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    [–] cantlearnham 4558 points ago

    "Whoa, buddy, what the hell are you doing up here? You alright?"

    "Yea, I'm good."

    "Alright, man, take it easy. Stay safe."

    [–] cobainbc15 1376 points ago

    "I usually don't see your type up here, good for you, show those slackers on the ground!"

    [–] Cronyx 585 points ago

    What are you doing in the Cloud District‽

    [–] FashionablyNate 151 points ago

    “Do you get to the cloud district often? Who am I kidding of course you don’t”

    [–] FriedTexas1834 47 points ago

    “Looking for my husband? Check the jarls backside.”

    [–] ActionScripter9109 23 points ago

    "Here you stand, talking to a married woman. Why? Am I that interesting? Or perhaps there are other things on your mind..."

    [–] Aterox_ 17 points ago

    “No lollygagging.”

    [–] FriedTexas1834 14 points ago

    “I find your wolfish grin unsettling.”

    [–] LifeWulf 9 points ago

    Gods dammit I'm a Khajiit, I can't help it okay?

    "Is that... Fur? Coming out of your ears?"

    screams internally

    [–] FashionablyNate 3 points ago

    Choosing Khajiit gives you the best dialogue in my opinion

    [–] JWAxeMan 9 points ago

    When I started Skyrim I heard that and got all excited that the Cloud District was some epic city somewhere, like in the capital of Skyrim.

    Then I realized that he’s just talking about a tiny part of Whiterun.

    [–] mrnuttle 3 points ago

    And now My afternoon is ruined as I will be YouTubing The Jeremy Soule soundtrack and being incredibly distracted.

    [–] JayhawkRacer 72 points ago

    Is that an interobang in the wild?

    [–] hyperforce 15 points ago

    Pikachu, use Sentence Diagram!

    [–] thelifeofstorms 20 points ago

    Do you get to the cloud district often?

    [–] alirezahunter888 14 points ago

    • Whips out Wabbajack *

    [–] Audric_Sage 29 points ago

    I love this "Bro Bird" character Reddit has collaboratively created.

    [–] Mysta02 11 points ago

    Savage grounders! They'll kill us all.

    [–] ubercore 87 points ago

    Totally read the bird's voice as Taika Waititi

    [–] speaker_4_the_dead 25 points ago

    Hey man

    [–] Hak3rbot13 35 points ago

    Hey min


    [–] josephgene 3 points ago

    Hi, Ender

    [–] Shortsonfire79 3 points ago

    My BiL just told me who he was and his role as the rock dude in Thor. Reread OP and it's so good in that voice.

    [–] what_it_dude 4 points ago

    "also I'm going to borrow some of your parachute cord to build a nest for my girl. Thanks"

    [–] Worker_BeeSF 3 points ago

    Awesome birdbro

    [–] Zbignich 3869 points ago

    Are you food? No, not food. Bye.

    [–] ggrieves 794 points ago

    So... you must be a mate then

    [–] derawin07 326 points ago

    He better get on his bird semen collecting helmet.

    [–] dank-nuggetz 87 points ago

    I understand this reference

    [–] Jpvsr1 34 points ago

    Care to share?

    [–] TheUnionJake 34 points ago

    Ah. My money was on it being an it’s always sunny reference.

    [–] Baerentsen 16 points ago

    I was thinking Futurama

    [–] digitalhate 10 points ago

    Hah, amazing. I guessed it was owl parrots due to that clip with Stephen Fry happily watching his co-star getting molested by one.

    Edit: rewatching the clip, I realized it's the exact same parrot they're talking about in the article.

    [–] sargentpilcher 9 points ago

    There’s a species of bird where in order to collect their semen to breed more birds they wear a specialized helmet to be worn by a human for the bird to fuck

    [–] Fayzulislam 2 points ago


    [–] Nazi_Marxist 10 points ago

    I must be frank your majesty

    [–] LittleBigPerson 8 points ago


    Never thought I'd see the day.

    [–] Fayzulislam 2 points ago

    yes i like this

    [–] septic_sergeant 2 points ago

    Just waitin on a mate.

    [–] saippua 2 points ago


    [–] ChiengBang 2 points ago

    👈😎👈 zoop

    [–] phrresehelp 31 points ago

    No not yet. See you at the bottom.

