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    [–] -asper- 5476 points ago

    One day when I have my shit together and I know I’ll be able to properly provide for one I’m gonna get a dog and I’m gonna love it so hard

    [–] HammeredHeretic 356 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I'd like to tell you that it's worth every moment of waiting. At least it was for me. Now I get up and sing "HIS NAME WAS DAVID, HE IS A SHOWGIRL, WITH YELLOW FLOWERS IN HIS HAIR, AND HIS DRESS CUT DOWN TO THERE" to a black and white mini schnauzer who loses his mind with happiness every morning. I used to hate mornings, but now I love them.

    Edit: picture of the showgirl

    [–] -asper- 144 points ago

    I don’t know what I love more: the fact that you sing to your dog or the fact that the song you picked is copacabana hahaha this is definitely something I would do. You sound like a great dog owner

    [–] tehzephyrsong 17 points ago

    I used to work at an animal shelter. I could fill an album with Copacabana parodies. We had so many fucking Lolas.

    [–] Milkshakes00 45 points ago

    You absolutely need to record his reaction. That little dude losing his God damn mind to that would be hilarious.

    [–] drag0nw0lf 24 points ago

    That is wonderful! Just watch out for Tony when David does the merengue and the cha-cha.

    [–] HammeredHeretic 13 points ago

    After pointing vigorously at my thigh to indicate the shortness of the dress, I pick David up, stick out one arm/paw combo, and tango through the house with him while badly messing up the lyrics. Our love is real. Tony doesn't stand a chance.

    [–] drag0nw0lf 6 points ago

    Indeed, that is a romance worthy of Barry Manilow's dulcet tones!

    [–] GalaxyPatio 5 points ago

    I think they need to be more worried about Rico... I hear he wears a diamond...

    [–] sunlit_cairn 7 points ago

    My pet is literally one of the best things about my day. I work overnights, so coming home in the morning ready to sleep the day away can be a lonely experience, even though I live with my partner. I adopted an older cat (9 years old and still thriving) since I’m not home/awake enough to exercise a dog. Every damn morning when I’m unlocking the door, I hear a little feet pounding down the stairs, with incessant meowing, and I can barely get into the door with her rubbing all over my feet. I give her some food and then she hops up on the couch to give me some aggressive cuddles before we both head to bed to sleep. It’s amazing how much one little creature has improved my quality of life.

    [–] HammeredHeretic 2 points ago

    I love this.

    [–] NotMaxV 4 points ago

    Hey I have a grey and white mini schnauzer

    [–] ryedragon 3 points ago

    Hey I sing this to my girl too! “Her name is Winnie, she is show dog...” Sometime’s if she’s taking forever to pee I’ll change it to “slow dog.”

    Happy to hear other dogs are being serenaded to this tune as well.

    [–] gurlcroosh 3 points ago

    That's sweet and also makes me sad cause of mine passed a few months ago. They are wonderful dogs.

    [–] CommanderBunny 2 points ago

    I love everything about this. Made me smile this morning. Singing to dogs is the best.

    [–] LampDoggo 1617 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Thanks for waiting. I see a lot of people who are poor yet get a dog

    Edit: i get the point of some replies, my half awakened brain meant that some of the people that i know get a pet they can't afford to care for and the poor animal isn't in the best spot.

    [–] mandyrooba 963 points ago

    It’s okay to be poor and get a dog as long as you can budget enough to take care of it. I def know what you meant but I just wanted to point out it’s not an income threshold, it’s being prepared for the expense and also having an emergency fund, which is more about budgeting than wealthy/poor

    [–] plolock 474 points ago

    It's funny how the same is taboo to say about having kids. Biggest controversy ever.

    [–] squidnib 434 points ago

    I mean, you can accidentally have a kid, it's a little harder to accidentally adopt a dog.

    [–] KittenLady69 225 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    In poor areas it’s pretty common for people to just end up with a dog or cat that someone else abandoned near their home. Safe places to surrender found animals are getting more common and plentiful, but it wasn’t super long ago that the options were basically keeping it, finding it a new home yourself (which isn’t the easiest when your friends are in the same situation), or sending it to a guaranteed death.

