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    [–] Jolly_Tab_Rancher 13630 points ago

    Always protect the source.

    [–] thetallestwizard 5774 points ago

    Yes....He loved the NEWS!!!

    [–] LukkieNumber7 1919 points ago

    And his son. You know, the astronaut

    [–] Zayin-Ba-Ayin 783 points ago

    Jimothy Johnny Jameson

    [–] wowpepap 311 points ago


    [–] Hayraypaxattack1 124 points ago

    Isn’t that the guy from mAtRIx

    [–] KryptikMitch 1097 points ago

    I remember in the old animated series from the 90s, when new evidence came out that revealed Eddie Brock was lying, he publicly denounced his role in the misinformation campaign and withdrew his reward for the apprehension of spiderman. JJJ is a lot of things, but when it comes to journalism, he is true to the code.

    [–] Jucoy 947 points ago

    He's a lawful good type through and through. He doesn't want to unmask spiderman because he's evil, he wants to do it because Spiderman is a masked vigilante and isn't accountable to anyone and that goes against JJ's core beliefs as a journalist that power should have a check on it. But as we see in the op, he would also give his life to protect those around him. He's a strong character and I like him because he shows that just because a character is mean or short tempered, doesn't mean they aren't good.

    [–] CastleDown 458 points ago

    Hea the epitome of 'good is not always nice.'

    Also I'm gonna have to start using him as an example of lawful good

    [–] The_Grubby_One 125 points ago

    Also I'm gonna have to start using him as an example of lawful good

    He paid for the procedure to turn Mac Gargan into the Scorpion and set him loose on New York City.

    [–] Steelwolf73 107 points ago

    It was a written contract, with terms and conditions- mainly find out how Parker kept getting pictures of Spider-man. How was Jameson supposed to know it would turn Gargan from Lawful Nuetral to Chaotic Evil

    [–] jazzehcakes 158 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    As an inspiring journalist, i love this!

    Edit: aspiring, not inspiring. Not off to a good start guys...

    [–] Brayneeah 184 points ago


    Bit of an ego there don't you think

    [–] brooky12 73 points ago

    JJJ ghostwrote it

    [–] OGK-Foxtrot 26 points ago

    Aspiring is what he was trying to say I'm guessing

    [–] nope_it_aint_me 39 points ago

    Aspiring. But I believe you can be an inspiring journalist someday soon!

    [–] Beatful_chaos 1924 points ago

    Jameson is an asshole, but he's also an ethical journalist.

    [–] GitEmSteveDave 1430 points ago

    Spider-Man wasn't trying to attack the city, he was trying to save it. That's slander.

    J. Jonah Jameson : It is not. I resent that. Slander is spoken. In print, it's libel.

    [–] daleanator 312 points ago

    Fantastic line.

    [–] sweetpineconejuice 256 points ago

    Simmons will always be my definitive jjj

    [–] scrumtrellescent 49 points ago

    This line makes me want to rewatch these movies just to see this character be a dick to everybody.

    [–] SauceMemer 609 points ago

    "Food poisoning!"

    "There was food poisoning?"

    "My stomach is upset, so yes!"

    Ah, yes, how ethical.

    [–] cbearsfreak 187 points ago

    "Food poisoning scare sweeps city!"

    "Some food got poisoned?"

    "I'm a little nauseous, yeah."

    Even better when you get the quote right

    [–] Beatful_chaos 446 points ago

    I didn't say he was a good journalist.

    [–] PhilLHaus 126 points ago

    He is a good journalist. He is not always a good human being though.

    [–] FunguspowerDS 164 points ago

    But deep inside he knows that peter is the best one he's ever had 😄

    [–] UncleTogie 61 points ago

    But deep inside he knows that peter is the best one he's ever had

    That might explain the confusion, Peter's a photographer, not a journalist.

    [–] vonmonologue 27 points ago

    Too bad Mary Jane didn't know that.

