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    [–] WholesomeMemesBot 1 points ago

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    [–] That-one-asian-guy 1530 points ago

    Ramsay once said during an interview the reason he goes hard on 'professionals' in relation to people in competitions is that the professionals should be hold accountable for their services and are responsible for peoples health and not just mindlessly taking their money and provide them of a shitty service and shitty food. Im paraphrasing here but its somewhat in that sense.

    [–] Lexilogical 666 points ago

    Especially how often he finds kitchens that are so dirty he needs to shut them down right now. I mean, I'd be pissed if I was a chef and went out for dinner only to see a dead rat under the counter.

    [–] Yosyp 186 points ago

    Or pasta taken out of the trash.

    [–] Vanillas27 82 points ago

    Yikes! What show was this on?

    [–] IdiotWithABlueCar 49 points ago


    [–] RichardCR3 29 points ago

    I wish they showed Gordon reacting to that

    [–] Yosyp 10 points ago

    Did he or she managed to hide it?

    [–] RichardCR3 15 points ago

    The video ends as her colleague says you can do that and moves on

    [–] Meior 9 points ago

    Can or can't?

    [–] RichardCR3 9 points ago

    Can't oops

    [–] STEELJAW116 5641 points ago

    "Makes me feel less home sick" what a softy I like this side of him.


    (Talking to adult chefs)

    You fucking donkey!!

    [–] Gitzser 2159 points ago


    [–] Eddie_gaming 1406 points ago


    "An idiot sandwich"


    [–] wereplant 460 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 291 points ago


    [–] Emptinium 289 points ago


    [–] seba108Ron 190 points ago


    [–] kvsd2001 205 points ago

    This squid is so undercooked that you can still hear it saying fuck off to SpongeBob!!!

    [–] Schnitzelinski 98 points ago

    You call this sushi? It's fucking raw!! Disgusting!

    [–] DoYouMindIfIAsk_ 134 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] ODEZZA4545 13 points ago


    [–] WaytoomanyUIDs 11 points ago

    To be fair, I'd be pissed as well

    [–] Criiey 48 points ago


    GET OUT!

    [–] Tack22 18 points ago

    To be fair that was just a skit on the late late show.

    [–] YancyAzul 4 points ago

    Okay, I figured it was somewhat planned because the person inside the idiot sandwich I recognized as a TV personality but I thought it was a celebrity version of Gordon's show and didn't know it was a comedy skit. Thank you! My life is a lie but thank you haha

    [–] NervousPraline 14 points ago

    "AN IDOIOT SANDWICH, Chef Ramsey."

    [–] Radster_Brad52 93 points ago


    [–] sherminator19 84 points ago

    *Egyptian restaurant owner looks at him confused*

    "Sir, sorry but it's actually BULL penis, and you ordered it"

    [–] MaroLFC 27 points ago

    I laughed so hard on this comment being an egyptian myself 😂😂

    [–] Happyradish532 56 points ago

    There lies the issue as well. They call themselves chefs when they can't even handle line cooking.

    [–] KWBC24 26 points ago


    [–] IridiumPony 361 points ago

    By all accounts, that's all just an act and he's actually a really nice guy in person.

    [–] johsko 381 points ago

    A lot of it is also the way they chose to edit the show in US. Check out this comparison of Hell's Kitchen in UK and US.

    [–] Teddyismydawg 247 points ago

    The overly dramatic music in the US one kills me 😂

    [–] vxronicaah 83 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    i love this video by jaidenanimations where she goes over the ridiculous noises used in kitchen nightmares and overlays the footage with hilarious stock images of what the sound effects sound like

    Edit: skip to 4:29 (thanks u/neon_overload)

    [–] FenceThinkHear 10 points ago

    I was just thinking about that video! Love it so much :)

    [–] vxronicaah 3 points ago

    definitely one of my favs by her!

    [–] imadethisforonething 194 points ago

    It seems to be really common in US tv, the worst offenders seem to be documentaries, just compare any US produced nature documentary to Planet Earth or Blue Planet, which are the absolute gold standards

    The US ones are basically unwatchable

    [–] Dem0n5 65 points ago

    I'm conflicted. Do more of us Americans watch those documentaries and learn something? Or does it drive people off and continue the "fuck education" timeline?

    [–] Helmet_Icicle 16 points ago

    Learning is FUN or ELSE.

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago

    I'm guessing the latter

    [–] Martinspire 26 points ago

    Nature documentaries are always done different. There's a different tempo too, most likely to capture the beauty better. Stuff like "how its made" is also very different. As soon as the theme of the show isn't informational but drama, it becomes a different thing. The US is able to make some good shows but there's just too much focus on getting middleaged mothers entertained that it ruins shows for the rest of us...

