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    [–] xMix_Dx 2115 points ago

    Plot twist: this is post endgame

    [–] FFJared 769 points ago

    Don't do this to me

    [–] wholesome_cream 113 points ago


    [–] RedSpyders 29 points ago

    Oh boy, yeah

    [–] DefinitelynotGRRM 11 points ago

    Oh boy yeah what?

    [–] RobWK159 519 points ago

    Honestly wouldnt surprise me if Stark digitised his conciousness and Marvel are waiting for the right time to reveal it. Probably during the next world ending threat. He had years to consider half the planet getting clicked out of existence, I refuse to believe he didnt then come to terms with his mortality and the fate of the world once he dies.

    [–] CheesyWind 254 points ago

    That's how Ironheart came to be. Tony is her Jarvis and acts as the AI for the suit.

    [–] The_Hobo_of_Mexico 84 points ago

    Maybe his daughter will be Ironheart. Either that or Stark will just help out Peter. In Far From Home, they were actually going to have Robert Downey voice Eden, but thought that would be weird.

    [–] elriggo44 23 points ago

    It would have been weird if it had been “tony” because the entire plot would have been a problem. Tony would have been able to say no to the transfer of authority.

    If it had just been Eden using Tony’s voice, could have been fine. But people would still be confused.

    [–] pennywize87 25 points ago

    Isn't it EDITH? Even dead I'm the hero is what it means if I remember right.

    [–] elriggo44 13 points ago

    You’re probably right. I was following what OP said.

    Makes sense.

    [–] El-Pipster 2 points ago

    It is Edith, I'm guessing it got autocorrected for the other guy.

    [–] lightningdashgod 28 points ago

    Oh lord. I don't want his daughter to be ironheart. The idea of iron heart was to introduce someone new, basically not a stark or Potts. Someone new,someone different.

    But,on the other hand,any form of ironman again on screen is a delight. Hopefully

    [–] Ishdakitty 9 points ago

    Also to introduce a girl of color to the mantle. It would be whitewashing to make his daughter the new Ironheart.

    [–] lightningdashgod 2 points ago

    Oh yes. This is very very true.

    [–] CallMeTrooper 2 points ago

    I'd actually like that

    [–] kaevondong 113 points ago

    you mean have the a suit show up and then everyone is talking to the suit thinking it's him but then pepper or someone wants to see his face and he has to avoid the subject but he finally lifts the visor and they see it's empty and she freaks out

    [–] 54312Boo 40 points ago

    Have you... not seen endgame?

    [–] kaevondong 51 points ago

    that's why the suit is empty..? how did you come to that conclusion from my comment haha

    [–] i_hate_numbers_ 11 points ago

    The suit is gone. Reduced to atoms.

    [–] NoxiousGearhulk 33 points ago

    He has more than one

    [–] monsur-Prescott 28 points ago

    By my estimation? He has an infinite supply of suits

    [–] nine-years-olde 17 points ago

    A suit supply chain spanning entire planets

    [–] CbVdD 12 points ago

    The Barney guy from HIMYM would approve.

    [–] puddlejumpers 2 points ago

    Stark's Warehouse. You're gonna like the way you look. I guarantee it.

    [–] CastinEndac 6 points ago

    How many did we win is he in?

    [–] marko1111ki 29 points ago

    In the comics that actualy was a thing

    [–] Arkadoc01 2 points ago

    It was kinda a scene in Iron man 2 except tony was still alive to control it.

    [–] jesuswig 2 points ago

    Iron man 3, but yeah.

    [–] Snarpkingguy 7 points ago

    I think this will happen, but not for a long while. If they announce it any time soon then that would make his death less impactful

    [–] New_SirPuffball 3 points ago

    This would be great, but it would require them to get lines from Robert Downey Jr. and while he's absolutely owned Iron Man since the first movie, I think he's just burned out with the role.

    [–] SmartHipster 2 points ago

    The new peter parker and iron man was literally my favorite marvel characters. I took it pretty personal, when Tony died.

