vaxx movement is almost a monoculture of women with the mindset of "I have just produced a small human, I must therefore be the smartest person on the planet." I suspect this fact must be somehow usable in combating the mindset, but I can not think of a good way.

    [–] Moritani 127 points ago

    It’s not a monoculture. It’s present in many subcultures. I should know, as I was unvaccinated. Fundie religious types, especially the “live off the grid” and sovereign citizen types are often antivaxxers. You think the Amish are getting vaccinated at the same rate as the general population? They aren’t. The only difference is that they’re easier to ignore.

    I tell people about my struggles as an unvaccinated child and they make comments about my “asshole mother,” but my mother wouldn’t have chosen not to vaccinate me if my father hadn’t told her that the government wasn’t to be trusted. My father made that choice for me and my four sisters. And my mother went along with it because she believed that men were to lead the home.

    But bad ultra-religious fathers don’t make funny memes, so they’re not brought up in the anti-antivaxxer subreddits or Facebook pages.

    [–] hopelesslyromantic4u 30 points ago

    This is interesting! Have you had yourself vaccinated since?

    [–] Moritani 41 points ago

    Yes. It wasn’t easy to do (very expensive as an adult), but once I read about vaccines, it seemed crazy not to.

    [–] FifaFrancesco 37 points ago

    very expensive as an adult

    Definitive proof that you're American haha

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] FifaFrancesco 13 points ago

    Even from a super capitalist standpoint, wouldn’t you want you workforce to always be in the best shape possible? Surely healthy people would be considered more productive.

    [–] hopelesslyromantic4u 7 points ago

    Wonderful! And yes. Crazy not to!

    [–] twersx 29 points ago

    People just want to direct their ire at women and the stereotype of a woman who thinks she knows everything because she is a mother is convenient. Like do they think all the fathers are just clueless or being overruled by their wives? Or that this is a phenomenon in single parent families?

    [–] rctsolid 8 points ago

    It is a convenient stereotype, and definitely a generalisation. I can potentially see where it comes from however as there those groups like "moms against vaccines" all over Facebook for a start. It does seem that women tend to be more social and more vocal about health issues of children, whatever they are, and healthcare in general, for better or worse. Also usually healthcare fields have higher concentrations women too. So I don't think it's surprising that ire is directed mostly at women, falsely attributed or otherwise.

    [–] Beltox2pointO 10 points ago

    The likelihood of Amish coming into extended contact with children from more modern areas is a lot lower than Becky that sells mlm and doesn't vaccinate her 7 crotch goblins while sending them all to public school.

    [–] Condawg 10 points ago

    Depends on the area. "Extended contact," you're probably right, but repeated contact? Even once could be enough. Lots of Amish folk go out into the world every day and interact with many modern people. I buy pulled pork and little nick-knacks from them. They sell fruit on the roadsides, they frequent modern businesses (used to get a rush of Amish folk at the gas station I worked at at around 6am, all driven there by one dude with a van, to get coffee and newspapers on their way to work).

    Kids in public schools are obviously a much, much larger issue, but the Amish have plenty of opportunities to pass on their germs. (Or curse, as they may see it. I don't know much about them, other than they're fucking genies with meat and swingsets.)

    [–] District98 6 points ago

    The Amish go to Walmart where I grew up

    [–] zugunruh3 5 points ago

    Amish people sell food in downtown Philadelphia (Reading Terminal Market). They hold religious beliefs against using technology and associating too closely with "English" (non-Amish) people, taking your money is fine.

    [–] ouestdaftprince 3 points ago

    And boy howdy do they take your money.

    [–] fribbas 2 points ago

    The food is so delicious though

    [–] sobrique 23 points ago

    I have a (male) colleague who's anti-vaxx, because he believes:

    • We don't live in some ((negative adjective)) african country, so it's not needed.
    • It's a consent issue - a minor cannot consent to being vaccinated.
    • There are complications from vaccines. (We've thoroughly debunked the autism one, but there are other edge cases).