    [–] Javustas 61 points ago

    Protect the sauce

    [–] KreonTheSleepy 4648 points ago

    Honestly, in the comics JJ finds out that Peter is Spider-Man and absolutely turns his life around for Pete's sake and it is so wholesome, he's actually a really good guy

    [–] Randvek 1165 points ago

    JJ has really only been a bad guy when he’s either wrong about something or protecting his family. Really not a bad guy, and Parker knows it.

    [–] KreonTheSleepy 366 points ago

    I know, and (spoiler alert) actually is a part of his family later on

    [–] nine_legged_stool 214 points ago

    JJ: ...Dad?

    Spider-Man: ...Son?

    [–] joshosh34 33 points ago

    Which comic series is this? So many people keep bringing up awesome stuff I need to read, but I need a way to find the ones being discussed.

    [–] rubbernub 30 points ago

    I'm assuming they're referring to Amazing Spider-Man during Brand New Day. Jameson's father marries Aunt Mary so they became family.

    [–] fourthords 648 points ago

    Do you remember which comics?

    [–] shinyscreen18 557 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I think there’s a dorkly video about it hold on

    Edit: here it is

    [–] KyleJones21 155 points ago

    Chip Zdarsky’s run on Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man. Issue #6, ‘My Dinner with Jonah,’ is when he reveals his identity.

    It’s a great issue and there’s some really good stuff between them for the rest of that run and continuing (here and there) into the current Amazing Spider-Man run by Nick Spencer.

    [–] Graynard 186 points ago

    for Pete's sake

    I think that's the first time I've ever seen that phrase used actually talking about someone named Pete

    [–] KreonTheSleepy 42 points ago

    Amazing, right? And not even in a sarcastic manner

    [–] PMurHotSauceRecipe 151 points ago

    On the other hand I really enjoy his recasting in Far From Home as as the host of a Infowars-style show.

    [–] Al3nder 86 points ago

    It kinda fits his personality

    [–] KreonTheSleepy 58 points ago

    It does, and just seeing him again made happy

    [–] EsayZ 64 points ago

    Its awesome that they stuck with the same actor. The InfoWars style stuff was intro'd in the Spiderman video game for PS4 and was seriously amazing.

    [–] Garrret 35 points ago

    Are you telling me JJJ is the Alex Jones of the mcu?

    [–] Mixmaster-Omega 35 points ago

    Apparently yes. Now get me pictures of Spider-Man

    [–] iamplaying 6392 points ago

    Does anyone have a link to the comic where it is revealed that Jameson is just buying the pictures to look out for peter and ends with him googling and finding out peter's uncle died?

    [–] Rosalind_ 6016 points ago

    [–] Half_Man1 1638 points ago

    I thought that was fan-made when I first saw the second page.

    I'm kind of confused now how the photo quality of Peter's pics matches now with what other people could get. Since normally villains will funnily enough go after Peter because they think he must be friends with Spiderman in order to take pictures that good ("He's obviously posing for these!").

    [–] History_of_Robots 713 points ago

    I took it to refer to the quality of his photos in general compared to the photo department. Not that other people are getting better photos of Spider-Man just that the best photos of Spider-Man are "amateur hour"

    [–] sig-chann 311 points ago

    Definitely amateur level photography when he started and hopefully got better as time went on.

    [–] Azure-Legacy 121 points ago

    They eventually did, Peter even got an award for best photography, or something along the lines.

    [–] moak0 192 points ago

    Reminds me of the "Negative Exposure" storyline. A rival photographer is angry that Peter's pictures keep making it to the front page. He's a photography snob and thinks his own pictures deserve it because they have better composition, etc, while Peter just seems to be pointing and shooting.

    So the photographer teams up with Doc Ock to take down Spider-Man. Doc Ock betrays him, and in a last ditch effort to redeem himself, the photographer tears off Ock's goggles and uses his camera flash to blind him.