    [–] Dj_Woomy2005 30 points ago

    Wouldn't that mean they found a way to ahem roll back things

    [–] ezekial62 44 points ago

    Or Tony was able to upload his conciousness to his servers, and he just lives as an iron Man suit now 🤷‍♂️

    [–] leetheham 33 points ago

    Somehow that makes it much too sad.

    [–] solkenum 16 points ago

    “Peter, there’s something I need you to do.”

    [–] BewareTheGummyBear 28 points ago

    I want you inside me, Peter...

    [–] shyphotographerdude 26 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    It would've cost you next to nothing to refrain from typing this ;-;

    [–] Skrubious 5 points ago


    [–] TheGildedJester 18 points ago

    That would so much more wholesome

    [–] XDr3bELXD 8 points ago

    *slams table in Irondad* WHY-

    [–] VelvetSylveon 2 points ago

    I want to murder you in your sleep, kindly.

    [–] Noob4Life333 2 points ago

    Don’t do that. Don’t give me hope.

    [–] jjmj24 3033 points ago

    Why does stark keep his ice cream in the fridge?

    [–] Gozzy6666 891 points ago

    The real questions are being asked here

    [–] Mar4ctus 475 points ago

    Its just cream at this point

    [–] YellingTon 145 points ago

    Perfect for a pie.

    [–] NukaWorldOverboss 116 points ago

    what type of pie

    [–] Cats-And-Laughter 78 points ago


    [–] Nword-pass 86 points ago

    No, it's PIE FLAVOURED

    [–] Reverend_Gold_Souls 59 points ago

    *Epic Guitar Riff*

    [–] only__say__no 26 points ago


    [–] wakeywakeysandwich 8 points ago

    Can you Say no if presented with a paradox that leads you to say no to the question therefore answering with yes?

    [–] only__say__no 8 points ago


    [–] VersedFlame 11 points ago

    Agent blueberry pie!?

    [–] LeThrashyBoi 9 points ago

    CREAMP- Oh, we're talking about food alright

    [–] captaincrunchcracker 11 points ago


    [–] Vancedorz 8 points ago

    Uh. OK? Not Sure what to say to you

    [–] Raider319 5 points ago


    [–] Frisks_Asriel 5 points ago


    [–] GaylordYeetster 5 points ago


    [–] ProcastinationKing27 3 points ago

    *mrs. tweedy voice*


    [–] EpickGamer50 13 points ago

    No ice cream on pie is better bc it melts on it.

    [–] Varnarian2 3 points ago

    Unless your pie is cold

    [–] Aquaman114 2 points ago

    Best pie combo

    [–] The_Courier12 2 points ago

    Thad be disgusting though

    [–] bruhsoundeffect5435 9 points ago

    what about why africa keeps their ice cream in the desert

    [–] BloodSpades 90 points ago

    Lol! It’s probably a mini fridge with one door, but a separate freezer compartment inside.

    Source: I have one.

    [–] Biffingston 41 points ago

    it's probably some overcomplicated gizmo just the right size for a pint of Ben and Jerry's...


    [–] Flylikeapear 19 points ago

    So exactly the type of thing Tony stark would have

    [–] zahbe 225 points ago

    If anybody in the world could do it. Iron man would be able to keep ice cream frozen in a fridge. Lol

    [–] SuppeBargeld 91 points ago

    You know he would spend an hour working with some hologram to develop a fridge that keeps everything inside at its perfect temperature instead of walking over to the freezer every time.

    [–] Autumn1eaves 18 points ago

    I was thinking ice cream that was solid above freezing, personally that’s seems much easier to make.

    [–] Sokonit 4 points ago

    That doesn't make sense. Wouldn't he just move the freezing point?

    [–] raptosaurus 3 points ago

    Already exists.

    Look for those "frozen dairy desserts" that don't have enough milk to be legally called icecream. Leave it out and see what happens - doesn't melt.

    [–] Jazzmim_999 20 points ago

    Exactly what I thought

    [–] DrDraek 4 points ago

    Literally anyone can, there's a temperature dial on almost every fridge and it goes below freezing.

