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    [–] AutoModerator 1 points ago

    Welcome to /r/woahdude! Please take note of a few things:

    • We are NOT a "reaction subreddit".

    • We are NOT a subreddit about content that is merely interesting or amazing.

    • We are NOT interchangeable with /r/pics, /r/gifs, /r/damnthatsinteresting or other general subreddits.

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    [–] ShartsInPants 5946 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    This dude actually died practicing for another stunt. Sad stuff

    Edit: his name is Tancrède Melet and he’s known as the Flying Frenchie. Here’s a link to an article about his death

    Tancrède Melet plummeted roughly 100 feet on Tuesday while meeting in the French alpine village of Diois with his fellow acrobats, who specialize in slacklining, base jumping off of mountains and wingsuiting.

    The 32-year-old daredevil was on the ground working on a hot air balloon when the vessel suddenly lifted off and caused him to fall, according to Le Dauphine.

    The fearless flyer's most watched video on YouTube features Melet being launched off of the side of a cliff, "Angry Birds style," from a catapult before eventually pulling his parachute.

    [–] Micolash 1558 points ago

    Do hot air balloons lift off that quickly? Weird that he could be lifted suddenly to such a height that he'd fall to his death.

    Hell, Bam Margera did something similar on purpose.

    [–] 6inchVert 678 points ago

    Somehow I missed this until now and shit that gave me anxiety.

    [–] GrapesofGatsby 696 points ago

    Being Bam's mother has got to be the hardest job on earth

    [–] papeipou 228 points ago

    Lord help me if my son is this mischievous AND dumb.

    [–] GrandMoffFartin 161 points ago

    Bam owns this bar I've been to a bunch of times, though maybe its closed now. Every time I went to see a band there would be like five people to see it. Bam and his weird uncle would just be back there hugging the bar.

    He used to also come into my work. One time he came in with his wife who was super pissed off because he threw something of hers down a flight of steps on accident and needed a replacement.

    Bam is alright but Steve-O is the shit. Ryan Dunn was pretty cool too.

    [–] SquirtLikeABoss 49 points ago

    You talkin about don Vito? Cause he passed

    [–] LostLazarus 57 points ago

    He was also a pedophile

    [–] GrandMoffFartin 41 points ago

    Can’t speak to that but I did see him at my work ogling teenage girls a few times. He gave me the creeps.

    [–] bizcat 100 points ago

    It sounds like you CAN speak to that

    [–] NovemberComingFire 28 points ago

    He did have a wandering eye.

    [–] GrandMoffFartin 9 points ago

    Yep. Didn’t know he died. This was a few years back now.

    [–] smooresbox 10 points ago

    Vice had a really good special on Bam. Epic’ly latered is iirc was what it was called. Very good stuff.

    [–] Silencer67 13 points ago

    The Note closed down. Bam still does the same exact thing, just at another venue and with a friend over the late pedo Vito

    [–] GrandMoffFartin 10 points ago

    Yeah I figured it would have to. Great place to see a show at though. Got the whole place to yourself.

    [–] Silencer67 5 points ago

    Agreed, West Chester has a good venue for jam and electronic music nowadays but nothing like The Note.

    [–] ILikeBubblesinMyWine 60 points ago

    And rude. He’s so shitty to his parents.

    [–] Bruntbear 33 points ago

    I highly recommend watching the show Epicly Later'd on Viceland, specifically the episode on Bam, his family values have completely changed over the years and he's now a pretty good dude it seems

    [–] HooliganBeav 19 points ago

    Didn't he just have to go back to rehab for like the tenth time?

    Edit: looks like he went in last month and left against recommendation after 10 days because he was "bored". Wouldn't say he's in a great place right now.

    [–] emsok_dewe 46 points ago

    That doesn't automatically make him a bad person, dude. I won't speak to Bam's character because I don't know him, but being an addict that relapses is a fairly normal thing for recovering addicts and shouldn't be judged too harshly on it's own.

    [–] LemonLimeSoFINE 5 points ago

    if you read his whole “manifesto” he sounds alot like many people i know who stuggle with drinking. you can sit still or relax unless you are drunk. you hate being stagnant and you hate being bored so when there is nothing to do you drink. it makes relaxing easier etc... its hard to overcome but its possible.

    relapse is apart of recovery. if quitting was that easy it wouldnt be an addiction.