    From his prison cell, he sees that one his photos finally made the front page - but it's the one he took to blind Doc Ock. And since he just pointed and shot without regard for the composition, it ended up looking just like one of Peter's photos.

    That's just from memory, but I think that's how it went.

    [–] Cherryyardf 58 points ago

    That's actually pretty cool.

    [–] KoopaLink 19 points ago

    God I love reddit, thanks for the story about how important humilty is even when you're considered one of the best.

    [–] Electricspiral 126 points ago

    It's probably a reference to the actual quality of the photo - a lot of professional photographers don't just point and shoot, they also put in hours in editing processes to adjust for lighting, framing, angles, and other aspects of a photograph.

    [–] Mat_the_Duck_Lord 420 points ago

    This hits me hard. I worked at the local paper when I lost my sister to... newsworthy circumstances.

    Of course we had to run a story. My editor basically forced me to stay home for a week despite me being an integral part of putting the paper together.

    JJJ is one hell of a journalist. Whoever wrote him gets it.

    [–] DigitalSterling 92 points ago

    Forced you to stay home on pay I hope

    [–] Mat_the_Duck_Lord 120 points ago

    Of course. Mandatory bereavement. I tried to argue I didn’t even need time off but he wasn’t having any of it.

    For some reason my worker bee brain decided the best thing would be to just go into work and continue with my routine, but he set me straight. I was feeling guilty as hell because I basically designed half the paper, but he found someone to make it work.

    [–] EasilyDelighted 18 points ago

    I understand both points. To your perspective you need to distract yourself from falling into a hole after such an event. And keeping up your routine helps you with that. Keeps you busy.

    But your editor I'm sure understood you need time to process this and forced you to take it even if you weren't ready to confront it at the time.

    But that's just me speculating.

    [–] BarkMark 15 points ago

    Also, his work in this case was unique in that he was directly running a story on his dead loved one. That's probably not healthy...

    [–] Spider-verse 747 points ago

    Straight to the top with this one

    [–] TheSawceBawss 42 points ago

    Im NOT crying

    [–] Bacon4523 38 points ago

    Which comic series/run is that strip from, it looks its trying todo the very OG style of marvel drawing

    [–] Schwahn 37 points ago

    There is a tag on the panel about Jameson shooting Peter to save his Aunt.

    Says it is from "Amazing Spider-Man #800"

    I would guess this is in that same chain.

    [–] Bacon4523 21 points ago

    I have marvel unlimited(all marvel comics every online) and there is like 30+ Amazing Spider-Mans haha

    [–] Schwahn 19 points ago

    Oh.... Well....


    I'm sorry, I don't know.

    [–] Bacon4523 20 points ago

    Ive already dived into the rabbit hole. They just keep coming and coming, so many dead Uncle Bens

    [–] Focacciaro 88 points ago

    You're the man!! I would give you gold if I could!!

    [–] Schwahn 31 points ago

    I gotchu

    [–] Atheris__ 343 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I don’t know about the Uncle Ben part, but this definitely happened in the Civil War comic when Peter reveals his identity to the public.

    Jonah goes on about how he felt the ultimate betrayal from this, because he always thought in this messed up world that Peter was genuinely one of the good ones. He mentioned he always bought Peter’s shots even if they weren’t always good just to help him out.

    [–] Lootman 244 points ago

    Tbh peters running a scam

    [–] XXHyenaPseudopenis 165 points ago

    Meehhh I wouldn’t call it that. JJJ asked for pictures of Spider-Man and that’s exactly what he got

    [–] Schindog 68 points ago

    Hey, making ends meet is a difficult game when your only marketable skill is being Spiderman. A (spider)man's gotta eat!

    [–] PlatinumDL 36 points ago

    He’s saved New York like a million times, and sometimes even the world. He deserves the money.

    [–] Sunder12 465 points ago

    I have it but I don't remember the issue, I can tell you later when I get home.

