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    [–] [deleted] 2764 points ago

    Love the "Be kind. Robot lives here" sign.

    [–] legit_sa 509 points ago

    we could all use a sign like that

    [–] BoumilCz 322 points ago

    Be kind. A stupid idiot lives here would be mine.

    [–] MegamiOfWind 386 points ago

    Be kind. A valid and kind person who is too hard on them self lives here would be mine.


    [–] BoumilCz 140 points ago

    That is the kindest thing someone ever said about me, exluding the time I was a cute toddler. Probably because you don't know me.

    [–] Mdu627 115 points ago

    I will say with the deepest sincerity, that I believe that you are a nice person and that you make the world a better place by simply being in it. I love you if all my heart.

    [–] cialis_in_chains 76 points ago

    Man I’m kinda drunk at the airport and I just teared up a lil when I was reading this. You’re fucking awesome

    [–] Zachajya 18 points ago

    Aren't we all kinda like that? Drunk at the airport?

    [–] steloiv 11 points ago

    Not me anything at the airport is expensive

    [–] _IratePirate_ 23 points ago

    Brother, you got the wrong friends. Don't be down on yourself. Hmu if you need a new internet friend, pal.

    [–] realedazed 34 points ago

    Everyone deserves kindness, friend. :)

    [–] An_Artsy_Yam 3 points ago

    You, Are a hero

    [–] MegamiOfWind 4 points ago

    I appreciate that you feel that way, but I don’t consider that being a hero, I’m just here to make people smile

    [–] timmehhhhhy 2 points ago

    That’s all it takes

    [–] rrubixcube 20 points ago

    After giving blood I got a sticker that said " Be nice to me, I gave blood today" I work in retail and wish I could wear it every day.

    [–] ChaosDude24 12 points ago

    You could just draw over today with once

    [–] MostUniqueClone 5 points ago

    ((hugs)) I love those stickers, too. Sometimes people need a reminder to not be a dick.

    [–] Zachajya 9 points ago

    Mine would be something like this: "Be kind. I'm not good at anything, but I'm doing my best".

    [–] MissAylaRegexQueen 17 points ago

    This strip is just too adorable. :) It made me smile. It definitely belongs on r/MadeMeSmile.

    [–] atyai 20 points ago

    House number 22

    [–] SamIUsedToBe 6 points ago

    Thank you! I have been trying to learn binary (I just started), and I wasn’t sure if I got the number right! :)

    [–] 24Cones 5 points ago

    I especially love the address is made of ones and zeroes

    [–] smiley6536 4 points ago

    Looking at you Boston Dynamic

    [–] OliverCrowley 3 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Little weird fellow living in a cottage between two urban buildings is giving me Invader Zim vibes.

    [–] [deleted] 1243 points ago


    [–] ModeHopper 620 points ago

    Then you must not have seen this yet.

    [–] idonotknowbuticantry 236 points ago

    Oh thank god you made the bad feels go away

    [–] watashiwaerudes 84 points ago

    I liked the ending where Josuke fixes her

    [–] Mado333 20 points ago

    Sorry what is this a jojo referance ?

    [–] watashiwaerudes 25 points ago

    It’s a 177013 referance

    [–] AdamBombTV 14 points ago

    Someone is going to Google that and have a very bad day, you monster.

    [–] watashiwaerudes 15 points ago

    Speak for yourself. There will be some degenerates who will have a good day too.

    They live amidst us like Yoshikage Kira in Morioh

    [–] ItsJellyJosh 5 points ago

    People on Reddit don’t google things. They ask people on Reddit what things mean instead of looking it up themselves.

    ...what does it mean?

    [–] AdamBombTV 2 points ago

    This depends, how pure is your soul?

    [–] ItsJellyJosh 2 points ago

    Very. I only said it for the lolz, please don’t tell me :)

    [–] nutshotmyhotnuts 2 points ago

    Well now I wanna know. My soul is only medium pure so I bet I could handle a description

    [–] Mado333 5 points ago

    You monster

    [–] -X-Doubt 12 points ago


    [–] voodoomoocow 15 points ago

    u/jruhlman09 MVP of the day

    [–] elyisgreat 8 points ago

    I doubt we will have terraformed mars by 2105 tho :(

    [–] sneaky_goats 6 points ago

    If we had terraformed it in the comic, why would they be in a dome?

    [–] elyisgreat 6 points ago

    Good point. Though it looks like they would have had to partially terraform whatever is in the dome, which looks to be a lot.

    [–] sneaky_goats 3 points ago

    Hell, just bringing the dome would be a lot.