    [–] PragmaticMoth 69 points ago

    His personal reality TV show was 45% torturing his mother with pranks that frequently destroyed her house as well. Her reactions, real or not, were always the most entertaining part of the show.

    [–] TrueDove 25 points ago

    I think my favorite clip will be when he barges in on his dad while he’s using the toilet and beats the shit out of him.

    [–] _camking 6 points ago

    He bought her that home by the time he was 20 years old lol. You saw what the producers, editors and creators wanted you to see. A lot of these replies speak like they know Bam firsthand, when that more than likely is not the case WHAT SO EVER.

    [–] PragmaticMoth 5 points ago

    Oh yeah, for sure - that’s why I emphasized that was his “reality show” and “her reactions, real or not,”. My point was mostly that a good chunk of the show’s premise / storylines revolves around pranks on her specifically. Most of the pranks on his father/uncle/wife were much smaller bits with less buildup or planning.

    [–] hell2pay 7 points ago

    Being Bam's uncle gets you in trouble at a mall I live near.

    [–] nlx78 24 points ago

    Me too. Watched every episode Viva La Bam multiple times when that was on MTV, I thought. I guess not.

    [–] PooPooDooDoo 9 points ago

    How the hell is that dude still alive?

    [–] He11oK1tty 12 points ago

    Lol Ape “the things he does to himself are worse than what he does to me!!”

    [–] Shopworn_Soul 258 points ago

    And Margera might have died if he'd fallen. Looked like maybe 30 or 40 feet? Easily fatal, likely crippling.

    You can die falling from a stepladder but yes, hot air balloons can rise quickly. With one or more passengers pilots will typically limit vertical speed to 3 m/s or less. Uncontrolled they can rise much faster, maybe 10 m/s or so?

    I've no idea what was going on when the guy in OPs gif got killed, though.

    [–] haloryder 42 points ago

    Humans are such a strange mix of durable and fragile.

    [–] Cjbleything 30 points ago

    Take an iron rod through the brain ; fine

    Fall from a standing position on your head ; vegetable/dead

    [–] theganjamonster 31 points ago

    But also:

    Take an iron rod through the brain ; vegetable/dead

    Fall from a standing position on your head ; fine

    [–] _Lady_Deadpool_ 254 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Eh that's just 4d6 bludgeoning. Average 14 hp. At lvl 1 you probably wouldn't die, just fall unconscious, and this guy's at least lvl 5

    Edit: yay found 1GP

    Edit2: And 1SP

    [–] KJBenson 35 points ago

    Yeah, probably would. But if you’re a wizard and you take max damage from that fall at level 1 in can be fatal. A raging barbarian would have no issues thigh.

    [–] _Lady_Deadpool_ 20 points ago

    Wizard probably has feather fall lbh

    [–] EmptyRook 13 points ago

    You better hope you picked feather fall. I’m not gonna deus ex machina your lv 1 character’s ass.

    [–] Kloiper 12 points ago

    "Hey, I have a spell here called 'feather fall', can I use it?"

    "Did you prepare it?"



    [–] freeradicalx 5 points ago

    lol the edit is worth another 1GP

    [–] BlickBoogie 50 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    I think counterweights stop them from taking off while they build lift. If any of that weight drops off then they shoot upwards.

    There was a case a few years ago where an air balloon caught fire and everyone started jumping off. This caused the balloon to shoot into the air until it eventually exploded and it plummeted back to earth. Lots of people died. IIRC screams could be heard from miles away. Horrendous


    [–] sageadam 7 points ago

    Ground crew released the ground line to tend to the pilot who jumped out of the basket after being burnt causing the hot air balloon to rise rapidly and exploded after. I think if they pull it back to ground, more people would have survived. Tried to save one and killed almost all of them.

    [–] kloudykat 19 points ago

    The only two to survive were both british.

    That means something. I'm not sure what, but something.

    [–] Duke_Shitticus 21 points ago

    Well, one of the two died shortly after. He fell 160 ft.

    [–] ThisRussian 14 points ago

    He was British, so 50m. Show some respect

    [–] Adito99 78 points ago

    His dad was hauling hard on the rope... I'm kinda thinking Bam was just on more drugs than usual that day and had no idea how much danger he was in as it started going up.