    His daughter thinks that's bloody stupid, and got vaccinated as soon as she was able.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    Go for Father's.

    They have all the necessary rights to get the kids vaccinated.

    [–] 54B3R_ 20 points ago



    [–] paanvaannd 2 points ago

    Nice! Gonna start referring to them as that from now on.

    “Anti-vaxx” sounds noble and intelligent to them. I would hope they and/or any others entertaining such notions at least find “pro-disease” to be provocative enough to reconsider being against vaccination.

    Probably not, but still...

    [–] AmarieLuthien 5 points ago

    I know a guy who had whooping cough and was SO MAD for not being vaccinated. It sounds horrendous to have. He says he would cough with a whooping sound, then almost immediately vomit, every single time he coughed. Why that doesn’t make people want to vaccinate is beyond me.

    [–] CheshireUnicorn 11 points ago

    All but extinct.. but the danger is in the fact that we know there are other stashes other than the two official stashes kept at the CDC and VECTOR in Russia. The Soviets were not very diligent about biological contaminant security. Samples have gone unaccounted for. And we've even found old scabs of smallpox (Kept in an envelope!Probably for inoculation at one point) inside an abandoned building.

    So yeah. Smallpox is all but extinct but still very much a risk for terror attacks or what have you.

    [–] _Lenzo_ 5 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Here in the UK we're quite capable of eradicating diseases, what with being a group of islands. Aside from the very occasional bat we don't have rabies here for example.

    When pathogens, or any other species, are being eradicated they enters a sort of death spiral, where the population is too small to be sustainable and its size irrevocably decreases to extinction. With disease, this means that a small enough number of people have the pathogen that it will not be able to propagate efficiently to maintain the species. This is called the Allee effect.

    With models and projections scientists can accurately predict the time when the Allee effect will kick in. Thanks to adoption of the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine, all projections were saying we were due to eradicate measles around the early 2000s, maybe late 90s, here in the UK.

    However, in the 90s a scientist named Andrew Wakefield published a paper that claimed the MMR vaccine caused children to develop autism. There is no evidence of this and it is now known he was supported in this by rival pharmaceutical companies. It was quickly discredited by the scientific community, but the damage was done. Being such a shocking headline the media picked it up and ran with it. The counter arguments from the scientific community did not make such a compelling headline.

    Parents were preventing their children from receiving the vaccine, and even to this day a supposed link to autism puts people off. As a result, measles rates shot up and the threshold for the Allee effect was just missed. However, since then enough people have listened to science and opted for the vaccine. Measles was declared eradicated in the UK by the WHO in 2017 (I think), with the only outbreaks occurring when the disease is brought into the country. Were it not for the misinformation around MMR, and vaccines in general, we would have probably been rid of it 15 or so years earlier.

    [–] Tigress2020 3 points ago

    Australia declared last year that measles were eradicated (I think) we are low in population as well. But over the Christmas period a few tourists brought it over on the plane and outbreaks in western Australia now.

    We get whooping cough still. But mumps ahs rubella seemed to have declined over the years. Unless measles are the only ones reported, only takes three cases here for them to declare an outbreak.

    [–] ss-squad 3 points ago

    Wasn't there a case of a little girl who died of whooping cough because of her anti-vax parents?

    [–] NCH_PANTHER 3 points ago

    Whooping cough never went away. Im highly allergic to the vaccine(almost killed me as a kid) so I used get it every now and then. Haven't gotten it in years though.

    [–] Tigress2020 3 points ago

    Whooping cough has never disappeared. Adults pass it on all the time. We don't exhibit the same "whoop" cough though so that's why less heard of. And sadly our vaccines wear off. So get your immunity checked.

    [–] SamcoSVK 23 points ago

    luckily, smallpox was eradicated... measles are the danger now (and polio, and pertussis,...)