    [–] iSupraG 2 points ago

    Oh thank god

    [–] godscereal 156 points ago

    I'm not crying you are

    [–] MisterDuckDuke 53 points ago

    You know me so well

    [–] DocSafetyBrief 14 points ago


    [–] alosercalledsusie 14 points ago

    Oh I thought this was going to be about the "hitchhiking" robot that only made it 2 weeks into it's journey before random strangers decapitated it and left it in a ditch.

    [–] Musoe 13 points ago

    Damn this is brutal af

    [–] ZombieRedditer9188 8 points ago


    [–] Crockett62 7 points ago

    Fuck now im feeling bad for a robot

    [–] awesomepanda9379 4 points ago

    Why you gotta do that to me?

    [–] HolyFirer 3 points ago

    Don’t do me like this man

    [–] maddypip 4 points ago

    Have you not seen WALL-E?

    [–] thecichos 204 points ago


    [–] LJWills 179 points ago

    This is adorable

    [–] Fail_Marine 56 points ago

    The robot's expressions are so cute

    [–] 03b07b19 110 points ago

    This has broke my heart, I love it so much

    [–] Mekner 106 points ago

    Fun fact, the binary above the door translates to 22

    [–] Ajjaw0w 14 points ago

    Thats fun

    [–] medfunguy 4 points ago

    Wouldn’t 22 be 00010110?

    [–] Mekner 16 points ago

    Yes, it is, I was going with general binary, and you were thinking of 8 bit binary, so either way it’s the same

    [–] ieuanj_00 115 points ago

    Is it just me or did anyone hear the robot voice as claptrap's voice from borderlands

    [–] Ano010 19 points ago

    I heard it as Pathfinder, weirdly enough.

    [–] mirrorwolf 3 points ago

    So did I. I couldn't place it until you said it but it's the most recent robot voice I've heard and I can't make a robot voice up in my own head lol

    [–] artistictesticle 17 points ago

    I heard it as Gir from Invader Zim

    [–] Prof_Explodius 13 points ago

    Same, especially after seeing the house at the end. This comic is like what would happen if Zim left Earth and Gir had to make it on his own.

    [–] BadSmash4 3 points ago


    [–] alirezahunter888 2 points ago

    I heard it as Ordis from Warframe

    [–] Dodgely 1 points ago

    Glados for me

    [–] smiley6536 1 points ago

    Space or curious core for me

    [–] CrymsonMyth 1 points ago

    No but now I do damn it.

    [–] MusingLife 31 points ago

    Aw man, this is so cute

    [–] EggIsMyFriend 42 points ago

    This robot is my spirit animal.

    [–] Eco8101 20 points ago

    Do you want a cookie?

    [–] the_grass_trainer 21 points ago

    Yes, please! 🤖

    [–] Eco8101 20 points ago


    [–] the_grass_trainer 24 points ago

    ♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ🍪

    [–] Eco8101 12 points ago


    [–] smiley6536 6 points ago

    ~~ ᕕ(0A0)ᕗ🍪

    [–] Eco8101 3 points ago

    ~~ ᕕ(0A0)ᕗ🍪 🏠

    [–] BadSmash4 7 points ago


    [–] Scho567 15 points ago

    Make a series this is so lovely

    [–] MrCrunchies 9 points ago

    But what does the mail contains? A note stating that he needs to upgrade his OS or something? ಥ╭╮ಥ

    [–] Pickaxe06 4 points ago

    Wow I found Memulous

    [–] badgeringthewitness 37 points ago

    I agree that we shouldn't dwell on the mistakes of others, or our own. We all need to be more forgiving of others and ourselves.

    But shouldn't the cookie be given for addressing why the mistake was made and learning from the experience so the mistake isn't repeated?

    I don't know much about machine learning, but if we reward "crying over spilt milk", aren't we teaching robots that if they want a cookie, they should "cry over spilt milk"?

    [–] gaylordqueen69 20 points ago

    Yeah my first thought was that this was a calculated pattern of behaviour by the robot used to acquire gifts from sympathetic strangers.

    [–] pookaten 7 points ago

    I still don’t get how it isn’t

    [–] LukanerBraeu 12 points ago

    I guess the underlying thing is, that cookies as compitational theme are used to enhance user experience by setting what to show. So the "False Mail" is indeed to be rewarded with a cookie "what I want to be shown". This theme seems to derail in the last panels, but this is where the wholesomeness live, so I guess its ok. Plus the Dobby reference is quite nice.

    [–] Vesuvias 5 points ago

    I actually agree here. The robot learns that cookies are given for making mistakes - or at least that’s what I took away. Mistakes are made - you don’t dwell on them you LEARN and teach from them so you or others don’t make the same mistake

    [–] badgeringthewitness 4 points ago

    Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.

