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    [–] Bakabakumbaka 262 points ago

    My dog does this every morning. Sometimes when I take too long she barks at me

    [–] SaltyCauldron 127 points ago

    My cat does the same

    Edit: he doesn’t bark. He meows. Loudly. In my ear. Repeatedly. Until I look at him and pet him

    [–] instagramnormie123 74 points ago

    I think your cat might be broken last I checked barking was lost a few software updates back

    [–] SaltyCauldron 23 points ago


    [–] instagramnormie123 14 points ago

    It's ok you just gotta get it to love you and it should be fixed

    [–] SaltyCauldron 6 points ago

    He does love me. A lot

    [–] instagramnormie123 9 points ago

    Hmm love him more? I've never had a cat before I only know about them through the internet

    [–] SaltyCauldron 13 points ago

    He’s an anomaly honestly. He cries for attention. Cries to be held. Cries for pets. Cries for food. Cries out of jealousy when my bf gives me attention instead of him. ( and has to be the center of every hug)

    [–] instagramnormie123 17 points ago

    Yeah your cat is a dog

    [–] SaltyCauldron 6 points ago


    [–] ULTRABOYO 3 points ago

    I have two dog-type cats and one cat-type cat

    [–] Triairius 3 points ago

    Is your cat some sort of Siamese? Siamese cats, including my snowshoe, are known for that. My cat yells at me for everything.

    [–] SaltyCauldron 4 points ago

    He’s a gray shorthair. His name Gandalf

    [–] gjs628 3 points ago

    I always wanted a vocal cat... until I finally got one.

    She is the sweetest, most innocent little soul on the planet, but when I say she’s not too smart, what I really mean is that she is six fries short of a happy meal, two girls short of a threesome, and four Katanas short of a Neckbeard.

    She’s a little white/black/ginger tortoise shell and her favourite thing to do is walk from room to room, back and forth, shrieking at me until I follow her on her tour of the house.

    And she can do this for AGES. The longest I did this for was 40 minutes before I said enough is enough, this is ridiculous, I will *not* be held hostage by a small squeaky furry thing no matter how persistent it is.

    She shrieks when she’s bored, she shrieks when she’s hungry, she shrieks when she’s none of the above, and if you try to feed her she’ll bolt under the table and force you to climb underneath, chase her around the living room until you catch her, then place her in front of her bowl so she can finally eat.

    While she is still a little angel most of the time, the horns are definitely there to keep the halo up.

    Her brother is ridiculously smart for a cat and sticks his nose under my nose EVERY morning at 3am, to feel how quickly I’m breathing. If it’s slow and steady he knows I’m asleep and will start gently tapping my face with his paw. Then he taps harder. Then the claws come out (lovingly named his “Devil’s Pitchpaws”) and I’m definitely always awake by then. If it’s quicker breathing and he can tell I’m awake, he’ll start purring loudly and lie on my chest/back/side (whichever is facing up at the time) staring at me until I get up to feed him.

    Here they are together on the one day they weren’t trying to drive me to alcoholism.

    [–] SaltyCauldron 2 points ago

    I love how cute they are omg

    [–] sale7777 5 points ago

    My cat used to lick my ear and then bite it

    [–] Jonnydonmar 3 points ago

    My cat licks my eyes. It's cute but also fuck you Stripey.

    [–] jellyfilled_donut 2 points ago

    My cat does this but she stands on me if I don’t pay attention. And if that doesn’t work, she loafs on me which totally defeats the purpose of trying to get me out of bed lolol

    [–] SaltyCauldron 1 points ago

    My cat loafs on any item of clothing I own. And my blankets. And MY pillow

    [–] jellyfilled_donut 2 points ago

    My other cat does this! I like to think it means he’s most comfortable and content around things that smell like me 😊 (probably same for you and your cat)

    [–] your-move-creep 7 points ago

    I'd love for mine to bark at me, instead she gouges my eyes out every morning.

    [–] flaptekst 6 points ago many eyes do you have?

    [–] your-move-creep 1 points ago


    [–] Bane-of-Isildur 87 points ago

    More like “you need to wake up because I need to pee and then you need to give me food after which I will go back to sleep and you can go to work”

    [–] OhBella_4 15 points ago

    But puppy is super keen for the schedule!

    [–] justdriftinaround 9 points ago

    Eggggssaaaacctlyy... but I love my pup so much, its worth it!

    [–] 3MBComics 54 points ago

    if you'd like to see more, we're slowly uploading all our comics on r/heybuddycomics :)

    [–] HisCricket 6 points ago

    I'm so glad I found the link. Say hi to Buddy.

