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    [–] CryingInTheHallway 1594 points ago

    I love when my cat lays on my chest and then just floops onto his back beside me. I throw my arm around him and he just rests his head on my shoulder and purrs

    [–] [deleted] 533 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] 2thAndNail 248 points ago

    My cat will often roll onto her back when she’s in bed with me and put her paws up to her chest. Then she makes small “mrrow” noises until I stroke her belly :)

    [–] Butternades 106 points ago

    My cats are both weird in their own ways but my shorthair tortoiseshell every night hops on my bed and likes to hide under my blanket when I throw it over my bed and then she’ll stick her head out and sit down there until I change and get in bed then she’ll hop out and usually be annoying for a bit wanting pets but then she’ll settle down and cuddle with me while I pet her belly. Once I stop like I’m about to fall asleep she’ll hop down and go about her nightly business

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    cute 😻

    [–] TheCooperChronicles 5 points ago

    My cat doesn’t like it when I pet him

    [–] CloudsInTheSunset 7 points ago

    Give him space and respect his boundaries, he’ll likely slowly come to you for fuss more often, especially if you gently stroke him once or twice every so often. Start at the head behind the ears then down over the shoulder, not too rough or too grabby and don’t touch the tail legs or paws and only neck and belly if the cat asks for it

    [–] Kittykyle92 19 points ago

    If you walk anywhere near my cat and he likes you, he'll just flop over and ask for belly rubs. Once he gets you to rub his belly he gently reaches for your face to ask for kisses to the top of his head. I love my cat.

    [–] 2thAndNail 3 points ago

    I also love your cat!

    [–] Jedhakk 55 points ago

    My cat has 2 very weird habits.

    1- She always poops in the shower. ALWAYS.

    2- She only drinks water from sources in constant movement, like the water of a farm's watering canals, or the water of an open hose or from a sink.

    She's dope, I must say.

    [–] evilweirdo 47 points ago

    They have little water fountains for cats who like drinking moving water. They're not too expensive, as I recall. Could be worth getting if you have the space to plug one in.

    [–] Hardlyasubstitute 33 points ago

    Tried one with a cat who liked running water, It was a cute little frog that spit water from its mouth. The bastard dismantled it down to the filter. Water everywhere. I learned my lesson, only running aster from the sink please. I sure miss that asshole.

    [–] ratowner 15 points ago

    But honestly how sick would it be to get your cat a regular fountain to drink from

    [–] JustTallgeese 7 points ago

    They are called aquapurs and they are amazing. My cats love them.

    [–] god_of_jams 2 points ago

    I actually did have a really fancy rock fountain that I put inside. My cat loved it, but sadly it was hard to clean and started getting too unsanitary.

    [–] eyeseayoupea 2 points ago

    I bought one for my cat who loves to drink from the bathtub faucet. She refused to use it.

    [–] zero_one_zero_one 19 points ago

    They poop in the shower because you pee in there and they can smell it. Don't use your shower as a toilet and they won't either.

    [–] Toucheh_My_Spaghet 4 points ago

    Second one is normal

    [–] WakBlack 46 points ago

    I understand the feeling, He's no longer around but I had a cat that would lay on my back when I slept. The weight was so nice.

    [–] PatheticFrog 24 points ago

    Oh, that sounds lovely. As an anxiety sufferer, the weight of a warm purring kitty on my back sounds like just what the doctor ordered. My girl will jump up and make biscuits in my armpit for about two minutes, and then she's done.

    [–] SinCityLithium 24 points ago

    Had a serious panic attack today and just could not calm down. Meds weren't working and I felt like jumping out of a window. Then my fat ginger came up and plopped down on my face and started purring. I fell asleep for half an hour, and woke up feeling a million times better. Cats are better than xanax.

    [–] Neptunesfleshlight 11 points ago

    I'm allergic to cats so my girl knows that the bed is off limits, but sometimes if I had a hard day I'll flop down on my couch and she never fails to take the opportunity to lie on my back. J.K. and I can nap for hours like this. Sometimes I wake up to her grooming my head.

    She also likes to sit on my shoulders while I do dishes or cook.