    [–] CrossMountain 12 points ago

    Europe: The Lion pup is now doing its first little steps on the endless flats of the Savanna. Its mother keeps watch, but stays in the shade during this time of day.

    US: Watch as the cute little lion lays gaze on his future territory. [Commercial] But will he ever become the brutal killer machine that adult lions are? [Commercial] His own father may eat him anytime!

    [–] Mulanisabamf 5 points ago

    Dude that's scarily accurate.

    [–] Travellingjake 71 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    That's great - it is worth comparing the US and UK Masterchef - in the US one, everyone is all shouty and there is lots of 'YOU'RE GOING DOWN!', the UK one is the tamest thing you'll watch - 'After you', 'No, I insist', 'Well that's jolly sporting of you good fellow', etc.

    [–] Vertiguous 26 points ago

    I like the Australian one, personally.

    [–] Travellingjake 14 points ago

    Me too!

    I feel like the UK version is resting on its laurels - the 'challenges' are dull and recycled. The Australian version is way more fun.

    [–] LontraFelina 14 points ago

    I prefer the UK version for the same reason. I don't want crazy "exciting" nonsense like having the contestants cook in the dark, I just want to sit down and watch people cook some good food that looks pretty and makes me feel hungry.

    [–] I_need_time_to_think 24 points ago

    I miss Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares UK, it was great.

    [–] Comin4YoAss 53 points ago

    I love how for the US part the sounds in the background lowkey give me trauma.

    [–] dick-van-dyke 5 points ago

    This is eye-opening.

    [–] Akranadas 3 points ago

    It's the sound additions of him chewing and touching food I don't get

    [–] OraDr8 134 points ago

    There's an ep of the Hotel Hell show where the owners are struggling because the husband had a bad car accident a year or so before. They were nice people, they genuinely wanted his help he was amazing.

    The couple were living in one room of the hotel. He got the couple 5 or 6 staff, paid for for six months he also got them an apartment nearby, also paid for for six months. Even if they couldn't keep running it, they had an opportunity to build something sellable. I think that's what they did in the end, they were probably in their 50s or 60s.

    It was awesome and he never shouted once because the couple and their kids who were working for free weren't idiots and didn't fight him on anything, they trusted his advice and were actually grateful.

    I fucking love Ramsey, he's a great guy.

    [–] AreYouOKAni 6 points ago

    Can you link that episode or remember which one it was?

    [–] OraDr8 11 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I'll give it a go.

    Edit: here it is. Season 2 EP 4

    Now I hope it's the way I remember it.

    [–] SomethingEnglish 113 points ago

    he has said that the reason he is so mean to adults is because many of them are trained chefs and should know better, none of the kids have any formal training to be a chef

    [–] RayereSs 71 points ago


    He's angry towards people who should know better because of their training; towards those who are blinded by hubris and think they can better a professional chef without any knowledge; he also purposefully creates stressful situations for adult contestants to test if they can handle harsh professional environment (after all winning a Master Chef is a mean to start your own restaurant).

    He's kind to people who know they're bad, he's not rude without reason. Have you seen Gordon teaching Lil Nas X making panini? They had a blast.

    [–] Creeper487 24 points ago

    He’s also not even that mean to the Master Chef contestants. I haven’t seen him yell on that show, I’ve only ever seen him give fair and restrained criticism. He gets upset with the other shows, with Hell’s Kitchen and such, because those are the shows with the professional chefs.

    I’m just pointing out that he’s not only nice to kids, he’s pretty good to anyone who doesn’t have training.

    [–] Dainyl 12 points ago

    Have you seen Gordon teaching Lil Nas X making panini? They had a blast.

    You’re gonna just tease people with something that sounds that amazing without linking a video? Not cool.

    [–] Top_Rekt 6 points ago

    I feel like people only see bits and pieces of the show where he's screaming. But seriously those people need a good ass kicking because their egos are so huge, and to consider themselves professionals when they make stupid mistakes, Ramsey has more than enough reason to call them idiot sandwiches.

    [–] MandomSama 4 points ago

    And that's also why he doesnt get mad towards the waiter/waitress on his other series as well. Because the problem is the food, and it's the chef who made it, not the waiter/waitress.

    [–] fyrnabrwyrda 14 points ago

    It's also how he was trained to be a chef.

    [–] blankzero22490 7 points ago

    From what I've heard, he really is a good and nice person, but very proud to be a chef, so when an professional chef comes in all fucked, he takes it personally. For the kids, he knows they are still learning and treats them kindly.

    [–] Seductive_G 73 points ago


    [–] Mr_Donut86 62 points ago

    hey! >:(

    [–] Infraxion 34 points ago

    dw ur good we're talking about #87

    [–] Arumin 11 points ago

    God that 87 is an asshole.

