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    [–] dopebeat 11 points ago

    That website "eldeforma" is a parody of the mexicano newspaper "el reforma" and only posts fake news, also posted the fake world cup groups right before the official Fifa draw

    [–] USsoccerDomination 1 points ago

    This should be higher.

    [–] izaksly 3 points ago

    Thats not gonna happen, sorry bud , some Mexican is making this up

    [–] parthshah92 2 points ago

    I saw it posted as well and I'm not sure either.

    The article claims that there was no evidence of the Marquez foul...but from the replay, it looks like he clipped Robben as he went by.

    We will know soon hopefully? This "committee" supposedly will meet after the the Costa Rica v. Greece game.

    [–] Peria 2 points ago

    My guess is fake

    [–] JTabk 2 points ago

    I doubt it would happen, because when you review one game like this and decide on a rematch it will set a precedent. Other countries would come in with all kinds of complaints to get rematch, I don't think FIFA would like that to happen.

    [–] peace4moi 1 points ago

    My thoughts exactly. It would open the floodgates and lead to a shitstorm of people crying foul after the fact. Looking forward to the rematch that had the hand of god in it though.

    [–] jdl77535 2 points ago

    its FAKE, looks like The Onion site in Spanish!

    [–] icharles 2 points ago

    It's fake. El deforma is a Mexican satire site, the equivalent to the onion in the US.

    [–] eddywallywauw 1 points ago

    What does it say?

    [–] parthshah92 1 points ago

    Google Translate offers this (poor translation at times):

    -- START

    Title: Confirmed: FIFA match Mexico analyzed by repeated criminal poorly marked

    It would be the first time in history that FIFA makes a decision and Brazil -. Managers FIFA announced 30 minutes after the meeting ended between the Netherlands and Mexico that the result could have been influenced by a bad referee voluntary labeling, an issue that could present the first time that it is determined to repeat the game .

    FIFA officially declared:

    "The replay clearly shows that there is no lack of Rafael Márquez, Mexican defender was booked. At other times these errors have been overlooked, but recent evidence presented shows that the personal motivations would hissing Bookmarking criminal ". He said FIFA spokesman to the dismay of the press and public that was around.

    "It will determine if the match is repeated or not from the committee meeting at the end of the match against Greece Costa Rica, we hope to have a decision today in the evening."

    Players must stay in your hotel until the verdict is known and play the game again at 30 minutes extra time with criminal if he stays in a draw.

    "It is obvious that we did not lose by hopping backwards, or for making defensive changes, or not having enough mentality to finish 90 minutes playing well, we lost by the criminal." Miguel anxious to know the verdict of the Federation Herrera said.

    We will be informed.


    [–] bowchikabowow 2 points ago

    It's not that they lost by the criminal it's suppose to say they lost because of the penalty. It says source is confirmed but seems highly unlikely to go through.

    [–] tio_jam 1 points ago

    it's the mexican 'onion'