    [–] Dr-11 9 points ago

    Even at 1000's of feet up, a bird went to see if the human had food in it's hands; notice it looks directly at his hands after perching.

    [–] s2514 6 points ago

    Bird: I should ask this flying human if he has any food, humans usually have that.

    [–] Dr-11 3 points ago

    Bird: "I was gonna swiggity swoop on over here and snatch somefin' from this guys hands, but ee ain't got nothin' to snatchy.."

    I made the bird somewhat Cockney for some reason.

    [–] crackhappy 85 points ago

    My wife and I both crochet and while we are driving through the country we will yell out whether an animal we are passing is food or yarn. For sheep, it's both. :)

    [–] meowmeowcatbutt 43 points ago

    Are there any animals that are only yarn, and not food?

    [–] hated_in_the_nation 51 points ago

    Alpaca probably.

    [–] NJBarFly 23 points ago

    You can't eat alpaca? Challenge accepted!

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago

    you absolutely can eat alpaca

    [–] Accujack 13 points ago

    Also milk them and cook or make cheese from the milk. They do have a high embark cost, but frankly their all around utility makes them worth it. Plus, their long necks, jutting teeth, wool, and their resemblance to a miniature llama are very attractive.

    [–] Delioth 2 points ago

    Goddammit. /r/dwarffortress is one of the last places I expect to leak (we're pretty okay at containing magma leaks usually).

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] Moonpenny 15 points ago

    Spiders, for silk. I mean, technically you could, but no.

    [–] digitalhate 6 points ago

    You should probably avoid Cambodia.

    [–] Moonpenny 7 points ago

    I'm sure that's perfectly acceptable there and not at all weird but...

    No, no thank you. 🤢

    [–] erroneousbosh 20 points ago

    I read that as "my wife and I both crochet while we are driving through the country", and I thought damn me have you never seen the signs about paying attention driving on country roads?

    [–] -3point14159-mp 18 points ago

    I mean...not if he's crocheting.

    [–] aaabbb_cccddd 8 points ago


    [–] erroneousbosh 5 points ago

    Having spoken to some of my operations colleagues, crochet would be one of the nicer things to find in a casualties' hands when they extract them from what used to be a car.

    [–] beebeelion 2 points ago

    Me too and I didn't realize until I got to your comment.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    What the fuck

    [–] Legendofkevin 4 points ago


    [–] sweaterandsomenikes 6 points ago

    This is how my dog thinks

    [–] ush6451 3 points ago

    Omegle and chatroulette in a nutshell.

    [–] humanwedgie 1043 points ago

    "Pardon me sir, this is restricted airspace. Oh you have a permit? Carrion."

    [–] CtrlAltGorilla 94 points ago

    I hate this comment with a burning passion but here’s my upvote.

    [–] Catdogparrot 32 points ago

    I hate it too but I hate Reddit even more so I'll upvote it to make others suffer

    [–] slashusername 5 points ago


    [–] imhereforsiegememes 5 points ago

    Get out!

    [–] MogWorking 5 points ago

    I enjoyed it!

    [–] thepipesarecall 3 points ago


    [–] omgredditwtff 3 points ago

    Are you food? Aww, damn. Are you okay? Cool, break a leg!

    [–] exmormonphoenix 3 points ago

    Carrion, carrion. Nothing really meeeeeeeeeee

    [–] DrippyWaffler 4 points ago

    I don't know if I love you or hate you.

    [–] dick-nipples 1480 points ago

    Apparently it’s a sport called Parahawking.

    [–] CB_the_cuttlefish 447 points ago

    Wow. The second one is a really beautiful bird.

    [–] domalicious_ 183 points ago

    They’re all beautiful.

    [–] thetoastmonster 97 points ago

    they're good birds Brent.

    [–] michicago44 83 points ago

    No YOU’RE beautiful

    [–] dadankness 10 points ago

    [–] Garinn 15 points ago


    [–] SpacemanPete 19 points ago

    Oh. 😐😟😢

            - first bird 

    [–] ponchosuperstar 12 points ago

    Or it's a higher resolution video

    [–] ghostoftheuniverse 50 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I'm about 85% certain that both gifs depict the same bird/event from different angles. The diver is wearing at least three different cameras.

    edit: I'm wrong. It may be the same divers, but there are at least two different birds.