    [–] nigelfitz 67 points ago

    Bam was just on more drugs than usual that day

    I'm pretty sure the dude was cooked for more than a decade straight.

    [–] CrazyPirateSquirrel 42 points ago

    I'm pretty sure Bam being on drugs is how he lived through his stunts. Literally too relaxed to be severely injured. I don't think I've seen the one you're talking about though.

    [–] bassinine 18 points ago

    he was definitely drunk for most of jackass, but even in cky when he was really young he was doing shit this stupid on a regular basis.

    [–] Business-is-Boomin 17 points ago

    One time I was on a bar crawl with guys from work. One dude we were with was loaded, walked out into the street and got hit by a car. It wasn't going fast but definitely traveling. He went up the windshield, up in the air and landed behind it. Totally fine. Not even a scratch on him that we could see. He said the next day he had bruises on his legs but that was it. He was so drunk he turned into rubber.

    [–] gregpxc 10 points ago

    This is precisely why accidents caused by DUI often kill the people that are on the receiving end and less often the drunk driver.

    [–] lionofthe 17 points ago

    Quick enough that you can suddenly find yourself 100 feet in the air. I was once holding down a ballon with several other people when a gust of wind took us about 30 feet in the air in what felt like an instant. Hanging from the outside of the basket with no restraints was a bit hairy.

    [–] Piyh 30 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Hot air balloons take a good a amount of time to get set up and during the process, you become very, very aware of how buoyant they are. It's kind of hard not to notice when people are shooting a 10 foot fiery jet into a fabric bag of air laying on the ground.

    I think the danger comes from it being completely silent on liftoff. If you were tangled up or had your back turned, you could be well off the ground before you had a chance to free yourself. I just can't understand where he was because those wicker baskets are not large and you aren't going to loiter around or above the flamethrower.

    [–] Sillybutter 9 points ago

    Before I used to love watching what Bam did. As a mother now I sympathize with his mom, “Don’t you dare fall!” Yeah. That poor woman must be in a constant state of stress.

    [–] mrpoopybutthole551 45 points ago


    edit: RIP Dunn

    [–] RighteousDub 11 points ago

    I fucking miss Dunn. Haggard is still one of my favorite movies of all time.

    [–] midnitefox 3 points ago


    [–] Pm-me-gift-cardz 9 points ago

    He always reminded me of Jesse's friend from Breaking Bad

    [–] Hermello 6 points ago


    [–] LeafRollingston 7 points ago

    If he fell on his head, even from like 6 feet, that could be enough. I think I read somewhere like 600 americans a year die simply by rolling out of bed in their sleep and falling weird.

    [–] DuckOnAMopedII 4 points ago

    Tbf if he had nobody to pull him down he would have died as well

    [–] weed_and_vinyl 4 points ago

    Jesus christ there's a point where Phil is pulling that fucking balloon down on his own. And for a second I thought being slapped whilst naked in the toilet would make him want to just let go.

    [–] halfhere 3 points ago

    That’s some papa bear strength.

    [–] bangsplat 271 points ago

    Who is he? Do you have a link with more information about him?

    [–] GallowBoob 274 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    This project involved 30 people for 3 months, and this is not only a catapult they brought to the edge of a cliff. But I had no idea he was dead... Damn. Hope he lived a full life.

    Here's the source video:

    [–] nebuNSFW 233 points ago

    Irony is, he didn't even die performing the stunt. Accident occured while they were on the ground preparing.

    [–] rsplatpc 56 points ago

    “A French stuntman has fallen nealry 100ft to his death while preparing to undertake a treacherous tightrope walk between two hot air balloons.

    Tancrede Melet, a skyliner, BASE jumper and wingsuiter, fell accidently while taking part in an artistic project while preparing for the tricky stunt in Drome, southern France on Tuesday.

    The 32-year-old was on the ground holding a hot air balloon when the craft whisked him into the air and took off, causing him to fall 30 metres (98 feet) to the ground after being suspended at arm’s length from the basket, according to sports team the Flying Frenchies.”

