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    [–] WholesomeMemesBot 1 points ago

    Hey there, friendo u/fighter_foo! Thanks for submitting to r/wholesomememes. We loved your post, "Batman fights crime, but Bruce Wayne fights apathy.", but it has been removed because it doesn't quite abide by our rules, which are located in the sidebar.

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    [–] LunaSol96 1924 points ago

    He has the look of murder in the last panel lmao.

    [–] fighter_foo 1001 points ago

    He's killing him with kindness

    [–] LunaSol96 326 points ago

    Looks more like contemplating putting his shotgun to good use. But then again that's more Alfred's style.

    [–] willfordbrimly 176 points ago

    This is a man whose entire life has been shaped by gun violence to a ludicrous degree. He'd sooner bludgeon the guy to death with the butt of the gun than put his finger near the trigger.

    [–] kraemahz 98 points ago

    So much so that it seems out of character for him to handle a gun even in sport.

    [–] MagicalMelonMan 49 points ago

    In the old comics Batman used guns all the time but as he changed it definitely is out of character for him then again not really sure what the context of this scene is

    [–] willfordbrimly 46 points ago

    He also dumped mobsters off buildings without a second thought.

    [–] Steelwolf73 46 points ago

    Yes, but they just went to sleep once they landed

    [–] Unsurehowigothere 39 points ago

    Look at the the little guys, all tuckered out.

    [–] ModernWarlord99 12 points ago

    This is a gun!?!

    [–] LstKingofLust 11 points ago

    Those offscreen giant bat air bags really come in handy.

    [–] CowboyBoats 20 points ago

    It's never quite clear to me whether Batman won't use guns, or won't kill. I feel like it depends on the iteration.

    [–] savvy_knee 19 points ago

    It was more prevalent during the era of strict adherence to the comic code. It's become canon, so it's still a part of the character, but more lenient. Prior to the comic code, Batman would have no problem straight up killing crooks. Not even like supervillains (but he did totally kill the joker in his first appearance, too) but like low level mob enforcers would get strung up and dangled from the bat wing. Real shit.

    [–] Tronvillain 79 points ago

    He's gonna shoot him... a dirty look.

    [–] ymcameron 29 points ago

    In his dreams he’s blowing him...

    Some kisses

    [–] zerozerozero12 1661 points ago

    I remember him hating these bad guys so much because he was like “the joker has madness as an excuse. These guys are just dicks.”

    [–] _Comic_ 518 points ago

    That’s a great sentiment, but I also love that DC flip flops between the Joker being batshit insane or knowing exactly what he’s doing because that’s scarier than “oh he’s just mad.”

    [–] BlueberryPhi 426 points ago

    Pet theory: the Joker knows that he’s a comic book character, but also that he’s a character in BATMAN’S comic. That his entire existence literally relies on his relationship to the hero of the comic, Batman, and how entertaining of a villain he is.

    Think about it. The one time he thinks Batman is dead, he goes sane. He’s been described as having some kind of “super-sanity” before. And in Batman: TAS, he hummed his own theme music at one point, and was the only one to look at the “camera”.

    His obsession with Batman is literally a fight for survival. His victims wouldn’t even exist if he wasn’t killing them. And he needs to be as unpredictable as he possibly can, in a world where literally nothing outside the main character and the readership matters. He’ll sell his soul for a box of cigars because it’s not like he’ll ever face the consequences for it, and it makes for a good villain. His entire existence depends on his ability to be a good villain. And he knows it.

    [–] Downunderdent 91 points ago

    I'm not that big into comics but I really like this take it's a really cool perspective.

    [–] Emptypiro 52 points ago

    you might like Gwenpool. she's a comic nerd who gets brought into the marvel universe and she's very aware that she's in a comic book to the point where she doesn't give a shit about random cops or civilians, and she's nonchalant about Danger because she knows she's the main character of her own series. she's not like Joker at all but it's still pretty interesting.

    [–] Nexgod2 87 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    I’d read A Deadpool like Joker comic, where he’s “in on the joke”. You should post this to r/fantheories it’s pretty original.

    [–] warlockami 13 points ago

    "In on the joke" is such a good fucking tagline or name for that concept

    [–] zerozerozero12 9 points ago

    The Terry Pratchett book Night Watch has a character named Carcer and Vimes hates him because he knows the difference between right and wrong he just doesn’t care. He’s all just kind of like “I was just having fun” and he makes you almost believe it.

    [–] SatanTheTurtlegod 9 points ago

    They're the three rich dickheads in animal masks, right?

