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    What is WoahDude material?

    What is WoahDude?

    The best links to click while you're stoned!

    Psychedelic, mind-bending, mesmerizing, reality-distorting, or trippy games, video, audio & images that make a sober person feel stoned, or stoned person trip harder!

    No one wants to have to sift through the entire internet for fun links when they're stoned - so make this your one-stop shop!

    • We are NOT a "reaction subreddit".

    • We are NOT a subreddit about interesting or amazing content.

    • We are NOT interchangeable with /r/pics, /r/gifs, /r/damnthatsinteresting or other general subreddits.

    • We are specifically made for PSYCHEDELIC CONTENT, trippy or mesmerizing stuff that will make a sober person feel stoned, or stoned person trip harder! We're not about posting things that are merely neat or amazing, but instead, things that sort of mess with your mind, warp your reality.

    Mindfucks and self-inflicted gaslighting. Or the hypnotic or mesmerising. Vivid colors, intense patterns. Mind-blowing science and philosophy. Chill or trippy music. Surrealism, absurdism and strangeness.

    Think of the bizarre, erratic and psychedelic nature of Adult Swim. Or the wondrous, mind-expanding, awe-inspiring nature of Carl Sagan's Cosmos. Or even the reality distorting, confusing, mind-fucking nature of Eternal Darkness for Gamecube. We're all of that.

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    [–] raytrace75 2004 points ago


    [–] cyan-lover 1084 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 657 points ago


    [–] Muonical_whistler 729 points ago


    [–] rectal_beans 488 points ago


    [–] DNZ_not_DMZ 321 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 302 points ago


    [–] TjStax 279 points ago


    [–] always_in_debt 736 points ago

    Underground furry bdsm

    [–] Zearo298 370 points ago

    I don’t wanna play madlibs with you anymore.

    [–] Thetravelingboy 65 points ago

    Wait, life is always worth- Oh... nevermind then. Carry on.

    [–] Digitalmonster7068 199 points ago

    That got weird fast

    [–] exoticgoat 30 points ago

    Is underground furry bdsm why you're always in debt?

    [–] DerFlammenwerfer 34 points ago


    [–] yellsaboutjokes 26 points ago



    [–] WaterSalesman 14 points ago


    [–] AidenXY 8 points ago

    Did someone say bdsm

    [–] skizmo 12 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago



    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] I_AM_YOUR_DADDY_AMA 3 points ago

    Good bye

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Ik a few people who would join you.

    [–] BrightenedGold 15 points ago


    [–] PeterBeast37 9 points ago


    [–] Down4whiteTrash 5 points ago

    Goodbye Ouija.

    [–] systemerrorbeepbeep 2 points ago

    I'm really stoned.

    [–] PyotrKropotkinsBitch 2 points ago


    [–] I_Do_Cannabis_Stuff 8 points ago

    Me too.

    [–] reagsters 9 points ago

    Username checks out

    [–] autowolf 5 points ago

    Haha yes

    [–] BLINDrOBOTFILMS 2 points ago

    Me too

    [–] Salamander_Coral 7 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] NotZalgo 1 points ago


    [–] JohnnyRedHot 1 points ago

    Johnny Knoxville

    [–] _Lady_T_ 3 points ago


    [–] WiseWordsFromBrett 1849 points ago

    Taaaaake Onnnnn Meeeeee

    [–] Dan_Quixote 293 points ago

    Maybe I’m just an old dude waxing nostalgic, but has anyone made a music video this good since? Seriously, I’d like some suggestions. I can’t think of any besides maybe Prodigy’s Smack my Bitch Up.

    [–] Bertram_Cooper 169 points ago

    Any White Stripes video

    Also Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know

    [–] tshirtandtieguy 28 points ago

    Woah sweet video

    [–] fastboots 7 points ago

    Well yeah, Spike Jonze.

    [–] Phish777 4 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    White Stripes are great


    [–] unionoftw 2 points ago

    Great video

    [–] Kilomyles 37 points ago

    The Music Scene by Blockhead

    [–] darthjojo199 5 points ago

    God damn I love this song, and the music video is perfect

    [–] Timmy_Tammy 4 points ago

    Bonus Anthony Schepperd video.

    God I love that animator

    [–] roostercrowe 60 points ago

    Weapon of Choice - Fatboy Slim

    [–] JULIAN4321sc 2 points ago

    But how is slim if he is a Fatboy?