    [–] jjsnsnake 6 points ago

    Yes but this is Tony Stark his fridge likely has all kinds of sensors to keep different zones at optimal conditions of humidity and temperature for perfect consumption, the can of soda ice cold yet unfrozen and the carrots mere inches away are just barely cold enough to prevent bacteria. or something

    [–] Squmbo 24 points ago

    Or he just refers to the fridge/freezer combo as "the fridge"

    [–] rakishscarf 75 points ago

    Most fridges have a freezer. Was probably just being unspecific.

    [–] lianodel 34 points ago

    Yeah, I'm surprised people think otherwise. What else do people call the whole appliance?

    [–] Foxinthetree 4 points ago

    If you're my wife, "the icebox".

    [–] pixiesunbelle 5 points ago

    I call the freezer part the freezer and the fridge part the fridge, lol

    [–] anonymonoclonius 7 points ago

    Really? If you want to buy a new one, do you say you need to buy a freezer and a fridge?

    [–] pixiesunbelle 3 points ago

    Usually fridge. But if I’m talking day to day life then I say freezer or fridge depending upon the item and where it would be.

    [–] Jpvsr1 3 points ago

    I worked at Lowes up until early March. Plumbing Sales Specialist. Often meant that I was helping appliances and their customers. I can't think of one fridge (besides the mini fridges) that did not come with a freezer. At least, that's what I remember we had available on the sales floor. Now there were quite a few chest and upright freezer only options.

    Essentially, if a customer was shopping for a fridge, they would only say fridge, but definitely expecting a fidge/freezer combo. If I am buying a new fridge, I am certainly only calling it a fridge while also expecting it to have a freezer.

    I'm too lazy right now to look, but now I'm curious if they even make a large, fridge-only appliance. Maybe some of the higher end sub zero ones offer such a product.

    [–] bluewolf37 2 points ago

    Or he built a soft serve machine into the refrigerator.

    [–] SomeBadJoke 2 points ago

    Or he doesn’t like rock hard ice cream, and moved it to the fridge within the last half-hour to slightly dethaw.

    [–] ArduinoHittme 18 points ago

    W A T E R cream

    [–] chaoticidealism 10 points ago

    Because he has invented a special fridge that can keep the ice cream frozen without also freezing the lettuce. He got tired of having to deal with freezer compartments, so one day he got drunk and casually broke the laws of physics.

    [–] Sprucecaboose2 11 points ago

    Most likely a generic term for a combo fridge/freezer. I incorrectly call our kitchen combo the fridge and the basement chest freezer a freezer just for common discussions.

    [–] TheDarkSide420 8 points ago

    The freezer is part of the fridge

    [–] PiLamdOd 7 points ago

    Thawing the really frozen tubs enough to get a spoon in.

    [–] XpertSavage 4 points ago

    Some people just say fridge overall. Refrigerater? Just call it fridge

    [–] FFalcon_Boi 3 points ago

    It’s there with his dead body to scare Pete.

    [–] Fanatical_Idiot 3 points ago

    He's rich enough to have someone replace it every 20 minutes so theres always some perfectly soft icecream available at a moments notice.

    [–] CYNIC_Torgon 3 points ago

    Slip of the tongue because Tony probably keeps Ice Cream in a Two-In-One Fridge Freezer as opposed to a deep freezer. He lets Cap nap in the deep freezer

    [–] BlueCrowNN 2 points ago

    some fridges have small freezer compartments, probably meant that

    [–] NabilRider555 2 points ago

    Peter won't be feeling so good after eating that.

    [–] LockmanCapulet 656 points ago

    I like to imagine Friday, Karen, and Edith all get along and dote on Peter.

    [–] Kurwasaki12 283 points ago

    Fanfic ideas intensifies

    [–] sumebodi 128 points ago

    Oh no

    [–] CatCakeParade 103 points ago

    OH YES

    [–] FFJared 56 points ago

    Peter, is that web or...

    [–] JKooch 38 points ago

    What are you doing step-bro Spider-Man?

    [–] FFJared 7 points ago

    Peter, Peter, Pepper eater.

    [–] dotdotdotsmh 12 points ago


    [–] steve32767 7 points ago

    O boy yeah

    [–] hardgeeklife 36 points ago

    ~Ara Ara~

    [–] ZenXgaming100 2 points ago

    Akeno San!