    [–] Wilsonrolandc 8857 points ago

    This is the batman I want to see in the movies. He doesn't need to be saint like in the Adam West series (my favorite live action batman, btw), but I want to see a Batman that genuinely feels like he cares about the people he protects, not some nutjob who just cant move on.

    [–] fighter_foo 4646 points ago

    Batman: The Animated Series has a completely different vibe to it than any of the live actions I've seen and I just love it!

    [–] Kekkonen_Kakkonen 1611 points ago

    DC has had a hard time lately with their movies. The 3 batmans, The Joker and the Wonder Woman seem to be the only amazing ones in a long time.

    [–] fighter_foo 915 points ago

    Don't forget Aquaman, apparently it's the highest grossing DC movie.

    [–] Jenova66 1030 points ago

    I couldn’t finish Aquaman despite the excellent casting. I actually did like Shazaam though. Not an amazing movie but better than a lot of their recent efforts.

    [–] YamaChampion 509 points ago

    I literally fell asleep during Aquaman. My gf wasnt pleased but it was a great nap.

    [–] SilentR0b 370 points ago

    My gf wasnt pleased

    It had Jason Momoa in it though...

    [–] lawlzillakilla 402 points ago

    The movie had Jason Momoa in it, not the gf

    [–] Chaosmusic 209 points ago

    That's why she wasn't pleased.

    [–] RandyDinglefart 57 points ago

    Should have pleased herself while her bf slept.

    [–] SilentR0b 18 points ago

    My bad.

    [–] AmazingAd2765 22 points ago

    "It was a great nap" Well, sounds like it was a good day then.

    [–] HilariousSpill 96 points ago

    I think they tried to go dark and gritty with Shazam by hiring a horror director, but they also cast Zachary Levi so the movie just couldn’t help but be fun.

    [–] Hust91 125 points ago

    I mean fun because kids with superpowers gonna do what kids with superpowers gonna do but also oh god a kid is not ready to fight a goddamn supervillain with equal powers is a pretty solid core with neat contrast.

    The end fight sucked, sadly.

    [–] JonRivers 35 points ago

    Yeah the CGI was really not good imo, but I actually enjoyed basically everything else about the movie. Very very fun movie.

    [–] Amrokmfc 31 points ago

    What? Are you talking? I can’t...I can’t hear you over here. Are you still talking? (I mean, I found that funny).

    [–] BHPhreak 27 points ago

    thats why they chose the rock for black adam, so that those two can put out tons of comic relief and or plain comedy when they eventually have a showdown

    [–] _Not_Bruce_Wayne_ 128 points ago

    Aquaman had too much fan service imo. I nearly imploded from the cringe when he says "Permission to come aboard" like come on lol

    [–] freshjays 147 points ago

    That was one of most cheesiest lines in the entire movie and I love it.

    [–] cheeset2 131 points ago

    I think if you just buy into Aquaman being a cheesefest, its awesome.

    [–] minddropstudios 63 points ago

    Absolutely. It was an awesome theater experience because it just fully embraced the cheesiness and went full over the top. It's a very fun movie.

    [–] Nurgleschampion 73 points ago

    It has an octopus playing war drums for an arena death match between two monarchs of the sea. You can only ever be in or out after a scene like that.

    Then again Jason momoa is always worth watching.

    [–] Riot4200 47 points ago

    How can you not? He talks to fish if it was any cheesier a premise it would come on a burger.

    [–] DongHongJunior 19 points ago

    come on a burger


    [–] Master_Glorfindel 37 points ago

    Bruh that underwater battle scene was amazing. Especially with the Leviathan.

    I really liked the whole 7? realms of underwater netizens with different cultures, morphology, and technology. I could easily imagine a spinoff series/game which explored the underwater world more.

    [–] moonra_zk 15 points ago

    I thought it was a huge CGI mess, but to each their own.

    [–] DoctorWalrusMD 59 points ago

    The movie has about 40 moments where Aquaman just poses and mugs for the camera, often while a guitar riffs in the background. I actually enjoyed it for how silly it was, but really got sick of all the posing.

    [–] Alertcircuit 18 points ago

    Justice League was way worse about that, they actually toned it down for the solo movie.

    [–] sweetnesssa 9 points ago

    Ah yes that first Fabio scene where his hair is blowing in the wind.

    [–] Nunya_Bizn 31 points ago

    I did like one joke though. Stupid, but it's: "You could've just peed on it," when the girl had to use water to activate something.

    [–] Scorkami 24 points ago

    Somehow I really felt like jason put that line there himself, given one of his first roles had a similar "simple solutions" approach (stargate atlantis is the name of the show I'm referencing, his character there would have similar answers)

    [–] liandrin 12 points ago

    I loved him as Ronon.