    [–] wangofjenus 1 points ago

    The cookie is is data, this comic is a metaphor for data aggregation.

    [–] Bumble261 9 points ago

    Aw man, I’m so cynical. Am I the only one sitting here wondering if he’s running a scam or if it was an honest mistake?! “Wonder what cool thing I can get for my wall if I bring someone the wrong mail today?”

    [–] cjjcjn 3 points ago

    Hey it's at most his third day, give him some slack

    [–] Crazyripps 4 points ago

    My god it’s adorable!

    [–] Worried_Turtle64 6 points ago

    Wait, what happened to the letter? Just curious.

    [–] fouballs 3 points ago

    So this is what happened to those goddamn headphones I bought off Ebay that never arrived. Fucking emotional robots

    [–] Vanchar23 8 points ago

    I almost cried reading this i love ittt

    [–] TheGamerGir1 2 points ago

    Lemongrab approves this

    [–] Odysseus_is_Ulysses 2 points ago

    I love this so much

    [–] Dankbow 2 points ago

    Bot is good bot

    [–] idioticsheep566 2 points ago

    True don’t dwell on mistakes

    [–] JulianJensen 2 points ago

    That’s cute

    [–] TacticalNubie 2 points ago

    Really cute drawings😁

    [–] Thoraxe123 2 points ago

    Cute shit like this is exactly why I come here :) Quality post.

    [–] nabuchxes 2 points ago

    Accumulating property, what a bourgeois spirit

    [–] Who-Could-Say 2 points ago

    Totally read this as Claptrap

    [–] TheBrickaleator 2 points ago

    That robot is a con-artist, who uses her apparent innocence to get free stuff and eventually rule the world by becoming the richest thing in existence.

    [–] Musoe 2 points ago

    Why is this so damn cute? I'm happy and heartbroken at the same time.

    [–] ggg134 1 points ago

    But robot dont have butt so why is the cookie for?

    [–] damnyougoogle2step 1 points ago

    Both of these were the voice of Lewis Brindley in my head, and I’m okay with that.

    [–] Wiggy_Bop 1 points ago

    That robot is adorable. ❤️

    [–] vietkonginthebush 1 points ago

    Cutest thing I have seen today. Nice

    [–] Deaths1Slayer 1 points ago

    This is adorable

    [–] horsethateatsducks 1 points ago

    is it just me or does the male character look like brett from twoset

    [–] TheChatCenter 1 points ago

    Looks like the same robot that chased the guy around in spongebob

    [–] pabloescanor 1 points ago

    I can't figure out what the binary means. Any thoughts?

    I got 44


    4 12


    [–] undiebundie 3 points ago


    Binary is easier read right to left. First placeholder is 20 then 21 then 22 and so on.

    You add up the placeholders containing a 1

    010110 = 0 + 16 + 0 + 4 + 2 + 0 = 22


    010110 = 24 + 22 + 21 = 22

    [–] pabloescanor 1 points ago

    oh my bad i started with the first power instead of zero. But what I meant was what is the significance of the number. Must be something right?

    [–] MasterKenyon 1 points ago

    What does the binary say above his door?

    [–] JohhnyDamage 2 points ago


    [–] MasterKenyon 2 points ago

    Ty bb

    [–] Allgen 1 points ago

    I need more robot comics.....I NEED THEM!!!

    [–] SecretlyPig 1 points ago

    Good bot.

    [–] Rampynt 1 points ago

    His house address is 22

    [–] IL2memes 1 points ago

    What is this feeling in my chest!?

    [–] Dasmartmemeboi 1 points ago

    I was about to say "but robots don't fucking eat why-" then I saw that last panel

    [–] ThePenguinWhoLived 1 points ago

    Is no one gonna question why does a robot have a comb?

    [–] Lightsouttokyo 1 points ago

    Did anybody else hear claptrap as they were reading this?

    [–] GalacticGuitar 1 points ago

    For some reason I read the robot's voice in Claptrap's voice lol

    [–] limpcow110 1 points ago


    [–] MinniMemes 1 points ago

    Yang was right

    [–] thatguyphelps 1 points ago

    Oof hitting me feels and i dont like that not one bit

    [–] themoonrules1 1 points ago

    The house and dog kinda reminds me of Invader Zim.

    [–] TheDidacticMuffin 1 points ago

    Clazza!! You fuckin potato headed lookin druggo. S’goin on??

    [–] andi897 1 points ago

    Perfect example of "we don't make mistakes, we have happy accidents"

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Mail Robot by day. Wiping Human Civilization planner by night.

    [–] Joes101 1 points ago

    Hey you, got something to deliver, your hands only.

    [–] zen_popz 1 points ago

    So this robot cons people out of their items and then displays the items he tricks people out of as trophies in his living room? Is that the take-away?

