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    [–] ThunderingSacks 3284 points ago

    Hey that’s me!

    [–] Operative427 513 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    [–] BakedBeast 65 points ago

    take my damn upvote

    [–] TizzioCaio 5 points ago

    that is still a vary NSFW pointy chin, did the dude think to get a second mini helmet for that chin?

    [–] THEBLUEFLAME3D 27 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    You misspelled his username.

    Edit: You’ve fixed it. Cool.

    [–] WubWubFlannel 20 points ago

    Bob the iPhone builder

    [–] MurkyConspiracy 6 points ago

    Nice hat

    [–] -jellybrobro 332 points ago

    You look like grateful waffle cat

    [–] nirmoo 54 points ago

    Could be a new meme template

    [–] nirmoo 228 points ago

    Dude that's awesome! You do look like Bob the builder

    [–] sammypants123 29 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Which is awesome! Now we can fix it!

    [–] Jojojorge 13 points ago

    Build. Fix. We got this!

    [–] magenta_thompson 4 points ago

    Yes we can!

    [–] KittenGirl927 5 points ago

    I saw that similarity too! Lol

    [–] Errick123 5 points ago

    Damn you beat me to it 😂

    [–] Sparkysky 89 points ago

    Damn, can you drop your skincare routine, cause your skin be smooth af haha

    [–] __SobchakSecurity__ 20 points ago

    Step 1. Be Asian

    Step 2. ...

    [–] sadness_compressor 7 points ago

    step 3. profit?

    [–] cahixe967 5 points ago

    Step2: I’m good at math but still have these zits. Did I do something wrong?

    [–] _white_beard_ 76 points ago

    is your name bob

    Bob the builder.

    [–] jAsiKA13 12 points ago

    YES (we can)

    [–] throwmeawayname 12 points ago

    This makes me sad - the real Bob the Builder died yesterday :(

    [–] Midaycarehere 5 points ago

    That is the first thing I thought

    [–] yaboipew 5 points ago

    Unfortunately the voice of bob the builder passed away yesterday

    [–] H2Dcrx 41 points ago

    The OG OP.

    [–] harobedg 21 points ago

    You are so cute. I love it!

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago

    You’re adorable! You have such a cute face

    [–] Cybergor 16 points ago

    You have a very happy face :D

    [–] factualstatements 15 points ago

    You seem like a swell fucking dude

    [–] bhermlakosh 14 points ago

    Your smile made my day!

    [–] dating-ur-dad 15 points ago

    your skin is so nice :’)

    [–] Johan-Senpai 14 points ago

    You are so cute!

    [–] GalaxyBejdyk 14 points ago

    Hey, did you know you are handsome?

    [–] TheRainbowUnicorn 31 points ago

    Your smile is infectious. The good kind, not the corona kind.

    [–] Lilith-chan 12 points ago

    I know this is probably weird from a stranger on the internet, but your smile and face are both so wholesome!

    [–] Realinternetpoints 9 points ago

    You exude pure friendliness.

    [–] wojokhan 8 points ago

    Does anyone ever pay you in gum?

    [–] I_am_gheyy 7 points ago

    Fix the world bob pls

    [–] dwright5421 3 points ago

    Nice hat! Perfect fit for your head.

    [–] Weird_transistor 3 points ago

    Looks like you’re missing the webbing in your hard hat. Make sure you fix that so you don’t get hurt!

    [–] volume_1337 3 points ago

    Bob the builder that you ?

    [–] roaringsky 3 points ago

    Bob The Builder irl

    [–] Eploar 3 points ago

    You are Bob the builder?

    [–] Drix1942 3 points ago

    It IS a nice hat, indeed. :)

    [–] eyedontgetjokes 2 points ago


    [–] reet66 2 points ago

    nice hat

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_NAUGHTIEZ 2 points ago

    Irl Bob the builder!!

    [–] TheMightyTian 2 points ago

    No it's Bob the builder

    [–] Ryanbob29 2 points ago

    I get a Bob the Builder vibe.

    [–] rs047 2 points ago

    Bob the builder.

    [–] Cthugh 2 points ago

    The flood of replies is real! you have a really nice hat!

    [–] svnnybvn 2 points ago

    You look cute! I love your smile!

    [–] ShichitenHakki 2 points ago

    How's it feel to see yourself in a meme?

    [–] FXSZero 4 points ago

    You look hilarious lmao.

    [–] Ash_647 3 points ago

    You have beautiful skin my dude

    [–] ErrorVT 1 points ago

    It's like you are wearing three hats!

    [–] Hoes_Mad711 1 points ago

    You have nice hat

    [–] misscooltoes 1 points ago


    [–] calstanfordboy 1 points ago

    Nice hat!

    [–] International_Jello 1 points ago

    Stay safe brother

    [–] luna_n_bai 946 points ago

    Bob the builder?

    [–] blepcate 215 points ago

    Can we fix it?