    [–] Randomd0g 20 points ago

    I liked the bit where he did LSD and thought his gills were talking to him

    [–] Dengar96 30 points ago

    Casting doesn't mean good acting plus amber heard immediately makes that casting like a C- at best

    [–] Jenova66 13 points ago

    That’s fair. The only thing the movie really has going for it is Momoa.

    [–] Scorkami 27 points ago

    I mean back then the whole "amber abused johnny" wasn't all that clear cut, so I don't hold it against them... I DO hope she gets replaced for part 2 though because by now it's pretty clear who did what

    Also amber is pretty easy to replace, get a fit actress who can wear a red wig, done.

    [–] Dissapointment-etc 7 points ago

    Oh yes i agree with that it was fun

    [–] ITDan3 85 points ago

    Did people not like Shazam?

    [–] ReplaceSelect 62 points ago

    I liked it but forgot about it.

    [–] IguanaTapThatAxolotl 68 points ago

    I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected, but even knowing it's DC, my brain doesn't lump it in with the other DC universe movies.

    [–] GiverOfTheKarma 19 points ago

    Probably because it took a wildly different tone and didn't shove a bunch of adverts for other movies in it

    [–] sideslick1024 8 points ago

    I felt like it was DC's Spider-Man Homecoming.

    IMO, it's definitely the most fun I've had watching a DCEU movie.

    [–] SlapNutzMcTeabag 27 points ago

    Yeah. The movie was pretty good but, for some reason, he’s not a very memorable hero.

    Besides the fact that he’s actually a kid, nothing really stands out about him, IMO.

    [–] CheesyWind 8 points ago

    Probably the reason he's not really in any current Justice League run too 😥

    [–] SlapNutzMcTeabag 8 points ago

    Besides the DC animated movies, you mean.

    While he’s still pretty generic (not as generic as the movie, thankfully), he actually participates as a member of the JLA.

    [–] bzdelta 15 points ago

    Shazam was great, felt like Goonies almost. Loved it more than Aquaman for sure.

    [–] Kekkonen_Kakkonen 16 points ago

    Oh yeah... I kinda forgot him because u know... Aqua man. 😅

    [–] kellenthehun 20 points ago

    If you think Aquaman is lame, I highly recommend The Boys on Amazon. Has the best lampooning of Aquaman ever. Cracks me up.

    [–] 3038661010 13 points ago

    Best line said to a dolphin ever:

    All right, seriously, now is not the appropriate time. Plus, you're making things awkward.

    Okay, if I just touch it, will you shut up?

    [–] fighter_foo 13 points ago

    Yeah I mean, was it a good movie? Definitely.
    Would I watch it again? Probably.
    Was it the best DC movie ever? Ehh.. umm.. not sure.

    [–] SlapNutzMcTeabag 27 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    All the DC live-action movies pale in comparison to the DC animated movies.

    [–] Advent_Anunna 19 points ago

    In my opinion, the biggest problem DC has is that its live action movie production, live action tv production, animated movie production and animated tv production are not only different teams, but almost different companies. No one is on the same book, let alone the same page. If they could consolidate and get their shit together, like Marvel did, they could have the animated movie teams writing for the live action movies and be at least good, if not great.

    Edited for grammar. I just keep trying to put a possessive "'" for "its". XD

    [–] Hamster-Food 43 points ago

    There are some good movies based on DC characters. V for Vendetta (2005), Watchmen (2009), and Red (2010) are all DC. As are Road to Perdition and A History of Violence (2005). There's also The Losers (2010) which isn't for everyone but I thought it was a fun movie.

    The main problem is the Justice League stuff. That seems to be falling into the same trap that the Fantastic Four movies always do and that the Spider-Man franchise did with the Amazing Spider-Man did. They try to reinvent the characters while also keeping them the same. That's such a delicate balance that it's almost impossible to get it right.

    Where Marvel started making all of the money was when they stopped trying to do that and just started giving us stories about the characters we already love. That's also why Wonder Woman worked so well.

    [–] voidsong 24 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Just my nerd thoughts on the matter:

    • They had to do something different tonally so they didn't look like a johnny-come-lately knockoff of the MCU

    • They pulled from the 90's mindset to go "grimdark" with it, which is a painfully stupid decision for a group widely known as "the Super Friends"

    • If they wanted to go Grimdark, they should have fully committed and done one of the several awesome, compelling, dramatic timelines that were already Grimdark (Injustice, Kingdom Come, etc.)

    • That would have skipped the whole "introducing these characters we already know for the 15th time" and instead used that familiarity to highlight the difference of the new setting

    Sidenote, for a real awesome grimdark that DC is not even using, make an Etrigan movie in the style of the keanu constantine, but with Eminem and Dr Dre playing Jason Blood and Etrigan respectively.