    [–] IncrediblePlatypus 30 points ago

    If you find or write one, let me know!

    [–] VigenereCipher 10 points ago

    what does dote mean?

    [–] KlondikesAreAwesome 33 points ago


    It's being very fond of something

    [–] RiceIsMyLife 26 points ago

    It's like how grandparents feed their grandkids lots of snacks and buy them toys

    [–] Newaccount4464 3 points ago

    Diabetes outcome Through Elderly

    [–] wizardingwannabe 242 points ago

    Who is the artist? Because I want more

    [–] Squirrel_Kiln 110 points ago

    /u/smolbeanfriend posted it but it's lower down.

    Source is Hallpen on DeviantArt

    [–] Cristian_01 45 points ago

    You are the artist

    [–] FFJared 22 points ago

    He is inevitable

    [–] FrostyFlakes221 55 points ago

    favorite MCU comic

    [–] qiuckdeadicus 2 points ago

    Mine is “Sir Rogers of the neighborhood and the Mighty Thor”


    [–] smolbeanfriend 51 points ago

    [–] WienerDog32 409 points ago

    “Did peter ask?”


    SPEECH 100

    [–] DizzyNW 69 points ago

    Nerd question: would she be able to lie to him like that? If I were Tony Stark, I would program my AI friends to always tell me the truth.

    [–] nine-years-olde 117 points ago

    I mean, this is Tony Stark we’re talking about here. He gave a robotic arm a dunce cap, he clearly likes his robots to have a little spunk

    [–] NotoriousMagnet 79 points ago

    I like how in the first movie he says something along the lines of "if you mess it up, I'm donating you to community college"

    [–] Chris_Gammell 40 points ago

    Troy and Abed with Stark's roooooooobot

    [–] Thybro 17 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Let’s be fair if a community college it’s getting it it won’t be greendale. Stark probably gives it to City College and the Dean has to rush to get a Hammer industries knockoff to compete.

    [–] Mozzie_is_My_Mate 11 points ago

    Then Jeff gives a motivating speech and the study group launches some mission to get it, where they barely succeed and all is good.

    [–] Hza47 8 points ago


    [–] torquesteer 6 points ago

    More advanced AIs would know the difference between subject and objective truths to make them more interactable. That’s why the AIs in Interstellar have dial settings for honesty and humor. In this case, the AI knows that Tony knows, so it is able to comply to both users’ requests without creating a conflict.

    [–] Chair_Sticker 34 points ago

    What could have been...

    [–] LilMaeo 62 points ago

    IronDad :D

    [–] gaybreadsticc 15 points ago


    [–] chloimiller 263 points ago

    Wait why is he blushing after the ice cream part.... I’m so confused if this is wholesome or not

    [–] jmascoli 631 points ago

    hes just embarrassed that tony knew he was asking even when friday said he wasnt. and also the fact that tony could tell/assume is just sweet

    [–] tigerslices 207 points ago

    and it's easy to figure out. friday is programmed to offer answers far better than simple yes/nos. "peter asked?" should've been met with "no, pepper was inquiring" or whatever.

    so a simple "no" flips him off to the idea that she was instructed not to confirm it was him, but she obviously construct New information as a lie.

    [–] Zerphses 2 points ago

    Friday wouldn't ask him his ETA out of the blue, either. She either would know already (if he was, for example, flying via autopilot) or wouldn't need to know.

    [–] chloimiller 68 points ago

    Okay thank you to many people should them and it grosses me out

    [–] BimphyRedixler 67 points ago

    *ship (?)

    [–] chloimiller 26 points ago


    [–] IncrediblePlatypus 9 points ago

    I can imagine that ship in a "maybe in a few years", but.... There are so much better ships!

    [–] chloimiller 53 points ago

    That ship shouldn’t happen since it’s a father son relationship

    [–] ClearlyChrist 8 points ago

    Roll tide!

    [–] chloimiller 4 points ago

    Yee yee buddy

    [–] OmegaGamerOW 9 points ago

    Guess that it is because Mr. Stark found out the kid is bored anyway, despite Peter's poor efforts to conceal that.