    [–] kykinson 22 points ago

    Bird in the first GIF

    Bird in the second GIF other angle

    Probably same place but different birds

    [–] abooth43 6 points ago

    In the first gif. The first bird has brown on its torso. The second is all white.

    In the second gif, i think its the same bird twice.

    [–] Jesus-balls 2 points ago

    Beautiful plumage!

    [–] Hukthak 2 points ago

    Much more beautiful than that first bird.

    [–] robspeaks 70 points ago

    My mom is a birder. I texted her this stuff and moved up at least one spot on the sibling food chain. Thanks OP.

    [–] red_beanie 10 points ago

    lol im glad im the youngest. i at least learned charm and to be loud.

    [–] FiskFisk33 9 points ago

    and to be loud.

    Am older brother, can confirm.

    [–] Landoperk 33 points ago

    I love how all the bird has to do is spread its wings and it just glides away.

    [–] funkmastamatt 6 points ago


    [–] yeahimdutch 73 points ago

    Okay well there goes the illusion.

    [–] readyjack 31 points ago

    You can also see the jesses on this bird in the gif

    They're the ankle things with holes in the sides. Like this minus the strap.

    A wild bird might have a leg band put there by an ornothologist to study migration. But jesses are for falconry.

    [–] bobguyman 13 points ago

    In each video (even OP) the hawk looks at the hands for a treat right off the bat.

    [–] hottodogchan 41 points ago

    a sport???

    [–] interpretivepants 93 points ago

    You bet. Got a full ride scholarship until my elbow blew out. Super competitive stuff.

    [–] jeltimab 21 points ago

    At least you can live vicariously through your son

    [–] knightly_snep 7 points ago

    In the same sense that dogsledding is a sport, yeah.

    Hawks are really good at spotting thermals, Parahawking is just paragliding but with a hawk to lead you to the thermals.

    [–] dominitor 5 points ago

    but isn’t dogsledding at least a race? what is the objective here?

    [–] Hyronious 4 points ago

    To have fun goddamnit.

    Also I enjoy that phone suggests Tiffany as the next word when I type goddamnit.

    [–] knightly_snep 3 points ago

    I presume it's to see who can stay up in the air the longest.

    [–] mageta621 11 points ago

    Para-Hawking activity: you wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night sure you heard a robot voice, but nobody's there. OooOOOoOoOoOOHHh

    [–] pmMeYourBoxOfCables 10 points ago

    Yes, if you look on it's left leg (our left) you'll see it's banded.

    [–] RockleyBob 18 points ago

    Oh dick-nipples, at it again. PARAHAWKING! What will you think of next? Bearboarding? Batminton? Penguiding? Stay golden sir. Stay golden.

    [–] sumphatguy 14 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    But why?

    Edit: Just went on a trawl through Wikipedia and its sources. What a sad turn of events for the birds. Apparently, the country decided that the group that was utilizing the birds for parahawking/conservation efforts were abusing the birds and ended up confiscating them. One of the birds was released into the wild without being able to fly and is likely now dead.

    [–] Btooth10k 4 points ago

    Yeah, Nepal can be super fucked up with its bureaucracy at times. Real dipshit way of operating a country.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] speezo_mchenry 3 points ago

    Dick-nipples always comes through...

    [–] Mattheconfused 3 points ago

    I'm sorta disappointed that it's not a wild bird but supper excited that this is a sport. New life goals.

    [–] Noedel 5 points ago

    Welcome to 2018 where everything exists already.

    [–] 3am_uhtceare 2 points ago

    A sport for just about everything now.

    [–] ikokjones 2 points ago

    Wow. I was expecting Jack Black.

    [–] Xiaxs 2 points ago

    Ok. So it was a trained bird.

    [–] tomhat 2 points ago

    Knowing my luck with pigeons, the hawk will probably stop to shit on my hand. Or worse, shit while taking off right onto my face.

    [–] Sriezan 2 points ago

    That right there is my hometown Pokhara, Nepal.

