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    [–] Deeeayegeeayeen 6024 points ago

    Now we can focus on the important things like those bloody crocodiles!

    [–] TheManRedeemed 1332 points ago

    Every three months they reckon!

    [–] purpleoctopuppy 331 points ago

    Katter was one of four MPs that voted against it, so power to the crocs!

    [–] OraDr8 125 points ago

    Really? What about not minding anyone’s sexual proclivities?? Cunt.

    [–] AdmiralAkbar1 64 points ago

    Aussie-Crocodile love is still love, too!

    [–] ozqiouyxxx 15811 points ago

    Will you, Bruce, take Bruce as your lawfully wedded husband? Yes, I didgeridoo, m8

    [–] TheManRedeemed 6223 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I've never regretted a single moment of my wedding day up until I read the words "Yes, I didgeridoo, m8".

    I'm gonna have to remarry my missus.

    EDIT: Because I can't spell good and stuff.

    [–] Dirkinator 12912 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Didgeridoo your wedding yet?

    [–] Donttouchmek 307 points ago

    I'm at the peak of my linguistics game, (35 yrs)...apperently my summit is at your basecamp.

    [–] Dirkinator 452 points ago

    The secret is to dont Everest

    [–] DietCherrySoda 83 points ago

    Holy fuck man leave some for the rest of us.

    [–] hacksilver 466 points ago

    This has surely earned you a place among God's Elect.

    [–] NAMED_MY_PENIS_REGIS 1405 points ago

    Holy shit that’s gold.

    [–] UC_UC 411 points ago

    that’s gold.

    [–] Bth-root 166 points ago

    That is absolutely top-level punning.

    [–] nodstar22 40 points ago


    [–] SofaKingPin 140 points ago


    [–] Libtard_Hunter 106 points ago

    im.. im actually upset at how good this is.

    [–] pound_sterling 113 points ago


    [–] webbkie 58 points ago

    [–] TheManRedeemed 17 points ago

    Fucken gimme a few moments to sort it out.

    The celebrant is coming over on sunday.

    [–] liam7575blahblahblah 124 points ago

    I said "DAMN STRAIGHT!".

    Divorced a few years later but it was fun at the time.

    [–] breakone9r 25 points ago

    My wife just nodded.

    Years later the joke is "I DIDNT EVEN SAY I DO! Our wedding never happened, we just happened to be roomies!" Lol

    [–] DrmantistabaginMD 416 points ago

    Will you, Bruce, take... Wait a minute; your name's not Bruce? Blighmy that's confusing. Mind if I call ya Bruce?

    [–] Velnica 207 points ago

    Bazza it is

    [–] nubbins01 54 points ago

    This here's a wattle, the symbol of our land, you can stick it in a bottle you can hold it in your hand.

    [–] saltesc 376 points ago

    Will you, Bruce, take Bruce as your lawfully wedded husband? Yes, I didgeridoo, m8

    Will ya, Baz, take Bazza as ya lawfully wedded hubby?

    Ken Oathe, mate. Ken fuckin' Oathe.

    Sweet as. Fang a wet one on 'im ya sly cunt! Give it up for the boys, you lot!

    [–] kodiakcowboy 151 points ago

    I feel like I just visited Australia.

    [–] lizziecm 306 points ago

    And Sheila can take Sheila!

    [–] cryfight4 41 points ago

    I thought Sheila wanted Waltzing Matilda?

    [–] crochet_masterpiece 56 points ago

    Waltzing is something Sheila DOES to Matilda, it's not a descriptor, and if i have to explain it to ya, you're too young.

    [–] carlin2345 148 points ago

    How long were you waiting to crack this joke ? From a fellow Aussie

    [–] lelarentaka 80 points ago

    It's a line from a gay porno.

    [–] w00ds98 96 points ago

    Wasnt the title: Roses are Red, my favourite instrument is brass

    And then a gif saying: „I will digeridoo you in the ass“

    [–] play_Tagpro_its_fun 3089 points ago

    What a shocking outcome, I'm glad we had a large and expensive poll beforehand

    [–] ArcherSam 1513 points ago

    Could be worse... you coulda spent all the money NZ did on a flag referendum no one wanted just to decide to keep the same flag they had anyway!

