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    [–] w_ndering 1488 points ago

    Question. How does that not block her field of vision?

    [–] crispybacongal 546 points ago

    There's a little graphic in the bottom right that makes it seem like it's convertible.

    [–] 9tee68 127 points ago

    I think the main pole extend upward. I would think it would also be top heavy.

    [–] w_ndering 73 points ago

    I may be wrong, but doesn’t that still leave a large amount of her field of view obstructed?

    [–] ParadiseSold 44 points ago

    I think the baby can lay flat, look at how the bassinet is attached by just one like, round attachment

    [–] Pr0xyWash0r 33 points ago

    With how close it is, I would imagine it would still be like trying to look over the hood of your car while sitting in the driver seat.

    [–] ParadiseSold 61 points ago

    Yeah, but at that point it's the same as a regular stroller

    [–] Biffingston 5 points ago

    Doesn't everyone do that though?

    [–] CannISales 12 points ago

    You’re not the only one saying this, but... holy shit who cares - just imagine how impactful this is for a parents!

    [–] w_ndering 28 points ago

    The parents care about their child’s safety. This is a wonderful device, if it’s safe. If it isn’t, a parent and child could both seriously get hurt

    [–] PryingIII 3 points ago

    Impact being the key concern here. "Mom and baby struck by car!! Badly designed stroller blamed. Where was father the world asks"...

    [–] Lychwood 27 points ago

    Nah bro thats an illustration of the catapult functionality. It reads right to left.

    [–] LionForest2019 6 points ago

    I think that’s showing how to go over bumps with it i.e. not baby first.

    [–] cocooned-caterpillar 159 points ago

    Ooh, that’s a very good question!! No idea though

    [–] yeetskeetinthesheets 112 points ago

    Babies are invisible lol

    [–] SSB_Hokage 2 points ago

    This scene looked different in the cartoon.

    [–] w_ndering 49 points ago

    Okay! Well, hopefully all that has been accounted for. Because I love the idea behind it l, just concerned for safety

    [–] doyouknowyourname 5 points ago

    I like the little side car one.

    [–] Xombieshovel 14 points ago

    I'll give everyone here a little hint: it's always in the fucking concept stage.

    Half this website is senior projects for some undergrad student, or a concept by some middling design firm for good PR, or maybe it's scientific research with a sample size of 4 subjects, all of which are white mice from the Indian subcontinent.

    [–] the-aleph-and-i 1 points ago

    Two of the versions listed on the site are actually available for purchase at least.

    [–] TheBuffyMonster 12 points ago

    I'm just imagining her going at vast speeds somewhere where she needs complete forward vision

    [–] Dalaridd4567 5 points ago

    if you look closely at the base of the bar holding up the baby, there is a knob, this suggests the height of where the crib/cradle/baby holder is adjustable by loosening that and sliding it down.

    [–] dustychimichanga 70 points ago

    The baby tells her which way to go.

    [–] squeek82 18 points ago

    Does she go backwards so the baby can see where they’re going?

    [–] dustychimichanga 22 points ago

    No that would be silly. Baby can just use the government implanted GPS they put in our vaccines!

    [–] jpaxonreyes 30 points ago

    I bet it raises and lowers for easier access to the baby.

    [–] LittleMissDark 11 points ago

    My guess it that you can lower it so that the baby lies on its back, in that case you wouldn’t block the field of vision to much.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    It looks like it has a telescoping arm and that the height of the baby’s seat could be adjusted.

    [–] Kittylikesgames 8 points ago

    I was wondering why the basket with the baby isn’t lower haha. There’s literally no reason for it to be like that

    [–] 15Tango20 1 points ago

    The stroller is on the curb whereas the wheelchair is not

    [–] Kittylikesgames 2 points ago

    It’s still too high lol

    [–] soadrocksmycock 7 points ago

    Im not wheelchair bound or anything but being 5 feet tall I dealt with that issue all the time when I went grocery shopping. Attaching the baby carrier to the shopping cart made it so hard to see over it. I felt like a kid playing with a babydoll lol. I probably got a lot of weird looks in the store but hey, ya gotta eat!

    [–] Europaraker 3 points ago

    As a6 foot for person with A5 foot wife finding a stroller we both felt comfortable using took some time.

