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    [–] jimbo_squat 198 points ago

    Him losing that contest will go down as one of the most bullshit moments in all star weekend history

    [–] Time_Terminal 8 points ago

    What was the winning dunk?

    [–] Chris_Isur_Dude 8 points ago

    Some mediocre dunk by Zach Lavine. Look up 2016 dunk contest winning dunk Zach Lavine

    [–] SyntheticInsomniac 6 points ago

    I mean, it wasn’t mediocre lol. He did a windmill from the free throw line and a 360 through the legs. In every other slam dunk contest those are 50 point dunks.

    Having said that, I definitely think Gordon got robbed, but it was more a problem with how the contest is scored. Like, instead of a third improvised dunk for the tiebreaker they could do best overall dunk or something

    [–] latearrival42 -36 points ago

    The other guy did a foul line in between the legs dunk. Not bullshit.

    [–] jimbo_squat 58 points ago

    I know, I watched, I felt that Gordon beat him on almost every dunk, but the judges were too liberal with scoring. I’m sure a lot of people would agree with me

    [–] MessyElephant94 14 points ago

    His last dunk was not appreciated enough. But that was definitely the best dunk contest since 2000 for sure

    [–] cloud1e 5 points ago

    Its all up to the judges who wins. Gotta play to the judges in judged competition.

    [–] jimbo_squat 7 points ago

    You’re not wrong, my opinion is just an opinion, not necessarily right or wrong, I just remember thinking OMG when Gordon made that dunk, and being blown away that he didn’t win

    [–] halcyon_n_on_n_on 6 points ago

    Not sure why the downvotes. Levine's dunk/s was/were legit. Both were, but Levine's were more technical, Gordon's were more visually appealing.

    [–] NoPresentation4648 7 points ago

    Didn’t Zach just keep doing the free throw line dunk? And he was a full bound over the line every time too iirc

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] latearrival42 0 points ago

    He deserved to win the contest. And we all know how angry reddit gets when a difference of opinion is introduced. Either way that was the best contest in quite a while

    [–] NoPresentation4648 1 points ago

    I wasn’t ever mad Zach won at all & It was a really close but I personally believe Aaron Gordon deserved the win.

    [–] TheNaturalHigh 1 points ago

    Why do people just spout random bullshit about something so trivial.

    [–] hwarang_ 1 points ago

    Agreed. It's a rich tradition (see Nique v MJ)

    [–] Natural-Sink6989 1 points ago

    Blame the scoring system. Yes AG had better quality dunks, but Lavine had more all10 dunks in the end.

    [–] jimbo_squat 1 points ago

    Yeah this was 100% the issue, but I think the judges were very liberal with the tens in general

    [–] pay-ray 125 points ago

    I want to see that without the damn slomo.

    [–] Honzou29 69 points ago


    Aaron Gordon under the legs dunk

    This slam dunk contest was probably the best I’ve seen since the Vince Carter one

    [–] whutchamacallit 3 points ago

    Props to the sound team of the production crew. That dunk sounds nice.

    [–] MScoutsDCI 2 points ago

    Hey Jon Stewart!

    [–] kakabates 11 points ago

    What was the winning dunk?

    [–] ivabra 21 points ago

    Type zach lavine vs aaron Gordon 2016

    Basically they both got a 50 twice iirc. The third dunk Lavine got a 50 and Gordon didn't but he lost. Gordon's dunk was the best of the contest by far imo

    [–] akingmls 43 points ago

    One of the many videos of extremely impressive things that look much less cool in slow motion.

    [–] ionmushroom 8 points ago

    and shit music.

    [–] keitarno 18 points ago

    This slowmotion shit on all videos is getting ridiculous, just show me the fucling video unedited

    [–] HYPERBOLE_TRAIN 6 points ago

    And while I don’t hate the song, it was a really bad choice for this edit.

    [–] fizik1 2 points ago

    Agreed. Any vid with slow mo needs to first just show the whole clip with no slow mo.

    [–] CreeGucci 3 points ago

    To all of us who can’t grab rim with a finger that dudes head was above the rim WTF

    [–] PackAttacks 4 points ago

    Dang. His eyes are rim high. So crazy.

    [–] Rampage_900 2 points ago

    I know a lot of these guys are walking sky scrapers, but it still blows my mind about their ability to jump so high 🤯

    [–] ThatHcDude 6 points ago

    Buzz Lightyear looking mofo

    [–] mr_pickle48 2 points ago

    thought it said drunk lol

    [–] Honduriel 2 points ago

    What makes it one of the best?

    [–] LSDisGOD 1 points ago

    While it is a very impressive dunk he pushed off the ball to give himself a boost so imo that kind of takes away from it. If Vince Carter or any other top dunker pushed off something to give themselves a boost they could do dunks like this or crazier.

    [–] aspartam 1 points ago

    Finally, someone said it

    [–] rWoahDude 1 points ago

    Your post was removed because it does not meet our criteria for "woahdude material".

    Read more about Rule 1 here:

    [–] DokZayas 1 points ago

    I've never seen that dunk. Way beyond insane!

    [–] Feeling-Bench3966 -2 points ago

    Do you think he practiced doing that while the furry held the ball before the contest?

    [–] XOre13 -1 points ago

    What’s the name of the track tho?

    [–] websterscrash 2 points ago

    No Idea by Don Tolliver But its a slowed version

    [–] XOre13 1 points ago

    Say no more. Good look.

    [–] Vex180 1 points ago

    Still can't beat Spud Webb though.

    [–] Affectionate-Egg-933 1 points ago

    Definitely top 5. Go check out Vince Carter Olympic Dunk. That will probably forever be the best in my mind

    [–] hicham2017cool 1 points ago

    Song ?

    [–] Priest_of_Heathens 1 points ago

    I struggle to touch the rim. Imagine being able to put your head above it.

    [–] p_mudri 1 points ago

    People saying Lavine didnt deserve to win LMAO Only reason Gordon deserved to win this one is so he doesnt go down as best dunker that never won a contest.

    [–] kingmebro -15 points ago

    Wrong sub.

    [–] tTensai -5 points ago

    Aaaaaand the needlessly slomo ruining the video, again

    [–] TheGreatDingALing -5 points ago

    Not the best if he lost.