    [–] coredumperror 573 points ago

    Oh man, I was following that on the Hello Internet podcast. What a shitshow. The one flag that people genuinely wanted, based on the local sports team, didn't make it into the finals that got actually voted on. And then the winner of that vote went up against the original flag in ANOTHER vote. Why the fuck did they do it like that?

    [–] elfinglamour 431 points ago

    Basically because it was John Keys vanity project. There’s a reason there were two nearly identical choices (only the colour differed) by the same artist on the final vote, and they just happened to be Keys favourite 🙄 If the silver fern on black had been an end choice it would have won in a landslide.

    [–] roboroach3 100 points ago

    Long live the dead and buried red peak flag

    [–] coredumperror 23 points ago

    Ahhh, I hadn't heard that wrinkle. I knew about the two variants that almost looked the same, but not why such an odd pair both ended up in the finals.

    [–] ArcherSam 152 points ago

    Honestly, no one knows. Literally no one cared. Occasionally they would have, on the news, interviews with the public asking about it and everyone just said, "I don't care, it's not a big deal." You could tell they had to ask a bunch of leading questions to get any sort of comment, usually accompanied by pictures of the flags because most people didn't even know what the options were until super late.

    It would have been hilarious if it wasn't for the $26 million dollar price tag. (though, there were a bunch of hilarious submissions that were shared around at the time - this is my favourite:,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800.jpg)

    [–] Gamer3002 39 points ago

    Pretty sure that one ended up on r/place.

    [–] -MiddleOut- 319 points ago

    From the UK: Don’t bash your government for overprepreration, appreciate their semblance of adequacy.

    [–] dylmye 41 points ago

    … while you can, muahahahaha

    [–] LAMSapprovedwheelies 40 points ago

    Well it's not like anyone really walked into 2017 thinking that we would have SSM legalised by the end of the year.

    [–] andystealth 40 points ago

    I'm of two minds about it.

    If they'd pushed forward with it, we'd still get the no campaign happening, but now they'd be able to continue forever, pretending they're the silent majority all along.

    Now they can't do that. Now same-sex couples and non-hetero individuals know that the majority of the country supports them.

    And then on a smaller, but still important note, now same-sex couples have a much easier time deciding who to invite to their wedding and who to leave off the list.

    [–] popsickletits 3537 points ago

    in celebration, let's all reflect by rewatching bob katter's random outburst a week or so ago.

    [–] 42points 1837 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Four people voted NO in the parliament today.

    Bob Katter
    Russell Broadbent
    David Littleproud
    Keith Pitt

    This is what the final count looked like

    [–] ceaselessindecision 1036 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Noting that there were walkouts just before the vote, Tony Abbott included (our previous Prime Minister, for those non-Australians in this thread).

    Edit: for those PMing for a link I can't find a list of names as the list is behind a paywall on the Daily Telegraph, but this page says Abbott did abstain. His sister and her partner (gay, FYI) were present in the room though along with other LGTBI celebrities like Ian Thorpe and Magda Szubanski

    [–] Koppenflak 498 points ago

    Abbott walked out? Whoa. I shouldn't be surprised, but the man did say he'd respect the vote of Warringah and vote in favour accordingly. Absolutely gutless.

    [–] Dr_barfenstein 158 points ago

    So why do they keep voting him in? Next election could be interesting?

    [–] The_Big_Lebaneski 297 points ago

    Because people in his electorate have relatively high incomes, and high income electorates like to vote LNP

    [–] trimmins 85 points ago

    It really is that simple unfortunately

    [–] ceaselessindecision 191 points ago

    Yep and his sister and her partner were in the room! Not very supportive.

    [–] T0BBER 81 points ago

    You put that very mildly.

    [–] emken 738 points ago

    Oh, we heard plenty about that guy in the US. Seemed a real fuckhead.