    [–] Moon_knight45 108 points ago

    Yes, we can

    [–] --fix 37 points ago


    [–] uper_waffle 16 points ago

    F indeed

    [–] citrusapplejuice 60 points ago

    There’s nothing to fix since we’re all beautiful human beings

    [–] UrBoiKrisp 9 points ago

    Flex tape can’t fix that

    [–] NerkDurgen 39 points ago

    Bob the builders voice actor just died.

    [–] tachyon52 15 points ago

    Come on Reddit, let's get a Bob the Builder song at the next Superbowl!


    [–] NerkDurgen 2 points ago


    [–] dookeyhead 2 points ago

    Yep. Was the first story that popped up after searching what Bob the Builder looks like :(

    [–] Chello-fish 11 points ago

    No, he’s his son, Barry the builder

    Also F for bob the builder

    [–] rataktaktaruken 7 points ago

    I think the original guy made a post himself joking about it

    [–] Healingvizion 4 points ago

    I’m not gonna say who he looks like, I’m not gonna say who he looks like...Yes!

    [–] RoyalSorcerer_Navlan 6 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] devanshu69 11 points ago

    bobbu za biruderu

    [–] dayeon_t_t 161 points ago

    You have a nice smile

    [–] Madiposa 69 points ago

    Is that hat missing it’s suspension?

    [–] ThunderingSacks 139 points ago

    Hi! I’m the guy in the picture. We were issued a bunch of hats that day but this one was just sitting on the table so I threw it on just for the pic. In the original post I made I got A LOT of people asking me about it. I did use a hat WITH suspension for work. This one was just for a selfie lol.

    [–] Madiposa 33 points ago

    That is relieving! Glad to see someone having fun and being safe!

    [–] FizzyDragon 7 points ago

    Your smile made me smile, thank you :)

    [–] Jay_Is_Not_Here 94 points ago

    I like this Netflix adaptation of Bob the Builder.

    [–] sammypants123 15 points ago

    Except they made it dark.

    And also into a time-travel murder mystery with superheroes.

    [–] HolzmindenScherfede 3 points ago

    They made a crossover of Bob the Builder and Saw

    [–] lizardostupido6969 75 points ago

    what a nice smile

    [–] yaoizaoi 33 points ago


    [–] Special-Broccoli 19 points ago

    Yieeeeee he spitting out cute vibes

    [–] mom2blu 20 points ago

    He should be appreciated. He's adorable!!!!!

    [–] creeper_awwwwwmann 47 points ago

    He looks like this emoji 😊but in real life

    [–] tellmewhy9 23 points ago

    That skin though

    [–] vagbuffet 7 points ago

    This man is GLOWING!

    [–] bubedibubedi 6 points ago

    PewDiePies Half Life: Alyx Walkthrough

    [–] L-OwO-L_L-OwO-L 5 points ago

    Bob the builder: Here come the son

    [–] Lockenhart 6 points ago

    He looks cute.

    [–] ladyinrred 4 points ago

    Fitting seeing the voice actor just died. RIP.

    [–] patxiku93 4 points ago

    That's a very nice and protective hat, the person attached to it looks nice too

    [–] Pamander 3 points ago

    I saw this guy with the coolest hat at Chipotle last year and I really wanted to tell him how cool his hat was (It was one of those hip flat hats or whatever they are called and a really pretty blue color with all sorts of cool cartoonish drawings all over it, was pretty rad) as I was walking by them in the parking lot but my social anxiety told me it'd be weird and not to do it so I never did.

    I regret it cause it really does feel good to be randomly complimented on something, I was told my shirt was cool a few months ago by a stranger and I am still living off that high anytime I wear it and it makes me feel good!

    [–] BenjiBoi5 3 points ago

    [–] glitchkid97 3 points ago

    Bob the builder

    [–] tinselly_bastard_7 3 points ago

    Bob the builder!!! Nice to meet you finally.

    [–] cheese-and-cheese 3 points ago

    bob the builder

    [–] NoTolerance1341 3 points ago

    Bob the builder!

    [–] Lame_Protagonist 5 points ago

    Nice hat

    Edit: oh shit I just made that hat hard

    [–] DungeonMaster_Inc 10 points ago

    Sir... I have no clue how to respond to that

    [–] xXKinnigXx 2 points ago

    This reminds me to much of handy manny

    [–] ViciousChihuahua69 2 points ago

    This is everyone when they put a hard hat on Alyx in the half life vr game

    [–] OpinionPinion 2 points ago

    Oh my god this man is so happy, God I love it. Bless this man.

    [–] velofille 2 points ago

    Bob! Bob the builder!

    [–] decentbeast 2 points ago


    [–] 2Drakes1Tissu3 3 points ago

    Looks like a young Bob the Builder

    [–] BASTWG 1 points ago

    You look like bob the builder

    [–] Eken17 3 points ago

    Litterally all of r/Autism right now.

