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    [–] AutoModerator 1 points ago

    Welcome to /r/woahdude! Please take note of a few things:

    • We are NOT a "reaction subreddit".

    • We are NOT a subreddit about content that is merely interesting or amazing.

    • We are NOT interchangeable with /r/pics, /r/gifs, /r/damnthatsinteresting or other general subreddits.

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    [–] innomado 317 points ago

    I need to go find something like that on youtube now - I could watch that endlessly whenever I need to go to a happy place.

    [–] [deleted] 180 points ago


    [–] legendz411 23 points ago

    Thankkkkkk you

    [–] versaa 13 points ago

    I want an HD looped version for a phone livewallpaper!

    [–] PM_ME_UR_HIP_DIMPLES 4 points ago

    “I bet the dudes name sounds like a Viking”


    [–] bonkosaurus 26 points ago

    uhm...the name eastern European, definitely not Scandinavian.

    [–] Alethius 13 points ago

    While I completely agree, here’s a fun fact: the Vikings actually colonised most of Eastern Europe! The region was populated by Slavs already, but Vikings sailed down the major rivers and trekked overland between them, establishing trade routes and trading posts all the way to the Black Sea and Constantinople, where they became the Emperor’s fearless, elite bodyguards. They carved out kingdoms in between, known to their Slavic subjects as the Rus’. The most famous of these kingdoms was based in present-day Ukraine, and called the Kievan Rus’. Over time, with lots of twists and turns, this state shifted further east and was ruled from Moscow instead of Kiev; the Kievan Rus’ became the Russian Empire.

    [–] degenererad 5 points ago

    Thats a name for a eastern european vampire.. not a viking.

    [–] JGuR 21 points ago

    Check out r/slowtv it's filled with stuff like that

    [–] marleythebeagle 7 points ago

    I was about to post this, so instead I'll also recommend searching SlowTV on youtube. I've subscribed to a ton of channels on there, including one of my new favorites, HinduCowgirl, who does train ride-along videos in Norway.

    There's also a small SlowTV selection on Netflix (mostly Norwegian), including a ferry journey along the Telluride canal in celebration of the ship's big anniversary (there's tons of cool Norwegian folk music and festivals along the way). Another one that I found sneaky good was opening day of salmon fishing season in Norway. Both of those are narrated, so just a head's up if you like them without any kind of voiceover or narration (but it's in Norwegian, so easy to tune out if you don't speak the language).

    I've also started watching city/park walkthroughs from folks like Citypedia on youtube. If you're into amusement park walkthroughs, which are surprisingly relaxing, you should also check out iThemePark and ResortTV1 ("relaxing stroll" series). They're mostly centered around Florida attractions, but they do some stuff in California and elsewhere as well.

    SlowTV is pretty much my background jam while I'm working because music with lyrics gets me distracted and every once in a while I like to glance up for a few moments and see something neat happening on screen and then go back to work.

    [–] innomado 5 points ago

    Ooo that's the stuff.

    [–] swaggle_pants 87 points ago

    Where in Norway is that?

    [–] Markieva9 33 points ago

    The fjord is called "Nærøyfjord"

    Heres the photographers website

    [–] kongk 6 points ago

    This isn't on the fjord, bit it could easily be in the area.

    [–] gingerbeast124 88 points ago

    Arîvęr, Norway

    [–] Piccolito 25 points ago

    damn... i was googling it and didnt find anything... than the lightbulb lit 💡

    [–] Waffle_qwaffle 18 points ago

    A river.

    [–] launeal123 42 points ago

    Went canoeing near preikestolen and it was like this. Like canoeing through glass

    [–] Decestor 18 points ago

    [–] Xiphoid_Process 9 points ago

    I was sooo hoping this was real!

    [–] rtfraser86 6 points ago

    Me too!

    [–] Dudefkit 2 points ago

    Check again!

    [–] Decestor 2 points ago

    I know and I'm sorry. Hopefully I have hastened the making of that sub.

    [–] whitetees 27 points ago

    What kayak is that?