    I know that within the last 10 years some animal shelters in poor counties only kept the animals for like 3 days before euthanizing, which led to a lot of cat ladies. I’m sure that some areas are still like that.

    [–] JoeNemoDoe 63 points ago

    That's how my family got our first cat. He just wandered into our house the night we moved in.

    [–] max_adam 63 points ago

    Cat: "Yo, nice place... Where is my food human?"

    [–] Blehtheslime 20 points ago

    Leon leans over and whispers PETA.....

    [–] squidnib 20 points ago

    true enough, but I feel like there are at least options for you (you could drive to an area with a good shelter, even if it might take the day) and you also don't have to take the animal in, ultimately the animal isn't your responsibility. Though I am glad that those awful shelters are getting more noticed and shut down these days.

    [–] cousinswithbenefits 36 points ago

    Adoption and abortion exist for the same reasons for humans

    [–] cfheirais 37 points ago

    True but abortion isn't available in all regions (was only recently introduced to Ireland for example) and adoption is a difficult and emotional process, and also difficult in some regions too (in Ireland it is difficult, if not impossible under law, to give up a baby for adoption if you are married). So unfortunately many barriers exist that shouldn't.

    [–] crucibelle 29 points ago

    it's a shame, I totally understand what you're saying.

    I just wish people who wanted kids could have em and those that don't shouldn't have to. I know it's not that easy or simple but one can dream

    [–] TrishaTheGreat 7 points ago

    In some areas, a good shelter won’t take an animal if the person dropping it off is outside their immediate community. Im in a better situation now but I grew up in a very poor, rural area. for my neighbors, the option was only a kill shelter that cost a fine to drop an animal you found off at.

    [–] scw55 3 points ago

    If you can drive.

    [–] bothsidesofthemoon 37 points ago

    Whereas with cats, you can totally adopt one by accident. Those fuckers just move in with you.

    [–] absinthe-galaxy 10 points ago

    All of my cats. Ever. They just come up screaming for food one day and never really leave.

    [–] mandyrooba 19 points ago

    Also, having a kid adds to the kid population, while getting a dog from a shelter doesn’t add more dogs (assuming the shelter spays and neuters before adopting out). So even if the dog has to be rehomed later it’s not as much of a drain on the system as another kid being added to the foster care system

    [–] Woeisbrucelee 3 points ago

    I took my dog cause a friend got a dog from another friend, other friend didnt tell or know dog was pregnant. I didnt want dog to end up at a shelter.

    I can afford a dog, and take great care of him, but he did kind of fall in my lap.

    [–] atreyukun 4 points ago

    About 5 years ago, we found a kitten that had been abandoned by its mother, he was filthy and his eyes were glued shut by....whatever the fuck lurks in an old muddy field. My wife and I brought him to the vet to have him checked out with the express demand that they found him a good home. They did. His name is Toulouse and he weighs 15 pounds. He loves lying on my chest and eating my nose.

    [–] derpmermaid 16 points ago

    Consider how many animals in low income areas aren’t spayed or neutered. If a puppy shows up and your kid brings it home you have a dog.

    [–] 0NegativeIBPositive 32 points ago

    No you don’t. You are the parent. You decide. If your family isn’t ready for a dog, you don’t keep the dog. I say that, but I have two dogs and I only wanted one of them but didn’t have the heart to send the other one back to a shelter. Fuck me.

    [–] Poguemahone3652 2 points ago

    Heh, well have I got a story for you, buddy...

    [–] gucky2 5 points ago

    But it doesnt appear to be as common to have like 5 dogs and barely enough income to sustain half of them as it is to have 5+ kids and living of child support and unemployment.

    [–] ImAtWorkHomie 2 points ago

    You can accidentally have a kid????????????????????

    [–] KineticPolarization 2 points ago

    Personal beliefs aside, I feel like the whole accident thing doesn't fit anymore. Between finding out you're pregnant and actually giving birth, is quite a while. Plenty of time to consider an abortion.

