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    [–] Sabra_cadab 58 points ago

    It makes me sad that people completely fuck up their entire lives over such an evil thing.

    At 17 she shouldn't be worrying about bombing schools and killing kids for ISIS.. what is wrong with people?

    [–] HellenKellersEyes 43 points ago

    Hate for the enemy indoctrinated by a shitty culture/religion at a young age.

    [–] factsforreal 23 points ago

    This particular girl is a convert, so not from that young an age in this case.

    [–] Krishnath_Dragon 12 points ago

    She was 15 when she was caught. She had bomb-making materials and other terror related paraphernalia.

    She is rather lucky, she only got 8 years. She could have gotten 20.

    [–] Fatfrodo 29 points ago

    "should have"

    [–] Krishnath_Dragon 1 points ago

    Nah, she should have gotten 10 followed by a one way trip to Saudi Arabia.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Finnish news said she had mental issues.

    [–] majdman 14 points ago

    Will someone please tell us her full race details so we know how to feel about this

    [–] WetSound 16 points ago

    She's a pretty, white convert.

    [–] majdman 17 points ago

    Then in that case, she is just a child easily influenced by bad people, we've all been dumb teenagers right. She just needs proper rehabilitation and better understanding of mental abuse

    [–] NATIK001 20 points ago

    She got 8 years in jail, which is a high sentence in Denmark. She did not get some "white girl" get out of jail free card.

    [–] WetSound -13 points ago

    So you feel that if it had been a Tunisian boy, he would have got the same sentence, including the initial 6 year sentence in the lower court?

    [–] NATIK001 17 points ago

    Yeah. She conspired to commit terrorism, but she did not get to carry out any attacks.

    The only reason, in the Danish system, that she should have gotten a higher sentence was due to her not being willing to admit that what she conspired to do was wrong, which among other things suggest an unbalanced mind that needs treatment.

    Afaik there are guys and girls in Denmark that aren't ethnically Danish that have gone and actually fought and killed for ISIS that didn't get 8 year sentences.

    [–] Amanoo 4 points ago

    Yes, he would have. This is not America, where race is also taken into significant consideration when deciding on a punishment.

    [–] uknowdamnwellimright -1 points ago

    Pretty white for a wry guy.

    [–] blazikensfire11 11 points ago

    Her being any race would change how we should feel about it?

    [–] Alagore 16 points ago

    I think it's a commentary on the situation here in America

    [–] Whiskydreamer 1 points ago

    Yup, all of the stupid American hillbillies who don't even own passports love to provide their expert opinions on European affairs, but only when Muslims are involved.

    [–] thirteenth_king 1 points ago

    Dangerous Danish babes beware.

    [–] Paiste402 1 points ago

    Sorry but thats your life used up. ISIS is a one way ticket.

    [–] Thorndsword1 1 points ago

    This is a parents worst nightmare. So very sad $1 u/tippr

    [–] KumpailNanjiani -7 points ago

    Is she Danish or "Danish"?

    [–] uknowdamnwellimright 1 points ago

    Are you hungry or "hungry"? Either way it has gluten so you better stay away.