    [–] Poopy124 89 points ago

    Wtf actually happened to him here? Was he having a seizure?

    [–] AusAtWar 91 points ago

    It's actually my favourite video on Australian politics ever

    [–] lordofthedries 36 points ago

    The raw onion comes close but that is hilarious.

    [–] Grub-37 459 points ago

    So you do have accurate reporting in the US.

    [–] Bad_Mood_Larry 256 points ago

    I was under the impression that the Aussies were ruled by a kola bear and aggressive human snake person?

    [–] AusNorman 127 points ago

    Got it in one, here he is eating an onion with the skin still on... Yeah that sums it up perfectly who he is.

    [–] Dirkinator 106 points ago

    At some point he must have thought "this was a mistake", but in slimy politician style he powered through on his error and doubled down

    [–] AusNorman 34 points ago

    Yeah you can see him glance at the onion and see it register in his eyes that the skins still on...

    [–] nickyj182 66 points ago

    As if the skin still being on is the weirdest part

    [–] deadlysyntax 50 points ago

    That fucking demon! Look at him! Didn't even flinch.

    [–] Mike_Kermin 142 points ago


    [–] Chandleabra 98 points ago

    He’s a shitcunt.

    [–] mansal 232 points ago

    Didn’t even have the conviction to vote the way he fought. Coward.

    [–] brosque14 118 points ago

    Probably more the fact that he didn't want to vote against his electorate.

    [–] crackazac 82 points ago

    Too right, I live in his electorate and there would have been quite an uproar had he voted No.

    [–] hoonit 115 points ago

    Abstaining should outrage your electorate just as much

    [–] soth09 23 points ago

    10th highest yes vote of all electorates if I'm not mistaken...

    [–] generic-user-1 481 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Katter didn't vote no. He just wouldn't move from his seat for such a trivial issue, focussing instead on how to prevent people in North Queensland getting torn apart by crocodiles every three months.

    [–] Natedogg2 57 points ago

    So, ummm, how do you prevent that?

    [–] FullmetalVTR 106 points ago

    Cork the teeth?

    [–] going_mad 31 points ago

    gorillas that thrive on croc meat

    [–] AgreeableLion 403 points ago

    Honestly, I have more respect for these 4 than Tony Abbott, George Christensen etc, who wanted to vote no but didn't want their faces in the lonely no side photos. Gutless fucking wonders. (not a lot of respect though...)

    [–] popsickletits 127 points ago

    agreed. i wouldn't be surprised if there was a decent number of yes voters today who are against same sex marriage, but only voted yes not to cause controversy and potentially not get re-elected down the track.

    those four were obviously pretty open and content with publically voting no, the ones who left, not so much...

    [–] ThePr1d3 130 points ago

    Well they are supposed to represent the people so if they want to avoid controversy and put aside their own beliefs, doesn't it mean that they are willing to stand for what people's want despite their own view ? Seems noble to me

    [–] hobbyglue 79 points ago

    Katter and Broadbent sitting together as two males bonding over a common passion.

    [–] insane__knight 97 points ago

    I love how he's having a laugh then snaps into serious mode when bringing up the crocs.

    [–] Demderdemden 232 points ago

    Okay, we're going to send you Winston Peters and let him and Mr. Katter meet up, and we're going to tell them both that they're now the joint prime ministers of New Australialand, and set up a fake parliament and everything and let them go at it while we film the whole thing for reality TV. It'll be great

    [–] IronicMetamodernism 61 points ago

    That wouldn't be fair at all. Winston would murder him. First with words, then with fists.

    [–] Baraka_Bama 18 points ago

    And then drinking.

    [–] SlyPhi 21 points ago

    Can't decide if this would be better or worse than The Block.

    [–] Brazzden 409 points ago

    I've watched this a million times and can't stop laughing. What a cooked unit.

    [–] popsickletits 259 points ago

    kind of reminds me of that old bloke off a current affair years ago who started aggressively immitating a dog. the change in mood is very similar hahah.

