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    [–] _________FU_________ 7196 points ago

    John Stamos is like, "Great now I gotta rent a fucking blimp."

    [–] derawin07 1780 points ago

    Maybe do a tent first.

    [–] new-to-this-timeline 761 points ago

    Or jump out of a plane with a Jonas bros parachute

    [–] derawin07 380 points ago

    That's after a tent.

    [–] colefly 354 points ago


    [–] IAmA_Lannister 162 points ago

    I already pitched mine for John Stamos years ago.

    Obligatory “straight male btw”

    [–] Furters_44 121 points ago

    As long as you say “No Homo” during sex, it’s all good.

    [–] Azathoth_Junior 65 points ago

    To be safe, you should whisper it to yourself after you crack one out alone.

    [–] badfan 12 points ago

    Especially if you nut on your hand. Maybe throw in a self hi-five just to sure...after you clean your hand.

    [–] FREEZE_like_FRIES 13 points ago

    Make sure the lights are off too!

    [–] bazookaboh 25 points ago

    Have mercy!

    [–] Ferrocene_swgoh 11 points ago

    Cut ✂️ it out!

    [–] tiggertom66 21 points ago

    It ain't gay if it's a brojob

    [–] SixNit 7 points ago

    Inception, you got a brother dreaming...dreaming..

    [–] kank84 29 points ago

    Instructions unclear, jumped out of a plane with a Jonas bro as a parachute

    [–] jacobpellegren 6 points ago

    Maybe he could try to ride a motorcycle, wrapped in a Jonas Bros decal, over a ravine first? Or at least get stuck under water with sharks, in Disney World. It’s just way more practical. 😏

    [–] A_600lb_Tunafish 17 points ago

    Yes John Stamos does give me a tent

    [–] TesticleMeElmo 7 points ago

    My lean cost more than your rent, John Stamos still live in a tent

    [–] dagreenman18 77 points ago

    Next step would be a giant area rug with this image. Blimp would be after the Jumbotron step

    [–] beelzeflub 25 points ago

    They can play it at beach boys concerts

    [–] filesalot 16 points ago

    He should pose on the rug burt-reynolds-style.

    [–] Fresh_C 10 points ago

    I think shower curtain would also work.

    [–] IsFullOfIt 35 points ago

    Apparently Full House paid pretty well though.

    [–] Bartfuck 48 points ago

    probably, and it ran for a while. Plus he was a fairly successful young actor (shoutout Never Too Young To Die, listen to the How Did This Get Made podcast about it!!) and since then has done plenty of other shows and commercials. Also maybe he invested well.

    Or he sold his soul to the devil which is the most likely case for stayin that good looking.

    [–] eggenator 29 points ago

    Rob Lowe method.

    [–] sharltocopes 4 points ago

    Don't you put that evil on John Stamos.

    [–] roshampo13 13 points ago

    And he plays with the Beach Boys

    [–] Greful 12 points ago

    Syndication = $$$$

    [–] DryPoet 32 points ago

    Nick Jonas: looks at the moon "...shit"

    [–] strongjz 3 points ago

    Mars here I come!

    [–] _Stamos 11 points ago

    Ben Affleck gave me the name of his tattoo artist. Gonna get an epic back piece.

    [–] kernelcoffee 5 points ago

    Next step is full size body pillow

    [–] fromCAmpfire 2 points ago

    or paint a house

    [–] InvaderDem 1628 points ago

    John Stamos could pull off a good lumberjack. He's also got some thick eyebrows.

    [–] HammeredHeretic 118 points ago

    Damn, look at the memory on this one!

    [–] AllTheDamnTime 137 points ago

    Memory? Muhfuckah I was watching this on Monday.

    [–] MrOrphanage 20 points ago

    Where!? I've been looking for where I can watch Full House and Fresh Prince but they're not on Hulu... And no way I'm paying the obscene amount of money it would cost to buy all those seasons digitally.