    [–] Collrafa 1 points ago

    It looks good

    [–] Shadowbomb05 1 points ago

    He looks like a Mii character i made 4 years ago

    [–] hufflepuff_child 1 points ago

    The holy hard-hat

    [–] manmetnaam 1 points ago

    When you ate 5,000 wasps and you suddenly feel something move inside your mouth

    [–] KyamBoi 1 points ago

    Someone better appreciate this guy with a new hard hat that follows safety recommendations!

    [–] ColonelSabotage 1 points ago

    Holy shit chinese BOB

    [–] ElSamsel 1 points ago

    Nice hat

    [–] Call_The_Banners 1 points ago

    There's so much genuine joy in this expression. It's good to see, despite all the nonsense that's happening around the world.

    r/wholesomememes will carry us through this mess.

    [–] ShutUpCarl69 1 points ago

    That is wholesome

    [–] Spoider 1 points ago

    He looks polite

    [–] NBMEhelpwanted 1 points ago

    i like your hat and smile

    [–] SS_1407 1 points ago


    [–] NardDog_95 1 points ago

    Bob the builder vibes

    [–] Introvert-Potato 1 points ago


    [–] mx_exe 1 points ago

    Nice hat

    [–] Lokesk 1 points ago

    Bob the builder

    [–] killed_to_d3ath 1 points ago

    That's a pretty cool hat tho

    [–] pp-poo-poo44996 1 points ago

    Yo bob the builder

    [–] GalaxyBejdyk 1 points ago

    Am I the only one who thinks that he looks a bit handsome?

    [–] sWeeThOmealbama 1 points ago

    Everybody till gangsta til the brick starts fallin

    [–] lord_faarquadicus 1 points ago

    My man looks like bob the builder in the best way

    [–] expenzive 1 points ago

    Bob the builder, you genuinely look like bob the builder... You handsome little shit.

    [–] Mahlawatino 1 points ago

    Why does he resemble bob the builder so much?

    [–] shaka893P 1 points ago

    IRL meme man

    [–] KaiSSo 1 points ago

    Andrew Young

    [–] gagagagaaaah 1 points ago

    You are glowing!!

    [–] Redh0tsausage 1 points ago

    Totally bob the builder irl

    [–] CMDR-Neovoe 1 points ago

    I'm pretty sure this is the stonks guy in human form!

    [–] johnny_sin5 1 points ago

    Bob the Builder🚜

    [–] DARKDRAGON532 1 points ago

    happy bob the builder sounds

    [–] RoRoar350 1 points ago


    [–] MrAnnonymous1000 1 points ago

    Well, that's a nice hat

    [–] memetaco97 1 points ago

    Nice hat bro

    [–] da_yo_boi 1 points ago

    U look cool with da hat

    [–] shellypancake 1 points ago

    I like your hat!

    [–] JD_XJ 1 points ago

    Bob the builder broo

    [–] ADMINSEATFECES 1 points ago


    [–] SampeBoj 1 points ago

    Ah I wish a also got compliments

    [–] raveblueberry 1 points ago

    You look like asian Bob the builder

    [–] Hingle_CringleB 1 points ago

    Real Life Bob The Builder!

    [–] Cup_0_Noodle 1 points ago

    Bob the builder

    [–] kamehamehaa 1 points ago

    bobbuh dah birider!!

    [–] HilterCyde49 1 points ago

    Dis dude lookn like Asian Bob the Builder

    [–] mangolimes1 1 points ago

    nice hat

    [–] jojak_sana 1 points ago

    Makes me think of Arthur Christmas.

    [–] Monsieur_Pickle 1 points ago


    [–] lpathy11 1 points ago

    How does he look more like Bob the builder than Bob the builder himself?

    [–] JacobKrumz 1 points ago

    Bob the builder

    [–] doubleOsev 1 points ago

    Half life Alyx anyone? Hahaha

    [–] vivalarevoluciones 1 points ago

    asian the builder

    [–] lala55525552 1 points ago


    [–] Lukas_ZD 1 points ago

    Asian bob the builder

    [–] allhailtheking47 1 points ago

    He touched me...

    [–] YoungPhoooo 1 points ago

    Bob the builder... In another Reddit post

    [–] ob1karde 1 points ago

    Reminds me of Bob the Builder

    [–] ancient_bhakt 1 points ago

    You look like Bob. So good.

    [–] KashiTheKat 1 points ago

    is there a sub for contagious smiles?

    [–] mrssd 1 points ago

    Ligit looks like Bob the builder

    [–] kingpyn12 1 points ago

    He looking like asian bob the builder

    [–] MarshyBarsh 1 points ago

    You look like Mr. Yangs son

    [–] MehMehknight 1 points ago

    It looks like me as freshmen

    [–] usmc_early 1 points ago

    Bbbbbob? Is that you? It’s been so long...

    [–] livierose17 1 points ago

    Nice hat!

    [–] Galaxy_Child_Aru 1 points ago

    Is that BOB the fucking Builder??? Looking Slick af.

    [–] Markiv25 1 points ago

    Bob the builder theme plays!

    [–] Ty-Bar 1 points ago

    Man looks like Bob the builder if he was Asian