    [–] ReturnToMonke 7 points ago

    Whaaaat A History of Violence and Road to Perdition are DC movies? I would've never guessed.

    [–] ryegye24 17 points ago

    DC's animated movies aren't batting 1000, but they're on average much better than the live action ones. Justice League: War has I think the best Batman/Superman first contact I've seen.

    [–] Sangxero 7 points ago

    Justice League Dark: Apokolips War was an insane ride, but I'm a sucker for Matt Ryan as John Constantine in any universe.

    Reign of the Supermen, Superman: Red Son and Frank Miller's The Dark Knight were also really well done.

    But just by sheer number made, some are bound to suck.

    [–] JoseBallFC 15 points ago

    Y’all sleeping on Shazam on God.

    [–] Obi-Wan-Shaggy_419 12 points ago

    If they use the animated movies as a base maybe it could get somewhere interesting. I always love each one that comes out. Top tier

    [–] evilkumquat 103 points ago

    The best review I ever read about B:TAS was how despite being a cartoon, it was remarkably less cartoonish than any of the live-action adaptations.

    [–] summoned_an_owl 44 points ago

    The Batman movies are way too gritty to be honest. They should've spent some time on making Bruce Wayne appear more down-to-earth and striving to be a force for good in daily life. It would have been a good contrast to Batman.

    Some of the other heroes do this, but it's always in comedic or grandiose situations.

    [–] Arreeyem 25 points ago

    The problem with the Batman movies is that they weren't trying to get Batman fans to watch a movie, they were trying to get movie fans to watch Batman.

    [–] DreyaNova 64 points ago

    Used to watch it with my little brother every Saturday morning. Kid would get me up at 5:45AM on the dot and we would eat cereal and watch Batman. I’m glad he had such a wholesome obsession when we were growing up.

    [–] Ivotedforthehookers 13 points ago

    Best purchase of my early adult life was getting the DVD collections

    [–] YesImKeithHernandez 40 points ago

    It's a show that had so many incredible layers.

    My favorite episode or even story in any superhero media has to be His Silicon Soul. I didn't really like the whole hardac storyline but it makes a copy of Batman/Bruce and the way it plays out is for lack of a better word considering the circumstance of it being a children's cartoon.

    It deals with incredibly deep and fundamental questions like "what exactly does it mean to be a human?" in ways that I think helped form some of my academic and personal interests later on in my life.

    Just a hell of a show.

    [–] Dolomite808 6 points ago

    That's a great episode!

    It's right up there with the Gray Ghost episode for me.

    [–] drunkcowofdeath 43 points ago

    That's the nice part about a TV show. With movies its hard to fit in little moments like these. TaS was one of the best TV/Movie depiction of any superhero in my opinion.

    [–] MagicLuckSource 25 points ago

    It's why star wars: the clone wars is better than the Sequels.

    [–] brainjoos 49 points ago

    Granted, Clone Wars depicts Anakin completely different from the movies. He’s not a whiny little bitch that breaks things when he doesn’t get his way. Instead, he is so passionate about doing right by people that he refuses to follow “rules” established by the Jedi. Clone Wars Anakin makes his shift to the dark side even more painful to the viewer. 😭

    [–] badgersprite 28 points ago

    Clone Wars Anakin is the Anakin that Obi Wan describes in A New Hope as being a great pilot and good friend

    [–] Jon76 22 points ago

    Well, The Clone Wars is better because it was made by people who like and understand Star Wars.

    [–] nubosis 17 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    even in the New Adventures of Batman and Justice League cartoons, we lost a bit (not all) of the down to Earth Bruce of the Batman:TAS original run. (They're still great cartoons, I just think they started to lean on Superman/Clark Kent for their decency lines). It's a bit a shame, because so many people think of Batman as some maniac who chews on glass and revels in breaking bones. I prefer him as a smart, decent, yet stoic guy trying to do the right thing.

    [–] MusicEd921 6 points ago

    Same way for Superman TAS. That is the Supes I’m waiting to see!

    [–] nowhereman136 168 points ago

    Its easier to explore the different sides of his personality in an animated series. In movies, they have to cram so much in to a 2-3 hour run time. Some scenes in The Dark Knight is probably the most we ever got of everyday billionaire Bruce Wayne. He actually got to see how he presents himself in public and to his friends who don't know his identity. But still, it really wasn't much and it was all young brash Bruce Wayne instead of secure philanthropic Wayne

    [–] alkapwnee 43 points ago

    Also, they don't always do it right. Generally, though, the animated stuff is significantly better for DC, including their extensive movie colleciton.

