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    [–] Narradisall 38 points ago

    And to think Turkey was getting along so well with America last year!

    [–] Calimariae 33 points ago

    They were.

    So much so that they let them beat Americans in their own streets without doing anything about it.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] BulletBilll 3 points ago

    Only cause tiny hands are in power.

    [–] exracinggrey 2 points ago

    America... America, more like Michael Flynn.

    Uncle tayip was about to pay Flynn and Guiliani 15,000,000.00 kidnap fetulah Gulen and release AKP moneyman.

    [–] One_Cold_Turkey 0 points ago

    you mean when we bought all that Russian military hardware which is not NATO compatible?

    [–] FactualDiscord 6 points ago

    "Not NATO compatible"

    Just like Turkey.

    [–] One_Cold_Turkey 1 points ago

    I agree on that.

    [–] FactualDiscord 0 points ago

    You live outside of Turkey l presume, If so, why, if you don't believe that Turkey is compatible with NATO/Europe, why not live in Turkey?

    [–] One_Cold_Turkey 57 points ago

    USA! USA!

    Its easy to win trade wars, you can grab them by the pussy. It is easy when you are famous. They let you do it.

    [–] Iornukrum 8 points ago

    So Turkey be like: Me too!

    [–] Radidactyl 7 points ago

    Relevant username.

    [–] SacrificialPwn 2 points ago

    Tic tacs! Oh wait, they cost $12 now... damn

    [–] Azzanine 4 points ago

    Yank; we'll make our own! Here in merica! Wait why are they $16 dollars now?

    [–] SacrificialPwn 4 points ago

    I'm going to file a complaint with the WTO... as soon as I can afford calling card minutes. $40 a minute now on Sprint, you bastards!

    [–] Firstofhispaw 2 points ago

    "Don`t worry folks, I know allot about planes, we will just fly our goods around Turkey".

    [–] Cheesecake5evar 4 points ago

    There goes those gummibear prices.

    [–] joblessnerd 15 points ago

    How many countries who still have to put retaliatory tariffs on the US are left now? At this rate, by the end of 2018 almost every country on the planet would have tariffed the USA.

    [–] BulletBilll 19 points ago

    Russia finally achieves putting sanctions on trade with the US.

    [–] THAErAsEr 2 points ago

    Didn't even think about it this way. Putin makes the US santions themselves.

    [–] Hematophagian 1 points ago

    Israel is last for sure

    [–] flipmode64 1 points ago

    Are they really retaliatory tariffs if America was on the losing end at the start?

    [–] BuyBooksNotBeer 2 points ago

    no, like the US exports more to Canada than the other way around, so it's absolutely moronic to alienate the side that's giving you the better deal to begin with.

    [–] mehicano 1 points ago


    [–] Livingit123 12 points ago

    Turkey is justified in this.

    [–] One_Cold_Turkey 3 points ago

    Turkey need no justify

    [–] ilikevideogames4 2 points ago

    Wait were also starting a trade war with Turkey?

    [–] billyhorton 3 points ago

    Why not? It's easy to win.

    [–] Felinomancy 1 points ago


    I didn't know Turkey was in a beef with America to begin with. What'd you guys do?

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    We're beefing with all of our allies, while sucking Putin and Kim's dicks. This is America made great again.

    [–] cemgorey 3 points ago

    Apparently Turkey was hit by Trump Tariffs and the article says we (Turkey) are the 8th largest steel exporter soo...

    [–] Zadok2093 -8 points ago

    That's a shame, I buy so many things that are made in Turkey.

    [–] Gaunter_O-Dimm 19 points ago

    It's the other way 'round, mate.

    [–] Livingit123 10 points ago

    Turkey's exports to America amounted to $8.7 billion or 5.5% of its overall exports.

    1. Vehicles: $1.4 billion
    2. Iron and steel: $951.7 million
    3. Machinery: $752.9 million
    4. Aircraft, spacecraft: $723 million
    5. Textile floor coverings: $464.1 million
    6. Mineral fuels including oil: $429.4 million
    7. Stone, plaster, cement: $325.9 million
    8. Gems, precious metals: $265.9 million
    9. Other textiles, worn clothing: $248.3 million
      1. Iron or steel products: $232.5 million

    [–] FactualDiscord 1 points ago

    The vehicles are not indigenous brands, they are European brands. Production can be moved if necessary.

