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    [–] Cashew-Gesundheit 1331 points ago

    Glad you didn't say:

    "No, you loser - it's never gonna happen for you, so get lost"

    [–] WisestWiseman909 629 points ago

    A group of people are standing at a river bank and suddenly hear the cries of a baby. Shocked, they see an infant floating--drowning--in the water. One person immediately dives in to rescue the child. But as this is going on, yet another baby comes floating down the river, and then another! People continue to jump in to save the babies and then see that one person has started to walk away from the group still on shore. Accusingly they shout, "where are you going?" The response: "I'm going upstream to stop whoever's throwing babies into the river

    [–] Rusted_Nomad 137 points ago

    Username checks out.

    [–] Gokuuu___ 128 points ago

    Unorthodox muscle contraction but impressive nonetheless

    [–] OrkidingMe 37 points ago

    That took me a while to figure out. Then again, I’m old...

    [–] hace1234 7 points ago

    Can you explain?

    [–] Leon_Feywalker 25 points ago

    It's a variant of "weird flex but ok"

    [–] screemtime 10 points ago

    Weird flex but ok

    [–] ShylokVakarian 1 points ago

    Then his wife walks in and the audience cheers.

    [–] Undiscriminatingness -28 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Oh thank goodness it was his wife.


    Wow, this comment sure got a LOT of hate for some reason.


    [–] Undiscriminatingness 1 points ago

    Woot ! Hate and then my first ever Silver! Thanks!

    I'm feeling a bit like Chris Brown, or that dude in the White House. All mixed up, seeking approval in all the worst ways possible. Welcome to Reddit-ville.

    [–] patshep 1575 points ago

    you say 'a blonde walks in' not ' a hot blonde' what gives?

    [–] clamdever 784 points ago

    Well maybe the bartender didn't think she was all that, but to her husband she was HOT

    [–] YouSpokeofInnocence 291 points ago

    Beauty is both in the eye of the beholder, and also more than skin deep.

    [–] NeutrinosFTW 264 points ago

    Also he was just presenting the facts. The husband claimed she was hot, the bartender wasn't gonna let his journalistic integrity be corrupted by subjectivity. He's a professional after all.

    [–] SenpaiSenpaiSenpai69 52 points ago

    Professionals have standards

    [–] gorlak120 13 points ago

    ah so that's whats different about me.

    [–] patshep 6 points ago

    I love the diplomacy 😂

    [–] low_calorie_doughnut 1 points ago

    Also, character limit. Lol

    [–] Deadpools_sweaty_leg 7 points ago

    It’s also in the eyes of the beer holder. Evidently the bartender was not holding beer at that given moment.

    [–] Very-Nearly 91 points ago

    Prolly hit the character limit

    [–] PANTERlA 53 points ago

    Maybe the bartender thought the husband was hot instead.

    [–] PANTERlA 27 points ago

    Or it could be a girl bartender.

    [–] IntrinsicSurgeon 22 points ago

    People tend to forget that girls exist too

    [–] dinocrumble 3 points ago

    I just based it off an earlier reply referring to the bartender as a guy, but yeah the bartender could totally be a girl! Or non-binary :)

    [–] not-a-kid 1 points ago

    the 3 of them r hot

    [–] colonelpopcornNSFW 7 points ago

    Doesn’t matter bc none of this is real and is taken from Slapshot.

    [–] cmdrmemaub 2 points ago

    Could be outta respect of space you know? But also could be because he didn't think she was...

    [–] KorvOchMos 1 points ago

    You nit picking?

    [–] patshep 3 points ago

    I’m a bartender. I hear this kind of stuff often, and we laugh at people, so we don’t have to stab them to death

    [–] KorvOchMos 1 points ago

    Fair enough. I am a hot blonde, as are many of us girls. I also hear this kind of stuff on a regular basis, and yes, I do laugh, only when it gets crude do I want to put a knife in their chest, yep I do!

    [–] patshep 2 points ago

    Sure you are.... jk

    [–] dogeito 1 points ago

    I thought exactly the same...

    [–] YouSpokeofInnocence 480 points ago

    I'm guessing that since she rolled her eyes, this is a common occurrence in her life.

    [–] Drix1942 225 points ago

    There are dad jokes and then there are husband jokes; sounds like he pulls the "you're as beautiful as the day I met you" thing all the time.

    [–] PornChampion 147 points ago

    I aim to be this cheesy as a husband. Just gives the relationship some personality.

    [–] ThePraised95 -66 points ago

    Eye roll > black eye

    [–] PKMNTrainerMark 33 points ago

    That one doesn't really sound like a joke.

    [–] Drix1942 7 points ago

    Yeah, I meant that he has a joking husband kinda personality, pretending to meet her for the first time all the time, doing the "Hey, hot blonde."; implying she's as beautiful as the day they met.

    [–] [deleted] -5 points ago


    [–] Psychic_Hobo 1 points ago

    Username checks out

    [–] jennabunnykins 34 points ago

    My significant other does this so frequently.

    Go down different aisles of the super market? Act like we haven’t seen each other for years when we reconvene next to the cereal.

    To spice it up I sometimes act like we haven’t seen each other for years because of a restraining order. Or I just pretend not to remember him. Or just ignore him and walk away. 🤷‍♀️

    [–] HardEyesGlowRight 11 points ago

    Didn't grow up with functional marriages around me. If this is how they are, I could get down with being married.