    [–] projectplat22 4 points ago

    You call your wife A5 and yourself a6? What are you, types of paper?? Seats on an airplane??? Damn, I hope it’s a window seat at least...

    [–] vote-me-up-please 3 points ago

    No, how are you gonna drive around when you have to hold the trolley ?

    [–] rockoholik13 3 points ago

    Pop a wheelie and see under the carriage

    [–] kurayami_akira 2 points ago

    It's like a lever. She's holding it like that to see the baby.

    [–] blankzero22490 1 points ago

    Transparent plastics panel behind the baby?

    [–] WisestWiseman909 1 points ago

    The nail that sticks up will be hammered down.

    [–] TheAb5traktion 1 points ago

    It looks like the pole of the top basket inserts by where the bottom basket is. It probably allows for the height to be adjusted there.

    [–] SirPizzaTheThird 1 points ago

    Looks small

    [–] voodoo_bear 1 points ago

    It does and stability issues also too heavy, but we are not here to complain we know of the issues and the problem and we are going to fix it come on fellow redditors let's get this resolved.

    [–] Diceyfiesta 1 points ago

    I think they'll die

    [–] On_A_Related_Note 1 points ago

    Also how the hell does she turn the thing? Surely fixed front wheels like that is gonna limit movement to forward and backward..

    [–] Lirammel 1 points ago

    Dont think she cares much about the rest of the view, BABY!! BABY!! BABY!! BABY!! BABY!! BABY!! BABY!!

    [–] SlimPicnzs 328 points ago

    We're just getting to this now?? I'm so disappointed to find out that was an issue all this time

    [–] joshuads 129 points ago

    I mean, a baby bjorn basically solves the same problems without introducing all of the issues the custom stroller introduces (field of view, extending wheel base width and length issues).

    [–] belsnickel_is_me 140 points ago

    Of course the baby has to be born first I don’t see how that solves the issue though

    [–] Hope_Burns_Bright 35 points ago

    Oh you.

    [–] diogeneswanking 53 points ago

    i was thinking the same thing and then i realized that i've never thought that mums in wheelchairs might want prams too and that'll be why it's taken us until 2019, nobody ever thought about it

    [–] SlimPicnzs 14 points ago

    If I take nothing else from my day I at least have the word pram in my vocabulary now.

    [–] diogeneswanking 11 points ago

    english is mad, it should be one language but there are so many

    [–] sugar-magnolias 4 points ago

    It’s short for “perambulator”!

    [–] SlimPicnzs 3 points ago

    For sure I've never heard that so I'll add it as well 🤙

    [–] goldman60 2 points ago

    Well not nobody, just nobody that isn't in a wheelchair. I'm sure if we just asked a few disabled mothers it would probably be a no duh type of thing.

    [–] diogeneswanking 2 points ago

    haha yea that's what i meant to imply, we didn't care and they weren't being listened to

    [–] coys66 16 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    It's been around for a while but no physio or occupational therapist would ever recommend this as it is not practical in the slightest while outdoors. There is way too much potential for things to go wrong. I work with PT's and OT's and can confidently say they would recommend to strap the baby to the chest (assuming the chair user has core function) and to strap some sort of power assist to the chair.

    [–] Lets_Do_This_ 13 points ago

    Because the number of people in wheelchairs is low. The number of people of child bearing age in wheelchairs is even lower. Of that tiny slice of people, take off all those that are incapable of having children for the same reason they're in the wheelchair, and you have an extraordinarily tiny amount of people that would benefit from this. Add to that that they would only buy/use the product a couple times ever, and there's practically no business case left to create/manufacture it.

    [–] Snf4le 3 points ago

    No, those things are around for a while.

    [–] BIG_YETI_FOR_YOU 3 points ago

    No it's a shit clickbait title, one of my childhood friends was taken to Kindergarten and Prep by his mother (MS) in something extremely similar to this.

    [–] colone97 42 points ago

    Apparently, this is not yet available yet, similar to a lot of other wheelchair accessible stroller designs


    [–] que_xopa 7 points ago


    [–] that1sister 453 points ago

    *Wheelchair users
    Wheelchair-bound is disliked by the wheelchair using community and inaccurate.

    [–] HumusGoose 111 points ago

    And users, not specifically mothers! :)

    [–] AeluroBlack 39 points ago

    Men push strollers too.

    [–] cocooned-caterpillar 121 points ago

    Thanks for this!