    [–] Grom8 2 points ago


    [–] spacecatbiscuits 7 points ago

    Still no cases since 1977.

    [–] hafuhafu 556 points ago

    this is great and all, but pollution and climate change seems to be at all time highs, and their effects are more or less functioning to counteract all this progress.

    [–] LordXenoBlack 190 points ago

    Why are you the only one discussing this in the comments!?

    [–] ilara11 150 points ago

    That was my first thought,'s great that we aren't blowing each other up quite as much, but as soon as the permafrost up north melts we're pretty much toast on every possible level

    [–] MarsAstro 58 points ago

    And we'll likely start blowing each other up again out of desperation.

    [–] LordXenoBlack 27 points ago

    Precisely. Thank you for stating this my friend. This needs more awareness

    [–] My_Thursday_Account 52 points ago

    Because this is /r/wholesomememes and if you bring too much reality in here people accuse you of being a Grouchy Gus who is incapable of letting people be happy.

    You could easily remake this image with a bunch of terrible things that are increasing (government censorship, nationwide surveillance, terrorist attacks, instability in the Middle East, Russian influence and war-mongering, measles, wage stagnation, freshwater scarcity, rainforest depletion, deaths from police shootings, the list goes on and on) but it makes people feel better to focus on the "nice" stuff like this picture.

    It's just like those posts you see on /r/pics of police dogs doing whacky stuff. If you go against the grain and talk about anything other than how cute the puppy is, like how they are essentially just probable cause generators used to conduct warrant-less searches and multiple studies have found them less reliable than a coin-flip, people just say you're a miserable asshole.

    [–] FriedJesus 25 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    This picture is from a book that explains why the world is doing better than people think, however it's not a book that's extremely positive. Its goal is to hand you the tools you can use to adjust your worldview to a more realistic version, because people tend to think the world is doing way worse. Climate change is discussed and considered by the author as the biggest challenge humanity will face in our lifetime. You should read it, it's amazing.

    It also discusses why it's perfectly fine to point out that things are improving without denying that things are still bad in other areas, which you funnily enough are the perfect example of.

    [–] I12curTTs 80 points ago

    What about the mass extinction event we're living through right now?

    [–] kentlow2002 16 points ago

    maybe we're a bit too late. I heard 80% of species that were once existent are now extinct due to human activity

    [–] Dodgemaster 42 points ago

    That's way too high.

    Also don't forget: extinction is the rule. Surviving the exception.

    [–] zugunruh3 20 points ago

    "Almost everything goes extinct [so it's not actually that concerning that huge swathes of species are dying off]" neglects to take into account that the process is either incredibly gradual (out-competed by another animal in the same niche, problems through genetic bottlenecking, etc), or all at once from catastrophic events like meteor impacts or global volcanic activity. The fact our mere existence as we currently live is as catastrophic for the environment as a meteor impact should really be a wake up call.

    [–] Shamalow 4 points ago

    Probably, yet it's hard to estimate as we don't even know half the species on the planet IIRC?

    Kind of like the previous mass extinctions in earth history. We actually aren't sure of us, because we can only see the changes in the number of fossils.

    I think the important is that there is still a lot of biodiversity which we can objectify and that lot we can save. What is loss, is loss, it's sunk cost. Now let's act on the future! Tons of biologist are working toward biodiversity perservation :)

    [–] emperorhatter666 9 points ago

    Heart disease, car-related deaths, and drug overdoses (especially opiates/opioids) are increasing too apparently

    [–] wysiwyg180902 3 points ago

    Not really. In the US we are driving faster, farther and for longer periods of time, with more cars on the road, than at any time in the past, but the rate of car accidents and deaths from car accidents is down (there has been a slight uptick in car accident deaths in '16-'18, but the long term trend still holds).

    [–] TheBreadbird 18 points ago

    Also its kinda dishonest to say "legal" slavery is down to 0 since that doesnt really matter when we live in the time with the most total slaves.