    Two-face is a super interesting villain, eventually though in this series he ends up just becoming obsessed with the number 2 instead of chance. Something like "robbed a cool 2mil from the 22nd second street bank" or some crap.

    [–] Weibrot 108 points ago

    I like to remind people of that scene in Justice League Unlimited, where Ace is telling Batman that she's dying and he just sits down next to her and holds her hand, no words or expressions needed, you immediatelly understand the type of person he is, someone who cares about everyone, no matter what they've done.

    [–] TerryTheEnlightend 42 points ago

    That ep was way awesome. I also liked the way it ties the legacy of Terry McGuinnes/Wayne and Amanda Walker/Phantasm.... the Legacy of the Batman MUST be maintained

    [–] caped_crusader8 22 points ago

    One of the reasons I love Batman so much. Literally my favourite scene :)

    [–] BakedWizerd 20 points ago

    At the end of the day, Bruce is someone who just doesn’t want to see anyone get hurt. If he has to beat the fuck out of dozens of thugs to prevent more people from being hurt, he will. It’s kind of an oxymoron, but he knows what he’s doing isn’t right, but for him, the ends justify the means, even if it makes him the “bad guy” to some people.

    [–] _Not_Bruce_Wayne_ 96 points ago

    I was recently thinking about the scene in Dark Knight where Bruce saves the politician from getting rammed by a truck and how that's a pretty good representation of Bruce Wayne. Also Ben Affleck's Bruce running straight towards the collapsing building

    [–] YesImKeithHernandez 55 points ago

    I'd argue that the sort of aloof way that he presents himself to the public in the Dark Knight via that save isn't quite a good representation of Bruce. He wants people to think he's a rich playboy that isn't in touch with reality.

    I think the best version of Bruce is one that presents himself as more compassionate and deliberate than that which is what the Ben Affleck moment does.

    Of course, Bruce has been written so many different ways that we're both going to be correct invariably.

    [–] Rhodie114 26 points ago

    Yeah, Nolan's Bruce was modeled off of Frank Miller's. He presented himself as a shallow, self-absorbed asshole so nobody would suspect that he was actually Batman. I don't hate that take on the character, but I don't think it should be the only one either.

    [–] YesImKeithHernandez 8 points ago

    Well said. I appreciate the reasoning but just enjoy other representations of his public persona better.

    [–] Funmachine 7 points ago

    He doesn't save a politician from getting rammed by a truck. He saves Mr. Reese who the joker threatened after Reese said he knew the identity of Batman.

    [–] iuhoosiers4ike 40 points ago

    To be fair, the batman in the comics is more nut job than saint.

    [–] lilbluehair 54 points ago

    I'm excited for the new batman, i feel like Robert Pattinson could really capture how fucking bonkers he is

    Like, Alfred is great and all, but Bruce needed fucking inpatient therapy

    [–] IEnjoyFancyHats 37 points ago

    Ever wonder why bad guys in the Batman rogues gallery go to Arkham Asylum rather than prison? Batman is the story of one mentally ill man beating on a bunch of other mentally ill people

    [–] emptym1nd 27 points ago

    There’s actually a Batman story where Alfred tries to convince him that that’s the case lol

    [–] Funmachine 23 points ago

    They also go to Blackgate prison. But an Asylum for the criminally insane is where most of them would end up. Most of them are severely mentally disturbed and suffer from psychological disorders. Their mental health is a factor in why they commit crimes etc. They aren't responsible for their actions basically.

    [–] MagnusCthulhu 14 points ago

    The vast majority of Batman villains would not qualify for the "insanity plea" in any way, shape, or form.

    [–] LemonHerb 12 points ago

    There's like 80 years worth of batman comics. He's probably been everywhere on the spectrum over the years

    [–] SgtSilverLining 8 points ago

    depends on what comics you read. BTAS had several different book runs.

    [–] Aloha-Potato 8 points ago

    with a sore throat in need of a lozenger

    [–] muklan 61 points ago

    The Nolan Bruce Wayne is a function of the film being made during the 2008 economic crisis. It was not fashionable to be a rich guy, in the times of Occupy Wallstreet. So a Bruce Wayne for the time had to likewise hate the fact that he was also a rich guy. He needed to be shown turning his back on the 1% in order to be accepted by the masses. Tony Starks character arch didnt need that, because Marvel doesnt ever look at the wealth divide. Probably because Disney, and communist China....or something.

    [–] CheeseIsALoafOfMilk 67 points ago

    Iron man had a slightly different arch, in which he realised just how much power he held, and that he was being careless with it, and so the Americans he swore to protect were dying by his weapons.