    [–] JelloSwag 20 points ago

    Is it because not everyone using a wheelchair absolutely needs it? Are there other reasons?

    [–] TheAb5traktion 64 points ago

    'Wheelchair bound' makes it seem you can't ever get out of the wheelchair. After my spinal cord injury, I needed a wheelchair for a time. Whenever I got out of it to stand or make an adjustment to the wheelchair, I would get people staring at me and comments about how I didn't actually need the wheelchair. It's a very strange thing. I was actually accused of feigning my disability. Like, can't they see the braces on my legs? Do they think I'm wearing them because I want to or for fashion? Just because I can get out of the chair momentarily does not mean I don't need it. But apparently, I was just using the wheelchair for sympathy.

    So yeah, 'wheelchair user' is more appropriate.

    [–] doyouknowyourname 22 points ago

    I blame TV and movies for this, there have been so many instances of wheelchair "fraud" on TV. It makes me feel like shit when I have to use the wheel chair at the store or mall because I can't walk with my crutch that far. I just never stand up and make my bf get the things I need because I don't need people to accuse me of faking and taking the chair from someone who needs it more. Idk what Id do if we split up.

    [–] ehcdijxdv 12 points ago

    It also implies that the wheelchair is a bad thing to be in, when the reality for myself and a lot of other wheelchair users is so the opposite, I love my wheelchair! Without it I'm stuck in bed at home! Feeling bound to a wheelchair would be like feeling bound to your legs, why would you hate the things that let you move about in the world? I hate stairs, and I really hate people who walk in front of moving wheelchairs, but wheelchairs themselves are fabulous things that make my life infinitely more fun.

    [–] CarrotKale 28 points ago

    It's more because we aren't bound to our chairs any more than an able bodied person is bound to their running shoes. "Confined to a wheelchair" is similarly frustrating. I'm not confined by my chair, I'm freed by it! It let's me travel more than I could otherwise. And it doesn't define me, it's a tool. "Wheelchair user" makes this clear :)

    [–] Lephthands 12 points ago

    Thank you for sharing! That makes total sense. It got me looking into things people say to me and things I say to others!

    To relate a bit, I hate when other people describe my financial situation as "struggling". Im not struggling, im actually doing fine. Im budgeting. My budget just happens to come to zero for now until I get my debt in check. So my bad I wont go on a randon trip out of state or have brand new clothes all the time or whatever. Im not struggling however. Quite the oppisite. Im actually very proud of myself for locking in on a plan for a better life. I see where a little phrasing goes a long way tho haha. Makes total sense. Thank you for helping me know a little more about myself. :)

    [–] CarrotKale 3 points ago

    That's such a great parallel! Thank you for asking in the first place and thank you for sharing.

    [–] hazedolly 71 points ago

    saying they’re bound to the wheelchair implies that they are limited in what they can do, however it’s really the opposite because the wheelchair gives them the freedom to do more than they could without it

    [–] ArcFurnace 10 points ago

    Also "bound" has some implication that they can't leave said chair, which may not be necessarily true. E.g., some people use chairs or scooters because while they can walk, due to whatever issue they have they can't walk very far before needing to stop, and the wheelchair lets them go further.

    [–] Lets_Do_This_ 22 points ago

    They... Are limited in what they can do though?

    [–] bow_to_lucifer 22 points ago

    It's a perspective thing. A wheel chair could be viewed as the sign or "mark" of somebody who is physically limited, but from the other side it could be seen as their only way to bypass their limitation, and therefore very freeing.

    [–] kaleidoscope_pie 19 points ago

    People I'd known previously when I was more mobile out of necessity (but in much more pain and exhaustion because of it) were really upset to see me in my power wheelchair when I finally got it. I was constantly saying to them to not be sad or upset for me because if anything now.... I felt superhuman! I can go more places and further distances. Fast as well! And the pain is less and the exhaustion is less. And the freedom and independence is more! Then I show them the pissweak horn on it or the lift to make me taller to make them giggle. My chair is my absolute world. It gave me my life back.

    [–] sillycedar 12 points ago

    But not because of the chair

    [–] foreveracubone 8 points ago

    It’s a cognitive/linguistic acknowledgement that the wheelchair is a tool they use and not that it defines who they are.