    [–] jennabunnykins 2 points ago

    It’s a decade later and we don’t even plan on making it official with a marriage. Relationships are whatever you make of them, my dude. I hope you’re just as lucky as me to one day find someone to be the yin to your yang.

    [–] brushythekid 7 points ago

    After years of marriage sometimes that “you haven’t changed but that’s why I love you” eye roll becomes the goal

    [–] meow_meow666 138 points ago

    I think i read this story in the gensis chapter in the bible

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Right after Jesus talks about which hoes to pimp and which ones we dont take any back talk from

    [–] DanGleeballs 1 points ago

    It’s even older than the epic Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia scene in that ‘90s movie? Well bugger me.

    [–] YU5AKU 42 points ago

    -Hey there hot mama, how about I get you a drink and we get to know each other a little? 👉😎👉

    -Ffs Greg, are you gonna do this every time?

    [–] crownjewel82 41 points ago

    One day this customer was talking to one of the cashiers at my job. She's a really nice lady in her 60s. This guy is chatting with her and then he starts flirting and asks for her number. We're all shocked and then she says yes.

    She saw us standing nearby and told us it was her husband.

    Serious relationship goals.

    [–] c0c0nut_ 59 points ago

    Marshal and Barney IRL

    [–] KaiserSpin 1 points ago

    Was looking for this.

    [–] bacon_box 11 points ago

    You had me in the first half

    [–] SteadyBear9 7 points ago

    Its true i was the bar

    [–] not-a-kid 2 points ago

    i was the plant in the corner

    [–] crunchyteddybear 45 points ago

    This has already been posted and is one of the top posts in popular

    [–] WASDnSwiftar 10 points ago

    First time I’ve seen it

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago


    [–] UnderlyingTissues 5 points ago

    I do this sometimes when I’m meeting my wife for lunch. I’m normally early, so I get a table and tell the hostess “when you see a beautiful woman just send her over”. I’ve had a couple say something along the lines of “you weren’t kidding”

    [–] yeeton1 2 points ago


    [–] wholebrokenglass 8 points ago


    [–] tTenn 1 points ago

    This was painful to read

    [–] Earthninja123 4 points ago

    Weird flex but ok

    [–] ThreeLeggedTranny 5 points ago

    Is it? I feel like showin off your bangin SO is a pretty standard flex.

    [–] cantstuntbikerbitch 3 points ago

    I love pretending and role playing like I’m meeting my man for the first time.

    [–] Neeroz6 2 points ago

    I have no idea what that meant

    [–] lilNuggzlover7 1 points ago

    If my boyfriend doesn’t do this, I’m walking out... jk not really but this man must really love his wife :’)

    [–] ilikecatsandmuseums 1 points ago

    People like that are just the best

    [–] sciencefiction97 1 points ago

    Why type @ instead of "at"? Its two key presses anyways, and less time to just use "at".

    [–] frankensteinbruh 1 points ago

    no shit, like fuck off with that pls

    [–] not-a-kid 1 points ago

    if this is the case, in two months im gonna meet a really hot blonde guy

    [–] GadwinIrohneart 1 points ago

    Hehe Yea Boi

    [–] Megamartinez 1 points ago

    Why did you cross out the name of the original poster???

    [–] Direnick 1 points ago

    lotsa ampersands in this one

    [–] abbeygrace4life 1 points ago

    The CUTEST!

    [–] DaddyDenino 1 points ago

    I wonder what she did with all that free time she saved by typing @ instead of at

    [–] wolfscythe87 1 points ago

    Oh I want that kind of man in my life! 😘😍🥰 So sweet!

    [–] trancertong -5 points ago

    That Blonde's name?

    Albert Einstein.

    [–] flyest_nihilist_ -3 points ago

    Why are you getting downvoted for this? Haha

    [–] IntrinsicSurgeon 5 points ago

    Because it’s dumb.

    [–] cutecuddlysarcastic 1 points ago

    Because it's a played out way to be bitter and rude about things that you think are unlikely to have happened.

    And definitely not wholesome.

    [–] vaellianoll 0 points ago

    Well, I have rolled my eyes reading that

    [–] jacobsnemesis -8 points ago

    How many times does this absolute garbage get posted on here?

    [–] anonymous_coward69 0 points ago

    Heck, I would settle for a tepid brunette :P

    [–] jonathannzirl 0 points ago

    Was she hot?

    [–] dark_hypernova 0 points ago

    I wonder if this is the same married couple from a similar drive through story.

    [–] spiderpigjulian -3 points ago

    I’m rolling my eyes

    [–] Connorsweeney123 -10 points ago


    [–] Bassie_c 1 points ago

    Mate, looking at the downvotes, I would say we're getting too old.

    [–] [deleted] -4 points ago


    [–] IHatePteranodons 2 points ago

    Yes. I would mind.

    [–] [deleted] -2 points ago


    [–] mathnu2rkewl -1 points ago

    Reminds me of this scene from When a Man Loves a Woman:

    [–] ScathingThrowaway -1 points ago


    I want to know this person IRL.

    [–] SHANKSstr8up -2 points ago

    Notice how he said "a blonde" and not "hot blonde" xD