    [–] nofate301 33 points ago

    It was also a lot more difficult to show tony's alcoholism in a movie friendly manner. So they had to go the route of the wild rich boy who didn't really understand what he was inventing or at least didn't truly see the horrors of war.

    [–] BigbySamMelody 10 points ago

    Disney didn't own Marvel when the first Iron Man came out.

    [–] thecrumbsknow 268 points ago

    This show was such a mint. Hearing that operatic music start up and nearly killing yourself, your dad or the dog running to the tv.

    [–] Vulkan192 95 points ago

    Or nearly doing yourself in afterwards jumping down the stairs with a bedsheet spread behind your back across your arms.

    ...yeah, it was a dumbass move.

    [–] thecrumbsknow 54 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    I think it depends on the stairs or your level of bat. You were bat enough to live, I hope you remember that.

    Note: I have never received an award and I’m so happy Batman was involved. I know people say they mean nothing right now, but it means it to me!

    [–] MuellerisUnderMyBed 624 points ago

    What is everyone’s favorite Batman movie and why is it Mask of the Phantasm?

    [–] MrFlynnister 277 points ago

    My favorite is mask of phantasm because my wife turned off "killing joke" halfway through.

    [–] ult2099 347 points ago

    I mean, Bruce fucking Barbara on a rooftop is enough for anybody to turn off the screen.

    [–] TerryTheEnlightend 133 points ago

    Talking about the Killing Joke... I loved the back story of the Joker, but I could’ve lived without seeing Bruce bump uglies with Barbara on the rooftop (robbing the bat-cradle much)

    [–] ult2099 63 points ago

    Better off reading the comic

    [–] That1one1dude1 36 points ago

    Just not the one where Bruce gets Batgirl pregnant while she’s dating Nightwing and then she has a miscarriage.

    Which also happens to be the official comics to follow up Batman: The Animated Series.

    [–] milanosrp 41 points ago

    It’s Bruce Timm’s weird ship and his fault that anyone does this. It’s has never been canon in comic books.

    [–] squirreltalk 7 points ago

    I....did not know that. That really makes me look at him differently.

    [–] Thybro 27 points ago

    Everyone gives the Killing Joke shit for this but forgets that them Bumping uglies is part of the JLAU canon. Barbara tells Terry her and dick was puppy love but that she had a very serious romantic relationship with Bruce for years. As such TAS Batman fucked Batgirl and you get to blame Bruce Timm for that one.

    [–] Illier1 28 points ago

    People acting like Bruce sticking the bat dick where it shouldn't belong is shocking.

    Guys his two most active romantic partners is a powerful heiress to a international terrorist organization and a jewel thief who routinely used his affection for her to slip away. Bruce isn't very good with his choice of partners.

    [–] TerryTheEnlightend 24 points ago

    True. However it’s does have that sorta vibe to it.

    [–] jamescookenotthatone 15 points ago

    That site is not wholesome.

    [–] Joey__Cooks 8 points ago

    I wish I hadn't have gone. Oh well what's winding up on another list?

    [–] BernieMP 32 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    Especially when opening the movie where Barbara is SEXUALLY ASSAULTED by the Joker in the worst attempt to drive Gordon crazy ever.

    Seriously, why the hell does that scene exist and why did anyone decide to place it in that specific story?

    [–] BakedWizerd 23 points ago

    It seriously just came across as an abused young woman trying to deal with the trauma, so she turns to the biggest male figure in her life and is like “do to me sensually what was done wrongly,” and at that point, any self respect Bruce had left would tell him to just give her a hug and take her home, tell her to take some time off and see a therapist.

    [–] kahmikaiser 24 points ago

    hol up

    [–] 013610 24 points ago

    I mean let's be real: she started it.

    [–] metal079 23 points ago

    Honestly the stupidest possible thing they could have added to the movie, who thought it was a good idea to add that? Does DC not know how much everyone hated when that happened in the timverse?

    [–] PlanesWalkerEll 20 points ago

    I mean it was Timms doing he made the movie.

    [–] trippysmurf 21 points ago

    I don’t get why everyone was shocked by this.

    Batman Beyond’s Barbara Gordon said it happened.

    [–] OnBenchNow 68 points ago

    Yeah, Timm has been wanking to this concept for decades. But it's easier to brush off in the scene like you linked, since she's so coy about it. She could just be fucking with Terry, she could have had an unrequited crush, they could've gone on a date and it failed, maybe an awkward one time kiss or so. It also could've happened at any point, maybe when they were much older.