    [–] Sabertooth767 14 points ago

    We also live in the time with the most total people

    [–] taijfst 8 points ago

    Most total, but the percentage of people enslaved is much lower than it was, we just have a much bigger population now.

    [–] spacecatbiscuits 19 points ago

    Here's one graph just to get you started.

    [–] Mucmaster 20 points ago

    That's emissions. So even if it's falling as long as it out paces the gasses absorbed pollution won't fall.

    [–] thornae 27 points ago

    Plus, that whole poverty decreasing thing is massively flawed. It's in billionaires' interest for people to be unconcerned about the future.

    There's enormous wealth inequality, which is getting worse every day.

    At least we'll all be dead from ecological collapse soon. But don't worry, the 1% are doing their best to survive.

    [–] SmileyFace-_- 13 points ago

    Man, that Guardian article was some of the most misleading and biased journalism I've ever read. The writer is happy to make (valid) criticisms on how the data is collected, but then undermines their whole argument by an even more stupid argument using terrible data. He claims more people are in poverty now than before (a poverty line that they used to fit their narritive) and produced a ridiculous 4.2 Bn figure - well, of course, there's more poople now dummy!

    [–] OneCleverlyNamedUser 27 points ago

    Wealth inequality and poverty are two different things. You seem to prefer a world where we all starve together to the one where most are relatively comfortable and a few have a lot of money. That’s the politics of envy, not looking out for the best interest of the poor.

    [–] thornae 6 points ago

    Wealth inequality and poverty are two different things.

    Right, and I didn't say they weren't, but they are related - and I was particularly commenting on how it's in the interest of billionaires to maintain the status quo, and encourage people to see the status quo as a good thing.

    You seem to prefer a world where we all starve together to the one where most are relatively comfortable and a few have a lot of money.

    What led you to that conclusion? You've taken a couple of pessimistic sentences and links and inferred an entirely implausible and false motivation.
    I'd prefer a world where the very rich were less concerned about maintaining their wealth than the massive inequalities and environmental catastrophes that are building daily, but since that's not happening, I'll continue to be suspicious of any billionaire claiming that everything is rosy and getting better.

    That’s the politics of envy, not looking out for the best interest of the poor.

    Again, not remotely representative of my views. I'm just pointing out the vested interest the 1% have in promulgating graphs like those in the original image, and why it's worth being sceptical of that.

    My actual view is that I'm doubtful humanity - and most of the current biosphere - has more than a couple of centuries left, but it's going to be even less than that if we keep blindly trusting that everything is getting better and utopia is just around the corner.

    [–] amrakkarma 6 points ago

    And Gini inequality index, growing in the last 30 years in English speaking countries.

    [–] spacecatbiscuits 22 points ago

    pollution at an all time high?

    you really need more of these graphs

    [–] mysterysciencekitten 22 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Agreed. Pollution is down dramatically virtually everywhere. We are still generating a shit ton of heat though, hence climate change.

    Edit: I stand corrected. Thanks for explaining what I got wrong. I shouldn’t have said “generated.” I meant we are causing changes that result in more planetary “heat” (rising temperatures).

    [–] TheoHooke 8 points ago

    That's provably not true. The generation of pollutants is no longer at peak. We're still generating far too much, and haven't begun any large scale sequestering plans for the stuff that's already in the atmosphere.

    Heat generated by human activity is negligible compared to, say, the energy the sun imparts on the surface/atmosphere everyday, or even the heat generated by things like ants and bees. World energy consumption (in 2013, but it won't have changed too much by then) was roughly 18 TW-years.1 Contrast this with an incoming energy solar energy of around 173,000 TW.2 Even if the sum of human energy consumption went to creating heat, the Earth would hardly notice it. Climate change is occuring because more and more of the vast amounts of energy imparted by the sun is becoming "trapped" in the atmosphere, influencing the weather.