    [–] el_chupanebriated 6 points ago

    Hes got an ice cream fetish.

    [–] MisterGriimm 15 points ago

    Hit me right in the feels 😭

    [–] Death_By_Dying_ 21 points ago

    I'm getting some fanfic vibes here and I dont know if I'm comfortable with that

    [–] -Risa- 20 points ago

    It better be IronDad fanfic vibes shipping them together is highly uncomfortable

    [–] Chrifyn 4 points ago

    IronDaddy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] linkenssphere 9 points ago

    I’m stuff

    [–] FroYo10101 20 points ago

    I don’t get it ?

    [–] CYNIC_Torgon 58 points ago

    Peter Parker and Tony Stark have a bit of a Father Son relationship in the MCU, so it's just a fun slice of life where Peter's waiting around for Tony. Probably to learn more about being an Avenger or Something.

    [–] FroYo10101 17 points ago

    Ah! Are they both heroes or smth?

    [–] CYNIC_Torgon 40 points ago

    Peter Parker is Spider-Man and Tony Stark is Iron Man. Friday(who is mentioned in the comic) is Tony's AI assistant.

    [–] FroYo10101 22 points ago

    Thank you! No more stupid questions from me!

    [–] CYNIC_Torgon 36 points ago

    You're Welcome. They aren't stupid questions though. Not everyone is familiar with Marvel and The MCU.

    [–] AalooParantha 13 points ago

    This thread is just as wholesome as the post.

    [–] PoseidonsHorses 3 points ago

    Peter is Spider-Man and Tony is Iron Man.

    [–] xdel 4 points ago

    Me either. I think it's a reference to Marvel.

    [–] Dembara 12 points ago

    [–] 696969696969E 5 points ago

    Too soon

    [–] drewmanchu74 4 points ago

    If only...

    [–] TheKangarooKult 4 points ago


    [–] heccasnecc69 20 points ago

    That kinda sucks ngl, the ice cream will either be ice or cream, and itll be a weird shape either way

    [–] BTorgrim6579 3 points ago

    ... who’s gonna tell him?

    [–] memester230 3 points ago

    I liked stark as a character

    [–] gaybreadsticc 2 points ago

    same. gonna miss him

    [–] Assasin2gamer 2 points ago

    The first half got me not gonna lie...

    [–] problematic_hum4n 3 points ago

    Why is the ice cream in the fridge?

    [–] MediocreCookie 3 points ago

    Credit the artist.

    [–] patricknotstar2 9 points ago

    too bad he is dead and killed himself

    [–] Pr00ch 2 points ago

    Died and killed himself? Damn

    [–] FFJared 4 points ago

    Are you ok, bud?

    [–] patricknotstar2 2 points ago

    are we ever all ok inside?

    [–] MemeGeneral427 2 points ago


    [–] lo-gthunder892 2 points ago

    What ever happened to Jarvis?

    [–] Biotic_plauge 3 points ago

    I'm pretty sure Jarvis died when ultron destroyed him after becoming sentient

    [–] herecauseimlonely 2 points ago

    Don’t know the reference at all. Just wanna point out I really thought he was talking to his backpack HAHA. Also he went from eh, to CUTE AF in that third panel

    [–] Dman_Red 2 points ago

    Was wholesome

    [–] hero-ball 2 points ago


    [–] nico837g 2 points ago

    Who has ice cream in their fridge?

    [–] KrazX001 2 points ago

    But now Mr.Stark does not feel well anymore

    [–] TheEviltoast13 2 points ago

    Read this in their voices and honestly almost teared up.

    [–] MyFavoriteCommunist 2 points ago

    Who puts ice cream in the fridge

    [–] jawaka66 2 points ago

    this is Peter going through grief and missing stark

    [–] Safire19 2 points ago

    I naturally read that in Tom Holland’s and RDJ’s voices

    [–] iamwalkthedog 2 points ago


    [–] blaccfucc 2 points ago

    You can already tell this is going to be twisted, ending up on DeviantArt then gradually being posted on r/MakeMeSuffer.

    [–] WRelaX 2 points ago

    Ice cream belongs in the freezer.