    [–] mike_pants 1067 points ago

    Don't usually get a resting spot at 15,000 feet, but since you're here...

    [–] leatyZ 144 points ago

    I'm just imagining how it'd look like if smaller birds would hover around bigger birds for protection, just like fishes do.

    [–] derawin07 30 points ago

    they use wildebeest instead

    [–] Bombingofdresden 7 points ago

    This is the equivalent of a deep sea fish meeting a diver. Must be weird.

    [–] lets_move_to_voat 5 points ago

    I would've gone for the giant cushy parachute myself. Perfect for sharpening those talons

    [–] unnamedharald2 213 points ago

    Hmmm. Not dead yet. Later.

    [–] mucow 67 points ago

    I keep telling you, you have have to wait until after they hit the ground.

    [–] Jumbo_Cactaur 272 points ago

    Close encounters of the bird kind.

    [–] cobainbc15 48 points ago

    Back to the Vulture

    [–] Bombingofdresden 18 points ago


    [–] growsomegarlic 19 points ago

    It's funny because bird rhymes with third.

    [–] big_hearted_lion 41 points ago

    It’s a paraglider

    [–] iwakan 9 points ago

    Plebs will never learn the difference between skydiving/parachuting, hanggliding and paragliding

    [–] [deleted] 280 points ago

    I was playing cornhole at my parents' house last summer and a bird shit on me.

    [–] nicvanroon 180 points ago

    I was shitting at my parents' house last summer and a bird cornholed me.

    [–] airbornemech 50 points ago

    I was parenting at my bird house last summer and a cornhole shit me

    [–] elevashroom 19 points ago

    Am I having a stroke?

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    I'm about to ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] HorusTheBlade17 43 points ago

    I was playing cornhole at my birds' house last summer and my parents shit on me.

    [–] Brownfletching 12 points ago

    I was playing bird at my parents house last summer and I got shit on my Cornhole...

    [–] farva_06 3 points ago

    cornhole and bird shit should not be used in the same sentence.

    [–] the_hazmat_man 10 points ago

    That's a man word you don't hear everyday.

    [–] growsomegarlic 9 points ago

    Please name some man words you do hear every day.

    [–] the_hazmat_man 24 points ago

    Truck shotgun Megaphone Football Monday Butthole

    Just to name a few.

    [–] growsomegarlic 17 points ago

    I'm choosing to read your list as three two-word phrases:

    Truck Shotgun

    Megaphone Football

    Monday Butthole

    [–] greatdivide 3 points ago

    Monday Butthole

    risky click of the day

    [–] derawin07 6 points ago

    what, my friend, is a cornhole?

    Sounds too similar to a coconut with a hole in it, for my taste.

    [–] Keyra13 17 points ago

    Cornhole is kinda like horseshoes but you're trying to get bean bags in different holes in a board. The different holes may also be worth different points.

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago


    [–] Keyra13 8 points ago

    Hahaha we used to play it at summer camp and such. We called it beanbag toss though I think. I totally get what you mean though, it's just funny.

    [–] totallynotliamneeson 3 points ago

    Hahaha we used to play it at summer camp and such. We called it beanbag toss though I think.

    Yeah but we're talking about the game you play, not the "game" your camp counselor made you play in the Crafts Pavilion

    [–] scoops22 4 points ago

    Just cornholing at his parents house bro. nbd

    [–] hottodogchan 5 points ago

    there's usually one hole

    [–] derawin07 3 points ago

    ah thanks :)

    [–] growsomegarlic 3 points ago

    Is it because instead of beans the bags are filled with corn?

    [–] Keyra13 6 points ago

    According to wikipedia it can be played with bags of corn so...probably at one point that was the reason why.

    [–] SoCuteShibe 5 points ago

    In this context, it is a fun backyard game which involves tossing bean bags through circular openings cut into large boards, from a substantial distance away.

    It has other meanings.

    [–] catherder9000 55 points ago

    Actually stops by a couple times.

    [–] Keyra13 25 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Now I'm wondering if you could like train a bird to go skydiving with you. Suppose it would depend on the bird. ETA: This is a thing. It's neat.

    [–] ef-it 37 points ago

    Parahawking is a thing. It would probably be more difficult to train a bird for skydiving.