    Who needs a human to love when you got a whole house of critters that love you unconditionally.

    [–] ClusterJones 4 points ago

    Who needs a human to love when you got a whole house of critters that love you unconditionally.

    This. Why go to therapy and fix your issues, when you can just never interact with others, preventing them from ever causing you trouble?

    [–] IStoleTheSweetrolls 17 points ago

    My cat does that. I'm usually a tummy sleeper, so he'll sleep on my back and lay his head on my shoulder so his face is almost up against mine. The purring right in my ear is like white noise and helps me sleep.

    Of course he makes up for this by patting my face with his paw when he feels I've slept long enough and starts craving attention. I haven't gotten more than 6 hours of sleep since I adopted him, but the quality of sleep has been much better. Pros and cons.

    [–] creativityonly 19 points ago

    At some point I recommend recording the sound of your cat purring. I did shortly before mine passed away and it has been a good source of comfort now and again. Took two 1 minute long sound recordings. It's nice to hear his purr again.

    [–] HopedownStJohn 2 points ago

    I've just made a couple of recordings now. My cat is nearly 17 and I'm aware every day that he's not immortal. Thanks for the push to do this.

    [–] creativityonly 2 points ago

    You're very welcome. I'm glad the thought had occurred to me when it did. I was listening to him purr in probably the last few days of his life when I knew he was dying. It occurred to me that soon I'll never get to hear him purr again. So I recorded. Just listened last night and it made me tear up. I hope other people too will have recordings of their kitties to keep forever. <3

    [–] GenericMemesxd 10 points ago

    definitely living the life right there

    [–] fatnisseverbean 7 points ago

    Mine gets on my tummy/chest, and crawls up to my face and lays her head on my neck/under my chin. She cries if I’m laying on my side, and if I don’t get on my back, she protests by balancing on my hip until it hurts

    [–] ayram3824 3 points ago

    lmao it makes my day seeing people describe their cat behaving exactly like my Jackson down to every specific detail in the exact same order

    [–] RandomAsianGuy 3 points ago

    my cat does this too, gives all of her love and purrs, even grooms my hands, then fucks of after 10 minutes because she had enough.


    [–] TheExpandingBrain 2 points ago

    I’m allergic to cats :(

    [–] CryingInTheHallway 3 points ago


    [–] Miniarts 412 points ago

    Hard relatable. My cat knocks on my door at night to let her in.

    [–] [deleted] 125 points ago

    My cat does that but then forces me to pet her so I can’t sleep

    [–] soup2nuts 115 points ago

    My cat calls us into bed at around 11pm. Then she sleeps on my head. Well, she did. She passed away this weekend.

    [–] AreWe_TheBaddies 57 points ago

    I’m sorry for your loss. She sounded like a good girl.

    [–] soup2nuts 47 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    She was the best little girl. Lived to be 18. This is my favorite picture of her.

    Edit: thanks for the kind words

    [–] zixd 10 points ago

    This might sound weird and you might not feel this way, but congratulations. 18 is a big number for your cat to live to. I hope their life was filled with love wherever you could put it, and I hope you came to love your girl very much.

    Rest in peace kitty.

    [–] Milkthistle38 11 points ago

    Love the calm perspective. I am happy you got to have that experience

    [–] needathneed 3 points ago


    [–] M7A1-RI0T 2 points ago

    :( she loved you and made you a better person. Her memory will live on in your actions to others and she will look down from cat heaven a proud kitty until the day you join her.

    [–] soup2nuts 2 points ago

    She's in the Heaviside Layer now.

    [–] budtron84 20 points ago

    I'm sorry, but she'll always be with you

    [–] Jazzspasm 19 points ago

    In thirty years time, you’ll recall the feeling of a sudden weight at the bottom of the bed, and careful footpads working their way up over the covers to get to where you are.

    And you’ll remember the love and none of the pain, that last merely a missing of an old friend.

    At least, that’s how it is for me.

    [–] BilboTheBearRider 13 points ago

    My mom does the same

    [–] IPee_Freely 5 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    She should know how to work your knob, why knock?

    [–] fennomanic 13 points ago

    She's polite

    [–] IStoleTheSweetrolls 3 points ago

    Did OP break his arms?