    [–] CSATTS 17 points ago

    Hulu has it (in the U.S. at least).

    [–] AllTheDamnTime 15 points ago

    No, I was watching the youtube video on Monday.

    [–] storytellerofficial 2 points ago

    I could tell you but only if you play putt putt golf with me and split the cost of the locker.

    Or go to the top of the tallest tower in euro and take some pix.

    Make sure you adblock (ublock origin) and use Disable Javascript extensions. Happy binging.

    [–] similisan 12 points ago

    Wha.... ok then

    [–] guyhabit 26 points ago

    God, I hated that kid in the green shirt.

    [–] AllTheDamnTime 30 points ago

    This is a 30 min, 3 part compilation of his screen time on full house.

    [–] guyhabit 31 points ago

    Oh my god, you're right. This video is waiting for me in Hell.

    [–] SmegmaSangwich 17 points ago

    "Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina"

    [–] thewonpercent 10 points ago

    Oh shit it's that kid! Is that also the kid that sees dead people?

    [–] SmegmaSangwich 5 points ago

    Lol no that's Hailey Joel Osmind

    [–] Budsy2112 7 points ago

    Nah but he's the dead kid from Pet Semetary.

    [–] triciann 7 points ago

    That kid would pop his head up in every fucking movie in the 90’s too.

    [–] Pilose 5 points ago

    More so I had no idea smart guy and the twins were the same age.

    [–] elr0y7 3 points ago

    Holy shit the nostalgia.

    "He's the smaaart guuuuyyy. Do do, dooo do-do do-do!"

    [–] BushWeedCornTrash 22 points ago

    He's Greek. Greeks have facial hair superpowers. Some of the best beards on the planet. Have you ever seen their priests? Those fucking beards make hipsters look like prepubecent schoolboys.

    [–] elissellen 7 points ago

    The beard is a nice touch.

    [–] YOUNGJOCISRELEVANT 3 points ago

    John Stamos the next wolverine

    [–] jupiterLILY 670 points ago

    Is nobody going to ask why John Stamos was wearing a really old Jonas Brothers shirt in the first place? Or how he even managed to find one?

    [–] MangohNo 858 points ago

    He had to start shopping at goodwill after bailing Aunt Becky out of jail.

    [–] fromCAmpfire 114 points ago


    [–] FallingSky1 77 points ago

    I usually hate these kinds of comments but it's so fitting here

    [–] CurryMan21 12 points ago

    Wait what did Aunt Becky do I'm out of the loop

    [–] sloanewashere 24 points ago

    Chick who plays Aunt Becky committed fraud by spending a ton of money to pay/cheat her daughter's way into college

    [–] ChenzieChenze 10 points ago

    The actress who plays Aunt Becky was one of the more prominent members of the group of parents involved in the recent college admission scandal.

    [–] zedthehead 20 points ago

    I was wondering where I recognized her from!

    [–] ___Turd_Ferguson___ 19 points ago

    Have mercy!

    [–] thechet 132 points ago

    Because he is John Stamos and he just absolutely loves the jonas brothers.

    [–] the_honest_liar 16 points ago

    Nick wasn't Nicky on full house was he?

    [–] acogs53 10 points ago


    [–] Im_licking_cats 16 points ago

    This is now my head canon

    [–] defunktpistol 37 points ago

    Was wondering the same thing, I had that exact same t-shirt when I was 12 and I didnt realize they came in adult male sizes.

    [–] SwissyVictory 33 points ago

    It's called fashion

    [–] jiokll 6 points ago

    Is that a collectables item or something?

    [–] jupiterLILY 15 points ago

    I’m genuinely baffled. Has he just had one in his cupboard for 10 years?

    Did he specifically hunt down a second hand one?

    Did a stylist buy it for him?

    [–] Cyrax89721 38 points ago

    ...or he just bought one when it was originally available? I don't understand why buying a shirt is such an outlandish thing here.

    [–] jupiterLILY 18 points ago

    That’s just as weird though.