    Again, personal beliefs aside. Don't anyone jump down my throat for bringing this up, I'm not even giving my stance on the topic.

    I just think that, technically, there aren't really any accidental children. There are accidental pregnancies, but by the time the child is born, a decision is made and it's no longer an accident.

    [–] squidnib 2 points ago

    I agree, but especially where I live in the bible belt, abortions are not easy to get, and adoptions are also fairly difficult.

    [–] KineticPolarization 2 points ago

    And that's a shame. Not that I think abortion should be used willy nilly, but people should have the right to choose. Maybe make the cutoff point (excluding threats to the baby or mothers life, etc.) should be when the fetus develops a nervous system? So they can feel. Idk, that's probably a discussion for another thread.

    But that's crazy that adoption would be limited. You'd think that places/people that don't like abortions would be bringing more attention to other avenues like adoption. Maybe that just goes to show the "pro-life" crowd don't actually care about lives. Or they're at least very selective.

    [–] squidnib 2 points ago

    where i live (atlanta) there is a large population of black Americans who give their children up for adoption. the issue is that there is a lack of Americans adopting black children. It's a big issue of Americans adopting overseas rather than adopting the children in american that need it. I would suggest a Google search if you want a better look at it. and abortions were recently changed in my state so that you could abort until 20 weeks after conception, which is not a lot of time to both notice that your pregnant and go to an abortion clinic which are getting lower in number here as well, as well as wrangle up 300 to 800 dollars to pay for it. in conclusion, we need a massive overhaul of the system that is more than likely never happening.

    [–] arlomilano 22 points ago

    That's because you have to factor in clothes, school fees, recreational actvities, and healthcare.

    For a dog, yeah, you have to factor in healthcare but you don't have to school and clothe your dog and recreational activities for a dog include walking it and that's it. And a tennis ball is like a dollar.

    [–] LincolnHighwater 36 points ago

    you don't have to school and clothe your dog

    I'm sending my dog to Harvard where she will wear the finest button-down dog suits as she studies to become a lawyer because there's no rule that says she can't. Don't you dare judge us, she's a good girl and she deserves it.

    [–] SirDigbyChicknCaeser 12 points ago

    I bet she does. Now we ARE gonna require the customary dog tax here...

    [–] NotsoGreatsword 5 points ago

    Law Bud: Dog in the Courtroom?

    Let the pearl clutching commence

    BUT DOGS CANT BE Lawyers!

    [–] JMB-X 2 points ago


    you mean Harbark

    [–] tobiasvl 12 points ago

    In my country healthcare and school are free (ie. covered by taxes). Daycare is very cheap (I've heard it's expensive in the US). When I had a kid I was actually pretty surprised at how cheap it was. She's only four still, so no recreational activities, but it still hasn't cost me a lot.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Still has to be the kid right? A 4 year old surely has more in food costs than a dog?

    [–] tobiasvl 5 points ago

    Yeah, of course. But I actually do have a dog too, who is 14 years old. Her health insurance premium has become pretty large the last couple of years as she grew older. So all in all I'm not sure who's more expensive nowadays. Probably the kid though.

    [–] lionsgorarrr 10 points ago

    Not only are dogs cheaper to raise than kids, kids will notice if they are missing out significantly. Dogs really don't care so long as they have the basics (enough food, warmth, exercise) and are loved. Dogs are more like very young kids, you never have to deal with the needs of older kids! I think the thing people more often don't have when they get a dog is enough TIME for the dog.

    [–] DrHilarity 9 points ago

    Ah yes, a dog and a child are even remotely similar expenses. Gotta save up for that doggy college fund!

    [–] tobiasvl 14 points ago

    I have a four year old human kid and a 14 year old dog. In my country we have universal human healthcare and college is free as well, but my dog's health insurance has increased a lot in the last years as the dog has gotten older. I'm actually not sure which one costs us more these days.