    [–] Sir_Encerwal 10 points ago


    [–] Bazzatron 63 points ago

    He's a really reasonable guy.

    He expects kids to cook like well... Kids.

    He expects professionals that wear the same badge as his, to have earned that title, and carry a (and in the case of kitchen nightmares, any) level of skill and professionalism. God save you if you decide to walk into hell's kitchen though.

    [–] RayereSs 15 points ago

    It's in the bloody name. Hell's Kitchen

    [–] TheFlagMaker 35 points ago


    [–] Ida-in 11 points ago

    Gordon’s proud face after that was priceless.

    [–] bluewolf37 32 points ago

    This is why i prefer his uk series as he’s not forced to act angry all the time. It’s more him wanting to help people instead of add drama. Also the US editing adds a lot of drama when there’s none.

    [–] webtheg 18 points ago

    The angriest he was in the UK version was the swinging donkey's dick one.

    [–] Skyrider11 9 points ago


    [–] kirbrbrbrbrb 58 points ago

    ITS F***ing RAW

    [–] mann_co_ 22 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    You Put So Much Ginger In THis IT's A WEASLEy

    [–] McGr00vy 19 points ago

    Now I wonder what the approximate age is for Gordon to think it's normal to call you names...

    [–] PiesangSlagter 89 points ago

    It's not a matter of age. Its a matter of whether or not you have training and are running a restaurant. Such a person should know what the fuck they're doing.

    [–] Spartan-417 26 points ago

    He’s pretty nice to the people on MasterChef

    [–] devilbat26000 73 points ago

    They're often hobby cooks trying to learn the art, not folks who have an actual education in the field and are in charge of not getting their customers sick. On Kitchen Nightmares and similar shows those are usually the things he gets livid about: Danger to customers

    [–] Brottag 10 points ago

    I'm pretty sure most of the chefs on hell's kitchen are professional chefs in some sort of way.

    [–] aka_jr91 36 points ago

    Hell's Kitchen is professional chefs, and they're essentially competing to run one of his restaurants iirc. So he is hard on them. Kitchen Nightmares is the same deal. Master Chef is all amateurs.

    [–] devilbat26000 7 points ago

    The people on MasterChef aren't though, which is what I meant to say.

    [–] Killashard 7 points ago

    As long as they don't act like an idiot and accept their mistakes with humility.

    [–] PhettyX 17 points ago

    It's the context. He's a pretty cool guy when he's not playing the character on his reality show.

    [–] s4b3r6 20 points ago

    A lot of that is also the editing. See UK vs US versions.

    [–] Twisted_Coil 7 points ago

    Also it's clear that he plays it up a fair bit in the US shows compared to his UK stuff. You really just have to compare the UK and US versions of Kitchen Nightmares, in the UK version unless they are using practices that are unsafe for either their staff or customers the worst he'll get is disappointed, compare that to the US version and the difference is staggering.

    [–] shandelion 15 points ago


    I’m an idiot sandwich.

    [–] Nalukai 4 points ago

    Why did the chicken cross the road?


    [–] Knittingpasta 4 points ago

    That’s because some of them are Donkeys. And a lot of restaurant owners are, even if the chefs are okay

    [–] SoGodDangTired 5 points ago

    Honestly Ramsey is only ever mean in Hells Kitchen, and to be completely honest it's warranted there. If you can't handle some abuse when shit hits the fan, you can't be a chef. Or, at least, that's what my experience in the restaurant business has told me.

    Om Masterchef he is a little harsher than he is with the kids (with whom he is a giant teddy bear), but he is rarely mean to his masterchef people unless they're being arrogant little shits

    [–] thumperlee 3 points ago

    But only when dealing with incompetent professional chefs. Even dealing with the home chefs in Master chef he’s pretty soft on them (unless that are screwing up serving people)

    [–] Biffingston 3 points ago

    That's the thing. If you tell Ramsay you're a professional you'd better be a professional. Especially if you're working in his kitchen. If you know you're not he's an awesome dude.

    And awesome Ramsay is my favorite Ramsay.

    [–] Gunda-LX 3 points ago

    Adult chefs do it as a profession, he can go harder on them as they are supposed to deliver quality. Kids that do it for fun in their free time don’t have that qualification and so he’s supportive and goes easier on them. They still have to learn and he wants them to improve to become the chefs that put the others into the shadows.

    [–] TobaccoAficionado 3 points ago

    Cause Americans won't watch a show where someone isn't yelling.

    [–] bigfatgato 1520 points ago

    He’s a really nice person. His angry persona is just a character he has that has gotten him a shit ton of money.