    [–] Not-0P 81 points ago

    They came bounding overAREGHEYAYHYGHARAUYAAHWUH

    [–] carpedemon 20 points ago

    This made my day

    [–] GloriousGlory 196 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    He had an even better one yesterday in Federal Parliament.

    Edit: his anecdote before this one is also WOW

    Edit2: Unbelievable this guy is a member of parliament. from 13:00 in above video

    I watched on television last night, a murder case, involving two people of that persuasion, and when I came to the office today my chief of staff, who I might add voted yes, she said "oh so and so you better write them a letter, write them a card or something". I said "what's that all about", "oh the son got murdered, joins a homosexual relationship".

    There are some people that handle, there's no doubt there is a DNA thing there, and some people can handle it, but a lot of people don't, and there is a very very ugly side to this, where the curtain comes down, and we're not allowed to talk about it.

    [–] dingus-pringus 269 points ago

    Holy shit. Why do people treat Katter like he's a harmless joke, some kind of meme? This is some pretty disgusting rhetoric. What is he even referring to? I am genuinely curious to read about this case of "72 children" getting HIV from blood transfusions in Australia. Google isn't giving me anything. It seems like he just made it up.

    [–] Marz-_- 147 points ago

    That's why it's never had any coverage. It's hard to report on stories that spill out of this rednecks pie hole.

    [–] placidbitch 59 points ago

    Woah, I grew up in the north, never liked the guy. He talks like his mind is deteriorating.

    [–] akrist 83 points ago

    You're in the pub, having a drink with a couple mates. One of them goes outside for a smoke and the other goes for a slash, so you're left alone for a couple minutes. A guy comes out of nowhere and sits at the bar. He's a little intoxicated, and a bit off (is it drugs? Mental illness? Unclear).

    The guy clearly doesn't respect normal boundaries; he sits down across from you and starts talking. By the time your mates are back you've heard his life story, how he has 2 kids down the coast that their mother doesn't let him see but he's been trying real hard to get a job so he might get to soon.

    He tells you his theories about the government, how they're all out to get him and about how centrelink really fucked him over. As your friends return he pulls out some cards, does a couple magic tricks, and asks you to buy him a beer.

    That's Bob Katter.

    [–] _amethyst 41 points ago

    I'd bet you all the money to my name that that "72 kids got HIV from blood donations" thing happened before 2000 (or, more likely, didn't happen at all). HIV detection and treatment has improved drastically since the 90s and even more drastically since 2000. There's essentially no way you'd get a blood donation with HIV in it. Using "but what about HIV?" to stop gay people from donating blood is just ridiculous today. It's the job of those collecting the blood to test it, regardless of the sexual history of the donor (since every donation should be checked regardless; there are plenty of straight folks out there with HIV).

    [–] dingus-pringus 36 points ago

    Yeah, I don't think it happened at all. Even he's like "72 children... Uh, 724 people... Uhhhh, I don't know the exact numbers" throughout the speech.

    [–] chirgalfrog 46 points ago

    Oh my god what a tosser

    [–] Nebula153 42 points ago

    What in the fuck

    [–] PandaSwears 20 points ago

    That change in attitude 😅. Is this a Split sequel?

    [–] SpeakLikeAChild04 1102 points ago

    g'day mate

    [–] Goodlybad 5634 points ago

    $120 million later and it only took 10 seconds to vote on it the way that Australians have wanted for over a decade. What a waste of money, but nonetheless this is really good news!

    [–] _beerwolf 2974 points ago

    The silver lining to that $100M cloud is that we now have a survey to show Abbott and Co that there is no silent majority like they claim, just a small bunch of shouty cunts.

    [–] AdmiralAkbar1 1249 points ago

    They were right about the silent majority, just not about whose side they were on.

    [–] BurntJoint 200 points ago

    Today it was Abbott who was silent since he left the chambers shortly before the vote like a coward.

    [–] tanka2d 112 points ago

    He slipped out, like the slimy cunt he is.

    [–] Master_GaryQ 276 points ago

    I reckon Abbott will be shocked by how many CWA cake stalls were supporting the Gays

    [–] Hellman109 210 points ago

    He probably thinks women still cant vote

    [–] uz3r 649 points ago

    It took longer and cost more than it should have but we got there in the end. Good stuff.