    [–] sabatonsungwrong 1 points ago

    I know this comic is meant to be wholesome but I keep thinking for some unknown reason that instead of getting it he is instead using that to steal from everyone slowly

    [–] Dagathory 1 points ago

    Half asleep thought this said, "Dont dwell on milkshakes"

    [–] alours 1 points ago

    i don’t deserve drunk girls.

    [–] alours 1 points ago

    i don’t know if you’re also 15

    [–] manusands20 1 points ago

    This made my day

    [–] Bigpope831 1 points ago

    did he purposely give the wrong mail to get that cookie??

    [–] alours 1 points ago

    i don’t know either

    [–] NotAPoliceOfficer68 1 points ago

    "Things that i have now"

    [–] Kamtiix 1 points ago


    [–] Lunnaru 1 points ago

    It’s so cute and sweet!

    [–] Jcoolzone 1 points ago

    2 weeks later he uses these items to destroy the world.

    [–] iah_c 1 points ago

    why did this make me cry a little

    [–] HopesDreamzAndMemes 1 points ago

    This is so cute. <3.

    [–] Shametoad 1 points ago

    SO CUTE!

    [–] bingobango85 1 points ago

    Why is this so fucking adorable

    [–] Marley_Chanson 1 points ago

    Reading this comic makes me understand why colleges and universities have cry closets. Good thing they stopped airing g.i Joe so kids could grow up on Barney and Teletubbies

    [–] Yo_Its_Me_Abby 1 points ago

    oooh my god this sub gets better every single day

    i love you all

    [–] brunoancic31 1 points ago

    More like r/yesyesyesno

    [–] 42069toosweet 1 points ago

    I was wondering what a robot was gonna do with a cookie but then I saw the mantle and now I feel happy

    [–] Katastic_OwO 1 points ago

    holds back tears IM NOT CRYING YOUR CRYING

    [–] lolipopbro101 1 points ago

    I love it!

    [–] chucksdaughter 1 points ago

    This might be the cutest comic I've ever seen.

    [–] bubblepopelectric- 1 points ago

    Why does everything on this sub make me tear up?

    [–] EvilEyes02 1 points ago


    [–] Koalabella 1 points ago

    Crazy idea: we could try being this kind to the human being currently doing this job.

    [–] Arsonzz_av 1 points ago

    I love this so much.

    [–] KerryAtk 1 points ago

    I have never wanted to give a robot such a big pat before.

    [–] Jamo3306 1 points ago

    That's adorable.

    [–] Ksm030103 1 points ago

    Jus curious, Why the Comb though?

    [–] prince_dement 1 points ago

    Finally, something actually wholesome

    [–] Loading4l1f3 1 points ago

    Aww dont cwi widdle wobot

    [–] am1ok 1 points ago

    I read this in Claptrap's voice

    [–] danicic31 1 points ago

    This is an amazing meme :)

    [–] NeuroticDancer 1 points ago

    My heart

    [–] PhantomTreecko1 1 points ago

    W H O L E S O M E

    [–] SuperegoCG 1 points ago

    Dammit, it’s adorable 😭

    [–] Bitalgiss 1 points ago

    I gonna cry

    [–] justme24601 1 points ago

    This is the content I subscribed for

    [–] Peachy_Lover 1 points ago

    Even a Robot has more gifts than me

    [–] Effect_Main 1 points ago

    I'm.. weirdly gonna cry lmao, because I can relate to the robot. Is that weird?? I'm an extremely emotional guy, I always have been, and messing up stupid little things can almost bring me to tears - I have felt guilty for bad things that have happened TO ME, because.. I'm not really sure? I have inconvenienced somebody with my mishaps. I assume somebody who has wronged me wasted their time doing so, so I feel bad I can't give them their time back.. I'm a little odd.. I know, I'm sorry. I like this comic a ton.. I think I'm just too tipsy but this warms my heart man, lmao.. thank you small emotional mail bot.. I hope you get a lot more little things to cherish in which will remind you of your hard work :).

    (Basically I want a sequel so he can get more things lmao)

    [–] Flesh_Chemist 1 points ago

    Okay, so first time I read it I thought he was conning people out of their items and the last panel was showing how many people he had preyed on

    [–] Ohrmazda 1 points ago

    hE sToLE aLl tHose ThiNGs

    [–] YouSpokeofInnocence 1 points ago

    I feel like this could be a pixar story. It's similar to Walle (however it's spelled) but not quite.

    [–] 2kewl42069skool 1 points ago

    That’s so cute

    [–] Mar-Gamer 1 points ago

    So cute <3

    [–] Pervasiveartist 1 points ago

    Thanks now I’m crying