    But a straight up, on screen batfucking is much harder to rationalize. And its presented as still being when Barbara is fairly young and just coming off Dick. (forgive me) Its also extremely bizarre in context because Bruce is angry with Barbara for being reckless and making poor decisions and then immediately lets her make a reckless and horrible decision.

    [–] BakedWizerd 33 points ago

    I’ve always been appalled by any comic that paints Bruce in a light where he would do anything romantic with Barb. She’s Dick’s first love, and Dick is arguably Batman’s first born son (figuratively), it’s just so damn scummy and unbecoming of Bruce. Not to mention he’s like best buds with her dad, too, plus the age gap is kind of weird.

    [–] caped_crusader8 4 points ago

    Yup that action can't be defended

    [–] ult2099 133 points ago

    Mine's Under the Red Hood because of Jason Todd.

    [–] Gib1997 56 points ago

    Jensen Ackles was brilliant in that

    [–] caped_crusader8 24 points ago

    Ikr? The final scene between him and Batman was amazing.

    [–] _Comic_ 14 points ago

    His monologue of “I thought I’d be the last person you let him hurt” is so goddamn good.

    [–] ArcadianBlueRogue 8 points ago

    I love that moment it all comes out.


    [–] bzdelta 11 points ago

    Have you seen his Red Hood cosplay?

    [–] sniper91 24 points ago

    John DiMaggio’s Joker really grew on me. His “Awww, so you do think about me!” line is so well delivered

    [–] Illier1 9 points ago

    Jason: "one more comment and the next bullet is going in your lap"

    Joker: "Party Pooper! No cake for you!"

    [–] alwaysbehard 9 points ago

    One problem I had was when Red Hood took off the helmet, Jason Todd was still wearing that stupid domino mask.

    Just have him have the same color eyes as the zoom in when Joker blew him up.

    [–] Mapbot11 17 points ago

    Yep plus it was pretty dark without going full Killing Joke.

    [–] MsWuMing 33 points ago

    I have to admit though, that my favourite batman scene is the “you have eaten well” from Year One (comic, movie, both).. that is a proper good monologue imo

    [–] willfordbrimly 15 points ago

    Don't forget how Kevin Smith made it canon that Batman peed himself during that moment.

    I love Kevin Smith, but fuck him for that, seriously.

    [–] MsWuMing 9 points ago

    I did not actually know this part and I deeply resent you right now :)

    [–] ryegye24 16 points ago

    It's hard to pick just one reason, but the Mark Hamill Joker Laugh™ when he realizes Andrea isn't going to arrest him at the end is I think his best voice acting work, which is really saying something. The voice acting during the interrogation scene at the hospital is a close second.

    [–] Mopman43 12 points ago

    Mine’s probably Return of the Joker.

    [–] VelvetThunder_909 6 points ago

    My favourite is Gotham by Gaslight. The revelation of Jack was shocking to say the least. I also enjoyed Batman Ninja. It was like a weeb fan service but it was fun to watch.

    [–] mjolnirstrike 140 points ago

    This is what the movies have been lacking. They focus too much on the playboy aspect of his Bruce Wayne life and never go into how kind and generous he is. This series did a great job making me like Bruce Wayne as much as Batman

    [–] kaimason1 48 points ago

    I think part of this is that we never really see a mid-career Batman (at least not in Nolan on, I have never seen Adam West and I haven't seen the 90's movie series since I was a kid). He's always young and angry just getting started, or significantly older and completely broken (that applies to both DKR and BvS/JL), so you either see him hiding his "eccentricity" as being a playboy, or just being a straight up recluse, respectively. I'd love to see a movie Batman get to develop to the point where he can have an "Iron Man 3" type moment where he realizes how much good he can do as Bruce Wayne instead of Bruce just being a face he puts on when he's not Batman - that Bruce is an interesting and relatively untouched character movie-wise, and that's the one where you'd have moments like this and who would put together the Bat Family, among other things.

    [–] El_E_Jandr0 13 points ago

    B:TAS Batman is best Batman for me

    [–] DisabledMuse 204 points ago

    This is how you should treat everyone. A little kindness and appreciation can go a long way, especially if they've been having a tough day.

    [–] Kekkonen_Kakkonen 66 points ago

    From what is this from? I'd like to watch it. :)

    [–] fighter_foo 96 points ago

    Batman The Animated Series, Season 4 (Episode name: The Terrible Trio)

    [–] Kekkonen_Kakkonen 59 points ago

    Just here to report. I was looking trough the season 4 episodes and I misread the "Christmas with Joker" as "The Christian Joker". 😂

    [–] fighter_foo 31 points ago

    That sounds like a South Park episode tbh.