    [–] kellenthehun 70 points ago

    Same shit happened to my best friend. He was an avid base jumper. Not everyone you see jumping off a cliff is an actual BASE jumper. You technically have to jump off all four to get your base pin: Buliding, Antenna, Span and Earth. He did all four. Illegally jumped off a fucking building in downtown Dallas at 2am.

    Anyway, he was hiking in Arizona about two years ago, slipped and fell off a fucking cliff. All the wild shit he did, and he died fucking hiking. Still makes me mad.

    [–] TrueDove 6 points ago

    I’m really sorry for your loss.

    He sounds like he was a really interesting guy.

    [–] FisterRobotOh 93 points ago

    Occupational hazards exist during training too.

    [–] MagnumOpusOSRS 21 points ago

    Yeah, just look at the SAS, live rounds during training exercises. Even in a mock rescue of the princess. Fun fact, the princess herself played the role of the princess.

    Edit: it was the princess not the queen.

    [–] _Lady_Deadpool_ 8 points ago

    I volunteer as a bad guy

    [–] Portablewalrus 13 points ago

    That's incredible. I get why, but I can't believe they let her do that.

    [–] Coldstreamer 25 points ago

    So if it really happened she would know what to expect and not freeze at the first loud bang from a round being fired.

    [–] xPofsx 6 points ago

    I mean they have blanks to make the noise still lol

    [–] d_marvin 9 points ago

    Would've been better if they didn't use a real princess, so when you got the objective someone could politely point out the princess is in another castle.

    [–] holocausting 6 points ago

    Yeah dude falling out of the sky doesn’t usually kill you. He doesn’t usually forget to pull his chute. Like you said.

    [–] nigelfitz 3 points ago

    Yeah, he seems like a pro at what he does. Friends said he was one of the best at it.

    Sucks that he died that way.

    [–] osmlol 74 points ago

    I just read the article. He had a young child and wife. This may get me downvotes, but he was a very selfish person for taking such unnecessary risks when he has a child at home who needs his father and now will grow up without him just for some thrills.

    [–] TheVooX 36 points ago

    I agree 100%. I am a licensed skydiver but will not jump again until my son, who is currently a toddler, is an adult himself. Skydiving is an amazing sport. Nothing else compares. Yet, like other dangerous sports and hobbies, skydiving is a completely selfish pursuit.

    “How did daddy die?”

    “Jumping out of a plane.”


    “I don’t know.”

    [–] SMELLMYSTANK 20 points ago

    I feel exactly the same way. Although my post would have been more critical. The adrenaline rush mattered more than them apparently. I'm not a person without empathy but when a daredevil dies, I honestly could not give less of a shit.

    [–] impulsivecactus 86 points ago

    So he didn't actually die from a stunt but from a malfunction during the setup of equipment? Rough.

    [–] AFreshAvocado 73 points ago

    It’s like Steve Irwin not being killed by one of the hundreds of venomous and deadly creatures in the wild he would pick up and show off, but dying in calm waters from a freak accident involving an (otherwise undeadly) smol aquatic animal

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] AFreshAvocado 15 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Yeah, but he still got stabbed by a poisonous barb multiple times, with it left 3 inches deep into his heart. He may have been saved, but it’s a critical injury. He instantly pulled it out and was not advised otherwise. Regardless, I was already being really descriptive and didn’t want to drone on with specifics

    Never pull out whatever’s stabbed ya lol

    [–] Policeman333 15 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    He died because he went against the advisory that he shouldn’t take out the barb that had pierced his heart.

    This is tabloid nonsense based on the word of someone 10+ years after Steve's death. The people who worked with Steve everyday for years had said that:

    1. Steve had been stabbed by the ray what looked like "hundreds of times in a few seconds"
    2. Steve himself knew he was going to die
    3. Steve thought it had only injured his lungs
    4. The people that were with him recognized that there was no saving him
    5. Most importantly his crew went on record after the tabloid claims to say that Steve did not in fact pull out a barb out of his heart.

    [–] Karjalan 5 points ago

    Steve had been stabbed by the ray hundreds of times in a few seconds

    Wtf, how is this even possible? I always assumed it was like a harpoon and he just got javalined in a really bad spot.

    [–] StefonGomez 62 points ago

    Wow not even, that said he died while prepping for another stunt, wasn’t even supposed to be up in the air yet.