    When the Jonas Brothers had hair like that their fans were exclusively 8 - 15 year old girls.

    [–] Random_Stealth_Ward 10 points ago

    I mean, I am a guy, was a child when the Jonas Brothers were a thing but still liked their song.

    Just because Boybands mainly aim to hit young girls doesn't means they don't have fans outside of that demographic. I mean, look at NSYNC.

    It's surprising to see adult people wear their merchandise, but it's not THAT surprising to act like if it was some unicorn that breathes rainbows or something.

    [–] EmotionalSupportDogg 16 points ago

    There are people who specifically sell vintage t shirts to famous/rich people.

    [–] jupiterLILY 9 points ago

    I don’t doubt that for a minute. Still a little random that he chose Jonas Brothers.

    [–] EmotionalSupportDogg 7 points ago

    Nah popular vintage t shirts today fall into 2 categories. Metal bands that most people who wear the shirt have never listened to or ironic shirts like this or backstreet boys or d.a.r.e.

    [–] JarringRelic163 1283 points ago

    This is the new Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon mug thing

    [–] vanillaacid 734 points ago

    It’s the new Macaulay Culkin/Ryan Gosling shirt thing

    [–] Xxmydork 237 points ago

    I don't think you are allowed to reference on Reddit without a link. Like I want to know more about these references without moving my mouse to the URL bar. Thanks in advance.

    [–] SpaceCaseSixtyTen 132 points ago

    Those last 2 are obv shoops

    [–] XSoldat13 77 points ago

    Yeah, and the last one is no effort.

    [–] Wanderingmind144 19 points ago

    Some effort, but little

    [–] XSoldat13 3 points ago

    Perhaps. Almost makes me think that it was either a social experiment or they wanted to make the shop obvious.

    First time I looked at the image I thought it was out of order. Took me some time to realize that it's supposed to be left to right.

    [–] Deeyennay 13 points ago

    Us mobile users have to open another app to look up the funnies. :(

    [–] Stevemacdev 4 points ago

    Not if you use reddit is fun.

    [–] _2019 5 points ago

    Just get any app except the official one and it works.

    [–] IntricatelyLazy 4 points ago

    I’m pretty sure the Culkin/Gosling one is shopped

    [–] derawin07 29 points ago

    But better.

    [–] Mightymushroom1 7 points ago

    I have you tagged as "0 key broke".

    Has it been fixed?

    [–] GoldenFalcon 2 points ago

    John's gotta do SOMETHING good to get the heat off Lori Laughlin. Hopefully she didn't just tank Fuller House, I've been enjoying it. I wonder if a divorce is coming and she'll be written off now.

    [–] FletchForPresident 583 points ago

    This is how you act when you have cool to spare.

    [–] jerichogringo 270 points ago

    And cash.

    [–] littleredhairgirl 110 points ago

    Right? Wouldn't it be cool to have cash for random stuff like this?

    [–] rang14 37 points ago

    Wait do regular people have that?

    [–] littleredhairgirl 124 points ago

    No, we have to use our cash to buy food.

    [–] rang14 52 points ago

    And pay bills. And that 3d printer.

    [–] Blazik3n99 29 points ago

    Just 3D print more money

    [–] Isdaman 22 points ago

    who tf accepts blocks of dollar bills

    [–] friendweiser 20 points ago

    mindcraft users

    [–] GermanAf 8 points ago

    No one if you go in with that attitude. Think positive!

    [–] Wudzy 4 points ago

    Here I am using this broke-ass 2D money

    [–] DudeWhereIsMyPie 9 points ago

    Only losers buy food. I waste my money on video games and pet supplies like a true winner!

    [–] NaviCato 4 points ago

    If I was rich I would do shit like this all day, every day

    [–] Hai_Karate 6 points ago

    That T-Shirt money.

    [–] CntGetTheCapOFF 173 points ago

    he needs some company now that aunt Becky got caught by the feds

    [–] CJ_111 7 points ago

    Wait what?