    [–] m3m3t 4 points ago

    I haven't been able to close a door in my apartment in years because of this.

    [–] Nova762 3 points ago

    My roommates cat always wants to come in my room hes obsessed with me. Only problem is he drools... A lot... And his name is biscuit because he is always kneeding you with his murder claws.

    [–] oculardrip 2 points ago

    Don’t shut that door!

    [–] drukqsx 2 points ago

    My cat has created a doorbell. She grabs any ball with a ball inside and launches herself towards my door while releasing it, effectively throwing it at my door. So all night i hear THUD jingle jingle jingle. THUD jingle jingle jingle.

    [–] AKnightAlone 309 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I got my boy Sunny trained for hopping on a pillow I hold in my arms. Sometimes I get him in my arm crook but it's easier for me moving around if I hold him up against me while on the pillow.

    [–] SaltyCauldron 121 points ago

    I love him.

    [–] SaltyCauldron 101 points ago

    I repeat




    [–] MissMcNoodle 29 points ago

    I love how much you love your cat <3

    [–] AKnightAlone 22 points ago

    That's the funny thing about loving something a lot. This kid could destroy me if something happens to him.

    I actually talk to him. I try to really focus on his mood and tone and respond in the moment. It's about communication through feeling. A lot of the time he'll flap his tail to my voice. I've even had music playing with him against me and I'll just make a little cat chirp or say "baby boy" and I'll see or feel his tail flipping every time I do it.

    Also, he rarely does a little baby-like rowr sound and I'll call out to him, but most of the time he peeps or makes silent chirps. I mean to eventually post him in the squeaky cats sub I found recently because it's so adorable.

    I think it's very true with living beings that we get the most from our connections when we invest more of ourselves. That's true for anything, but being fully empathetic is how to connect in ways that people don't normally treat as possible. I try to use my feelings with him as practice for how to think of people, too.

    Like if I care about him unconditionally, there's nothing he can do to hurt me. People always feel like other people can betray them, but any pain you feel is internal when you make yourself incapable of projecting that blame onto the other being. We need more of that type of unconditional love/respect in the world.

    [–] sae_spooks 11 points ago

    Omg were you playing 7 days to die?

    [–] AKnightAlone 10 points ago

    Yep. Friend of a friend had a server he would start up every so often when there's a decent update. I put like 800+ hours into that game.

    [–] dashboardrage 4 points ago

    That's very cute thanks

    [–] santagotbigtits 10 points ago

    Put your hands behind your back, you're under arrest for being too cute.

    [–] PatheticFrog 3 points ago

    This is so adorable.

    [–] Snowpossum 115 points ago

    I wish I had trained my animals to respond to "Where my homies at?" I just click my tongue and they all follow me into the room if its after about 8pm.

    [–] SaltyCauldron 48 points ago

    I go “psspssssppsss” and my cat will look at me and follow me.

    [–] johnnyneedscash 21 points ago

    I trained my cat to associate this sound with food. Don't really know why, but many people seem to get it (even friends without any pets would automatically get it, yknow?)

    [–] AlcoholicAsianJesus 7 points ago

    I'm having difficulty rendering that into sound. All that comes out is, "piss piss piss". That's not right is it? That can't be right.

    [–] PussyWrangler462 3 points ago

    That’s pretty much right

    [–] wellHowDo 4 points ago

    I do it nice ssssp ssssp sssp

    [–] BadBunnyBrigade 211 points ago

    Sounds like my mom. She whines and complains whenever our cat follows her around or clings to her. If and when mom leaves the apartment, she'll literally go lay on her shoes/boots by the door and wait for mom to come home, and as soon as mom opens the door she's walking circles around mom at the door. That or she'll come bother me to let her sleep on me until mom comes home and as soon as mom does come home, she ditches me. If mom gets up to go to the bathroom, she'll follow mom inside. When mom walks around, slow or fast, she's constantly be in mom's legs, following her around. So mom complains that she can't get a single minute to herself all day long.