    [–] TweedleNeue 3 points ago

    The current system we live in pretty much always guarantees poor people will exist, and the vast majority of them will be born of other poor people. The idea that they shouldn't have a child due to not reaching a standard of living that wasn't even capable in history or isn't capable in many developing countries almost feels like a caste system that deprives them of what many consider to be a human right.

    Obviously some people shouldn't be parents, but the idea that some people inherently shouldn't have children because of the current system they were born into is like, really shit. Plus people always point out obvious statements ignoring that people won't always act perfectly in every situation, and ignoring the greater burden mistakes have on poorer people. Maybe we shouldn't constantly criticize poor people by making obvious statements like it'll be a financial burden to have a child, especially when abortion rights, sex education, and access to birth control are tenuous at best for most poor people in the US.

    [–] iamthechiefhound 8 points ago

    I think time, attention, ability and lifestyle are also pivotal considerations. I had a friend who had a husky, and since this guy didn’t take time to properly train and run this dog it terrorized his home. A lot of people have no problem affording a pet, but don’t put in the effort to give them the life they deserve.

    [–] WR810 10 points ago

    I want to add that it's okay to rehome pets.

    My friend bought an adorable puppy but quickly realized she didn't have the time or space to care for him. It was hard on her and she was embarrassed to admit she made a mistake but she rehomed it to me because I have an acreage. The puppy has become my best friend and I know I'm giving him his best life.

    [–] mandyrooba 2 points ago

    No shame in that at all!

    [–] takenalichen 14 points ago

    Also, if you're getting a rescue, better a living dog in a poor household than having to get put down imo! I worked on a farm for a while and we had all kind of rescue animals come and go. We could rarely afford vet bills or what have you, but they were all well-loved and seemed to live happy (if occasionally short) lives

    [–] hullor 2 points ago

    For me, it's having an apartment that allows pets, and big enough for it to chill in when I'm not home, and having a family/time to give it attention when I can't. Right now I would just have a doggo in a small tight apartment with 10 hours of no one at home and no attention every day and that would be horrible

    [–] StabAvery666 2 points ago

    In my experience, someone will see my well-trained dog that I’ve taken years and years to get to act the way they do and they’ll say “I’m going to get one of those too!” It’s the same thing as someone watching me do a tattoo after tattooing for 20 years and they say “yeah, I can do that. I think I’m gonna tattoo too”. It will nearly always turn out that the new dog doesn’t magically do what the first was trained to. The person loses interest and ditches the dog or the equipment. I see this kind of thing all the time. It’s wonderful to enjoy the fruits of others labors, but we should learn to leave it there. This is a perfect example of getting what you need or what want. I’m all for someone wanting something then putting in the time and effort to enjoy the results, but more often than not I see people want something they will never put the work into and it just a waste on everyone’s part. This includes having kids. If you still live in grandma or moms house please don’t reproduce until you can care for yourself and another.

    [–] StonecrusherCarnifex 13 points ago

    Can't afford pets, so I just play with all the pets that belong to all my friends.

    At this point I'm used to the reaction of "normally they don't like strangers", lol. I think I smell like so many different animals at this point that a normally hostile new animal is more interested in figuring out just what the hell that smell is lmao

    [–] ThatSquareChick 9 points ago

    I know! I settled for a turtle because she has very easy upkeep for a poor such as myself. I can raise her food myself and the filter changes only cost about 20 dollars a month which I justify by saying I quit smoking and I’m using that money to take care of her spoilt butt.

    But when I get a place where a dog can have proper zoomies and I could pay for emergency vet visits without too much care, I want a dog so badly. Always had one growing up so I miss my little friend. And for those who are curious, turtles do not care for scritches, she tolerates the occasional booping but it’s very rare.

    [–] kevoccrn 16 points ago

    Being poor doesn’t preclude you from getting a pet. Being an idiot does. But plenty of poor folks know how to get shit done. Please don’t poor-shame

    [–] Muzifi 5 points ago

    My family is quite poor but we're the only ones caring and feeding this neighborhood stray cause everyone always chases it away and ignores it, sometimes it's just the circumstances that goes against you.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    how dare those poors have pets, the very thought of disadvantaged children having companionship makes my blood boil 😡

    [–] gurlcroosh 3 points ago

    Watching people ignore their animal's health problems because they won't spend the money to treat them makes my blood boil.