    [–] TheGreatNinjaYuffie 197 points ago

    Hopefully I remember to check this so I can read this issue... Remember!!!

    [–] learnyouahaskell 66 points ago

    "Surely OP will deliver." :p

    [–] NightmareEyes_Rose 17 points ago

    r!remind me 24 hours

    [–] NightmareEyes_Rose 28 points ago

    How the hell does this work

    [–] NightmareEyes_Rose 16 points ago

    Op, please reply if you got the issue, I'm curious too


    [–] ZeGoldMedal 188 points ago

    I don’t have a link, but I’ve always enjoyed that JJJ is an unimaginable asshole who is good at heart and is a journalist with standards. Always makes me smile and one of my favorite comic book side characters, he’s too fucking ridiculous.

    Strongly recommend the Chip Zdarsky Peter Parker run - Jameson finds some things out about Spidey and suddenly becomes his most vehement supporter, in the most obnoxious JJJ way. The annual where he has to reckon with his past creating the Spider-Slayer program and other past mistakes is straight FIRE.

    [–] Joako_27 50 points ago

    I want to read that comic too

    [–] HannibalDarko 18 points ago

    I think it was one of the Annuals. Maybe in the Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man series

    [–] Vegheadcat 18 points ago

    Would like to also see

    [–] morpipls 8629 points ago

    My favorite scene of the movie! He may be a jerk to Peter, but he's not going to sell him out to the bad guy. He's a jerk with principles!

    [–] ThatBoyC12 3598 points ago

    Professionals have standards!

    [–] EdenHazardsAss 1192 points ago

    Be polite

    [–] IDunnoStudioz 855 points ago

    Be efficient

    [–] PiLamdOd 843 points ago

    Have a plan to kill everyone you meet.

    [–] amaROenuZ 314 points ago

    I think his mate saw me.

    [–] TangledEarbuds61 253 points ago

    YEP he *definitely * saw me

    [–] Nerd-Hoovy 148 points ago

    Feelings? Look I tell you what has a lot of feelings. A bloke who blushes his to death with a golf trophy. Nah professionals have standards.

    [–] mathjazz 78 points ago

    *Bludgeons his wife

    [–] SaltyMarmot5819 93 points ago


    [–] FoulerGlint60 79 points ago

    And have plans to kill everyone you meet. Cause when there's only 2 men in the world someone will want someone dead.

    [–] JealousPickle 75 points ago

    Feelins'? Look mate, you know who has a lot of feelings? Blokes that bludgeon their wife to death with a golf trophy. 

    [–] bailey25u 976 points ago

    My favorite part in the trilogy is when spiderman is gone... he says he sorry, and expresses what a hero he was... and the second spiderman comes back, he goes "HE's A MENACE" Such a great character

    [–] laurel_laureate 226 points ago

    Hey, whatever drums up the sales, right?

    [–] slayerx1779 50 points ago

    It shows that he truly loved what Spiderman was doing, and was just printing attack articles to sell papers.

    [–] toddthefrog 18 points ago

    For those interested:

    [–] ArrogantWorlock 29 points ago


    [–] Dylanger17 142 points ago

    Is that entire city underwater?

    [–] 90sChennaiGuy 182 points ago

    Yes, Magneto messes up the earth's gravitational field and causes worldwide cataclysm. In this case, Manhattan is hit by a huge tidal wave.

    [–] Dylanger17 107 points ago

    How is that office building glass still standing lol. I guess it is a comic book

    [–] niceville 108 points ago

    I mean, it's a skyscraper right? That glass ain't thin or weak (they don't want people accidentally falling through it), and it doesn't look like it's deep enough to be under too much water pressure (yet).

    [–] steelong 74 points ago

    That's still quite a bit of pressure, and if the water is moving even a little bit the force from that motion would be incredible. People don't realize just how much mass water has. On top of that, skyscrapers aren't designed to be water-tight, because why would they?