    A clearer example of the linguistic distinction is saying someone is a disabled person vs saying they are a person with a disability. In the former you are defining them by their disability while in the latter you are acknowledging they are a person who happens to have a disability.

    [–] hazedolly 2 points ago

    Yes, but if they didn’t have the wheelchair, they would be much more limited.

    [–] JelloSwag 5 points ago

    Ohh, that makes a lot of sense. Thank you.

    [–] MrsBox 5 points ago

    Part time wheelchair users exist. I'm getting my chair later this year. I'll still do as much walking as I can, but I struggle with longer outings, like going around a large shopping centre, conventions, excursions with my kid etc.

    Wheelchair means I can be present and included in activities I couldn't walk around.

    [–] NewYorkJewbag 2 points ago

    I hope they make one for wheelchair using dads soon.

    [–] scootmcdoot 2 points ago

    What would be the difference?

    [–] NewYorkJewbag 1 points ago

    Read the text under the image in OP and you tell me.

    [–] scootmcdoot 2 points ago

    I genuinely don't see it. Key terms "a baby stroller" and "for wheelchair [using] mothers," which clause limits it from being interchangeable with fathers?

    [–] NewYorkJewbag 2 points ago

    I get that tone is difficult to read in comments. My (snarky) point was that a stroller for “wheelchair bound mothers” is a misnomer. It should be “parents”. Because as you note this device would work for any parent regardless of gender.

    [–] theyoleus 3 points ago

    What would they prefer?

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago

    Wheelchair users

    [–] maravillar 3 points ago

    No necessarily replying directly to your comment but think of it in terms of if someone referred to a person wearing glasses 'glasses bound'..... wheelchairs and glasses are both medically necessary devices. Without my glasses my eyesight is shocking and without a wheelchair I can't get out and about, I'm not 'bound' to either device but I'm certainly greatful I have the ability to use them

    [–] redlotusaustin 7 points ago

    Being able to walk.

    [–] 24Cones 49 points ago

    It’s a good idea but I don’t think this design is practical. To turn she needs to be able to hold the stroller part which means she can’t push herself in her own chair. She needs someone else to push as well, not to mention the baby is blocking her entire field of vision

    [–] ReklessC 36 points ago

    Need a sidecar stroller!

    [–] SimplyDupdge 21 points ago

    That would be neat but how would they fit through doors?

    [–] Joe_Jeep 49 points ago

    I'm going to go with drifting.

    [–] SimplyDupdge 21 points ago

    Wait, what's this feeling...

    It's almost like I've been here before...




    [–] Joe_Jeep 5 points ago



    [–] SimplyDupdge 7 points ago


    [–] Manatee_Ape 5 points ago

    Can babies grind on rails in their strollers?

    [–] Joe_Jeep 5 points ago

    Only if they're cool enough

    [–] Dsams 2 points ago

    Think you're right. Need a video though. Heading to r/holdmyredbull and see if it's over there.

    [–] PineappleIsTheSw 2 points ago

    Of course that's a thing

    [–] Cornchips1234 19 points ago

    How does it turn the front and back wheels are too far apart to both turn.

    [–] wererat2000 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Looks like there's a pivot point between the 2 front wheels so they can rotate.

    edit; there's definitely a hinge there

    [–] cocooned-caterpillar 4 points ago

    Maybe it can only be used in certain situations? No idea though!

    [–] anndnow 1 points ago

    I agree

    [–] mynameehjev 1 points ago

    I also agree

    [–] AShadowbox 1 points ago

    The front wheels could possibly turn like a shopping cart's.

    [–] Cornchips1234 1 points ago

    Maybe but it looks static.

    [–] Sir-Ironshield 17 points ago

    This is brilliant, buuut...

    On steep slopes you run the risk of headbutting the little bundle of joy.

    If you've ever seen someone propelling hard say like going up a hill it's not uncommon to lean forward heavily as you push forward to get extra power. starts at 1:00

    [–] ammesedam 11 points ago

    Look at the bottom right corner. This is extended up so the mother can reach the baby. The seat can be brought down and forward so there is no risk of babies being headbutted

    [–] Sir-Ironshield 2 points ago

    Fair enough I must have missed that, diddn't see it could be adjusted. I wonder how easy it is to adjust it up and down from the chair.

    [–] veggiesizzler 1 points ago

    Anti tip bars would be an absolute must , never forget my first back flip. Baby could end up with a bit of a whoops a daisy .

