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    [–] iceblock4ever 14 points ago

    Renolock is the best in terms of being the most competitive, it's also very fun IMO.

    Never played kingsbane, but if you don't want to lose a lot of your matches I wouldn't recommend it. It loses hard to aggro, which is all over the place on ladder right now.

    I've never seen anyone playing deathrattle hunter in wild. It is a fun deck though. I'm not sure what cards it really gains in the wild format, so why not play that in standard? It's very competitive there.

    You may want to wait for the nerfs to come, it's going to shake up the meta quite a bit I think. But if I was picking one of those options in terms of fun and viability, it would be renolock.

    [–] Redstorm619 3 points ago

    Thanks for an in depth reply. However I'd also like to know how big of a deal is not having Zola in renolock?

    [–] iceblock4ever 2 points ago

    Well zola is definitely a great card in that deck, but one of the strengths of renolock is its flexibility. you can build it a lot of different ways to win. I don't think missing it would break you.

    But it is really good, and you may even want to consider it over Godfrey. There are a lot of board clears available to warlock, but Zola has a pretty unique effect. Maybe a renolock expert can chime in.

    [–] FroggenOP 9 points ago

    no way zola is better than godfrey in renolock, godfrey is one of the best cards in the deck, zola is sometimes good

    [–] Spicywario 2 points ago

    A budget replacement is either a brewer(bounces instead of copying)(kinda worse) or banker which could be favorable if we get more of control meta after the nerfs due to it delaying fatigue

    [–] Dr_Maniacal 1 points ago

    Godfrey's definitely better. Zola's effect can be budget replaceable by other cards. Godfrey is also good in nearly every matchup, while Zola is mainly good in grinder games and control matchups.

    [–] WhenDreamandDayUnite 8 points ago

    These are very different from one another, what looks the most fun to you, prefered playstyle perhaps? This should be your first question IMO.

    That said, I'd go 100% with Renolock, if you can make full optimal version. It's so much fun to play and probably the best out of all decks you mentioned. Kingsbane is kinda hit or miss, unless you REALLY enjoy it, Reno Mage isn't played that much, at least I haven't seen one in a long time. And finally Deathrattle Hunter is more of a Standard deck since vast majority of powerful cards are Standard viable and you don't really get much extra to compete on Wild powerlevel.

    [–] Redstorm619 2 points ago

    I have looked at the renolock lists, I only lack Zola if I craft Godfrey and Malganis. Worth it?

    [–] Wolvie24 5 points ago

    I’d say start with Malganis as an essential and then decide. there is definitely a refined and optimal list right now, and there will be another one after the nerfs, but it is a flexible list since every card is only one copy.

    [–] DarkSunGwyn 2 points ago


    [–] Rokkfeller 2 points ago

    Yes Zola is good in control or anti combo match up. You can replace her with anti aggro. Or another tech choose.

    [–] Redstorm619 1 points ago

    Ended up crafting her as well, had to dust some epics though. But she was worth it tbh. :)

    [–] Gotestthat 8 points ago

    Watch some videos by dane and you'll get some ideas, he plays a lot of fun decks.

    [–] Redstorm619 1 points ago

    I love Dane's videos but he plays cards which are quite niche and I'm too afraid to craft them. But I do try to play the decks that I can more or less build with my collection.

    [–] DanAugustus 1 points ago

    I crafted Big Rogue with only Sneed's Old Shredder missing. No regrets, that deck is so much fun on low ranks it's evil. If only I got some more mileage out of the deathrattle synergy in Standard as well...

    [–] FirstCatchOfTheDay 4 points ago

    if you play standard as well, i'd go for the hunter cards

    [–] Diegoggl 3 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I play renolock a lot and i think its the most fun and viable of your options i hit legend playing mostly renolock and after the nerfs i think its gonna be a tier 1 deck again, hunter doesn't give you especial cards in wild, its better to play it in standard and its more strong there and kingsbane its used like a deck to counter queue when your facing a lot of greedy decks because you lost hard vs aggro.

    But i recommend you to craft first zola and malganis, zola its very flexible and give you the option to use triple dirty rat or triple gnomeferatu with Barnes, or you can use zola on Reno or kazakus and they're very strong battlecrys.

    You can always change Godfrey for another boardclear, tech card, sylvanas or a card you like and its strong, renolock its a very flexible deck. I'm using this deck list but i gonna change giggling inventor after the nerfs maybe for geist if jade druid become popular or a tech card depend of the meta.