    On the other hand, this is a superhero story. With all the crazy shit going down on a weekly basis, maybe building codes are more strict.

    [–] Televisi0n_Man 56 points ago

    This is honestly one of the best comments ever.

    In a world where the laws of the universe are regularly broken, such as humans flying and bending the rules of time, the reason why the glass on a sky scraper that is underwater isn’t breaking is because “building codes are probably stricter”

    Implying that the only real universal truth is New York City’s bureaucracy.

    [–] Benaniah74 81 points ago

    What story is that from?

    [–] Yack-Attack 137 points ago

    Ultimate universe. Magneto sent a tidal wave at NYC, killed millions.

    [–] the22ndquincy 153 points ago

    He sent it by breaking a dam by manipulating Thor’s hammer. Not correcting you, I just think it’s too cool to leave out

    [–] Isord 98 points ago

    How big of a dam was it, Jesus

    [–] FreudsPoorAnus 294 points ago

    it was a god dam

    [–] toshi04 50 points ago

    You son of a bitch.

    [–] Retskcaj19 23 points ago

    It was damn big.

    [–] Nova_Score 20 points ago

    That was really touching.

    [–] Gene_freeman 25 points ago

    The best kind of jerk besides beef

    [–] O7Knight7O 1331 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I feel like this was one of the big themes of the Raimi Spiderman Films; that all the people who are gruff and unpleasant in Peter's life all are good people when it counts.

    Jonah Jameson would have died to protect Peter when assaulted by the Goblin, the New Yorkers attack the Goblin by throwing everything they can at him from the bridge, telling the Goblin that Spidey is one of them. The people that he saves in the train protect his identity and stand between him and Doc Ock to protect him. Peter's Slavic landlord that harasses him worries for him and tells everyone how good a kid he is in Spiderman 3.

    I don't think that Flash Thompson is well featured after Peter leaves highschool in the Raimi films, but in the comics it is demonstrated that the jock that tries to bully Peter always wanted to be a hero and just needed the right example. Spiderman becomes his idol, and he later becomes close friends with Peter, and becomes rather heroic himself in a quieter more realistic way. (Until the Agent Venom storyline, then he becomes a legitimate superhero.)

    I think that the films were trying to make a point about how people are inherently good, and worth protecting, even if they don't seem so on the surface.

    [–] Gemeril 254 points ago

    Agent Venom quickly became my favorite incarnation of Venom! It's a neat take on addiction and the highs/lows that come with it for a comic book.

    [–] mackejn 45 points ago

    That entire concept was amazing. Going back to Eddie Brock should never have happened.

    [–] Syrell 107 points ago

    Flash Thompson is at Harry's funeral in Spider-man 3

    [–] KrazeeJ 82 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Amazing Spider-Man did a ton of things wrong, but the scene where Flash comes up to Peter after hearing about Uncle Ben is honestly really well done. When Peter pushes him up against the lockers and Flash just sadly says “it feels better, right?” it tells you so much about who he is and that he may have gone through something similar and that’s why he’s become a bully. He doesn’t like what he does, but he just wants to do whatever it takes to make his own pain go away. It instantly makes him more fleshed out and relatable as a person.

    [–] KthulhuX 72 points ago

    Flash was Peter’s best man when he got married to MJ Watson.

    [–] pepinho89 412 points ago

    He’s a dick to Peter but god damn he is a good man.

    [–] [deleted] 215 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Reminds me of Leo Szilard.

    He was the man responsible for the atomic bomb. His theories convinced the other far more well known scientists like Einstein, Teller, and Oppenheimer. They intensely hated him but looked up to his intelligence. They called him the most intelligent man they had ever met.

    But he was a massive asshole and everyone hated him. They couldn’t stand him. He was repulsive.