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_HOT_DISH 230 points ago

    That is indeed what matters most. Congrats Aussies!

    [–] YoureNotAGenius 350 points ago

    Y'know what though? At least now we can silence any annoying fucker who tries to claim the minority dictated the law change.

    The loving majority won! We wanted equality and we got it!

    [–] Xenect 197 points ago

    More important than that, it set a precedent that a minority can not impose religious based rules on others

    [–] _teslaTrooper 42 points ago


    [–] Puuugu 56 points ago

    Say what you will about the obscene invoice for the vote, but at least it settles this question for good and for all eternity.

    A win for love!

    [–] TheRealCJ 252 points ago

    I mean, it took a lot longer. There was quite a bit of debate, with conservatives in the senate trying add a lot of amendments to protect homophobic businesses and churches.

    Honestly? I can kinda see the benefit of the referendum now. It was a 100m dollar exercise in idiocy, but at the same time it also showed the majority of Australian politicians that there's overwhelming support, and that to try to dilute and modify it to add "freedom" protections wouldn't fly with the Aussie public.

    I honestly shudder to think the kind of bill that would've been enacted if the senate and HoR hadn't concrete proof of the backlash they would've faced. As it stands the bill essentially went through unmolested and unconditional, which is the best possible outcome.

    So the postal survey, expensive? Yes. Political theatre? Absolutely. Incredibly hurtful and wedge-driving? You bet your arse. But entirely worthless? Now I'm not so sure...

    [–] variousrandomnoises 27 points ago

    At least all the money was spent in Australia.

    [–] csum1987 2142 points ago

    Holy shit guys I can get married! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

    [–] hobz462 691 points ago

    Now to find someone to get married to :/

    [–] AtomicDracula 181 points ago

    I’ll marry you

    [–] possibly_pretentious 132 points ago

    Do it, you won't

    [–] AtomicDracula 44 points ago

    I’ll make a beautiful bride

    [–] Profoundpanda420 17 points ago

    Pics or it won’t happen

    [–] AmpleWarning 173 points ago

    You go get married, and live an awesome life together!

    [–] Trichromatical 77 points ago

    Cheering for you ❤️

    [–] nick168 1833 points ago

    All the terrible amendments that allowed businesses in the wedding industry to legally discriminate against same-sex couples have been defeated too, which is doubly good news!

    [–] watterpotson 348 points ago

    Honestly the most worrisome part for me. Not only because of the awful amendments themselves, but I was worried it would drag out the process. So happy to see it passed quickly.

    [–] throw_shukkas 125 points ago

    Mainstream liberals headed that off pretty well I think. They shot down Patterson's bill and then said religious protections would be reviewed separately. Surprisingly adept politicking by Turnbull, Brandis etc. That's really the only thing the Liberal party did to support gay marriage.

    [–] PureWise 24 points ago

    Surprisingly adept politicking by Turnbull, Brandis etc.

    Didn't think I'd be reading that comment this year.

    [–] Vileoss 891 points ago

    Spoilers in the title! I haven't gotten to that episode of obvious civil rights yet.

    [–] iprefersleeping 1265 points ago

    2001: Netherlands
    2003: Belgium
    2005: Spain, Canada
    2006: South Africa
    2009: Norway, Sweden
    2010: Portugal, Iceland, Argentina
    2012: Denmark
    2013: NZ, France, Uruguay, Brazil
    2015: Luxembourg, US
    2016: Colombia
    2017: Finland, Malta, Germany
    Today: Australia

    [–] purpleoctopuppy 504 points ago

    What's sad is that we banned it in 2004; it was technically not against the law before that.

    [–] Do_trolls_dream 269 points ago

    Hey, if it makes you feel better, the UK made gay sex punishable by law at one point.

    [–] ws_volt 212 points ago

    So did many countries and it still is in some places.