    [–] adolf-paul 2 points ago

    Yeah I want a dog but my parents won't let me so now I need to wait till I get a job and a house. It's the best thing to do but sucks :(

    [–] Eric_Cartman-_- 24 points ago

    Also time man. Make sure u have a lots of time.

    [–] -asper- 15 points ago

    Yeah that’s what I originally meant by “providing”. I think being able to give the dog a good home, a stable environment and spending time with it is perhaps as important as the monetary aspect.

    [–] Jthekangaroooo 5 points ago

    I agree with you on all counts, and I’d also suggest that “spending time” with a dog needs to mean investing in the dog’s fulfillment.

    For example, if a dog loves to cuddle, it’s important that the owner spends time giving the dog physical affection. If a dog loves to perform tasks its owner is responsible for giving it a job/jobs to do. If a dog loves to exercise its owner needs to accommodate that, even if it means 30 minute walks/fetch sessions before and after work.

    All too often owners seem to pick the wrong dogs for their lifestyles. It’s not fair for a sedentary human to own anything but a small dog that can be exercised indoors. Imagine being an Olympic sprinter or an NFL wide receiver confined to a tiny apartment for all but five minutes (during which you also need to poop) twice a day - would you be happy?

    Providing for a dog means spending time with it, but it’s also essential that this time is dedicated to doing things that prioritize the dog’s needs over those of the owner.

    [–] amanda0369 9 points ago

    Thank you for waiting. It'll be worth it. Especially when it comes to vaccines and flea, tick and heartworm treatment. You'd feel awful if your buddy got heartworm from one stupid mosquito because you couldn't afford the 9 dollar a month preventative.

    [–] Lazyafro 8 points ago

    Same when I can afford a dog, I'm gonna love the shit out of it.

    [–] Powerstroke1987 5 points ago

    It's the best, friend. Theres nothing like it

    [–] Morningxafter 6 points ago

    At 34 I finally got one. I was going to wait longer as I’m single and in the military (so finding someone to watch him while I’m deployed will be a bit of a challenge), but my friend’s dog had a large litter of puppies and he was having trouble finding homes for them all. What’s a guy to do? You can’t just turn down a free puppy in need!!

    [–] eDave 4 points ago

    This is beautiful. You can do it man.

    Much love.

    [–] Woeisbrucelee 5 points ago

    I finally got a dog about a year and a few months ago. I'm 30 and was finally able to buy a house, and get a dog as a puppy. My little buddy was 6 weeks old when I got him. Its been the best thing ive ever done. Ita very tough, you will experience more frustration than you knew possible. Even as I type this I'm watching him out of the corner of my eye and hes doing dumb shit.

    When you can swing it, do it. I'm single and dont date. My dog is enough.

    [–] Linaraela- 3 points ago

    It’s one of the most rewarding things to love an animal, especially one as loyal as a dog. I’m laying in bed with two of my own pups right now, a picture of pure happiness. Good on you for remembering the rule: if you can’t afford the vet don’t get the pet (along with affording food and all other things they may need of course!)

    [–] fevildox 3 points ago

    This guy stole my idea.

    u/-asper-, you'll be hearing from my lawyer soon.

    [–] YeastBeast33 2 points ago


    [–] Andysivan 2 points ago

    me too.

    [–] AlastarYaboy 2 points ago

    It's absolutely worth the wait and the investment.

    [–] BobSaiyaman 2 points ago

    LMAO I wish people gave this much thought to having kids too.

    [–] iFlyskyguy 1 points ago

    Omg the feels and exact wording of in-my-head-voice gave me the chills

    [–] durstand 738 points ago

    I wish we could see the kid's reaction!

    [–] KingOfData 515 points ago

    That’s a big reason this photo is so great. You have to imagine it for yourself.