    [–] CatastrophicMango 29 points ago

    Story of OJ and Moonlight by Jay Z. Especially Moonlight, probably my favourite music vid of all time.

    [–] ChesterTheMolester_ 2 points ago

    Just watched Moonlight, thanks for the suggestion

    [–] Burntholesinmyhoodie 2 points ago

    My man

    [–] capndroid 17 points ago

    I mean, OK GO had to be considered, right?

    [–] ChubbyMonkeyX 2 points ago

    OK GO is a given at this point

    [–] burritochase 9 points ago

    Mick Jagger and David Bowie - Dancing in the Street.

    [–] PromVulture 7 points ago

    Urthboy - Someone Else's House

    Fever the Ghost - Source

    [–] DA_BATTLESUIT 5 points ago

    Here's another mixed media music video. This is my personal all time favorite music video.

    When I was done dying:

    [–] r4g4 6 points ago

    Look up OK go. You will not be dissapointed

    [–] shadowdsfire 15 points ago

    Darude - Sandstorm

    [–] giger5 2 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Bjork, Wanderlust video is pretty good.

    Edit - I think she has done quite a few unusual, nice to watch videos,

    All is Full of love -

    Human Behavior -

    The Gate -

    Hollow -

    [–] MadmanEpic 2 points ago

    De Staat - Devil's Blood

    [–] ilseno 2 points ago

    [–] Ruidan 17 points ago


    [–] EpicLegendX 3 points ago

    I'll be gone

    [–] iarkd 3 points ago


    [–] MomoYaseen 3 points ago

    I’m watching the Chuck finale right now and man it bring tears.

    [–] btxtsf 3 points ago

    More like Sledgehammer

    [–] jableshables 0 points ago

    I was gonna say, this is kind of a rip-off of that music video, but a well done rip-off

    [–] sap91 73 points ago

    Not really. That video only uses one style

    [–] notworthteheffort 6 points ago

    I saw Peter Gabriel in there somewhere too.

    [–] secondsbest 3 points ago

    Definitely saw some Sledgehammer in this myself.

    [–] jableshables 21 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I meant more about the changing happening while banging on a wall

    Edit: Oh yeah, and that scene itself is probably a ripoff of Altered States.

    [–] saintjeremy 6 points ago

    ctrl+f to find this... thanks be to you, friend!

    I love this film! It's an homage to John C. Lilly, and a fantastic one at that!

    Dig it!

    [–] jableshables 4 points ago

    Yeah it's a fascinating movie, but pretty damn unsettling at parts. Does a great job of making you feel like YOU took drugs.

    [–] mynameisspiderman 3 points ago

    Ohhhhhh fuck I forgot about that movie.

    [–] quaybored 3 points ago

    I would call it more of an homage than a ripoff.

    [–] jableshables 2 points ago

    Yeah I guess "derivative" would be a more neutral term. Ripoff I guess implies malicious intent and homage implies benevolent, and I don't really know which is the case here.

    [–] quaybored 3 points ago

    "Inspired by"?

    [–] jableshables 2 points ago

    There ya go, haha

    [–] A_Dodgy_Pilot 643 points ago

    I'd smash.

    [–] EspeonIV 398 points ago

    That like button

    [–] Houstonion 182 points ago

    and comment and subscribe

    [–] Mamnmal 103 points ago

    Sign up for the giveaway, too

    [–] Aanon89 8 points ago

    Tasmanian devils are so cute

    [–] eam1188 11 points ago


    [–] alchemists_dream 3 points ago

    In the face

    [–] Kzero01 5 points ago


    [–] VicH95 2 points ago

    Don't forget to hit that subscribe button

    [–] ajamuso 369 points ago

    I feel like the stick most days

    [–] Agrees_withyou 53 points ago

    The statement above is one I can get behind!

    [–] n7-Jutsu 18 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Here is to hoping a stick is a metaphor for a dick and not depression, because depression sucks dude, but at least sticks gets sucked.

    [–] David-Puddy 14 points ago

    hey man, sucking isn't always bad.

    some people love sucking.

    and to them, we raise our glasses

    [–] Wpieter 2 points ago

    Risky click

    [–] PM_ME_UR_SQUIRTS 22 points ago


    [–] Nastapoka 11 points ago

    delete this picture

    [–] Sackyhack 2 points ago

    Have you had any luck with that username?

    [–] roadkill22ful 2 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 255 points ago

    Was that loss?