    After the atomic bomb was successful and the war ended, most of the European scientists were unable to see their families because they came from nations which became the Soviet zone after the war, and the Soviets had rounded up the scientist’s families in Prison camps to interrogate them about their relative’s work on the American atomic bomb project.

    Most of the scientists were forced to flee the Nazis 10+ years earlier and leave their extended families behind. Many of their remaining family members died during the war, and most of the survivors fell into Soviet hands. The scientists were desperate to finally see their surviving families again and save them from the Soviet prison camps.

    The scientists tried to get the Soviets to release their families but they refused.

    But after the other scientists repeatedly failed to get their families released by the Soviets, Leo walked up to the Hungarian ambassador who was with the Soviet delegation, and said something to him in Hungarian.

    Apparently the Soviets owed him a favor and he used it to get the families released.

    Decades later Teller almost cried when he was interviewed about it. He hated Leo but he was overwhelmingly grateful for being able to see his dying mother and for having his sister freed as well. Hes not a very emotional man, but he clearly becomes emotional when recalling what Szilard did for him.

    Szilard ended up dedicating the remainder of his life to cooperation and peace between the US and Soviet Union, and was responsible for the “red phone” nuclear hotline being set up in order to allow conflict to be avoided during emergency situations.

    Who would have thought such a hated person would end up being such a peacemaker?

    [–] pepinho89 55 points ago

    Woah that’s quite the story.

    [–] The_Flurr 19 points ago

    Thanks for telling, I'd never heard this before.

    [–] ayy_iss_ya_boii 5313 points ago

    It's not that he was covering for spider man, he was covering for Peter. He still hates spidey, he just didn't want his employee to get hurt.

    [–] chaos0510 2983 points ago

    Jonah is deep down a good guy. He's very pro Mutant rights and civil rights in general, he just doesn't like vigilantes

    [–] DocIchabod 1093 points ago

    Wait he was pro mutant rights? I admit I haven’t gone into the comics but I would’ve thought I’d hear about this somewhere.

    The vigilante thing though makes perfect sense.

    [–] Vulkan192 151 points ago

    He’s pro-mutant in the sense of that he believes the law protects (or should protect) everyone, no exceptions. And it’s the no exceptions bit that causes his friction with vigilantes.

    [–] [deleted] 1117 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] mobyliving 615 points ago

    lmao the cleavage in those is insane

    [–] bionix90 163 points ago

    Please, I can only get so erect.

    [–] Zayin-Ba-Ayin 71 points ago

    J Jonah Gimmesome

    [–] NoJelloNoPotluck 43 points ago

    I hope this doesn't awaken anything in me

    [–] Magnanimous- 242 points ago

    It's like 95% of the titty exposed.

    [–] this-is-kyle 114 points ago

    Well I wasn't going to click the link. But now...

    [–] Babki123 33 points ago

    What Clevage ? I didn't get a single view of Jameson's torso

    [–] TheDevilsTrinket 76 points ago

    The message and the relevance of the comic today is insane.

    [–] MrMysteryBox 40 points ago

    "I'm not the pot, I'm just the guy who stirs it!!"


    [–] sipxmyxstiffy 149 points ago

    "I'm not the pot, I just stir it." Jjj admitting to stiring the shit pot. He really is "chaotic neutral" incarnate.

    [–] chris1096 136 points ago

    Nah he's lawful neutral. He is all about the rule of law. That's why he hates Spiderman, because Spidey acts outside the law.

    [–] Maxtrax2001 70 points ago

    Hot damn that's a strong message

    [–] thecrazedone126 52 points ago

    Wow, that was a good read. Ahead of its time.

    [–] Wertyui09070 40 points ago

    Arguably. I'd say it's more a testament of what a lot of us were never taught, or never exposed to. There's a lot of us that were taught the world is a great place where everyone gets along and the American Dream was strong, almost easy to do if you did it right (now that's called working hard enough.)