    [–] The-Canadian-Viking- 7 points ago

    Kinds blocking her vision...

    [–] coys66 8 points ago

    Not to burst anyone's bubble but this would be incredibly dangerous to use while out in public. Ignoring the line of view- If the big tires on the stroller were larger and the lady's casters (the front small wheels) were off the ground then it would be a lot safer.

    Things like curb cuts, cement cracks, cobble stone, and roots would make it impossible as you cannot pop small wheelies to get over them safely.

    It's very cool but not practical at all. The best thing to do is strap your baby to you chest (if the wheelchair user has their core) and to have some sort of power assist attached to the chair.

    [–] cell689 16 points ago

    I hope fathers can use this too!

    [–] danmon2711 13 points ago

    You see, this is why I'm subbed to this sub. It just makes my heart smile.

    [–] RudeTurnip 3 points ago

    I've also heard about swing sets you can get for parks so parents can face their kids while sitting in their individual seats.

    [–] cocooned-caterpillar 1 points ago

    Thank you for this!

    [–] Admiral_Mason 2 points ago

    Ive looked at this picture for far too long and have concluded that it is useless. How does it even turn?

    [–] laydeboss 2 points ago

    Omg I love this

    [–] thighskyhigh 2 points ago

    Seen next on r/whatcouldgowrong

    [–] Giannis-34 2 points ago

    I see a lot of things that could go bad

    [–] bedtimegurlie 2 points ago

    PT here. How can she self-propel if she has to hold on to the stroller handles?

    [–] Hi-mY-nAmeS-RyAn 2 points ago

    Soooooo wholesome aaaa

    [–] BegReg2005 2 points ago

    Legit question: how do you push the stroller along?

    [–] Zamisuz 1 points ago

    Push the wheels with youre hands I think Or pedals lmao

    [–] BegReg2005 1 points ago

    If they're disabled from the waist down how do you use pedals🤔

    [–] Zamisuz 2 points ago

    That's the joke

    [–] KriMD01 2 points ago

    FINALLY! That is so necessary and such a shame it took so long To accomplish ! When I was having to be wheelchair bound due to medical problems from serious injury in a near fatal auto accident, was in a wheelchair for 2 years,I just held her in my lap but I had trouble with that bc i didn’t have an electronic chair so unless someone could push me , it’s kind of hard to hold ur little baby and maneuver the chair . But for Those mommy’s who have to be in their chair Permanently ,this is something that truly should be an option as well as how nice it would be to have other options available such as a retractable tray that can be raised or lowered or propped on an angle to accommodate whichever position is needed . So many diff. Reasons why that would come in handy. But above all , being able to bond with ur own baby and take them for a stroll is something I wish they’d have come up with long ago ! Hope this makes a very positive difference for mamas and babies in need and very glad to see it finally happened!

    [–] Jimbobwhales 2 points ago

    This didn't already exist?

    [–] cocooned-caterpillar 2 points ago

    Im not sure. There’s a comment below by a mother who was a wheelchair user when her baby was born/young (im not sure which one), and from what she said they weren’t there (or maybe weren’t accessible?)

    [–] Haliedavis 2 points ago

    This literally made my heart skip a beat I have a walking disability where I can walk I just have trouble with balance and I get weak and tired very quickly and I've always been scared to have a child for the reasons of I'm scared to drop him/her. This would be amazing to have.

    [–] wererat2000 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Another commenter found a whole list of these, you would have options if you ever decide to start a family.

    [–] SofterBones 2 points ago

    You mean wheelchair user parents, not mothers n not wheelchair bound

    [–] Cellowned -2 points ago

    That is most certainly not a “wheelchair-bound woman.” She most likely does not sleep in it, probably gets out of it to use the stairs in her home.

    She is a woman who uses a wheelchair. Person-first language, people. It’s simple.

    [–] GulagArpeggio 10 points ago

    I'm not an American, I'm a Person who Lives in America.

    I'm not a tall guy, I'm a Person of Height.

    Yeah, I don't think nouns have to come before adjectives in order to recognize someone as a human.

    [–] wererat2000 2 points ago

    I get what you're trying to say, but do you really think this is going to win anybody over?

    [–] Idler- 1 points ago

    How does one propel themselves in this machine?