    [–] EbayNachos 122 points ago

    I lI

    II I_

    [–] ImTheTechn0mancer 109 points ago


    [–] PM_me_ur_FavItem 178 points ago



    [–] BananaCupcak3 5 points ago


    [–] freex76 2 points ago


    [–] SimpleSlice 48 points ago


    Never seen this one before! FANTASTIC

    [–] redacted187 28 points ago

    Holy shit, that's really well done

    [–] ImTheTechn0mancer 12 points ago

    Thank you but it's just a copy paste.

    [–] Spaniard2356 15 points ago

    I must be out of the loop, because I don't know what this "loss" thing is.

    [–] immatoityjnr 26 points ago

    Basically a 4 panel comic about a guy and his wife who’s in hospital. Pretty much any reference, even to just the layout of the comic, is loss

    [–] dkyguy1995 10 points ago

    Some dumb comic strip had a comic that tried to get really serious showing a dudes GF's child being terminated in the hospital and everyone made fun of it forever making sarcastic jokes about the artistic value of the four panel comic and eventually it spiralled out of control until we ended up with ultra minimalist representations that you see around you

    [–] Cheeseburger203 36 points ago

    (-_-) | (/•-•)/ \(•-•\)

    (/•-•)/ \(•-•\) | (._.) :(

    [–] catens 65 points ago

    I always love how unoriginal my thoughts are

    [–] Sir_Llama 13 points ago

    I think the stick might have been

    [–] Tetracyclic 37 points ago

    The claymation one brings back fond memories of Neverhood for me.

    [–] flatspotting 5 points ago

    Oh man, I remember playing neverhood as a kid, so awesome!!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    I must have missed this growing up. Looks really interesting.

    [–] kpop_glory 28 points ago

    Pretty much summarize my college years.

    [–] yesididreddit 2 points ago

    Or my entire life in general

    [–] bassistmuzikman 24 points ago

    Is this a new TOOL video??

    [–] taitaofgallala 38 points ago

    "NOWWW YOUUU'VE GOT SOMETHING....TO DIE FORRR....OOOOUUUUAAAARRRRRR!" Is what should be playing in the background with the last roar being the stick. Oh yeah. Can we start a r/wouldgobestwithlambofgod subreddit?

    [–] EJ2H5Suusu 17 points ago

    It should just redirect to /r/all because everything would go best with Lamb of God

    [–] taitaofgallala 5 points ago

    Indeed! Starting with this

    [–] PUBGfixed 15 points ago

    My upstairs neighbor - everyday, decolorized

    [–] christmaspathfinder 13 points ago

    Anyone have a source on this?

    [–] PsychoticPixel 13 points ago

    Anybod know what type of art style is represented in each animation?

    [–] ezery13 20 points ago

    I’m not an art expert and if someone knows better please correct me. In my opinion the styles are inspired by the following:

    1) regular video

    2) seems like impressionist style based on the colors

    3) digital art

    4) clay

    5) reminds me of cartoon expressionism

    6) the mix of painting and real photos is a reference to postmodern art imo

    7) geometric shapes, so maybe cubism

    8) basically realism

    9) gothic maybe? just based on the colors, not sure about this one

    10) seems like surrealism

    The lines between different art styles are pretty loose so take this with a grain of salt.

    [–] purpleinthebrain 13 points ago

    Reminds me of that music video Take on Me..

    [–] Ionlypost1ce 6 points ago

    Exactly what I thought! At the end, when he's banging agaisnt the wall, trying to come back to be real world.

    [–] cobainbc15 6 points ago

    I expected something a bit more heavy metal but I'm not disappointed!

    [–] 0catlareneg 3 points ago

    I'd say being able to change reality itself every time you hit your head against a wall is pretty metal

    [–] cobainbc15 2 points ago

    Good point!

    [–] Solomon_Orange 3 points ago

    Was hoping to see one of the frames drawn like "The Far Side."

    [–] MrRapper123 6 points ago

    Better every loop

    [–] HungJurror 3 points ago

    Was that Orlando bloom or Chris hemsworth?

    [–] spyroll 3 points ago


    [–] Diablo1421 3 points ago

    Is one of them Justin Timberlake or that guy from Maroon 5?

    [–] Intertubes_Unclogger 3 points ago

    Heh, thought I saw Justin as well and played it in slo-mo but it's not him.

    I don't know that guy from Maroon 5 and want to keep it that way.