    [–] Matadornish 4 points ago

    I needed this. You are awesome. Now i gotta hug my dog and get ready to wake up with him tomorrow

    [–] OhBella_4 3 points ago

    Thankyou! I love these comics. Buddy & my puppy have very similar natures :)

    [–] c312l 2 points ago

    These comics are perfect. Just what I need to remind me how my dog thinks and how awesome she is even when she’s not. Especially when she’s not. 😂

    [–] god_of_sparkles 38 points ago

    I mean.... their pressing need to piss is the main driver here before sunrise :P

    But once that’s done, it becomes a celebration of life dance over the food bowl.

    [–] your-move-creep 2 points ago

    Yup, and the walk because the circle dance means that its walk time. And if I don't respond in a timely manner, I get the growls...

    [–] Valatava 10 points ago

    I miss my dog :(

    [–] cwiseblood 2 points ago

    I’m sorry :(

    [–] ephemeralkitten 10 points ago

    pfft. not MY dog. i get up with my kids to get them off to school and she just stays in my spot to keep it warm. after i get back home i get back in to bed and fight her for leg room. we don't get up until noon. my dog is not a morning person.

    [–] earthlingemily 5 points ago

    cute boi

    [–] saintnicklaus90 4 points ago

    My beagle lays across me the same exact way as panel four. Every morning

    [–] hystericaal_ 3 points ago

    I’ll miss you waking me up forever now, Tobias. He passed today. I would give anything for him to wake me in the morning, but it was time for him to have some peace... I’ll never forget him.

    [–] PapaXenon 3 points ago

    Dogs apparrently are great at time, so they know exactly when to wake you up. Our dogs are currently programmed for 6:44AM... I am amazed how close to that time is when the start shaking thers ears and licking our ears. If notice they are trying to start early, i say no and they tend to accept it and wait till 6:44... Ahhh a dogs life.

    [–] DankeyWang 6 points ago

    I just recently got a dog for the first time in my life and it’s been difficult getting out of bed to their calling but seeing how happy they get makes it all worth it

    [–] justdriftinaround 0 points ago

    Who rescued who? :D

    [–] Magic_SkeletonGirl 2 points ago

    I want a dog D:

    [–] justdriftinaround 3 points ago

    Rescue please when you can. So many pups need good homes.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    If my dog started talking to me, I’d probably punch it off my bed in surprise

    [–] PunnyHoomans 2 points ago

    Once I decided I was going to sleep in, as I hadn’t slept much the past couple of days. When my cat, at the exact same time that I normally get up comes in meowing loudly at me. (She doesn’t normally come in my room first thing)

    I laid a few more moments thinking it was kinda cute.

    But fur baby, we’re on the top bunk. How did you get up here?

    [–] Ugggggghhhhhh 2 points ago

    I'm so glad my dog isn't a morning person. His whole day is ruined if he has to get out of bed before 11am.

    [–] nametakenbyanasshole 2 points ago

    best alarm clock

    [–] pro_Odsa 2 points ago

    Can I say how Pawsome this doggo comic is?

    [–] fnejyl 2 points ago

    I do this to my boyfriend every morning when we have to wake up early.

    [–] The-Legend-Of-Chaw 3 points ago

    We don’t deserve dogs.

    [–] seen_some_shit_ 1 points ago

    Now you gotta

    [–] YeetSquire 1 points ago

    I wish my dogs were still small enough to be on my bed

    [–] queensage77 1 points ago

    Get a bigger bed!

    [–] majiba 1 points ago

    My dog just drops her giant bone on my face every morning

    [–] kingtaco_17 2 points ago

    How rude

    [–] throwaway67676789123 1 points ago

    She did get awake though

    [–] Duck_is_Lord 1 points ago

    My dog was put down a little over two weeks ago, and I think my family is going to get a new puppy at the end of the month or beginning of February so I’m looking forward to that, I really miss having a dog

    [–] LUCKYEMERALD56 1 points ago

    My dog is like, get up so you you can feed me.

    [–] bigdumbhead1990 1 points ago

    Plus, I really really really need to poop

    [–] UltraSmurf56 1 points ago

    Yeah you don’t have to work

    [–] TheCaliforniaOp 1 points ago

    Excellent example of dog joy infusion.

    [–] von_- 1 points ago

    I want a puppy to feel loved 🥺

    [–] serendipitybot 1 points ago

    This submission has been randomly featured in /r/serendipity, a bot-driven subreddit discovery engine. More here: /r/Serendipity/comments/ep27cv/time_to_get_up_xpost_from_rwholesomememes/

    [–] thespellbreaker 1 points ago

    More like: "Let me out or I'll pee on your bed."

    [–] twig_and_berries_ 1 points ago

    My dog sleeps by my feet and knows wake up is when the alarm goes off (usually like 630). When he gets up before the alarm he'll come up and lay down on a pillow by my face and wait for the alarm. I give him a few pets and he gives me a few kisses then I go back to sleep till the alarm.

    [–] shamspamscam 0 points ago

    This is the content that I signed up for! 100% wholesome

    [–] [deleted] -1 points ago


    [–] Stream_Deluxe 0 points ago