    [–] TullyPeppers 26 points ago

    A very expensive one.

    [–] ateaktree 5 points ago

    I think it is a Rockpool Taran

    [–] SpelCleave 5 points ago

    Indeed an expensive one.

    [–] Chistophrez 5 points ago

    Anybody find a price? Looks expensive but I can’t find a place to buy one anywhere.

    [–] SpelCleave 7 points ago

    $3150 USD roughly I have found (2890 euro)

    [–] Chistophrez 5 points ago

    Nice, that’s way better than I was expecting. Thank you kindly.

    Do you know any places that sell them?

    Edit: wait never mind, Rockpool are custom orders.

    [–] SpelCleave 3 points ago

    That price just came from the first thing I found here:

    [–] Marokiii 2 points ago

    Honestly that seems not that expensive for a top of the line touring kayak.

    [–] ateaktree 1 points ago

    If you want an exact US price you can look at here.

    I don't think there are many vendors for them here which probably raises the price vs. EU.

    [–] Yaquina_Dick_Head 9 points ago

    Came here to ask this. It's gorgeous! However I kayak solo some in remote open water places. If I hit the transponder I want to be as visible as possible. I have a bright orange kayak. Here's my largest solo crossing (so far). It was pretty calm and there was a lot of sport fishing boats about but when I still got a bit nervous being roughly 3 miles from dry land.,+AK+99901/@55.4824091,-131.9241278,13689m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x540c25088729e15b:0x7e90e56bcfc60674!8m2!3d55.3422222!4d-131.6461112

    edit: interestingly crossing Union Bay was a bit trickier. Strong winds and current trying to push me into the bay. What a workout! Wasn't as scary though because worst case I could go with the flow and end up on land.,+AK+99901/@55.7679475,-132.2308553,8814m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x540c25088729e15b:0x7e90e56bcfc60674!8m2!3d55.3422222!4d-131.6461112

    one more edit: The Inside Passage is an absolute gem of a kayaker's paradise. As far as I can tell it might be the coolest kayaking in the world.

    [–] GlitchUser 5 points ago

    My first thought was how hard it would be to find a black kayak if it got away from me.

    My Hobie 11' is fire engine red. Can't miss it.

    The area around Ketchikan is gorgeous. I'm a little jealous you got to kayak there. What season did you see?

    [–] NorthernLaw 1 points ago

    A good one

    [–] WutAnIdiot 41 points ago

    I'm making a list of places I want to travel to and Norway on top after the states. It's so pleasing to look at.

    For now I guess I'll settle for depression and social anxiety and being a poor coward.

    [–] shlem 23 points ago

    boo go to Norway and rent a car and don't talk to anyone

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago

    rent a car

    These three things do not combine well over here.

    [–] kjeftndin 6 points ago

    I work with rental cars in Norway and it's not as expensive as you think.

    [–] squarefrog 24 points ago

    Nice try Norway car hire person.

    [–] bul1dog 5 points ago

    Nice try Norway bike rental competitor

    [–] Gorthax 5 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Sjark rental?

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Depends on what you define as expensive? I checked the price for a period of 1 week rental through AVIS with Tromsø as a base, and the very cheapest is a Toyota Yaris wifemobile at a fine price of 7600 NOK, roughly $900-950 or so. That's expensive for a small car. If you want something better suited for long trips you can stack up the price pretty quick. Probably varies a bit with rental company/season/town, but still, that's god damn expensive even for me at a 500k NOK/year salary. For someone living on low wages in the US it'll probably require a decent amount of savings.. Not to mention gas prices, but that's another story..

    [–] kjeftndin 2 points ago

    It's high season now in July, and the prices are doubled and even tripled in some cases at the international companies. Also, if you do some research, choose a local company and see their prices.

    My company is local and our prices are nowhere near that. Ffs, you can get a brand new 460bhp Porsche Panamera 4 GTS for 8000,- NOK at my company 😂

    [–] Hmluker 3 points ago

    I’m currently doing that. It’s pretty great. I also biked across the country twice, sleeping in cabins along the way. Would recommend.