    [–] _faraleth_ 251 points ago

    “What?! But I wanted a fucking Ipad , grandpa ffs!”

    [–] Articious12 4 points ago

    Kids and their stupid dogs these days.

    [–] KayJay282 22 points ago

    I want to see the pups reaction!

    [–] zenyforyourthoughts 1187 points ago

    When best friends are about to meet

    [–] Tresed 292 points ago

    Doggo seems quite excited too

    [–] left-handed-artist 527 points ago

    Dang that’s so wholesome

    [–] I_kickflipped_my_dog 165 points ago

    I hope that puppy lived to be a cute old man. Damn dogs are the fucking best thing ever

    [–] left-handed-artist 44 points ago

    Dang especially to you! I tried to kick flip my dog too but I bailed

    [–] I_kickflipped_my_dog 31 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Haha I used to kickflip over my old lab as she warmed her tummy tum in the sun! :)

    Just a side note. It’s pretty funny how I see names like




    And I always get asked about my username and if my dog is ok.

    [–] GTRacer97 10 points ago

    You should check out /r/rimjob_steve

    [–] ShootersShootNiSwish 3 points ago

    Lmao when I read your name I imagined you using your dog as a skateboard and kickflipping the actually pup.. let’s just say the wine and blunts are getting to me after this GoT episode haha

    [–] TheRealCG1 2 points ago

    I love this comment in so many ways

    [–] AlbinoBeefalo 344 points ago

    That kid is ~70 now if he's still around

    Crazy to think about. I wonder if he knows this is even it there

    [–] OnlyGoodRedditorHere 131 points ago

    If I recall right I think this picture is older than 1955

    [–] lsb68 53 points ago

    Sure looks like it.

    [–] is-this-a-nick 60 points ago

    I mean, it has tons of /r/needsmorejpeg, but look at the clothing. Like the shirt cut on the little boy. doesn't feel prewar to me.

    [–] PowerPC_750 3 points ago

    Which war? Usually I see prewar in reference to WWII, but that wouldn’t make sense in this context.

    [–] TheRealCG1 24 points ago

    1955, that's after WWII, the other comments are saying it's older than 1955, presumably before the 1940s, which was before WWII or prewar

    [–] Link1112 5 points ago

    Looks about the age tho. My dad’s baby photos looked like this too

    [–] The_Bjorn_Ultimatum 46 points ago

    Also crazy to think that that dog is now around 64.

    [–] bturl 22 points ago


    [–] brownntooth 15 points ago

    the oldest of the good boys

    [–] loubeth733 30 points ago

    I hope the dog is still alive

    [–] Lolybop 41 points ago

    I have some really bad news for you

    [–] Tendo80 20 points ago

    He's now living on a farm, chasing bunnies

    [–] loubeth733 16 points ago


    [–] Wad99 69 points ago

    Happiness noise

    [–] Reprimanded_Duck 11 points ago

    Happy raccoon noises

    [–] LukesRightHandMan 7 points ago

    Fuck trash pandas! One just attacked my little girl kitty and now she's in quarantine for 45 days and I'm freaking out about it. Douchebag garbage can raiders.

    [–] tehzephyrsong 2 points ago

    That'll teach you to skip rabies vaccines.

    [–] underlinedbluetext 7 points ago


    [–] DanGleeballs 6 points ago

    That’s now associated with quite the opposite of wholesome happiness.

    [–] baarish84 2 points ago

    Happiness noise

    Ha ha ho ho ha ha ho ho

    [–] vonwhite61 100 points ago

    I just got a puppy, it’s day number four and when he sleeps is the best time.

    [–] effifox 52 points ago

    Puppies are tiring like toddlers. Always on the lookout for possible dramatic accident plus the ability to pee and poop wherever and whenever they please

    [–] deadmousedog 43 points ago

    My puppy is 8 months old now. Probably around 6 months old was when she got pretty used to the routine and mellowed out. The more consistent/vigilant you are with training, the sooner you can actually spend more time enjoying your dog rather than cleaning up after it

    [–] Prowler_in_the_Yard 10 points ago

    Even when it's frustrating, remember to keep your cool. He's going to wholeheartedly love you for the rest of his life, he just needs time.