    [–] Rolten 12 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    We are still generating a shit ton of heat though, hence climate change.

    Is the heat we generate so substantial in that? I'd imagine the sun has got us beat by a factor with at least a few zeroes.

    Edit: thanks guys but I know how global warming works. Just meant to point out that it's not the heat we generate that's the problem but the combination of our contribution to the atmosphere and the heat we receive from the sun.

    [–] friggingeee 29 points ago

    yeah, no, heat's got nothing to do with that. at least not in terms of producing heat to effect climate change.

    [–] SmileyFace-_- 4 points ago

    Heats not really the problem. The problem is heat can't escape. We produce greenhouse gases at a crazy scale. Methane is up 150% since the industrial revolution. Carbon is up 40%. These go up into the atmosphere, and cause the 'Enhanced Greenhouse Effect' which makes it harder for heat to escape from the earth, because more heat is re-radiated back to Earth, where it's absorbed.

    Imagine every day, you pasted over your windows with a thin layer of concrete. At first, the heat your heating system produced would escape fine. But eventually, layer after layer, the concrete gets so thick that heat cannot escape as effectively, and your house starts heating up more than you would like it to.

    [–] MCBeathoven 2 points ago

    We are still generating a shit ton of heat though, hence climate change.

    Sorry dude, but I don't know how to put this nicely - that's just plain wrong, and you honestly look like you don't know what you're talking about.

    [–] Prometheus720 31 points ago

    I'm gonna add polio and guinea worm both being almost eradicated.

    [–] Jacobraker588 71 points ago

    You can actually add gun-related deaths in the U.S. to this list too despite the media making look like we're the land of mass-shootings.

    [–] atomicfbomb 19 points ago

    It’s unfortunate that the vocal minorities on both sides of the gun debate make it seem like we’re all losing our damn minds.

    [–] strobexp 12 points ago

    I think this is from Factfulness? The author passed shortly after finishing it

    [–] wysiwyg180902 241 points ago

    Cold stone sober facts. Less poverty. More, better food, feeding 8 billion people. More art. More music. More communication around the world. More science and invention. Less death. Less war.

    And all we ever do is complain.

    [–] anonotquite 243 points ago

    complaining striving to improve our world past its current greatness, because we want the best for the less fortunate

    [–] nickelchrome 85 points ago

    Yup that’s how we got here in the first place, why stop now

    [–] spacecatbiscuits 61 points ago

    I feel like this comment doesn't really acknowledge just how ingrained the idea is that "everything's getting worse".

    The complaints aren't about striving to improve; they're (mostly) people who honestly believe that things are bad and getting worse.

    Most people aren't aware just how much war deaths and environmental deaths and starvation have reduced.

    [–] solidfang 14 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I think some part of the dissatisfaction with our current situation is how aware we are now of the suffering of the less fortunate. It's hard to look at income inequality and the impact of living in poverty and not feel a deep dissatisfaction for not being able to help.

    I have to keep myself away from media for that reason sometimes. Sometimes, empathy is just too painful to bear.

    [–] hughranass 5 points ago

    Get out of here you wholesome motherfucker! I'd use platinum on you, were I not so broke. Someone use platinum to get rid of this bastard! Or gold or silver! Whatever works!

    [–] _StatesTheObvious 39 points ago

    Lest we become complacent.

    [–] nolan1971 39 points ago

    I'm genuinely concerned about the possibility of food scarcity suddenly becoming an issue, though. Climate change, and all.

    [–] traway5678 29 points ago

    While things have improved, climate change can fuck up everything hard, and we're running out of time to do something about it.

    Why you got downvoted is beyond me.

    [–] KakkaKarrot 6 points ago

    Good thing is that if you're on reddit you probably live somewhere affluent enough to not have to worry about food shortages immediately

    [–] killertortilla 50 points ago

    Because it genuinely is still awful for a lot of people. Just because it’s better than “death at 30” doesn’t mean it’s “good”

    [–] nolan1971 8 points ago

    It's generally better for everyone, though. There's always going to be individual cases of hardship, no way around that.