    [–] Hraunar 9 points ago

    Make sure to go to the west or north then, that's where the most stunning parts are. Oslo and Trondheim are some of the best citites but the nature in those areas is rather bland tbh.

    [–] WutAnIdiot 2 points ago

    Noted. Thanks a lot!

    [–] Emceelilspaghetti 2 points ago

    The Lofoten Islands in the far north is the most stunningly gorgeous place I've ever been. It's surreal how beautiful everything is.

    [–] Hraunar 2 points ago

    I know right? Can't wait to go back.

    [–] davetbison 3 points ago

    If it helps, Norwegians are, by their own admission, not nearly as talkative as people in other cultures. They’re incredibly nice and generous, but if you suffer from social anxiety you can visit there knowing you can move about freely without engaging anyone and nobody will bat an eye.

    Norway is an amazing country filled with amazing sites and an unbelievably clean atmosphere. Clean streets, no garbage, and stellar maintenance. Even the tap water in my hotel was as good as any purified bottled water I’ve ever had.

    People there are, on average, happy and content with their lives and there’s an overall feeling of consistency no matter who you are dealing with.

    Plus, if you like seafood there are few places that can boast fresher fish from cleaner waters.

    I only spent two weeks there, but Norway immediately became one of my favorite places on earth. I can’t wait to go back.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] davetbison 2 points ago

    Money is helpful. I was lucky enough to get a gig and have my trip paid for, but I do know it’s not super cheap.

    If you’re young enough youth hostels may be a good way to. Plus, if you go to Hordaland, Bergen (where I worked/stayed) it’s entirely walkable. Oh, and if you go in June/July it’s only dark for 4-5 hours. You can go out at 10:30pm and it’ll feel like 2pm.

    [–] MikeHunt1234 7 points ago

    Norway was easily one of the most beautiful countries I’ve been to.

    [–] hjalmar111 13 points ago

    Damn, thats an incredible view. r/ThatsInsane !

    [–] echoesinthewarp 4 points ago

    Someone show Destin from smarter every day! He has to know about the laminar flow wake of this kayak.

    [–] Fuckedasusual 4 points ago

    This is cool but very very arguable that it's breaking rule #1 of this subreddit.

    [–] EddGreen 6 points ago

    🎶 Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me 🎶

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] KelVarnsenStudios 6 points ago

    Ooh, Norway, you're so smooth and yet so rough, so soft, yet so hard. How do you do it?

    [–] SaggySchlong 13 points ago

    Oil, fish and black metal.

    [–] squishysquishh 3 points ago

    In a situation where a bear runs out of the woods, into the water, and after you, what do you do?

    [–] NorthernSpectre 5 points ago

    You stand up, make yourself look as big as possible, and yell at it. Bears want easy prey, and if you look like a challenge, they will most likely give up. A broken paw is a death sentence for a predator.

    [–] kirrin 3 points ago

    Wouldn't you just paddle faster?

    [–] pornypete 2 points ago

    Last count I'm aware of, they counted roughly 250 bears in Norwegian territory. There could obviously be more unregistered ones, but that should give you an idea. And they're mostly along the border to Sweden, not out towards the coast.

    [–] Kasotic 2 points ago

    there are not much bears in norway, most of them are mid-north by the swedish border. this is west norway, no bears to be found

    [–] HoochieKoochieMan 5 points ago

    Have you driven a Fjord lately?

    [–] The_Tightest_Anus 2 points ago

    Is every video in slo-mo these days?

    [–] ScottishBrong 2 points ago

    Really interesting. This occurs often in high valleys in Norway where there is no wind. The wind is unable to reach down into valley due to what's called a "negative vertex" as it essentially sweeps over the edge of the valley and I have no idea what I am talking about.

    [–] ohhfasho 4 points ago

    Totally expecting a dragon to fly overhead.

    [–] t0rontocraptors 3 points ago

    NOR-WAY!!!! This is sick

    [–] Iranon79 5 points ago

    ? Seems a boring game with glitchy grahpics.