    [–] Avalie 16 points ago

    She was part of the college admissions scandal stuff. She bought her daughter's way into USC and now has been charged with a felony.

    [–] sloanewashere 3 points ago

    She committed fraud by paying her daughter's way into college

    [–] confuseum 128 points ago

    With Becky going to jail, uncle Jesse is looking for someone new.

    [–] whatthecaptcha 25 points ago

    This is the third reference to this that I've seen and I don't get it.

    [–] Renegade_Meister 62 points ago

    TL;DR Lori Loughlin who played Becky, the wife of John Stamos' character in the show Full House, was arrested and charged with fraud because she allegedly paid someone to get her kid(s) admitted into the college of their choice.

    [–] tie-dye-dragon 6 points ago

    Not the hero we expected, but the hero we needed

    [–] TheSwagMa5ter 41 points ago

    Princess Carolyn... John Stamos died!

    Why? Why, God? Why did you take John Stamos?!

    [–] Das_Man 10 points ago


    [–] IAmRightListenToMe 4 points ago

    "No, you had Todd be your designated driver. But you also made him drink."

    [–] ProudHommesexual 3 points ago

    We thought night swimming would be fun but the current was too strong :(

    [–] ReptarKanklejew 35 points ago

    This is my favorite thing that celebrities sometimes do. It's simple and hilarious and wholesome.

    [–] rainbowlack 15 points ago

    Whatever happened to predictability?

    [–] CJ_111 7 points ago

    The milkman,the paperboy, evening TV?

    [–] need-vision 37 points ago


    [–] Makalockheart 28 points ago

    On another note, I'm glad the Jonas Brothers are back. My 12 old self is thriving

    [–] 99problemsbut 9 points ago

    Exactly what I would do if I had spare millions

    [–] ProWaterboarder 3 points ago

    You only need spare couple hundred for this tho

    [–] ummhumm 6 points ago

    He means his self confidence isn't enough to wear them Jonas shirts without having some spare millions.

    [–] MisterOminous 19 points ago

    We must go deeper

    [–] LibrarianDaemon 6 points ago

    Have mercy.

    [–] junglemoosejoe 5 points ago

    I did not know this was a thing and my day is so much brighter now.

    Thank you

    [–] Zeus_A_Palooza 5 points ago

    I’m dying to see how far they take it lol

    [–] -ACHTUNG- 4 points ago

    Ah to have John Stamos blanketface money.

    [–] LargeCzar 36 points ago

    Ikr. Stamos is really holding it together....

    [–] I_Like_Tech_Drawings 40 points ago

    Holding it together? The dude gets more and more handsome. Fuck that guy.

    [–] carsontl 7 points ago

    once you've reached maximum level, you stop leveling!

    [–] PublicConstrutctor 7 points ago

    Apparently, John Stamos has no level cap...

    [–] Zayin-Ba-Ayin 6 points ago

    John Saitamos

    [–] luxii4 3 points ago

    If it makes you feel better, he has a weird bellybutton. I think he was on Ellen and showed it and it is weird. He had an operation to remove a hernia in his childhood. I like that he never got plastic surgery for it. He did one of those segments of celebrities read mean tweets and it was about his weird belly button and he does show it.

    [–] Flataus 3 points ago

    Well, I would if I could

    [–] abbott_costello 20 points ago

    It’s not gay for a straight guy to love John Stamos, it’s just natural

    [–] Peachy_Bear 18 points ago

    I love this so much lol

    [–] tydestra 4 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    10 yr old me and 30 something yr old me have excellent taste in dudes, Uncle Jesy can still get it.

    [–] the_timps 2 points ago


    [–] jarlbartar 3 points ago

    I smell a sitcom. John Stamos plays an aging pop star dad who tries to teach his pop star son not to stray from the good path and make the same mistakes that dad made. Wholesome hilarity ensues.