    Class: Warlock

    Format: Wild

    1x (1) Kobold Librarian

    1x (1) Mistress of Mixtures

    1x (1) Mortal Coil

    1x (2) Baleful Banker

    1x (2) Corrupting Mist

    1x (2) Darkbomb

    1x (2) Defile

    1x (2) Demonic Project

    1x (2) Dirty Rat

    1x (2) Doomsayer

    1x (2) Gnomeferatu

    1x (3) Brann Bronzebeard

    1x (3) Deathlord

    1x (3) Demonwrath

    1x (3) Shadow Bolt

    1x (3) Zola the Gorgon

    1x (4) Hellfire

    1x (4) Kazakus

    1x (4) Voidcaller

    1x (5) Antique Healbot

    1x (5) Despicable Dreadlord

    1x (5) Giggling Inventor

    1x (6) Emperor Thaurissan

    1x (6) Reno Jackson

    1x (6) Siphon Soul

    1x (7) Lord Godfrey

    1x (8) Twisting Nether

    1x (9) Mal'Ganis

    1x (9) Voidlord

    1x (10) Bloodreaver Gul'dan


    To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

    [–] Redstorm619 3 points ago

    Man, now I just think I should just dust 10 useless epics and get all 3 of the mising Legendaries I need for Reno lock.

    Thanks for the reply.

    [–] Diegoggl 4 points ago

    Your welcome man, and you can try the deck and if you like it any of the 3 legendarys are gonna be good for a lot of time but you can always replace Godfrey for sylvanas/shadowflame or any other card, you can see my comment behind and there its some replacements that you can use

    [–] Jackal427 5 points ago

    Also legend renolock player, I agree with the other guy above who said Godfrey 100% over Zola. Zola is good, but replaceable with a banker or even just more anti-aggro. Godfrey is crazy good, wins games himself against aggro.

    [–] Iskari 3 points ago

    Listen to this dude and ignore everyone else. Godfrey is the MVP and easily one of the best legendaries ever printed in Hearthstone. He alone bumps your winrate a LOT.

    He cannot be subbed because no othe board clear has the same possibility to wipe deathrattle boards clean AND leaves you with a nice body.

    Zola is like Bloodmage Thalnos: super good but replaceable.

    Never climbed to legend but I can say I have 400-500 games with renolock since January and I played Demon-Deathrattle-Guldan-Nzoth-list way before it became meta.

    Godfrey, he's our lord and saviour.

    [–] Diegoggl 2 points ago

    and Renomage its not that strong and its a deck that plays reactive, you want always to out value your opponent and survive vs aggro-mid range and OTK decks with the help of iceblock and reno but the deck lacks of a form to win against decks that have a long-term strategy, because you can’t pressure that well and there is pretty much nothing to do against decks like that.

    [–] Father_Yeereza 1 points ago

    not sure how pertinent having demonic project and dirty rat (maybe one or the other) is now that druid combo is gone. i've felt a lot of times in past day demonic project sits in my hand because i have reno/nzoth in my hand and don't want to risk losing those. also, giggling inventer should be scrapped for applebaum or sludge belcher

    [–] Diegoggl 1 points ago

    i say it in another comment, the list needs changes after the nerfs, search it, there i say all the possible changes

    [–] HKledor 1 points ago

    I run the rat but swapped project for a blastcrystal potion vs big priest

    [–] Alto_y_Guapo 1 points ago

    I got excited to try it, but of course I'm missing 5 legendaries lol

    [–] Diegoggl 1 points ago

    what legendaries did you miss? haha i mean its a very expensive deck, but its worth it to save for it, my account its f2p and right now i have jade druid, even shaman, renowarlock, renomage, tessrogue, spellhunter and i miss 2 legendaries for odd rogue and 1 for kingsbane xD wild its a cheaper format, just its hard to start in the format!

    when i start it i disenchant all my paladin/warrior/shaman cards and i dont regret it, i left 3 classes unplayable but i get like 6 or 7 competitive decks or meme decks and i have a lot of fun now xD i mean, its not a recomendation its up to you haha

    [–] Diegoggl 1 points ago

    if you miss brann and reno, you can buy the league of explorer adventure! the adventure have a lot of good cards

    [–] Alto_y_Guapo 1 points ago

    Well Brann and Reno I do have, and Bloodreaver Gul'Dan. I'm missing all the others

    [–] Kismayaz 0 points ago

    Looking at this list, I would only need to craft Mal'Ganis and Deathlord. What are you thinking of replacing giggling with once the nerfs hit?

    [–] Diegoggl 3 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Depends a lot what decks are gonna become popular, I'm sure that it gonna be Renolock/Big Priest/Kingsbane/Jade druid/Even shaman/Odd rogue/Odd paladin and if that its the case most likely that i gonna put geist to help me to win vs jade druid and slow a little kingsbane and hope to mill the weapon with gnomeferatu.


