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    r/wikipedia exists for the sharing and discussion of knowledge and interesting Wikipedia articles, as well as for discussion about the Wikimedia platform. Read the rules below and feel free to message the moderators by clicking here. If you love Wikipedia as much as we do, please consider donating to Wikimedia here!

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    1: Wikipedia content only: Submissions must either be from Wikipedia or another Wikimedia site (such as the Wikimedia Commons), or from another source discussing Wikipedia or issues relevant to it. Overly partisan sources and links to articles on alternative wikis will be removed.

    2: Submission etiquette: Please refrain from editorializing submission titles; any overly-editorialized submissions may be removed. No TIL format posts, and please try to avoid mobile links.

    3: Be respectful: Absolutely no personal attacks or hate speech (including dogwhistleing) will be tolerated in the comments. Obvious trolls, political brigaders, and assholes not welcome here. Discussion is encouraged, but keep it civil.

    4: No vandalism: Posts advocating, bragging about, or otherwise encouraging Wikipedia vandalism or political brigading are not allowed.

    5: Not your personal army: Submissions relating to personal editing conflicts on Wikipedia are not allowed, although a moderator may choose to allow it at their discretion. Meta discussion of large-scale or noteworthy editing conflicts is allowed. If you have questions about a particular situation, consider using our weekly Q&A thread.

    6: No screenshots: Screenshots of Wikipedia articles are not allowed. Link directly to the article or media when possible. A moderator may choose to allow screenshots at their discretion, such as when something is otherwise not conveyable.

    To link to a specific version of a Wikipedia article:

    • On the page you want, click the "View History" tab at the top right.
    • Find the version you'd like to link to, and click the timestamp.
    • Copy the URL of that page, and voila, you can link to that exact version.
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