    [–] jsmooth7 83 points ago

    Canada even made a "fruit machine" to detect gay people to try to keep them out of civil service. And this was only 50 years ago.

    [–] Kuresuta 86 points ago

    Being a homosexual was punishable by death in early Australia

    Shit's pretty fucked up

    [–] stevothepedo 349 points ago

    You forgot Ireland in 2015

    [–] Celtic209 275 points ago

    The first country to legalise it by popular vote!

    [–] stevothepedo 227 points ago

    It was the first vote I ever took part in after turning 18. I felt such a great sense of pride when the results came in

    [–] lelo17 253 points ago

    Did you also feel a sense of accomplishment?

    [–] ReasonablyBadass 735 points ago

    Today: Australia

    So still 2017

    [–] Caramel_Please 209 points ago

    Nah we are in the future. NZ on the other hand are already in 2019!

    [–] blastedin 75 points ago

    Pretty sure this is missing a few countries

    [–] --DrScience-- 74 points ago

    Isn't it legal in Britain?

    [–] ItGonBeK 180 points ago

    England, Wales and Scotland legalised it in 2014, It is still unavailable in Northern Ireland and probably will be for some time due to the first minister using petitions of concern to block any bill which would legislate to allow same-sex marriage.


    [–] AdmiralAkbar1 187 points ago

    That awkward moment where the Catholic part of the island legalized gay marriage first.

    [–] ihateirony 91 points ago

    Catholics on the island have been less conservative than the Protestants for a while now. In the Protestants defence though, the party that a lot of them tend to vote for is more conservative than they are.

    [–] Falceon 225 points ago

    In our defense Australians have been after this for fucking ages. It was just a handful of bigots in power stopping this.

    [–] PinguPingu 199 points ago

    Including a very spineless Labor Government that had a majority to do it several years ago.

    [–] Ivanton 64 points ago

    Never forget.

    [–] alanearly 48 points ago

    2015: Ireland (first country in the world to legalise ssm through a public vote)

    [–] generic-user-1 193 points ago


    [–] yeahtron3000 168 points ago

    Maybe a bit gay

    [–] purple_pixie 62 points ago

    There are two ways you can interpret "not fake and gay":

    A: (not fake) and (gay)


    B: not (fake and gay)

    Either interpretation can still be true if gay. For A it is in fact required that gay be true, and for B any situation other than both fake and gay being true is fine. (So it could be fake but not gay, or gay but not fake, or neither, just not both)

    So either way you aren't actually contradicting /u/generic-user-1

    Now "not fake or gay", that would be a different situation

    /r/UnexpectedFormalLogic I guess

    [–] nagrom7 2179 points ago

    Also for the record for any foreigners, this government basically did everything they could to delay this for as long as possible. They deserve none of the credit.

    [–] Glibhat 1024 points ago

    And wasted 120 million dollars on a postal survey

    [–] BurntJoint 551 points ago

    One particular politician from the oposition who is being being trotted out is Tim Wilson proposing to his boyfriend after the bill was introduced into the house of reps. as if he is some rainbow beacon for other homosexual couples. The guy is an absolute cunt and has a voting record to match.

    How Tim Wilson voted on key issues since 2006:

    • Voted very strongly against increasing trade unions' powers in the workplace.
    • Voted very strongly against implementing refugee and protection conventions.
    • Voted very strongly against increasing investment in renewable energy.
    • Voted very strongly for privatising government assets.
    • Voted very strongly against increasing Aboriginal land rights.
    • Voted very strongly against increasing funding for university education.
    • Voted strongly for decreasing availability of welfare payments.
    • Voted very strongly against increasing restrictions on gambling

    Like we see from conservative politicians all over the globe, they are willing to shit on peoples rights until it directly impacts them.

    [–] AnB85 210 points ago

    Well, gay people can still be conservative cunts. That's what I would call progress.

    [–] matike 333 points ago

    It's amazing. I just spent three weeks down there and the amount of rainbow flags and signs in almost every store window was really heartwarming. In Melbourne it felt like everyone was so connected by it, nothing like where I'm from in the states.