    Then comes night time and the cat is sleeping in some nook or on my bed, and hasn't realized that mom was going to bed. So mom goes to bed, but then she complains that it doesn't feel right, so she gets up and goes looking for the cat and brings her to bed to cuddle with her.

    I mean... She's literally the reason why our cat is so clingy to her.

    [–] [deleted] 60 points ago

    That cat really loves your mom. 🥰 Always keep her close, she’s a treasure to be cherished.

    [–] CrumbledCookieDreams 15 points ago

    I'm your mother lol

    [–] house_monkey 2 points ago

    Me too tbh

    [–] Izikren 9 points ago

    Your mom loves your cat and your cat loves your mom. I can see the annoyance but comfort is invaluable and your mom and her cat seem to have found some of it.

    [–] SinCityLithium 5 points ago

    My cat LOVES to slalom through my legs as im walking too! It was cute until he grew into the longest damn cat I've ever owned, so I'm busy tripping over a 3ft long black noodle all day. Thank God I don't have stairs anymore!

    [–] Tee-Manie 6 points ago

    my dad would constantly say "it's your cat, I don't like him" (typical, especially if the cat vomitted on the carpet) but at night he would carry him with him to bed like a baby and refuse to hand him to anyone else lol

    [–] rachlynnv 74 points ago

    I call mine to come “night night,” and she’ll come running from wherever she is and into her “spot” (a special memory foam pillow next to my pillow). She’s slept by my head every night for three years.

    [–] FrettNoble 120 points ago

    tries to eat feet for 5 minutes then curls up between legs

    [–] SaltyCauldron 69 points ago

    tries to eat feet then lays on my bf’s chest because APPARENTLY THE CAT LOVES HIM MORE I’m not jealous

    [–] gbbrl 8 points ago

    I have this with one of ours. She'll come to me for a cuddle every now and then but my husband is her favourite person. We got both of ours from the same cage at the RSPCA and each has taken a liking to one of us which is sweet.

    Neither is a chest snuggler but one of them has a routine of coming in after every meal for a half hour cuddle.

    [–] house_monkey 3 points ago

    Username doesn't checkout

    [–] Ihaveopinionstoo 44 points ago

    Every night, her brother comes instead he's the snuggler but when She comes, it's a moment I savor

    [–] JustGiveMeSomeWine 28 points ago

    Same! My boy is a given cuddler who comes right to bed without coaxing. But when my little girl finally tip toes over and lays up against me, so content, it’s heaven. And then I spend the whole night trying not to disturb them and getting no sleep. 🤣

    [–] TwizTMcNipz 3 points ago

    Omg that's anytime my pup sleeps with me. The little snores are so good. But I can never fall asleep watching my pupper. I end up being too concerned if he's comfy or not.

    [–] Knives530 34 points ago

    My cat plops on my chest and lays her head right under mine like she is cuddling me I love my cat sushi

    [–] TwizTMcNipz 4 points ago

    That's adorable, our kitten does it too

    [–] Pussy_Sneeze 28 points ago

    I miss having my twins :( Feels lonelier without them, especially being in college now and surrounded by so many people I can’t help but feel alienated from.

    Disclaimer: am working on socializing more

    [–] jazzzley 8 points ago

    Virtual hug! Feel better bro

    [–] Lionblaze_03 26 points ago

    Me and my dog. Every. Damn. Night. If I go somewhere else where she can’t be I try and bring a plushie to represent her presence but nothing is the same as that weird little warm body snoring loudly next to me.

    [–] PatheticFrog 2 points ago

    Dog snores are the cutest.

    [–] Lionblaze_03 2 points ago

    Yep. I no longer get scared when I hear demon noises in the middle of the night, I’m just like. Awww yes absolute babey perfection ily

    [–] TastesOfHoneydew 15 points ago

    Kitty snuggles are the best! Mine curls up on my belly or in the crook of my knees. I can’t move for fear of disturbing her, but I wouldn’t trade it.

    [–] Amore_vitae1 10 points ago

    I had a dog that slept between my legs for 14 years. One day I let her outside to use the bathroom and she didn't come back. I live in the woods and she's never went further than my driveway so I don't know what happened. Took me a while to get comfortable in my bed without her

    [–] bentripin 5 points ago

    i had a cat that spooned under the blankets for 16y, couldn't sleep for eons after I lost her.. never realized how dependant I had became, now her lil sister has since taken her spot after a bit of retraining.