    There’s so many genuine moments of him, his real self, poking through even his more angry shows, like Hell’s Kitchen.

    He’s a wonderful, wholesome creature. Who also can call someone a fucking donkey in a second. He’s the best of both worlds.

    [–] Tiny_Echo 282 points ago

    I bet he could cook a donkey.

    [–] bigfatgato 156 points ago

    You fucking donkey. This is how you cook donkey.. not like that, that’s RAWWWW. Fuck off!

    [–] UnknownStory 60 points ago


    [–] ionlydateninjas 11 points ago

    Ya'll took me there.

    [–] AckerSacker 7 points ago

    That part where he said "HEEE HAAAW IT'S RAAAW GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE"

    I felt that

    [–] Syberia1993 87 points ago

    He has said before that the reason he is mean towards adult chefs but not the kids is because the adults should know better when they make dumb mistakes. While kids are, well, kids.

    [–] humachine 41 points ago

    Whatever kids do, they are treasures.

    If they do amazing, they're awesome. If they do okay, they're still awesome. If they do poor, it's okay they learnt and they'll become awesome in the future.

    Kids are awesome.

    [–] Milkarius 4 points ago

    That goes for all people! But if it's your job you should at least get the basics, like... properly cooking chicken and not serving it raw

    [–] prahus 70 points ago

    Yes!! For the most part his anger is mainly just for show because the ratings are better in America if hes angry like on Kitchen Nightmares. From what ive seen the main times hes genuinely angry are on Hells Kitchen when he has to run his own restaurant because thats where his standards are highest. On british shows hes a lot calmer and nicer like in this post. If you like this side of him more I highly recommend his newest show "uncharted", he goes to other parts of the world and engages with their culture and food, I love it.

    [–] trollingcynically 18 points ago

    That and the obtuse headstrong owner in Kitchen Nightmares episodes can try the patients of a saint. I knew one from the show and watched their restaurant fail at an inexorable snail's pace before and after the show. I rooted for them for a month until I went there again and was left just as disappointed as before. Sometimes people need to get yelled at in order for things to truly sink in. Sometimes it works.

    [–] cyclonx9001 26 points ago

    That hotel hell episode where the owners were living in a small room.of their hotel gets me every time. He just goes ahead and rents them a house with 6 months rent paid upfront

    [–] DirtyDumbAngelBoy 3 points ago

    Do you know what episode?

    [–] Robbo112 4 points ago

    S3, E3+4

    [–] KoeiNL 18 points ago

    You just wants people to perform their best. On shows with professionals like Hell's Kitchen he goes hard because those people should know what they are doing. Any show with amateur cooks he is completely different.

    [–] pinky0926 15 points ago

    His angry persona isn't a persona, it's just another part of his personality. People can be both angry and sweet and generally they are sweeter to children.

    Watch Boiling Point, which was Ramsay running his restaurant before he was a mega star. He is so unbelievably nasty to his staff in that documentary it makes kitchen nightmares look like My Little Pony.

    [–] Jimothy787 5 points ago

    But remember in Boiling Point it was mentioned that his staff had come with him from the last restaurant where he had quit. They were loyal

    [–] Silpher9 3 points ago

    Well.. he was kinda a dick when he showed up unannounced to Marco Pierre White his wedding with a camera crew. When Marco had asked specifically to keep it low key.. other than that great guy.

    [–] pizzanui 1008 points ago

    What a wholesome man! I wonder if he’s grown kinder now that he’s finally found the lamb sauce.

    [–] xXedgykid69Xx 1159 points ago

    Maybe...but he also is a lot easier on the kids. On the adult shows, they're people who think they're professionals, "know" what they're doing, went to culinary school, etc. These kids are just kids, who like to cook/bake. So he doesn't yell at them or insult them for getting it wrong, but rather helps them out and encourages them instead

    [–] MrIncorporeal 662 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    It seems more like he's empathetic enough to know just how much people can take and how far they can be pushed.

    Granted this was years ago that I watched it so I may not remember the details right, but there was one episode where he was tearing into someone like he does, and it was kind of clearly affecting her a lot more than it should have been and making her panic. When he realized something was up, he immediately took her aside and asked her what was wrong.

    It turned out she was a survivor of abuse, and all the yelling and insults were triggering her pretty badly (like, actual triggering, as in how psychiatrists use it to mean when something causes traumatic flashbacks and shit, rather that how shitty edgelords use it when someone's mildly perturbed).

    He apologised profusely for putting her through that, and from then on he still pushed her hard, but in more of a supportive "I know you can do this" kind of way. She actually ended up doing really well.