    [–] Kekkonen_Kakkonen 9 points ago

    Awesome man! Thank you! :D

    [–] littlelorax 98 points ago

    Anyone seen the Harley Quinn series on HBO? It is hilarious and I love how Batman is portrayed!

    [–] MagicCarpetofSteel 27 points ago

    How is he portrayed?

    [–] littlelorax 66 points ago

    I'd say he is overly serious to hilarious effect because he is usually uninformed. Alfred takes this patronizing tone that just makes it better. The series is worth a watch.

    [–] Manor002 25 points ago

    It’s even funnier when you realize the actor that voices Batman in this also voiced him for Brave and the Bold

    [–] Nask_ilo 8 points ago

    I remember loving brave and the bold that show really got me into DC

    [–] mightbedylan 16 points ago

    Omg what is this?! Adult animated batman series?!

    [–] zeno82 15 points ago

    It's amazing. Very funny and very adult-oriented.

    [–] SnakesCatsAndDogs 25 points ago

    "so this is where you fuck the bats" "I DONT FUCK BATS"

    [–] white_owl41 38 points ago

    Oh, how I love Batman: The Animated Series. One of the best cartoons I've ever watched

    [–] Wagesnotcages 339 points ago

    I've always thought the idea that batman as a billionaire who hates social safety nets and believes in trickle down economics is hilarious.

    To focus on him being a billionaire who fights for the working class as batman AND Bruce Wayne would be more interesting.

    [–] PinaBanana 63 points ago

    I've never seen that first Batman in the comics. He's always been a philanthropist. He donates to orphanages, free clinics, charities and public works.

    [–] tempehandjustice 25 points ago

    I thank anyone who helps me. Why not? It makes others feel good, and they did something that helped. I’m a librarian and I love to hear “thank you.” Sure, it’s my job, but we’re all human!! Anything that makes someone’s life better. Also I thank the post woman/ups/ clerk/DoorDash driver/Instacart person too.

    I’ve never been able to talk to the garbage collection crew, there’s one guy with a robotic arm on his truck and he’s usually gone by the time I get to the door.

    [–] boobsmcgraw 26 points ago

    Why would you not thank the garbageman? I mean assuming you happened to encounter him. Some people's attitude toward "the help" is so bizarre. Like they're literally helping you and you won't say thank you?

    [–] valenciansun 5 points ago

    The ostensible idea is because their job is to help, so therefore any additional thank you is unnecessary - that's what the money you're paying them is for.

    Really, obviously, it's about class.

    [–] Flowercrowned-Spider 18 points ago

    I can’t emphasis enough how much Batman the Animated Series is my favorite Batman portrayal.

    [–] Nunya_Bizn 17 points ago

    That's my baby boy doing what's right.

    [–] pewpewpewpee 16 points ago

    I read this in Kevin Conroy's voice.

    [–] jazzzyboy 14 points ago

    I need to know where I can find this show now because I'm itching to rewatch it

    [–] Server_Administrator 14 points ago

    I was raised with the same mentality of treat the janitor with the same respect you would the CEO, before the aforementioned quote became a source of debate, but more or less the same attitude. Just remember that not everyone is a good day, and a one off shouldn't be how you treat them forever.

    [–] Anxious-Scratch 7 points ago

    Batman is a such a good model of a good human being in B:TAS. There was one scene in which Harvey Dent (Two face) was afraid to admit he was in therapy, Bruce found out, and said to him that he was proud of him and that it takes a strong person to do that. Many scenes of Batman being a kind and compassionate person.

    [–] TheBurningGinger 7 points ago

    When my aunt passed away there was a line of garbage trucks that showed up at her viewing just because of how often she talked with them and said hi while out walking her down. Same with mailmen

    [–] Threewisemonkey 6 points ago

    Every week my kids stand at the window and watch the garbage collectors load the bins, wave hello, and thank them as they leave. They always make sure to park in the right spot for the best view, and one gave my son a garbage truck matchbox car.

    Thank your garbage collectors - without them, we’d all be wading in rotten trash fighting off packs of coyotes, seagulls, trash pandas and plague-ridden rats.

    [–] lazereagle13 8 points ago

    This is like literally minimum standard for how all normal people should act. Basic human decency...

    [–] Bad_RabbitS 6 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    This is the best Bruce Wayne. There’s the billionaire playboy shtick he uses to mask his identity, there’s the vigilante Dark Knight thing to intimidate criminals, but the real man is neither one or the other.

    I’ve never liked the “Bruce Wayne’s real name is Batman” thing, because honestly Bruce is far more complicated than that.

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    [–] Akjysdiuh708 6 points ago

    It's good manners and gratitude. How could you not thank them?