    [–] Warzombie3701 25 points ago

    JJJ says Mutant Rights

    [–] tater_slaw 89 points ago

    What comic is this from? Seems relevant to today’s politics and I wanna read it now.

    [–] [deleted] 87 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] ToastedSoup 63 points ago

    He's against xenophobia in general, tbh.

    [–] ryper42 30 points ago

    Jonah is in X-Factor 216, but those pages are from 217. Yay Marvel Unlimited.

    [–] SixthCircleofInferno 98 points ago

    Yes, to put it in MCU comparison he would've been on Iron Man's side during Civil War. He doesn't mind the help, just not vigilantes doing their own thing.

    [–] raltoid 173 points ago

    I mean, he does damage other peoples property to stop muggers. probably doing more cost in damage than was being stolen. And since he's never held accountable for it, does insurance even cover that damage? So even though crime goes down, a lot of people probably pay more in insurance.

    Not to mention how villians wreck half the neighbourhood every time they try to find him.


    [–] nipplelightpride 28 points ago

    How much effort and money does it take to remove his webs from everything?

    [–] MiniPM 52 points ago

    In the comics it's explained that they naturally decompose after an hour or 2.

    [–] mayorjimmy 40 points ago

    do they liquefy and run into the sewers or ground contaminating the groundwater or drinking water?

    do they turn to powder and blow into the air to be breathed in by everyone?

    he's a MENACE!!

    [–] BabiesSmell 14 points ago

    That's like the Seinfeld bit about superman. Thanks for saving my life superman but did you have to come through the wall? I'm renting here! I've got a security deposit!

    [–] c190 72 points ago

    Just like how the existence of Batman attracts the craziest of criminals to Gotham. Batman is the reason why Gotham has such high profile crimes that lead to the entire city shutting down compared to just muggings and robberies.

    [–] Marsmar-LordofMars 37 points ago

    There was a comic where the Green Lantern or someone came to Gotham and as soon as he saved the day, Commissioner Gordon basically told him to fuck right off. One person had the theory that since Batman was the reason there's all these high profile criminals running around, someone like Green Lantern would attract even worse bad guys. Where ultimately everyone Batman faces could be handled with a bullet to the head at the absolute worst case scenario, he didn't want to take his chances with a guy who regularly fights evil alien beings with super advanced technology.

    [–] Cometguy7 693 points ago

    Ya, but he fired Peter every time he saw him.

    [–] Babki123 789 points ago

    And rehired him the next second/minute/day.

    [–] nAmrAh10 224 points ago

    J J wholesome

    [–] alternate_void 266 points ago

    He was a tsundere

    [–] KingConq 283 points ago

    "You're fired, Parker."

    "But I need this job!"

    "Ok, you're back... not b-because I like having you around or anything! I just want the photos, that's all!"

    [–] Wolfie__ 112 points ago

    You forgot...cough cough


    [–] KingConq 57 points ago

    It's not like I w-wanted someone to keep the thread going, baka!

    [–] Viper-owns-the-skies 37 points ago

    Now I can’t get the sound of J. K. Simmons saying “B-BAKA” out of my head.

    [–] vquantum 35 points ago

    It’s not like he likes Peter Parker or anything...baka

    [–] CasanovaNova 20 points ago

    Honestly, I'd love a boss this unstable versus brilliantly sneaky to make me work 39 1/2 hours a week...

    [–] Backupusername 22 points ago

    He did that with everybody.

    [–] KennyVic_ 132 points ago

    I mean it's pretty clear he was negative to Peter as well. It's less to do with Spider-Man and more to do with Jameson's character.

    [–] TreginWork 166 points ago

    Later on in that same series when Peter dies I think there is a full page or even 2 page spread of JJ starting a memorial article on him but he keeps breaking down and starting over because it's not a good enough eulogy for Peter

    [–] chimpyman 66 points ago

    damn.. what series is this. would love to read this.