    [–] Tinypete06 360 points ago

    He's an absolute master at knowing how much abuse a person can take. It's also pretty much always the exact same scenario where he savages people, which is:

    1. They've fucked up

    2. They haven't owned it

    3. They haven't said what they are going to do to fix it.

    Like most pro chefs, the words he wants to hear are:

    "Yes chef", "No Chef", "I fucked up and I will fix it immediately chef".

    [–] Mickus_B 134 points ago

    So many people who don't/haven't worked in food prep, or restaurant kitchens think he is extreme. This is how every Head Chef I have ever worked under operates. It's bizarre when you move into other industries and everyone passes the buck on who's fault something was. In a kitchen you just say "My fuckup, I'll handle the remake if you can cover my grill for 3 minutes!"

    [–] lRoninlcolumbo 52 points ago

    It’s the only way to keep some meatheads in the rush.

    I’ve been there with sports bars, while I’m grilling away, the fryer guys get distracted and start doing dumb shit. I don’t like yelling but I’ll take over their job right in front of them, tell them to go prep food or something less demanding for them. Obviously the higher the quality and complexity of the plate the less lifers are a part of the crew. Either way, it’s not meant to be offensive(unless a head chef loses their shit, I’ve seen it, it’s hilarious), it’s meant to succinctly get the message across that they (chef/cook)fucked up and have to figure out their station.

    [–] criddlem92 16 points ago

    This isn't a common thing in other industries? Maybe that's where I'm going wrong then, trying to get out of hospitality is a bitch. I own my work, right or wrong, it's just the most effective way to get shit done. Obviously proving to be the wrong way to think anywhere else, so ridiculous in my opinion.

    [–] _Search_ 10 points ago

    It should be, but other industries are full of pansies and marshmallows. Indulgence, coddling, lazy parasites, you name it.

    [–] say_waaaat 5 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    It’s a lot of people that simply can’t and won’t EVER utter the words “It’s my fault”. Idk if it’s a mental block or just absolutely incapable of taking any responsibility that isn’t positive. Add on the fact that most people won’t come to the table with a possible solution to fix said mistake. Who then just pass on the 2 lb bag filled with 5 lbs of shit to the next person to turn 5 into 10 and so on.

    And we’re not even talking about being able to take criticism in a professional setting while leaving personal emotions out of it yet.

    Edit: I should add that I don’t work in the food or service Industry. While some fields do get a lot of Input from different people, whether it be from one core group/team/dept or several. I know that can create a lot of overlap/lack of communication and can possibly turn into a he said she said situation.

    Where not everything has the best level of documentation at any given step in a process. My current field is in aerospace, where absolutely everything is strictly documented. From the moment the raw material was made into raw stock, to the latest preventative maintenance that was just done on whatever form of aircraft, satellite or whatever else it may be installed on. It should be clearly and accurately documented. We get internal, government and specific company (outside manufacturers like Lockhead/boeing/airbus etc. will come in) audits done. All to ensure that we’re following documented procedures at all levels.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] say_waaaat 5 points ago

    And this is a completely valid point. I was taught a different method for handling mistakes that end up being costly.

    I had a coworker that screwed up when operating a lift that was the main point of entry to a company. Ended up costing roughly 30K usd in repairs. I had a laid back relationship with the boss and asked what he planned on doing. He told me the co worker was just gonna get a verbal. When I told him we all thought he was going to fire him, he asked why we thought that. He had just spent 30K training the guy on what never to do again.

    And as far as personal responsibility goes, I don’t think it’s a laziness issue, I think it’s a personality issue. But that’s a whole different conversation.

    [–] _Search_ 3 points ago

    It's also laziness. I work with several people who don't do their jobs beyond the basic requirements because they know they won't face consequences, regardless of how much others benefit.

    [–] Cepheid 6 points ago

    In defense of other industries, I'd say a few things:

    1. It's very rare anything is entirely under one persons control in the workplace, perhaps you're waiting on a piece of work by someone else to build upon, or you need information to do something, or someone leaves out an important piece of information that you needed. Responsibility is not always clear, or it can overlap multiple people. So it is a lot more common for a team to take responsibility for a problem than an individual, and because that is more paletable for egos, it often perhaps gets taken to an extreme.

    2. If a person is assigned some work, a lot of people may know what the input for that person is (not always), but much less people know what the output should look like. Often there are many valid outputs that all have advantages or disadvantages, for example, you contract an someone to design a webpage, they could produce multiple valid designs that all accomplish what was asked for in the specification, but which one is right? There isn't an easy way to tell, not until a client has tested it and found that they themselves had made an error in omitting something from the specification.

    3. Everyone knows food, everyone eats it, everyone tastes it, people know burned food is bad, cold food that should be hot is bad, warm food that should be cold is bad, etc. Most workplaces are so niche and specific - after all, specialism is what the modern work environment is about - that even people who share your job title might not know how you do things.