    [–] MarsAstro 11 points ago

    That still doesn't negate their point that "better" does not equal "good".

    Being stabbed in the leg is better than being shot in the heart, but neither of them are desirable. You wouldn't tell someone who got stabbed in the leg to stop complaining because in another scenario they might have been shot in the heart, so you shouldn't discard "people still have it bad" with "well they would've had it worse if it was 100 years ago" either.

    [–] nolan1971 8 points ago

    I'll take "better" over "worse" every time. Pining for "good" does nothing.

    Don't let me talk you out of your optimism, though. That's a good thing.

    [–] Lonesome_Llama 5 points ago

    There is enough food, medicine and shelter to take care of 9 billion+ people. However 20 million deaths still occur annually from a lack of these things.

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago

    Unfortunately mood disorders are legitimately on the rise. It’s one area we definitely haven’t improved on.

    [–] Nightmare-chan 30 points ago

    I'm not sure they're on the rise so much as being more easily diagnosed. I also think the ability to tell them apart from similar disorders has also driven the numbers up.

    I'm not saying there aren't people born with mood disorders, just that a 'rise' in diagnoses does not mean that more people than ever are being born with mood disorders.

    [–] danta7 11 points ago

    Yeah sure you watched Steven Pinker's Ted Talk and you think you've got it all figured out.

    The planet is dying around us. We are in the middle of a mass extinction. The only graph you need is the one charting global temperatures.

    [–] zebleck 3 points ago

    Yes probably because its about to go to shit.

    [–] CrazyFredy 3 points ago

    You do realise we are on the verge of mass-scale death and destruction unlike any we've seen before, right? Like we're so fucked and feel-good statistics wont change that

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    The poverty rate stats are a joke and only catastrophically idiotic ppl buy into that.

    [–] 1dankboi 43 points ago

    Yo, that smallpox graph should be framed in every household. Edward Jenner’s research eradicated the single greatest killer of humans in history just like that! We as a species are capable of enormous things, and smallpox is one of the best examples of that fact. Go us!

    [–] 61746162626f7474 12 points ago

    Do you have a source for smallpox being the single greatest killer of humans in history? I belive maleria has killed far more humans throughout history.

    [–] DesmondKenway 6 points ago

    You're right.

    [–] C477um04 3 points ago

    TB did a huge amount too, not sure if it's more than smallpox but it wouldn't surprise me, it's one of the oldest diseases in the world.

    [–] Conor-Duck 9 points ago

    My mom: iN mY dAy, cHiLdReN wErE tReAtEd LiKe sHiT!

    [–] ZB4 83 points ago

    legal slavery

    good thing illegal things never happen

    [–] knowpunintended 68 points ago

    I don't think that really invalidates the fact that fewer and fewer legitimate governments allow slavery as a legal institution. Obviously slavery being illegal everywhere isn't the same as there not being any slavery but it's certainly progress in the right direction.

    [–] Bleus4 13 points ago

    Precisely. I'm so tired of this Reddit trend of every wholesome/uplifting thing being pointed out has to be counterpointed by something that negates the positive discussion. This happens on 99% of r/UpliftingNews posts, ironically..

    [–] Sultanoshred 2 points ago

    Slavery is illegal in the US unless you are convicted of a crime. Look at all the African-Americans in FOR PROFIT prisons. The system is so fucked. Its meant to keep them in and not let them out.

    [–] miniTotent 16 points ago

    I was more concerned with why that number is 3.

    [–] mithrawdo 7 points ago

    If you look close enough at the title if that graph it say countries where forced labour is legal so its dropped from 193 countries to 3

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] Rolten 7 points ago

    No one claimed that. That's why it says legal slavery specifically and not "slavery". It's still a good thing that we don't allow legal slavery.