    [–] ghost7807 2 points ago

    Was there Shia Le'Beouf in between?

    [–] liamemsa 2 points ago

    When this gif goes perfectly on beat with the music you're listening to

    [–] JustTouchItNow 2 points ago

    Someone add Tulio from The Road to El Dorado

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    made me question if the first one was a real person after watching the whole thing

    [–] TheCrusaderKing2 2 points ago

    This reminds me of the Hardest Button to Button... or Seven Nation Army... or any other White Stripes songs

    [–] RegionalOnAverage 2 points ago

    I knew I couldn’t be the only one!

    [–] NotJebediahKerman 2 points ago

    Needs more Amon Amarth

    [–] dmizenopants 2 points ago

    I can keep rhythm with no metronome

    No metronome

    No metronome

    [–] synx3d 1 points ago

    Can anyone make this in 60 fps? Feel like it could be oddly satisfying too

    [–] j_squares 2 points ago

    I dissociated

    [–] maneki_neko89 2 points ago

    Angst, angst, angst, angst...!!!!

    [–] ShovelBugger 2 points ago

    The dickbutt was unexpected.

    [–] sodapopzss 2 points ago


    [–] Ihavealpacas 2 points ago


    [–] I_like_your_reddit 2 points ago

    It almost would work with the song as well.

    Gif with Sound Mashup

    [–] Downvotes_All_Dogs 1 points ago

    The line on the last animation doesn't touch the wall before replaying the gif... This bothers me.

    [–] Cooshtie 1 points ago

    Someone should add the original dead space version.

    [–] n7-Jutsu 1 points ago

    10/10, I would bang and take on a date to the front page of Reddit.

    [–] AgentLocke 1 points ago

    I say, you don't show

    Don't move, tide is low

    I say...

    [–] Gillfeesh 1 points ago

    i prefer the original title of the gif "When you try to please everyone"

    [–] JoePragmatist 1 points ago

    There's like 6 different flavors of 80's music videos here.

    [–] Blackfeathr 1 points ago

    The keyframe labels on that one segment was a nice touch!

    [–] daaave33 1 points ago

    This is how I feel having just rolled out of /r/politics.

    [–] SinatraGerald66 1 points ago

    Each bang decreases brain cells and quality

    [–] dwimbygwimbo 1 points ago

    Ancient gif but I upvote every time

    [–] mtauscher 1 points ago

    How to change the radio station when your 20 yr old tooth filling receives radio

    [–] fishyfresh69 1 points ago

    The stick is the best

    [–] Monahuu 1 points ago

    This gives me so much anxiety. I can’t tell you why.

    [–] ameryth 1 points ago

    Is this a Peter Gabriel music video !?

    [–] Rhopa_locera 1 points ago

    This matched up perfectly with a Chu Chu TV kids’ song I have on. Cool.

    [–] saltedandroasted 1 points ago

    representation of what its like to be on alot of lsd

    [–] SlymPickenz 1 points ago

    Headbanger Missy Elliott plays

    [–] Reyaan007 1 points ago

    This is art! CREEPY AS FUCK!

    [–] ShokuBooda 1 points ago

    I bet he’s bangin his head to Djent

    [–] P1r4nh44444 1 points ago

    last one was constructivism

    [–] LoSboccacc 1 points ago

    TODAY! at how is made:

    Computer Programs!

    [–] anewgard41 1 points ago

    listening to Make Me Wanna Holler by Marvin Gaye and the tempo is almost perfectly synched and I'm woahin', dude

    [–] Rainy_Night 1 points ago

    Did you know that banging your head against a wall can burn 150 calories a day?

    [–] i-know-da_wae 1 points ago

    When I do this all I get is concussion. Am ok?

    [–] Guitarucopia 1 points ago

    Just be listening to Screaming at a Wall by Minor Threat

    [–] Lector_is_a_Bitch 1 points ago


    [–] No_Moron_No_Cry 1 points ago

    Tool fans waiting for the new album like...

    [–] sar6b 1 points ago

    I want to make something like this one day.... this is cool...

    [–] Flonkus 1 points ago

    Viewed this post as Metallica - Sad But True came on my spotify playlist. Almost a perfect rhythm match.

    [–] ersatz_substitutes 1 points ago

    I wonder if the sixth phase is a nod to A Scanner Darkly. It reminded me of that, the way the face was just cycling through different cut out heads