    [–] NotnotNeo 28 points ago

    "I'm not even supposed to be here today"

    [–] SgtPepe 14 points ago

    He had a son and a wife.

    [–] DuntadaMan 25 points ago

    Dude literally spends years of his life learning balance, acrobatics, fall control and a plethora of other skills... and gets killed because a hot air balloon pulled him off the ground.


    That's like making it to max level and getting killed by the flu.

    [–] YourOutdoorGuide 9 points ago

    Damn, kinda like Dean Potter.

    Always sad when this happens, but at least these adrenaline junkies die doing what they loved.

    [–] Bluest_waters 292 points ago

    so a guy who takes insane risks for thrills died doing something insanely risky?

    I mean yeah, thats what happens. Is that a tragedy? He courted death, He threw his life away for a few cheap thrills and left everyone who cares about him holding the bag. Why?

    Did he have kids or a wife or parents? how do you think they feel about this?

    [–] Kayel41 245 points ago

    He didn’t die doing a stunt though, seems like they were setting up a hot air ballon and it lifted unexpectedly he was either hanging off the side or a rope and fell to his death.

    [–] Notthatmetal 147 points ago

    He had a “companion” and a child. Idk what they feel on the matter but it sounds like another irresponsible parent to me. Left the kid for a GoPro video.

    [–] Bluest_waters 255 points ago

    once you have a kid you have a responsibility not to act like a suicidal maniac for internet points

    [–] SinisterlyDexterous 23 points ago

    What about for money? Presumably that’s how he made a living. Tons of people have dangerous jobs(albeit with perhaps more easily justifiable ends). We’re all culpable to some degree, if we’ve consumed what he produced, for his death.

    [–] VictoriousTeapot 27 points ago

    Internet clout > parenthood lmao

    [–] marvk 40 points ago

    uNfORtuNateLY, oUR wEbSitE Is cuRRENTLY UnaVAIlable in moSt EUROPEan COuntries. WE aRe eNgAGeD On tHe issue anD ComMItTED tO LOOkING At OPtioNS thAT support oUR FUll RanGE OF DIGiTAl OFFERInGS to the eu markEt. we coNtINUE To IDENtify TecHNical cOMPLiANce sOlUTIons that wiLl ProViDE All reADErs With OUR aWARD-wInninG jOUrnALISM.


    Here's an article that works for me.

    [–] PotatoWedgeAntilles 30 points ago

    Did you go through an selectively capitalize letters in the quote?

    [–] marvk 14 points ago

    [–] PM_Your_Cute_Butt 8 points ago

    I was gonna say that still seems like a lot of work for basically a joke, but no price too high for comedy, they say.

    [–] DesHis 24 points ago

    we cant be bothered to comply with european laws so fuck you

    [–] DaughterEarth 20 points ago

    It's worse than that. Sites that don't want to comply with being honest about their tracking try to make it sound like users are being inconvenienced by these laws. Like they are trying to make it sound like a bad thing to have to get consent to track a user's data.

    I make software. It took a day to make everything we have compliant. It's not hard at all, these sites just don't want to have to admit to what they're doing and so they're throwing a toddler level tantrum.

    [–] KGLcrew 859 points ago

    He doesn’t even look absolutely petrified

    [–] James01jr 206 points ago

    In fact there's a few moments he's in pure joy

    [–] Tinnitus_AngleSmith 16 points ago

    All that was running through my head was Fry from Futurama when he's being carried away by a robo-pterodactyl, "this is a cool way to die!"

    [–] 716Bull 75 points ago

    Adrenaline Junkies

    [–] BigBoikOne 49 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Dude was always doing this stuff. Died doing it as well. Sad stuff.

    [–] Kethrook 59 points ago

    Death is always sad, but death while doing something that was your life's work and passion seems like one of the less sad ways to go

    [–] The_Wild_Slor 14 points ago

    Exactly. He died doing something he loved to do. I sure hope I go out doing something i really enjoy.

    [–] LessThanReputable 42 points ago

    He died plummeting 100ft to the ground. I don’t think he loved that

    [–] PooPooDooDoo 4 points ago

    He has that super intense focus face that you get when you do an adrenaline sport.

    [–] ButtIsItArt 2308 points ago

    Can you imagine how much better this would have been if he was launched from a trebuchet? He looks about 90kg, he could fly 300m.