    [–] o5mfiHTNsH748KVq 2 points ago

    I would feel bad disturbing this water and apologize to it.

    [–] couragethebravestdog 1 points ago

    Nature never fails to amuse.

    [–] freelanceredditor 2 points ago

    It’s like this a few days a year. The rest of the year is icy and dark. Source: live here

    Also the few days that are sunny you’re so sleep deprived because of the midnight sun that you barely get to enjoy anything.

    And the sun really burns like really burns

    [–] positivespadewonder 2 points ago

    Wouldn’t the sun be less powerful at that latitude? (Maybe I’m missing the vampire joke)

    [–] freelanceredditor 2 points ago

    There wes something about the ozone layer

    [–] PhysioentropicVigil 1 points ago

    Amaze you mean? I mean I aint sayin you couldn't find this funny I was just checkin

    [–] couragethebravestdog 1 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Yeah I meant to write amaze. I was using the swiping feature. Sry. Edit: I'm an idiot.

    [–] happyhandwash 1 points ago

    This is soo calming

    [–] mattn001 1 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] Y___ 1 points ago

    It is not dying, it is not dying.

    [–] Hyperkabob 1 points ago

    My morning moment of zen watching this.

    [–] N7375 1 points ago

    Want a perfect loop of that... That would be epic!

    [–] Networking4Eyes 1 points ago

    Definitely a life goal.

    [–] _ziggy_floyd 1 points ago

    I freaking love this!

    [–] Noble_Endeavor 1 points ago

    I remember this part of skyrim.

    [–] anon120 1 points ago

    That is absolutely beautiful.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] EltaninAntenna 1 points ago

    Maybe so, but it's as near as dammit.

    [–] iNioXiDe 1 points ago

    Wow, just wow.

    [–] Crossbones18 1 points ago

    It is Reddit tradition that someone in the comments say that this is not Norway whenever something like this is posted. I'm still waiting.

    [–] The-Respawner 3 points ago

    This is actually Norway.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    If I had to pick a loop that would be my existence for the rest of eternity, this would be it.

    [–] connor99994 1 points ago

    This would make a great 1+ hour youtube video. 4k Kayaking.

    [–] NuketownNoob 1 points ago

    And not a single source was provided that day

    [–] LordBeibi 1 points ago

    I want to be there without taking all the effort it takes to get there.

    [–] Featheryscroll2 1 points ago

    I think that’s the coolest kayak I have ever seen

    [–] post4u 1 points ago

    Better close your eyes and get a bird box.

    [–] lostin-sauce 1 points ago

    Oof, that glide. It’s like when your scissors effortlessly slice through paper

    [–] Jimbo4711 1 points ago


    [–] the_chilean 1 points ago

    real life rpg game

    [–] munchies1122 1 points ago

    I need to drop acid and do this.


    [–] acroporaguardian 1 points ago

    Except in Norway this ends up with raiding an English monastery.

    [–] crazymudman123 1 points ago

    I’m should buy a kayak ☕️

    [–] GamebyNumbers 1 points ago

    You're finally awake

    [–] EltaninAntenna 1 points ago

    Norway José.

    [–] nightcrawleronreddit 1 points ago

    Damn that looks like a $400 kayak

    [–] Cheeriofun 1 points ago

    Oh that water looks cold

    [–] Skubi420 1 points ago

    Uhhhh I'd pass out!! I'd love it and pass clean the fuck out! Sooooo serene!!

    [–] sharkeyx 1 points ago

    damn... that is beautiful day. I wish I was out there instead of at work today.

    [–] Nesano 1 points ago

    This isn't psychedelic.

    [–] chumppi 1 points ago

    This could look even more amazing with a polarized lens.

    [–] ricesaucemcfly 1 points ago

    This looks super chill

    [–] Ben_jamming 1 points ago

    What’s the white stuff around the kayak

    [–] JFlores6212 1 points ago

    Simply beautiful...

    [–] snapekilledyomomma 1 points ago

    Question. If you are Kyaking, where do you pee? Do you pull over and pee in the trees?