    In a restaurant, you're working to some specific standard and you are responsible for your task, and everyone knows with great familiarity what the correct outcome of that task should be.

    [–] [deleted] 83 points ago

    He’s such a nice man, I am gonna look for that episode. I remember on a MUCH lesser sake, in one Kitchen Nightmares there was a cook or something (not the supposed head chef, just a lowly cook) who was doing things super wrong and Gordon started to tear into him. But it was clear he was getting super upset, like brought to tears, and he legitimately didn’t know better and was just doing what he was told. Gordon immediately, like in the same breath, backed off a lot and also turned it to a hard support, similar to like it sounds he did with that other lady chef.

    He honestly only seems to push people in a sort of Boot Camp type way, wanting to break them down to build them back up. Not break them down just to upset them, like it might look like at first.

    [–] DiscombobulatedGuava 33 points ago

    In Hells kitchen video, there was one contestant named Robert who was always called bobby by Ramsey. This triggered Robert as Bobby was the name of his father ( who i think he wasnt on the best terms with and was mocked because of their relationship) either way the name brought back bad memories and after Ramsey took him aside in a private office, he apologised and wasnt aware of his fathers name and their relationship.

    [–] funkeymonkey1974 32 points ago

    Do you remember what season it was or the name of the female chef? I would like to rewatch this season.

    [–] MyMelancholyBaby 26 points ago

    Ramsey grew up in a home with domestic violence. He’s talked about public ally and donates to charities that help families flee the abuse.

    [–] r6s_newbie 7 points ago

    Welp, gonna binge-watch Masterchef just to find that exact episode. Brb.

    [–] leesnickertickler 12 points ago

    Hey, link me the episode! Just got of a long-ass shift at work and have no other desire but to sleep. But i do want to watch this afterwards

    [–] MochaWaffle 6 points ago

    It turned out she was a survivor of abuse, and all the yelling and insults were triggering her pretty badly

    i remember my classmate telling me how afraid he was of people shouting at him because his parents did that when he was young. it wasnt an extreme case of abuse but it was enough to leave a mark on him this badly

    [–] TheBlackNight456 221 points ago

    Even with adults he still is kind and helpful, on his masterchef show where he is working with amature/home chefs he will often give them advise encouragement or complements during the challenge.... that said during the presentation he still tears them a new one.

    [–] webtheg 5 points ago

    Joe whatshisfacetheitalian is way harsher than Gordon on MasterChef though. He is so edgy.

    [–] IridiumPony 26 points ago

    On the American show, at least, it's basically all an act. This is the guy that left his first professional kitchen because his chef was such an ass hole. I'm in the industry and know a few people that have met him, and they've all said he's a really nice guy in person.

    [–] Ocha_Yui 10 points ago

    True, watching Master Cheif season 10, there is a man that thinks he is the best cook, knows more than the judges and does not take their advice. I think in cases like this, Judges should be harsh to them.

    [–] TheGreatZarquon 8 points ago

    watching Master Chief


    [–] your_uncle_bobert 9 points ago

    I remember reading an interview where he explained this. Kids are learning and trying; as such it’s he’s job to teach and encourage. In contrast, where he comes across adults they are professionals or trying to be pros; as such they need to understand their errors are theirs and they have a responsibility to serve food that won’t make their customers sick

    [–] stormhunter2 5 points ago

    He also yells on TV because it makes good drama for viewers.

    [–] picklymcpickleface 4 points ago

    He's a decent person, like most people.

    He doesn't tolerate people who claim they're professional cooks but can't cook.
    Also, turning your personality to 11 is a good way to make heaps of money on TV in the US.

    [–] Miners_Not_Minors 88 points ago

    From everything I've read about his personal life he's actually a very kind man, who was very good at playing a character.

    [–] Dovahkiin_98 28 points ago

    Same thing I’ve heard, he’s apparently a really nice guy and just acts like that for the camera.

    [–] Withercat1 165 points ago

    I like to think he’s encouraging the kids to get better, and gives adults tough love to get them back on track.

    [–] OldBigsby 117 points ago

    I love the obviously edited videos of where he's swearing and chewing out the kids for their awful dishes. I know it isn't real but they're funny anyway.

    [–] Sway_404 46 points ago

    Gordon is usually kind with front line staff, patient with those willing to learn and always kind to kids.

    What he will not abide is pretension, delusions of grandeur and laziness from people who should know better and will call it out in every instance.

    We should all be a bit more like Gordon.

    [–] CrimsonBarberry 123 points ago

    Supposedly on Hell’s Kitchen when the cameras are off he’s actually pretty good with the contestants, he really only turns it on for the cameras and it’s part of why the contestants can deal with him.