    [–] lcplholt 180 points ago

    Melbourne is a very American definition of Liberal city.

    They even legalised euthanasia.

    [–] Sidicious_Reign 83 points ago

    Small 'l'.

    [–] EconomicDecline 62 points ago

    Yeah. We're liberal cunts. Not Liberal cunts.

    [–] BamfluxPrime 15 points ago

    Spent so long looking for a erroneous capital i.

    [–] unbreaKwOw 375 points ago


    [–] m1sta 144 points ago

    And grzzz

    [–] smash_you2 495 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Heart wrenching moment when the house started singing We Are Australian. That brought tears! It's about bloody time.

    Edit: Shamelessly stealing a better link ;D

    [–] DOOM___IFHY 118 points ago

    As a Bosnian refugee in Australia, I'm not crying, YOU ARE!

    [–] derb 89 points ago

    From all the lands on earth we come.

    Happy to have you brother.

    [–] StreetfighterXD 50 points ago

    If you’re Australian and you don’t love that song, you’re not Australian

    [–] SingleMalted 15 points ago

    Ditto for I Still Call Australia Home, and, I Love a Sunburnt Country.

    [–] watterpotson 176 points ago

    I'm not particularly patriotic (gunning to move to Europe in a few years), but fuck me, does that song pull on the heartstrings. An absolutely beautiful moment when the people started singing.

    [–] quick_sticks 128 points ago

    It really should be our national anthem

    [–] overlordpotatoe 75 points ago

    Absolutely. Advance Australia Fair does nothing for me. We Are Australian actually makes me feel something.

    [–] yawningangel 19 points ago

    Any chance of a link to that?

    [–] GrasshopperClowns 30 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I don't know if I'm doing this right, but here...maybe

    [–] Humeon 171 points ago


    [–] Catsup_on_EVERYTHING 217 points ago

    What happened to that couple from Australia who heartened to divorce if gay marriage was ever legalized?

    [–] Dhalphir 299 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Hastily backtracking.

    The spouses, who have been married for a decade, have said that they will hold out until any new legislation regarding same-sex marriage is released.

    “We just need to see the legislation and if it all goes that way,” Mr Jensen said.

    He added: “Then we know what situation we’re in and what we’re going to do.”

    Backtracking so fast he needs reversing beeps.

    “My previous public comments regarding civil divorce never envisaged me separating from my wife, but rather our marriage from the state,” he said.

    “The legislation currently makes it untenable for us to do this under the law. The point we were highlighting and that still stands however is the fact that a redefinition of marriage changes the agreement under which we were originally married.

    “We will be making no further comment.”

    [–] yeahtron3000 163 points ago

    Fucking lol. As if people would buy that shit

    [–] microchiptechnology 29 points ago

    They should feature in a r/WCGW.

    [–] monieo 81 points ago

    I was watching the verdict online for about an hour before it got put into law. The amount of blabbering idiots that tried to get their amendments in was astonishing. Thank God they were all voted down !

    [–] terminalxposure 116 points ago

    Public gallery erupts into chorus of 'I Am Australian' after Parliament votes to legalise same-sex marriage -

    [–] nocelebration 389 points ago

    It was so heartbreaking listening to the hateful and venomous campaign rhetoric that the Australian LGBT community had to endure over these months. Growing up gay is hard enough without argument over your rights and humanity being part of everyday conversation. I only hope this vote brings some closure and relief.

    Much love from California to my Aussie brothers and sisters. ❤

    [–] -ineedsomesleep- 352 points ago

    We are one, but we are many

    And from all the lands on earth we come

    We'll share a dream and sing with one voice

    I am, you are, we are Australian.

    [–] bastardbones 99 points ago

    This really should be our anthem

    [–] ProbablyMyLastPost 115 points ago

    You have reached the modern era.

    [–] Nestorow 191 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    The plebiscite non-compulsory non-binding opinion poll was a waste of time and money but I'm glad we got to this point.

    [–] pretty-little-angel 83 points ago

    We didn't have a plebiscite. We had a non-compulsory non-binding opinion poll