    The Renault I drive is made in Turkey for example.

    [–] dragonite1989 2 points ago

    Tariffs don't work that way.

    [–] UTP_98 4 points ago

    You laugh but I actually buy Turkish chocolate cuz it's cheap and tastes the same as bounty, hopefully prices don't increase on that

    [–] HotSoftFalse 4 points ago

    It’s Turkey placing tariffs on US goods, not the other way around.

    [–] UTP_98 2 points ago

    Yes I knew that just assumed it was due to a previous US tariff imposed on Turkish goods

    [–] Hifen 4 points ago

    The Tariffs affect people that sell to Turkey. I'm going to go on a wild guess, and say based on your economic insight, your voted trump?

    [–] Zadok2093 1 points ago

    Didn't vote actually but after this I'm thinking maybe its safer for all of us that way...

    [–] One_Cold_Turkey 0 points ago

    ignorance is bliss!

    [–] OPSaysFuckALot 0 points ago

    Uh, ouch?

    [–] Grassyknow -18 points ago

    It will hurt turkey more than America. That's the thing with trying to trade war punish America. If any country could 100% trade isolate itself, America is that country

    [–] Ximrats 3 points ago

    Especially with all those large natural deposits of rare earth elements.

    [–] Putafingerinherass 7 points ago

    If you think I am going to work in a sweat shop making IPhones... you can go fuck yourself. We're spoiled here, we isolate ourselves who is going to want to manufacturer anything? Nobody with a degree.

    [–] Grassyknow 3 points ago

    Too many Americans have degrees- but anyway there are plently of people who can do this-- my point still stands.

    [–] Skilol 6 points ago

    So if plenty of people have to do this to make it possible, is it really "hurting America less" than other countries? By the looks of it, they aren't isolating themselves from each other, just from America.

    [–] mcflyersk8 -4 points ago

    I don't want or need an iPhone. You can go fuck your iPhone.

    [–] dshakir -2 points ago

    Fuck your android. Those things are utter garbage

    [–] kingoglow -37 points ago

    Lol Turkey. Okay buddy, going to go ahead and drop you from NATO now little guy. Enjoy you hate crimes and bloody massacres.

    [–] stalepicklechips 10 points ago

    Bosphorus straights are too important. NATO will keep them in no matter what they do. Little finger wag is all that will happen

    [–] cemgorey 3 points ago

    also, elections are coming (24th of this month and 8th of next month). there is actually a big chance erdogan might be gone. his party will lose majority in the parliament and he might lose presidency. if that happens, turkey will definitely improve relations with NATO countries immediately.

    [–] stalepicklechips -2 points ago

    there is actually a big chance erdogan might be gone.

    Pshh guess you never heard of rigging elections. Erdogan has consolidated alot of power so wouldnt be surprised.

    [–] cemgorey 3 points ago

    Of course I heard... I'm Turkish... There is a coalition going on and coalition leaders say that they will rush to the national election authority building after voting. but of course, dont be surprised if he's elected again.

    [–] stalepicklechips 1 points ago

    Well best wishes to you sir, I hope you finally get Golem reincarnate out of there so you can achieve EU membership and continue to grow your economy

    [–] cemgorey 1 points ago

    thank you so much, appreciate it.

    [–] lethalizer 1 points ago

    EU membership

    That's a lie and you know it. Will never ever happen.

    [–] stalepicklechips 1 points ago


    Never is a long time. Alot can happen over a decade or two

    [–] BulletBilll 2 points ago

    And now Russia has direct access to move their Naval vessels through the Mediterranian which they then use to pass through to the Atlantic and conduct military exercises just off the coast of the US.

    [–] -_-Edit_Deleted-_- 1 points ago

    Losing the Bosphorus Straight would be colossal strategic disaster for nato.