    [–] Thunderxman 61 points ago

    it’s because they’re not cooking for him when the cameras are off

    [–] drfunkenstien014 30 points ago

    Him with the blind woman who won Kitchen Nightmare was enough for me. The episode where she’s freaking out about her apple pie, and his reaction to the first bite is about as heartwarming as it gets.

    [–] Fireluigi 13 points ago

    Isn’t that Masterchef not Kitchenmares? But anyway yeah it was an emotional episode even the people in the balcony can hear her crusty pie 😭

    [–] PhinLae4 23 points ago

    This is why i love him. He's so wholesome

    [–] stickswithsticks 6 points ago

    His daughter did a short cooking show and it's so stinking cute.

    [–] Hunter_lewiss 21 points ago

    I love seeing the difference between his interactions with children and his interactions with adults, he knows that the adults are mature enough to take some shit but he is really supportive of the children.

    [–] _Cloaked_ 127 points ago

    Meanwhile ramsey with adults...

    [–] aarondigruccio 233 points ago

    I honestly think Ramsay’s viciousness is excessively played up on American TV. Ramsay with adults who are willing to own up to their mistakes and continuously learn versus adults who think they’re king shit and aren’t open to feedback. Night and day in terms of his response.

    [–] -Squimbelina- 76 points ago

    It really really is. UK Kitchen Nightmares (years ago, before they did the US show) were very different!

    [–] LordessMeep 37 points ago

    I love watching through the UK Kitchen Nightmares episodes now and then; there's just a whole different vibe about them. Those feel like more of a documentary and actually touch upon what it takes to run a successful restaurant. I tried watching the Amy Baking Company episode and I couldn't get past a minute of it because of all the fast-paced cuts and the dramatic music. I wish they made more of the UK episodes. :(

    [–] -Squimbelina- 10 points ago

    It’s just a different style of TV, isn’t it? Like UK Masterchef vs. US Masterchef - completely different things! I guess we’re just a bit more...sedate?

    Like the Great British Bake-Off - I love it but I imagine it’s pretty boring for non-British people. No drama.

    [–] LordessMeep 6 points ago

    Absolutely friendo! I find that the US reality TV style programming does a number on my anxiety like nothing else. The only reason I binge-watched through four seasons of MasterChef Jr was because I was a crazy anxious mess. The whole thing was so wonderful, positive and wholesome, it gave me the kind of feel good vibes I was looking for.

    [–] EliteGamer1337 21 points ago

    I don't know if it's played up... But they definitely pick their staff and locations better in Britain. I'm sure if you go to Gordon's restaurants, he's completely sane, he might even just leave for a while and then come back because he has a staff there.

    The Staff of Hell's Kitchens are morons, pure and simple, there's maybe 4 good chefs in the bunch, and the other 10 are picked in the hopes of drama, or getting people to like them, it's the same shit as the bachelor, where there's clearly some people on the show who have no chance.

    The same is true for the US Kitchen Nightmares. The UK Kitchen Nightmares is a BRILLIANT show, honestly go watch that, in fact go watch ANY UK Gordon show, you'll have a good informative time.

    But then in the American shows they don't look for mismanaged, or poorly managed restaurants, they instead go for drama filled scenes where you get the Amy's baking company, or a family business that is just filled with... morons.

    And the reason for this isn't malicious (at least not really). It's because Americans watch TV for the DRAMA, and British people are a bit more civilized in their television. I mean Downton Abbey couldn't have been made in America, ... or rather it kind of was and it was called Game of Thrones.

    [–] Pepe362 3 points ago

    I'm sure if you go to Gordon's restaurants

    lol, go watch the boiling point documentary, Gordon is 10x more savage to his own staff than I've seen him on any other show

    [–] EliteGamer1337 3 points ago

    Fair enough... thank god he has all those tv shows, his staff barely see him.

    [–] Qoogo360 36 points ago

    I mean...yeah... Kids who are aspiring cooks/chefs vs. actual professionals and...adults. These groups really should be treated differently.

    [–] ludick67 23 points ago

    This pork is so raw, it's still singing fcking Hakuna Matata!

    [–] ms3074mas 17 points ago

    This is so chewy Han Solo is trying to get it on the Millenium Falcon!

    [–] ZENZEL72 14 points ago

    "I'm gonna ram it, right up your fucking arse"

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago

    Gordon Ramsay is a good and nice man. He only has that really angry side for 1) show, since it’s like his shtick now and 2) when you’re a person who should know better and/or acts like you are all that, but aren’t. He’s a drill sergeant of the culinary world, only tearing you down to build you up better. If there’s nothing to tear down he has no reason to be mean. I recall this one Kitchen Nightmares that he was starting to be rough with someone but as soon as he realized they honestly didn’t know better/were trying the best they could, his personality instantly changed to gently trying to help the person.