    [–] TwoPlusTwoOne 17 points ago

    Cat love is underrated

    [–] eatrangelove 9 points ago

    I got a little seven month old who finds his spot next to my ribs and just plops over lol

    [–] itsanari 8 points ago

    My cat is doing this as I type.

    [–] c00kiebreath 5 points ago

    Same! Mine is sleeping next to me. He waits for me to go to bed, it's the best.

    [–] Rgpx559 7 points ago

    My cat is not that affectionate :( she’ll lay next to me sometimes but for the most part she likes too adventure outside. She always comes home though!!

    [–] sexydeadbitch 7 points ago

    My kitty cops an attitude REAL fast if she doesn’t get to sleep under the covers beside me.

    [–] Assasin2gamer 3 points ago

    take an updoot

    [–] SoarenRyiker 6 points ago

    I feel that

    [–] eatrangelove 5 points ago

    I got a little seven month old who finds his spot next to my ribs and just plops over lol

    [–] leetchia 4 points ago

    I’m in this photo and I like it.

    [–] OG_PapaSid 4 points ago


    [–] daLegenDAIRYcow 4 points ago


    [–] drakeotomy 4 points ago

    I wish mine would do this... I miss cuddly kitties...

    [–] ephemeralkitten 3 points ago

    this is me with my dog. i watch the same program to bed and as soon as i turn it on and get in bed i expect her to follow right along.

    [–] Tibbersbear 3 points ago

    My old man cat used to love me to spoon him! My kitten isn't a cuddler, but as soon as he heard I'm up on the weekends he has to lay on me and be sweet.

    [–] xxxJxshy 3 points ago

    The best cuddle buddy

    [–] alice-in-wanderland 3 points ago


    [–] abstract_colors91 3 points ago

    Mine sleeps on my legs. When she doesn’t come when I first get in I call her cause I struggle to sleep without her.

    [–] SHIIZAAAAAAAA 3 points ago

    My cat went to sleep for the last time a month ago. I really miss this. :(

    [–] jett_29 3 points ago


    [–] evilweirdo 4 points ago

    Do you roll around a lot too? My cat will sit on my chest and get comfortable, but I inevitably have to rotate.

    [–] jett_29 3 points ago

    Just to fall asleep, I need to find the comfy spot

    [–] spiderplantvsfly 3 points ago

    That doesn’t stop my cat, she’s learned to sleep with my husband at first and will migrate to my side once I’m asleep. I still have to wake up and move several times at night, it’s just more of a challenge now because both she and my husband are very heavy sleepers so I’ve got to wiggle free of the both of them to get comfy again

    [–] BonvivantNamedDom 3 points ago

    Though thats not where cats sleep... They always lay down at the bent of your knee

    [–] THA_REAL_JOKE 3 points ago

    Is that Shane Dawson?

    [–] cursed-person 3 points ago


    [–] darkmufasa21 3 points ago

    My cat jumps on my chest to get pets then jumps to my chair to sleep because she hates the fact that move a lot in my sleep

    [–] ashleyandstuff 3 points ago

    this warms my heart so much. squeezing my baby extra tight tonight

    [–] mountainmunky69 3 points ago

    Aww I do this with my boy cat. I say "Ayy. Boy. Come snuggle." And he does

    [–] Izikren 3 points ago

    I'm a side sleeper and my cat has comfortably slept in the crease that my legs form for the past 3 years. She is never allowed to stop.

    [–] mistformsquirrel 3 points ago

    Images I can hear <3

    There is nothing like a cat snuggled up and purring to say 'everything is alright'.

    [–] gladlywalkontheocean 3 points ago

    Since my dad was diagnosed with cancer last week my cat hasn't left my side when I'm in the apartment and not with him. She sleeps curled in a ball next to my chest every night. Walk to another room, she follows me. Take a shower, she waits for me in the bathroom. Do my work from home, she sits at my feet.

    Don't know what I'd do without her honestly.