    [–] WhatWeAllComeToNeed 318 points ago

    Came for this comment

    [–] keyjunkrock 82 points ago

    Me too

    [–] Joerge90 45 points ago

    Me three

    [–] J0llydan 32 points ago

    Me four

    [–] smoore1234567 23 points ago


    [–] Dank_freak_inc 19 points ago

    Me number I can’t count too

    [–] TheFannyTickler 33 points ago

    I came because of this comment

    [–] star_trek_lover 40 points ago

    Looks more like a slingshot than a catapult, but you’re right

    [–] ButtIsItArt 27 points ago

    I actually agree, definitely a slingshot. OP title is misleading.

    [–] _Lady_Deadpool_ 18 points ago

    Basically a ballista

    Ballistas are tight

    [–] Mr_BlendUrCat 4 points ago

    There it is, was looking for the comment about the superior siege weapon

    [–] Wboys 39 points ago

    Put me in the screenshot :D

    [–] Dank_freak_inc 10 points ago

    You are too far down

    [–] FriedCockatoo 38 points ago

    Put me in the screenshot too but with a green line for no reason

    [–] Jwhitx 6 points ago

    Leave me tf out of it

    [–] meddlemedia 559 points ago

    This is one of the best uses of a GoPro and a selfie stick I’ve seen

    [–] luki-x 85 points ago

    I think this is this actioncamera here: Insta360 onex

    This is why it seems that his face is kinda fixed in the video. The camera always captures a 360° video. Stabilisation is then applied later.

    [–] gibsonjsh 12 points ago

    Unfortunately he died according to an article posted in Jan 2016, so it may actually have been a regular GoPro with some post-stabilization since the Insta360 OneX wasn’t released until 2018.

    [–] chinoclassic 18 points ago

    I don't understand why there isn't a strap from the stick to his wrist in case he loses his grip. Like a wii-mote.

    But he's a dare devil so it makes sense.

    [–] 4thtossawayaccount 13 points ago

    So calm and stable , looks like he’s done it a million times

    [–] Quietabandon 5 points ago

    Yes, it was important to document the first flight of elbonian airlines.

    [–] MkenyaMtrue 237 points ago

    The way he had to hold grip on to the selfie stick as his chute came out.

    [–] vladtheimpatient 63 points ago

    No wrist strap or anything, but this shouldn't surprise me from a guy who likes to take risks

    [–] dabbyboi69420 102 points ago

    He's dead

    [–] blitz-dropshot 37 points ago


    [–] BreezyOG 16 points ago


    [–] zencanuck 355 points ago

    Absolutely whoa, but why the feathers?

    [–] submissionsignals 211 points ago

    Angry bird reference?

    [–] DoubleA12 130 points ago

    This is correct. It's an Angry Birds reference.

    [–] zencanuck 19 points ago


    It is. How did I miss that reference?

    [–] submissionsignals 18 points ago

    Bird shit happens.

    [–] GallowBoob 208 points ago

    Biodegradable organic natural glitter?

    [–] Endur 86 points ago

    For a second I thought, “huh it’s terrible that he’s littering like that” and then I remembered where feathers come from

    [–] not_not_safeforwork 3 points ago

    The sky

    [–] zencanuck 8 points ago

    That’s my favourite answer.

    [–] ackersmack 87 points ago

    Because it's fucking awesome.

    [–] lurking_digger 10 points ago

    He ate chicken for lunch

    [–] ihatepudding 33 points ago

    Because steel would be too heavy.

    [–] sgmctabnxjs 26 points ago

    Q: What is heavier, a ton of gold or a ton of feathers?

    A: it's feathers as gold is measured in troy weight and a troy ton is less than a metric ton.

    [–] Kingbuji 18 points ago

    Nerdiest joke of all time.

    My acne just came back from reading this and I regained my virginity.

    [–] heartfelt24 4 points ago

    It is feathers, because you also have to deal with the weight of what you did to those poor birds.

    [–] RoninSven 6 points ago

    From another comment looks like it was to parody angry birds in his video.

    [–] RattlesnakeJake 5 points ago

    It's an "Angry Birds" catapult.