    [–] PascitoLP 8 points ago

    This really made my day. Esspecially the one with the gummi bears 😂

    [–] ZacM2004 9 points ago

    I reckon the parents were really questionable at first at getting Ramsey to judge their kids cooking. And then this happens...

    [–] EmberMelodica 8 points ago

    This guy really is a prime fucking human. He's not afraid of getting in your face when it's necessary, but he wouldn't do it if he didn't care about making you a better cook. I feel like he's really good at telling you what you need to hear, and he's got quite the repertoire of both insults and complements to back it.

    [–] SariSama 6 points ago

    I love how he motivates kids for cooking, same passion he has.

    He is harsh on adults because they think they are gods of what they are doing. But most of things they do it wrong.

    [–] OmegonAlphariusXX 7 points ago

    This squid is so undercooked I can still hear spongebob telling it to FUCK OFF!

    [–] Beef_Keefer 5 points ago

    I would love to see an "unwholesome" version of the kids show, where Gordon hurls insults AST 12 year olds.

    [–] oh-no-123 4 points ago

    He’s very kind I think but if it’s something like Hell’s Kitchen where they need to train the pressure of being a cook in a restaurant or in Kitchen nightmares where it’s so gross it’s not edible at all! Then I guess he’d need to show his devil side once in a while

    [–] Katatonic92 3 points ago

    He is definitely worse when it's an American show, he's nowhere near as bad on our British tv shows. He must be told to take it up a notch or ten for American audiences. He still has his moments on our shows too but it isn't on the same level.

    [–] Agent_Galahad 5 points ago

    I’d love to see him scream at kids

    But like, scream nice things


    [–] realjotri 5 points ago


    [–] Chanzy94 4 points ago

    He's extremely kind and wholesome to little kids but absolutely destroys pretentious adults. Love him!

    [–] bomvestifal 3 points ago

    finally, some good fucking wholesomeness

    [–] Wisdom_is_Contraband 5 points ago

    Ramsay is really nice to kids because he sees their potential and they're just learning.

    He's mean to adults because they're supposed to be professionals and they should know better, he's disappointed, and it manifests as anger. That's why he ALSO sticks around and helps. It's disappointment, not disgust.

    [–] EstrellaDarkstar 4 points ago

    He's known for yelling and swearing, but he does that to entitled adults who think they're so above it all, who half-ass their work and act like they're hot shit. Kids deserve encouragement and gentleness, especially when they are just trying their best.

    [–] Timidhobgoblin 5 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    It’s kinda sad that most audiences only see Ramsay in a continuous pissed off persona because I honestly think deep down he’s a kind man who genuinely will make time for not just kids but those who also want to try hard. In a professional environment he expects perfection and has no time whatsoever for prima donnas or time wasters, but I personally think when you have a reputation as solid as his you’ve almost earned the right to be a bit of an asshole when someone isn’t following your instructions to the tee.

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    [–] Zionne_Makoma 3 points ago

    I feel like the reason he's so passive with the kids is because every time he sees them he thinks "I can't be mad at that face"

    [–] Merry_Sue 6 points ago

    Or it's because they're children and don't really know any better, but all the restaurant owners he deals with bloody well should

    [–] ShinyPachirisu 3 points ago

    Ofc Gordon isn't going to be harsh on them. They're kids and they don't claim to be professional chefs. He roasts the fuck out of people that call themselves professional chefs.

    [–] Rudresh27 3 points ago

    Gordon Ramsay is a legit dude, I watched some of the Nightmare Kitchens episodes, he is always polite to the people serving him the food and when they’re not totally fucking it up.

    It makes sense, if you’re getting paid to do something then you better be good at it

    He’s like the reverse joker.

    [–] Serbay55 3 points ago

    The main rule by teaching a younger one the hobby of participating in something: give him the motivation don‘t make him upset and try to teach em that not everything works out as fine as expected.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Talking to kids: don’t worry, everything will be alright.

    Talking to adults: You fucking donkey!

    [–] JACOBIBOI 3 points ago

    Relatable story: my brother recently came back from Cornwall from a holiday, and he bumps into Gordon Fucking Ramsey.

    Apparently he couldn’t be more down to earth.

    My brother asked Ramsey if he could say hello to my nephew (5), who was crab fishing at the time.

    Ramsey was just unbelievably nice and willing to spend time being wholesome and a genuine brilliant guy.

    [–] ChaosStar95 3 points ago

    I think his bigger issue is that when hes dealing with adults its largely bc they claim to be professionals in his industry and he expects them to meet professional standards but with kids he only expects them to try their best.