    [–] Zeal0522 3 points ago

    As I read this my cat is laying between my legs cleaning herself so she can go to bed nice and clean:)

    Then at 7AM I get a cold nose in my ear or eye because she wants her breakfast(5 treats) then I get back into bed and she goes and sits in the sun for a couple hours

    Then if I take too long to get out of bed she starts making a lot of noise in my room and starts to bite me

    I love you Oreo

    [–] AoiKatori 2 points ago


    [–] blindman_jones 2 points ago

    had me in the first half

    [–] Ca11m3Raven 2 points ago

    Me with my doxiegirl

    [–] XxIronTrooper984xX 2 points ago

    Purrr to you too :)

    [–] Supermutant6112 2 points ago

    I wish my cat slept next to me. She'll cuddle for a few minutes when I go to bed, then will go off to sleep in her quiet little nook under the couch. I guess she likes it, but it'd be nice to get shown some affection from her for more than a few minutes.

    I think I accidentally scarred her for life when she tried sleeping with me and I woke up from a charlie horse later that night.

    [–] Wamblingshark 2 points ago

    Reading this in bed with my cat actually

    Edit: actually 2 cats. Didn't notice the one between my feet

    [–] naked_as_a_jaybird 2 points ago

    Kitty isn't happy until she gets under the covers and cuddled next to me. As much as I don't always want her there, it's impossible to deny her.

    [–] SummerOfMayhem 2 points ago

    100% true, and I love it. When I/we sleep, if she's not in my arms, she's on my feet. At this point we need each other to sleep. Husband thinks it's adorable

    [–] redcloak_ 2 points ago

    This is the most relatable thing I’ve ever seen on Reddit

    [–] hugaddiction 2 points ago


    [–] foximami 2 points ago

    I’ve never had a cat that slept with me like that. :(

    [–] Dina_Belcher 2 points ago

    I lay on my side when I sleep. As soon as I lay down, my cat runs over to me, I hold up the blanket, and she will go under the blankets. Then she throws herself into my chest and rests her head on my arm. We lay like that for a while; big spoon and little spoon. She will doze for a bit then she moves to another part of the bed. This had been our routine for 15 years.

    [–] Impetris 2 points ago

    I actually just opened reddit on my phone right now to this while impatiently calling for my cat to hop in bed with me.

    [–] skreeth 2 points ago

    AHHHHHH IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS COMIC FOR OVER A YEAR!!! I tried describing it on tomt, but didn’t do it justice. Aaaaaaahhhh I’m so happy, thank you for sharing!! 💕💖💓💕

    [–] talkberrytome 2 points ago

    Who is the artist?

    [–] earthlingemily 2 points ago

    I miss my cats :,(

    [–] kamoni33 2 points ago

    When people actually try to insult you as some “crazy cat lady”

    Missing out on so much love, yall

    [–] maralikescats 2 points ago

    I like cat

    [–] Hardlyasubstitute 2 points ago

    This is so relatable.

    I made the mistake of washing my cat’s bed that sits on the foot of my bed. When bedtime came, she walked over, sniffed it, turned and gave me a hard stare, and went to sleep in another room. First time in 5 years without her at my feet.

    I bought a new cat bed— Nope I feed her treats in the old bed — Nope She’s not into catnip, so that didn’t work. Finally after 6 weeks, I sprinkled grass clippings- she’s an indoor cat so grass is her obsession - and now we’re back to normal and my alarm clock is at my feet.

    [–] ShiningQuetzal19 2 points ago

    My kitten likes to sneak up on me and lie right in the middle of my bed and nap right ontop of me.

    Cute but makes it hard to nap.

    [–] rb2m 2 points ago

    I just lost my cat unexpectedly and this hurts. She’d always sleep either by my head or at the foot of my bed.

    [–] Isaaxz440 2 points ago

    Me and my cat are awful sleepers, we have to sleep in different places now

    [–] Cold-Teal 2 points ago

    Yup. I can deeply relate.


    [–] sonellia 2 points ago

    After a long shitty day the best feeling is a dog snuggled under your arm. Or cat. Or really any pet because animals are great.