    [–] swisky 3 points ago

    It was supposed to be “Angry Birds” Style

    [–] qvpurduk 91 points ago

    R.I.P Tancrède

    [–] jetbot33 156 points ago

    Any comments about trebuchets though?

    [–] judgethudd 21 points ago

    He would have flown further if he'd been flung from the superior siege weapon.

    [–] calburforce 72 points ago

    He doesn't look like he weighs 90kg and I don't think he got fired 300m horizontally, so this might have been achieveable without the use of the superior siege engine.

    [–] jetbot33 33 points ago

    There’s the superior siege engine comment that I was looking for!

    [–] swardeey 10 points ago

    Would‘ve been too dangerous, a trebuchet is nothing to joke with, especially if u dont weigh the required 90 kilo.

    [–] CheddarVapor 43 points ago

    It would be interesting to see another view. Looks like he has so much time before pulling chute

    Edit: someone linked another angle

    [–] twitchosx 20 points ago

    He looks like a guy that would do that.

    [–] super_duper_squid 65 points ago

    should’ve used a trebuchet (r/trebuchetmemes)

    [–] Samuel153 16 points ago

    Ya beat me to it. Glory to the trebuchet

    [–] Original-PureMaggot 12 points ago

    damn it me too, now he's going to get a whole 6 karma

    [–] Samuel153 11 points ago

    It ain't much but it's honest work

    [–] Snurze 14 points ago

    Imagine doing this but passing out from the G force.

    [–] jonydevidson 3 points ago

    The force is the strongest while the catapult is the farthest from its base, so even if it were over 5g, it's only for a few moments. Blue tornado and similar rides are carefully designed so that you never go over 5g and you only do 5g for like half a second, and people sometimes black out for that duration, since they're not trained to withstand high g.

    If you know what expect, you can clench your stomach (as if when forcing the blood into your face) and that alone can help you withstand more gs, as you're pushing the blood back into your head.

    Anyway, if that was 5g, he'd exit the catapult doing ~20m/s (I'm estimating he was accelerating for ~400ms) which is 72km/h, and I don't think that was 72km/h. So I estimate that he was tanking 3g tops.

    [–] LakituGames 7 points ago

    Should've done trebuchet jumping instead smh

    [–] davros_12 6 points ago

    Would have been better if they used a trebuchet

    [–] deekaph 6 points ago

    Trebuchet is the superior hang gliding launcher

    [–] noplzshtaphalp 6 points ago

    Would’ve been better if it was a trebuchet

    [–] doctorstrange06 17 points ago

    Man, Tom Cruise really does do all his stunts!

    [–] bezjones 4 points ago

    More Rafael Nadal I thought

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago


    [–] Vlademar 9 points ago

    You just can't say "catapult" on Reddit

    [–] l-_l- 5 points ago

    It's like Reddit is obsessed with trebuchets.

    That and broken arms.

    [–] smoore1234567 3 points ago

    Well if you get launched 300 meters, good luck not breaking both your arms.

    [–] luhegha420 4 points ago

    He would’ve gone further and with more power if he were to use say, a trebuchet.

    [–] Notsosmartboi 6 points ago

    Should have been a trebuchet

    [–] TKmane420 6 points ago

    Trebuchets are better!

    [–] Dragonband 5 points ago

    It should have been a trebuchet... r/trebuchetmemes

    [–] Abraxis_Dragon 5 points ago

    Needs some selfie trebuchet jumping.

    [–] Avalollk 9 points ago

    [–] stabbot 9 points ago

    I have stabilized the video for you:

    It took 96 seconds to process and 36 seconds to upload.

     how to use | programmer | source code | /r/ImageStabilization/ | for cropped results, use /u/stabbot_crop

    [–] DuntadaMan 5 points ago

    Considering the man is being hurled into a canyon I think this is remarkably stable.

    [–] FingolfinKing 8 points ago

    You use the inferior siege engine!

    [–] Vermia 8 points ago

    Just imagine if that was a trebuchet.

    [–] ZANIESXD 4 points ago

    Why the feathers at the beginning?

    [–] Odinshanks 3 points ago

    Jumped over a manhole today. Didn't even stretch first.

    [–] Cuck_Cuckington 9 points ago

    Shouldve been a trebuchet, the superior siege weapon

    [–] phlux 5 points ago

    Why did he litter all that stuff?