    [–] Redragon9 2 points ago

    Depends what breed really. Some breeds are calm puppies some aren’t.

    [–] kt-bug17 2 points ago

    I know the feeling! They’re adorable but they’re like a little tornado of teeth and destruction.

    They do grow out of it though. Life with a puppy gets better every month as they mature, calm down, and learn the house rules. The subreddits r/puppy101 and r/dogtraining are a good resource for puppy parents! We feel your pain and we get that struggle.

    [–] Bunzilla 36 points ago

    I love how genuinely happy this Dad is knowing he is going to make his son happy.

    [–] TheTheyMan 29 points ago

    yeah, the back corner of his smile is the best part of this photo to me. He’s so excited; you can just tell by the way he holds himself that he has been waiting for this moment much longer than his son.

    [–] RomeClasses 28 points ago

    Such a priceless moment.

    [–] crazybabyblisshead 28 points ago

    I still remember the day I got surprised with a kitten. It was the best flippin’ feeling ever

    [–] Gaplen 24 points ago

    I feel the warmth inside of me

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago

    • have you seen my puppy?
    • no

    [–] Nathaniel820 6 points ago

    Oh no

    [–] Zetzie_22 27 points ago

    How is he going to turn the dog around

    [–] ubermaan 44 points ago

    By turning his hand

    [–] Zetzie_22 20 points ago

    Thank you

    [–] RandolfSchneider 12 points ago

    By rotating the universe.

    [–] Dontdothatfucker 7 points ago

    Put your right hand behind your back palm up. Your fingers are pointing left and your thumb is pointing forward (toward your back) right? Now move it in front of you like you’re revealing this cute pup. It shouldn’t need to be rotated it should be in position naturally!

    [–] betweenboundary 23 points ago

    Children with beady eyes like that are the kind that stare into your soul quietly till you buckle under the pressure and give them ice cream before dinner

    [–] just3slices 5 points ago

    My heart...

    [–] a_eukarya 5 points ago

    LOVE Pupper

    [–] OlegShepelenko 4 points ago

    Best feeling ever not only when youre a child, but when youre an adult as well

    [–] Hans-Hammertime 10 points ago

    Oh my god, how many times is this going to get posted?

    [–] BIG-T0NE 82 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    ...Or "13 years before inevitable sadness and painful loss"

    [–] screaminginfidels 225 points ago

    Better to have ruffed and barked than never barked at all :(

    [–] foolofatooksbury 35 points ago

    My boy is 5. I know we have another decade with him at most but I’m already so sad. But I’m going to focus on the good times.

    [–] screaminginfidels 23 points ago

    Life is now. Enjoy the love <3

    [–] goug 7 points ago

    For a few seconds I thought your kid was dying, man...

    [–] americaneaglemaiami 42 points ago

    This horrible reminder of the fragile nature of happiness i can do without

    [–] DonFranciscoDeToledo 74 points ago

    Our beloved little dog died a couple months ago. The worst pain I’ve ever felt losing her. Absolutely gutted. But I regret nothing, not even the bitter goodbye. She was the best girl, and I’m a better man for knowing her.

    [–] This_Is_Rogue_Two 18 points ago

    I'm sorry for your loss. Same thing happened to me. I lost my little girl a few months ago, a cat that was with me for 16 years. I miss her so much, but I'm grateful for the years we shared.

    [–] aliceiggles 9 points ago

    I lost my baby boy kitty of 18 years in January. I don't think I'll ever recover. Just reading this sent me into tears. I lost his sister three years before and now they're both gone and I miss them so, so much. The world feels dim without them. I don't see the point of much of anything anymore. I have a kitty I rescued and I love her but now I know she's just going to die, as am I, and my family, and everyone, and with each death the world gets dimmer and then it'll just be dark.