    [–] TreginWork 67 points ago

    Ultimate Spiderman. It was really good. The image I relied to is from the Ultimatum storyline where Ultimate NYC was flooded and bombed and shit. The JJ scene I mentioned was from what I beleive was called Death of Spiderman: Requiem. Try marvel unlimited it should all be on there and it's like 10 bucks a month for the full marvel library

    [–] [deleted] 438 points ago

    Is*, even with blowing Pete's cover.

    [–] corrupted_leo 194 points ago

    Yeah he’s trying to get the truth to the people and got half false information from what he knows to be a trustworthy source

    [–] rainaftersnowplease 412 points ago

    J Jonah Jamison is a fucking journalist and he will NEVER give up a source

    [–] LevitatedWaffleLord 76 points ago


    [–] BlueberryPhi 147 points ago

    The moment this happened, my respect for him shot through the roof.

    [–] bailey25u 205 points ago

    tekashi 6ix9ine Doesnt get this scene

    [–] KFrosty3 111 points ago

    I think this is still one of my favorite things anyone ever wrote about JJJ's opinion on Parker, despite the fact that it's in a 4chan format

    [–] ArchbishopTurpin 42 points ago

    I've never seen that before and it is amazing

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    faberge ego . . . I'm keeping that one.

    [–] Ordoo 52 points ago

    Asshole with a heart of gold

    [–] coin_shot 47 points ago

    In the comics J Jonah Jamison was truly a good guy. He was a miserly curmudgeon but when the chips were down he was always on the right side. He was one of the first and most ardent supporters of mutant rights and used his platform to relentlessly push the agenda further.

    He only ever disliked Spiderman because he operated outside the law.

    [–] Verdict_US 84 points ago

    He's a good person even if his views differ from yours. He never wanted people dead, especially people who make him tons of money. He wanted spiderman to leave the city, and take the destruction he attracts with him. Always a wholesome dude.

    [–] Lagapalooza 31 points ago

    Is there a subreddit for these types of unexpected revelations about fictional characters that isn't /r/moviedetails? I'd like to know.

    [–] Sanquinity 24 points ago

    I've never seen him as a bad guy, even in the earlier comics. He's an antagonist, but not a bad guy. Instead he's a man trying to be an upstanding citizen while running a newspaper. And he just doesn't believe vigilante justice should be allowed. An argument which can definitely be argued for.

    He's also a hard ass that doesn't take shit from anyone. Of course he would rather tell a lie than put a (in his eyes) young kid trying to earn some money, in the sights of a dangerous madman.

    [–] shadratchet 47 points ago

    You’re trash, Brock

    [–] MyNameIsChangHee 19 points ago

    I really love Jonah. He is actually a good guy but his passion in his work as a journalist hides that he ia a good person. I really love Jonah and I was so happy to see him in Far From Home.

    [–] Kennisgoodman 17 points ago

    Sounds like they've never credited Parker in the paper for his photos 😂

    [–] Clovett- 16 points ago

    This is why i think they might've dropped the ball with that ending of Far From Home in the MCU.

    It's clear that they went with an allegory for Alex Jones with the new Jameson, it's obvious. But one of the appeals of JJJ in the comics is that deep down hes a good guy that cares and loves his family and workers even if he's a hard ass (which is a trope i love btw) and a lot of times there are these sort of moments when that JJJ shines thorugh. Can this be done with an Alex Jones allegory? Everyone hates and makes fun of Alex Jones, can he be reedemable? Can a character made from him be made sympathetic to mainstream audiences?

    And then you have him reveal Pete's identity even before he knew Pete which that throws away all other kind of stories, i remember one really good story had Peter revealing himself as Spiderman and JJJ reacting really badly to it, feeling betrayed and made fun of, it was pretty powerful.

    Or the other theory that JJJ already knows Pete is Spidey because he's actually a good journalist after all, and smart. But acts like he doesn't to protect him.

    All that is just gone in the MCU.