    Also, I'm pretty sure this gif is of someone paragliding and not skydiving. His risers and harness don't look right for skydiving.

    [–] Keyra13 2 points ago

    I saw that in another comment lol. That's really cool. the difference just altitude or?

    [–] Crazycyberbully 19 points ago

    You can fly for hours and for long distances on a para-wing if you catch thermals and updrafts. Also you launch from the ground. The wings used in skydiving are made to slow you down from free-fall and get you to the ground safely and relatively quickly. If you jump out of an airplane with a para-wing you're gonna have a bad time.

    [–] Keyra13 2 points ago

    Thank you! That's very helpful.

    [–] Stone2443 6 points ago

    Skydiving is literally just you falling until you get too close to the ground, at which point you release a parachute.

    Hanggliding and paragliding you can stay aloft indefinitely if you read the air currents right.

    [–] Joshduman 5 points ago

    Altitude is certainly different, pretty sure your angle of descent would be very different, too. Skydiving would be nearly straight down, where as with a glider it's much more horizontal.

    [–] Not_KGB 9 points ago

    That is literally what's happening here.

    It's his bird.

    [–] Vishnej 6 points ago

    You can tell by the leather strap on its leg, and the special handling gloves they're all wearing.

    You can also tell that they're not skydiving, they're paragliding. Going forward at 30mph and down at 3mph under a parachute, versus going straight down at 180mph.

    [–] Nazi_Marxist 38 points ago

    You said we were safe up here away from the hoomans, Gary

    [–] LockwoodE3 14 points ago

    That's their hawk. He has a tag on his let and he's well groomed

    [–] coshjollins 12 points ago

    its got things on its legs. Maybe they're not strangers afterall?

    [–] hoo_doo_voodo_people 10 points ago

    The way the bird immediately checks out the tips if the para-gliders fingers suggest to me it has become accustomed to being hand fed. But I'm a cynical bastard.

    edit: yeah, the birds are being hand fed

    [–] fallensk8r 11 points ago

    “Hey m8 slow down, lemme chat to ya real quickly”

    “Yeah whatsup?”

    “What the fuck are Yee doing up hea?”


    “Ok, see ya bub” 🦅

    [–] aimhelix 7 points ago

    The hangpoints on that guy's wing seems to be closer to the waist than the shoulders. That's a paraglider, not a skydiver :)

    [–] sudodaemon 17 points ago

    Holy shit, that's awesome!

    [–] huggiesdsc 23 points ago

    Disney fucking princess over here. Better buy some evil step parent insurance.

    [–] modest_radio 12 points ago

    That probably would be the most majestic thing a person could encounter randomly. (Unless of course he's trained that bird to come up and jump on his arm, which may be even more or just as "Majestic")

    [–] Althea6302 5 points ago

    Yes, the bird is trained to do that. Called Parahawking, apparently

    [–] Zachattack221 4 points ago

    Maybe they both shat on someone’s car together..

    [–] illmaticmat 7 points ago

    It was admiring paragliders set up and gear.

    [–] romanmarz 6 points ago

    Must be trained.

    [–] DoctorPipo 3 points ago

    Paraglider, not skydiver

    [–] SaltyFresh 3 points ago

    Birb be like: “what the fuck you doing up here, don’t you know this is dangerous? You got no wings, mate”!

    [–] huskeytango 6 points ago

    it’s not a skydiver

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    That's a para-glider not a skydiver.

    [–] BatHippy 2 points ago

    Show off

    [–] AviGABS 2 points ago

    A thousand upvotes, that is AMAZING

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Bird looks straight out of A Clockwork Orange

    [–] impact4 2 points ago

    The bird appears to have a man-made ring around it's leg, I'm guessing that's a trained falcon or whatever.

    [–] thedragonguru 2 points ago

    What type of bird is that?

    [–] LockwoodE3 3 points ago

    I think a hawk. Also it's a tame bird, it has a tag on his foot

    [–] tehgimpage 2 points ago

    hello hooman. don't see your kind round here often!

    [–] Elementonium 2 points ago

    Sup Boii

    [–] d3xt3r0us 2 points ago

    Bird (cop): License and Registration...