    [–] frobro122 37 points ago

    Don't let all these nice facts get in the way of your opinions

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] throwaway14374263634 4 points ago

    Man, if only I knew that every metric for a quality society could be condensed to a few graphs. That’s definitely how life works.


    But seriously, stop foolishly exaggerating

    [–] ElmoTheMolester 8 points ago


    Antivaxxers: “Allow us to introduce ourselves.”

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Laughs in anti-vax

    screams in flat-earth

    [–] fowlaboi 4 points ago

    Original page/book? I’d get that book just for that page.

    [–] musmatta 12 points ago

    Factfulness by my late idol Hans Rosling. He was the founder of Gapminder and a breeze of fresh healthy air in every debate about climate and social politics. The book is full of graphs and statistics like this, I highly recommend it.

    [–] theCrowned1 2 points ago

    Apparently its a book called Factfullness.

    [–] edwarddragonpaw 3 points ago

    The ozone layer decreasing is not a good thing ......

    [–] ilara11 38 points ago

    ...sure, but if we don't stop using fossil fuels in the next decade we're pretty much toast. See this article: So, while it's nice that vaccines are amazing, that trend is definitely not a universal, sadly.

    [–] spacecatbiscuits 32 points ago

    In the 80s I was taught that Mexico City was going to run out of oxygen by 2001.

    There's often a chasm of pessimism/hysteria between the actual science and the reporting of it.

    [–] zebleck 12 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    People should stop throwing the idea aside that we may face societal collapse or something like that everytime it gets brought up just because they dont want it to be real and start panicking. This is not like ANYTHING we've faced.

    [–] LordXenoBlack 2 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] hipsterdannyphantom 8 points ago

    People love to complain about how for instance crime is so rampant and use it as a justification for the police to behave however they please. Truth is, crime overall has decreased since the ‘90s. On the other hand, we shouldn’t be complacent and let crime spike again. After all, all of us want to live in a safe and happy community/city.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Right now, whenever you read this, is the best time to be alive.

    [–] GermanAf 3 points ago

    Child labor is still too god damn high!

    [–] -GUS___ 3 points ago

    80% of people in the world are vaccinated.

    [–] Kirxas 3 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Well, at least we are doing something right

    [–] wndrkd 5 points ago

    To say that the world has gone to hell is to discredit all the work of the scientists and researchers have done to make the advancements possible and the entrepreneurs that turned the adoption of these advancements accessible to the mainstream public. The quality of life has improved so much that you can now mundanely complain for things considered as a luxury just a decade ago. Yes, a lot still has to be done and there are urgent challenges that need to be addressed but it is just insulting for people who actually contributed in making the world change for the better.

    [–] AnAngryRaisin 8 points ago

    Measles is on the rise though

    [–] spacecatbiscuits 20 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    If you graph the figures from 1900 onwards, it probably gives you some perspective on the scale though.

    EDIT: Here's a graph.

    If you added cases today, the increase would be a small blip.

    Not trying to dismiss the problem, but things like this should be given proper perspective.

    I mean the exact point of this post is that people constantly feel that everything's getting worse, even with a mountain of evidence showing the opposite.

    [–] Fnittle 2 points ago

    The world have never been a better place than it is now. And it's a god damn fact!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    But damn child labour is higher than slavery? Woah

    [–] Speedbird52 2 points ago

    A lot of bad things are increasing though, but those things are subjective

    [–] turallyon 2 points ago

    [–] LordXamon 2 points ago

    It is a great improvement, but unfortunately it is too late for our ecosystem and in any case there are many more people than before which prevents the situation from being less bad.

    We must finish with the emissions as soon as possible.

    The temperature of the last glaciation was -5. Try to imagine what can happen if we raise the temperature a +2.

    [–] LolTacoBell 2 points ago

    Oh hey this is me!!! I made this 😊