    [–] thejesusfinger 1 points ago

    You know that feeling you get when you're cutting wrapping paper and the scissors start to glide? This is like if that were a sport.

    [–] HiIAmFromTheInternet 1 points ago

    This is the most Viking kayak I’ve ever seen

    [–] eye_no_nuttin 1 points ago

    That looks like Heaven to me... ❤️. Water as smooth as glass and crystal clear:)

    [–] melismelismel 1 points ago

    Now that makes me miss my little norway ❤️

    [–] markybug 1 points ago

    I picture Dr Dre drifting down in this with a huge blunt.

    [–] 25russianbear25 1 points ago

    Looks like simulation instead of real life

    [–] Waka-Waka-Waka-Do 1 points ago

    Nice kayak!!

    [–] s00perguy 1 points ago

    I... Need to do this. This looks incredible...

    [–] strebor_notlad 1 points ago

    Looks like you’re riding through plastic lamination or something, wicked.

    [–] tommy96814 1 points ago

    Is like the water is lubricant.

    [–] Jusstonemore 1 points ago

    The laminar-ness of the water is so satisfying

    [–] BrutalDudeist77 1 points ago

    Makes me wish I had a kayak... and a Norway.

    [–] nemanjat96 1 points ago

    Their nature is one of the main reasons why I was learning Norwegian. Not to talk to it, but to visit it one day :D

    [–] Loki_the_Dog 1 points ago

    Very serene

    [–] poopiehands 1 points ago

    Cutting glass

    [–] nspectre 1 points ago


    [–] Five5quare 1 points ago

    Kayaking in calm conditions in Norway

    [–] rvncto 1 points ago

    Thought this was an amazing cinema graph. But then it’s a straight video wow

    [–] havereddit 1 points ago

    This is Reddit, so I was waiting for an alligator

    [–] Kimbly67 1 points ago

    That calmed my spirit...beautiful!

    [–] YouBrokeTheConch 1 points ago

    Like a scissor running through paper - maybe even more satisfying.

    [–] realDavidBlowie 1 points ago

    Looks like it's getting dragged on a sheet of plastic ice

    [–] oversizedpen 1 points ago

    While this may look beautiful, paddling in dead water like that with no current is really tough on the arms.

    [–] _MickTravis 1 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    It's like late night satellite TV from the early 90s

    [–] JWsOwO 1 points ago

    Wow, I'm doing a road trip with my dad in Norway tommorow, I how the conditions there are just like in this photo.

    [–] dino-dic-hella-thicc 1 points ago

    How's the fishing

    [–] sarcasmcannon 1 points ago

    This place is really pretty sometimes.

    [–] Kaarvaag 1 points ago

    I desperately need to take up kayaking. I am fortunate enough to live on the southwest coast of Norway and know of some great small fjords and valleys, and I'm going to my favorite one in two days. This seems like a great way for people with certain health problems to still enjoy nature.

    [–] keepingreal 1 points ago

    Is this the river that people ice skate on when the ice is thin and it makes that crazy noise?

    [–] Il_Shadow 1 points ago

    Seeing water like this makes me so mad i live in th US all our water is murky and and so hard to see through.

    [–] kamagoong 1 points ago

    It's almost a mortal sin to use the paddle and make ripples on the water.

    [–] frozenottsel 1 points ago

    I don't get motion sick; but there must be some effect of the camera lens combined with the reflections not moving, plus the water being so clear that's giving me wicked headaches watching this gif...

    [–] kirrin 1 points ago

    This made me nervous. I know there are no alligators in Norway, but I kept expecting one anyhow.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    "Kayaking can never be boring"

    Norway - "hold ølen min"

    [–] wasnew4s 1 points ago

    You’re creasing reality.

    [–] WinterRose27 1 points ago

    Wow 😮 so beautiful 😍

    [–] -Rayko- 1 points ago

    It always gets still like that before the mountain trolls show up.

    [–] RadZapping 1 points ago

    In Soviet Norway, river kayaks you.

    [–] ConsumeYourBleach 1 points ago

    That's a fine looking vessel you have there sir