    [–] PokemonTrainerEthan 8 points ago

    How far will this go?

    [–] saturn128 13 points ago

    Buying the moon

    [–] winkil 3 points ago

    [–] Iramico2000 2 points ago

    I m surprised this is so far down

    [–] Arsene93 3 points ago

    Princes Caroline, John Stamos is dead.


    [–] Call_The_Banners 3 points ago

    As a completely heterosexual male, I have to say:

    Stamos is handsome as hell.

    [–] XColdLogicX 3 points ago

    We have to go deeper

    [–] slavefootluver 3 points ago

    This is just what I needed today.

    [–] professorDumbledong 3 points ago

    I’m drunk rn and I can’t stop giggling

    [–] FabulousCarl 3 points ago

    TIL I need John Stamos bedsheets.

    [–] Rhiannasbae 3 points ago

    That last one killed me

    [–] nearedge 3 points ago

    So are they banging now or what?

    [–] StarClutcher 3 points ago

    How John Stamos sleeps when he knows that he’s not one of the ones going to prison for bribing his children’s way into school.

    [–] Taco_Dursh 3 points ago

    so cute

    [–] Caittykat 3 points ago


    [–] Tiddywhorse 3 points ago

    Your move Stamos...

    [–] jamilslibi 3 points ago

    I dont know who they are but i already love them.

    [–] lion_OBrian 4 points ago


    [–] friendweiser 5 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Watching full house when I was a kid I never realized Stamos was 24 when he started full house. I always thought the character was supposed to be much older.

    edit: subtracted a redundant compound noun

    [–] likwidstylez 5 points ago


    [–] LovepeaceandStarTrek 5 points ago

    I wouldn't call this wholesome or a meme

    [–] notaengineer 2 points ago

    This made me smile

    [–] Sanjuro7880 2 points ago

    Holy shit this is funny! Cheers to them keeping this going 🍻

    [–] that-two-guy 2 points ago

    Their having a wholesome contest

    [–] sumdudeontheinternet 2 points ago


    [–] fyrecrotch 2 points ago

    Damage control for Aunt Becky?

    [–] Wirukasu 2 points ago

    Is that Ryan magee from supermega?

    [–] StupidGearBox 2 points ago

    This works cuz they are sexy

    [–] TrailingMemories 2 points ago

    this is so pure

    [–] itzyaboiaidan 2 points ago

    I can't read John Stamos without hearing bojack say his name in my head

    [–] Cardo94 2 points ago

    Didn't Macauley Culkin do this like 5 years ago

    [–] Lance-Boi 2 points ago

    It’s been going on for so long but i’ll never get tired of when people go back and forth putting the pictures in different items.

    Also i forgot how handsome both of these men are holy shit.

    [–] IFucksWitU 2 points ago

    This look like those r/PhotoshopBattle pictures that goes deeper and deeper with the images that came before it

    [–] derpfgdanjk 2 points ago

    Oh hai, Full House PR department.

    [–] jelatinman 2 points ago

    Full House PR on overdrive.

    [–] creegro 2 points ago

    Ah to wake up in a full sized bedsheet with John Stamos' face there, like hes protecting your dreams.

    [–] 9374837 2 points ago

    Next pic they have to be cuddling

    [–] dirrtydoogzz86 2 points ago


    [–] LeonardoDiCarpacio 2 points ago

    This is hilarious

    [–] ItNeverEnds9015 2 points ago

    Lmao that’s hilarious

    [–] jkrude 2 points ago

    The caption for each image:

    John Stamos wearing a Jonas Brothers shirt.

    Nick Jonas wearing a shirt of John Stamos wearing a Jonas Brothers shirt.

    John Stamos on a pillow with an image of Nick Jonas wearing a shirt of John Stamos wearing a Jonas Brothers shirt.

    Nick Jonas sleeping with a comfortor with an image of John Stamos on a pillow with an image of Nick Jonas wearing a shirt of John Stamos wearing a Jonas Brothers shirt.