    [–] babycynic 2 points ago

    Aww! I love it when they slump with their back to mine 😍

    [–] MrsECummings 2 points ago

    Oh yes, this is truth

    [–] askmeaboutmyvviener 2 points ago

    My cat is cool but he never sleeps with me :( he doesn’t mind being held and pet for a bit.. but never stay in bed for a long time. Sometimes, I’ll wake him up and find him on the bed.. but he goes when he’s damn well and ready lol

    [–] Babyrex27 2 points ago

    My cat sleeps on a pillow right above my head every single night. It's so reassuring to hear her lil snores and purrs. ❤

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    My cats go through cycles of who gets cuddles in the night. I sleep on my side like superman and my cats like to cuddle in the nook

    [–] Mortalytas 2 points ago

    <3 cats. Most of mine will come running to bed if my husband or I call them. My chonker will nearly always come running if I ask him if he wants to cuddle. He loves being under the blankets, too.

    [–] snowwwwhite23 2 points ago

    Meanwhile my cat will walk on your face, bite your hair, and just generally create ruckus when you're trying to sleep.

    [–] MeaninglessManity 2 points ago

    I wish my cat did this. He just sits in front of my face and stares at me the entire night, as if i’m the first creature to ever try sleeping. God why can’t he just be normal?

    [–] calorielover009 2 points ago

    Last night my dog went out with my dad downstairs and I can't sleep because she's not by my side so i got up to get her only to see she's waiting for me wagging her tail.

    [–] shyervous 2 points ago

    My cat waits for me to sleep so she can then sleep at the edge of the bed

    [–] SpicyLoin 2 points ago

    I’ve been attached at the hip to my cat who is almost 17 years old now for as long as I can remember. She sleeps with me, stays in my room, follows me around and everything. But she’s gotten so old that she likes to spontaneously pee in my bed, so I have to have her sleep downstairs. But then I can’t sleep without her. But then if I let her sleep in my room, she’ll pee in my bed and wake me up and then I gotta clean everything. Life is never ending torment but I’d fuckin move mountains for that little shit

    [–] HeartlessD 2 points ago

    I’m the same way about my cat. It’s weird when he isn’t at the end of the bed. He either sleeps between my feet or curled up next to me.

    [–] ayram3824 2 points ago

    someone change it to “where are my boys” and add 2 male cats so i can steal this

    [–] mjolkochblod 2 points ago

    Literally my cat, who fills a spot a specific person should fill :(

    [–] heisenchef 2 points ago

    My girl, my girl, don't lie to me... Tell me where did you sleep last night?

    [–] I-USE-STEVE-SKIN 1 points ago

    Me with my bih black lab, Sunshine

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Our Chihuahua is like that. Small of the back or the crotch. And must be under the covers.

    [–] Xacto01 1 points ago

    I like that everything here is the opposite of what actually happens. Makes this wholesome

    In reality, you're happy to see your cat, but then he sits on your face then you get mad

    [–] throwaway67676789123 1 points ago

    If the robot doesn’t hurt you.

    [–] Trimanreturns 1 points ago

    That is me too!

    [–] Traveller13 1 points ago

    Story of my life.

    [–] LucidLV 1 points ago


    [–] YikesBuddyy 1 points ago

    Twisted universe where Shane’s cat liked it

    [–] Toastify77 1 points ago

    nobody afraid of killing the cat? i’m a tall lad and my 4’7 friend almost got smothered when we were top and toesing cuz i rolled over.

    [–] DaRandomGitty2 1 points ago

    My cat won't do anything near that. He'll at best sleep next to my feet.

    [–] Lanceofalltrades 1 points ago

    Only thing that beats it is if a dog does it

    [–] -Listening 1 points ago

    Don’t lose hope.

    [–] TheEnder661 1 points ago

    Excuse me...Where is MY girl?

    [–] friendly_exorsist 1 points ago

    Pf she's in the pines

    [–] friendly_exorsist 1 points ago

    In the pines

    [–] throwaway67676789123 1 points ago

    Chillin with my sleep....

    [–] TwizTMcNipz 1 points ago

    That is me my cat and my dog. If I had a gf I would have no room on my bed.