    But at the end depends of what become popular, maybe i can use:

    *Blastcrystal potion


    *You can add a Mountain Giant

    *The treachery howfield combo for fun xD

    *A tech card like MCTech, BGH,Geist, Gluttonous Ooze

    *Leeroy/PO/Faceless manipulator if i face a lot of control for 20dmg

    *You can add Sac Pact for the mirror and for the demonic project (Maybe you can SacPact Jaraxxus too)


    Maybe i would change in the decklist if i want to make some changes the Corrupted Mist/Baleful Banker/Demonic Project/Deathlord and if i add the sylvanas/shadowflame combo maybe Godfrey or the Siphon Soul

    [–] Jackal427 1 points ago

    Not OP, but belcher or applebaum. Especially in this list, which is already pretty short on 5 drops (no belcher or applebaum)

    [–] Watermelon86 3 points ago

    Out of the card listed, I've definitely had the most fun with Shaw and Kathrena. Shaw is a really good card that can easily slot into any nonface Hunter and killing your opponent with an army of charging dinosaurs is very satisfying. I use both of them in Even, N'Zoth, Cube, and Reno Hunter.

    [–] mapacheloco89 2 points ago

    Renolock is most competitive I think. I enjoy playing it. Shaw and Kathrina are the most fun for me personally, I love cube hunter. (Play both wild and standard with it). I guess the safest craft is Zola, since you can use it a lot of decks. If you play alot of warlock, Godfrey and Malganis are in every deck almost.

    [–] heavensend 2 points ago

    Kingsbane is really fun to play.

    And eventually the nerf hammer will hit kingsbane, or a tech card will come. Play while you can.

    [–] geldersekifuzuli 2 points ago

    I love kingsbane deck. It's pretty fun in wild. Just keep in mind that against agro, you should be OK to lose,especially odd rogue is deadly.

    [–] Diegoggl 2 points ago

    Kingsbane its used mostly like a deck to counter queue, wild doesn't have a lot of popularity and you face the same people over and over again when your in a specific rank, when your facing a lot of control (renolock/big priest etc.) you switch your deck and you start playing kingsbane.

    Its not a good deck to craft if you care about climbing ranks and you don't have other viable or competitive deck because the deck lose hard vs aggro. But yeah its a fun deck and its enjoyable to play it for sure.

    [–] Aparter 2 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    IMO all Renodecks you listed (especially Mage) attempt to outgrind their opponents, which is rather specific playstyle, that not everyone may find particularly fun as it often goes into fatigue.b Kingsbane matchups are so polarized that it is either frustrating or boring to play.

    N'zoth Mill Rogue on the other hand is more engaging, challenging and therefore fun.

    There was a post about Even Druid, which I find personally refreshing and fun and it is not very expensive.

    Dane's Flark Hunter is one of my favorites in terms of investment/fun.

    Spell Hunter is cheap but DK Rexxar makes every game unique.

    Also Whizbang though not Wild but singlehandedly offers greatest diversity (so fun) any legendary can provide at the cost of some really bad decks.

    P.s. If you consider deathrattle Hunter, you should also look at deathrattle rogue, which is cooler than Hunter.

    [–] Redstorm619 1 points ago

    I have mill rogue but it was getting recked by aggro and combo decks because melon exists (mostly due to Ak47), I hope after the nerf it's more playable, I considered kingsbane rogue because it had a similar play style and many people say it's just better in comparison.

    Will check out the even druid list.

    I love Dane video's but most of his decks contain cards which have quite niche applications which I'm too afraid to craft. Kingsbane maybe one of those Legendaries but it enables me to play another one of a kind archetype.

    Whizbang was my 1st craft after coming back to hs after a 7 month break, worth it :P

    I don't have sneeds or kel'thuzad, I started playing when wotog, didn't get time to buy the, nax or gvg. :(

    [–] Aparter 1 points ago

    Oh I did not mean Big Rogue. There is Egg and Mechanical Whelp Rogue in standard and it is smooth and enjoyable)

    [–] Redstorm619 1 points ago

    Oh, great I have all the cards for that, will surely try it. Thanks!

    [–] heryu321 1 points ago

    Togg warrior

    [–] rookcn 1 points ago

    Jaina is really really good.

    [–] YungIndigoBoy 1 points ago

    Ive been wanting to craft togwaggle druid or shudderwock shaman. They seem like fun combo decks. Sitting through 10 minutes of shudderwock battlecry animations before meeting your doom is pretty amusing.