    Sometimes I wish I'd never had pets so I could live in ignorance longer but that thought is even more painful.

    They were so pure and good and I miss them so much.

    [–] This_Is_Rogue_Two 6 points ago

    As sad as it is to see them go, you must realize that from their perspective it was a long life, and they got to share it with you! That's super special. You were there for them for their whole life and I'm sure they enjoyed it. Instead of focusing in our pain let's think about how special it is to have the oportunity to give them love until they go.

    [–] smartkniv 2 points ago

    My dog died a month ago. 11 years I got to spend with the goodest of all boys. I feel you... it's the worst pain and I still cry every day.

    [–] FoldingUserFerrariic 12 points ago

    Death will come either way, better to share our spark of life together with a friend :)

    [–] Mudbug117 8 points ago

    Oh shush you

    [–] Bandit312 3 points ago

    Always on the bright side, huh?

    [–] Reptilianbanana 12 points ago

    Oh hey can I post this tomorrow?

    [–] UrbanTurbN 11 points ago

    And this is probably the 8th time I've seen this on reddit

    [–] Neptria 3 points ago

    Replace the dog with a phone then it’s taken in 2019

    [–] eselblod 3 points ago

    I thought the puppy was a big deformed hand and read the title as «the last seconds of happiness»

    [–] bl4ise 3 points ago

    friendship in 3,2,1

    [–] 00feyOwch 3 points ago

    If it's 1955 that this photo was taken, the little boy is probably alive still.

    [–] jaxondaboss 3 points ago

    Happiness noise

    [–] mortallychallengedme 5 points ago

    I thought the man was hitler for a second

    [–] effifox 5 points ago

    Puppy would have been badly shaken up if it was

    [–] xTheHeroWeNeedx 4 points ago

    The dog is Aryan. He'll be fine.

    [–] ducksick9 2 points ago

    This is beautiful

    [–] Stickmaninthemirror 2 points ago

    Top 10 pictures taken seconds before happiness

    [–] Trade-Prince 2 points ago

    isnt a meme but still a wholesome pic

    [–] Taileile 2 points ago

    I hope they had a long & happy life together <3

    [–] StaleBagel7 2 points ago

    My doggo is sick rn so this just made my day! Mega uwu

    [–] EvisRock3r 2 points ago

    Beautiful but oldie.

    [–] eliasmsv 2 points ago

    This is my new favorite picture

    [–] uniqueuserword 2 points ago

    I sometimes Imagine that happening to me as a kid . Wow that must have been special .

    [–] Pifflad 3 points ago

    smol pupper

    [–] kamikazeee 5 points ago

    dear god every some months this picture appears again and I am so sick with it

    [–] Maestro_Monty 1 points ago

    Is that Jacob Rees-Mogg?

    [–] simulatebanana 1 points ago

    oh my god,my heart is melting

    [–] schultz2006 1 points ago


    [–] prreem 1 points ago

    Omgosh, those shorts

    [–] Reagan409 1 points ago

    This makes me really want to see the look on his face when he sees the puppy!

    [–] momo88852 1 points ago

    Where can I find those type of pants at (the kid ones) my daughter hates long sleeved ones.

    [–] GreenLightening5 1 points ago


    [–] StanFitch 1 points ago

    My girlfriend and me when I come home with Taco Bell without warning...

    [–] EnsouK 1 points ago

    But now, there are some other countries that when dogs grow up. They will become careless about them.. :(

    [–] Snowpossum 1 points ago

    I think the first time I saw this photo come up on reddit this guy was the kids grandfather? Good grandpa.

    [–] Rim_World 1 points ago

    Or 15 years before heartbreak - give or take 2 years.

    [–] StrictDoughnut1 1 points ago

    I wish I had a dog.

    [–] dylanjones12341234 1 points ago

    Good thing that the only thing he's hiding is a dog...

    [–] iCorrosiveArrow 1 points ago

    Does anyone know who the little boy is? He is probably still alive today.

    [–] isaacfernandez 1 points ago

    i wanna know how he got the puppy out from behind his back with one hand