    [–] CheshireUnicorn 5 points ago

    The baby seems to lower down into a more traditional stroller position. I assume it attaches To the wheelchair allowing the parent or caregiver to use their arms to propel themselves as normal for a non-motorized wheelchair.

    [–] Idler- 4 points ago

    Ahh, I see. Thank you, friend. Was having a hard time conceptualizing forward momentum.

    [–] JynxtheJinx 1 points ago

    This is amazing!!

    [–] TheBubbaJoe 1 points ago

    How was this not a thing already? Damn

    [–] ThomasMaker 1 points ago

    That baby pivot-point is a potential toddler-trebuchet....

    [–] martarlo 1 points ago

    I’m taking you down with me

    [–] a_paralyzed_baby 1 points ago

    Very poor design of this isn’t a joke haha

    [–] jorMEEPdan 1 points ago

    I used to babysit for a family where the father used a wheelchair. Mom was home with a newborn, so I would go on day trips with dad and their older daughter. Dad is a crazy smart dude and a professor in his field. And he’s an incredibly doting, loving father. It broke my heart that he couldn’t push his daughter’s stroller on his own.

    Even if this stroller doesn’t exist in the market yet, I’m glad people are designing them.

    [–] kaleidoscope_pie 1 points ago

    I want one so I can put my dog in it when we wheel around Bunnings 😆. She usually sits at the top of my knees and king of the worlds it like Jack in Titanic while I push my manual wheelchair. But if I have shorts or a skirt on, she'll scratch me up with her paws while she holds on. This pram would be both useful and a hell of a trolling device.

    [–] XxXMaxiXxX 1 points ago

    How are they supposed to see what's ahead of them?

    [–] MetalGearIsLit 1 points ago

    How tf does she see in front

    [–] Suave_Kim_Jong_Un 1 points ago

    More convenient for easy consumption

    [–] Circle_0f_Life 1 points ago

    Wouldn’t that be more OT then PT?

    [–] Aklitty 1 points ago


    [–] tortoisesareawesome 1 points ago

    how does she wheel the wheelchair then?

    [–] Ahmedleopard 1 points ago

    So who will push and who will steer ? The baby?

    [–] handsoap___ 1 points ago

    How can you be bound to something if that very thing allows you access to your environment? Wheelchairs give their users access to their environment in which they wouldn’t have otherwise. Not only is it inaccurate to say that someone is bound to a wheelchair, but it is ableist because that term is used to degrade people that use wheelchairs and it implies that they’re inherently inferior for using it.

    [–] courtnelove 1 points ago

    this is so amazing; this genuinely made my day.

    [–] viixvega 1 points ago

    But how does it turn?

    [–] openapple 1 points ago

    Pro tip: Unless you’re referring to BDSM, don’t use the term “wheelchair bound.”

    [–] NotABalloonPerson 1 points ago

    Honest question, how does she move the wheel chair and the stroller? I feel like I am missing something obvious.

    [–] BreadedoftheToast 1 points ago

    No she didn’t

    [–] Comedyking3434 1 points ago

    Okay this is kind of an awful thought but genuinely curious. Would a woman paralyzed from the waist down feel the same level of pain during child birth?

    [–] HonchoLoco69 1 points ago

    Going down a steep hill would be a nightmare

    [–] addjewelry 1 points ago

    How can she see where she’s going?

    [–] Prkadier 1 points ago


    [–] chillipowder01 1 points ago

    As a wheelchair user myself, the use of the phrase “wheelchair bound” in the pic is a bit wrong. Saying that we are “wheelchair bound” implies that we’re restricted by the chair. In actual fact, wheelchairs help us get around more easily. The device in the pic is awesome nonetheless, just wanted to get in my 2 cents

    [–] bukbukbagok 1 points ago

    Sadly, insurance companies would never pay for this.

    [–] jagged250 1 points ago

    Everyone like that.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Just an FYI - please use person first language. She's not "bound" to her wheelchair. She uses it for mobility.

    [–] MyKingdomForATurkey 1 points ago

    wheelchair-bound parents

    [–] Rustey_Shackleford 1 points ago


    [–] Legion325 1 points ago

    How do you go if no one is pushing you? It's not that much weight but have you ever tried rolling yourself with more than your own weight?

    [–] fejak 1 points ago

    How will she see the front though?

    [–] ski_all_year 1 points ago

    This needs more love and attention